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  1. OB Chapter 1

    I seem to remember reading at least this chapter before so I am looking forward to see more of it. I think I will enjoy it.
  2. FS Chapter 37

    I have so enjoyed this story and hate to see it end. Maybe at some point we can catch up with Mitch and family in the future. Thanks so much for this one and am looking forward to more stories from Quokka soon. Best wishes.
  3. NB Chapter 23

    Quokka it is a great story! if we all beg maybe you will do a follow up at a later date. :-)
  4. Another good chapter I so much enjoy this story with its ups and downs for Robbie.
  5. Chapter 15

    Thank you Sam it was a fantastic story and I loved it. I do love great LOVE/relationship story. I will look forward to more from you in the future. Darell
  6. Chapter 16

    I hope you came through Irma ok without much damage. I know how hard it is to deal with a loved ones belongings as I have been through that and it was very hard to do. Thanks you so much for this story and especially this latest chapter with all you are going through. I love it and look forward to more as you have the time and feel like writing. Darell
  7. FS Chapter 30

    What a fantastic story and I can only hope that there will be others to fallow that tie to this one with Mitch and his family in them. Again a great story.
  8. Chapter 11

    Good chapter I really am enjoying this story and am looking forward to the next chapter.
  9. Firestorm

    I am enjoying this story so much and can't wait for each new chapter. I love stories that are active and hold my interest and this totally fits the bill. brbear1
  10. NB Chapter 1

    Great start to this new story and I will follow it and can't wait for chapter 2
  11. chapter seventeen

    Thanks Jay T for your suggestion it added a lot. Thank You Jim for the story I am very much enjoying it.
  12. My Daniel

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I can feel the love you shared through your words and your stories.

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