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  1. THE GAP YEAR (Part Two)

    Just wanted to let you know....there were a few times when you used Janet's name when you were referring to Liz. Otherwise, great job! looking forward to more!
  2. Chapter 2

    Erik still being in New York is too close to the hussle and bussle of the city to see how much fun and how relaxing his trip through the aquarium was...maybe an extended visit will allow him to see it
  3. Happy Birthday :hug: hope you have a wonderful day :heart: 

  4. Happy Birthday JayT. I hope that you're managing to enjoy your day my friend. :heart:

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  6. Happy Birthday Jay! Have yourself a great day my man.

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  9. Happy Birthday, JayT.. have a fantastic day!!🎂 🎉

  10. Happy Birthday, Jay. Hope it's a good day for you.

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      :wizard: Happy Birthday, JayT!   :wizard: 

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  14. Happy Birthday, JayT!

  15. Chapter 66

    I like kisses up the behind too... oops...I mean umm nevermind

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