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  1. Chapter 20

    I don't remember what chapter I said it in, but I'll say it again, It's sad when two emotionally stunted people fall in love and neither of them knows what to do about it
  2. Rob’s First Thursday in Tampa

    SInce granddad signed away custody rights, there really shouldn't be a case at all. He chose to turn his back on Rob, no judge is going to ignore that.
  3. Pleasant Surprises

    He does seem to care about his kids a little and he's smart enough to leave his car at work when he's too drunk to drive. The thing that worries me is the gun. I have feeling it's going to come back up again sometime in the future and maybe not in a good way....I hope to hell that I'm wrong
  4. Pleasant Surprises

    Damn he's a douche....that's all I have to say about that
  5. A Moonlit Romp

    I freaking loved how you gave Horus' hair the traits of ruffled feathers.
  6. Weekly Update (April 8 - April 21)

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact he postdates chapters
  7. The Pool Boy and the Cowboy

    Let me just say, I feel your pain Hunter. I'm a native Texan and in the next month or so I'm going to be moving to deep woods East Texas and living in a small town called Rusk. I'm originally from southeast Texas and my natural accent (which I dropped when I moved to the Dallas area almost 30 years ago) always comes back when I visit either east Texas or southeast Texas. anyone north of Dallas pretty much has an accent to me.
  8. I just asked Alexa (on my dad's Echo) to tell me a pun. She said, "Last week I tried out ten new puns to see if any of them would make people laugh. No pun intended." That is one of the greatest puns I've ever heard. I literally laughed out loud. 

    1. mollyhousemouse


      i love good puns, JayT and that was a good one!


  9. The Last Screw

    FINALLY!!!!!! she stood up for her son and the principal grew a pair and stood up to everyone like he should have done in the beginning....That History teacher is a douchebag and a half....Billy needs to take him down a peg or ten
  10. ATGB I

    Oh the boys are back!!! I miss my Harley though....I wanna know how he's doing in school and if he's fallen in love with something with two legs instead of two wheels
  11. Getting Settled

    I think Noah is okay with the IDEA of BIlly and Nick...in actuality, jealousy might rear its ugly head...Nick's response the shower was exactly what thought it would be. I felt sorry for him...I hope Billy doesn't start to treat Nick differently when he finds out he's a foster kid, and Nick needs to honest with Billy about that for any hope in the future. If he starts out on a lie, he'll have to keep building on it and things could spiral out of control.
  12. Chapter 19

    if only this were some romance story, but I think Hans is going to swoop in and kick both Jake's and Klause's asses
  13. Chapter 19

    Jake's going to into a depression missing Klause, Diaz is going to figure everything out and convince Jake to go back to Klause because he wants what's best for his brother....or something like that
  14. Setting a Good Example

    Remember though, there's also a harbour. So....

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