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  1. Over The Rainbow • Part IV

    I know who that Patrick Ewing is...I was just being a smartass
  2. Over The Rainbow • Part IV

    Wasn't Patrick Ewing JR's brother who was taking a shower and discovered that an entire season of Dallas was nothing but his wife's dream???
  3. Chapter 2- A Night Out

    I was a Church regular from 1997-2007ish
  4. Chapter 39

    Hey....I'm not trying to be critical here, this is strictly my opinion and you can take it or leave it....I enjoy this story, as you know, but there were times in this chapter where it felt like a soapbox and I decided to skip those parts. I enjoy the story, not the soapbox. Otherwise, good job. Looking forward to more..
  5. The Doctor

    Martha ran the hospital on the moon that one time....but she didn't really do much then.....oh and didn't she end up with Mickey
  6. The Doctor

    of god Martha Jones was horrible...I miss Claire...I didn't like Bob that much either
  7. The Doctor

    did I ever say I didn't like the actress??? nope... I don't like Amy Pond
  8. The Doctor

    And that's the only good thing she did. Honestly, I think it's more of the fact they tried to make the show too much about her. Look at the introduction for the seasons she was on. The show is called Doctor Who not Amy Bitchface Pond
  9. Liars' Club

    I have a feeling Joey might know the truth.....the line kinda hints at that
  10. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    I'm sorry, he told me because we were chatting one day and I asked when CJ was going to propose to Owen....next time he lets me in on a secret I'll let you know, just don't tell @Carlos Hazday
  11. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    OMG......I've been sitting on this secret for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Carlos for letting in in the secret ahead....Great job!!! Ozzie better say yes, I know he will
  12. Chapter 6

    If Erik could get away from the city and go somewhere where he can just be Erik who Ryan loves and who loves Ryan in return, he'll see that always striving to be the best slowly destroys your soul. It eats away at you from the inside till you're nothing but and empty shell. Ryan saw that and that's part of the reason he had to leave NYC. Now, he needs to help Erik see that.
  13. Over The Rainbow • Part II

    I was on my phone, autocorrect got you I know your Carlos!
  14. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    I was reading a story on another site that rhymes with swifty and this site was mentioned in the story. That story is no longer on this site and the author has left and that story totally lost my interest, but I'm glad it brought me here. I stayed here because of the community. I had never considered writing a story. I decided to take a try after reading some here and the community was very supportive and encouraging.
  15. Over The Rainbow • Part II

    great job Carols.....see you next week
  16. Parental Guidance

    There's no father listed on the birth certificate....nobody knows except Jen Billy and Jack
  17. Parental Guidance

    The funniest thing is....in Leviticus it says man shall not lie with man, but it also says not to eat pork. The old laws from the Old Testament are not followed in the Christian religions (except Messianic Jewish) so that is completely irrelevant.......Then later in the New Testament in I Corinthians 6:9 it says know that the wicked shall not inherit the Kingdom of God and goes on to list idolaters, murders, and whole bunch of others...in the modern translations, homosexuals were in that list.....However, if you look at the original text and the possible translations, it should have read man whores, speaking of the men and boys who would sell themselves in the temples. Okay I'm off my soapbox....sorry
  18. Parental Guidance

    I love it when Christians try to focus on one sin saying that it is worse than all the others....The Bible does say that no sin is greater than any other, all sins are just that...a sin...so homosexuality and murder are equal to wanting what your neighbor has, fighting with your parents, eating shellfish, storing your meat with your dairy, eating pork...I think you get the picture
  19. Hurt

    Not the only difference....NIN says "I wear this crown of shit..." while Johnny says "I wear this crown of thorns..."
  20. NBC fyi...your two announcers need to stop being Patriots fans and comment on the game as it is actually being played and not how they think it should be.

    1. Dodger


      Ha ha, I was just slating the commentators too. That's funny.

    2. JayT


      I'm sitting here screaming at my TV arguing with them when they said that touchdown HAD to be overturned and then when it wasn't if he was a receiver or runner 

    3. dughlas


      Fortunately the officials were smarter than the commentators.

  21. Seriously Justin Timberlake??? I thought the whole point of a half-time show is to have some singing for the majority of the time...not randomly singing a word here and there and finally singing half a song...stop trying to impress us with your awesome dance moves and sing dammit

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mollyhousemouse


      oh they aren't dragging them out there too? that would really be a train wreck

    3. JayT


      WHAT @mollyhousemouse????? Mama N'Sync was my boy band of choice... I had floor seats to their No Strings Attached tour (I was in my mid 20's at the time...oh and I went with my older brother)

    4. mollyhousemouse


      we all had boy bands to drool over i guess

      i was fond of MENUDO back in the day

  22. Chapter 5

    I think Rachel was being a bia bia putting that thought in Ryan's head. It was almost like, here little brother have a mind eff for breakfast before you go spend Thanksgiving with your long distance boyfriend whom you used to do porn with oh and btw do you think he would do that again?
  23. Name or author of GA story.

    @Cia wrote it....but it's been published
  24. Over The Rainbow • Part I

    aww ain't they cute??? and @Carlos Hazday I just want you to know my tongue is bleeding so bad right now from biting it because you know I know
  25. Chapter 91 Feeling the Heat

    Did Nathan almost slip and say "If I had wanted to date a tough guy, I would've gone with Alex."???

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