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  1. JayT

    Chapter 10

    At least TJ admitted to the fact he jumps to conclusions, well as close to an admission as he'll ever get. I think the only person John's going to cause a problem for will be himself.
  2. JayT

    Chapter 9

    TJ jumps to conclusions and want to run and hide whenever things don't go his way. The next chapter will show just how much he's grown.
  3. JayT

    Chapter 8

    There were some hard issues in this chapter. More is revealed in the next chapter.
  4. JayT

    Chapter 7

    I lived in Port Neches till I was 13, then moved up to the DFW area. I didn't service the jocks so much, just the guys my age in the neighborhood.
  5. JayT

    Chapter 5

    Because one line in the New Testament was mistranslated, you have parents believing gay people go to Hell. In 1 Corinthians 6:9, the word homosexual was used instead of male prostitute.
  6. JayT

    Chapter 4

    They are a great way to introduce anti-bullying techniques in schools.
  7. JayT

    Chapter 3

    Oh yeah...she likes showing her ugly side
  8. JayT

    Chapter 2

    Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the story.
  9. JayT

    Chapter 1

    Thanks! foreshadowing...
  10. JayT

    Chapter 9

    I'm still wondering why Rory is going to Alpha and not his older brother. A couple of chapters ago you said Toph was going to be the next Beta because he's the current Beta's oldest son. Wouldn't that mean Rory's older brother would be the next Alpha?
  11. JayT

    Chapter 6

    My pleasure! It's completely up to you if you want to add me as the editor. I'm more than happy to help!
  12. JayT

    Chapter 6

    Good Job!!!!! Looking forward to more!
  13. I just watched Call Me by Your Name....Talk about a sucky ending....I'm all blah now

    1. MacGreg


      I appreciated the ending. It was a coming-of-age tale, not meant to be a perfect romance. But I get what you're saying. 

    2. JayT


      If I had had an idea of how it would end, I would've been prepared for it. Otherwise I'm sitting here thinking Armie Hammer is a douchenozzle for calling and being like "I'm engaged...sorry I never mentioned her to you we were on again off again type thing. Later."

  14. JayT

    Story Review: Pour Me Another

    I did a review for this story for the Classic Author blog just over a year ago. I love this story and have read it three times I think.
  15. JayT

    Chapter 7

    I'm curious, why is Rory the next Alpha and not his older brother? Since Topher is the next Beta being the eldest son of the current Beta, I would think the Alpha's eldest son would be the next Alpha.
  16. JayT

    Chapter 105 The Tooth Fairy

    Robbie seriously needs to ask Alex about the accusations Nathan made against him. There's three sides to every story. In this case: Nathan's side, Alex's side, and somewhere in the middle, the actual side.
  17. JayT

    Chapter 10

    where has that behavior led many people??? getting hurt or hurting themselves with drugs alcohol or other things
  18. JayT

    Chapter 10

    Sean didn't want there to be a problem so he ignored John and who says TJ didn't save the picture??? hehehe
  19. JayT

    Chapter 10

    she is nothing but a greedy bitch
  20. JayT

    Chapter 10

    yes Mel was a gold digger.... John might not take this rejection well... glad you enjoyed it
  21. JayT

    Chapter 10

    the Lupe Rodriguez thing really happened with me as Lupe lol
  22. JayT

    Chapter 10

    seriously... that wasn't even really Rory, it was a clone of the real thing made from Plastiq or something thank you for comment it made me smile
  23. JayT

    Chapter 10

    thank you for your comment... Amy Pond's personality allowed The Doctor to get away with wearing a fez and a bow tie lol... Mel is gone for now, she won't go for custody again but she will probably show up again... John will probably end up being a danger to himself... Kevin's dad's trial could be hard on Kevin but he has Josh, Sean, and TJ
  24. JayT

    Chapter 10

    thank you glad you enjoyed
  25. Hey I wanted y'all to check out a piece of prose written by someone who read TJ and was inspired by Chase/Chasity. https://storylover.us/?t=2R6PCUp1ZjWiXgS3


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