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  1. Chapter 3

    Hey, you don't have to be gay to like oriental parasols. You just have to like oriental parasols! Jeez, you should see pics of me at age 8 in 1975 wearing these amazingly tiny shorts that boys wore in Nederlands then. The legs were non-existent - the shorts were virtually crotch-length! But everyone wore them, and tee-shirts that reached our navels, and sandals. Talk about gay-in-waiting. But most of those boys grew up straight. Or...so they say!
  2. Chapter 2

    Hmm. I can't say i know a lot of people who were incarcerated. Just read some things and seen some things. I bow to your greater experience!
  3. Chapter 3

    Aw, CG, I'd much rather keep you in mind as your current, beautiful self, than to think about wearing the shirt and bell-bottoms you mentioned!
  4. Chapter 3

    This is the nicest chunk of rehab I've seen in a while. Isn't it amazing what nice, supportive and caring people can do to change a life? Adam is one of the lucky ones. It's a tribute to his strength of character that he didn't let his parents destroy him. Thanks for showing him (and Troy) to us!
  5. Chapter 1

    Yep. Loved the Telzey Amberdon stuff of Schmitz. And his The Witches of Karres is one of my all time favorite books! And Norton's Time Traders series I remember very fondly, and Niven's Ringworld, and... Yep. Lot of great stuff out there!
  6. The Story

    It is an old argument, which requires more courage: to go on into the door of hell, come what may; or to draw a line against things that are simply wrong, and withdraw. The first, really, requires more adrenalin than anything else. The second requires reason, and careful thought, and compassion for others. At the end, many German soldiers deserted or surrendered rather than go on with the war. It was apparent to many of them that it was being fought for all the wrong reasons. I also commend any who made the decision to do what they felt was right, and needed, rather than what they were told. Sometimes that decision cost them their lives, or their freedom. Or their sanity. These actions take place in every war. That's because wars are never fought by the men who start them, and profit by them. They are fought by those who have the least to gain and the most to lose. And after each war we say, "never again". And after each "never again", we eventually forget.
  7. The Story

    I did guess he was a soldier in the German army, yes, by your statement that he decided to desert and go home. The Russian campaign was gruesome, and I do not blame anyone for not wishing to discuss it. In the end, soldiers are simply people. I have always considered that so many German men were simply doing a duty, and did it as well as their faith and patriotism allowed, until they finally saw it was not a duty, but madness. In the end, your grandfather was far from alone in his decision to go home. There are many that would argue that duty requires one to go willingly to the end of even a lost cause. But duty has two sides: duty to one's beliefs in one's country and people; and duty to self and family - and sanity. Duty should never compel a man to follow in a scheme that removes from him his basic nature, and leaves behind only a shell that has no feeling left for the world around it. I understand your grandfather's decision to withdraw. I hope that you do, too.
  8. The Story

    Stories handed down are especially of interest. I think you should take what you know and write about it. Time and courage are things I am sure you have. What army was your grandfather a part of?
  9. The Story

    In war, there has got to be at least as much happening that never gets reported upon, never gets documented, and so never gets remembered, as there are things that become momentous, and so become history. I'd be willing to bet that there are some truly wonderful people stories from that war (and every war) that remain unknown to this day, because no one was there to see it happen except those involved. People are capable of some simply amazing and wonderful things when following the beliefs of their hearts. This story is pure fiction. But the real stories from that time and place that remain untold are surely no less, and certainly greater because of the truth of them. It would be a wonderful thing if those stories could also be remembered. But until such time as someone discovers them and lays them out for all to see, fiction will simply have to do.
  10. The Second Time Around

    I'm sorry that you stayed up late...but not that you enjoyed the tale. I have several series I am writing on, and tend to cycle around back to each. I do feel there is another tale after this one - I do want to find out about the flying saucer in that guy's backyard! Thank you for reminding me that these guys are still waiting.
  11. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Snow day tomorrow, so I have decided on a late night tonight. The benefits of being my own boss! These chapters are always worth waiting for. They have all been special, and I am sure that they will remain so. Your guys are sweeties, no doubt. And...you know how I feel about that...
  12. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Holy smoke! No wonder the vegetable sections of grocery stores are always low on produce! This was a touching chapter, but a real smiler, too. The guys, in their explorations, are getting onto some interesting games to play with each other. No spoilers from me! My only sigh came from how long it took to get to this chapter from the last one. I may have to go back and reread that one to feel like this one made total sense to me. I know you're doing life in between, and that it takes time for these chapters to get 'right' in your head. I understand that, actually. But...waiting on these chapters has its own rewards. Always a great pleasure to visit with Jay and Mikey, and I guess if it happened more often, it might get less special. Can't have that! You kept me up late, CG! Thanks!
  13. Chapter 1

    You raise some interesting points, and I have added them to my story file. I tend to view Derry's and Cally's summer days kind of like I viewed my own growing up in rural New York. I got up in the morning, ate breakfast, and went out to be with my friends. Sometimes I came home for lunch, sometimes I didn't. I was usually back for dinner, and after dinner was back out, either until late, or even all night if we slept out. I was required to let my folks know if I was camping out, and we had to stay somewhere in the woods nearby. But when school was out, I was very much a free agent, even in my early teens. We were very free to do what we wanted, and my parents did not track my daily whereabouts. Having raised a son of my own, I know things are different now. The main thing is that kids carry cells phones, and are almost never 'out of touch'. Parents these days also expect a greater level of supervision over their kids, even in more rural areas. I've taken a few liberties with that, but understand I will need to pay more attention to it in the future, especially the Issue of the boys being 'out of touch'. I'll have to work something out on it, I guess. The problem of communications between worlds can be solved, and will be at some point. I wanted there to be a problem initially, to justify the creation of Nyf. And if the builders deliberately shut down the communications, I also want Difris not to be at liberty to modify that injunction - at least, not easily. At present, the only need to communicate through the doors is between Difris and the boy's party when they are out in the field. I have an idea in mind to solve that. The internal communicators had to be 'trained' to know what thoughts meant communication with what party. So however each person trained their unit, that is what they must think of to activate communications. For Mike, he simply thinks of each boy's name to establish contact, or both boy's names to establish a party link. He must also think consciously that he wishes to speak to them. Same for each boy, they think of who they want to speak with, and that that's what they want to do. I would imagine (and did) that a conscious thought would be needed to end communications, as well. But such a thought pattern, once established, would be unique and quick to implement, and become rote very soon in each person's mind. Such communications would of necessity have to be encrypted, as in the culture of the builders, talking by link would be as prevalent as our own cell phone communications are today. I can imagine a cell-type set up there, too, which would allow such a communications set up to work on a global basis. But as the boys and Mike and Nyf are alone (so far) on their com circuit, they are going to be restricted to having them have a range of only some miles. On Earth such communications could be intercepted, yes. Anyone with a receiver able to tune the correct frequency could receive the signals. But receiving them and understanding them would be two very different things. Even in our own world, encrypted digital communications are tough to break. I think I can rely on the ingenuity of the builder's science to keep such communications private from all but our characters, when using the system on Earth. The range and power will not be so great as to attract attention, either. I have already set up the idea of the memory that can be installed in each character, that will provide them with encyclopedic knowledge of the worlds of the empire and the tongues of the races within. Such a translating capability will of necessity be based on records of languages that are now a thousand years old, and we all know how quickly languages mutate. So an ability to translate will be an assist to the boy's adventures, but not a guarantee of complete understanding. And of course, languages that are unknown will need to be learned by the system, and that is not an instantaneous process. The cultures they meet will also have changed, quite considerably, I would think. In a culture used to stepping through doors to reach hundreds or thousands of planets, for that culture to suddenly find itself restricted to one planet - and for many travelers, not even their own planet - the upset would be chaotic in the extreme. But...that's for future tales. Finding a bugaboo strong enough to keep people at home when the doors are still working is going to be very interesting, I think. As for a door that leads to the homeworld of the builders...you'll have to wait and see!
  14. Chapter 2

    I don't know that being gay is viewed so harshly in prison, at least according to all the things you read or see in film about prison life now. Yes, in the 1940's, but this is not the 1940's. You're talking about a self-contained culture comprised of a 100% male population. There is far more gay activity in prison, per population, one would think, than in a comparable slice of the population on the street. It's openness among a prison population probably varies considerably depending on where in the country that prison is located, but I would be willing to bet that the activity levels are fairly even across the board. So beating a kid for being gay - and your own kid, too - would not sit well with a lot of guys in prison, any more than it would out in the world. People are people, and parents, especially, are parents, even in prison. As a parent, I already know how I feel about Adam's dad. I kind of doubt being in prison would change that opinion one iota.
  15. Chapter 2

    Another good one, Ivor. Got to admit, Adam's dad is in for some problems. You are tickling one of my pushbuttons with this 'beat 'em for the sake of religion' crap. Hope Adam's dad feels just as righteous when he gets his sentence! Looking forward to the next one. Can't wait to see how pleased Adam is with himself in his new skinny jeans!

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