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  1. THE JOCK - Part 2

    CHARLIE DANNER FINDS HIS WAY By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 2 – THE JOCK (Part 2) “Are you ready for more?” “Fuck yeah. Whatcha got in mind stitcher boy?” “We’re both going to experience a first.” “Oh?” “Yeah, we’re going to fuck. But it’s your choice. Do you fuck me? Do I fuck you?” “Charlie… please fuck me! I’ve been dreaming of it for years!” “Wow. Just wow!” Well, that was probably the last thing I expected to hear, especially after the way I was greeted at the front door. Maybe Frankie is letting down his guard, after all? I slowly kissed my way down Frankie’s amazing body, remembering the spots I had found that would drive him crazy with lust. By the time I reached his abs, his cock was already hard and leaking. Only this time, I made my way around it and paid no attention as it bounced up and down on his abs. I began kissing and nibbling on the skin where Frankie’s balls and inner thigh met. Oh yes, definitely a new spot for my jock boy! When I started licking and sucking on his ball sac, he began to thrash on the bed. When I sucked and chewed on his taint, I’m sure they heard his screams in Boston! The screams stopped when I pushed Frankie’s legs up to his chest and slid my tongue down to his tight hole. All I heard were audible gasps as my tongue flicked and poked around his rosebud. It was when I pushed my tongue through his tight sphincter that I heard an “Oh, fuck!” and felt the rhythmic pulsing around the tip of my tongue. Holy fuck! The dude nutted a second time just from my apparently expert rimming. I didn’t stop my tongue-fucking and soon my quarterback was moaning and begging me to fuck him. Now, I may be a boy on the smallish side height-wise, but I have a pretty big cock. Before we started round two, Frankie had reached into his night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube. I grabbed it and poured a generous amount on my fingers and began working one into his ass while I kissed and coddled his balls. By the time I had worked up to three fingers I was occasionally bumping his sweet spot, driving Frankie crazy. “Ooooh! Fuck me now, Charlie!” “Are you sure, big boy?” “Charlie,” he moaned, “I need you inside me now! Please fuck me!” I pulled my fingers out of Frankie’s ass and added more lube to them. As I slicked up my cock I looked at Frankie and gave him one last chance to back out. “I’m kinda big, Frankie. Are you sure you’re ready for this?” “Yes! Do it now!” Okay, so maybe I DO have to be told twice! I really wanted this as bad as Frankie, but this is the one time where I get to be in control. I lined up with his twitching hole and eased the head of my cock in. Frankie gasped, and his eyes got huge, so I just held there until he was able to relax. “Frankie, they say you should push out when I push in. They say it makes it easier.” “Fuck Charlie! You feel like a fucking baseball bat! Easier would be a good thing.” He took a few more seconds to get used to me being inside him and soon started to push out. I started easing into his tight, warm hole. Holy fuck! It felt amazing! The silky-smooth walls of Frankie’s ass wrapped around my cock. The heat in his body was intense as Hell! After a couple of pushes I was in to the hilt. I told Frankie that I would just stay there so he could get used to it. “Jesus, Charlie! I feel so full!” I leaned down and kissed my jock.with an intensity I didn’t even know I had. Soon, Frankie began rocking his hips, causing me to begin moving in and out of his amazing ass. “Fuck me now, Charlie,” he gasped. “Fuck me now, but start off slow, okay?” See? He told me twice, so that’s what I did. I began slowly easing out and pushing in, going a little further each time. After about six strokes I was pushing out so only the head of my cock was inside his ass. I began long-dicking my jock boy at a nice, slow pace. I could feel the tight bump of Frankie’s prostate each time I bottomed out deep inside him. After just the third or fourth attack on his sweet spot, Frankie’s abs were covered with a puddle of teen precum. I scooped some of it in my hand and used it as lube to stroke his cock in the same rhythm I was fucking him. As I got faster, my strokes got faster, and his moans got louder. Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was lasting as long as I was lasting. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, this being my first time fucking a boy… a hot as fuck boy at that. Before I knew it, I was pounding Frankie’s ass and I could feel my balls tightening. I was getting close. “Oh fuck, Frankie! I’m about to nut! Where do you want it?” “Breed me, Charlie! Cum inside me!” I think my eyes rolled to the back of my head when I started shooting my load into Frankie. Unlike Frankie, I cum quietly. “Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh Fuck!” About the time my seventh or eight shot flew into Frankie’s ass, he yelled out and shot his third load in less than an hour. While it wasn’t as big a load as the others, he covered his entire body and face. When I started my return to the land of the living, I leaned forward and lay on top of Frankie’s muscular body. My still-hard cock was still more than halfway lodged inside that amazing ass. Frankie wrapped his arms around me and we kissed with post-fuck passion. “Sweet Jesus, Charlie! That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life.” “You’re telling me? I can’t wait for you to feel what I felt! I mean, if you decide you want to fuck me, too!” “Yeah, but let’s take a break. My balls need some recharge time.” We hopped out of bed and into his bathroom for a quick shower. Hey, we needed to get rid of the sweat and cum, okay? Both of us were too beat to play so the shower was all about cleaning up. As we were drying off, Frankie’s stomach rumbled. “Let’s go downstairs and eat. I’ll whip something up for dinner, okay?” “Sounds great!” We pulled on our boxer briefs and Frankie stopped me from putting anything else on. “We still have a couple of hours before my parents get home.” We headed down to the kitchen and Frankie opened the fridge. “Cool! There’s leftover lasagna from the other night. Sound good?” “Love lasagna!” Frankie pulled out the pan and sliced up a couple of portions. He put them on a cooking sheet and threw them in the convection oven. “You don’t microwave?” “Nah. It’ll taste so much better this way. It won’t take that long.” “I wish my mom could make lasagna. We just get Stouffer’s” “My mom can’t cook for shit. I made this.” “Wha…?” “Yeah, I do most of the cooking for the family.” Damn! I could fall in love with this boy. But I know better than to tell him that. It would probably freak him out. He sat next to me at the island and we just talked. We were both so tired, we didn’t even have the energy to kiss. So, we talked about school. We talked about cute boys. We spent a lot of time on the new boy, Ian Greenely. Damn! That boy is fucking hot. But we both agreed that he was probably already hooked up with Cam Franklin. They were always together and, well, the way they looked at each other was a pretty solid giveaway. The timer went off and Frankie got up and pulled the lasagna out of the oven. He plated it up and brought dinner to the island. Holy shit! That was some awesome lasagna. I asked him how he learned to cook, and he told me that when he was in the sixth grade, his grandmother was living with them. She was an amazing cook, but the reason she came to live with us was she had Parkinson’s. “Her hands trembled too much for her to cook so she would sit next to me and teach me how to make things step by step. She was an awesome woman. I still miss her so much.” Frankie’s eyes welled up with tears as he thought about his grandmother. I leaned over to him and took him in my arms. He started to cry a little and I did everything I could to comfort him. I fell for him during that moment. It really touched me to see this side of the jock. I wanted him to be my boyfriend. I just hoped that someday he would think of me that way. After a bit, I gathered up the plates and helped Frankie clean up dinner. After we finished cleaning, Frankie wrapped his arms around me. “Thanks for understanding when I got a little emotional. You’re sexy AND sweet.” He kissed me on the top of my head. “I wish you could stay the night. But the ‘rents will be home in a couple of hours and they can’t find you here.” “I understand. Why don’t you come over to my place? My folks are out of town and we’d have the house to ourselves.” “Damn Charlie! Sexy, sweet, AND home alone! Why don’t we get dressed and I’ll just leave a note for my folks and tell them I’m spending the night with a friend from the show and we’ll just go to rehearsal together tomorrow afternoon.” We went back upstairs and walked into Frankie’s bedroom. “Frankie, your room smells like boy sex!” “Holy shit, it sure does!” He went into his bathroom and got out a can of Febreeze. “I usually use this to cover up the smell of pot… guess I have another use.” We got dressed and Frankie packed some clothes in his backpack. We were soon on our way to my place. I think I smiled the whole way home. I knew I was going to get fucked for the first time tonight. My cock was already hard and dripping just thinking about it. I wondered if Frankie, who was following me in his car, was thinking about it as well. We pulled up in front of the house and Frankie parked behind me. He got out of the car and whispered in my ear as we climbed the steps to the front porch. “I thought about your cute ass and me having my way with it the whole way over here. God, what you do to me, Charlie!” I opened the door, disabled the alarm, and found myself being pushed against the door and kissed by a horny quarterback. “Are you going to caveman me again, Frankie?” That caused both of us to laugh and he pulled away. “Nah… I could never be that way with you again. After what we’ve done today, I have to say I’m embarrassed about the way I acted when you came over.” “Don’t sweat it. It just surprised me, that’s all.” I suggested we should go get something to drink and we walked into the kitchen. I found a note on the island from the housekeeper, Mrs. Henderson. Charlie, I made some dishes for you to enjoy over the weekend. There’s some crab salad, a bowl of spaghetti sauce which was leftover from the pan of lasagna I made for you. You need to taste some real food that’s not that frozen stuff in your freezer. Have a wonderful weekend. Call me if you need anything. Jane “Oooooh, looks like I have some competition! Who’s Jane?” “Mrs. Henderson. She’s our housekeeper but when my folks are out of town, she cooks up some food for me and is there in case there’s an emergency or something.” “Nice!” “Hey… I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere!” Frankie looked at me and smiled. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I pulled my stash of rolled joints out of my desk drawer and pulled out a couple. I grabbed my Bic and headed back down to the kitchen. “It’s dark now. Let’s take a walk on the beach and get a little buzz on” “Awesome!” We put on our coats and hats so we could stay warm on our walk. I set the alarm and led Frankie out the kitchen door. We headed out to the beach and lit the first joint. We talked more about school shit and the musical. He was having a blast already and told me that it was the best thing he had done all school year… especially since he found me there. Damn him! He’s making me fall hard! We finished the last joint and decided to turn around. Then the big shocker. Frankie took my hand. I think I gasped out loud when Frankie stopped walking and looked at me. “Relax Charlie. We’re the only fools out on the beach in this weather. It’s nice that we can hold hands and not worry about it, right?” Then the bigger shocker. He kissed me! So, we walked back to the house, holding hands, and occasionally stopping for a brief kiss. I was in heaven! Needless to say, we were both freezing our asses off when we got back to the house. We also had mega munchies from the pot. The first thing I did was go into the great room and started a fire. Okay, okay… I flipped a switch and the gas fire ignited. I reached into the closet and pulled out a couple of comforters and laid them out on the floor and added the sofa pillows to them. I then met Frankie back in the kitchen and gave him a kiss. “I think we should try out Mrs. Henderson’s lasagna and see how it compares.” “Sounds great to me! How about I make some hot cocoa to go with it?” “Ooooh, a man after my own heart!” We both got to work and were soon sitting on the floor in the great room. I pulled up my Netflix on the television and found one of my favorite sappy gay movies. Frankie had never seen Going Down in La La Land, but I figured he would enjoy it. Which he did… especially that hottie Matthew Ludwinski. When the movie ended, I leaned over to Frankie. “Why don’t you make us some more cocoa. I need to run upstairs and grab something. Frankie went to the kitchen and I ran upstairs to grab my bottle of lube. My jock boy was going to take the last of my virginities in front of the fire. As soon a I got back downstairs, I turned down the lights, took off my clothes, and started slowly stroking my cock. When Frankie returned with the cups of cocoa, I think he almost dropped them. I was on the floor and moved my legs up and spread my cheeks, so I could play with my hole. “This is yours, Frankie. All yours.” “What about the cocoa?” “Really? REALLY? I just needed to get you out of the room so I could get ready for you. I want you, Frankie. I want you to be my first.” He just stood there with his mouth hanging open. “Frankie! Put down the fucking cocoa and get your clothes off!” “Wow!” He finally did as he was told and set down the cocoa. He then looked down at me with lust in his eyes and pulled off his sweatshirt. Holy Fuck! I will never get tired of looking at this boy’s body! Frankie opened his jeans and slid them down along with his boxer briefs. As it was freed, his hard bounced up and slapped against his abs. All I could think about was that beautiful thing being inside me. It caused me to moan just from the sight. My quarterback then moved forward and joined me on the floor in front of the fireplace. He took me in his strong arms and began kissing me, opening my mouth with his tongue. He worked his way down my neck, nibbling and kissing the moans of pleasure from deep down inside. Frankie worked over my nipples to the point where I was thrashing underneath him. Damn! For a boy who has never done much of anything, he was sure doing this like a pro! I was so fucking horny for him! When he worked his way lower, he licked up the puddle of precum that was building up on my abs. He then rolled his tongue around the head of my cock to get whatever precum was there and then lowered himself even more. I found my legs being pushed up to my chest and I grabbed them as I felt Frankie’s precum-coated tongue working my tight, puckered hole. Oh my God! Now, I love playing with my hole when I’m jerking off, but this was incredible! Now I understood how Frankie came from my tongue-fucking. I was about to do the same! Frankie pulled off and lay down on the floor. He told me to bring my ass back to his face. Of course, I happily obeyed and then lowered myself so I could take his cock into my mouth and throat. The room was filled with the sounds of boys moaning and the flickering light from the fireplace. I could tell Frankie was getting close and decided to let him cum again, so he would last longer while he fucked me. Before long, my jock was pumping his fourth load of the day down my throat. Holy fuck! It was a nice, full load. Where does he store this stuff? It was hard to do, but I pulled my ass off Frankie’s face and moved between his legs. Rolling my tongue around his balls and nibbling on his taint, I was able to keep his cock hard while he came down off the high of his orgasm. I reached over and grabbed the lube and began slicking up Frankie’s eight inches. I reached down and slicked my hole, which was still trembling from the rimming it had received. “You ready, Frankie?” “Oh, fuck yeah! Are you?” “You have no idea!” I was going to ride my quarterback! I got up on my knees and straddled him. I reached behind me and lined him up with my ass. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and started to lower myself. Thank God I had that dildo up in my room. I had just used it the other night so I kind of knew what to expect, and how to ease the real thing inside me. The head popped in I just stayed there for a while to get used to it. I opened my eyes and looked down at Frankie and smiled. “Wow! That feels amazing! Are you okay?” “Fuck yeah! You feel awesome! Okay, I’m ready for more.” I began to lower my ass. I’d take in an inch and then pause. I was about ¾ of the way down when Frankie couldn’t take any more delay. He thrust up and buried his eight inches to the hilt. “Ow! Oh fuck, Frankie! Slow down, man. I wasn’t ready for that!” “Oh my God, Charlie! I’m sorry! It just happened! Did I hurt you?” “It hurts a bit, but just stay there. I’ll be okay.” I just stayed there for a bit until I got used to all that dick in my ass. Slowly, I started rocking back and forth and the pain was giving way to the most amazing feeling. My whole body tingled as I worked Frankie’s big cock against my sweet spot. I started breathing heavy as I began moving up and down. I found if I leaned back a little, Frankie’s cock would rub against my prostate non-stop. Oh FUUUUCK! It was amazing! I stayed up on the top of his cock and told him to fuck me. He didn’t have to be asked twice! I stayed in place and Frankie started to pummel my ass. He got faster and faster and I got crazier and crazier! “Oh! Fuck me, Frankie! It feels so good! Oh! Oh! Oh!” It didn’t take long before I could feel that point-of-no-return feeling. My cock was bouncing all over the place as I felt my balls draw up. “I’m gonna cum, Frankie! Fuck me harder!” Frankie was going to fuck the cum right out of me. Before I knew what was happening, my bouncing cock was spraying cum all over Frankie and comforter we were fucking on. I could feel my ass tighten on his cock with each spurt and that drove Frankie over the edge as he filled me with his fucking fifth load of the day! “Fuck Charlie! I’m cumming in your hot ass! Oh Fuck! Fuuuuuuuuuck Charlie!” I fell forward into Frankie’s arms. We kissed a bit as we slowly returned to earth. “Thank you, Charlie.” “I should thank you, Frankie.” “No, I mean it. Today we shared a lot of first. No matter what happens for the rest of my life, you’ll always be the boy who I gave my virginity too. I’m so glad it was you. You are amazing.” “Hey, I can say the same about you, ya know. I’ll remember this day for the rest of MY life. I never even dreamed that the big football star would be my first!” We kissed a while more and then got up off the floor. I gathered up the comforters, keeping the top one for the washer. I would hate for Mrs. Henderson to find cum stains! After we finished cleaning up and returning the great room to its normal state, I led Frankie up to my bedroom. We smoked another joint and snuggled under the covers with my back spooning against him and his big arms wrapped around my much smaller body. I was in heaven! After a round of morning sex and some playtime in the shower. I threw the comforter in the washer and fixed breakfast. It was a great morning… the kid of which I could definitely get used to. When we got to the school for rehearsal, things got a little weird. Frankie shifted into jock mode and hung around his friends. He would occasionally catch my eye and smile, but that was it for the contact. It was starting to get me down and Liz came up to me and took me into the costume shop. “Charlie. I’m not going to ask what happened last night, but I have a pretty good idea from the glow in your face when you got here. But you have to realize, no matter how close you and Frankie got last night, he’s got an image to maintain with everyone else. He’s going to practically ignore you when he’s around other people. But I bet when you are alone together, you will be his entire world. It’s not personal, it’s just the way he is.” I knew she was right, and that’s what’s great about having Liz as my best friend. She knows me better than anyone. So, we sat down at our machines and started work on the costumes for the show. Liz was right. For the next two weeks, Frankie and I got together whenever we could. I WAS his entire world… and he was mine. I was falling in love with him, and I know he was falling for me big time. And that turned out to be a big problem. After a couple of weeks, Frankie started having things to do and our times together became fewer and farther between. I was starting to worry but did my best not to let on to anyone, including Liz. It was a Friday night when it happened. That was the one night we always had together. I was home waiting for Frankie and he was more than an hour late. I texted him and got no reply. I called him, and he never answered. About thirty minutes later, there was knock on the front door. Finally! He was here! I opened the door and was confused. It wasn’t Frankie. It was Jayson Parker, his best friend. “Charlie?” “Yeah, your Frankie’s friend Jayson, right?” “Can I come in?” “Umm, sure.” I let him in and offered him a drink, but he turned it down. I invited him into the living room and we each took a seat on one of the sofas that faced each other. “So, what brings you here, Jayson? Is Frankie okay?” “He’s fine. Well, he’s not hurt or anything. No, that’s not right, either.” “What’s going on?” “God dammit! I can’t believe I let him talk me into this. It’s not right!” Now I was starting to panic. Tears began forming in my eyes as I realized why Jayson was sitting in my living room. “He’s not coming back, is he?” “No Charlie, I’m so sorry.” “But why? What did I do?” “You didn’t do anything, Charlie. It was him. He fell in love with you. And I’m sure you know he couldn’t let that happen with all the pressure from his family, and the football scholarship and all.” The tears were silently falling down my face by now. It took every bit of energy to speak. “But why couldn’t he come over here and tell me? We were able to talk about anything.” “That’s where the problem is. Frankie told me all about his feelings for you. It scared the Hell out of him. He told me there was something almost magical about you. That when he was with you, all his walls came down and he was able to truly be himself. He told me he loved you… and it was killing him inside because he could never tell you. He could never tell you because he couldn’t have the kind of relationship with you that he knew you deserved.” “He could have told me this himself. I can’t believe he sent you here to do his dirty work!” I couldn’t hold back any longer. I put my head in my hands and started sobbing. “Charlie. I’m sorry. I know this sucks, and I feel like a total shit. But he couldn’t come over because whenever he’s with you, he could never hurt you. You made him happy. Happier than I’ve ever seen him. But when his friends on the team started asking where he’s been spending his time, he freaked out and started lying to them. The lying freaked him out even more. But when he would come over to tell you himself, he could never do it. He could only love you.” I pulled myself together and stood up. “I’m sorry he made you do this. He’s a total bastard for that. You can tell him I won’t be bothering him again.” Jayson stood up and walked to me. He put his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. “I’m so sorry to have to tell you all this, Charlie. I can tell how special you are. Frankie IS a bastard… a chicken-shit bastard. You deserve so much better, and you’ll find him.” I just cried into Jayson’s chest while he held me. “I’m sorry, Jayson. I ruined your shirt.” “Nah, it’s all good. It was wet earlier from Frankie.” “He was crying, too?” “Yeah, for over an hour… for the last three days.” “Sorry you had to deal with that.” “You don’t need to apologize to me. I’m sorry you have to go through this when you did nothing wrong.” There was really nothing more to say. I showed Jayson to the door and he apologized to me one last time as he walked out. So, here I was alone in the big house on a Friday night. I wanted to call Liz, but I knew she and Janet were doing whatever teenage lesbians do on a Friday night. Okay, that thought kinda grossed me out. I went up to my room and undressed for the shower. I took a long, hot shower and finally had to get out when the hot water disappeared. I dried off, went back to my room and smoked a joint, hoping it would help me sleep. It was restless, but I did sleep. Over the next two weeks, Frankie avoided me as much as he could. I was thankful for that. When it came time for the final costume fittings, I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid him. I called him in first so I could do my work and be done with it. He didn’t say anything while he was trying on his costumes and I was doing my job, making sure everything fit. After he took off his last costume and changed back into his regular clothes, he walked up to me. I was dreading this. “I’m sorry.” “Don’t. Please, just go.” I heard him take a deep breath and sigh as he left the costume shop. When tech week arrived, I made sure one of my helpers would be handling Frankie’s quick changes. I took care of a couple of the other boys in the show. For you guys not in theatre, tech week is universally known as Hell week. At least it was a little less “Hellish” with other people helping Frankie change costumes. By the time we got to the end of tech, we had a great show. It was hilarious, and the music sounded great. The sets and props were perfect, and Ms. Myerson was thrilled with the costumes. It was Thursday… opening night. Liz and I were sitting in the costume shop, standing by in case anyone needed an emergency repair. Suddenly the door flew open and David Chase, the pianist for the show came running in wearing his winter coat tied around his waist. “Charlie? I have an emergency. I was bent over working on my cables and my pants ripped. Can you help me?” I grinned at the panicked musician and told him to take off his pants. I could fix it in just a couple of minutes. “Here? Take my pants off here?” “Unless you want me to run your ass through the sewing machine, you need to take them off here. Trust me. I’ve seen all the boys in their underwear and they all survived. As for Liz… what you got, she don’t want!” “Charlie!” “Oh shut up, Liz! You know it’s true.” “Okay, it’s true. David, take your damned pants off. Charlie won’t bite… unless you want him to.” We were all laughing by now. Damn! It was nice to laugh for a change! David took off his pants and handed them to me. I pulled out his wallet and car keys and handed them to him. Oh fuck! Our hands had to touch. He just HAD to look at me… and I just HAD to smile at him. I looked away and loaded my machine with black thread. It took less than a minute to sew up the ripped seam and I handed the pants back to David. He pulled the back on and replaced his wallet and keys. “Break a leg, David,” I smiled at him again! Dammit! “Thanks, Charlie. Everyone said you were awesome. They were right.” He went back to the pit and in just ten minutes the orchestra started the Overture. The show was awesome… nearly flawless. The quick changes went off smoothly. The audience loved everything and were giving the cast and orchestra a well-deserved standing ovation. After things calmed down in the theatre, Liz and I went back to the costume shop to close up for the night. Since the next day was a teacher work day, there was going to be a cast party at Cam Franklin’s house. As Liz and I walked out of the costume shop, David came up to me and thanked me again. “It was nothing, David. That’s what we do.” “Well, you saved my life!” “Really? I saved your life? Thank God you weren’t having chest pains or something really serious!” David giggled. Oh fuck. He has an adorable giggle. “Charlie? My parents already left. Could I bum a ride to the cast party?” Why did he have to smile when he asked me? Why did he have to look in my eyes? Oh, fuck!

    Charlie Danner Finds His Way is a spinoff of Stitcher, my most recent story. Charlie is a secondary character in that story but quickly became a favorite of my readers. While you don't have to read Stitcher to become fully engaged in Charlie's story, it would be helpful as there will be many connections made between the two stories. Charlie is a special guy. I fell in love with him, too! Enjoy the story and please leave comments when you finish a chapter. Those comments are so much more than ego boosts - they actually help me decide in the direction I take the story! Enjoy!!

    CHARLIE DANNER FINDS HIS WAY By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 1 – THE JOCK February on Cape Cod is brutal. Totally and completely brutal. And just so you know, it’s only brutal because of one thing… the weather. My bedroom is a converted attic in a rambling house on the beach. Not just any beach, mind you. It’s the beach on the North shore of the cape. Brutal. Just brutal. I don’t think there’s enough insulation on the entire Eastern seaboard to make this room warm. The wind whips across the bay and picks up just enough moisture to make sure that when it hits you, the chill goes right down to your bones. The only thing keeping me warm is the body wrapped around me under three blankets, a comforter, and my Nana’s quilt. That body wrapped around me? That would be Frankie Johnston, quarterback of the Barnstable Red Raiders. I guess you could call him my boyfriend, but I’m definitely not his. I mean, he has an image to uphold. I’m cool with that as long he wants me to fuck him, or he wants to fuck me. I know I’m bad for his image. I’m the school’s resident enigma. Most of the kids think I’m some sort of Goth freak or one of those Emo quiet types. What’s ridiculous about that is it’s all about me wearing black clothes. I like black clothes. I also like colorful, sexy Andrew Christian underwear. It’s kind of like the surprise you get when you unwrap a plain-looking package. When you unwrap me you find a lean, trim, kinda sexy boy with hot-as-fuck underwear nearly bursting at the seams from a rather large cock. Not exactly what you would expect from a Goth or Emo. What I am is an artist. No, not with paint, or pen and ink… I’m an artist with fabric, scissors, and my high-tech Brother computerized sewing machine. Yeah, I design and build clothes. I make them for my friends, or my mom, or anyone who needs something they can’t find in a store. How did a Junior in high school get into something like this? It started when I was eleven. I got hooked on Project Runway and that season’s winner Christian Siriano. I’ll get back to you on that. Right now, I have a hard quarterback cock poking me in the backside. Time for some morning fun! My ass was stilled lubed from our fun before we fell asleep. I shifted a bit and let Frankie ease in. God, I loved feeling his hardness slide into me! “Good morning Frankie! Find something you like?” “I like your hot-as-fuck ass, Charlie! You like this jock cock filling you up?” “Mmmmm. The perfect way to start the day!” Frankie put his hand around my head and tilted it to him. He kissed me with a purpose and aggressiveness that can only make me hotter and hornier. I started pushing back and meeting Frankie’s thrusts. He was soon pounding me and grabbed my own hard cock, stroking in the same rhythm he was fucking me. “Oooooh, fuck me hard Frankie! Fill me with your fat cock!” “Shit! Shit! I love how you squeeze your ass around my cock, Charlie! You’re gonna milk my load outta me!” “I’m close, Frankie! I’m gonna nut!” I was panting harder than a whore on a battleship. Frankie was grunting in a way that only jocks can… so fucking hot! “Here it comes, Frankie!” I clamped my ass down on his cock as I added yet another load of teen spunk to the sheets! “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna nut, Charlie! Gonna fill you with my load!” Frankie made one last thrust and his entire body went stiff as I felt the warmth of his load fill my tight ass. Frankie held me tight with his hard pecs pressed against my back. The thing about morning sex before you pee, you gotta pee ten times more when you’re done. It wasn’t even three minutes before we both leaped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. We both peed into the toilet together. We hopped into the shower after the water started to steam and I silently thanked God that we had the house (and the water heater) to ourselves. I loved showering with Frankie. We would clean each other, head to toe, making sure we cleaned every nook and cranny, if you know what I mean. Of course, by the time we finished cleaning each other, we were both hard again. Hey, we’re seventeen! Teenage hormones are a wonderful thing! I tell Frankie I want to watch him jerk off. He tells me he wants to see me do the same thing. So there I am, looking at this fucking hot quarterback in my shower. His hand slides up and down his fat eight inches of high school cock while his other hand caresses his pecs and six-pack. He was looking at me with complete and abandoned lust. I’ll never understand why… I’m just a skinny twink with great hair and a big cock. Yeah, just under nine inches and I’m stroking away with my own look of lust. I can always tell when Frankie is getting close. He takes his free hand and throws it between his legs and presses against his taint. Me? I reach behind me a play with my hole. It was like having your own personal and hot solo video standing right in front of you. Frankie stepped forward and started moaning and in no time at all he was shooting his nut all over my chest and stomach. Enough of his hot load fell on my cock and I used it as lube to finish myself off. I started covering Frankie’s six-pack with my load as I closed the space between us. We kissed and held each other before we cleaned each other again and finished our shower. We dried off, brushed our teeth and dressed. I led Frankie into the kitchen and started breakfast, even though it was closer to lunchtime. Scrambled eggs with diced onions and cheddar cheese, link sausage, orange juice, and coffee. While I was cooking, Frankie rolled a joint and shared it with me while I was cooking. That always made breakfast taste even better! By the time we finished eating and cleaning the kitchen it was time to head to the school for our Saturday afternoon rehearsal. We were doing Spamelot. Frankie was playing one of the knights of the Round Table. I was working in the costume shop with Liz, my bestie. That’s how I met Frankie… working on the musical. The show needed a lot of guys, so Ms. Myerson asked the cast to convince their guy friends to try out for the show. Frankie’s “girlfriend,” Brenda Pilkington convinced him to audition and he got in. Now, let’s discuss Miss Pilkington. She is the perfect girlfriend for Frankie since she goes to the conservative Baptist church. She signed one of those stupid abstinence contract things so all she’s “allowed” to do is kiss… apparently with no tongue. So that works great for Frankie, who is just a big old closeted fag. In fact, he’s a bigger fag than me… especially when I’m stuffing his hot football ass with my big cock! Ironic and sometimes laughable. You are probably wondering how the big football jock ended up with me… his complete and total opposite. It all began on the first day of rehearsal. Ms. Myerson sent everyone into the costume shop one at a time. She insisted that the girls get measured by Liz and she sent the boys to me. She didn’t want any improper things happening with someone getting measured by the opposite sex. Now, let me tell you about the irony of that decision. Liz and I are both gay. So yes, we love measurement day! Liz’s girlfriend Janet (our stage manager) came in and handed me a sheet that had Cam Franklin’s measurements. His dad is a tailor and it made sense that he had all the measurements on hand. Damn! He’s a hottie that I was looking forward to getting my hands on! My first boy was a new guy. Ian Greenely was cousins with one of History teachers. Wow! This is one hot boy. Fuck me, my dick was getting hard just looking at him! But I was a good boy. When it came time to measure his inseam, I had him hold the tape measure to his crotch. One by one, the boys all came to me and I got to touch them wherever I needed to! Well, except for the crotch. I needed to be professional! The last boy to come in was Frankie. Damn! He had the cutest smile and the hottest body! While I was getting his measurements (and getting hard, thank you) he told me he loved my hair. I get that a lot, but usually from girls. It’s shoulder length and very wavy. It’s also black as night… well this month, anyway! The last measurement was Frankie’s inseam. I gave him the tape measure to hold to his crotch and he winked at me and said, “You can do that.” What the fuck!?! I’d better hurry before he changed his mind! I took the end of the tape measure and placed it on his crotch. Holy shit! Our star quarterback had a fat semi snaking down his leg. He bent over and whispered in my ear, “Sorry about that, I can’t help what it does when a sexy boy has his hands all over me. You might need to hold that tape measure in place with your whole hand so it doesn’t shift.” “A-a-are you sure?” “Oh, fuck yeah!” And I did. And he moaned. And I nearly passed out. Okay, so maybe I moved my hand a little when I finished and made his legs tremble. I mean, I was pretty sure that was going to be the only time I would ever get to grope a hot quarterback! I stood up when I finished and Frankie leaned into me and asked me if I would like to get together for a cup of coffee after rehearsal. I just looked at him and said the most asinine thing, “Really?” “Yeah.” “Starbucks? Nirvana?” “My parents will be at a dinner party till about ten. Why don’t you come to my house? The address is on your measurement sheet.” “O-o-okay.” “And dude…” “It’s Charlie.” “Cool. And I’m Frankie” “Oh, I know who you are!” “Cool. Charlie, please don’t tell anyone. I’m totally not out… to anyone.” “My lips are sealed.” “I hope not permanently. I intend to totally kiss the Hell out of you later tonight.” And with that, he turned and walked away. Liz looked over at me and just started laughing. “I wish I had a camera so you could see the look on your face!” “What, you heard all that?” “Charlie, I didn’t have to hear everything to see that the school’s star football boy was seducing the Hell out of you!” “Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Janet. I promised him I wouldn’t…” “No worries, Charlie. I did hear that part of the conversation. But after you have sex with football boy, I want all the details!” “Liz!” “You always tell me about the boys you have sex with!” “Liz. You’re my best friend… and there have only been two. But this time, I’m keeping the details to myself!” “You are just NO fun!” By the time Liz and I had entered all the measurements into the computer, rehearsal was wrapping up. We closed up the shop and headed out to the theatre lobby to head out. I saw Frankie with his arm around that girl, but then he looked over to me and flashed his award-winning grin and winked. Liz saw his little move and started to giggle as my knees when weak. I nearly ended up on the floor in one big gay boy heap, but she grabbed my waist and steadied me. As we got to our cars, she stopped and turned me to face her. “Charlie, be careful.” “I will be…” “No, Charlie. I’m serious. You don’t know anything at all about this boy. You don’t know what his intentions really are. Just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.” “Maybe he doesn’t know what my intentions are? Maybe you should be worried about him?” “Charlie! Just what ARE your intentions?” “I’ve done everything I can do with another boy except… well…” “Oh my God! You’re going to let him fuck you?” “Or fuck him… whatever is going to float his boat tonight!” “Details. I want details! I’ll call you tomorrow!” With that we hugged and got into our cars. I was on my way to God-knows-what!” I pulled into Frankie’s big circular driveway and parked my little blue Honda Civic by the front door. Everyone would know Frankie had company because my car sure looked out of place in front of the big house. I started making my way up the front stairs and the door opened as I got up to it. “Hi sexy boy. Get in here!” Before I knew it the door was closed behind me and I was pushed up against it as the quarterback leaned against me and began kissing me. I gasped and that was all the invitation Frankie needed to push his tongue into my mouth. Now, I’ve kissed more than a few boys in my short life, but this was like nothing I’ve never experienced! It was strong and passionate all at the same time. Oh, fuck! I’ve never been so turned on so fast in my life! I wrapped my arms around Frankie’s neck and lifted my legs around his waist, inviting the much stronger jock to carry me wherever he wanted. “I’ve been so horny for you all day, Charlie! I don’t know what has come over me, but fuck! You are the sexiest boy I’ve ever laid my eyes on!” I couldn’t find any words, so I just moaned as he began carrying me up the curved stairs in the foyer. We moved down the hall and through a door at the end. We were in Frankie’s room. He lay me down on the bed and joined me, wrapping his arms around me. What the fuck just happened? Finally, words were coming to me. “I like a little cream and some sugar in mine, please.” “What? What did you say?” “Frankie, you invited me over for coffee, didn’t you?” “Oh, that? You want coffee? I’ll go make some. Anything you want. I’ll get you anything you want!” “Frankie, calm down! I’m not going anywhere. But let’s just slow down a bit. I don’t know anything about you. And I’m pretty sure you don’t know anything about me!” I leaned in and kissed him lightly. He looked down into his pillow and sighed. “Fuck. I’m sorry.” He paused. “I really wanted to say your name but realized I would sound like a tuna commercial.” “Frankie, you know you’re not the first person to think that. It’s okay. It’s my name… and I kinda like it when I hear you say it.” I kissed him again. “Wow. This talking thing is kinda nice… especially when you use a kiss as a punctuation mark. I don’t remember that from English class.” We lay in bed and talked and threw in an occasional kiss. I learned that Frankie was short for Frances. And I had to promise that no matter what, I would never call him that. It took a really, REALLY nice kiss to get that promise! Frankie also told me that he’s known he was gay since he was twelve. He’s never told a soul except for Jayson Parker, his best friend, and teammate. It was last year, and Frankie had been going through a tough time. Being his best friend and the person who knew him better than anyone, Jayson just straight out asked him if he was into guys. Frankie said he totally lost it and Jayson told him it was all chill. Frankie also said it was nice that he had someone he could talk to if he needed. “Well, now you have two people, right?” “Yeah, I guess I do.’ Another kiss. “So, I have a question, football boy.” He giggled. “Ask away, stitcher boy!” “Stitcher boy? Heh, I like that!” Another kiss. “So, you had a question for me?” “Right. For someone who needs to be so much on the down-low, you were sure in full seducing mode when I had to take your measurements. What was that about?” “Oh that. When Myerson had the crew standing up and introduced everyone to us, I think you were third in the line. I don’t remember any of the others. I couldn’t take my eyes off this sexy-as-fuck boy with the amazing smile and awesome hair. But what got me was the way you waved to everyone. You seemed so shy.” “Oh, I hate being in front of a group of people. So yeah, you saw some major shyness.” “It was adorable. And I completely fell for you. And I decided I had to be the last one to get measured so I could take a little longer than the others. And then it happened. I walked into the costume shop. For the first time in my life, I was standing in front of a boy I adored. I don’t know how to explain it, but for some reason, I was able to let my defenses down. You let me be myself. And when you wrapped your hand around my dick without batting an eyelash, I was done. You had me. I wanted more. All I could think of was coffee.” Another kiss, this one a bit more passionate. Frankie broke the kiss and smiled at me. I swear, his eyes were twinkling. “So stitcher boy, when did you realize that you liked boys?” “I think I’ve always know. I mean, I liked girls plenty, but just as friends… and it seemed all the girls wanted me to be their friend. But when I was eleven, I was watching television with my Mom. We were watching Project Runway. Mom loved that show and I was getting into it as well. “But there was a boy on the show that year. His name was Christian. Christian Siriano. He was a little guy, skinny like me, and funny as shit. But everything he made was incredible. One episode he talked about a boyfriend. I looked at Mom and asked if boys were allowed to have boyfriends. “She explained that some boys liked girls and ended up having girlfriends. Some boys liked boys and ended up having boyfriends. It was an epiphany for me… well, as much as an eleven-year-old can have an epiphany. I told Mom that I hoped I would have a boyfriend someday and my mom, who is the coolest mom ever, told me she was sure I would have a wonderful boyfriend someday. And just like Christian would say, you will be fierce!” Frankie had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me how lucky I was to be able to be myself with my family and friends. “You can’t tell your parents?” “Oh, God no! I’m under so much pressure from my dad to be the star football player. You know how most parents pressure their kids about their grades? Mine are all about football, not so much grades. If they found out their son liked dick, it would be all over. Football players aren’t gay. And now that I got a scholarship to BU, I have four more years of secrets.” “I’m so sorry, Frankie.” “No need to be sorry. It’s how I’ve lived my life. I’m used to it. I’ve never had a boyfriend… too risky. But now, I don’t know where we’ll end up, but it just has to be kept secret. I can tell Jayson. Well, he’ll figure it out. It’s scary how he does that.” “Don’t worry about me Frankie. I won’t tell a soul about us.” Another kiss. “You know, If I were to make a list of the boys at school I would never be laying in bed with, you would top that list.” “Why do you say that?” “Come on, have you looked in the mirror lately? You are beyond gorgeous. You have muscles on your muscles. You have a face that I could just melt into. Your eyes are like deep pools… and then there’s me. Plain, skinny, okay-looking, but I have great hair, I’ll admit that. It just seems weird as shit that you even look at me twice.” “Because you are sexy as Hell.” “But I’m not! You could have any hot boy on the cape. But me?” “Charlie. Stop it. I find you sexy. I love that you and I are near opposites. I’m around hot boys all the time. Believe me, most of them are stupid, boring assholes. You, on the other hand, are adorable, kind, funny, sweet… things I don’t see a lot of in the boys I spend time with. Why would I want to spend time with someone like me when I could wrap my arms around a beautiful, sexy boy that’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced?” Well, that did it for me. One of the hottest boy in school thinks I’m sexy. I think I want to prove him right! I took his head in my hands and gave him the kiss of my life. Frankie moaned and put his arms around me, pressing his body into mine. We kept kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. We were dry humping, feeling the other’s hardness against our own. There were way too much clothes keeping us apart, so I broke away just enough so I could start pulling Frankie’s tee-shirt up over his head. Okay, it was more like peeling it off his hot body! I literally gasped when I saw Frankie’s naked torso. It was shaped like a triangle with his broad muscular shoulders and firm, round pecs. He had a narrow waist and rippling abs. The only hair was a light wisp around each nipple, which I immediately latched on to. “Oh my God! What are… That’s so! I never knew…” I pulled away from Frankie’s nipple and smiled. “Have you never done this with a boy before?” “I.. I’ve never done anything with anyone before. What you were doing just then? Shit Charlie, I almost came just then!” “Well, football boy. Since this is your first time, I guess I have no choice but to make this something you will never forget!” I had Frankie lay down on the bed and I climbed on top of him. Now, you should know that this hot boy is almost twice my size. I felt like I was on top of a mountain… a mountain of boy! I kissed him deeply to relax him and then started on my journey of discovery. I moved over to his left ear and start nibbling on his lobe. That generated a nice deep moan. My tongue moved inside his ear and football boy squealed! Definitely remembering that! I kissed and nibbled my way down his neck and he started to moan and squirm underneath me. It seems my jock is a body full of hot spots. Nice! I played some more with his left nipple and got the response I expected and then moved over to the other one for good measure. “What are you doing to me? Oh fuck!” I reached up and kissed him as he moaned into my mouth. “Do you want me to stop?” “Fuck no! You are amazing!” I moved down and began tracing the ridges of his abs with my tongue. As I got lower I felt his cock on the side of my neck. What a beautiful cock! It looked to be about 8” and was glistening with precum. Yum! I slid down between Frankie’s muscular legs and took his throbbing cock in my hand. This boy wasn’t going to last long at all. I looked up and saw him watching me with his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide with anticipation. I swirled my tongue around the head and lapped up the tasty precum as Frankie grabbed handfuls of sheets and almost roared. When I opened my throat and took his entire cock into my mouth on the first try, Frankie let out a gasp and started panting. I moaned around the head of his cock and started moving up and down. I couldn’t believe I was doing this to the star quarterback… and that he was loving it! It only took about twenty seconds for Frankie’s body to go rigid as he lifted his ass off the bed and his cock down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, but I couldn’t keep up with the rapid volleys of hot jock cum firing into my mouth. Streams of jock cum flowed down the side of his impressive cock. After releasing him from my mouth I cleaned him up thoroughly. I moved back up to Frankie and propped my head up on my elbow and looked down at the football star. He looked like he had just played, and won, the state championship. He was covered in sweat and had the cutest smile on his face. “Did you like that, football boy?” “Holy shit, Charlie. That was… I couldn’t… You were…” I had to giggle and then leaned down to kiss him. He moaned some more as he tasted what was left of hit nut on my tongue. I lay my head on Frankie’s chest as he held me in his arms. He was making small circles on my back when I heard sniffling. I looked up to see Frankie crying. “What’s wrong, Frankie? Are you having second thoughts about this?” “Oh, God no! I was just thinking about how amazing you were and how I could never live up to that. I could never make you feel as good as you just made me feel!” “Stop it, Frankie! There will never be a time like your first time. And you have some more firsts in store. I promise you, when you decide to blow my cock, it’s going to feel amazing. Think about it… we’re teenagers, we’re always horny, and you have no idea how hot it is to be in bed with the sexiest boy in school!” “Oh, yes I do… I most definitely know what it’s like to be in bed with the sexiest boy in school.” “Are you ready for more?” “Fuck yeah. Whatcha got in mind stitcher boy?” “We’re both going to experience a first.” “Oh?” “Yeah, we’re going to fuck. But it’s your choice. Do you fuck me? Do I fuck you?” “Charlie… please fuck me! I’ve been dreaming of it for years!” “Wow. Just wow!”

    Thanks mfa! I'm glad you liked the story. I hope those were happy tears... or wedding tears, maybe?

    Wow! That means so much coming from one of my favorite authors! Speaking of... I totally encourage all of my readers to check out Sam's stories!

    I hope you just cried at the wedding! I'm hoping you felt like you were really there! I can't wait to start telling Charlie's story!

    So glad you enjoyed the story, Benji! Thank YOU for being one of the dedicated readers! Means a lot to me! <3

    STITCHER by Geoff Chassen Chapter 15 – MY FOREVER FAMILY So, it was great having lunch with Liz. She looks so happy now. But that comes with a new girlfriend, who she has started a party-planning business with. Good for her! She says good for Ian and me! When I asked her how she knew about the wedding thing, she told me that Charlie had mentioned it to Jacob, who had mentioned it to her. She mentioned it to Sarah (her girlfriend/business partner) and the ball began to roll. “Liz, I don’t know what you think is going on, but Ian and I are getting married so it will be easier for him to legally adopt Eli. The wedding is probably going to be in our living room with just the family there.” “Cam. That’s what you say. And while it’s a noble idea, you can’t leave out the fact the you two boys are madly in love with each other and if you get your head out of your ass, that’s the real reason you want to marry Ian.” “But we don’t want a huge production, Liz. I don’t know what you think we want, but it really is something small and intimate.” “So let us plan ‘small and intimate’ in a way that’s so special and beautiful that it will be something you will look back on for the rest of your lives.” Shit. That girl is so fucking persuasive. I asked her what she had in mind… uh oh. “So… Charlie’s folks were thrilled when I asked them about having the wedding on the beach behind their home. And we can use their home as ‘wedding central’ for the big day.” “What the fuck? You already asked them?” “Well, sure. And they agreed on the condition that you agreed.” “Oh, for fuck’s sake… go on.” “How many people do you think would attend?” “Well, no more than twenty… maybe twenty-five, tops.” “Excellent. Since it’s less than forty people, we can have the reception right there are the house. Do you have a date picked out?” “October 10. And then Sam got us scheduled at Family Court on the 12th for the adoption hearing.” “Perfect! It might still be warm enough to have the wedding on the beach instead of in a tent.” “Tent? Really? We don’t need a tent!” “Oh, there’s a tent. Already planned. It’s where the reception will be held. And if it’s too cold for outdoors, the wedding will be in there, as well. That way we don’t mess up the Danner’s house.” “Tent? Reception? Liz… really, it’s already getting too expensive. We can’t…” “Stop Cam. I didn’t want to tell you yet, but you know Sarah and I love you guys so much. We both agreed that planning your wedding would be our gift to you. Like… the tent is ours… there won’t be a charge for that.” “Liz… you can’t…” “Too late wedding boy, already taken care of.” We continued with lunch and talked some more about her plans for our wedding. Even though there weren’t many plans to be made. It turns out Liz and Sarah had spoken with everyone except Ian and me and set the whole thing up. At first I was a little pissed off, but then she turned me around and I realized that both of our families and all of our friends wanted to take care of things for us since we had just been through so much bullshit in the last couple of months. The more she explained… and the more I thought… it really was an awesome thing. Now I had to talk with Ian and get him on board. But first, back to work and have a little sit-down with Charlie. I walked into the shop and into the back, where Charlie was changing Eli’s diaper. “I don’t know if I should spank you or kiss you, Charlie Danner!” “Dammit Cam, why do you always have to give me such hard choices in life?” He fucking cracks me up! How could I even pretend to be angry with him? So, I held out my arms, gave him a big kiss on the cheek and thanked him for all the work he had already done to make our wedding day special. When I told Charlie that I still had to convince Ian, he told me that it was already taken care of. Claire filled him in on the plans. Apparently he was a little pissed at first, too. But when Claire explained that the entire family wanted to plan things for them, so he and I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing, he changed his mind. There were a couple of details that we still wanted to work out, but they were simple and would cause zero stress. Things were happening so quickly! Dad came to the shop and took my measurements, he was going to make tuxes for Ian and me since our prom tuxes wouldn’t fit anymore. Thank you, gym! Ian was working his ass off with his physical therapist. He was determined that he was going to walk down to the beach on our wedding day without worry or pain. He was almost there! Like, just a couple of weeks after he got home, he was moving up and down the stairs without that slow-as-fuck chair. Before we knew it, October 9 was here and it was time for our wedding rehearsal. Ian, Eli, and me got in my Charger and headed over to Charlie’s. Thank God we were in the middle of an Indian Summer and the temperature was in the high sixties. We asked our dads to stand for us. Charlie was going to do a reading. Vic sprung for a string quartet from the high school. We got the pastor who baptized Eli to perform the ceremony. Charlie got his brother do deejay for us, which I thought was perfect. He was the deejay at our senior prom, too. Hayden volunteered to be our photographer and said he would also video the ceremony. The rehearsal went off without a hitch, except when the pastor asked me if I had finished writing my vows, I had to admit that I hadn’t finished them yet. Actually, I had finished about fifteen versions but just couldn’t get the right words to sound natural and heartfelt. The rehearsal dinner took place at my parents’ home. Mom had tables set up all over the house and had it catered. Again, the goal was zero stress! After dinner, Claire and my mom asked Ian and me to join them in the kitchen. Mom spoke up first. “Boys, I can’t tell you how proud and happy I am to see you getting married. Now, I know things are a bit different with you since you’ve been practically married for over two years.” “But there’s one thing we are insisting on,” Claire continued. “Cam, you are going to spend the night here with your parents. Ian, you’ll come home with Sam and me.” What the fuck? “Mom! Are you serious?” “Ian. Cam,” Claire continued, “We were talking the other day and were thinking back on our weddings. The thing about the night before, spending it apart was the best thing we did. It gave us a chance to think.” “Son, you and Ian need one last night to think about all you’ve been through. What you mean to each other. What your family will be like after the adoption hearing. I know you both hate the idea now, but you’ll thank us later. I know that for sure.” Then she did it. She started to cry… the atomic bombs of mother weapons. “Besides… it’s the last chance I have to spend time with my little boy. Tomorrow you take your last step in becoming a man.” Fuck me. I pulled Mom into my arms. Ian grabbed Claire. We looked at each other. Ian took charge. “Okay, we’ll do this for you. You both have done so much to make this wedding special, I guess we can give you this.” Soon, everyone had left and the caterers were packing up everything and loading their van. We were sitting in the living room. Eli was fast asleep in my arms while I rocked him in Mom’s chair. I reached for my cell phone so I could send a quick text to Ian. Dad stopped me. “Son, put the phone away. I’m pretty sure Ian survived the trip home and I’m also pretty sure that right about now, Sam and Claire have asked him for his phone. Your mom is right… you shouldn’t have any contact with each other tonight.” “But…” “No buts, Cam. Let me have your phone. You’ll get it back when we get to the wedding tomorrow. Make this night about yourself and the amazing man you are and the even more amazing man you are about to marry.” Well fuck me. This is going to be the longest night in my life! Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever gone an entire night without, at the very least, texting my boy! But I didn’t want any arguments or fights tonight so I gave my phone to Dad. “Hey, don’t be lookin’ through my stuff Dad. Okay?” He proceeded to turn off my phone and then he got up. “I have something to show you, Cam. I think you’ll be happy to see it, too!” Dad left the room and came back with a garment bag. “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun putting something together for you. You should know, Charlie designed it and was a great help in making it a reality.” He opened the bag and I started to tear up immediately. It was my tuxedo for the wedding. It was one of my favorite colors… the deepest burgundy I’ve ever seen with black satin trim. The shirt matched the tux and there was a black tie. But the killer part… and I’m sure totally Charlie’s doing… the pants were actually long shorts… it looked like they were going to come down just below the knee. Dad said Ian’s was identical but then… in the back of the bag was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It was another tux… for Eli! It matched mine perfectly! Dad said Charlie made that one. I could see it in his eyes that Dad was totally proud of Charlie. Mom got up and took Eli out of my arms. She said she was going to put him up in their room so I wouldn’t be disturbed. Dad behind and went over to the bar to pour himself a drink. He asked if wanted one, but I just wanted some water. “Son. You know, the night before a wedding the father is supposed to impart some words of wisdom to his son. I’ve been thinking for the last three days about what I would say to you and have just come up short every time. “I guess the truth of the matter is that you probably could give me some words of wisdom after all you’ve been through the last couple of months. When I saw how strong you were during the initial days following Ian’s accident, I wondered if I could have been so strong if it was your mother in the hospital bed.” “But Dad, I was such a total mess. I wasn’t strong, I was terrified!” “Oh, I know. But it took mountains of strength to fight your feelings and be there for your baby boy… and the rest of us. “And then there’s that baby boy. Someday, I hope Eli will grow to realize how, in spite of all the tragedy that surrounded his birth, you stepped up and raised him without an inkling of hesitation. When I see you with that baby, and I see how much he adores his dad, my heart bursts with pride when I see nothing but unconditional love.” “But again Dad, I couldn’t have done any of that without Mom and Claire. They had to teach me practically everything!” “And you not only learned from them, you didn’t let your teenage pride get in the way of letting them help you. Someday, you will realize exactly how proud I am to call you my son… and I’m pretty sure it will be a night just like this when you are talking to your own son before his wedding.” “Dad… I wouldn’t be any of the things you’ve said if it weren’t for you. You made me the man I am today. I love you, Dad.” “I love you, Cam. Now, tomorrow’s a huge day for all of us. Why don’t you head upstairs and try to get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.” We had a nice, long hug and Dad headed off to bed. I just stood there and watch him, hoping that twenty years from now I’m half the man he is… then I know I’ll be alright. ******** I couldn’t believe it when Sam and Claire took my cell phone away. But then we were sitting around the kitchen table and talking about life, and all that Cam and I had been through… and survived. The more we talked, the more I began to see how spending the night alone with my family was actually a good idea. Yeah, I was thinking about Cam pretty much the entire night. It was more intense when I finally went to bed. I think I fell in love with Cam all over again as I was lying in bed and thinking about how amazing he is. How he held up and stayed strong while I was in the hospital still blows me away. How he has been the perfect daddy to Eli makes me want to be a better man. And then I think about how it’s going to be married to my amazing man. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. But when I think about sex with Cam… Oooooooooooh…. time to stroke out another nut. ******** I woke up with the remnants of three dried loads of cum all over my abs and chest. Damn, just thinking about my life with Ian got me so fucking hot! When I thought about how his ass would wrap around my throbbing cock… had to bust a nut. When I thought about how his amazing cock would do things to me that I never thought were physically possible… had to bust a nut. But my biggest nut happened when I thought back a little over two years ago and our first night together. No matter how hard I tried to deny it... No matter hard I tried to tell myself I didn’t want it… I totally and completely fell in love with my beautiful boy. Yeah, I call him beautiful a lot. But you have to realize that it’s so much more than his eyes, his dimples, and even his so-fucking-hot-it-should-be-illegal body. It’s his heart, his spirit, and they way he makes me a better man every day I spend with him. Then I smelled the bacon. I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Had to pee and clean up before I started the day… my fucking wedding day! OUR fucking wedding day. When I finally got downstairs, Mom had set out French toast, bacon, and a fresh melon salad. The orange juice and coffee hit the spot. She made hot baby cereal for the little man and he apparently loved it since more ended up inside his tummy than on the table and floor around him. It was nice having a slow, leisurely breakfast with the ‘rents and my little boy. It kind of set the pace for the day and just allowed us to keep the stress off to the side. We had to be at Charlie’s house at noon and the wedding was scheduled to start at 1:00. At 10:30, Mom said I needed to go up and shower, shave and get dressed. She was going to bathe the baby and get him ready to go. By 11:45 we were all on our way. I looked down at Eli in his perfectly-made baby tux and just smiled. He looked back up at me and I swear he had this little smirk on his face that said no matter what anyone says, HE was going to be the star of the day! I couldn’t wait to see Ian! It had been too long since I’ve kissed him. Okay, so it’s just been overnight, but still. When we got to the house, Dad and I were immediately ushered into the master bedroom and the door was shut behind us. A few minutes later, Liz came in and pinned a beautiful white rose boutonniere to my lapel. “Ian’s here and he’s also all set.” “Cool! I want to go see him!” “No Cam, you’ll see him on the back porch when you’re ready to walk down to the beach. Just like we rehearsed, okay?” “You’re a total hard-ass, Liz!” I smiled and thanked her for all she had done for Ian and me. She kissed me on the cheek and said it was her total pleasure as long as we did what we were supposed to do and not sneak around behind her back. She asked me if I had the rings. I gave them to her so she could tie them to the ring bearer’s pillow. I was shocked when Charlie asked if we would mind having a ring bearer. When I asked him why, he said when he was telling Timmy about being in our wedding, he decided he wanted to be in it, too. So Timmy will walk down the aisle beside Charlie. Jeannie, Timmy’s mother was thrilled that Charlie was having such a positive effect on her son. Just as the sound guy finished hooking me up with a wireless mic, I heard knocking on the door. It was Liz asking if I was ready. It was time to head to the back porch. Hell yeah, I was! Dad and I got to the back porch just as Ian and Sam were. Oh my God! He looked amazing in the tux! I leaned into him and whispered that into his ear, adding, “but I can’t wait to get you out of that tux tonight!” My beautiful boy flashed me his dimpled smile just as Mom handed my little munchkin to me. So, this was the first thing that Ian and I insisted on. The two of us would make our way down the aisle with Eli. We were more than getting married as a couple, we were making our family complete… the three of us. The string quartet started playing “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” and our parents were the first to walk down to the beach. Claire and Mom were sat on the front row while Sam and Dad took their place on either side of the pastor. Next was Charlie and Timmy. They sat next to Claire and then it was time! My beautiful family walked down together. I guess you could say Eli was my very special bouquet! When we got down to the front, I handed my baby boy to Charlie. Ian and I then took our places in front of the pastor. Here we go! The pastor began: “We have gathered to celebrate the joining of Cameron, Ian, and little Eli in a covenant of love and family. This covenant is the promise of hope between people who love each other, who understand their love as a gift of God, who trust that love, and who wish to share the future together. “It enables these separate people to share their desires, longings, dreams, and memories, and to help each other through their uncertainties. It provides the encouragement to risk more and thus to gain more. In this covenant, these people belong together, providing mutual support and stability, and as it is God’s will, a place in which their children may grow. “Here in the presence of God we recognize and bless their relationship as they begin their married life together in the community. Cameron, will you have Ian to be your husband; to live together in this covenant of love? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?” “I will.” “Ian, will you have Cameron to be your husband; to live together in this covenant of love? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live? “I will.” “God, faithful and true, whose steadfast love endures forever: we give you thanks for sustaining Cameron and Ian in the life they share with Eli, and for bringing them to this day. Nurture them and fill them with joy in their life together, continuing the good work you have begun in them; and grant us, with them, a dwelling place eternal in the heavens where all your people will share the joy of perfect love, and where you, with the Son and the Holy Spirit, live and reign, one God, now and forever.” “Amen.” “Cameron and Ian have come before God and the Church to make public their commitment to one another and to ask God’s blessing. Will all of you gathered here give your pledge to honor and uphold Cameron, Ian and Eli; to recognize them as a family in this community, to guide and pray for them in times of trouble, to celebrate with them in times of joy, to respect the bonds of their covenant, and to seek to discern the continuing presence of Christ within them?” “We will.” “Then let us pray for Cameron, Ian, and Eli in their life together. “Gracious God, grant Cameron and Ian understanding and devotion in the ordering of their common life, that each may be to the other a strength in need, a counselor in perplexity, a comfort in sorrow, and a companion in joy. “Grant them calm strength and patient wisdom to care for the children you entrust to them. “Give them such fulfillment of their mutual affection that they may reach out in love and concern for others. “Grant that their wills may be so knit together in your will, and their spirits in your Spirit, that they may grow in love and peace with you and one another all the days of their life. “Grant that all present who will witness these vows may find their lives strengthened and their loyalties confirmed. Amen. “It is now time for Cameron and Ian to exchange their vows. We actually had to flip a coin yesterday to see who would go first. Ian? You’re up! I stood there looking deep into my beautiful boy’s eyes. Wow! He started to tear up before he even started! “Cameron, I still feel a little cheated for the way you proposed to me. When you asked me to marry you, I was in a coma. A coma! At least you knew I couldn’t say no. And I know you know I would never say that. And yes, I heard you clear as a bell when you asked me to be your husband. “Cameron, the strength you have in every situation we find ourselves in gives me hope that we can handle anything that might come our way. Your fearlessness gives me the confidence make sure every day I share with you and Eli is one that will make a difference in our lives. “Every day I am with you I find that I become a better man. You make me a better man. You make me a complete man. You have given me the perfect life. I vow to be with you, wholly and completely, for as long as we both live.” Holy crap! He did all that from memory! I just finished writing mine last night. And I have to use the sheet of paper. I suddenly feel so inadequate. “Ian, I have to confess to you that I’ve written about thirty versions of my vows and none of them seemed to do you justice. And then last night, I understood why our families insisted we spend the time alone. “I thought about the time we met. When I turned around and saw you looking at me across the room. I thought about how my heart began doing somersault while I found myself walking to you. Dammit! I had to pull the paper out of my jacket pocket! Sure hope I can read it through my teary eyes! “It was what I saw in you that first night together that made it so incredibly easy to fall in love you. Through all my awkwardness, nerves, and even denial, you were loving, caring, patient, and kind. “And then over time, I found that those qualities weren’t just something you turned on and off when you needed them. They are all a part of who you are, they are a part of your DNA. “Your love, your care, your patience, and your kindness are my rock. When I wake up in the morning, I know that with you standing beside me, I can do anything. I know I can do nothing wrong… well, most of the time. “But when I see you with my son… no, OUR son… there is nothing in the world that could make me more proud… or happier. You are an amazing father, and incredible partner, and the source of everything good that is in my life. I will be with you and everything I do from now on will be for you and our family. It wasn’t part of the rehearsal, but we both just leaned forward and touched foreheads. The tears were flowing and I sure hope the sound guy turned off our mics. At the same time we both said, “I love you” and just held hands. It was time for Charlie to do his readings. We didn’t really want Bible verses but Charlie and I found a couple of readings from Shakespeare that were perfect. The first practically told the story of Ian and me. “A reading from William Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT: ‘No sooner met but they looked, no sooner looked but they loved, no sooner loved but they sighed, no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason, no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy; and in these degrees, have they made a pair of stairs to marriage.’ “Another reading from William Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET: ‘My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep. The more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.’ “I picked one final reading as a surprise for Cam and Ian. It’s from Robert Fulgham’s ‘All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: “All of what I really need to know about how to live, and what to do, and how to be, I learned in Kindergarten. These are the things I learned… Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't yours. Say sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you. Give them to someone who feels sad. Live a balanced life. Learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day. Take a nap every afternoon. Be aware of wonder. And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.” Wow! I totally loved that last reading. Not exactly what you’d expect to hear at a wedding, but it was perfect! Charlie returned to his seat and the pastor began the last part of the ceremony. “Timmy, can you bring me the rings?” It took a little coaching and coaxing from Charlie, but Timmy stood and brought his pillow to the pastor. She untied the rings and placed them in her book and Timmy went back to his seat next to Charlie. “Let us pray. Christ our light, encircle these rings with your blessing to show the love of Cameron and Ian. Blend them together and keep them in your love eternally. Amen” I put the ring on Ian’s hand… it was tough! I was kind of shaking! What the hell??? “Ian, receive this ring as a symbol of my never-ending and limitless love.” Funny, as soon as Ian held my hand to put the ring on my finger, I stopped shaking. “Cam, receive this ring as a symbol of my never-ending and limitless love.” “May God so join you together that nothing shall ever part you. “My friends, inasmuch as Cameron and Ian have exchanged vows of love and fidelity in the presence of God and the Church, I now pronounce that they are bound to one another in a holy covenant, as long as they both shall live. “Cameron and Ian, with abiding confidence and affection, we send you forth on your journey of life together. Go and meet it gladly! And now, it is my pleasure to introduce to you for the first time, Cameron and Ian Greenely-Franklin! Holy shit! It’s done. I’ve just married the most amazing man on the planet! And he married me back! The reception was a blast. There was lots of toasting, lots of kissing, and a ton of dancing. We spent our wedding night in our bed at home. And we just kissed and held each other. Damn! We were both exhausted! On Monday, we went to Family Court with Sam, Claire, Mary, and my folks. In less than fifteen minutes, Eli officially became Elias Cameron Greenely-Frankly. Our family was complete. And to think I resisted this whole thing when it all began. EPILOGUE Eighteen years ago that beautiful kid came into our lives and scared the Hell out of us. Now he was standing on the very stage his Dad once stood on, delivering the valedictorian speech for the class of 2036. Our entire extended family was there, too. Charlie and Jacob sat next to us with their son Noah. Sam and Claire were joined by Mary and sat in front of us next to my parents. Vic was there with James (I’ll explain in a minute, okay?) and their twins. And sitting between Ian and me was Olivia, our stunningly beautiful eleven-year-old daughter. I should say she is stunningly beautiful because she’s Ian’s biological daughter. It was Liz’s idea. She wanted to be a surrogate for Ian and me. After weeks of debating, we all agreed and it happened… only this time with a turkey baster in the doctor’s office! Livvy knows that Liz is her mom but calls her Aunt Liz. And let me tell you how adorable is has been watching Eli take on the role of protective big brother. Ah yes, Eli. He truly has been an amazing kid. When he was four, he would make his way upstairs and sit at Claire’s grand piano and start playing. By the time he was ten, he was entering competitions (and winning a great number of them). By the time he was a freshman in high school, he started swimming on his Uncle Vic’s swim team. That’s where he met Emma and he soon had a girlfriend. It was rather funny watching him come out to us as “straight-ish.” As with most high school first romances, it didn’t last. About two months later we noticed his friendship with his best friend Eric (also a swimmer) was blossoming into something quite intense. Eli then came out as “gay-ish” and the funny thing is, he and Eric are still together. Eric’s parents spend a lot time out of town for work, so it’s like we gained another son… which I loved, especially since we didn’t have to go through the diaper stage with him! And then there’s the amazing Charlie. He and Jacob finally tied the knot about two years after we did and a couple years into their marriage, they adopted Noah, the most adorable special-needs kid you could imagine. Yes, he still had his walls… but Charlie was able to tear them down at his first meeting with the boy. Jacob soon followed and they were able to adopt Noah. Noah is a year younger than Eli, but they became good friends. I remember one afternoon Noah was listening to Eli play the piano and he started singing. Oh. My. God! He had such a beautiful voice. After that day, Noah and his Uncle Eli were inseparable. I mentioned Vic and his partner James. About two years after Vic and Hayden met, Hayden was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It was very aggressive, and Hayden passed away after just four months. Vic was a mess and while he still was great with his students, at the end of the school day, he would go home and just sit… barely existing. It broke our hearts when Vic would push away the people who cared so much about him. Then, about two years later, a new football coach and social studies teacher arrived at the high school. James Fletcher was instantly attracted to Vic and, with the help of some fellow teachers, was able to break through to Vic. They are perfect for each other and now that Vic is the principal of the high school, their relationship is stronger than ever. About a year after they decided to share a home, they adopted twin girls, Cassidy and Caroline. The folks are doing great. Ian is a partner in Sam’s law firm and handles all the cases involving victim’s rights and family law. My dad’s arthritis has gotten worse and he’s now terrorizing the community in his motorized wheelchair. Mom, Claire, and Mary are thick as thieves and are constantly plotting and planning the next surprise celebration for someone in our wonderful extended family. So here we are listening to our beautiful son wrap up his speech: “… so here I stand. In the same spot my dad stood twenty years ago. I look out and see all the people who have made my four years at this school the most amazing experience I could have ever dreamed of. “When I listen to the stories my dads tell me about what it was like being in high school twenty years ago, I can understand how they ended up being two of the most amazing men in this city. Oh, and did you know they were the school’s first prom kings? So cool! “But I think back on the last four years of my life and the one constant is the unconditional love and encouragement I have received each and every day of my life. When I came out to them as straight, they didn’t bat an eyelash. And then when I brought Eric home and came out to them again… this time as gay. They took both of us in their arms and loved us… unconditionally. “I hope that I turn out to be a supportive and loving parent, just like the ones I have. And when I have a kid or two of my own, I know the lessons I’ve learned will help them become awesome. “So, the lesson I’ve learned and want to share with all of you is that everyone in your life is there to teach us. They teach us how to live… and some teach us how not to live. They teach us how to love and respect others… and some teach us how not to treat others. “To the class of 2036, I ask you to take those lessons with you as you go out into the world. And if we all learn from the lessons we are taught, we can make the world even better than it is now.” I stood up with the rest of the crowd packed into the gymnasium and felt the tears falling down my face. Yes, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life, a wonderful family, and have had the most beautiful man in the world by my side the entire way. THE END The wedding service used in this story is based on the services found in the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer.
  9. 14 - HOME... REALLY HOME

    STITCHER by Geoff Chassen Chapter 14 – HOME… REALLY HOME Finally! After nine days in rehab Hell, Ian was coming home. I couldn’t sleep at all last night from the excitement! All I could think about was my beautiful boy lying next to me… with that fucking adorable smile! But we sure had a time in the rehab center. Yeah… they call it a rehab center, but it’s just a nursing home with a shitload of old people. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against old people as I totally intend to be one someday. But while there were a couple of really cool older people there, the majority of them just seemed to be waiting to die. The bad news was that while Ian was supposed to have a private room for his brief stay, there wasn’t one available. The good news? Walter Evans. Walter is this totally cool 63-year-old man who was sharp as a tack and funny as fuck. His daughter had to place him in the nursing home after his wife died. Because of his severe arthritis, he was unable to care for himself. His daughter was a single mom with three kids Two were off to college and one of them was a twelve-year-old with special needs. It broke her heart to put her father in the nursing home, but he told her he wouldn’t have it any other way. Walter adored Ian and treated him like the son that he never had… even though he was really a grandfather type. He was intrigued by our relationship and asked a lot of questions. One evening he confessed that he always felt that he was probably gay, but he lived in a time where it was something he couldn’t pursue without losing almost everything. He always told us how he admired us for being able to live our true lives. On the fifth or sixth day of Ian’s rehab, my boy had had an unusually good day and made a lot of progress. He was in a great mood and excitedly told me about his sessions. Then, out of the blue, Walter interrupted Ian. “Boys, it makes me so happy to see so much love between two people. Will you do me a favor?” Ian looked over and smiled. “Sure Pops. What would you like?” “Will you and Cam kiss each other for me?” Well, how the fuck could we turn down an invite to kiss? So we did. A nice, lovely, gentle kiss. “No boys. A real kiss. I want to see a kiss filled with love.” “Wow! Really Walter? I know Ian can handle it, but can you?” “Well, we won’t know until it happens, will we? Now get to it!” So we did… again. But this time Ian gave me a kiss that reminded me of our first night together. It was a kiss filled with passion, tongue, and lots of moaning. God, I love my boy! When we broke the kiss, we looked over at a smiling Walter, with eyes brimming with tears. “Boys, that was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The two of you have so much love for each other! I’m sad that I never had the chance to experience that kind of passion in my life. But I’m happy that I’ve had the chance to see it. Thank you!” “Pops. You do realize that because of you, my boy and I are horny as Hell now!” “Well, I would ask you to make love but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle that! You two are probably the most beautiful young men I’ve ever seen. If I saw you guys actually making love, my heart would be happy… but would probably stop!” We all laughed. I walked over to Walter and gave him a light kiss on the lips. “You are an amazing man, Walter. And I’m glad my boy and me have you in our lives. And I promise you, once we are out of here, we’ll be back to visit and if your daughter will allow it, we’ll see about getting you out of here and bringing you over to the house for dinner.” “Well, she’ll be here tomorrow evening with her son, Timmy. Now you should know that Timmy’s a special boy. He’s twelve and has the sweetest heart. He’s… what do they call it now? Oh yes, he’s on that Autism Spectrum. He’s good with family members, but we never know who he’ll take to. He could meet you and shut himself off. Or he could connect with you on some level and be your best friend. The next day, Charlie and I were closing up the shop when he asked if he could come with me to visit Ian. I told him that I needed to stop by the house and pick up Eli since Ian had sent me a text telling me he needed a baby fix. Charlie was of course thrilled to get to spend some time with the little man and that was all he could talk about. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten that Walter was also going to have visitors. Charlie and I walked into the room with Eli in Charlie’s arms. Walter’s daughter was sitting in the chair beside his bed and Timmy was sitting on her lap. Ian was on his phone with his earbuds in and looked up with his signature smile as we walked into the room. “Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da!” Eli was thrilled to see his other daddy and was soon in Ian’s arms. “Mama! A baby! Can I go see him?” Charlie got a twinkle in his eye and started another one of his famous connections. “His name is Eli. What’s yours?” “Timothy.” “Hi Timothy. I’m Charlie… and this is Cam” “Hi Charlie. Can I see the baby?” Charlie reached his hand out to Timothy, and much to his mother’s surprise, the young boy took the older boy’s hand and allowed himself to be led to Ian and Eli. “Oh my, I’ve never seen Timmy take to someone so quickly! This is… it’s… I have no idea what just happened!” I wasn’t surprised at all. Charlie has a gift… a true gift… where he opens his heart and soul to those you least think would connect. He’s a fucking magician. We all just watch in awe Timothy talked to the baby. “Hi baby. I’m Timothy. But you can call me Timmy if you want.” “Ga-ga-ga (Gurgle)” Eli reached out and grabbed Timothy’s finger. “Mama, he wants my finger!” “Timmy, that means he likes you!” “I like him, too” “Hi Timothy. I’m Ian.” “Is he your baby?” “Yes. Cam and I are his daddies.” “He has two daddies. I have one mommy. Does he have a mommy, too?” Ian looked at me with a how-do-I-answer-this-one kind of look. Charlie took the ball. “Eli had a mommy, but she got hurt real bad and went to heaven when Eli was born.” “I had a daddy who went to heaven. Maybe they’re playing together.” “Yeah, that would be cool, wouldn’t it?” “Yeah. Cool.” And just as quickly as Timothy let Charlie and Eli into his world, he was finished and went back to his mother’s lap. “Miss Evans, you have a beautiful son. I’m honored that he let me in.” “Jeannie. Please call me Jeannie. And that was a miraculous thing that just happened. Normally he would bury his face in my shoulder, but there was something about you that he just connected to.” “Jeannie, Ian and I were talking with Walter last night and we had an idea that we would like to bring Walter over to our home once every week or so for one of our family dinners. Of course, now we would love to include you and Timothy… and Charlie, of course!” “I think that would be a wonderful idea. I know Daddy puts up a good front, but I also know he doesn’t like living here all that much. All he’s talked about for the last week is how wonderful you boys are. I can’t say that I disagree at all!” “So then it’s set!” And set it was! Ian insisted that we have our first extended family dinner the night he came home. He wanted to celebrate and said that our new friends must be included in the festivities. I took the afternoon off from work and left Charlie to close up at the end of the day. I wanted to get home and make sure everything was ready for my boy’s return! Sam had made a few changes in the house to make life a little easier for Ian. He had a temporary chair lift installed along the stairs down to our apartment for those days Ian didn’t have the strength to climb up or down the stairs. His rehab therapist said going up the stairs would be a lot easier than going down. The best part was he had the bathtub removed from our bathroom and had an awesome walk-in shower put in. Fucking awesome! More room for hot shower sex! At about 1:00 Sam and Claire hopped in the SUV and went to bring my boy home. I fed Eli, changed, and bathed him. I figured all that attention and activity would wear my little man out and about five minutes before I heard the chair lift start, Eli was out like a light! And there he was, my beautiful boy was sitting in his special chair as the lift brought him down the stairway. Slowly…. very slowly… Holy fuck! That thing is slow! But as soon as our eyes met, he smiled and said, “Hi baby, I’m home!” and Goddammit! I started crying like a little boy. Claire was following Ian down the stairs, carrying his bag. When he FINALLY got to the bottom of the steps, Claire set his bag down, kissed Ian on the cheek and welcomed him home. When she asked if he needed anything, he told her that he was really tired and just wanted to rest before everyone came over for the celebration dinner. Claire then looked at me and warned me not to wear Ian out and then fucking winked at me! I swear, sometimes it’s just embarrassing as fuck to have cool adults around! Ian had his walking crutches and pulled himself out of the seat and kissed me. He leaned into me and whispered, “I’m not tired at all and I totally expect you to try and wear me out!” Claire headed back upstairs and shut the door as we headed back to the bedroom. On the way we stopped in to check on the baby. I stood behind my beautiful boy and wrapped my arms around him as he sighed and leaned against me. “You know babe, despite all the bullshit we’ve been through, this little boy is still most important thing in our lives. He brings so much love and joy to our lives… hell, to the world. I haven’t told anyone this, but when things were at their worst, all I did was think of you and our little boy and I knew I could fight my way through anything.” Whoa. I’m so tired of crying! But I couldn’t help it. I was in the room with the two most important boys in MY life. I held Ian tighter and started to kiss his neck. “Oh God, Cam. If we don’t get naked and into our bed right now. I will never marry you!” With that, Ian pulled away from me and headed to our room. I followed closely behind, of course! I told my boy to lay down on the bed. I removed his clothes, making love to every bit of skin as it was exposed. I’d like to say I took my time, but fuck me… I finally had my boy back in our bed. When Ian was finally naked and sprawled on out bed, I couldn’t help but admire his beauty as I began shedding my clothes. His skin was still a golden brown with a shock of white from his skimpy speedos. His taut abs rose and fell with his panting breath. His amazing cock was bouncing with the beat of his heart. My surprise was he had completely shaved his pubes and balls. So. Fucking. Hot. I was completely naked now and my cock had a stream of precum that Ian begged me to feed him. Who was I to say no to my boy? I straddled his chest and let him have his way with my cock. God his mouth felt like magic on Cam Jr.! “Sweet Jesus, Cam! It’s been over a month since we’ve been together in our bed!” I wasn’t about to start crying again, so I had to think fast! “Shut up and suck, beautiful boy!” “Why don’t you flip around and take your own advice” Brilliant! It’s been over a week since we’ve been able to do anything beyond kissing. We are two horned up boys and we need to get off. Ian stayed on his back and I flipped around hovering over the hottest bod on the cape. Let me tell you something, as awesome fucking is, there’s nothing like feeling the exact same pleasure you’re giving. I love a hot sixty-nine with my boy just about as much as feeling him inside me. We were matching each other’s movements and moaning as our cocks moved into each other’s throats. It really didn’t take long for us to both reach the point of no return and soon found ourselves pumping hot cum into each other’s mouths. Fuck, he tastes amazing! I flipped back around a lay on top of my boy. We kissed, tasting the remains of our loads. Ian Jr. never went soft and my boy started grinding his cock into mine, which of course got mine nice and hard and ready for the next adventure. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube. I poured a good amount into my hand and I swear my whole body shivered with anticipation as I slicked up my boy’s powerful cock. Remember what I said about that hot sixty-nine with Ian? I was wrong. Even though it’s a very close second, the sixty-nine is most definitely trumped by the feeling of Ian Jr. sliding into my trembling ass. I’ve said it before… Ian’s cock is perfectly made for my ass. The slight curve destroys my magic spot and most times I get a volcanic explosion of a hands-free nut. And today was no exception. As I worked my ass up and down Ian Jr., I soon heard my beautiful boy panting and moaning. Yes, he was on the verge of filling me with his seed and his pulsing cock did its magic on my spot. I was covering Ian, the bed, and the headboard with one of the most powerful nuts I’ve ever experienced! And then it happened… out of nowhere, the tears just started falling. Fuck! I’m so tired of crying! “Are you okay, baby? Did I hurt you?” “God no, Ian. I’m sorry!” I lowered myself down and laid on top of my beautiful boy. I moved my face over to the side of his so I wouldn’t drown him with my fucking tears. “It’s weird, like in two seconds I was just overcome with this jumble of thoughts and feelings. I hit me how close I came to losing you, and how you were finally home where you belong, and then how, more than ever, I realized that my life was about that little boy in the next room and you, and our wedding, and…” That’s it. I think my mind let me know that I didn’t have to be the “strong one” anymore and everything that I had kept to myself just let go all at once. I don’t know how he did it since he didn’t have much strength at all in his legs, but my boy pulled us over so we were both on our sides facing each other. “I get it, baby. Lying in bed for the best part of five weeks, I had a lot of thinking time. So yes, I get it. For the most part of our lives, we’ve lived for ourselves. What makes us happy. What motivates us to get out of bed and start our day. “And then you came into my life and everything changed. Now… especially now… it’s all about what makes you and Eli happy. What motivates me to get out of bed every morning to make your day the best it could possibly be.” I just pulled him tighter into my arms and gave him a kiss from deep in my soul. I loved this boy more than life itself. I don’t know how long we held each other like that, but we were totally glued together from my dried cum. I pried us apart and got him his walking crutches. We eventually made our way into the new walk-in shower. There was a short shower stool for Ian to sit on and I cleaned him from head to toe. I quickly cleaned myself and grabbed a couple of towels. I dried Ian off and then worked to get myself dry. Just as we were walking out of the bathroom I hear Eli gurgling on the baby monitor. I helped Ian dress and then went and changed a diaper and got my little boy ready for our welcome home dinner party. Welcome home, indeed! ********** Claire made two humongous pans of lasagna and I helped her put together a Caesar salad while she put the finishing touches on a couple of cheesecakes with raspberry sauce. Eli was happy in his new favorite piece of furniture, a bouncy seat. Ian, sitting in his wheelchair was playing some new game on his phone when the back door opened and Charlie walked in with Jacob in tow. Jacob gave Claire a couple bottles of sangria to go with dinner and Ian’s eyes lit up. Claire noticed and reminded him that he was still on pain pills and couldn’t have any alcohol. Claire pulled Eli’s bottle out of the microwave and took it over and looked at Ian and Charlie and smiled. “Who gets this?” Ian looked over to Charlie and asked, “Can I? I haven’t fed the little man in so long.” “Of course, Ian. He IS your son, after all” Charlie took the baby out of the bouncy seat and handed him over to Ian, and the feeding commenced as the front doorbell rang. Claire dried her hands and said, “That must be the Evans.” Walter, Jeannie, and Timmy followed Claire back to the kitchen and as soon as Timmy spotted Charlie a big smile covered his face. “You ARE here! Mama said you would be!” He walked over to Charlie and sat on his lap, resting his head on his new friend’s shoulder. “The baby’s hungry.” Claire asked me to set the dining room table and looked over to Charlie and Timmy and asked if they wanted to help. Charlie readily agreed and asked Timmy if he wanted to help. “Mama doesn’t want me to carry dishes around. I’ll break them.” “How about you and I do the silverware while Cam does the plates?” “Okay.” I had to smile at Charlie. He is so good with kids and I swear if he asked a kid to help him clean up dog shit, the kid would jump at the chance! The three of us had the table set in no time just as Vic and Hayden walked into the kitchen. Sam brought out the lasagna pans and placed one on each end of the table while Claire brought in the salad. Ian had just finished feeding the baby and set him down in the portable crib that was kept upstairs. Sam set out a couple pitchers of iced tea and another of lemonade and we were all set for dinner. Claire had put Timmy between Walter and Jeannie, but he insisted on sitting next to Charlie, so everyone shifted a bit and all was well with the world. Jeannie kept looking at her son and seemed to be amazed that he was completely engrossed in conversation with Charlie. Occasionally Charlie would look over at me and just smile. That boy needs to be a daddy more than anything! About halfway through the meal, Walter started to tear up and soon began weeping. Jeannie wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “Are you okay, Daddy? Do you need anything?” “No dear,” he sniffled. “It’s just that this is such a wonderful thing. Three generations of family sitting around the table and talking… not arguing, mind you… and just enjoying this time together. It’s the kind of thing your mother used to love doing every Sunday after church.” “I remember, Daddy. Those were such wonderful times, weren’t they?” Claire looked over and smiled at Walter. “You know, we do this nearly every Saturday. I know the boys would love it… and so would Sam and I… if you just planned on joining us. Jeannie… you and Timmy are welcome to join us, as well!” “Charlie, too?” “Yes, Timmy… Charlie, too.” Timmy then leaned over to Charlie and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re cool, Charlie. I like you!” ********** It’s funny. I love my Charlie more than I ever thought possible. He has a heart the size of Montana. He has a smile that can completely flip a horrible day into one that’s incredible. When we make love… well, that’s pretty much all we do now. There’s no mere fucking or sucking. Every move, every kiss, every touch, every stroke… it’s all filled with an enormous love for each other. I love walking up and down the beach with Charlie. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we just silently walk, holding hands, and enjoying just being with each other. Funny, I have grown to love those quiet walks more than anything. I think it was after Ian’s accident that I started thinking about how precious Charlie was to me. I mean, the thought that I could lose him in a blink of an eye made me want to do whatever I needed to so that every moment we had together was filled with the love I had in my heart. The other thing I loved about Charlie was his interaction with Cam and Ian’s baby boy. Eli was just as taken with Charlie as Charlie was with the little boy. Of course, they see each other quite a bit, especially when Cam brings him into the shop and sets him in the portable crib in the back. It’s strange how Charlie and Eli can entertain each other for hours on end. But today I saw something that took my breath away. We’re having one of the weekly family meals with Ian’s family and they invited the family of the old dude that shared the room with Ian in rehab. They have a young boy, probably about 11 years old. His name is Timmy and from what Claire had told me, he’s on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. He’s pretty quiet and withdrawn and his eyes are usually downcast. Except when he’s with Charlie. Timmy warmed up to Charlie when they met at the rehab clinic. When Charlie told me about him, he never mentioned anything about autism, or a spectrum, or anything that would make me think anything was different. Charlie just told me about this adorable kid named Timmy who really took to him. Of course he took to Charlie, every kid he comes in contact with does. But now I’m sitting across the table from Charlie, who is sitting next to Timmy. Timmy… a boy who lives behind seemingly impenetrable walls. Timmy… a boy who for some reason is looking at my Charlie with eyes that say hero-worship. They talk softly to each other and smile. Timmy’s mom is in awe. I’m blown away… and falling more and more in love with my boy, who doesn’t even realize the gift he has. ********** I woke up Monday morning and Ian wasn’t in bed with me. What the fuck? I panicked a bit and ran out into the living room. He was on the phone with his faculty advisor. The last week in the hospital he worked out things so he could take most of his coursework online. Only two classes needed him to be there in person, so he wasn’t going to fall to far behind. I went and checked on the baby and he was looking up at the mobile birds hanging over his crib. I changed his diaper and took him to the kitchen to get his bottle ready. I fed my little man and set him in his bouncy chair while I fixed waffles and sausage for me and my big man. Yeah, I know that could be taken both ways… and yeah, I probably meant it both ways since he pummeled my ass last night! I quickly dressed and kissed my boys goodbye and headed off to the shop. I was running a little late and Charlie had already opened things. He’s an awesome assistant. He even had the coffee ready for both of us. We talked about the dinner and Charlie confessed that he was totally ready to have a kid. Even Jacob was beginning to open to the idea… especially after seeing the way he and Timmy got along. At about 11:45 the bell rang out in the main shop, telling us someone was needing some service. Holy shit! It was Liz! “Liz! What a nice surprise! What are doing here? Need a tux?” “No silly boy… Charlie, I’m taking Cam to lunch! We have a wedding to plan!”
  10. And I’ll never have that recipe again

    Dammit, Sam! Kaiden and Jake were my hope couple! It's going to be for some great reading as Jake works his cute little ass off to make things right!

    Not that it matters at all ;-) I've started an outline for a spin off story for Charlie and Jacob Don't get too excited... it's just an outline and a FAR place from an actual story!

    STITCHER by Geoff Chassen Chapter 13 – ALMOST HOME Charlie had just filled me with another awesome load and we were doing our second favorite thing… cuddling and kissing. Slowly, his cock softened and began to ease out of me. I then turned around and faced my smiling boy. “I love you, Charlie.” “Oh Jacob, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I sure as fuck hope I keep doing it!” We kissed each other and took a deep breath and soon fell into a wonderful post-fuck sleep. About an hour later, Charlie’s phone pinged a few times. It was his mother telling us that dinner would be ready in twenty minutes. I kinda have to chuckle thinking about how Charlie’s mom texts him rather than take a chance on walking in on God knows what! Don’t get me wrong! Both his mom and dad are thrilled to see a newly confident and happy son. I know I’m a big part of this “new” Charlie. But when you think about it, his job with Cam has o been a huge part of it, too. I remember Charlie telling me that it’s the first job he’s had where he’s accepted for all his weirdness (I call it cuteness, by the way) and he gets so much positive feedback that when he’s corrected on something, it’s no big deal. We are perfect together, though. We’re pretty much opposites and all our friends can’t believe we are together. But the thing that is so cool is that is that where one of us lacks in something, the other is there to help out. Charlie’s phone pinged again with the 10-minute call for dinner. Charlie hopped out of bed and went into his bathroom. He returned with a warm, wet washcloth and wiped my dried cum off our bodies. Thank God. I don’t think the smell of our sex would go well with Mrs. Danner’s pot roast, which, by the way, was smelling fucking awesome! After cleaning up and getting dressed, we headed down the stairs and into the dining room. I gotta hand it Charlie’s parents. They were on the road so much of the time, but when they were home… especially at the same time… they took advantage of that time and insisted they spend it together as a family. Mr. Danner was pretty cool too. He remembered me being with my dad when he would come over to the house to work on the renovation. He swears that Charlie and I met once back then but wasn’t surprised that neither of us remembered since his son was shy and pretty much hid behind him the entire time. Mrs. Danner asked what our plans were for tomorrow. Since it was going to be Sunday and the tailor shop would be closed, we had decided to drive in to Boston and visit with Ian now that he’s been in a regular room now for a few days. Cam said he was still pretty loopy from the drugs, but he’s doing a lot better. He’s walking up and down the hallway a couple times a day and he’s now on solid food. Mrs. Danner said she would pack up a couple of plates of the pot roast and vegetables for Ian and Cam since hospital food was so nasty and bland. I’m pretty sure he’s going to love it… we all were enjoying the fuck out of it! I think Charlie was more excited to see the baby than he was Ian or Cam. I’m pretty certain that if things work out for us like I feel they will, Charlie will want to be adopting a kid of our own. I never thought I would want a kid, but after spending time with the guys and Eli, I have to admit that the thought has been crossing my mind… even though I’m still not 100% there yet. ********** Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh FUUUUCK!!! After three tries I finally got Hayden’s massive cock inside me! Jesus Christ, that boy has one huge tool! I wish I had a camera… no, not what you’re thinking, you perv! The look on Hayden’s face was, what’s the phrase? Oh yeah… shock and awe! “Jesus, Vic! I’ve never felt anything so fucking amazing in my life!” “Yeah, Hayden. I think I could say the same thing. I KNOW I’ve never had this much cock inside of me!” I sat still for a bit, just so I could get used to having a fucking telephone pole crammed up inside me. Then, slowly… very slowly… I started rocking back and forth. Now, I’ve had more than a few cocks rub up against my prostate as they move in and out of me, but this… I was getting constant, non-stop stimulation. My cock was harder than it’s ever been and was letting go a steady stream of precum. I looked down at my sexy boy and asked if he was ready. He asked me for what. I just said, “This!” I started to raise and lower myself on his cock. Oh my God! Both of us let out a howling moan, but for very different reasons. For me, it was the incredible feeling of Hayden’s cock moving up and down, yet keeping filled to the max. Holy shit! It was amazing. For Hayden, this was the first time his cock was ever inside anyone’s ass…. ever. Every feeling and sensation was something he’d never experienced before. I looked down at my boy and I knew he was already close to losing his load as his eyes were practically rolled back in his head. I started moving faster as his moans got louder and more urgent. “That’s right baby, I can tell you’re close to nutting! Fill me up with that giant load! Give it to me Hayden! You are such a fucking stud! Oh YES!!! Turns out Hayden loves dirty sex talk and that’s all it took for me to feel Hayden thrust even deeper inside me. I felt the pulsing of his giant cock as he filled me with his scalding load. I didn’t stop moving and within seconds, it was more than I could take and without any warning, my cock erupted in my first incredible hands-free nut. My cock was bouncing all over the place, throwing cum all over Hayden, my bed, even the wall behind my bed. I collapsed on top of my boy and he immediately had his arms around me, kissing me, and breathing hard like he had just run three miles. After we finished our kiss, I looked down at Hayden and noticed his eyes filling with tears. “Baby, are you okay? Did I hurt you?” “Oh, God no! Vic, it’s just that… well, you’ve shown me things all week that I didn’t even know existed. I feel like I’m so not good enough for you, I feel stupid even.” “Oh Hayden! It’s been three years since I’ve allowed anyone to get through and break down the walls I had put up around myself. And you broke them down and took over my heart without me even realizing it. I hope you know how special that makes you!” “Oh God, Vic! I love… love being with you!” “Hayden, you can say it, because I think I’m falling in love with you too… and I can’t understand how it’s happening so fast, but it is. I love you, Hayden. I want you in my life more than ever.” “Vic! You love me? Wow. I was going to say that I loved watching you ride my cock.” “Oh… shit… God, I hope I didn’t ruin things with us. But I was just being honest.” Hayden started to giggle. I love his giggle, by the way. “Vic, I’m bullshitting you. I love you, dude! Hell, I’ve been in love with you in some way since high school. But now I know it’s the real thing and there’s more love in me than I ever thought humanly possible. Well, of course I had to kiss him again! While we were kissing, that lethal weapon of a cock (which was still inside me) started to get hard again. I wrapped my arms around Hayden and told him to hang on. I gently flipped us around so I was on my back. “Hayden. Will you make love to me now? I NEED you to make love to me now!” “Are you sure, Vic?” “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. This time you fuck me at your pace. Do it, Hayden!” He tucked his legs under as I wrapped mine around his slender back. He started off slowly and commented on how he could feel his cum around his cock. He also commented on how hot it felt. That was when it started. I saw a side of Hayden I’d never seen before. As he became more and more sure of himself, he picked up the pace and started to long-dick me. Oh fuck! This was amazing! Now it was his turn to talk dirty to me! “You like that, Vic? You like my big monster nerd cock inside you?” “Oh my God, Hayden! You’re amazing!” The, out of the blue, he slowed down… still long-dicking me, but at a much slower and deliberate pace. “Or would you rather me make love to you? Long, slow, deep love to the most amazing man I’ve ever known?” “Ooooooooooh!” That was about all I could say before my boy lowered himself and kissed me with a fervent passion like I’ve never seen before. The kiss was literally non-stop as Hayden made sweet and gentle love to me. Our breathing was ragged and filled with sensual moans. After several minutes the friction of our bodies was quickly becoming more than I could handle. I couldn’t believe I was going to nut again so soon! “Oh God, Hayden! You’re gonna make me cum! Oh God! Ooooooooooh!” And there it was, another load, much larger than I was expecting covered both Hayden and Me. As I shot my load, my ass clenched around Hayden’s cock and set him off, as well. His eyes widened and he just panted his way through his orgasm. Hayden’s slender body was glistening with sweat and his hair was matted down to his forehead. He collapsed on top of me this time, his barely softening cock still planted deep inside me. “Wow. That was incredible!” “Yeah, it was!” “You know, I love topping you. More than I ever thought I would. But, damn Vic… having you inside me is something I could love every day for the rest of my life.” “Don’t worry baby… we’re going to be able enjoy it all for as long as we want! But… we need to get cleaned up and get ready to head to Boston. We get to go visit my cousin!” ********** Charlie was trying his best to find music that both of us would like as I was driving on our way in to see Ian. I think that’s been the only thing we’ve not been able to see eye to eye on. Charlie is into a heavier type of rock… almost a punk kind of sound. You know, lots of screaming and head-banging. Me? I’m totally into the classic rock. Especially the 80’s and 90’s. So, you see where we are worlds apart when it comes to… What the fuck? Charlie gave up on the music thing and reached over and opened my zipper! He started playing with my cock through my underwear and pulled it out. Oh my God! I’m getting a highway blowjob! Concentrate Jacob. Concentrate. Ooooooh, that feels sooooo Goooooood! ********** It wasn’t that long ago when I would walk around school with a hardon every single day. You see, my first period was in Vic Greenely’s class. I had to sit in the back of the room because the more I would look at the hottest teacher at Barnstable High School, the harder I would get. Hell, even now, just spending time with him keeps me pretty hard. And as you probably know by now, hiding a hardon is pretty much impossible for me. “Are you horny again, Hayden?” “Always… when I’m with you! Aren’t you horny?” “Of course I am! You do something to me that no one’s ever done before. See?” Vic grabbed my hand and laid it on top of his hard cock, which I started to squeeze and rub. “Oh fuck, Hayden… that’s nice. You can let it out if you want.” Who could resist an invitation like that? In no time at all I had freed my boyfriend’s cock and was slowly stroking it as he drove down the highway. So here I was, going down the highway with the hottest dude on the Cape, and I was holding his cock in my hand. What else was I gonna do but shift a little and get that thing in my mouth? ********** Oh fuck! Charlie is working his oral magic on my cock as we’re heading into Boston. It’s kinda hard concentrating on the road with his amazing lips and tongue do amazing things to me. I hear a horn honk and look over to my left to see Vic in the car next to me. Hmmm. I thought Hayden was going to Boston with him. I give him a questioning look and he points down to his lap. Oh my God! Is Vic telling me what I think he’s telling me? I just smile and point down to my lap. “Hey! Look who’s driving next to us!” Vic must have said the same thing because at nearly the same time, Hayden and Charlie sat up. They saw each other immediately. I think Hayden was mortified, but Charlie just started laughing. Vic and I just had huge grins on our faces as our boys just went back to the task at hand! God, I love my boy! ********** I was walking with Ian up and down the hallway. He was moving rather slowly with his walker and both legs strapped into removable casts. Danny, one of the interns was following close behind to make sure Ian stayed steady on his feet. The last thing we needed was for Ian to fall, especially with a hole in his skull. We got to the nurses’ station, which was the point where we usually turned around. Ian wanted to keep going though. We actually made it to the end of the hallway and turned around to head back to his room. When we made it back to the room, Ian said he had to use the toilet. He wasn’t allowed to go into the bathroom yet and they had one of those handicapped bedpan toilets sitting in the room. Danny and I helped Ian pull down his pajama bottoms and eased him down onto the seat. We left the room to give him a little privacy once he promised to hold on to the arm rests. In a few minutes, Ian called us back into the room. “Thanks guys… for the help AND the privacy. Kinda hard to take a crap with an audience.” Danny suggested that I go down and get a cup of coffee while he cleaned Ian up and got him back into the bed. Ian asked if I would bring him back a café mocha. I gave my beautiful boy a quick kiss and told him to get himself presentable since we were expecting some visitors. I made my way down to the cafeteria and picked up the drinks. As I was heading back to the elevators, Vic and Hayden, and Jacob and Charlie were walking through the lobby. “Guys! Damn, it’s good to see you!” Hugs were exchanged and when we were finished I just had to ask, “Why do you guys smell like sex? That’s so not fair, you know!” Vic leaned into me and said, plain and simple, “Highway head. It’s a beautiful thing.” “I hate you all! It’s going to be a long time before I get any kind of anything!” Everyone started to laugh (cruel bastards) and I led them up to Ian’s room. I wish I had my phone on me so I could record the look on Ian’s face when our friends walked into the room with me. It’s been a while since I’ve seen those sexy dimples. We had a great time talking and laughing. When they put Ian’s IV back in, they had to give him another round of his meds, which according to the whiteboard behind his bed was a cocktail of some pretty major shit, including morphine and oxycontin. The nurses told Claire and Sam that this was a standard procedure after such a serious injury and surgery. At least he wasn’t in any pain. Starting next week his dosages would be reduced slowly for the last two weeks of his hospital stay so that he would be able to get through the day with a standard pain reliever that would also have reduced dosages every week to 10 days. Unfortunately, as we were sitting around and talking, Ian fell asleep. I knew that he would be out for at least two hours but told the guys to stick around. I sure loved having the company! About ten minutes later I saw Charlie’s eyes widen with the huge grin that erupted on his face. “Eliiiiii!” Sam and Claire entered the room while the little munchkin squealed and held out his arms when he realized his best friend was running towards him. Jacob commented that Charlie was more excited to see Eli than he was either Ian or me. “You know you’re eventually going to have to get one for yourselves!” Charlie took Eli and sat in the corner chair by the window and was soon lost in the bizarre, yet adorable world the two of them seemed to share. Vic, Hayden, and Jacob stood and exchanged hugs. Claire said that she hoped that everyone got to visit a bit with Ian before the drugs took effect. We assured that we had a great, but short visit. Vic and Hayden offered to go down to the cafeteria to get drinks for everyone. It was a good call as there was just not enough for seven-and-a-half visitors. Claire sat in the chair by the bed, Sam went to Ian’s wheelchair and I sat on the closed potty chair. Jacob stood beside Charlie and watched, mesmerized, as little Eli was grabbing for his buddy’s hair and loving the reaction he was getting. Claire looked over at the boys and commented on how Charlie needs a baby of his own. “Well, we have talked about it… especially over the last week. We’ll probably see what our options are. But we’ve only been together a couple of months. While intend to be together for a long, long time, I would just like to enjoy my time with my boy before we bring a little one into our lives.” “I’m ready when you are, babe!” “I know, I know. It’s just… It’s so scary! I don’t know what to do. I mean, there’s this little life that depends on you and I’m afraid I would mess it up for the kid.” Man, I know exactly how Jacob feels. I went through that myself. “Jacob, I totally understand where you’re coming from. But let me tell you something. The minute that little baby is put in your arms and he looks up at you… and he wraps his little fingers around yours… you know, all the rules you’ve tried to learn… and end up stressing over… they go out the window. “It’s right at that moment when you realize there is only one rule… love that new life with all your heart. That’s it… and it’s the easiest rule to follow.” The room went silent for a minute. Charlie looked down at Eli and said, “You know little man, you are one lucky kid!” Jacob had tears welling up in his eyes as he watched his boyfriend’s special bond with Eli. “Jacob, do you remember the first time you looked into Charlie’s eyes?” “Yeah, I’ll never forget it.” “What did that feel like?” “The world seemed like it just stopped. The only thing that existed… or mattered… was the amazing boy sitting across from me. I remember in a matter of just a few seconds, I had this clear vision of a lifetime with him. And I knew that as long as he was in my life, it would be wonderful.” Charlie looked over at his boyfriend with widening eyes. “Oh, Jacob… that’s beautiful!” “And that’s exactly what happened with Eli. I just knew that as long as we had each other, nothing would ever stop us from an amazing life.” Sam and Claire were dabbing their moist eyes. It was the normally quiet Sam who broke the silence in the room. “Cam, you never cease to surprise me with your insight and perception. No wonder Ian is so happy and content. I’m proud to have such a wonderful young man be a part of our family.” Eli started to get fussy and I asked Claire if she had a bottle handy. She grabbed one from the bag and took it down to the nurses’ station to heat it up. We fed and changed Charlie and he was soon fast asleep on Charlie’s chest. Thank God the conversation became light and less sentimental. About an hour later, Ian started to stir. I went and sat on the edge of the bed, lightly rubbing my beautiful boy’s arm. “Hi baby, did you sleep well?” “Yeah, gotta pee.” I leaned over and got his piss pitcher and handed it to him. He pulled me close and whispered, “I think I need your help.” I reached under the blanket and pulled his gown up. I put the pitcher in position and placed his cock in through the top. Man, he really did have to piss! When he finished I flipped the lid shut on the pitcher and couldn’t seem to be able to remove my hand from a growing Ian Jr. I leaned down to my boy and whispered, “The others will be leaving for lunch soon. Charlie’s mom sent a couple plates of pot roast so we’ll be staying here. If you feel up to it, I have a very special dessert for you!” And that’s exactly what happened. We enjoyed our lunch… which was fucking amazing, by the way. I got up and shut the door and walked over to my boy, lifting the blanket and his gown. Yes, Ian’s cock was hard and dripping. It was down my throat in just seconds. I knew he wouldn’t last long since he hadn’t had an orgasm in over a week. I know it was hard for him not to make noise, but he was a good boy and kept his moans and whimpers at a low volume. It didn’t even take him two minutes before he began to flood my mouth with the largest load I’ve ever swallowed. I did my best, but some did leak out and coated his tight ball sac. I went into the bathroom and returned with a nice, warm, wet washcloth and cleaned up by baby, who was still recovering from his intense nut. I know my boy wanted to return the favor, but I told him I thought it best that we not put any stress on his head until after they patched up the hole in his skull. That didn’t stop him from reaching over and massaging my hard cock. “What I really need is for this bad boy to be inside me and filling my ass with at least two or three loads!” “When we get you home, it’s going to take an army to stop me, baby!” ********** It’s been twelve days since that man I now call sperm donor tried to off me. Dr. Bohls has decided to go ahead and patch up my skull this morning. Mom and Cam were there with me. Dad had gone back to work a few days ago but said he would come by later in the afternoon. The doctor told me that he would be using a newer technique to replace to piece of skull they had taken out and the recovery time would be less than half than it would have been using the older technique. He expected the recovery to be completely done by the time I was released for my leg injuries. God, this has been such a pain in the ass. I now know how much I hate being bed-bound! The good news is that I’m no longer hooked up to any machines… just the IV. My drug dosage has been reduced to half of what it was the first week after surgery, but they would be increasing it for a few days after this last operation. But the best thing was I didn’t have to wear the removable casts while I was in bed. I could now open my legs for Cam’s almost-daily blowjobs! Danny and another orderly came in with a gurney and said it was time to take me to surgery. I didn’t care. The nurse had already loaded me up with drugs and I was drowsy as fuck. The next thing I remember was waking up in my room. Cam, Mom, Dad, and Cam’s parents were all there waiting for me to return to the world of the living… well, barely living. I think they were talking to me, but I had no idea what they were saying. I’m pretty sure I was answering them back, but I had zero awareness of what I might be saying. Turns out nobody knew what I was trying to say. I guess that’s a good thing! The next morning, I was much more aware, but was still drugged up a bit. Dr. Bohls came in to check on my head and said he was pleased with everything. He wanted me to stay in bed for the day, but I could start my walking the next day and then in two more days I could get back to my physical therapy. Towards the end of my second week, I was given a couple of pamphlets for rehab centers in Barnstable. Turns out I would have to spend a week to ten days in rehab before I could go home. Fuck! I want to go home! My physical therapist explained that the time in rehab would be the most important part of my recovery as I would be in an intense PT program and I would also be working with occupational therapists who would teach me how to function on my own at home. Learning that made me a little less pissed, but hey… you gotta do what you gotta do! ********** Finally! We were checking my boy out of the hospital and heading home! It’s been three-and-a-half weeks since everything happened and I for one was happy to get out of Boston! Ian and I both learned a lot about how much we use our quads in the course of a day. They’re the foundation of our core. It’s the quads that keep us sitting upright… and that’s why it took a couple days longer than we had hoped before they released my boy. It turns out that the hospital couldn’t release him until he could sit on the toilet without tipping over. I thought that was hilarious, but when you think about it, it’s actually a good gauge in figuring out when he was ready to be out on his own. The nice part was in the third week, he was able to start taking a shower. Of course, he couldn’t be alone! He also had to use his walker in the shower since standing without the support of the casts was still not possible. Danny said he would be helping Ian, but I told him I would be more than happy to do it. He showed me how to get my boy clean without putting any strain on his legs and we now had a new daily (sometimes twice-daily) routine! Of course, the best part was being totally naked and holding my boy. We each got off at least once every shower. I’ll never forget walking out of the bathroom after our first shower together and Danny was changing the bed linens. He looked up at us with a huge grin. “Boys, I know you’re young… and hormones are driving you crazy… but you need to be a bit quieter and try not to announce to the whole floor that you’re cumming!” Well, fuck me! I thought I was gonna die! But Ian was just laughing as he told Danny it had been way too long since we were able to be intimate. Danny, not to be outdone, informed us that the first time we closed the door and had an intimate moment, we must have forgotten that Ian was still hooked up to monitors. The entire nurses’ station watched Ian’s heart rate slowly build up and after a few minutes, slow back down. They’re not stupid. They knew exactly what was going on! Danny said he had to explain what was happening to one of the nurses who was insisting on going into the room to make sure my boy was okay. This time it was Ian’s turn to blush. So, here we are! We just left the hospital and Ian was put into a medical transport. I buckled the baby into his seat in the back of the Charger and we all headed to the Cape Regency Nursing and Rehab Center… Ian’s home for the next week. But the best part was being home. Eli seemed to love being back in his own bed… as I would be in seven to ten days when my beautiful boy would finally be there… where he belongs.
  13. The Bell Tolls

    I. Love. This. Story!! I love the boys. I love the protective younger brother. I totally love your writing and am so psyched to read the new chapters! You've made my day!

    Thank you, Sam!

    Jeffrey! For me, this is probably one of the highest compliments! I try to make my characters likable... if they aren't, people won't keep reading, right? You made my night!

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