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  1. Something Wonderful

    I promise not to hurt Andy. He's become a very special character to me. I'll be very gentle!
  2. Something Wonderful

    I've never been to Seattle or Portland but from what I've been told, they are very similar. But then, I make my living as a musician... And Austin is truly a city of musicians... and actors, dancers, artists. It's my heaven on earth!
  3. Something Wonderful

    I thought Barnstable was Hell? Actually, I've lived all over the country and Austin is by far the best place I've ever lived in.
  4. VIC GREENLEY COMES HOME By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 7 – SOMETHING WONDERFUL Andy was stirring from a deep sleep when he heard the door of his room open. He opened his eyes just enough to see Vic… stunning Vic… standing in the frame of the door, completely naked, muscles gleaming from the light shining through the window, cock standing proud and hard. He pulled the blankets back to expose his own nude body, muscles also highlighted from the light shining through the window, and his own cock bouncing with the beat of his heart. Vic moved to Andy’s bed and crawled in, straddling his powerful chest. Vic bent down, holding his roommate’s head in his hands and kissed him deeply, their tongues becoming one in each other’s mouths. Vic broke the kiss and Andy’s hands were drawn to the column of flesh in front of his face. He opened his mouth and welcomed his roommate's cock into his mouth. It was a perfect fit, filling his mouth with the one thing he had been wanting since he first saw the boy laying on his bed. Vic maneuvered around, staying above Andy and they were locked in a sixty-nine, devouring each other’s throbbing cocks. Moans of pleasure surrounded each boys cock as Andy reached up and played with Vic’s hairless ass. He then moved a finger into his mouth alongside Vic’s cock, getting it wet so he could push it into the hole above his head. That move was going to send Vic over the edge far too soon and he pulled off Andy’s cock and turned around, so he was face to face with the beautiful Asian boy. “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me, Andy.” Vic pulled Andy into a deep kiss and rolled the two of them over and he was on his back. Andy’s cock was wet with Vic’s saliva and a heavy flow of precum and was ready when Vic pulled his legs to his chest. Andy gasped at the sight of the trembling hole in front of him. He placed the head of his cock and gently applied pressure. Andy was lost in the feeling of the heat surrounding his cock. He gasped as his cock easily slid deep inside… NOW IS THE TIME TO SEIZE THE DAY! (NOW IS THE TIME TO SEIZE THE DAY!) SEND OUT THE CALL AND JOIN THE FRAY! (SEND OUT THE CALL AND JOIN THE FRAY!) WRONGS WILL BE RIGHTED, IF WE’RE UNI— Andy felt the strong arm around him reach to the phone on the nightstand and turn off the alarm. “God, that song is much better with the boys dancing. It still sounds like a cult anthem.” Andy was starting to come around and barely remembered the hot dream he was having before it was so rudely interrupted. His hand fell to the bed in front of him and his eyes got wide. “Oh fuck! I’m sorry, Vic!” He jumped out of the bed and ran into his bedroom across the suite, shutting the door behind him. A bewildered Vic crawled out of bed to follow Andy. As he was moving across the mattress, his hand landed on something wet. Vic moved his hand to his face and smelled the unmistakable scent of fresh cum. He smiled and made his way across the suite to Andy’s bedroom. He tapped lightly on the door and let himself in, seeing his roommate sitting in the middle of his bed with his back to the door. Vic sat behind Andy and wrapped his arms around the weeping boy. “Hey buddy, why the tears?” “I can’t believe I did that… in your bed, even!” “What? You had a sexy dream while you were in the arms of another boy. Seems like a pretty natural thing to me.” “But I messed up your bed, I’m so embarrassed. I knew all this was a bad idea.” “Not a bad idea at all. You know, I’ve slept better these past nights than I have in a long time. When I hold on to you, I feel so at peace. Haven’t you been sleeping better?” “Yeah, I guess I have. But your sheets need changing. I can’t believe I did that!” “Hey, I hope it was a hot boy anyway… if it was a boy.” “Yeah, totally hot. And definitely a boy. See? It just fucks with my brain.” “Hey, Andy. I’m proud of you. Could you have told me it was a boy a few days ago? I don’t think so. See? You’re seizing the day and letting go of all the bullshit that has held you back in the past.” Andy turned around and faced Vic. In his mind, he knew he was falling hard for the boy that had this gift of making everything right with his mixed-up world. “You and that fucking song. It really is your mantra, isn’t it?” “Yeah, it’s not a bad way to start the day.” Andy looked into Vic’s eyes and the look they shared spoke volumes. Andy leaned forward and kissed the boy in front of him. This time his mouth opened involuntarily. Vic moved his tongue slowly and touched the tip of Andy’s, causing the boy to moan. Andy broke the kiss before things went farther than he was ready for them to go. “Thank you, Vic. You’re an amazing boy. You help make my fucked-up world right.” “Seize the day, baby. That’s all you gotta do. And all I gotta do is get ready for practice. You’ll be here when I get back?” “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” Vic kissed him on the forehead and told him to go back to sleep. Andy fell asleep with a smile on his face and Vic on his mind. Vic got ready for practice and headed to the aquatic center. Vic had a smile on his face all the way to practice and couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. Jerry was sitting next to him while they were waiting their turn in the pool and commented on the smile, suggesting that someone looks like he’s in love. “Not love… yet… but a whole helluva lotta like.” “Who is it?” “Can’t say yet. Don’t want to jump the gun and jinx things.” “Well, when you’re ready to share, we need to go dancing again.” “Yeah, that would be a blast.” When Vic and Jerry got into the pool, Vic was still thinking about Andy. He couldn’t wait to get back to the suite to see him. So much so, that he knocked more than a second off his average time. Jerry, trying to keep up with Vic did quite well, too. After some quick evaluations and some fine-tuning of their technique, the coach let them go a little early. When Vic got back to the suite he looked into Andy’s room and found him fast asleep in his bed. Vic’s heart swelled at the sight of the beautiful boy lying peacefully with the hint of a smile on his face. He quietly peeled off his clothing and crawled into Andy’s bed, this time in front of him, allowing Andy to stir and wrap his arms around him for the first time. In less than a minute, Andy’s eyes fluttered open and when he realized he had his beautiful roomie in bed with him, he sighed, smiled, and asked, “How was practice?” Vic turned over so he was facing Andy. “It was awesome. I knocked a second off my time. Coach let me out early.” “That’s great. How did you manage that?” “Do you really want to know?” Andy smiled, “I think so?” “I was thinking about this. Getting back to the room so I could be with you just like this.” Vic reached up and began to lightly run his fingers through Andy’s hair. Andy’s eyes began to moisten with unshed tears. Only this time, the tears were from a happiness the boy had never experienced. He leaned in and lightly kissed the boy who was responsible for that happiness. “I’m sorry I was such a baby earlier. I was just so embarrassed. I wanted to die.” “We’re eighteen. We’re gonna have wet dreams. It’s biology. But...” Vic took a deep breath and decided to go for it. “You know, there is a way to prevent that from happening so much.” “Of course there is. And you are the one who is going to teach me, right?” “Is that what you want?” “I think so?” “Lay on your back.” Andy complied and Vic slowly pulled the blankets down to their knees. Andy’s breath began to quicken in anticipation of what Vic might have planned. He looked down and noticed that they both were sporting extremely hard dicks. Vic began to slowly stroke his eight inches and Andy couldn’t take his eyes off the sight. Vic turned his head and looked at Andy. “Are you going to join me or do you need some help?” “I-I-don’t know.” Vic stopped stroking his cock and moved his hand over Andy’s. He slowly wrapped his fingers around it and just held it. Andy’s entire body shuddered as he let out a breathless, “Oh my God.” “Are you okay?” Andy nodded silently. “If anything feels weird or uncomfortable, we just stop. It’s all good. And just so you know… I love how you feel in my hand.” “Your hand feels so good.” With his free hand, Vic guided Andy’s hand to his own erection and helped him wrap his fingers around it. Now it was Vic’s turn to shudder. Andy’s hand was soft and each slender finger shot sparks into his being. Surprisingly, it was Andy who started stroking the cock in his hand first, causing a deep moan from Vic. Vic began to gently stroke Andy, rubbing his thumb over the head wet with precum. Both boys began moaning and Andy slid his body over to Vic’s, so they were pressed against each other. Vic moved his leg over Andy’s, bringing them even closer. While both boys couldn’t keep their eyes off each other’s cocks, Vic found the strength to turn his head so he could see Andy’s face. A few seconds later, Andy turned his head to face Vic. “You okay?” “Yes… God, yes!” Yet another surprise game when Andy leaned forward and began to kiss Vic with unbridled passion. Both mouths were open, and it was Andy who slowly let his tongue slip into Vic’s mouth. Vic’s tongue gently welcomed the hesitant intruder, gently moving around Andy’s tongue. Andy’s breathing was quickly becoming more ragged as he pulled away from the kiss and announced that he was getting close. Vic brought their lips back together to continue the slow, sensuous kiss as he increased the pressure on Andy’s cock. Vic felt the erection in his hand expand and pulse as streams of cum began flying into the air and landing on both boys. The kiss continued as Andy nearly screamed into Vic’s mouth. Andy’s body went rigid during the massive orgasm and his hand stopped moving on Vic’s cock. When Andy began to recover from his intense orgasm, he let Vic wrap his body in his arms and rolled his body around, so it was lying against Vic’s side. Vic gently ran a hand up and down Andy’s back, causing his body to tremble in a post-orgasmic bliss. “You okay?” “You keep asking me that.” “I would never forgive myself if you ever felt like I forced you into something you weren’t ready for. You mean too much to me.” “You’ve been amazing, Vic. I’ve never felt pushed into anything. It’s like you open a door and then you take my hand and gently lead me through it. And I know it’s exactly where I need to be at that moment… you know… seize the day.” “You amaze me sometimes. Do you know how brave you are? How strong you are?” “Yeah right. I cry like a baby at the drop of a hat.” “That’s okay. You’re allowed to do that. But you never stay in that place. It’s funny, whenever you have a good cry, it’s like it moves you into a new place.” “That’s because you’ve been there. You hold me… or just touch me… and all the fear and pain go away. You’re rocking my world, Vic Greenley.” “I’m just trying to show you that you’re not alone on this journey you’ve taken on.” “Thank you for that, Vic.” Andy leaned in and gave the boy another light kiss. “And now, I have a job to do!” He broke away from Vic’s arms and moved down between his legs. “You don’t have to…” “No, I want to.” Vic’s cock began to grow again as Andy took it in his hands. Vic propped himself up on his elbows and watched as Andy caressed, rather than stroked, his cock. This was something new for Vic. Andy’s touch sent shivers throughout his body that was electrifying. When he moved one hand to Vic’s tight, hairless ball sac, the room was filled with a long, low moan. Whenever a drop of precum would appear, Andy would gently spread it over the head of Vic’s cock, causing his body to vibrate uncontrollably. Vic was feeling a strange, sensual agony. Andy looked up and locked his gaze onto Vic’s eyes. Another drop of precum appeared on his cock and this time wiped it with his thumb and stuck it in his mouth. That act alone turned Vic on so much a larger amount of precum appeared. Once again, Andy moved it to his thumb only this time he reached up and fed it to Vic. Andy continued his slow, gentle caressing and moved his other hand down to Vic’s perineum, causing him to buck and near the point of no return. As Andy felt the changes in Vic’s body, he never changed his touch or the speed as he caressed the now throbbing cock in his hand. The gentleness of Andy’s hand was in sharp contrast to the orgasm that erupted from Vic. Shot after shot flew into the air, landing in Vic’s hair, on his face, and over a good part of the bed. Vic nearly blacked out from the power of his orgasm and Andy kept going after the last shot made its way onto his hand. When Vic came back to earth, Andy asked, “Are you okay?” “Jesus Christ, Andy. What was that you just did to me? That was fucking amazing!” “Good. It just seemed to be the thing to do at the moment. Seize the day and all that.” “Well, I’ve never had an orgasm that intense… ever… with anyone. You just keep surprising me.” “Well, I need to shower before I go to my practice. Thank you, Vic. For as long as I live I will never forget this morning.” The boys got out of the bed and made their way to their respective showers, although it was difficult for Vic to make his way across the suite without shaky legs. While Andy was at practice, he changed the sheets on both beds and went down the hall to the laundry room and washed the cum-covered bedding. When they were finished in the dryer, it was time for Vic to head to his afternoon classes. Both boys returned to the suite a little after 5:00 and headed to the cafeteria for dinner. Jerry joined Andy and Vic for dinner and was surprised to see how relaxed and fun the formerly uptight Asian boy was. While he was pretty sure this was the boy Vic was falling for, he decided it was best not to say anything. He did, however, suggest the three of them go dancing Saturday night. Vic was a little annoyed with Jerry, not being sure if this was something Andy would like to do. He just sat back and listened to their conversation, preparing to calm Andy down if need be. “What do you think, Andy? Do you like to dance?” “I love to dance. Where do you want to go?” “We went to Rain during Splash Weekend and had a blast.” “Wait… Rain? Isn’t that a gay bar?” “Yeah. It’s an awesome place.” “Jerry? Are you saying that…” “No, I’m 100% hetero. But I love the attention and the no-holds dancing. You don’t get that at straight bars. Most women are just too uptight in those places.” “It sounds like a lot of fun. What do you think, Vic?” “It’s a great place. I had a great time the last time we went, but I’ll leave it up to you.” “I guess it looks like we’re going dancing Saturday night. But wait a minute. Do we need fake ID’s?” “Nope. If you’re between 18 and 20, they let you in but don’t let you drink. Besides, you know how Coach is about the drinking… especially underage drinking.” For the next few nights, Vic and Andy would study, watch some Netflix or Hulu, then strip down and go to bed. They would kiss, explore each other’s bodies, and stroke each other to an amazing orgasm. The only thing that would change was the growing fondness the boys had for each other. On Saturday night, Jerry knocked on the boys’ door just as they finished dressing for their night on the town. Andy was wearing deep burgundy skinny jeans and a white v-neck tee that clung to his torso. Vic had black skinnies and a tapered buttoned shirt that left little to the imagination. Jerry had on a pair of denim skinnies and a Longhorn tee that looked to be about two sizes too small. After complimenting each other on their “hotness,” the boys headed down to the front of the building, so they could catch their Uber to take them downtown. The car arrived, and the boys were on there way. Jerry sat in the front with the driver, leaving Vic and Andy sitting in the back. Andy took Vic’s hand and leaned in to whisper, “This is another first for me. I’m a little nervous but stay with me, okay? I’m okay as long as you’re with me.” “I think tonight’s gonna be one of those nights you’ll never forget. Just have fun, and I’ll fight off all the boys that are gonna be hitting on you,” Vic whispered back. They arrived at Fourth Street and the driver told the three boys to be safe and have a blast. It was nearly eleven when they got into the club and they moved right to the center of the dance floor. The three were dancing together in a sea of gorgeous boys. Jerry was the first to pull off his tee-shirt and tuck it into the back of his pants. Vic didn’t pull his off but unbuttoned it to expose his abs and awesome pecs. Andy couldn’t take his eyes off Vic and felt himself getting tight in the crotch. Vic reached over to him and began pulling off his shirt. Andy loved the feeling of Vic’s fingers running across his bare and he threw his head back and sighed as his shirt was removed. Vic then moved forward so their bodies were writhing and pumping against each other as he tucked Andy’s shirt in the back of his jeans. Vic leaned into Andy’s ear. “Are you okay?” Andy put his mouth to Vic’s ear and surprised him with a quick nibble. “Never better. And just so you know, I’m ready.” Vic pulled away and looked at Andy with a ‘what-did-you-just-say?’ look on his face. Andy pulled Vic back and said, “I love you, Vic. I want to do it all with you… tonight.” Vic pulled back again, smiling at the beautiful boy in front of him. He cocked his head as if he didn’t really hear what was just said, but the unshed tears building up in his eyes… and smile on his face… told Andy he heard. Andy smiled back and nodded slowly. Vic mouthed the words “I love you” to Andy and the two came back together and kissed. “I knew it! This is so fucking awesome!” Jerry shouted at his friends as he danced his way up to the boys. “Y’all need to leave and get a room already. I’m good here. Don’t worry about me!” Andy and Vic both thanked Jerry and each kissed him on the cheek. Vic took Andy’s hand and led him out to the lobby where he ordered a ride and buttoned up his shirt. Andy put his back on and they went outside to wait for their Uber. They were back in their suite in less than thirty minutes and as soon as the door closed, Vic pressed Andy against it and kissed him with more love and passion he ever had experienced. The boys broke their kiss and gazed into the other’s eyes. “I do love you, Vic. I want you to know that.” “I love you, too. I think I have since that first night I held you while we slept.” “Please? Take me to bed?” Vic leaned in to kiss his boy once again and scooped him up in his arms, carrying into his bedroom. They never broke the kiss until Vic set Andy back down on the floor. He started to unbutton his shirt, but Andy stopped him. “Please, let me.” Andy started to slowly unbutton Vic’s shirt, kissing every bit of skin as he exposed it. When Andy removed Vic’s shirt, Vic pulled Andy’s over his head and they started kissing again. They both discovered the number one problem with skinny jeans. While both thought the other looked incredibly hot in theirs, it’s more than a little problem taking them off another person and keep the romance going. Soon, both boys stood looking at each other, admiring the muscular, fully aroused body standing in front of them. Andy’s breathing quickened as he declared, “I think I’m probably the luckiest boy on the planet. My first time with a dude happens to be with the hottest boy in this entire city… and he loves me. This stunning man actually loves me!” Vic put his hands on Andy’s broad shoulders. “Andy. You should know that you said the exact same thing I was going to say. But there’s one other thing… and it’s probably the most important thing. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen you fall in love… not necessarily with me, but with yourself. The more you became comfortable with yourself, the more you were able to love yourself. A wise man once told me that no one will ever be able to love you more than you love yourself.” “I love you, Vic. And those are beautiful words. But if you don’t take me to your bed and make love to me, I might just explode right here and now.” Vic pushed Andy back and onto his bed with his feet still on the floor. He bent down and continued kissing Andy and began to explore his body with his tongue. He kissed the side of Andy’s neck and discovered that to be one of his hot spots. As he kissed down to his broad shoulders and firm pecs, he felt Andy’s chest heaving with excited breaths. When Vic got to a nipple, he found it hard already and jutting out. Swirling his tongue around the nipple caused Andy to moan loudly and writhe on the bed. He dragged his tongue to the other nipple, twirling, sucking, and biting. Andy started to whimper from the new feelings he was experiencing. Vic began to move his tongue down to the defined cuts of Andy’s abs and found them filled with sweet precum. He looked up at Andy and asked him if he’d ever had a blowjob. “A bad one, in high school, from a girl who didn’t know what she was doing.” “I’ll try to do better than that, okay?” He looked up at Andy and smiled his trademark toothy grin. Andy giggled and said, “You already have, Vic. God! You’re amazing!” Vic kissed his way down to the narrow patch of trimmed, straight pubes surrounding Andy’s leaking cock. He licked around the base to his tight, hairless balls and bathed them with his tongue. He then pushed Andy’s legs up, so they were bent at the knees. “I’m gonna rock your world, baby! You ready for something new?” “Yes! Oh, God yes!” And moved down and began to lick and nibble on Andy’s taint causing him to moan and swear. He then pushed his legs up and moved his tongue into the crack leading to Andy’s smooth hole. “Oh! Fuuuuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Andy was now enjoying his first-ever rim job. Vic’s tongue was teasing, flicking, licking, and finally… he pushed into the tight opening, tongue-fucking. “Oooooh! That’s… that’s amaaaazing! I’m gonna cum soon if you keep that up!” Vic immediately stopped as he wanted Andy to cum down his throat. He moved up and set Andy’s legs back down on the bed. Grabbing his cock by the base, Vic swallowed the entire thing in one move, letting the head slide into his throat. Andy’s entire body lifted off the bed as he cursed and moaned to yet another new sensation. He felt as though Vic was taking his entire being into his soul, and Andy was willingly giving all he had. With his eyes barely open, he looked down at the stunning boy taking his cock into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down. Vic looked up and smiled around the cock in his mouth. When his eyes locked onto Andy’s, that was all it took for the point-of-no-return sensation come into the diver’s entire being. Andy yelled out Vic’s name as the first shot scalded escaped down the eager throat. Andy watched Vic swallow each stream of cum as he continued to massage the cock in his mouth with his tongue. Andy lost track of how many shots of teen cum he served up to Andy, but when the last one made its way into Andy, the boy nearly passed out from the extreme pleasure. He was embarrassed that he came so quickly but didn’t dwell on it as he felt the boy he loved move up and hold him in his arms. “I’m sorry I came so fast. I feel like a virgin high school boy.” “It was exactly what I wanted to happen, Andy. That way you’ll last longer when you make love to me.” Vic leaned in and kissed Andy, who experienced tasting the remnants of his own cum on another tongue for the first time. “I can taste myself on your tongue.” “It tastes awesome, don’t you think?” “I guess, but I want to taste yours now.” “Yeah?” “Oh yeah!” Andy moved Vic to his back and became the aggressor. He tried everything Vic had done to him and was thrilled to get the same reactions from the boy who has helped change his life. The biggest thrill was knowing that he was able to make Vic feel the things he had been feeling just minutes earlier. The only thing Andy hesitated over was rimming Vic. Like most first-timers, he was a bit afraid of what he might taste down there. Overcoming his fears, he tentatively gave Vic’s hole a light, quick taste. Once he realized that there was no trace of what he feared might be there, he went for it. He also flicked, licked, and plunged his tongue into Vic’s quivering hole. Vic responded with loud moans while his body raised off the bed. Andy was relentless with his tonguing, sending Vic to heights that exceeded all expectations. When Vic couldn’t take much more, he begged Andy to fuck him. “Now Andy, I need you inside me! Please! Please make love to me!” “Andy reached into the nightstand where he knew Vic kept the lube. He lubed up his cock which had never really gone soft after his massive orgasm. He pushed some lube into Vic’s tight hold, just as he was told to do. “How do you want to do this?” “I want to be on my back, so I can see your beautiful face.” “Aww. You always say the perfect things. That one of the reasons I love you, Vic.” Both boys were quivering with anticipation as Andy lined the head of his cock with Vic’s hole. “Go slow at first, baby. It’s been a while.” Andy applied just enough pressure the for the head of his cock to break through the resistance of Vic’s tight hole. Vic gasped at the intrusion. Andy gasped at the sensation of the warmth surrounding him. “Are you okay?” “Hey, I’m the one who’s supposed to ask that!” Vic smiled at Andy and urged him on, making sure he didn’t go too deep too fast. He wanted the enjoy the feeling as well as the look on Andy’s face as he experienced every facet of his first time. When Andy felt his pubes against Vic’s muscled ass, his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. He wondered if it felt good for Vic. “Oh, wow! That feels amazing. Are you okay?” “I am so much more than okay. You feel so good inside me. I feel… I don’t know… complete!?!” Andy leaned down and kissed Vic with an unbridled passion. Instinct took over and he began moving in and out of Vic’s ass, massaging his prostate which caused the kiss to become wild and uninhibited. Vic wrapped his legs around Andy’s back, pushing him in deeper. Both boys’ were panting and sweating as Andy picked up the speed of his pumping with Vic’s cock being massaged between a pair of sculpted abs. Vic was the first to cum, shooting his hot load all over both boys. That caused the muscles in his ass to add to the sensation Andy was feeling. He started to fill Vic with his hot nut just as the boy beneath him was finishing his amazing orgasm. Andy was moaning and swearing throughout his release. Andy collapsed on top of Vic, completely oblivious to the world around him. He felt as though he had blacked out. When he came to, he felt Vic’s arms around him and his fingers caressing him. “Ah, you’re back to the land of the living. How was it?” “Fuuuuck! That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. It was like an out-of-body experience. I got so lost in you, Vic.” “I know, right? It was the same way for me. I’ve never had an experience like that. You were amazing. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” “Pretty sure. Pretty sure I would have remembered if I had!” The boys kissed again and decided a shower was needed. They got out of bed and Vic headed to his bathroom as Andy turned to go to his. “Hey babe, where are you going?” “To take a shower?” “No. Come with me. I can wash your back.” “Oh! Yeah… of course. I didn’t think…” Vic took his hand and led him into his bathroom. “It's okay. You’re new at all this. And this is one of the perks of having a boyfriend.” “Boyfriend. Wow! I have a boyfriend!” “So do I. And he’s the most beautiful boyfriend I could ever dream of.” “Really, will he get mad if he catches us in the shower together?” Both boys giggled and headed into the shower. By the time they had cleaned each other, they were both sporting erections again. Andy turned Vic around and held his face in his hands. They kissed, and Andy was grinning from ear to ear. “There’s one thing left. I have to do this now.” He got on his knees and took Vic’s cock into his mouth. Remembering what Vic had done with him earlier as well as all the internet porn he had seen over the last year or so. As Vic’s cock reached the back of his mouth, he silently thanked God for not giving him a gag reflex. Vic was shocked as his large cock slid into Andy’s throat and moaned loudly. Andy was shocked at how much he loved having Vic’s cock in his mouth and throat and also moaned, sending vibrations through the head and throughout Vic’s body. Vic had to hold on to the wall of to keep from falling as his legs began to tremble. Andy reached around and held onto Vic’s muscled ass as he increased the speed of his head moving along the length of the eight inches of cock in his mouth. Remembering how much Vic liked being rimmed, Andy pushed a finger into the crack of Vic’s ass and began fingering his hole. With his other hand, he began massaging his balls. Vic was going crazy with three sensations coursing through his body. “Baby, I’m not going to last long. You’ve got me so hot!” With that, Andy forced Vic’s cock deep into his throat and moaned, sending Vic over the edge once more. As soon as Vic started shooting his nut, Andy pulled back so he could taste the nut as it passed over his tongue. Vic was completely spent after his second orgasm in less than twenty minutes. Andy stood and held him in his arms. When Vic got his footing, he turned around and turned off the water. Andy opened the shower curtain and grabbed Vic’s towel off the rack. He lovingly and dried his boy off and Vic offered to go into Andy’s bathroom to grab his towel. When Vic returned, he dried the beautiful boy who was not a huge part of his life. They went back to bed, facing and holding each other. “Vic, thank you for giving me the space and the time I needed. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with where things are in my life. Every time I hit a bump in the road or had a major breakdown, you were there for me. You helped me find myself. You helped me love myself and the man I’m becoming. I don’t know how I could ever thank you for all you’ve done for me.” “I should be thanking you, Andy. With all those bumps and breakdowns, you showed me how important it is to take the time to get to know each other. But the best part of that was that by taking our time, I got to know more about myself. How could I not fall in love with you? Watching your brave approach to everything we’ve experienced together has been an inspiration to me. “From the very beginning, I knew we were something good. And it wasn’t long before it turned into something better. And now, it’s just something wonderful.” Vic lay on his back and Andy put his head on Vic’s chest, letting the sound of his beating heart lull him into a deep, contented sleep. Vic was not far behind, sighing and smiling as he thought of how lucky he truly was.
  5. Chapter 7

    I love cliffhangers... and I always apologize for them in my stories... but that doesn't keep me from putting them in! Great story. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  6. Something Better

    Oh No! I've never written anything from my life story... just from my fertile imagination. My life story might make a so-so fairly interesting story with many, many embellishments. LOL. I do admit, some of Andy's qualities... especially the keeping things in and not communicating well... are slightly based on my Korean ex. But I'm 99% sure he is not a reader. That would be a sign of something interesting in his personality! Ok. Ok. I should stop. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, though!
  7. VIC GREENLEY COMES HOME By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 6 – SOMETHING BETTER “Now is a time to seize the day! (Now is a time to seize the day!) Send out the call and join the fray! (Send out the call and join the fray!) Wrongs will be righted, If we're united, Let us seize the day!” (Lyrics from Newsies, "Seize the Day") Vic reached across the boy in his bed and shut off the alarm on his phone. In a groggy voice, the boy asked, “What the hell was that?” “My alarm.” “That’s not an alarm. That’s how they wake you up in a cult. Are you in a cult?” “Turn around.” “I don’t want to.” “Turn around.” “I can’t.” “Why? ‘Cause you have a boner? So do I. And it’s not because I held on to a totally cute boy last night. I have a boner every morning, and I’m pretty sure you do, too. Now turn around.” Andy sighed, knowing he couldn’t win this one. “Okay, and just so you know, mine’s not from my totally awesome roommate holding me and giving me one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. And at least mine’s well hidden by boxer briefs… not flopping all over the place like yours.” “You know, you can be funny as shit if you’d just let yourself. Dry humor looks good on you, Andy Cho.” “Whatever. What’s with the spooky song you call an alarm?” The boys were now laying on their sides facing each other… lips dangerously close to lips. Vic wanted so badly to kiss Andy but knew he shouldn’t. Andy wanted so badly to kiss Vic but knew he couldn’t. “That so-called spooky song is “Seize the Day” and it’s from an awesome Broadway musical called Newsies. I saw it on Spring break last year and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” “A musical? Um, isn’t that kinda gay?” Andy started to giggle, and Vic leaned in a kissed him on the forehead. “You little shit! We’re gonna get along just fine. Go back to sleep. I’ll back up here and shower after practice and then we can go down to the cafeteria and have breakfast.” Andy smiled at Vic and told him that was a good plan. Vic slid out of bed, giving Andy another view of his smooth, muscular body. He slipped on his speedo and then jeans and a t-shirt. After he finished dressing, he grabbed his winter coat and headed to practice. Andy lay in Vic’s bed, admitting that his morning wood was just as much from Vic as anything. He reached for Vic’s pillow and put it over his face, taking in the intoxicating scent of the boy who had been lying on it just minutes ago. Andy then kissed the pillow, imagining he was kissing the real thing, the boy who helped him when he was at his lowest, the boy who held him all night. Andy felt a pulse of precum leak out of his now throbbing cock and pulled the blankets down. As he inhaled the heady scent of Vic Greenley, he squeezed his cock, imagining it was Vic’s strong hands. Without any warning or buildup, Andy let go a nut so powerful it literally shot through the fabric of his briefs and onto his sculpted abs. Andy got up carefully and went into his bathroom to rinse off and clean up. While standing in front of his mirror, he took a look at his body. He loved what his coaches were doing. He smiled as he saw his body beginning to look more and more like his idol and inspiration, Tom Daley. He smiled again as he thought of the hints and comments Vic was throwing his way… hints that seemed to tell him that Vic was attracted to his body. Andy also found himself more than a little surprised that he wasn’t freaking out over his thoughts of Vic. He definitely hit rock bottom sitting in the tub last night, and it was Vic who pulled him out of his despair. There was no judgment. No ill words. Just concern and care. He decided that he actually liked having someone like Vic taking care of him. No, he liked Vic taking care of him. Andy still didn’t know if he was gay or bi or fluid or whatever. He did know that he was having feelings for Vic that he had never felt before, well, for a dude. He also knew that he would have no problem keeping those feelings to himself. That’s how he was raised. It was part of his culture. You keep your most intimate feelings to yourself. You keep your deepest troubles to yourself. If you don’t share them, you don’t impose on those closest to you. He yawned at the face looking back at him in the mirror. It was only 5:40. He decided to go back to bed and get a little more sleep before breakfast. He also decided to do something he’d never done before and slipped into his bed nude. He liked it and was soon drifting back to sleep with thoughts of his roommate filling his mind. Andy didn’t hear Vic come into the room at 8:45. Vic glanced into Andy’s room and saw the beautiful sound asleep in his own bed. He went into his room and showered and got dressed for the day. He put on his black skinny jeans and a purple v-neck sweater that stretched over his muscles, leaving little to the imagination. After dressing, he walked into Andy’s room and gently sat on the edge of his bed. He took his fingers and brushed the bangs off the boy’s sleeping face. Vic couldn’t get over the innocent beauty of his roommate and smiled as sleeping eyes fluttered open. “Hi. What time is it?” “It’s just about 9:00. You hungry?” “Yeah. How was practice?” “Man, it was so nice to be back in the water. My times were a little off, but it shouldn’t take but a day or two to get back on track.” “Okay, let me throw some clothes on and we can go down for breakfast.” Andy got out of bed, forgetting that he was naked and sporting full-fledged wood until Vic nearly gasped at the sight. “Oh my God! I’m sorry! I forgot I was… uhm, naked!” “It’s okay Andy. We see each other naked in the locker room, and practically naked at the pool. And dude, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!” “I know, but you’re different. I don’t know.” Vic couldn’t help but admire the shape and lines of Andy’s muscles as he dressed, but he nearly salivated at the sight of his perfectly-shaped, inviting ass. All he could think was how nice it would be to bury his face, then his cock into it. As a result, he cursed himself for wearing skinny jeans and the resulting confinement for his thickening cock. Andy could feel Vic’s eyes and smiled to himself, pleased that Vic was falling under some kind of spell. He purposefully turned around to put on his shirt, thinking Vic might also enjoy the front view. After slipping his arms through the sleeves, he looked down at the boy sitting on the bed. “What?” “What… what?” “Sorry about the naked thing. After you left, I wanted to see what the big deal was and when I woke up, I kind of forgot… since I’ve never done that before.” “Never?” Vic flashed his toothy grin. “What did you think?” “It was nice, but it was just for a nap. Maybe I’ll try it for a whole night… maybe not. I’ll play it by ear.” Andy slowly buttoned his shirt while talking and noticed Vic couldn’t keep his eyes off him. “Let’s go eat before they close breakfast.” The boys headed down to the dorm cafeteria and loaded up their trays with a good, hearty breakfast for Vic and fresh fruit and an English muffin for Andy since he had practice at 11:00. Vic and Andy talked and laughed all through breakfast as they got to know each other better. Vic was becoming more enamored with the beautiful Asian boy sitting across the table. Andy was becoming more intrigued with Vic… and all the possibilities… as long as they remained possibilities, no one would know any better and no one would get hurt. Andy’s dive practice was spent on the trampoline, practicing his different moves. After the first half-hour, Coach Scoggin, the diving coach pulled him aside. “Cho, I know you’ve had a week off but your timing and finesse are off quite a bit more than I had expected. Watching you, I can see your mind isn’t on task.” Andy looked down at the ground and mumbled, “I’m sorry, coach. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my mind… family stuff. I’ll get it together.” “Okay, I believe you. Now, get in the pool and give me ten laps. Not for speed… it’s a good way to get focused and clear your mind.” The first six laps, all Andy could think about was Vic. How nice he was to him. How nice he was to look at. How Vic accepted him no matter who or what he was. How Vic made him laugh and brought out his sense of humor. How concerned Vic was when he was crying and how he made all the hurt and confusion go away. It was on the seventh lap, he made his decision. On the eighth lap, he accepted that decision. On his last two laps, for the first time all day, he was focused on the task at hand. Andy got out of the pool and headed back to the trampoline area. When it was his turn, he went through the different moves as they were called out. They were flawless. He was thrilled. Coach called him over and praised him for getting the job done. He also told Andy that he was to do ten laps at the beginning of each practice, so he could clear his mind. The best news was coach let him out of practice for the last hour. He told Andy he had a lot more work to do with his teammates and that he would see him the next day. As Andy walked back to the dorm, he was smiling. Knowing that all the self-inflicted torture was doing no good for himself or for those around him… especially Vic. He knew it was time to stop worrying about what his parents thought and just cross that bridge when he got to it. He realized that no one could make him happy. He was the only one who could make that choice. Andy also realized that his growing feelings for Vic weren’t all that weird. He was an amazing human being. He was funny, kind, caring, passionate, smart… THOSE were the important things. The fact that this amazing person had a dick… a very nice one, at that… was secondary. On the other hand, Andy just didn’t want to be gay. He wanted to be normal. He wanted to be accepted, not just by his friends, but by his parents. He decided to keep his feelings to himself and let Vic take the lead if anything was to develop. He opened the door to the room and heard the distinct sound of moaning coming from Vic’s room. He slowly entered the living space and peeked around the corner. Andy’s eyes grew to the size of saucers, as he saw the beautiful boy laying in his bed, legs spread with knees up, his left hand stroking his large cock and his right hand pushing a dildo in and out of his smooth, hairless ass. Andy stepped back into the small foyer and froze. In less than a minute he noticed the moaning become more intense and louder. But what shocked him was when Vic called out “Andy! Fuck me, Andy!” as he was shooting his nut. Andy just stood by the front door, not making a sound, all while trying to process what he had just heard. Did Vic really want him to fuck him? Was Vic just getting off on the thought or was it something he really wanted? He knew one thing for sure… he could never let Vic know of his attraction to boys, especially him. If it were to come out in the open, it would have to be initiated by Vic. Andy waited a few minutes and then reached for the door and opened it again, let it shut loudly. He heard the rustle of sheets and the bathroom door close as he made his way into his own room. He had some personal business that needed immediate attention. While in the shower, Vic could only think about Andy. Of course, he was physical perfection. His smooth skin was completely blemish-free. His body was nearly a clone of Tom Daley’s with the defined pecs, muscular legs, amazing abs, and the most beautiful and perfect ass he had ever seen. But the thing that truly made Andy attractive and yes, adorable, were the glimpses of personality and wit that would show when Andy would relax and let his guard down. Andy didn’t know for sure if his roommate was gay, or bi, or fluid, or whatever. And because of that, he knew he would never force the issue. It would have to come from Andy whenever he was ready to take whatever steps he wanted to take. Vic did make the personal pledge to be there for Andy, in whatever capacity he was needed. He was extremely attracted to Andy, but he knew that he couldn’t let that get in the way of being there for him. It couldn’t get in the way of supporting him without judgment. But deep down, Vic knew he was becoming more and more attracted to the smokin’ hot boy with the dry wit and beautiful smile. JOURNAL ENTRY: 11/28/12 Andy Cho. I can’t get him out of my mind! Not that it’s a bad thing. Last night, the boy hit some kind of emotional low. I found him sitting in his tub with the shower pouring down over his head while he was out-and-out sobbing. I remember putting my hand on his shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze. He just stopped crying. He never really told me what had him so down but at that moment, he seemed to just bury whatever it was. I dried him off while he stood in the tub and I have to tell you, he is one of the hottest, sexiest boys I’ve ever seen. I think part of that was the vulnerability he had shown me. He is also a fucking amazing cook. He made dinner for us last night and everything he made was something I had never tried before. Even the rice was different. He had all these bowls with different kinds of Korean food. He was so patient with me, telling me all about the dishes and letting me taste them. We stayed up way too late just talking. I think that was when I started falling for him. He’s totally sweet but has this wicked sense of humor that would catch me off guard. I noticed him staring at me a lot. I would look back at him and smile, trying to let him know that I was cool with his looking at me. It was kind of flattering, actually. Andy really got an eyeful when I was telling him about Hunter and me. All I had on was my bathrobe and my cock poked through, nice and hard, as I was thinking back on all the hot times I had with my cowboy. Andy didn’t see me look at him while he was staring at my cock. He seemed pretty intrigued, but then it IS a damned nice cock if I do say so myself. hehe After we went to bed… I think it was about a half-hour later, he came into my room, wanting me to hold him. I think he got the idea from me telling him about Hunter and me doing that. Of course, I was totally in the raw. Andy had on boxer briefs. It was cool though. I spooned with him and slept like a baby. He seemed to have calmed down and slept well. Now that I think about it, whenever I touched him, whatever was bothering him seemed to vanish. I don’t really know what that means… if it means anything at all. This morning, when I got back from practice, he was asleep in his own bed. I showered and got dressed for the day and went in to wake him up for breakfast. When he got out of bed he was totally naked and sporting some nice wood. It was kind of funny though. He said he had never slept in the raw before and totally forgot. He was sooooo embarrassed. It was adorable. When I got back from class, Andy was still at diving practice, so I got out my rubber friend and had a nice fuck and stroke session. Funny, I started thinking about Hunter and found myself thinking of Andy as I was coming. Damn! I even shouted his name as I was cumming. It was a close call, too! I heard him come into the suite just as I pulled the dildo out of my ass. I hopped in the shower and cleaned up. Whew! That would have been a little awkward if he had heard or… fuck!... if he had seen that. I need to remember to start shutting my door. After finishing his journal entry Vic closed his MacBook and lay in his bed for an afternoon power nap. His thoughts were filled with Andy and he drifted into a happy and comfortable slumber. After going into his room, Andy stripped down and admired his body in the bathroom mirror. He ran his hands over his chest and abs, imaging they were Vic’s hands exploring his body. He went lower to his throbbing cock, wet with more precum than he had ever produced. He grabbed a towel and went to his bed, spreading the towel across the mattress. He grabbed a pillow and wrapped his arms around it, kissing it as if it were Vic. Andy began to slowly hump into the mattress, with his latest vision of the hot boy across the suite, only it was his cock moving in and out of Vic instead of the dildo. He imagined Vic’s arms holding on to him as he pumped his wet, throbbing deep inside. As Andy felt his balls draw up and the point of no return taking over his body, he heard the words Vic yelled out just minutes ago, “Andy! Fuck me, Andy!” as shot after shot of hot teen cum filled the space between his body and the bed. After catching his breath, Andy cleaned up and went in for a quick shower before his afternoon class. As he walked out into the suite, he noticed Vic’s bedroom door was still open and Vic was asleep. Vic literally took Andy’s breath away and he had to physically force himself to breathe. He smiled and left for class, knowing that his feelings for Vic would remain his secret. He was okay with that, but secretly prayed that Vic would make a move… a move that would be the right signal he desperately wanted so he could begin fulfilling some of the fantasies he was developing at an increasingly rapid rate. When Andy returned to the suite from class, he found Vic sitting on the sofa doing his homework. He was both happy and disappointed that he was in boxer briefs. “Hey buddy! You have a good day?” “Yeah, it was nice getting back into practice… not so much getting back to class.” “I hear that! Hey, do what you need to do and then we’ll go down for dinner. And hey… do you have any plans for tonight?” “I have a little homework I need to get done, dinner sounds great, and I have no plans. What do you have in mind?” “We’re going to watch a Broadway show.” “Oh… okay. I guess I should get used to the idea that living with you means a lot of firsts!” Andy smiled at Vic and went into his room. Vic just smiled back and stared at Andy’s door for much longer than he expected. He acknowledged to himself that he already had it bad for the boy. When Andy returned from his afternoon class, they headed for dinner. Vic asked him if he had any more homework and Andy assured him that he would be able to get it done in the morning. After dinner, they returned to the suite and Vic hooked his MacBook to the television in the living room. Andy was making popcorn and took it the coffee table. He then went into his room for a few minutes and returned wearing just his boxer briefs. “Look, I’m not ready to hang out naked, but this works for me. And aren’t you a bit overdressed?” Vic smiled and stood up to take off his clothes. He took them off slowly, in an impromptu striptease while looking into Andy’s eyes. He occasionally let his eyes wander to the rest of Andy’s muscular body and noticed that while the boy’s breathing was becoming shorter, his covered cock was definitely getting longer. Andy broke the spell with a smile and said, “That’s much better. Now I don’t feel like a perv. Now… let’s see this Broadway musical with the spooky cult song that seems to be so important to you!” Vic purposefully sat in the middle of the sofa so that no matter where Andy chose to sit, he would be closer. He was pleasantly surprised when Andy sat right next to him, not quite touching, but right next to him. About thirty minutes into the show, Andy leaned over to the coffee table for his water bottle. When he sat back he found himself pressed against Vic’s side. He started to shift over and Vic stopped him by raising his arm and putting it around Andy’s shoulder. “You don’t have to move, it’s nice.” “Yeah, it is.” A little more than an hour into the show, “Seize the Day” started. Now, the thing that sets this song apart from nearly any other song in any other musical is the incredible, athletic, show-stopper dancing. “Holy shit, Vic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that. Now I get how the song inspires you. And yeah, I don’t think you’re weird anymore!” And with that, Andy found himself relaxing to the point where he let his head fall into the hollow of Vic’s neck where it blends into this shoulder. As the show continued, Vic found himself conscientiously running his finger in small, light circles on Andy’s bare arm. For the first time in days, Andy felt completely comfortable and at peace. How could something that felt so good be worth the time and effort to question? He sighed deeply, causing Vic to smile to himself. When the show ended, Andy told Vic, “Wow, that was amazing. It’s now my favorite Broadway musical.” “Uhm… isn’t this your first Broadway musical?” “Well, yeah. But now I have a standard for other shows, which your little gay self is sure to be showing me!” “Gay self? There’s nothing gay about that musical full of hot boys, muscular bodies, great dancing… Nothing gay!” Vic launched into a tickle attack on Andy and the two boys went back and forth on the sofa. In no time at all, they were laughing so hard, they had tears in their eyes. Andy had Vic on his back and was on his hands and knees looking down at him. The video ended. The only sound in the room was the heavy breathing from the two boys. They looked into each other’s eyes and there was no hesitation when Andy moved forward and lightly touched his lips to Vic’s for a brief moment. He immediately pulled away without breaking his gaze into Vic’s eyes. In a hushed voice that could barely be heard, “I – I – I shouldn’t have done that. It just felt like the thing to do. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Vic. I – I- I’m not… g – gay.” Vic cupped Andy’s face in his hands and made sure the look they were sharing continued. “Andy, look at me. Can I ask you a question?” “Yeah.” “How did that feel?” “It wasn’t bad. No – it was nice. Really nice. Can I try it again and still not be gay?” “Buddy. How about this… we drop the stupid labels. How about you just be Andy. Sweet, funny, sexy, smart, beautiful Andy. That way you can live your life as Andy. Not gay Andy. Not straight Andy. Not Asian Andy. Not Purple Andy… just Andy. And if you feel like doing something because ‘just Andy’ wants to do it, then you don’t have to apologize to me… or more importantly… to Andy.” Andy’s eyes began to fill with unshed tears. He smiled at Vic and said, “How is it that you are so fucking together? How is it that in just two days you have turned my world upside-down? How is it possible that no matter what is going on in my head, just making contact with you… a hug, a touch… or a kiss… just stops all the noise and confusion and my upside-down world is exactly the world I want to be in.” He kissed Vic again, a little longer this time, yet lightly. Just lips, no tongue, but a surprising amount of warmth and passion. When he pulled away and said, “Maybe we should go to bed. You have early practice and all.” Andy climbed off Vic’s lap, took his hand and led him into his room. “Are you okay if I sleep in here with you again? Just Andy would really like that.” He smiled at Vic as he reached to his waist and pulled off his boxer briefs. His hard cock bounced up and slapped against his chiseled abs. He crawled into the bed and looked at Vic. “Will you stop staring and get your ass into bed? Just Andy needs to be held.” Vic pulled off his briefs and smiled as he crawled into bed. He leaned forward and kissed Andy. “You are an amazing, sexy boy, Andy Cho. Every time I turn around you surprise me.” “This is it for now, big boy. I don’t think I have it in my head right now to go any further. Maybe someday… maybe not. But Just Andy is cool with this… very cool.” Vic wrapped Andy in his arms. “Goodnight sweet boy. Sleep with the angels.” “I am, Vic. Thank you for being that angel.” Andy smiled to himself, thinking how things were getting better. So much better. Something better.
  8. Something Good

    Thanks so much Oz! Hehe... you haven't even begun to see sexual tension yet! Thanks for being such a wonderful reader! I always love hearing your comments
  9. Something Good

    If you've read stitcher, you already know that Vic is in for a whole lot of hurt. I'm going to take it easy on him (as much as possible) until that time arrives
  10. VIC GREENLEY COMES HOME By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 5 – SOMETHING GOOD Andy Cho stood in the doorway looking at the beautiful boy laying on the bed. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the smooth, lean, muscular body. He had already cum in his jeans, yet his cock was still hard and throbbing. What was going on? When the coaches asked him if he wanted to move into Landry’s room he was thrilled to end his time as a third roommate in a space designed for two. As he was packing his things, Coach Reese sat down with him and asked him if he had a problem with a gay roommate. Andy never had any kind of problem with gay guys. One of his best friends in L.A. was gay. But Andy never felt that he was. He dated girls all through high school. Even had sex with a couple of them, although he never could understand what the big deal was. The big deal, however, was his diving. He was the California state champion on both the five and ten-meter platforms... in BOTH his Junior and Senior years. He had offers from several universities, but when he saw the facilities at Texas, combined with the passion of the coaching staff, he knew where he wanted to commit. He was told that there would be only two true freshmen competing for the Longhorns. Besides himself, the other was a phenomenal swimmer from the East coast… a stunningly beautiful boy that he couldn’t take his eyes off as he lay on the bed completely naked. ‘What the fuck?’ Andy was confused. Why did he just cum in his pants? He barely touched himself! He’s never been attracted to dudes. Hell, he fucked girls in high school although he wasn’t all that attracted to them. Andy finally shook his head and turned around to go back to his room. After a couple of steps, he was drawn to turn around and have another look at the naked boy on the bed. “Fuck!” muttered Andy as he went into his room and stripped down for a cleansing shower. Andy adjusted the water, so it was steaming hot. He stepped in and rinsed the remnants of cum from his crotch and legs. He then grabbed the liquid soap and began to lather up his toned diver’s body. As with nearly every shower, his six inches rose to its glory as he soaped it up. Andy started thinking about Monica Collins, one of the other divers on the team that he thought was beautiful. Only this time, he was surprised to find those thoughts moving to his new roommate. His mind started with the huge cock laying across his leg. Hell, it was nearly as large soft as his own was hard. Andy wondered what it would feel like in his hand. Andy marveled at his beautiful, smooth, muscular legs. Did he shave? Did he have someone help him shave? Andy wondered what it would be like to help shave his roommate's body. The intense feeling Andy was experiencing only increased as he remembered the cuts of Vic’s abs and the “V” that led to his hairless crotch. The intensity grew as his memories wandered up to the sculpted pecs on which his chin rested. Andy began panting as he thought about the lips with the slight smile. He wondered if they were as soft as they looked. He wondered how they would feel against his own lips. Andy tilted his head back, imagining his roommate kissing him as his legs nearly gave way under him. Shot after shot of scalding cum flew against the tiled wall in front of him while he experienced the largest explosion of cum in his eighteen years. Andy finished his shower and dried off. After drying his hair, he walked into his room and found a pair of boxer briefs and sweatpants. He pulled on his Longhorn t-shirt and walked out to the kitchen where he started a batch of rice in his cooker. He started to fry some thinly sliced pork that he had put into a marinade the night before. The aroma of bulgogi wafting through the apartment woke Vic up and he walked out of his room. “Hi! You must be Andy. I’m Vic.” “Hi, Vic.” Andy turned around from his cooking. “Oh! And you-you're—uhm, naked!” Andy couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t stop looking at Vic. He really wasn’t into guys… he kept telling himself. “Oh shit! I’m sorry dude.” Vic went to the hook by the front door and grabbed his bathrobe. “It’s a habit, I guess. Hunter and I never really wore any clothes in the room. He kind of declared this a no-clothes-zone. What smells so good?” “It’s a Korean dish called bulgogi. Marinated pork. You want some? It’ll be done in a minute or so. You guys were like nudists?” “Yeah… and yeah. I hate eating in the cafeteria on Sundays when the football team is in there.” “Truth. I’ll be finished in a few minutes. I just need to get some sides together.” Andy pulled a couple of jars and some plastic containers out of the refrigerator and began spooning different things into several small bowls. “You good with chopsticks?” “Yeah, sure. What is all this?” “A Korean meal isn’t real unless you have some side dishes.” Andy set the dishes on the breakfast bar and then filled two plates with rice topped with the pork. “Wow. I mean, I’ve never had Korean food before. This looks fucking awesome, though!” Andy sat next to Vic and pointed to the different dishes. “Okay, this is bulgogi. It’s marinated meat, usually pork or beef. Served over rice. I like my rice a little on the sticky side.” “Okay, damn, it smells awesome!” “Now, this is kimchee. It’s a spicy, pickled cabbage. It might be a bit intense for you but try it!” Vic picked up a piece of the kimchee with the chopsticks and raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, it’s got a bit of a kick, but it’s pretty good!” “Cool, then you’ll probably like the second dish. It’s cucumber kimchee. It’s prepared the same way, but the cucumber is a little sweeter.” Andy and Vic went through the same tasting routine with the bean sprouts, daikon, and tofu. Both boys dug in and ate. Andy was both surprised and pleased that Vic was able to eat quite well, even the rice, with chopsticks. “You’re pretty good with those chopsticks for a white dude.” “You’re pretty fucking good in the kitchen for… a dude, dude. Where did you learn to cook like that?” “My parents have a restaurant in the Koreatown part of L.A. I spent a lot of time helping out in the kitchen and learned pretty much the entire menu. But whenever I could, I was down at “Y” and in the pool.” “Yeah, I get that, I begged my parents to let me get into every program available, so I could learn to swim faster and faster.” “Right!?! I loved racing through the water more than anything. Then there was this afternoon about three years ago when the coach called me into one of the conference rooms. There were a couple other dudes there I didn’t know, and all I could do was try to think of why I was in trouble. “They asked me what I wanted to do with my swimming and I told them I just wanted to race and hopefully be on a college team. That’s when I got the news that while I was good enough to kick ass with the different YMCA teams, I wouldn’t do well enough to get on a major college team. They said it was my height, that most competitive swimmers were well over six-feet tall. “Then one of the other dudes said he had been watching me for a couple of weeks and said my body type was perfect for diving, as long as I wasn’t afraid of heights… so he took me to the ten-meter platform and had me jump off, feet first. It was so cool, flying through the air like that. I got back up to the platform as fast as I could and did a plain, normal dive. “That’s when I got hooked. They got me in some gymnastics and ballet classes and set me up on some weight training, and I just kept getting better and better. I would sit and watch Tom Daley’s dives over and over again since he and I are pretty similar body types. My Junior and Senior years of high school, I ended up winning the state championship in the ten and five-meter platforms and, eventually, I chose UT out of the offers I had received. “How about you? How did you end up here?” “Coach Reese came to the Massachusetts States and saw me win. I ended up with the national high school record time and he made me an offer right there. I had planned to attend Boston University, but they had only offered me a partial. And Hell, UT’s program is one of the best in the country. I had to come here.” The boys talked some more and then cleaned up the dishes. They sat out in the living room and talked while sitting on the sofa. More than a few times, Andy found himself just staring at the boy in front of him. Occasionally, Vic would look up and catch him staring and smile back, causing Andy to quickly avert his eyes downward. As the boys became more comfortable with each other, their questions became more personal. Just before midnight, it was Andy who asked the question he had been dying to ask all evening. “So, are you and Hunter boyfriends? I mean, you guys seemed so close.” “No, neither of us were in a place where we wanted… or needed… a relationship. But hey, we are teenagers and we were horny, so yeah… we did stuff together.” Andy took a deep breath and asked, “What kind of stuff?” He could see the happy memories flooding Vic’s mind just by looking at his eyes. “Oh, the best thing was just holding each other when we slept. I don’t know, we both just slept better when we were together. That moved on to some oral stuff, and then we gradually started fucking. It was some of the hottest sex I’d ever had in my life.” Vic looked up and caught Andy starting at him again. Only this time, when Andy looked down, he got an eyeful of cock pushing through the opening of Vic’s bathrobe. Andy swallowed hard, mesmerized by the thick column of flesh that was pulsing with each beat of Vic’s heart. He cleared his throat and shook his head to regain his senses. “Oh man, it’s past midnight and I know you’ve got practice at the crack of dawn. We should probably call it a night, don’t you think?” “Wow! Can you believe we’ve been talking for five hours? But you’re right. I have to get up at 4:45 for that 5:30 practice.” Both boys stood up and Vic held out his arms to Andy, drawing him in. Andy couldn’t resist with any amount of strength or willpower and allowed his body to be wrapped in the strong arms of his new roommate. “Thank you for the dinner, Andy. It was awesome. But even more… thank you for the talk. It was amazing… no… YOU are amazing.” Vic pulled Andy in even tighter and felt the boy go nearly limp in his arms. He tilted his head down and kissed the boy on the top of his head. The first thing Andy noticed when Vic pulled him into the hug was the heat coming from hard cock between them. He wanted to pull away, but it just felt nice to be held by the larger boy. He couldn’t explain it to himself, but he just felt safe for some reason. It was Vic who pulled away from his adorable roomie. “I’m gonna shower and crash, Andy. I’m glad you’re here. And hey… if you need anything, you know where to find me.” Vic walked into his room and into the bathroom for his shower. Andy, on the other hand, couldn’t move. He stood in the middle of the living room trying to figure out what was happening. It seemed like a million thoughts were racing through his mind. What was it about Vic? Was he really attracted to him? WHY was he attracted to him? Did this make him gay? Bi? Why couldn’t Vic be an asshole? It would make things so much easier, wouldn’t it? Andy could still feel Vic’s strong arms wrapped around him as he stood in the living room. He shivered as he remembered the kiss on top of his head. He looked down and noticed the dark wet spot on the front of his sweatpants. He finally was able to pull himself away from the spot where Vic had held him, and he went into his room. He decided that maybe a nice, hot shower would help clear his mind. As the steam filled the room, he stepped into the shower. Andy started soaping up his body, rubbing his hands over the muscles and ridges. He got to his cock and his entire body shivered. No, he wasn’t going to think about Vic as he started sliding his hand up and down his cock. No, he wasn’t going to think about how nice it felt in his arms. No, he wasn’t going to think about his cute smile or his playful eyes. No, he wasn’t going to think about his huge hard cock sticking out of the bathrobe. No, he wasn’t going remember the image of his naked, ripped body laying on the bed earlier this afternoon. No, he wasn’t going to remember the naked boy standing in front of him in the kitchen. Fuck! Andy exploded with yet another epic nut all over the shower wall. The tears started as he finished cleaning up the shower and the letting his load wash down the drain. He sat down in the tub and let the hot water pour over him. He pulled his knees up to his chest and cried. Andy was confused to the point of hurting. He didn’t want these feelings. He couldn’t be gay. It would destroy his parents and that was the last thing he could ever think of doing. They had given up so much for him and his diving and were extremely proud of him. They could never be proud of a gay son. It seems moving in with Vic was turning out to be a horrible decision. On the other hand, Vic was an awesome roommate. He seemed to be genuinely interested in Andy, his family, his diving, his life. He was so together and freely answered any question, no matter how personal. It was cool that his high school boyfriend was a diver as that gave him a complete understanding and interest in diving. Andy couldn’t think anymore. He just sat under the water and started sobbing. JOURNAL ENTRY: 11/27/12 I’m finally back in the room and met my new roommate. His name is Andy Cho and he’s on the dive team. Funny, he has the same specialties as Gavin. He’s a bit shorter than Gavin, but from what I can tell, it looks like he had a killer body. Andy is an amazing cook. Probably should say chef. I was taking a nap and woke up to the most amazing smells. He was fixing this Korean meal that he learned from his parents’ restaurant. He was totally cool and patient with me. He taught me about the different dishes. I really liked the kimchee. Had a nice kick to it. I don’t think the room is going to be clothes-free zone any longer. Of course, I walked out to the kitchen totally nekkid, as Hunter would say. Andy was totally surprised but had a nice long look before he said something. Luckily, my bathrobe was hanging on the hook by the door and I covered up. After dinner, we talked for hours before we even realized what the time was. It was totally easy to talk to Andy. The conversation just flowed. No one dominated the talking and we got to know a lot about each other. Of course, the conversation eventually turned to Hunter and me and what we did. God, just talking about it got me hard and I didn’t even realize my cock was poking out of my bathrobe. Andy noticed but didn’t say anything. When we realized how long we had been talking I stood up, telling Andy I needed to shower and crash. Early practice was going to come sooner than later. I gave him a goodnight hug and he wrapped his arms around me and wouldn’t… or couldn’t, I don’t know… let go. I kissed him on the top of his head and broke away from the hug, telling Andy that he knew where I was if he needed anything. So, I finished my shower, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed to write in my journal. Strange, I could swear I can hear some pretty serious crying coming from Andy’s bathroom. God, he’s such a sweet boy… I hope he’s okay. I should check on him. Vic slid out of bed and slipped on a pair of boxer briefs. He didn’t want to shock Andy any more than he already had. He walked up to the bedroom door and listened. Yes, he heard full-fledged sobbing coming from the other side of the door. He knocked lightly and there was no answer, just more sobbing. Vic walked slowly into the bedroom and found Andy sitting in the tub with the shower pouring over him. His knees were drawn up to his chest and his forehead was resting on them. Vic could see Andy’s back and shoulders moving up and down with each sob. Vic walked up to the open bathroom door and knocked on the doorframe. “Hey buddy, what’s wrong? Can I do anything?” “I—I—I’m okay. I’m okay.” “It doesn’t look like you are. What can I do? I want to be here for you, bud.” Vic walked to the tub and knelt down, putting his hand on Andy’s closest shoulder. He gave it a gentle squeeze and the sobbing stopped. “I’m sorry. This is so embarrassing. You probably think I’m an idiot baby or something.” “Not at all. You should have seen me my first night here. I was bawling my eyes out much more than this.” “I find that hard to believe.” “Nope. I was a blubbering idiot. Let’s get you out of this water before you start looking like a raisin.” Vic reached over and turned the water off. He stood and pulled Andy up to his feet and reached for the towel hanging on the bar behind him. Andy stood in the tub, motionless. Vic started to dry his hair and glanced down at his roomie's naked body for the first time. ‘Holy fuck! This is a smokin’ hot boy!’ Vic thought to himself. Vic finished drying Andy’s body and wrapped the towel around his waist. He led him out of the tub and into the bedroom, wrapping his arms around the boy’s broad shoulders. Andy lay his head against Vic’s chest and asked, “Why are you being so nice to me? You hardly know me.” “Because I’m your roommate. I’m the closest thing you have to family… just like you are the closest thing I have while we’re here. And you know, I’m sure there’s going to be a time or two when I’m going to need you to be there for me. You think you could do that?” “Yeah. I definitely owe you one. I mean, I would do it anyway… not because I owe you or anything.” Vic smiled and chuckled. “Okay, buddy. I’m going to go back to bed.” He broke the hug and stepped to the door. “You gonna be okay?” “Yeah… and thanks for being there. I’m still embarrassed but I’ll get over it.” “No worries. You know where I am if you need anything, right?” “Yeah. Goodnight, Vic.” “Night, Andy. Sleep well, buddy.” Vic went across to his room, stripped off his boxer briefs and slid under the covers. Andy put on his boxer briefs and slid into his bed. Andy tried to fall asleep, but the events of the day kept playing over in his mind. When he finally did fall asleep, it was restless and troubled. After an hour of tossing and turning, he finally gave up, and more importantly, gave in. He walked across to Vic’s room and found him sound asleep. He quietly walked over to the bed and gently sat down on the edge, just staring at the sleeping boy. “Vic?” Andy whispered. “Vic?” A little louder the second time. Vic’s eyes fluttered open. “Hey, buddy. You okay?” “Yes… no… I don’t know. Would it be weird if… I don’t know… would you be okay to hold me tonight?” “Sure. Not weird at all. But I sleep in the buff.” “It’s okay. I have my boxer briefs on. I’m safe.” Andy smiled for the first time in a long time. “C’mere, you goofball!” Vic lifted the covers and Andy slid into the bed, facing away from his roommate. Vic wrapped an arm around Andy and pulled him into a spoon. Andy hugged Vic’s arm into his chest and sighed deeply. “Feel better, Andy?” “Yeah, everything’s better now.” In minutes, both boys were fast asleep. Andy felt safe and secure… and liked the feeling. Vic felt needed… even wanted. Both boys slept through the rest of the night with a slight smile on their faces… both thinking this just might be the start of something good.
  11. Open a New Window, Open a New Door

    Oh Oz, you have NO idea! I'm writing that part of the story at this very moment, as a matter of fact!
  12. Open a New Window, Open a New Door

    Thanks, that's what happens when the first two books were done in the first person. Thought I caught all those little slip-ups! Fixed!
  13. VIC GREENLEY COMES HOME By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 4 – OPEN A NEW WINDOW, OPEN A NEW DOOR It didn’t even take Vic ten seconds to open his eyes. He looked around without moving his head and tried to figure out what had happened. The first thing he noticed was the layer of glass covering his pants, the floor, and nearly every other flat surface inside the SUV. He then felt the frigid wind blowing on his face. The windshield was gone. It was eerily quiet, save the upbeat Maroon 5 song playing on the mp3 player. He needed to turn off the music and looked over towards the console for his phone. It wasn’t there. That’s when he looked up and saw Hunter. “Hunter? Dude? You okay?” There was no response. He looked around and realized that they had been hit by a silver pickup truck. There was a guy sitting in the passenger seat, but he wasn’t moving. “Hunter? Hey cowboy, wake up! Hunter??” Vic started to panic. “No-no-no-no-no-no-no! Wake up, Hunter!” He looked up and down the road, hoping to see another car, or help, approaching. There was nothing. “No-no-no-no-no-nooooooo! Hunter! Wake up, you motherfucker! Where’s my fucking phone!?!?” Vic looked at Hunter again and saw the shape of his phone in the pocket of his hoodie. He reached for it and immediately called 911. “9-1-1, what is your emergency?” “We’ve been in an accident. My roommate was driving and he’s not conscious.” “Do you know if he’s alive?” “Oh God! I don’t know,” Vic started to cry. “First, can you turn the music off? It’s hard to hear you clearly.” Vic hit the power switch on the SUV’s dashboard. “Do you know how to check for a pulse?” “Yes, hold on.” He lightly placed his fingers on Hunter’s wrist and indeed felt a pulse, although he thought it was too slow. “Yes, there’s a pulse, but it’s not very strong.” “What is your location?” “I don’t know!” Vic started to panic again. “I’m not from here and there are no landmarks. We’re in the middle of nowhere! Oh God, help us!” “I’m trying to get a signal on your location, but it seems to not be registering. Oh, wait a minute. Someone else has called in the accident, we have help on the way.” Vic looked up and saw a man running towards them. As he passed the pickup, he looked in the window, shook his head, and moved on to the SUV. “He’s coming in to help. Don’t let him move anyone if they seem to be injured. Help should be there in about 10 minutes.” “Please hurry! He’s hurt bad!” The stranger opened the passenger door of the SUV. “Son, are you okay?” “I’m fine. My friend is not!” “Oh man! Do you have 911 on the phone?” “Yes.” “Let me talk to them.” Vic handed Hunter’s phone to the stranger. “Hello? This is Jim Harper. I’m at the scene of the accident I just called in. One of the boys seems to be okay but is pretty freaked out. The other boy is out of it and his left leg looks to be trapped in a bunch of twisted metal. There seems to be a lot of bleeding.” “Okay sir, do you know how to do a tourniquet?” “Yes ma’am, I’ve got a large bandana in my pocket.” “That should work, but if it’s too small, you may have to use your belt. Wrap it nice and tight around his upper thigh and tie it off. That should slow the bleeding until help arrives.” “Okay. Son? Can you get out of the car so I can help your friend?” “Yes. Hunter, hang in there buddy. Help is coming.” Jim helped Vic wade through the piles of glass and eased him out of the vehicle. As he stood on the ground, Vic started to wobble a bit and nearly fell over. “Son, you should sit on the ground. Don’t need you falling over and hurting yourself.” Jim went in and tied the tourniquet around Hunter’s leg. Fortunately, that caused the boy to moan in pain. “Was that the boy moaning?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Good. How’s the other boy?” “He’s a little woozy. He may have hit his head.” “I’ll pass that information on to the EMT’s, and they should be there shortly.” Sure enough, Jim heard sirens approaching in the distance. Two ambulances and three police cars arrived within minutes. Two tow trucks arrived about five minutes later. One of the EMT’s went over to Vic and began talking to the crying boy. While checking him over, he found a large bump on the side of his head and began asking him questions to determine if he had a concussion, and how severe it might be. Another EMT climbed into the SUV and began checking out Hunter. Jim got out of the car and walked over to Vic. He handed him Hunter’s phone and wished him well. “Son, you’re in good hands now. I’m praying for your buddy, but they’ll take good care of him. And just so you know, he’s startin’ to come around a bit.” “I need to call his mom and dad. They’re expecting us for Thanksgiving.” Vic scrolled through the directory until he found a listing for “Mom & Dad.” He pressed the call icon and waited.” “Hunter! Where are you boys?” “Um. Mrs. Landry, this is Vic. Vic Greenley. There’s been an accident.” “Oh dear Lord! Is everything okay? Are you boys hurt?” “I got a nasty bump on the head. Hunter’s leg is hurt. They’re helping him now.” “Harlan! Start the truck! The boys have been in an accident!” She turned her attention back to Vic. “Sweetheart, where are you?” “Let me give the phone to the guy who’s been helping me. I have no idea where we are.” Vic handed the phone to the EMT and asked him to help Hunter’s parents meet them. “Hello. This is Ricky Hayes. I just heard that because of the distance to the hospital, we’re going to airlift your son to Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, so they can tend to the bleeding as soon as possible.” He listened for a bit and then answered, “Yes, he will most likely need surgery and if possible, they’ll get him prepped and take him up after you arrive and can talk to the doctors. But they might have to take him up before you get there.” After listening some more, he answered, “Yes ma’am. We’re going to ground transport him, so the docs can check out his concussion. Ricky ended the call and handed the phone back to Vic. Vic asked him if someone could find his phone in the car and maybe pull their bags out of the back. After telling Vic to remain seated, he went to one of the police officers and talked to him. Ricky came back with his partner pulling a gurney. Once they got Vic situated and strapped in, the EMT handed Vic his own phone. “What about Hunter? Is he going to be okay?” “Yeah. He’s conscious and talking. Once they pulled the truck away from your car, they were able to loosen the metal around his leg and get him out. The Medivac chopper should be here in a couple of minutes. He knows you’re okay and will be at the hospital after he gets there.” “Oh, thank God! I was so scared he wasn’t going to make it! Hell, I thought he was dying!” “Naw, he’s gonna make it. Both of you look to be strong and healthy, that helps a lot in situations like this.” “As the gurney was pushed by the pickup, he saw the police handcuffing the driver.” “DUI?” “Oh yeah. The cops said the breathalyzer showed him more than twice the legal limit.” Under his breath, Vic mumbled, “Motherfuckin’ bastard!” Once they were settled in the back of the ambulance and were on the way to Abilene, Vic grabbed his phone and told the EMT’s that he should probably call his parents. They agreed as long as he just let them know what was up and they would give them the details. Once the call was ended, Ricky told Victhat his mom and dad were catching the first available flight to Abilene. Vic thought that was ridiculous but knew there was no stopping Sam and Claire once they had made up their minds. Out of nowhere, Vic looked up at Ricky and said, “Dude. I don’t get sirens? What’s with that?” “Dude, we don’t use sirens until we’re in traffic. You’ll get them once we get into town.” “Oh, okay. I think I’m just gonna go to sleep ‘til we get there. I’m really tired.” “Sorry dude, we gotta keep you awake and alert until the docs say you can sleep. Part of the concussion protocol.” Ricky kept Vic engaged in conversation. They talked about Longhorn football vs. Texas Tech football. The kidded each other over the Boston Celtics and the San Antonio Spurs. Ricky had Vic tell him all about his specialty medley race and then the patient showed a huge grin as the sirens began to wail. JOURNAL ENTRY – 11/19/2012 Well, Happy Fucking Thanksgiving. I’m laid up in the hospital in East Bumfuck, Texas. I just ate what was probably the worst food I’ve eaten in my life. My cowboy friend is in the other bed, loaded up with drugs to keep him comfortable… and asleep. His leg is in this traction thing and I’m totally scared for him. I just keep praying that he’ll be able to heal well enough, so he can get back to swimming. Mom and Dad should be here later tonight. Hunter’s parents have been sitting at his bedside most of the afternoon. It’s weird. They’ve either been praying… or crying… or quietly talking to Hunter… but I haven’t seen them talking to each other even once. Mom and Dad would never let the other one not talk to them, especially when their son just got out of surgery to have his fucking leg rebuilt. The cops came by and talked to me about the accident. I don’t think I was much help. All I can remember is driving down the highway. I know Hunter wasn’t speeding. He’s always been way careful to not break any law so there would be no trouble with the team. I told the cops that one minute we were cruising down the highway jamming to some tunes. The next thing I remember was thinking Hunter was dead… or close to it, anyway. The cops told me that the motherfucker that hit us had three prior DUI’s and was driving with a suspended license and a cab full of empty beer cans. He’s being charged with Intoxication Vehicular Assault. He’s probably going to be in prison for a long, long time. I did learn something about myself this afternoon. I’m claustrophobic as fuck! I just want to say that being in that MRI machine is now the number one most miserable thing I’ve ever experienced. It beat out the time I tried to fuck Sherry Gambol my sophomore year of high school. God, that sucked big time! SHE didn’t suck (at all) but the experience was just plain nasty. I don’t know how anyone can be straight! hehe I’m so fucking bored. I can’t watch TV very long without getting a headache. I’ve been listening to Spotify on my phone with my earbuds. Thank God for that unlimited data Mom and Dad added to my account. I just called the nurse for some pain pills. I was kind of hoping they would mix up my little tray with Hunter’s. He got the good stuff. I get Tylenol 4. Fuck, I had no idea Tylenol came in grades, but it’s still Tylenol and it’s not doing a very good job with my head. The doctor said he couldn’t give me any opioids because of the concussion. Fuck, he also said I would have to have another MRI in the morning to make sure there hasn’t been any more swelling. When I asked what they would do if there was more and he said they might have to open a part of my skull to relieve the pressure. Well, fuck that… how am I supposed to sleep tonight worrying about that? Hunter finally woke up and I think it pissed his parents off that the first thing he said was, “How ya doin’ Yankee Boy?” His mother cleared her throat and he said hi to them and that he was sorry he messed up their Thanksgiving. They kept on talking softly for just a couple of minutes and then they got up and left. Weird Just plain weird. “Hey, cowboy… How’re you feeling?” “I feel great. They have me on so much good shit, I literally feel no pain.” “What’s with your parents?” “Oh them, they don’t like me much. Well, mostly Dad doesn’t like me much. Mom’s not so bad… most of the time.” “I don’t think they like each other very much. I don’t think they said one word to each other the whole time they were waiting for you to wake up.” “Well, my family’s pretty fucked up. But Thanksgiving was gonna be okay with the relatives there. They’re great then. But then, I had everything planned out so we wouldn’t have been around them much.” “How can they not like you, dude? You’re fucking awesome.” “Well, it’s a long story, and with these drugs, I might pass out before I’m done… so just remind me where we were when I wake up, k? “So… right before I left this little slice of Hell called West Texas, Mom fixed this amazing farewell dinner. Jaime was with us and he was heading to boot camp the same day I was heading to Austin. “While we were having dessert, I got stupid… stupid as shit. I told my parents about Jaime and me, and that we loved each other. Dad slammed his hands down on the table, making everything, including the three of us jump. He told me I was a disappointment from the day I was born and every day since. He got up, got in his truck and drove off. “Mom? She looked like every bit of life had been sucked out of her. She told Jaime to leave and he did. That was the last time I saw him before he left. Didn’t even get to kiss him goodbye. “After Jaime left, she just started talking in this voice… like she had just lost everything. It broke my heart. She said had always planned to move to Houston after she graduated from high school and try to get into modeling and acting. After she learned her craft, she had planned to move to New York. She and Dad were dating her Junior and Senior year. “She said that they had sex for the first time the night of Senior Prom.” Hunter looked at me and asked, “Hell, doesn’t everybody try to get laid on prom night?” “I guess, but Gavin and I were already doing it three or four times a week, so our getting laid on Prom night was pretty much a given.” “Lucky fucker! Well, anyway… Mom ended up on a ranch instead of the big city. I think she resented my dad for knocking her up. They got married at the courthouse and I think she resented she never had the wedding she had dreamed of having. So I grew up with parents who resented each other. Dad resented me because I hated ranch work and he finally gave up on trying to teach me stuff. I know Mom loves me, but in the back of her mind I know she resents me… it’s like I was the one who ruined her dreams.” They were interrupted by a knock on the door. Coach Ellis, the medley coach walked into the room, rather worried. “Coach? What are you doing here? I mean how did you know what was going on?” “Coach Reese got a call from your parents, Vic. I was in Ft. Worth visiting friends and coach asked me to stop by. He’s going to come by tomorrow afternoon. We’ve all been pretty worried about you guys.” Hunter looked at his coach as tears began to well up. “Coach, I don’t think I’m going to be swimmin’ for a while. I got six to eight weeks in this cast and then I have to start physical therapy.” “Damn, Hunter! That sucks big time. But more importantly, how are you feeling?” “I feel fine. But I have a feeling that’s because of the drugs they’re puttin’ in me. Hell, it’ll probably take three or four months before I could pass one of yer random drug tests.” “How about you Vic? You don’t look the worse for wear, at least.” “I ended up with a fairly serious concussion. They’re keeping me in here for a day or two just to make sure there isn’t any swelling in my brain. But so far, I guess things are okay. I just have a killer headache.” “That’s good. Looks like you’ll be back in the pool when things start back up next week. Don’t worry, we’ll be in close touch with your doctors and stay on top of things. As far as Coach Reese and I concerned, your health and safety are more important.” Coach Ellis and the boys had a lighthearted conversation over the next twenty minutes before he excused himself. He had to drive back to Ft. Worth for dinner with his friends. The half-hour spent with their coach wore the boys down and they both settled in for naps. Vic woke up and tried to find something on the television. He did some surfing and found Ellen on one of the local stations. Unfortunately, laughing made his head hurt so while he tried to keep from laughing, he still called the nurse for something to help with the pain. When the nurse came in, she said he needed to order his dinner and handed him a card that was on his bed table. He told the nurse he could order for Hunter since they were roommates at school and he knew what he would like. She checked his chart to make sure he could eat solid food and took our dinner order… the pork tenderloin meal option. The nurse returned with his dose of Tylenol 4 and went over to the sleeping Hunter and checked his temperature and blood pressure, which caused him to wake up. After she left Vic told him he ordered dinner and he was excited, as he was really excited since he was so hungry. “Dude, don’t get so excited. If lunch was any indication, it’s gonna suck big time. They get you all excited about the menu… and then it arrives.” “Aw, Yankee boy, it can’t be that bad!” “You’ll see, dude… you’ll see!” Of course, dinner sucked. The pork tenderloin was anything but tender… more like a hockey puck, in Hunter’s opinion. The nurse came in and drew the curtain, so she could remove the catheter from Hunter. While he couldn’t get out of bed, he was at least happy that he’d be able to pee on his own. About an hour later, as the boys were watching television, there was a knock on the door. Vic didn’t recognize the extremely hot boy walking in. On the other hand, Hunter gasped and started to cry. “Jaime!? How? What… Oh my god!” Jaime made a beeline to Hunter and kissed him deeply. When the broke the kiss, Hunter held his boyfriend’s face in his hands. “Please tell me they found out you like dick and kicked you out of the army!” “Baby, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ended last year. Trust me, most of them know I like dick, a few more than the others. I got a three-week leave and the first thing I did was come home, hoping you were here for Thanksgiving.” “You went to my house? How’d that go?” “Just like you’d expect. Your mom answered the door and just said you were here. She didn’t even say hello.” “God, she can be a total bitch, sometimes. But at least she told you where I am.” “What the fuck happened to you? What happened to your leg?” “We were… Oh! This is my roomie Vic. Don’t hold it against him but he’s a damned Yankee boy! “Hiya, Vic. I hope Vic’s been takin’ really good care of ya!” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and winked. “Well, except for this shit!” “Oh yeah, he’s been great. But we take care of each other, you know.” Vic winked back at Jaime. “So baby, tell me what happened.” Hunter told his boy all about the accident and his prognosis. By the end of the story, Jamie was in tears and Hunter reached up and wiped them from his cheeks. “I’m so glad I came home now. You’ll be staying with us if that’s okay. Mom and Dad love you to death, and maybe the best medicine for you, when you get out of here, is a houseful of love.” “I thought that me bein’ away for most of the last year would’ve made my parents happy to see me… or at least happy to see me alive. But… I think it’s even worse than the last time I saw you.” Vic looked over at Hunter and Jaime and decided a trip to the cafeteria would be a good thing, so they could have some alone time. He paged the nurse to unhook his IV, so he could walk a bit. Once he was free and clear, he walked up and pulled the curtain between the beds and told the boys he was going to take a bit of a walk so they could have some private time. “But keep the fucking noise down, Hunter. You don’t need to be wailing like a whore!” The three boys laughed, and Vic left for his walk. He didn’t even think of the fact that the backside of his gown was open, and he was showing his perfect ass to the world until a nurse walked up to him and placed another gown on him… backwards. He apologized to the nurse and headed to the elevator. Back in the room, Hunter and Jaime were into a long-overdue, and extremely passionate, kiss. While they were kissing, Jaime lifted Hunter’s gown and found what he’d been missing for the last 18 months. He cradled his lover’s hairless, tight ball sac and gently squeezed, causing a deep moan from Hunter. “Baby, I have been dreaming about this every night I’ve been away from you.” Jaime then opened his mouth and engulfed every inch of Hunter’s throbbing cock, massaging the sensitive head each time he swallowed. Hunter gasped out loud as soon as his cock entered the mouth of his lover. Jaime grabbed the pillow beneath his boyfriend’s head and placed it over his mouth. Once he had Hunter sufficiently muffled, he began bobbing his head up and down, moaning around the curved cock every time it entered his throat. After just a few minutes, Jaime wrapped his fingers around Hunter’s full balls and began to gently massage them, sending his lover over the edge. Jaime pulled up so just the head of Hunter’s cock was in his mouth, coating his tongue with the sweet and salty nut spewing out of his lover’s cock. Jaime licked every drop of cum from the softening cock in his mouth. He looked up at Hunter and smiled, only Hunter didn’t return the smile as he was sound asleep. “Damned pain meds,” Jaime muttered to himself as he lowered the hospital gown and pulled the blanket up over the beautiful jock-boy who happened to be sleeping with a smile on his face. Vic returned a few minutes later carrying a tray of hot coffees with cream and sugar packets. “Hey, I decided to bring back some coffee. You guys want some?” “Hunter’s sound asleep.” Vic looked at Hunter and grinned. “Oh yeah, asleep with that freshly-nutted look on his face. He’ll be out for at least an hour!” Vic crawled back into his bed and got himself situated. “C’mon over and have some coffee. It sure isn’t Starbucks, but it’s got the caffeine.” Jaime went over to Vic’s side of the room and pulled up a chair. They fixed their coffee to the relative liking and just leaned back. “You know, that cowboy is pretty fucking amazing. I had a hard time at the beginning of the semester and he helped me through some personal shit.” “He thinks the world of you, ya know. He’s not much for writin’ letters, but the few I did get had some awful nice things to say about you.” “Jaime, just so you know… Hunter never told me about you until we were well into the semester. When he finally did, I just didn’t feel right messing around with him like we had been. Sure, we still did some stuff afterwards, but nothing near what we had been doing.” “You didn’t have to stop on my account…” “Oh, I know that. Cowboy was really clear about it. And I will admit we slept together… SLEPT together most every night. It’s just… I don’t know… comfortable. “I get it. Really, dude. It’s all good.” The boys sat back and turned the television to ESPN News while sipping on their coffees. About thirty minutes later, there was knock on the door and a surprised Vic saw Coach Reese walk into the room. “Greenley, how’re you feeling, son?” “Got a helluva headache, but my parents are coming in tonight to hopefully spring me from this place.” “Landry?” “Broken leg. We got hit by a drunk driver. The whole thing is just fucked up. Oh… sorry, Coach.” “You get a pass, nothing to worry about.” He looked at Jaime. “And who are you, son?” “Vega, sir. Jaime Vega. I’m Hunter’s best friend from high school. Home on leave from the Army for a few weeks, sir.” “Jaime, you think you can wake up Hunter? I need to talk to both boys for a bit.” Jaime went over to his boyfriend and gently nudged his shoulder. “Hey baby, what’s up?” Coach Reese cleared his throat and chuckled, “I’d ask you boys to get a room, but it seems that I’m in it.” Hunter woke up quickly. “Coach! Oh God, sorry about that. Guess you figured that Jaime is really special for me.” “Yeah, yeah. It’s so hard keeping up with what you kids are up to. Jaime, would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes? I need to talk to the boys.” “Coach, he can stay. He’s gonna be involved with my recovery for the next few weeks and I’d tell him anythin’ we say.” “Up to you, Landry. Okay… I’ll make this quick as possible. Hunter, I spoke with your surgeon last night and he shared your recover and therapy schedule. After a little bit of back and forth, we came up with a plan that will get you back in the pool sooner than later.” “Okay, I’m listening…” “You will most likely be in here for two or three weeks… or at least they are able to get you into a cast that will allow you to be on crutches. After you get out of here, you will have another four to six weeks in the cast. “Once you are out of the cast, you’ll have physical therapy for a minimum of four weeks, most likely six to eight weeks.” “Yeah, that’s what they’ve been tellin’ me.” “Hunter, before I go on, I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to make sure you don’t lose your spot on the team. You’re too valuable and a vital part of our future.” “That’s good to know, sir.” “You will be up here for the rest of the season, this semester, and most of the Spring semester. So, with your permission, we need to get your personal belongings shipped to you up here. On top of that, we have some boys tripled up in their room and they could sure use some extra space.” “Wow, I mean, it makes sense I guess.” Hunter looked over at Vic. “Yankee boy, you need to have some input on this, dontcha think?” “Yeah, I guess. I mean, I’ll totally hate not having you around, but if there’s someone who needs the space, I guess it’s what has to be done.” Vic looked over to his coach and asked, “It’s still someone on the swim team?” “Well, he’s on the dive team. Real promising kid, too. His name is Andy Cho. He stayed on campus over the break and will be moving in over the weekend… if that’s what everyone agrees to.” “Just one question, Coach. Is he gonna have a problem with me and…” “No, no, no. I talked to his coaches and they assured me that he’s totally cool with that sort of thing. No one knows what side of the fence he falls on, but he’s been great friends with the gay boys on the dive team. It’s not an issue.” “Okay, I guess I’m good with it them. I guess it’s up to you, Cowboy.” “Well, if I’m going to be stuck up here for a while, I totally need my stuff. And since that’s gonna leave a space, then it should be used. So yeah, I’m good with it as long as I know I have a place when I’m done with all this up here.” “Of course you do, son. We need you on the team. And I have one more part of the plan. You’ll be spending the summer in Austin with our trainers to get you back into shape for the next season. If that’s something you’d like to do. Rules won’t let the coaches help you, but that’s why we have graduate assistants and trainers.” “Sounds great, coach… and you can definitely count me in.” That evening, Sam and Claire Greenley arrived in Abilene and drove straight to the hospital. After talking with Vic’s doctor, it was decided that they would grab a flight to Austin the next day and stay with Vic in a hotel through the weekend. On Tuesday afternoon, Vic and Hunter asked for some privacy and got it. They shared a kiss and a tearful goodbye. The boys promised to Skype and stay in touch, and the buddies set out on their separate paths. The Greenley’s spent the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday in a two-bedroom suite at the W Hotel in downtown Austin. Thanksgiving dinner was at Bess Bistro, a wonderful restaurant owned by the actress Sandra Bullock. As delicious as it was, it still didn’t quite live up to the joys of a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner. On Sunday afternoon, Sam and Claire dropped Vic off at the dorm on their way to the airport. When he got into the room, he was thrown off by the different décor from his new roommate. He apparently was a neat-freak, which Vic observed by the tidy room to the right. After a long goodbye and much fewer tears, Vic stripped himself of all clothing and crashed in his room. About an hour later, a beautiful Korean boy was standing in the door frame of his new roommate’s bedroom, admiring up close the boy he’d been appreciating from a distance since the start of the school year. At first, Andy Cho was confused and scared by the strange feelings he was having for the stunning swimmer from Massachusetts. He couldn’t be gay. He’d never been attracted to boys his entire life. The first time he saw Vic Greenley flash his smile as he climbed on the starting block, he was smitten. From that day on, Andy fantasized about the possibilities, both emotionally and sexually with Vic. On the other hand, he knew he could never tell anyone how he felt. He was adopted and raised by Korean parents in Los Angeles. He learned at a young age that in the Korean culture, one did not talk to others about their feelings, as they would be a burden to those closest to them. He learned to be strong and handle his feelings the best way he could. This would be no different. While staring at the stunning naked boy lying in bed, Andy didn’t even realize that he had been stroking his six inches of hard cock… until it was too late, and he began filling his jeans with one of the most powerful orgasms he’d ever had in his young life. ‘Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,’ thought Andy. He was in love (yeah, he was pretty sure this is what love felt like) with the most beautiful, and naked, man he’d ever seen. He could never tell a soul about his feelings. He couldn’t let himself succumb to the feelings and raging hormones coursing through his body. ‘No,’ he thought, ‘this was NOT such a good idea.’ Andy Cho decided he was not going to let himself fall in love with Vic Greenley.
  14. Making a "Splash"

    That's actually a good question, Jeffrey. My writing experience is in playwriting (for musicals) and my experience as a director helps me with character development with my actors. I guess all of that probably has been infused into my writing here, which I've only been doing for a couple of years. I'm suuuuuuuuch a newbie compared to the other authors! (Cia would agree as she's corrected me on more than a couple stupid mistakes! LOL)
  15. VIC GREENLEY COMES HOME By Geoff Chassen CHAPTER 3 – MAKING A “SPLASH” Vic was adapting well to his new routine and life in Austin. He was both thrilled and relieved that there were no more problems regarding his sexuality… just as Hunter had assured him would be the case. Hunter… Vic and his cowboy roommate were getting tighter and were quickly becoming best of friends. While the slept with each other and got each other off on a regular basis, neither of the boys felt a need to take things further on an emotional level. For Vic, the “friends with benefits” thing was a new concept and he was enjoying it. As Hunter so accurately described it, “all the fun with none of the pressure or expectations.” Labor Day weekend meant three days away from training and Hunter was thrilled. He told Vic they were going to Splash Days out on Lake Travis and Hippie Hollow. Vic cocked his head with a questioning look. “Dude… Splash Days is a big ol’ gay party out on Lake Travis. Hippie Hollow is a nude beach that’s about 99% gay for the weekend. We’re gonna help you get rid o’ yer white-ass tan lines!” Friday night, after the boys-only session at the pool, Jerry and a few of the other guys invited Vic and Hunter to join them for pizza. Hunter declined for both and told them it was Splash weekend and they were going downtown for some dancing with some friends. As they were heading back to the dorm, Jerry caught up with the boys and asked if he could join them. Hunter stopped in his tracks and said, “Dude, we’re gonna be dancin’ at Rain. Rain is a gay bar. Dude, yer straight… and a total hottie. You’d be getting’ hit on by twinks and daddies all night. Some of ‘em’ll be feelin’ you up, too. You cool with that?” “Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. Not all of us are from back-asswards Texas. I’m from Dallas. My best friend in high school was gay. He would take me to JR’s in Oak Lawn all the time. With our fake ID’s, we’d dance all night. It was a blast. And just so you know, I’m totally cool with my hetero-ness and can handle a few hands on my magnificent ass. Besides, there are always hot straight chicks at gay bars. It’ll be a blast!” Vic just shook his head. “Dude, what the fuck? Do I get a surprise or a shock every day I’m here?” Jerry laughed and put his arm around Vic’s shoulder. Dude, it’s a pleasure, a joy, and a kick-in-the-ass to put our Yankee visitors in a place where their preconceived notions about us Texans are chipped away little by little.” “Asshole! Hey, two questions. First, why don’t you have a funny accent like my cowboy compadre, here?” “Vic, Hunter doesn’t have all that much of an accent, even though he’s from West Texas. Now you, on the other hand…” “I don’t have an accent! I’ve never had an accent!” “Whatever, Yankee boy! What’s your second question for Jer?” Vic looked at Jerry with a serious face. “Are you telling me I could’ve been grabbing your hot little ass all this time and it would have been cool?” The three boys were howling with laughter as they headed into the elevator. Vic told Jerry to meet them at 10:30 at the front door to catch the Uber he had ordered earlier in the day. All three met as planned and looked great. Hunter had his black skinny jeans and a burnt-orange Longhorn tee that hugged tight on his pecs and hung loosely from there down. Jerry had on grey skinny jeans a Maroon 5 tee. Vic had on a pair of deep burgundy skinny jeans and a white v-neck that was now about a half-size too small from the conditioning and weight training that had been taking place. It only took about fifteen minutes for the guys to arrive at Fourth Street and Rain. There was already a bit of a line outside the door. When the guys got to the door, their ID’s were checked. Jerry, who was 21, paid his cover and waited inside for the other two boys. Vic and Hunter paid their cover and since they were under 21, had large X’s drawn on the tops of their hands with Magic Markers. Vic wasn’t all that thrilled with the markings, but Hunter assured him they would be gone by the time they had to go to the next practice Monday morning. The music was thumping, and the lights were pulsing to the beat. The three boys immediately started dancing as they made their way to the dance floor, which was packed with hot boys moving to the new dance mix of Kylie Minogue’s “Time Bomb.” It only took about ten minutes for the three boys to work up quite a sweat. Hunter was the first boy on the floor to peel off his tee-shirt and his two friends quickly followed suit. That caused quite a roar of approval from the other boys surrounding them and soon, nearly half the boys had also peeled off their shirts and tucked them into the back of their pants. The energy inside the club was palpable and after another ten minutes of dancing full out, the boys moved off the dance floor and went to the back terrace to have some water and chill out a bit. Vic was having a blast. He decided the best thing about Austin bars was the lack of smoke. The city had a smoking ban in all public spaces including bars, restaurants, and even the public parks. The boys had a blast and were by far among the hottest in the club. After a couple hours of dancing their asses off, they decided to call it a night. Hunter texted for an Uber as they finished one last glass of ice water. Jerry and Vic tipped the bartender generously, which was greatly appreciated. As the boys were waiting for their car, Vic asked Jerry if he had a good time. “Oh, fuck yeah! The energy in there was awesome as shit! And if I do say so myself, from the perspective of a hetero, you boys were the hottest things in there!” Vic grinned from ear-to-ear as Hunter hooted a “Fuck, yeah!” On the way back to campus, Hunter asked the driver to stop at Walgreen’s, so they could pick up some sunscreen. The driver pulled into the parking lot and Hunter ran in and got some top-rate sunscreen. The last thing they needed was sun-burnt asses and dicks for the Monday morning workout. While Hunter was in the store, Vic asked Jerry if he got groped as much as he did. “Probably, especially on the dance floor. I lost count of how many twinks were dry-humping me. It’s all good. I see it as a total compliment.” “You coming to Hippie Hollow with us tomorrow?” “Oh, Hell no! I’ll dance with the pretty boys, but I gotta draw the line at showin’ my junk!” “I’ve seen your junk, dude. It ain’t all that!” “Whatever, Yankee boy! We all can’t be blessed like you and the cowboy! Speakin’ of which, are you two an item now?” “Hey, I’ll never tell!” “Ha! You just did!” Vic looked up and saw the Uber driver trying to suppress a laugh. He started to blush, which only egged Jerry on. “And that red tint to your face only confirms it!” “It’s not what you think, dude. Seriously!” Just in the nick of time, Hunter hopped into the front seat of the car and the boys were soon on their way back to the dorm. Once in their room, Hunter and Vic shed their clothes and admired each other’s bodies. “Damn, Yankee boy! You sure know yer way around a dance floor! You were hot as fuck tonight!” “You too, cowboy! Where’d you learn those moves?” “Aww, when I’d get bored at the ranch, I’d dance and prance around with the sheep!” “You dufus! Get over here. Looking at all those hot boys made me horny tonight. How about you?” Hunter gave Vic his signature seduction look, stepped to his roomie, and began kissing him. Of course, being teenagers, it took mere seconds for their impressive cocks to fill out and began dueling for space between their lean and muscular bodies. “Dude, I’m so fucking horny,” Hunter gasped as they broke their kiss for air. “My ass has an uncontrollable craving for some big Yankee dick. You good with that?” “We’ve never…” “Can’t think of a better time to start, dude. Follow me.” Hunter led Vic into his room and laid down on top of him for a long, deep kiss. Tongues were doing their seductive dance as the boys began humping their leaking cocks together. “Dude, you keep rubbing your cock against me and I’m gonna nut real soon.” “Good. Then you’ll last longer when you fuck me!” The boys went back to kissing and humping and in no time at all, their hot and creamy essence filled any available space between them. Hunter kept the grinding motion going and neither boy lost their erections. Hunter pulled himself off Vic and scooped up a large amount of cum, slathering it onto Vic’s hard cock. He scooped up even more and worked it into his more-than-ready ass. “Holy fuck, cowboy. That’s hot as shit!” “Not as hot as this big boy is gonna feel inside me,” Hunter growled as he covered Vic’s cock with even more of their slick cum. “You ready?” “Fuck yeah!” Hunter squatted over his roomie and grabbed onto the eight-inches of Freshman dick, aiming for his cum-lubed hole. He slowly lowered himself onto Vic’s thick cock, pausing a couple of times to get used to the thickness. “Jesus Vic! That feels amazin’!” Panting already, Vic could only answer with, “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” When Vic bottomed out, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, overcome with pleasure. “Nice… so fuckin’ nice! Hunter leaned forward, placing his hands on the firm pecs in front of him. He began to move Vic’s cock in and out, squeezing his ass on the way up and dropping down full force. “Oh! [gasp] Fuck! [gasp] Feels [gasp] gooooooood! [moan]” Within minutes, both boys were moaning and grunting at the top of their lungs. Vic was blown away by the control Hunter had over his muscular ass and was happy that things have moved to this point. After a few minutes, Hunter pulled up on Vic’s cock and held himself there. “Pound me, Yankee boy! Fuck the cum outta me!” Vic leaned on his elbows for leverage and began humping into that amazing cowboy ass, while Hunter placed his arms slightly to the back, leaning into Vic’s thrusting cock. The new angle caused a pounding on his prostate right along with his throbbing ass. The moaning and groaning intensified as Vic kept up his frantic pace. Both boys were covered in sweat and their muscles looked even more defined with the shiny sheen. It was truly a sight to behold! With the upward curve in Hunter’s cock, the head was pointing nearly straight up as he began shooting torrent and torrent of scalding cum in a glorious hands-free nut. Each shot flew straight up and landed on the boys in a rain-shower of cum. Between Hunter’s orgasmic screams and the clenching ass on cock, Vic could hold off no longer and began to shoot the largest load of his life into the cowboy teen stud. Completely spent, Hunter lowered himself and Vic’s cock was once again completely buried deep in the warm and tight ass. No words were spoken and the only sound that could be heard was the steady thumping of the bass in their neighbor’s stereo. “I guess we were a little loud, cowboy!” Hunter giggled and lowered himself to Vic for a nice post-fuck kiss. “Wow, that was fuckin’ amazing. Best fuck I ever had, dude!” “I’ll say! You covered the whole bed with your nut!” Vic’s cock softened and slipped out of Hunter’s ass. Hunter suggested they sleep in the other bed and after relaxing in each other’s arms a bit longer, both boys moved to the other bedroom and spooned as they quickly fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, the boys woke up at a leisurely 8:30 and did their business before heading down to the cafeteria for a hearty breakfast. Vic was quiet and thinking a lot about the nude beach trip planned for the day. “You okay, Yankee boy? Did last night bother you or somethin’?” “Oh no! Last night was awesome! I’m just thinking about being nude in public. Something I’ve never done before. I guess I’m just a little nervous about the whole thing.” Hunter leaned into Vic and spoke softly. “Dude! Really?? You stand in front of hundreds of people in that skimpy Speedo. And trust me, you aren’t hidin’ much at all… ‘specially with the size of that awesome dick. This is like a half-step beyond what people see when yer standin’ on the block!” “Well shit! When you put it that way, I guess you’re right. How the Hell did a West Texas cowboy get so damned smart?” “Fuck you!” This time, Vic leaned into Hunter, speaking softly, “Oh don’t worry, tonight you will!” Hunter wiggled his eyebrows and gave Vic a wicked little grin and the boys finished their breakfast and headed back to the room. As had become their new habit, as soon as the door closed, both boys stripped down and admired each other’s bodies. Hunter reached down and cupped Vic’s balls in his hand. “Yankee boy, we got us three hours before we hafta leave. You horny now?” Vic reached down and grabbed the cowboy’s already hard cock. “Why don’t you come with me and find out?” Leading the way, Vic led them both into Hunter’s bed, which still smelled of the previous night’s sex. “What’re we doin’ in here?” “Your bed is already cummy. I can still smell last night’s fucking on the sheets and THAT’S hot as fuck. Now, get me ready and then give me your hot dick!” And that’s exactly what Hunter did. After several minutes of kissing, humping, and sucking, he threw Vic’s legs up in the air and dove in, attacking his roomie’s ass with an expert rim job and tongue-fucking. It didn’t take long at all for Vic to being thrashing about on the bed, grabbing handfuls of sheets, and begging for cowboy cock. “Now, Hunter! I need it now!” Hunter smiled and sat on his knees as he lined his dripping cock with Vic’s wet hole. As he started easing himself in, he asked if needed some lube. “Fuck no, cowboy. Give it to me… just go easy, it’s been a couple weeks.” He eased into the tightness slowly, pulling back out to the head, and stopping to allow Vic to relax and get used to his thickness. What Vic discovered as his ass was being filled was that the slight upward curve of Hunter’s cock was at the perfect angle to stroke and press against his prostate. Each time cock met gland, a moan reverberated from Vic that seemed to begin in his toes. Once he felt his pubic bone press against the muscular orbs of Vic’s ass, Hunter held himself all the way in and began a slow, circular motion with his hips. This was something Vic had never felt before and it was driving him crazy with passion. “Oh fuck! Ohhh fuuuuck! Do it now, cowboy! Fuck me hard, dude!” And he did just as he was asked. Hunter began pounding Vic at a rapid pace, assaulting his prostate mercilessly. Vic couldn’t believe what Hunter was doing to his prostate and the sensations were causing him to thrash about on the bed while grabbing handfuls of sheets. Both boys were now dripping with sweat and anyone close to the room had no doubt that the boys were having amazing sex. Vic’s throbbing cock was harder than it’s ever been and was bouncing up and down, yet never coming in contact with his taut abs. After just a few more minutes of Hunter’s relentless fucking, it was Vic’s turn to spray the bed with his powerful nut and the contractions in his ass were all Hunter needed to fill him with shot after shot of scalding hot cum. Hunter fell forward and collapsed on top of Vic, panting and completely spent. The boys kissed and took a few minutes to recover. “Let’s clean up and get ready to meet Daniel and Jonathan. They’re gonna meet us in front of the dorm in about a half-hour.” “Awesome… just like that fuck, cowboy! Jesus! I felt shit I’ve never felt before!” Hunter’s softening cock slipped out of Vic and they hopped out of the bed. “Jesus Vic, you came all over the fuckin’ floor, dude! Damn!’ Vic giggled and thanked Hunter for the awesome fuck as the two boys headed to their showers. He felt some cowboy cum leaking out of his ass and picked up his pace, so he wouldn’t leak onto the floor. He stepped into the shower and adjusted the water, so it was warm, but not too hot. While soaping up, Vic couldn’t believe how incredible sex with Hunter was. He always thought sex with Gavin was the best, but this was so far beyond anything he had ever experienced. Maybe it was because sex with Hunter was just that… sex. There was no pressure to maintain a romantic relationship. Yeah, that had to be the difference. Thinking about the sex he had with Hunter just now AND last night had Vic’s teenage hormones going and he found his cock hard and throbbing once again. He started stroking, feeling the need to bust another nut again but also thinking that the last thing he needed was to pop wood at a nude beach. Vic stroked hard and fast and in a surprisingly short time, sent another load of cum down the drain. He finished his shower and dried off. He walked out to his room and found a skimpy Speedo and slipped it on before throwing on some cargo shorts and an almost too small “I Like Dick” t-shirt. He figured if it was a big gay party, no one would be shocked. He walked out into the living room and found Hunter sprawled on the sofa in his own cargo shorts and a form-fitting tank top that made Vic blush. It said “Boys. Free Protein Shakes” with an arrow pointing down to his dick. Hunter loaded his bag with sunscreen, towels, and several bottles of water. He told Vic that Daniel and Jonathan would probably be smoking some pot on the way up but to make sure he didn’t partake if he was so inclined. The coaching staff will be doing some random drug testing when they returned to practice after the holiday weekend… at least that’s what usually happens. They made their way downstairs when Hunter got a text from Daniel saying they were parked in front of the dorm. The boys climbed into the back seat of the Lexus SUV and headed to Hippie Hollow. When they arrived, they found one of the last parking spots left and made their way down the trail to the beach. Now, when Vic was told they were going to a beach, he, of course, thought it would be like the beach he was used to on the cape. He was surprised to find that there was indeed a small strip of beach by the water, but most people were finding spots on the numerous large, flat-top rocks that lined the hillside around the lake. The four boys found space fairly close to the water on one large rock that would easily accommodate the entire group. Vic was a little disappointed that there would be little, if any, swimming as the shore was packed with boats filled with partyers. When the boys arrived at their rock, they began to strip down and as each one exposed their goods there were cheers from the boys in the boats. Jonathan and Daniel, regulars at the nude beach had no tan lines and weren’t bothered by the attention. On the other hand, Vic and Hunter sported their impressive erections and got the loudest cheers between the four. Vic and Hunter laid face-down at first and helped each other with their sunscreen. “Damn, Yankee boy… you got yerself one lily-white ass. Don’t worry, though. We’ll keep them cheeks nice and coated so they won’t burn!” It turned out to be a wonderful, relaxing time for all. Vic found the nudity to be a non-issue after about twenty minutes. The only thing that he found to be a bit awkward was Jonathan’s long looks at his roommate. It seemed he didn’t want the summer fling with Hunter to end as much as the cowboy did. He began to feel bad for Jonathan as he would see the sad longing in his eyes. About two hours into their sunbathing, Hunter and Daniel decided to head up to the trees to take a piss, leaving Jonathan and Vic alone. “So Vic, are you and Hunter messing around now?” “Wha—What do you mean?” “No, it’s cool. That’s how he and I spent the summer. The boy has an insatiable sex drive.” “Well, yeah… I guess you could say that.” Jonathan smiled and leaned into Vic, “Just don’t lose your heart like I did. It’ll get you nothing in return. Hunter’s heart is only for one person and no one, and I mean NO one will ever be able to penetrate it.” “What do you mean?” “It’s not for me to say but ask him about Jaime. That’s who has his heart. But I… and now you… get to have his body.” Jonathan’s eyes began to well up with unshed tears. Vic took him into his arms and told him things would get better with time. “I’m sorry. I’m looking like a fool. I couldn’t help it. I totally fell in love with Hunter and he couldn’t go there with me. But I will do whatever I can to keep our friendship. I’d rather have him in my life this way than not at all.” “Hey. Thanks for the heads up. I think I’ll be okay. I’m just not in a place right now where I want a boyfriend, so it’s working out pretty good for us.” “I’m glad for you, I guess. But I’m jealous a bit, too. I just need to learn to be more comfortable around him, so we can let the friendship grow and work out.” “Look dude… you’re good-looking, an awfully sweet guy, and from what I’ve heard, you have a lot to offer. I promise there’s someone out there for you… just like I know there’s someone out there for me. And they say that dude is going to show up in front of us when we least expect it.” “Yeah. You know, I’ve been trying so fucking hard to hate you, but the more I get to know you, the harder it is to not see how cool you are. I hope we can be friends, too… and I promise to stop giving you those awkward looks.” Jonathan sniffed again and pulled away from Vic’s arms. “I’m gonna lay on my stomach so the guys don’t see that I’ve been a fucking big baby while they’ve been gone.” About two hours later, Vic and Hunter were in the back seat of the car as Daniel pulled up to the front of the dorm. Fist bumps, then hugs, then kisses were shared and the swimmers made their way to the cafeteria before heading upstairs. They were starving and had a hearty dinner and then made their way up to their room. As soon as they closed their door the clothes came off. Both boys were happy not to have burnt their asses in the sun. They grabbed some water and went to the sofa. “Hey Hunter, I had a nice talk with Jonathan while you and Daniel went to the trees. Man, he still has it bad for you. But he’ll be fine. It’s just going to take some time.” “Yeah. I really hated endin’ things, but I couldn’t give him what he wanted, ya know.” “You want to talk about it?” “Not really.” “There IS someone, isn’t there?” Hunter paused and went deep into thought. “Yeah. There is. Jaime Vega. We became best friends in middle school and from that time things just got tighter and tighter… until graduation.” “What happened at graduation?” “Well, Jaime was the youngest of three boys. His oldest brother, Frank, joined the Army right after 9-11 happened. A few years later, his other brother signed up. Said he owed it to Frank.” Hunter paused and took a deep breath. “Carlos didn’t make it back. He was driving a supply truck and it got hit by an IED. Carlos’ dyin’ tore up Jaime. At graduation, instead of coming to school with me, he signed up. Said he owed it to Carlos. It broke my heart, but I couldn’t stop him, he would never forgive me. Of course, he had to make it into Special Ops so our contact is really limited. “The last night we were together, he made me promise not to wait for him, that if someone came along, I should go for it. Well, that pissed me off. I sure as fuck wasn’t going to let him break us up. He finally agreed that we would stay together while he was in Afghanistan, but he made me promise to have as much no-strings sex as I could since he figured I would probably explode if I went celibate.” Hunter paused as silent tears began falling down his face. Vic took him in his arms and let his roommate cry. “I’m sorry, dude. I feel like a fool, now. You don’t have to do this.” “Hey cowboy, you took care of me when I was going through my shit. I get to take care of you now.” The boys just sat on the sofa, completely naked, and held on to each other. “How about a movie? I’ll make some popcorn and we can just chill for the night.” “Whaddya got?” “Let’s see what’s on Pay-per-View.” Vic scrolled through the list and they decided on The Avengers. He went into the kitchen and threw a pack of popcorn into the microwave and in just a few minutes, they were into the film and munching on popcorn. The boys were sitting side by side on the sofa with the popcorn between them. When it was gone, Hunter moved the bowl to the other side and casually placed his hand on Vic’s crotch. Being eighteen, his cock quickly responded, and he placed his hand on Hunter’s semi… which wasn’t a semi for long. The stokes were intermittent and slow. Neither boy was trying to get the other off, it was just something comfortable and relaxing. But when the movie ended, Vic took Hunter’s hand and led him into his room. Without saying a word, the settled into a sixty-nine and finished off each other. Hunter shifted and took Vic’s head in his hands while they shared a kiss as well as the remnants of each other’s nut. “Hey, sorry about losin’ it earlier. It’s kinda embarrassin’ cuz I don’t usually share that personal shit.” “That’s why it’s so fucking cool that we get to be here for each other. And honestly, I’m so happy that you have someone like Jaime in your life. And as long as he’s cool about what we’re up to, then I’m cool with it, too. It’s a little different for me to be in this kind of thing, but I’m going with the idea that this is a semester of new things.” Vic got another glimpse into Hunter’s feelings for Jaime as the tears started again. “I just miss him so much. For me, it’s just been easier to not talk about him and do my thing.” “Roll over cowboy. I get to be the big spoon tonight.” Vic wrapped his arms around his roomie as he sniffed and let out a big, relaxing sigh. Within minutes, both boys were sound asleep. Practice with the coaches resumed on Tuesday with more evaluations and adjustments to the swimmer’s technique and strokes. On Friday, the coaches had finished setting up everyone’s training routines and announced that for the next eight weeks, they were on their own. NCAA rules only allowed the coaches a brief time with the athletes in the fall. They would be back with team two weeks before Thanksgiving break to prepare them for the season. Classes went well for both boys. Jerry, Hunter, and Vic worked with each other on their training regimens and tracked their improvement for their coaches. As far as the sexual activities went, Vic pulled himself away since he felt a little uncomfortable messing around when Hunter was so in love with Jaime. They would still have their fun times and rarely wore clothing in their room. Vic totally enjoyed the life of a nudist both in the room and on several trips to the Hollow. By the time the team was reunited with the coaching staff, Vic had no tan lines at all. The boys didn’t particularly enjoy getting up early again for their first practice back with the coaches, but were dressed out and ready to go at 5:30 a.m. Just like the first day of practice at the beginning of the year, everyone swam their races for the staff and had were reevaluated. The three boys had made significant improvement and their coach was thrilled. He felt that he had the strongest medley team in the conference and probably one of the top five teams in the nation. Vic and Hunter were on top of the world by the time Thanksgiving break rolled around. Vic had decided not to go back to the Cape since the break was too short for a good visit. Hunter invited him to the ranch for the holiday and Vic was quite excited to see his first ranch. The drive to West Texas began right after the Wednesday practice since neither of them had any classes. Hunter rented a Ford Expedition for the trip since the weather could be pretty unpredictable that time of year. They stopped for lunch in Amarillo, about an hour from home. The boys were jamming to Maroon 5’s “One More Night” and having a blast despite their horrible singing. The last thing Vic remembered was the sound of metal hitting metal and breaking glass before everything went black.

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