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  1. Changing my signature

    @Reader1810 @Timothy M. Deleted it on my laptop, no problem ... *sigh* Must remember to do it only on the laptop.
  2. Changing my signature

    Been there, tried that - certainly on my tablet I can't find a way of deleting it. Not that my tablet can find, tried that previously as well. I'll try on my laptop later on. Thanks both.
  3. Changing my signature

    Yeah, it was just a link to that particular story which then transformed itself into what you see. I can't see the original link, only what's displayed. It's hardly urgent, just irritating. I thought I'd change it to something else and ....
  4. Changing my signature

    Thanks, Tim, but I know the theory fine. It's just the kind of signature I currently have won't go away. I can't delete, overwrite or do anything else to it.
  5. Changing my signature

    I'm probably being dim here, but I can't work out how to change my signature. I know where to go to change it, but I can't seem to delete my current one. Android tablet using Chrome.
  6. Various formless ideas floating around. Hmm ...
  7. IMG-20170830-WA0007.jpg

    Yeah, you've been missed. Glad to hear you've survived your exams - life's always that much sweeter once you've finished. I'm doing fine. Scribbling quite a bit - prose, not poetry.
  8. IMG-20170831-WA0020.jpg

    If they taste OK, it doesn't matter what they look like.
  9. IMG-20170830-WA0007.jpg

    Great to see you back, Aviana. The crème caramel looks good.
  10. Given a Chance

    Thanks, Carlos. I'm glad this opening chapter made such a good impression. Social isolation, particularly of older people, is one of our modern scourges.
  11. Show, Don't Tell

    Every now and again, I forget, and it's the first thing my editor picks up on. I'm getting better, but still tends to happen in chapters where I'm having to think hard about other aspects ...
  12. Given a Chance

    A situation made more difficult by not being in an urban area, where there was at least a chance of living some sort of life, and being true to yourself. Eric's story will be continuing. Thanks for reading.
  13. Given a Chance

    I'm pleased it made such a connection with you, Val. Adult social care and how to pay for it is a hot topic on this side of the pond, with no easy, obvious answers.
  14. Given a Chance

    @droughtquake Social isolation can happen to all sorts of people for a wide variety of reasons. Loneliness in old age is depressingly common. Eric is at least trying to take his first steps towards changing that. Thanks for reading, drought.
  15. Given a Chance

    multidimensional character? Thank you! Certainly, I have little interest in creating two-dimensional, stock characters. It is too easy to lose yourself in the business of survival, instead of taking time to live your life.

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