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  1. Hope you're well!  We miss seeing you!

  2. Y0rite

    Chapter 1 Michael and Me

    It might sound strange, but your forgiveness has felt like a kind of permission. I have started at the beginning, finding echos of the similar and the different. I'm looking to know more of you and to see better the light you are to so many. -Ms. V
  3. Y0rite

    Chapter 2.2

    I really love this tale, Sasha! It feels visceral and real on a street level. I work in the inner city with homeless, runaway, and street youth and the hormonal and emotional lack of maturity you're using is spot on similar. I've actually told a few kids over the years that I don't have to believe in vampires and werewolves because I've seen the violence that humans employ against each other which is worse than the animal kingdom. I don't know if you meant to but the unconscious choices and imbalances you describe that Kurt makes against his human aspect have triggered every self abuse alarm I have since the last chapter. This character seems to be actually killing his other half from neglect and denial. I see it a lot in our trans kids. @Tazzle001 comments were spot on for wanting councilors or psychologists, and I concur. It's just such a shame that street kids and the critically poor youth rarely seek out even the free resources in an effort to show no weakness that could be preyed upon. So many have ruined chances for adult opportunities and lives before they even have a chance at maturity. I chose the anger icon because your writing is so good, that it is the emotion I'm carrying for the abuse against Tahryn. Yet, I find hope in the role they have chosen for Kurt. Can't stop reading now! 😳
  4. Thank you so much. You are really sweet to read my stories. I do appreciate it. ☺️

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    2. Y0rite


      Okay, I got brave and asked to join the Writer's Circle. So, @Mikiesboy how do I find this Drop in Center?  Am I missing the obvious?  :blushing:

    3. Mikiesboy


      go the main page.. look for Chat.. click on that and then look for Mikiesboy'd Drop in Centre and click on that

    4. Y0rite


      Yea!  I found you!  😃

  5. Y0rite

    Chapter 1

    How cheeky! 😂
  6. Y0rite

    Chapter 12

    Now, I know we're all just bunch of romantics on here, but I wasn't even thinking about Miller & Zef. (And not just because of the vast age difference.) I figured the whole Miller sniffing Jed was about the stab wound and silver poisoning. Wasn't the rogue wolf in book one throwing other lycan off his trail by ingesting silver to change his scent which eventually made him even crazier? I figured that Miller was confused about Jed's smell being off because Jed was still recovering from the silver poisoning.
  7. Y0rite

    Timber Pack Chronicles

    Just goes to show that alpha has nothing to do with height. My dad is 5'9" but no one ever believes it because he's always the calm, confident alpha engineer that shows up and fixes literally anything and everything from budgets, to buildings, to moral.
  8. Y0rite

    Chapter 34

    😊 "Yeah. Beat that ass. Beat it like a piñata." LOL 🤣
  9. Y0rite

    Aquinas' Story

    I really enjoyed this piece! I almost didn't read it because it still reads "In process." For an older story, I worried it might have been abandoned. Yet, I'm drawn to stories with older characters. You reflected perfectly how the insecurities are often the hardest obstacle no matter what our age. ~chuckle~ I'm so glad I took the chance and found it wonderfully complete. 😊
  10. Y0rite

    Chapter 42 Believe

    Wow, I was sure that the picture took at the swim competition would be the vehicle that exposed him to Officer Ambrose, in a local paper on local sports or something. Then the whole 'walking up the driveway' maneuver. I'm biting my nails to see how the Stevensons handle helping him start to dig out from this mess of misunderstandings surrounding Andy's dad being killed and Stephan/Eric/Andy running. 😬
  11. Y0rite

    from Ch 98: Shimmering Reality

    Ice and frost are like a coating of diamond dust when the angle of the light is just so. 💜 😊
  12. Y0rite

    Chapter 11

    sent a PM instead
  13. Y0rite

    Chapter 6

    The biggest speed bumps in relationships is when the communication shuts down or fails. I just want to cry now.
  14. I think the line goes, "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can. Change is coming 'round real soon make us women and men." I think the boys are getting started early. Love the characters, and the thinking and circumstances are so real that I can't help but shudder at the storms of life that are coming for them.
  15. Y0rite

    It's All Coming Together

    I screamed! I come from a large military family, and I instantly knew what it meant. Now I get why you were spending so much time and detail on Ryan's dreams. Actually, it's just about Memorial Day in the US as I'm reading this, which is a huge deal in my family. Grandparents, uncles & aunts, cousins & close friends, fill our cars with buckets and buckets of flowers from our gardens, load up the kids and have a huge gathering at the cemetery. The retired generation leads us through the family gravesides and tells the stories of our families' lives and service to their country while we decorate with homegrown flowers. The huge cookout comes after, and the stories continue from every branch of service, and minor engagements through all the wars. Though we're told each year during Memorial and Veteran's Day, we couldn't imagine not hearing them again and reconnecting the family. You have such a gift for connecting us to your characters and the places they inhabit. I'm bursting with pride for Ryan, too, and want to brag about him to my family. ~chuckle~ I did go so far as to call and tell my daughter (who just enlisted in the Navy this last fall) about this wonderful story I'm reading. If you're going for realism, now the circus will start, yet Clayton's background and resources should help them navigate the storm to come for one of these medals. 😃

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