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  1. Karl 1960

    Chapter 13

    Buddy changed his mind on who he likes. Did not see that coming. Good chapter. I am enjoying the story.
  2. Karl 1960


    Several times after I would read a chapte.r I would say to myself, that is it I am not reading anymore of this. Then a new chapter would appear and I would pass over it for a few days, but then I would go back to it and read it. A few times I wanted to kill Jeff for what he was doing to his children. Thank you for the story and the total turn around and a very good ending.
  3. Karl 1960

    Chapter 3

    interesting story. Can"t wait to see where it goes.
  4. Karl 1960

    Chapter 2

    i liked both chapters and I got them. Keep writing. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. Karl 1960

    New Best Friend

    Great story I do feel bad for Artie having to decide who he wants to be curious with.
  6. Karl 1960


    Great first 2 chapters. I love your style of writing. I have read all of the stories you have on here. Thanks.
  7. Karl 1960


    This is a great story. Perfect last chapter. Thank you.
  8. Karl 1960

    Another Day at the Park

    I loved this whole W.A.R. series. Every one of them were just great. Thank you. I hope you write more stories.
  9. Karl 1960

    Chapter 23

    Thanks for a great story with a happy ending.
  10. Karl 1960

    A Safe Environment

    I can't wait to see dad's reaction when David finally tells him why Simon wants to leave the religion.
  11. Karl 1960

    Chapter 14

    This was a great story. I enjoy all your stories. Keep them coming. Thanks
  12. Karl 1960

    Letters 9+10

    Great story. Very moving and sad. Thank you.
  13. Karl 1960

    Chapter 30

    This whole series was great. Starting as Marty and Marco and then adding the twins, Ben and Sam, and now Brian. I look forward to Brian goes to college. Thanks for this.
  14. Karl 1960

    Chapter 25

    There is and old saying, that is well that ends well. This was a great story with a very happy ending. Zac found his door number three in Austin. Thanks for this story Ron. I hope you write more soon.
  15. Karl 1960

    Chapter 29

    This was and awesome chapter. I had a feeling Brian would beat himself up a lot more then Marty or Marco would. Like Marty said you are living with 2 gay men who know what happens when boys get horny. The new SUV is a perfect graduation gift for Brian since he has been a great big brother to Sam and Ben. He is lucky to have found his new loving family.

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