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  1. Neon

    . In a future where it never ceases to rain, Joel finds himself alone on the streets after curfew. How he got there is not clear, his memory is fragmented. Is it being rescued to find yourself in a sex club? Past, present and future are interwoven, somehow there must be an answer? Perhaps, he is the answer? And what about the other boys? What about the planet? Is there a future? .
  2. Hello, welcome to GA, I hope you enjoy my stories posted here.

    Will 😊

  3. Brokeback Mountain? Mebbe . . .

    Is it Brokeback or Matt Dillon?
  4. Sci-fi makes for poor reading!

    It might feature such thought-stretching concepts as time travel and warp drives, but reading science fiction actually makes you read more “stupidly”, according to new research. In a paper published in the journal Scientific Study of Literature, Washington and Lee University professors Chris Gavaler and Dan Johnson set out to measure how identifying a text as science fiction makes readers automatically assume it is less worthwhile, in a literary sense, and thus devote less effort to reading it. This is an interesting article and you can read it in full here: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/nov/23/science-fiction-triggers-poorer-reading-study-finds
  5. Called To The Gates

    It’s ironic that he sang Hallelujah to enter through the pearly gates in this religious fable about being true to yourself. The words of that song describe the struggle of a love affair, “and love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah.” But then perhaps those words reflect the turmoil of a failed artist and what happens to him in the end. The moral of the story? I leave you to work that one out for yourself.
  6. Imagine Magazine Question #10

    It's another interesting topic, one I can't very well comment on, because when I was young we didn't have mobiles and dating Apps. Dating Apps, now there is a euphemism for sex encounters, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with meeting up for sex, no difference using an App to picking or getting picked up at a disco or club. Don't tell me you went to a club because you like dancing or felt like a drink with friends! Even if that’s true, your eyes looked around at all those guys, sex was in the air. There is no way to know how or when you might meet the guy for you, and if it will last a night or a lifetime. Personally I have never had sex with someone I didn't love or wouldn't have been ready to start a relationship with. If it never happened, there were reasons why, but those reasons would never be about where or how I met the guy, on an App, in a club, or on the beach.
  7. Chapter 1

    This short story was all about the clever twist at the end, which I loved, along with the descriptiveness: "I smelled the guilt on him. It was overpowering the dark roasted coffee in the shop that day..." And, it's thanks to @R J Drew whose review made me stop to read it.
  8. Readers, What Do You Skip?

    The comments about what and why readers skip stuff is interesting, but also frustrating and handicapped - without actual examples it is difficult to be clear about what people are saying when they start to be specific, but don't go the whole way and quote. What are sex scenes that go on and on? Well written, trundles on, lacks dialogue and doesn't engage (does beg the question, why are you reading it?), but doesn't help much with knowing what you are talking about, the example. I only pick these comments because they are the most recent, not for any other reason. You see, six pages in and I know there are loads of things readers don't like and skip, but I'm not too clear as to exactly what, because no one wants to quote. I don't see how you can progress with generalities. I find it annoying that several people complain about grammar and even go as far as saying they would not read something that doesn't have an editor. I find it annoying because I am an author without an editor and probably with bad grammar thrown in for good measure. I find it annoying because you would make that choice not to read without opening chapter one. Of course that is your choice, but excludes the vast majority of amateur writing on here that doesn't have an editor, or beta readers.
  9. Common Editing Issues #1

    This could be incorrect, but in the example given, "The green balls," is a fragmented sentence. However, if you were trying to achieve an effect, you might write - The green balls! - the exclamation emphasising the "green balls" which you would explain, reveal, in the following sentence. The reader is startled by these "green balls" as is the person observing them in the story. I can only see this working with an exclamation.
  10. Published a book in a Kindle Competition. Need Support!

    Nice one Emi. You should have told everyone it costs only US$ 3.00, 2.50 €uros, or £2.26 if you buy it. Good luck with the book and the competition.
  11. Readers, What Do You Skip?

    The thing I found odd about "what do you skip" is that I did not imagine people read books skipping through bits, because I don't. A good story grabs me with the first line, the first paragraph, first few paragraphs, or by the end of the first chapter. Someone here once told me that in the absence of summaries or reviews you should read the first chapter or two to see if you like it. That is what I do, and I will read on into the second chapter if I am not sure about the writing. If I find I have to skip bits of the first chapter, or get into chapter two and skip bits, for whatever reason, they have all been mentioned previously, then I drop the book, I put it down and don't read on. Therefore, I never read a book and skip bits, I savour every word and description the author has written, sometimes I even reread a paragraph because I think I read it too quickly. Yes, I do read fast and slow, better I never skip through a book I have chosen to read.
  12. Chapter Twenty Five - Maybe, Truly, Certain.

    I struggled with this part of the story, but it is the harsh real world and sadly things don't always work out to give a happy ending for everyone.
  13. Chapter Twenty Four – Obscure Coincidences

    You are an astute reader, but preventing tragedy is a tall order, we will have to see.
  14. Happy Belated B-day, William! I hope you had a great day! :)


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