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    What Documentaries Are Worth Watching?

    I could see myself watching the nation park one. It's just really fun seeing all that amazing scenery and perhaps planning a trip to them one day. I love Planet Earth and Cosmos, both of them are so brilliant. I'll make sure to check out all the others, thank you for such a great detailed list! It's nice to have all these suggestions to pick from! I'll make sure to check it out! Thank's for the list, It's definitely worth checking out resources like this festival! I love Frontline! Nazi Hunter also sounds really interesting. I love learning about WWII so this one will be at the top of my list for sure. I'll make sure to check out some on youtube! It will be a great easy place to watch them! This is definitely something I would love! LGBTQ films, especially those with San Fran connections would be very helpful to my current story! Also, Coming Out Under Fire sounds very interesting, I can't imagine sacrificing your life only to be judged for your sexuality.
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    Sometimes things happen at surprising times in our lives, I hope you stumble upon a gentlemen of your own one day soon! For now, I'm more than happy to keep writing stories for you all! It's always really nice to hear they brighten peoples days!
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    The Tavern

    Chapter 12: The Tavern The rest of the night was quiet, but Adam stayed by my side until I fell asleep. He doesn’t have to do this. He doesn’t have to sit with me and feel my pain. He’s already conquered his demons. Yet he’s with me anyway. Rising to the challenge of what a parent should be. The next morning I took my time waking up. Sure, I feel better than last night, but I still need a few more hours to piece everything together. I still have so many questions that are unanswered. As I started to descend the stairs and heard the living room T.V. on I couldn’t help but sigh. Is he here again already? I like him, but is he really pushing this hard this fast? I mean breaking into my house again? Yet as the staircase opened up to the rest of the living room I had to do a double take. “Adam?” I asked, reaching the last few steps. “Look who’s finally up.” He teased, glancing back to me. “How are you feeling?” “Better.” I replied, cautiously watching him. “Everything okay?” “Just fine.” He answered as our eyes met. “I figured I’d take the day off so we can do something together.” “And Lindsay’s just okay with that?” I pressured, trying to get a better idea of his work life. “Okay is a stretch.” Adam swayed his head. “But she understands you’re important.” “Oh.” I exhaled, starting to think it over. “Did you, uhm, did you tell her?” “About our conversation last night?” He asked drawing a nod from me. “Nope, it’s not my place. I want you to tell her the next time you see her.” “Adam,” I hesitated. “I don’t know if I can do that.” “I know it’s hard.” He began in a serious voice. “But it gets easier as you do it. Plus we already know she doesn’t care, so it’ll be good practice.” “Okay.” I agreed, but as I looked away I knew he could tell how much it was weighing on me. “Go get changed.” He instructed, slowly rising to his feet. “I want to take you somewhere for lunch.” I nodded but stayed quiet before running upstairs and getting dressed. When I came back down Adam kept our destination a secret but told me we wouldn’t be going far. He was trying his hardest to hide his anxious eye twitch, but just like with my Mom, it always found its way to show. Like every other trip he led me from one bus to another, until finally we found ourselves at the corner of a busy intersection. Without saying a word he turned me towards the direction we were headed and pointed to the opposite side of the street. I gulped hard as I saw countless rainbow flags decorating a few of the buildings and street lamps. “You don’t have to be ashamed Artie.” He suddenly began as my eye’s locked onto a giant colorful flag. “We’re free to be who we are here.” “Alright.” I forced out as he started to lead me down the street. “This is it.” He explained as he reached a big tan building on the street corner. “This is the Twin Peaks Tavern. It was one of the first official gay bars to open here in San Francisco.” He proudly lectured. “The owners left the windows uncovered at a time when people could’ve lost their jobs, houses or families for their sexuality.” “Why?” I asked, finally looking up at him. “Because at some point you can’t hide anymore.” He shook his head. “At some point you just say fuck it, and show the world who you are. At some point you realize there’s not a problem with you, but with everyone who judges you for something so small.” I nodded and followed him inside the small restaurant. It took a little bit to get us a table, but when we finally sat down Adam looked completely at home. “You doing okay?” He asked, glancing up at me. “I think so.” I nodded, still looking at everything going on around me. “So everyone here is like, gay.” “Not everyone.” Adam laughed. “Straight people come here too. It’s open to any person who wants to come in, no matter what they identify as.” “Oh.” I exhaled, finally looking back down at my menu. “You can ask questions if you want.” Adam encouraged, seeing the curiosity in my eyes. “Do you come here a lot?” I asked, catching him off-guard. “I didn’t mean questions like that.” He nervously laughed once more. “But yes, I used to when I was younger. Then the business took off and I just haven’t had the time or energy.” I nodded before glancing up at him then right back down. “When did you come out to your parents?” “There it is.” He exhaled. “I came out when I was a little younger than you, literally the day I got kicked out.” “Why?” I forced myself to ask, too curious to hold off. He took a deep breath and put his menu down. “Like I said, at some point you can’t hold it in anymore.” He answered, trying to force eye contact. “I couldn’t live a lie just to satisfy my parents. I saved up enough in case they kicked me out, and then just told them.” “My Mom shouldn’t’ve let you go.” I shook my head. “It’s not her fault.” He quickly clarified. “She was pregnant and scared about her own situation, and my parents, they were so angry with me.” “Did you know that’s how they would react?” I asked, finally looking into his eyes. “I expected it.” He confessed. “But no matter what there’s still a part of you hoping for something different. A part of you that just wants their parent’s acceptance. I thought that maybe, maybe their love for their kids would outweigh everything else. That maybe we could all move away together.” “You wanted that?” I pressured, shocked by his answer. “Yeah.” He slowly nodded. “I wanted a fresh start with all of them. Sarah could’ve had you without everyone’s judgment. My parents could’ve pursued whatever dreams they still had. I could’ve been free to date who I wanted, but I guess life doesn’t always work like that.” “No?” I led. “After that night they changed Artie.” He shook his head. “They were always bible thumpers, but hearing that their son was gay, it changed them. They grew angrier, and I’m still not sure at who.” “I don’t know.” I forced out. “But if I had to guess, it’s everyone around them. They, they hate everyone different from them.” “Yeah, they do.” Adam nodded his head. “Did, did my Mom say anything when you were getting thrown out?” I asked in a shaky voice. He took a second to prepare his answer as he braced for the emotions rising in his body. “She told me she loved me,” He began, trying to gather as much strength as he could. “that nothing would ever change that but she was hurt. She didn’t know when she’d be able to talk to me again, but she said I’d always be in her prayers.” “She didn’t hate you like everyone else?” I questioned. “No,” He quickly rejected. “because that wasn’t your mom. She could never hate anybody. I-I know she would’ve eventually come back into my life, we just ran out of time.” “I wish she did.” I confessed starting to back off. “I wish we could’ve had a movie night, just the three of us.” “One day we will.” He forced a smile and nodded. “So now it’s your turn,” He exhaled, relieved to finally have all his answers out there. “you’re really dating Dizzy?” “I guess so.” I shrugged as a blush filled my face. “You guess so?” He teased with a smile. “I don’t know, I.” I paused as I remembered his words from outside of the tavern. Fuck it! “Yes. We’re dating.” “When did that start?” He asked as his smile turned proud. “It’s hard to say.” I swayed my head. “I guess like, that day when you and Lindsay were teasing me about having a girlfriend.” “Woh, woh,” Adam let out as everything started to connect in his head. “so those girls,” “Yeah.” I nodded, saving him the words. “So you had two guys chasing you before you even came out!” Adam yelped, louder than intended. “Sorry.” He giggled as a few people glanced over to us. “I did.” I nodded, trying my hardest to fend off the red on my cheeks. “It was between Dizzy and Ky.” “Like the kid you went surfing with?” Adam interrupted in excitement. “Wait! Is that the kid I met when I dropped you off on your first day?” “That’s not important.” I sheepishly dismissed. “It’s so important.” He insisted. “Lindsay was right, you are a little heartbreaker.” “So back to Dizzy.” I warned in a serious voice. “Yeah, Dizzy.” Adam shook his head. “Why’d you pick him?” “I don’t know.” I lied, looking back down at the menu in my hands. “Come on, I shared with you.” He provoked, giving me a light nudge with his foot. “He just always makes me laugh.” I shrugged, trying my hardest not to smile too wide. “It’s like every trip we go on is this new adventure. It’s like to him the world is a big open road to explore, and I don’t know, I think I’ve had enough of sitting on the sidelines.” “So I should be worried is what you’re telling me.” Adam teased in a laugh. “No, we, we’re always safe.” I dismissed, remembering who I was talking to. “It’s just that everything is exciting with him, that makes sense right?” “Completely.” He proudly nodded. “So then do you think you’re totally gay, or do you like girls too?” I started to tap my fingers against the table as I thought it over. “I don’t think I like girls.” I confessed. “Even in Texas, I don’t know, I just never had much interest in a girlfriend.” “Then you move here and get a boyfriend within the first two weeks.” Adam smiled. “Yeah.” I nodded my head. “Life’s weird like that I guess.” “I don’t think so.” Adam dismissed. “I think you’ve always wanted a boyfriend, you’ve just been keeping it from yourself. Then I think you got to move somewhere free and you let it out, even if you didn’t realize it.” “Is that what happened to you?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Did you get a boyfriend right away?” “Yup.” He nodded his head. “But that’s a story for another day. It’s time for you to share right now.” “Well I don’t know what else to say.” I shook my head. “I guess I-I’m, gay.” I forced out in a strong voice. “I’m gay.” “That’s all you needed to say.” He laughed as pride coated his face. The rest of the lunch was a lot easier from there. I thought we were close before, but nothing compared to opening up completely to one another. When my Mom passed I didn’t know if I would ever form a connection as strong as the one I had with her. Yet I can feel one starting with her brother. I can feel myself growing closer to him. I can feel him becoming more than just an Uncle. “So,” Adam began in a serious voice as lunch wrapped up. “does Dizzy know why you moved out here?” I hesitated for a second before looking back up at him. “No.” I shook my head. “Do any of your friends?” He prodded, asking more out of concern than curiosity. “My friend Charlotte.” I answered in a sigh. “Well I think you should tell Dizzy.” He advised, reaching over and gently grabbing my hand before letting it go. “I want you to have support, and well, he’s a crazy kid, but he’ll be some of the best support I can think of.” “What if he looks at me differently?” I asked as my eyes fell to the table in front of us. “Does Charlotte look at you differently?” He pressured as I shook my head. “Then why would the guy you’re dating.” I nodded as his advice began to connect in my head. “I’ll tell him.” I decided in a powerful breath. “He’s probably on his way to our house right now.” “You invited him over?” Adam asked. “No.” I felt a smile begin on my face as I shook my head once more. “But it’s almost three, and he probably think you’re getting home from work soon and that you might be bringing donuts with you.” “You know him that well?” Adam watched me closely as he asked that question, interested to see how I would respond. “I’ve spent a lot of time with him these past two weeks.” I bashfully admitted. “It’s all good.” He laughed as he saw the look on my face. “Maybe one of these days I will bring donuts home for you guys.” I nodded and watched as Adam paid the bill before leading us out. Before we started the journey home Adam made sure to buy a pride flag and stand for the front of our house. I know he’s proud of his sexuality, but he’s doing everything to make sure I’m proud of my own. He’s been exactly where I am right now. He knows what it’s like, and he’s making sure I’m not alone in it. -- -- When we got home I was surprised not to find Dizzy waiting on our steps. Yet after we set up the flag and headed inside I heard a familiar knock beginning on our door. “Guess you do know him.” Adam sighed as I quickly rose to my feet. With a nervous hand I pulled the door open to find the teen I had been trying to describe all day. “One date and you’re already flying the rainbow flag? Boy, you really do move fast.” He teased with a smirk. “That’s not why we put it there.” I rolled my eyes. “And I didn’t bring home any donuts!” Adam shouted from the couch. “I didn’t think you would.” Dizzy lied as his smile grew. “So uh,” Dizzy began but paused as he gestured back towards where the flag was. “Adam knows I’m gay.” I proudly nodded, walking back towards the couch and taking a seat. “That you’re gay?” Dizzy repeated, shocked I had said it out loud. “Yup.” Adam confirmed. “It was a little gross at first, but I’m gay too, so I got over it pretty fast.” “You’re gay too?” Dizzy asked as the surprises began to mount. “I’m being pranked aren’t I?” “Nope.” I shook my head, lightly patting the empty seat next to me as he finally began to walk. “I just saw you like, twelve hours ago.” Dizzy shook his head as he sat down. “What the hell happened?” “A lot.” I shrugged, avoiding all the details. “So then he probably knows.” Dizzy exhaled, discreetly gesturing towards Adam once more. “That you’re dating my nephew?” Adam said, overhearing his words. “Yup, I know that.” “I treat him right.” Dizzy forced out, not knowing what else to say. “I would hope so.” Adam laughed, looking over to him. “I’m not worried about you.” “Thank you?” Dizzy exhaled. Acting the most uncomfortable I’d ever seen him. “Yeah, we’re Texans after all.” I nodded my head. “That’s right.” Adam supported. “I used to slaughter the livestock on one of the farms back home.” “You’re lying.” Dizzy said but as their eyes connected he froze. “This isn’t fun anymore.” “You’re chasing a country boy,” I shrugged with a smile. “you should’ve known what that meant.” “Well I didn’t know your uncle was going to be leatherface!”He yelped, starting to let his goofy energy take over. “I’m totally out of here.” “Ah, it’s too late for that.” I teased, letting myself fall against him. “Unless you want to become victim number…” “Thirty five.” Adam played along. “Thirty five. “I confidentially nodded. “You’re such a weirdo.” Dizzy began to laugh. He leaned in to land a kiss on my lips but backed off when he remembered Adam was next to us. “Hey,” Dizzy forced out, looking over to Adam. “does this mean we get to play more video games together?” “I thought it meant less.” Adam shook his head. “It means more.” Dizzy decided. “We’re a good team.” “You’re like half my age.” Adam dismissed, but it was clear to me they’d be playing more. “Who cares?” Dizzy shrugged. “I’ll be here hanging out all the time anyway.” He teased drawing a giggle from me. Adam let out a sigh and glanced across the kitchen to the empty room on the other side. “I’m going to turn that into a second living room so you’ll leave me alone.” “Really?” I excitedly asked, unsure if he was kidding or not. “Would you use it?” He provoked, starting to turn serious. “It’d be cool to have a space for my friends without disturbing you.” I said, trying to make it sound like a win for the both of us. “I’ll see what I can do.” He shrugged before hitting a button on his controller and turning off his Xbox. “But for now I think you two have something to talk about.” “Yeah?” Dizzy exhaled, shooting him a confused look. “Yup.” Adam pressured, forcing eye contact as he walked up the stairs. “And Artie,” He froze halfway up the stairs. “you’re a good Christian boy. Make some room for Jesus.” He warned causing me to get off of Dizzy. Yet the second he climbed the rest of the stairs Dizzy pulled me right back down. “So what did you have to tell me?” Dizzy asked with a growing smile. “Are we going somewhere?” “No.” I shook my head, shooting him a serious look. “Is everything okay?” Dizzy began as the smile slowly fell from his face. “Does Adam know I sneaked in at night?” He whispered as quietly as possible. “No.” I repeated. “I just, I need to tell you something important.” “Alright.” Dizzy exhaled, holding me tightly. “You know I moved here without Adam.” I stalled, trying my hardest to build my courage. “He’s actually been here a while.” “I figured that part out yesterday.” Dizzy nodded his head as I shot him a confused look. “You know, when we went to his store that my Mom’s gone to since I was a kid.” “Oh, yeah.” I exhaled, realizing that it hadn’t even crossed my mind. “You don’t have to tell me if you’re not ready.” Dizzy interrupted once more. “Whatever it is, I’ll still be here after you tell me.” “I want to tell you.” I took in a deep breath but this time when our eyes met Dizzy figured out that something was wrong. “I um, I lost my Mom two weeks ago.” “What?” Dizzy let out as shock filled his eyes. “She passed away after we got into a car accident.” I answered. As my head began to fall Dizzy reached out and pulled me even closer. “Artie, I, I’m so sorry.” He shook his head. “She was my best friend.” I began to explain. “I-it’s been really hard.” I confessed as water began to well in my eyes. “So you were like me?” He asked, trying his hardest to wrap his head around it. “Yeah.” I replied in a broken breath. “It was just me and my Mom back in Texas.” “Oh my god.” The more it seemed to hit Dizzy the tighter he held me. “How the hell do you do it? How are you coming to school every day smiling and laughing?” “It’s what she would’ve wanted me to do.” I shrugged as the first tear fell. “So here I am.” “You’re my hero.” Dizzy said as he rested his head against me. “I mean that. I could never survive that, but here you are.” He began to gently rub my arm as a few more tears fell from my eyes. “I’m here for you no matter what. If you’re having a tough night, just text me and I’ll be here with ice cream, or chocolate or whatever you need. I’ll always be here for you.” “I know.” I nodded as my tears began to slow. “That’s why I chose you. You’ll always be here when I need you.” “Even when you don’t need.” Dizzy teased, drawing a smile from my face. “Does anyone else know?” “Charlotte.” I shrugged. “But that’s it.” “No wonder you two are so close.” He shook his head. “Yeah, she’s the best.” I said, looking up at him. “I’ll try my hardest not to take that personally.” He joked once more, causing my smile to grow. “Wherever your Mom is, I know she’s proud of you. You, you’re amazing, smart, cute, witty, kind, loyal,” “Alright.” I interrupted, knowing he would go on all day if I let him. “I like you too.” “No really.” He insisted. “I mean, I-I’m so proud of you. You let me in, and then, then you come out to Adam. I just, what’s gotten into you lately?” “I’m gay.” I shrugged with a smile. “Yeah, is that the reason?” Dizzy giggled as I nodded my head. “Alright prove it.” He teased leaning forward and locking lips with me. In that moment it no longer mattered if I thought or not. I feel free from everything I used to think, from everything I used to worry about. I thought I had already started my adventure, but now I see it hasn’t even begun yet. It’s time for me to push my limits and learn who I am.
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    I'm most sorry for interrupting Chopped. I freakin love that show!
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    Chapter 11: Heartbreaker It’s weird. You’d think with everything I had just been through there’d be a lot on my mind. Maybe I’d be overwhelmed from two guys chasing me at once, or from trying to figure out my sexuality. Maybe I’d feel guilty from the incident with Ky in the hallway. Yet there was only one thing on my mind, and it was starting to feel like I’d never stop thinking about him. “Earth to Artie.” Adam teased as I stared off at my book instead of reading. “You’ve been reading the same page for the past ten minutes.” “Have not.” I defended, finally snapping into the moment. “Sorry kid,” Lindsay supported from next to Adam. “you have been.” “Still thinking about your girl problems?” Adam couldn’t help but tease. “Yeah, I need to know about that like, yesterday.” Lindsay nodded as they both stared at me. “There are no girl problems.” I shook my head. “Everything worked itself out.” “What’s that mean?” Adam asked as a smirk began on his face. “Does that mean you have a girlfriend?” “No, I, uh,” I hesitated, realizing the corner I had just backed myself into. “I decided to date neither.” “Bullshit!” Lindsay yelped nearly causing me to jump. “Come on Artie, give us something.” “There were two girls and now there’s one.” I shrugged, not knowing what else to say. “What’s her name?” Lindsay continued to pressure. “Does she have an Instagram?” “She actually has neither.” I said with a shrug. “It’s the weirdest thing.” “Oh yeah?” Lindsay giggled as I began to catch her smile. “He’s turned into such a smart ass lately.” Adam shook his head. “I wonder where I got it from.” I joked as my gaze shifted to him. “Alright, at least tell us which girl you picked.” Adam negotiated, ignoring my words. “Did you go after the quiet one, or the adventurous one? And how the hell did you choose so quickly?” I shrugged and kept my mouth shut, but before I knew it I was fending off two curious stares. “Well the quiet one like, imploded.” I finally confessed as they broke me down. “She just started yelling at us in the hallway. Maybe I was leaning one way, but she kind pushed me into it.” “Geez.” Lindsay remarked as she thought it over. “I didn’t know you were such a heartbreaker.” “I didn’t mean to do it!” I defended in a louder voice than I intended. “I was just riding it out.” “Have you spoken to her since?” Adam asked, forcing eye contact with me. “No,” I shook my head. “she ignored us for the rest of the day.” “Well give her some space, and talk to her when you get the chance.” Adam lectured in a serious voice. “You didn’t do anything wrong, but you should try and give her some closure dude.” “How do I do that?” I asked, beginning to nervously tap my fingers against the couch. “Be honest. Make sure she knows it’s nothing personal.” Adam explained. “Give her as much time and space as she needs, but offer to still be her friend when it’s all said and done.” “And how do you know that?” Lindsay instigated as she looked over to him. “You’ve never had anyone fight over you before.” “You don’t know that!” Adam defended as the conversation began to shift. “I’ve known you for almost fifteen years! I do too know that!” She yelped as Adam turned to me and shook his head. “Listen to your Uncle on this Artie.” Adam confidently nodded. “Why Lindsay? How would you handle this?” I asked as Adam rolled his eyes. “I know I made a joke about you being a heartbreaker, but I don’t know why you have to apologize if she had a meltdown.” Lindsay shrugged. “Unless you feel like you pushed her to that point.” “I don’t think I did.” I quickly shook my head. “It’s only been like a week and a half.” “Sounds like she broke her own heart then.” Lindsay easily dismissed. “Lindsay!” Adam yelped as he began to stare her down. “Maybe she’s just different from you. Maybe she’s sensitive, and was scared of losing Artie.” “And that means she can embarrass him in the middle of the school hallway?” Lindsay probed with a serious look. “People do crazy things when they’re scared they’re going to get hurt. It doesn’t make it right, but she’s a kid.” Adam argued as their stare down grew more and more intense. “You’re going to make Artie feel guilty.” Lindsay warned as I got pulled into their argument. “I’m not saying he did anything wrong.” Adam clarified looking over to me. “Look, at one point you were thinking about dating this other girl right?” Adam asked drawing a nod from me. “Then do you want to see her hurt?” “No Sir.” I forced out, too flustered to say anything else. “Stop putting the poor kid on the spot.” Lindsay argued but Adam kept his eyes on me. “Then help her heal by bringing her closure.” Adam lectured, ignoring Lindsay the best he could. “It’ll be the best for both of you. I promise.” “Thank you.” I accepted as Lindsay let out a big sigh. “You’re going to make him soft.” Lindsay groaned as he looked back to her. “You can be strong but kind.” He said with a growing smile. “Yeah.” Lindsay cautiously nodded, more okay with the conversation ending than with what Adam had said. “Wait! So if there’s only one girl left…” Lindsay led looking over to me. “You have a girlfriend!” Adam shouted as I stayed quiet. “That’s not true.” I quickly rejected as my face began to turn red. “Come on, what’s she like?” Lindsay pressured as her smile grew. “I bet she’s a cutie.” “She uh,” I gulped, not knowing what to say. For a moment I thought about describing Dizzy, but Adam’s met him! Hell, they play video games together! What if he pieces it together! “Alright,” Adam laughed, seeing how uncomfortable I was growing. “we’ll give lover boy some time to process it all.” “Yes please.” I quickly said drawing more laughter from the both of them. Lindsay made sure to tease me a little bit more before Adam finally started the movie. Every now and again I would glance over to them and find Lindsay laying on him just like they were this afternoon. How can Adam expect me to open up, when he’s barely open with me? Sorry, but it just doesn’t work like that! Not for me at least! When the movie finally ended and Lindsay left I noticed Adam constantly shooting me a strange look. It wasn’t like he was angry or anything, just, worried. “I’m not telling you about her.” I warned, keeping my eyes on the book in front of me. “I know,” He sighed, trying his hardest to force eye contact. “just, if something happens with her, come to me, okay?” I looked up but stayed quiet as I heard those words. “If you’re like Sarah you’ll want to keep it to yourself, but please, don’t.” “Okay.” I accepted. Adam’s really that worried about me? He’s really this involved? “And um,” He began once more in a nervous breath. “you’re a young man, and I know you’re old enough, but please remember to use condoms.” As I heard those words I felt my eyes return right back to the book in my hands. “If you have a problem getting them, tell me and I’ll pick you up some. I actually have some in my room if you need.” “That’s okay!” I blurted out, even more uncomfortable then when they were asking about my ‘girlfriend’. “You don’t have to be uncomfortable talking about sex.” He lectured in a calm voice. “I know back in Texas they shamed people for it, but it’s not like that here. It’s a natural part of life. You were at least taught about it right?” “Yes.” I lied, still not looking up. “The penis goes into the vagina.” He couldn’t help but tease, knowing it would get a rise out of me. “Good night!” I dismissed as I rose to my feet. “Oh come on!” He laughed, watching me quickly walk to the stairs. “Don’t get all weird.” “I’m not getting weird, you’re getting weird.” I defended as my blush grew. “Gotta love what teaching abstinence does to people!” Adam continued to laugh. ”Seriously,” He began as he reached back and grabbed my arm. “you’re a good kid Artie. I know you’ll do what’s right by both girls that chased you.” “And if I don’t?” I suddenly asked, keeping my eyes towards the floor. “Then you always have tomorrow to make it right.” He explained in a serious voice. “The new girl, she’s really cool.” I finally opened up as he lightly squeezed my arm in support. “She doesn’t just let me sit home like I used to in Texas. I just feel, alive.” “Good.” He smiled, keeping his eyes on me. “She’s welcome over whenever, my only rule is no closed doors.” “I can do that.” I agreed, finally looking over to him. “So what about Lindsay? You guys looked pretty close.” I provoked, making sure to turn the tables on him. “We’re not dating.” He quickly shot down with a shake of his head. “She looked pretty comfortable laying on you tonight.” I instigated with a smirk. “We’ve been doing that since we were sixteen.” He shrugged. “It’s just because we’re close friends.” “Sure.” I sarcastically teased as he finally let me go. “I’m being serious Artie.” He insisted as I finally reached the stairs. “Sure you are.” I continued with a growing smile. “We’re not dating!” He yelped as I started to climb the stairs. “Okay.” I nodded, trying my hardest to hold back laughter. “I’ll start talking about sex again!” He threatened, but by then I was already at the top of the stairs. Even with Adam keeping his secrets, I learned a lot about him tonight. Him pushing for me to apologize to Ky, it shows the type of man he is. He’s thoughtful and kind, even if that means fighting with his best friend about it. I know Lindsay doesn’t agree, but I do think someone can be strong and kind. After all, I’m starting to think Adam is the perfect example of that. -- -- That night I couldn’t get Ky off my mind. This isn’t how I wanted it to go. I never meant for anyone to get so hurt. I mean, I’ve seen guys do this all the time in Texas. They played around with two girls, and made their decision without feeling bad. So why can’t I? The next morning when I opened my front door I found a familiar figure waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. “Good morning.” He smiled as I slowly descended the stairs. “Dizzy,” I began as our eyes met. “are you going to be here every morning?” “Depends,” He offered his hand as I reached the last few steps. “is this fun or creepy?” “Little bit of both.” I giggled, ignoring his hand and walking past him. I heard him exhale a deep breath before quickly catching up to me. “So don’t do it again?” “That’s up to you.” I shrugged as I caught his smile. “Flirt.” He teased, looking back at the house. “Where’s Adam?” “Work.” I replied in a cautious voice. “Why?” “Is he usually gone this early?” Dizzy asked with trouble in his voice. “Why?” I repeated, looking over to him. “Maybe one morning you’ll wake up to breakfast.” He provoked with a smirk. “No! Dizzy! Just don’t break into my house again!” I yelped, more joking than serious. “Who’s going to stop me?” He provoked, lightly bucking me with his shoulder. “Because based on your answers and the note I saw yesterday morning, I would say Adam is long gone by time you wake up.” “I’ll get an attack dog.” I threated in a laugh. “Or even better, I’ll just have Charlotte start staying over.” “I’d love to see that.” He played along. “I think you liked our night together. I think you can’t wait for the next one.” “I think the next one needs to be planned beforehand.” I warned with a serious look. “So you’re saying I can come spend the night again?” He asked as his smile grew. “I’m saying if I were to leave the backdoor unlocked before bed Friday night and you were to find your way into my bed, I wouldn’t be upset.” I shrugged. Dizzy froze as he heard my answer before having to catch up to me once again. “Even though we have the Zoo Saturday?” He asked in disbelief. “It’ll make leaving together easier, and we can even stop for breakfast on the way out.” I explained with a devious smile. “I have the perfect place in mind!” He excitedly yelped. “Our first date, I’m going to sweep you off your feet.” “So this is our first date?” I asked, glancing over to him. “Well, yeah.” He cautiously nodded. “Right?” “Yeah.” I mimicked his nod as I thought it all over. “So then we’re like, dating?” “Is that okay with you?” He checked, watching me carefully. “Just fine.” I answered, trying my hardest to force down any insecurity rising in my head. “What about the word boyfriends?” I saw his eyes scanning me, trying their hardest to figure out where the line was. “Not right now.” I shot down, trying my hardest not to think about any of it. “Alright.” He nodded his head as we reached the school. “We’ll work on it.” “Yeah,” I agreed as our eyes met. “we will.” He gave me one last friendly push before we carefully navigated the halls and found ourselves walking into homeroom. Ky glanced at us from the other side of the room, but quickly looked down, hoping we didn’t notice. “Stay here.” I instructed, starting to walk towards him. “Artie, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Dizzy warned, trying to grab my hand. I ignored his words and kept walking until I finally reached the quiet teen in the corner. “This seat taken?” I asked, pointing to the empty desk next to him. “Don’t know.” Ky forced out, refusing to look over to me. I took the seat and stayed quiet for a few moments, until I finally turned back to him. “I’m sorry,” I forced out, unsure what exactly to say. “I’ve never really been in this situation before. I didn’t realize how much I was hurting you.” “You weren’t hurting me.” He lied, still staring forward. “No?” I asked, waiting for more. “It’s just, how did you pick him so fast?” Ky asked in a quiet voice. “It felt like a complete uphill battle for me, but him, you just let him walk right through the front door.” “It wasn’t easy for him.” I shook my head. “He wore me down hard, and applied pressure any chance he could. He still is. But you’re right. It wasn’t an uphill battle for him like it was for you, but maybe that tells us something.” “If you’re going to try and say I didn’t have feelings for you, you’re wrong.” He rejected, finally looking over with a serious stare. “I know.” I agreed. “I mean, I had some feelings for you too.” I confessed. “But they just never went anywhere. It’s like I just never felt that spark, did you?” “I thought I did,” He said, looking back down. “but I guess you didn’t.” “No.” I forced out. “Then I started feeling it with Dizzy, and I’m sorry. I know that sucks for you. I know I wasn’t the best about it, but I’m still new to all of this. The city, the people, my sexuality, I’m still figuring it all out.” “So what are you trying to say?” He asked finally looking into my eyes. “I’m saying I’m still figuring out who I am,” I explained, carefully thinking it over. “and I, did you really want me to pick you? I think we both know what would’ve happened.” “What would’ve happened?” He asked, but I could tell he was starting to understand. “Maybe we would’ve dated, but Dizzy never would’ve stopped pushing. My feelings for him would’ve come out no matter what.” I answered as I began to tap my fingers against the desk. “I would’ve become that guy in a relationship that strings you along while falling for someone else. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t do that to you, or myself.” “You like him that much?” Ky sighed as his stare fell once more. “I think so.” I nodded my head. “I-I’m trying to find myself, like my real self. I’m sorry. I just need Dizzy for that.” He nodded as it all bounced around in his head. “I’d like to have you as a friend during that too, if you can.” “It’s going to take me some time,” He confessed. “but I, I’ll be back with the group soon.” “Good.” I forced a smile. “It’s not the same without you.” “Yeah.” He said, starting to get lost in his own head. “I’m sorry I snapped yesterday. I just, I felt you slipping through my fingers and there was nothing I could do to stop it.” “It’s alright, I understand.” I accepted as he looked back to me. “You’ll find your match, and when you do you won’t worry about him for a second.” “I hope you’re right.” He sighed, looking past me and over to Dizzy. As he looked over their eyes met then broke as Dizzy tried his hardest to act as though he was staring out of the window next to us. “Go back to him. You guys will be a good couple.” “Thank you Ky.” I nodded as I slowly rose to my feet. “When you’re ready we’ll all do something fun, I promise.” He mirrored my nod but stayed quiet as I turned around and went back towards Dizzy. “So?” Dizzy asked as our eyes met. “Everything good now?” “As good as it can be.” I sighed, sitting between him and Charlotte. “He said he needs some time, but he still wants to hang out with us.” “I figured that’s how it would be.” Dizzy exhaled as he stood up. “Where are you going?” Charlotte asked in a concerned voice. “To talk to him.” Dizzy shrugged. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She warned, scared what Dizzy’s approach would be. “Yeah,” I agreed. “you two nearly ripped one another’s heads off last time you spoke.” “That was yesterday.” He dismissed as he started to walk. “My best friend needs me right now, so I’ll be there for him.” “He does realize he’s the reason his best friend is in pain, right?” Charlotte asked, but as I looked over to her shot her a serious look. “He is.” She shrugged. “No, I am.” I tried to clarify. “I should’ve been more clear with both of them.” “Or, they shouldn’t’ve fallen so hard for the new kid in his second week here.” She argued, matching the look on my face. “Maybe you didn’t handle it the best, but this is a little crazy. It’s like you’re a walking love potion.” “Maybe I am.” I teased, but grew quiet as Dizzy reached Ky. Before I knew it Dizzy and Ky were holding each other close and talking. It was as though Dizzy’s head was on Ky’s shoulder and vice versa. “What are they doing?” “This happens every time after they fight.” She rolled her eyes. “They hug and talk it over, it’s the weirdest thing.” “It’s kind of sweet.” I began to smile, relieved it was all beginning to smooth over. “Sure.” She sarcastically sighed. “But can we please talk about how you’re dating Dizzy now.” “He waited for me outside of my house this morning.” I happily said, turning back to her. “No he didn’t.” She gasped with a smile. “That’s so creepy!” “No, it’s sweet.” I defended with a blush. “It’s like I never know where I’m going to find him.” “Sure, stalkers are fun like that.” She teased in a laugh. “Stop.” I whined, starting to laugh along with her. Before either of us could say anything else Dizzy reappeared right back by my side. “What happened?” I asked as our eyes met. “We both apologized.” He shrugged, trying to hide some red in his eyes. “Everything’s cool, he just needs until Monday.” “That’s good.” I nodded but took a closer look at his face. “Were you two crying again?” Charlotte asked as a blush began on his face. “No!” He lied, taking his seat next to me. “You totally were!” I insisted as he looked away. “Aww Dizzy that’s so sweet.” I encouraged, lightly placing my hand on his arm. I saw him try and fend off a smile as he looked down at the desk. “I’m just glad things will be back to normal soon.” He shrugged. “Don’t fall for it Artie.” Charlotte rolled her eyes. “They both cry every time they apologize to one another. Once they fought over food, and then when it was over they were both blubbering like morons.” “I like it.” I smiled as Dizzy looked back at us. Before I knew it he reached over with his other hand and grabbed my hand off his arm. “Dizzy.” I warned as he switched hands and let them hang between our desks. “Dizzy let me go.” I began to laugh, trying my hardest to pull my hand away. “Dizzy!” “Uck.” Charlotte remarked at our little game. “You wouldn’t hold my hand on the way here.” He shrugged. “So now you’re making me hold it in class!” I yelped as laughter filled my voice. “You psycho!” “Are you going to hold my hand on the way home after school?” He asked as our eyes met. “Never.” I shook my head. “Then I’m never letting go.” He decided as we tried our hardest to contain our laughter. As Mrs. Mowry walked into the room she glanced at our held hands then away. “Let him go.” She instructed. “Even if it’s mutual?” Dizzy groaned. “Yes.” She replied. He rubbed my hand for a second before finally letting it go. “So much for never.” I quietly teased. “You have to watch this one.” Dizzy shouted towards Mrs. Mowry. “He plays innocent, but he’s trouble.” “I’m sure he is.” She played along before looking back towards us. “Just promise to keep him in line Artie.” “I don’t know if that’s possible ma’am.” I smiled as a blush filled my face. “I was worried you’d say that.” She sighed before dropping her things off at her desk and starting homeroom. I know I’ve had class with Dizzy before, but now that we’re actually dating, well it’s hard not to constantly look over to him. He just always has something up his sleeve, always something to make me smile. The battle between class and Dizzy seemed to rage on for the next day until finally it was Friday night and I was eagerly waiting for my midnight visitor. -- -- It was a weird feeling of excitement waiting for Dizzy to slip through my bedroom door. I thought I’d be nervous, but I know Dizzy, he won’t get caught. Besides, Adam sleeps like a log! I could probably have a party after he went to bed and he wouldn’t wake up! My excitement grew with every passing moment until finally I noticed my door slowly creeping open. “About time.” I teased as he slipped through the slightly open doorway. “I had some stuff I had to take care of.” He shrugged as he dropped his bag and made his way towards the bed. “Like what?” I asked, as I began to make out his features in the dimly lit room. “Like art.” He smiled as I moved over to make room for him. As he took a seat on the bed he looked over to me before giving me a quick peck on the lips. Before he could pull away I leaned forward and connected on a real kiss. “I’ve been waiting to do that.” He confessed in a sigh. “Yeah?” I asked as he laid back and rested against me. “Yup.” He sighed as a smile began on his face. He went to say something else but kept it to himself and lightly began to bite on his lip. “What’s that look?” I began to laugh as our eyes locked. “I just forgot how hot you were.” He shrugged as a blush began on my face. Once more he went to speak, but this time he looked away before he could. “What?” I asked in a laugh. “Nothing.” He shook his head. “No, come on.” I insisted as I forced our eyes to reconnect. “You just, you make it hard to take this slow.” He exhaled as my blush spread to his face. “What do you mean?” I asked, not quite understanding what he was trying to say. “Just being all cute at school and then inviting me to sleep over.” He confessed as he looked back down. “You’re really pushing my limits, you know that?” “I’m pushing your limits?” I giggled. “Do you remember when I cringed because you said you hooked up with Ky? Now you’re lying in my bed kissing me.” “Uhhh, fine.” He groaned in an overdramatic voice. “Why? What limits am I pushing?” I asked eager to hear what he’d say. “I think you know.” He replied, refusing to say it out loud. “I don’t think I do.” I shook my head, trying to apply as much pressure as I could. “I don’t know.” He sheepishly began. “Maybe I want to do more than cuddle tonight.” “Oh.” I exhaled, caught off guard by his confession. “But I know we shouldn’t.” He quickly clarified. “I know that’s not how we should start this, but between that smile and just, you, it doesn’t make it any easier.” “What do you mean, you?” I asked more open to the conversation than I would’ve thought. “You don’t want to know.” He shook his head. “I do.” I raised my eyebrow as our eyes reconnected. “It might push you a little further.” He warned but I nodded and patiently waited for his answer. “Well like, when you had your first baseball practice yesterday, and you were waiting to leave for the field and just hanging around in your baseball pants. I don’t know they just compliment people’s bodies very well I guess.” “I knew you were staring!” I shouted as he let out an embarrassed laugh. “I’m sorry!” He giggled as a blush returned to his face. “I just, I really do think you’re hot.” I rolled my eyes but knew his words were starting to wear me down. “So you have a thing for baseball players?” “Just this one.” He shrugged as his arm began to reach around me. “But don’t worry, I’ll be good tonight.” “Good because I, I’m not ready for that yet.” I warned in a gulp. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. You know that right?” “I know.” He quickly nodded his head. “You’re still figuring it all out and like I said, I want this to be different. I want to take this slow. I want to wait until you want it just as much as me.” I think I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me feel better. No matter how hard I was falling for Dizzy over the past week, well there was always a part of me that wondered if he was just in it for sex, if I was just going to wind up another conquest. But the more I get to know him, the less I think that. And this conversation, well it just went a long way with me. “I want to do this right too.” I accepted as my heart began to beat faster. As the moment grew quiet I leaned in and found his lips again. This time it wasn’t just a peck, but a passionate embrace. “Does doing it right include make out sessions?” He asked as our lips disconnected. “You tell me.” I shrugged, going back for more. In moments like this I try my hardest not to think. I know what my mind would say about kissing another guy. I know it’d try it’s hardest to make me feel bad about it. But I can deal with that later. Right now, well Dizzy’s in my bed and I just, I want to kiss him! I may not be ready for all the big stuff yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it! That doesn’t mean I don’t want to suck face with the guy I’m dating for a little while! “Alright.” Dizzy broke away after only God knows how long. “I uh, I need to pump the brakes a little.” “Can’t keep up?” I teased, figuring he was just playing around. “Something like that.” He grumbled, turning his back to me and starting to back up into me. “Hey,” I began to laugh. “maybe I want you to hold me tonight.” “But you’re my cowboy.” He complained in a whine. “You’re supposed to keep me nice and safe.” “That’s true. I don’t know how safe I would feel with you holding me.” I instigated as he turned back around. “You’ll feel the safest you ever have.” He giggled, rising to my challenge. I mimicked what he had done but felt nervousness flood me as his arm reached around me. Slowly but surely I backed into his body as he wrapped around me. Somehow cuddling feels even more romantic this way around, like he’s fully letting me in. I gulped as I felt something starting to poke me in the back. I heard him take in a breath, eager to see how I’d respond. I did my best to ignore it and push back further until we were both comfortable. “Guess things are smaller in California.” I remarked as our bodies fully met. “Tease.” He remarked, holding me even closer. It was a little uncomfortable for me at first, having to relax into him. Yet once I got used to it I never wanted him to let me go. It didn’t even bother me that his, well, boner was poking me. I mean that’s normal right? We’re a couple. This is what happens, isn’t it? I know he felt mine the other night, and he wasn’t weird about it, so why should I be? Once more I found myself shutting off my mind and trying my hardest to just enjoy the moment. This is clearly what my body likes, so why should I feel bad about it? Why should I act like its wrong? How could this be wrong? It all just feels so, natural. -- -- That night I slept the best I had in a long time. There was just something about having him hold me. Something that made me feel, at home. “Good morning.” He held me close as my phone alarm began to sound. “Morning.” I forced out, complacent with just spending the day in bed with him. “How’d I do?” He eagerly asked. “You feel safe last night?” “So safe I think you should always hold me when we cuddle.” I teased as a smile began on my face. “You wish.” He giggled before laying a quick kiss on my cheek. “Just tell me at any point today if I’m going too far.” “Alright.” I accepted, slowly starting to think it over. This is it, this is my first real date with another guy. I’ve gone on a date or two with girls before, but those always felt so, fake. And this, well it’s scary real. “Will people stare?” I suddenly asked. “Maybe.” He confessed in a sigh. “Does it matter?” “No.” I rejected, hoping I fully believed it. “Well if people start staring, just look at me, I’ve got you.” He smiled, laying another kiss on my cheek. “Besides, maybe we’ll give them something to stare at.” “Too far!” I teased as he finally let me go. “And this?” He asked, climbing over and planting a kiss on my lips. “Not far enough.” I giggled, escaping from under him and heading to one of my drawers. It always amazed me how goofy he could be so early in the morning. It’s like he’s always just living. There’s never really a moment where he overthinks things. For better or for worse he takes advantage of every second of his day. -- -- On the bus ride to our surprise breakfast spot Dizzy made sure to pump me full of music. I can’t say it was anything I really liked, but it was nice to see him so passionate. It’s clear he loves all types of art. From reading, to drawing, to music, it all inspires him. “Alright,” He sighed as we stepped off of the bus. “so I’ve never actually been here.” He clarified. “But my Mom used to get me donuts from this place all the time as a kid and they’re sooo good.” “I’ll be the judge of that.” I teased but as the small shop appeared in the distance I couldn’t help but smile. “My Mom said the line can get pretty long, so I know another place down the street if you want.” He offered, as he saw a line wrapped around the building. “Lines are for chumps.” I smirked as Dizzy began to smile. “Trust me. I’ll have us in and out faster than double-struck lightening.” “Go get ‘em partner.” Dizzy laughed, in his terrible fake accent. I felt him staying close as we pushed past the line in the doorway and into the small shop. It wasn’t anything too special, just a counter with a display case and a few tables for people to sit around it. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw some of the donuts in the cases. Some were decorated with chunks of chocolate bars or cereals with others were designed like famous snacks. “I told you this place is great.” Dizzy bragged, seeing the amazement on my face. “So what’s the plan from here?” “You’ll see.” I teased, stepping up to the case. As I got there I noticed a man in a familiar black work t-shirt rushing around the back. At first it didn’t look like he was doing much, but pretty soon it was clear he was doing almost everything at once. From checking on all the different machines around him, to running in the back and bringing out donuts, it was like he was the captain of a ship. “Wait,” Dizzy exhaled as he finally noticed him. “Adam!” I yelped as he passed by the case. “Adam!” I shouted a little louder, finally catching his attention. “Yeah?” He asked, but the second he turned began to smile. “What in the hell are you doing here?” “We decided to stop for breakfast on our way to the zoo.” I explained, taking another look around at the shop. “Dizzy’s Mom used to always bring him home donuts from here, so we figured we’d give it a try.” “I’ve never been here before though.” Dizzy clarified, still piecing it all together. “So you like, work here?” “I like, own it.” Adam teased, clearly enjoying the opportunity to celebrate his hard work. “Why didn’t you tell me that?!” Dizzy exclaimed, turning towards me. “I didn’t know you were taking me here!” I replied in a laugh. “I didn’t even know that this place was such a big deal.” “I wouldn’t call it a big deal.” Adam swayed his head as our praise started to mount. “Shut up, you love this.” Dizzy dismissed, looking around the case. “I do.” He laughed as Lindsay passed behind him. “Look who stopped by.” She remarked, looking over to me. “How are you doing hun?” “Good, yourself?” I politely asked, as Dizzy and her made eye contact. “Surviving.” She answered, looking at the line of people stretching out of the door. “So what do you boys want?” Adam asked watching some of the other employees quickly trying to satisfy the line. “Can I get the Oreo donut?” Dizzy asked as Adam reached into the case. “Artie?” Adam asked, dropping the first donut into a bag. “We have some with fruit if you want.” “No, I want the smores one.” I couldn’t help but smile as Adam began to laugh and grab the donut. “So you’re a kid after all!” He teased in a yelp before handing the bag over to me. “How much do I owe you?” Dizzy asked reaching into his pocket. Adam made a face before waving us away. “Enjoy the Zoo.” “No, I’ve gotta pay you something.” Dizzy insisted, unsure how to approach the situation. “Just make sure Artie gets home safe.” He shrugged before stepping up to one of the registers and helping a customer. “We’ll eat them on the bus there?” I asked as he nodded his head. “Your uncles really cool, you know that?” Dizzy smiled as we made our way to a nearby bus stop. “I know.” I proudly agreed. “He’d be even cooler if he started bringing home donuts.” “Or if you started bringing them to me at school.” He teased, seeing what he could work out. “Play your cards right and we’ll see.” I played along with a smile. “I knew I dated you for a reason!” He exclaimed in a laugh. We goofed around for a few more minutes until the bus finally arrived and we started the journey to our next destination. “How good are these donuts?” Dizzy asked as I took my first real bite. I always joke that Adam knows junk food, but oh my god! Adam really does know junk food! This is the best donut I’ve ever had! And not just because it’s covered in chocolate! “Give me a southern saying about it, let’s go.” He ordered, seeing the look of excitement on my face. “You sure?” I asked as he quickly nodded his head. “How southern?” “The most southern you can get without being racist.” He provoked, taking a friendly shot at my heritage. “This is so good it’d make childbirth easy.” I forced out drawing a big laugh from him. “That wasn’t southern, it was just weird!” He cackled, trying his hardest to keep himself under control. “Those things get eerily close sometimes.” I shrugged with a proud smile. He nodded and let me finish up my donut before looking back to me. “You got a little bit of chocolate right there.” He warned pointing to his lip. “Missed it.” He said pointing back to the spot, but shook his head as I wiped it once more. “Here.” He let out before leaning forward and landing a kiss on my lips. “I think I got it.” “Sure about that?” I teased with a smile. “I can try again if you want.” He giggled as I shook my head. “So,” He began starting to grow a little more serious. “does Adam know about us?” “No.” I quickly shook as my smile faded. “Not at all I take it.” He exhaled as our eyes locked. “Nope.” I shook once more. “You know when you’re going to tell him?” Dizzy asked lightly placing his hand on mine. “I don’t know, when the moment feels right I guess.” I shrugged. “Back home was just so, so, homophobic. What if he held onto that piece?” “Considering there were pride themed donuts in the case, I don’t think he did.” Dizzy quickly rejected. “But I get being scared. It’s intimidating and like nothing you’ve ever done before, but I think he’ll accept you all the same.” “When did you tell your Mom?” I asked as he began to think. “I was young, maybe around thirteen. I said it shortly after Ky came out and she figured I was just goofing around.” He explained finally looking back into my eyes. “Then I started mixing in some guys and she just kind of accepted it. I don’t think either of us ever really expected me to get serious with a guy though.” “And what do you think about that now?” I asked, still feeling his hand on mine. “I think I finally found the right one.” He smiled, before looking away. Something about those words just captured me right back under his spell. Before I knew it I was leaning against him on the bus, patiently waiting for our stop. Even when he put music back on, he made sure to play the slow songs. He knew what kind of mood he wanted to set, and was doing everything he could to make me feel it. Excitement for our day together seemed to surge through him even more as we reached my first street car ride. He tried his hardest to tell me they felt just like above ground subways, but I think he enjoyed the slight nervousness that infected me when we stepped on. He held me close as we took off and just like that I was reminded of the new world I lived in. I guess he was right, it was like a mix between a subway and a bus, yet it seemed so much faster! The way it zipped through the hills and streets, it just felt, magical. -- -- When we finally arrived at the Zoo I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been to museums and all before but never a Zoo and never something this big! Dizzy made sure to hold me close as the crowd rushed around us, but my eyes were focused on everything but the people. “So where do you want to go first?” Dizzy asked as we reached a map. “I personally love the foxes. They’re like a cat dog hybrid!” “They have a petting zoo?” I excitedly asked, realizing I had barely listened to what he said. “You’re at a zoo and the first thing you see is the petting area?” Dizzy sighed with a smile. “Well yeah, they might have farm animals and all.” I sheepishly replied as he nodded his head. “Petting zoo it is.” He nodded before leading me to the short fences. It took a few seconds of waiting but before I knew it we were in a pen full of chickens and some bunnies. “These things are ugly.” Dizzy announced, taking a close look at the fat birds. “No they’re not.” I rejected, gently starting to pet one. “They’re beautiful.” “Weirdo.” He remarked as I carefully picked it up. Dizzy watched in amazement as the bird seemed to relax in my hands. One of the handlers ran over to tell me to put it down, but stopped when she noticed how calm it was. “Impressive.” She encouraged. “I worked on a farm.” I blushed, feeling the chicken ease into my arms. “Chickens are easy once you know how to work with them.” “I agree.” She nodded as Dizzy took a closer look at the bird in my arms. “The hard part is catching them.” “You can say that again.” I agreed as Dizzy shot us strange looks. “Or trying to avoid getting pecked by the big ones.” “I’ve got a welt from one of the bigger ones we leave caged.” She sighed as I placed it back down. “If you’re ever unsure what you want to do when you grow up, well working here with the animals isn’t bad.” “Yeah?” I asked, eager to hear more. “Sure.” She nodded her head. “It doesn’t have to be cleaning up after them. You can be a vet or even just study them.” “I’ll look into that, thank you ma’am.” I smiled, noticing Dizzy watching us closely. “Anytime. My name is Angie, if you ever need anything feel free to come around and ask for me.” She explained. I nodded and just like that she returned to watching her chickens from a distance. “It feels like everywhere we go you meet someone who likes you.” Dizzy smiled as our eyes connected. “I guess people just realize how special you are.” “Smooth.” I exhaled as we made our way out of the pen. “You almost got a kiss for that one.” “Almost.” He whined as I reached over and lightly grabbed his hand. “That works too.” He giggled. I noticed a few people glance at our hands but no one really stared. I guess even in a place like San Francisco people still have a hard time seeing two guys together. It’s funny, just a few weeks ago I was someone who would’ve stared, but not anymore. Not now that I’ve met him. Excitement filled Dizzy’s eyes as we finally reached the fox cages. He watched in amazement as they scurried all over the exhibit, from climbing the different rocks inside to hiding away and planning their next move. “They remind me of you.” I suddenly began. “The way they sneak around, always planning something.” “Is that so?” He smiled, proud of the comparison. “Yup.” I nodded as he leaned over and quickly kissed me on the cheek. “You liked that?” I giggled as his smile beamed from his face. “Little bit.” He confidently nodded. The whole trip just felt special from there. We tried our hardest to visit every single exhibit we could, or attend any show they put on. We even got to sit through a whole thing on monkeys! Dizzy tried his hardest not to tease me about it, but I could tell he was amazed when I knew nearly nothing about evolution! I had hardly even heard of it before! I was just told God created everything and it was left at that. I never even stopped to think how it happened! -- -- The ride home we were way too tired to speak. We just rested on one another and listened to music. Yet there was still something to that silence, something pulling us together. If there were any doubts about choosing Dizzy, well there’s no way any of them survived today. “I guess this is where we say goodbye.” Dizzy sighed as I reached inside and grabbed his bag from next to the door. “You sure about that?” I asked with a smile. “Unfortunately.” He groaned, throwing his back pack on. “You can always hop on Adam’s Xbox to talk to me.” “We’ll see.” I swayed my head. “Are you just saying that because you don’t know how to work it?” Dizzy laughed as we both grew close once more. “Maybe.” I shrugged as our eyes seemed to lock on one another. “I don’t want to say goodbye yet.” I confessed. “Neither do I.” He exhaled before leaning in and landing a kiss on my lips. “So let’s not say it.” “Alright.” I nodded as he pulled away and started to walk down the stairs. “Then I’ll see you soon.” “See you.” He reflected back, not daring to say the now forbidden word. I rushed upstairs before Adam could see me, too giddy to hide my feelings for Dizzy. Plus, I kind of needed some time alone. I spent the new few hours just reading and letting the day hit me, until finally my mind began to turn back on. Suddenly all my insecurities started to swarm me. My Mom didn’t raise me to go out and date guys. She didn’t raise me to live so loose and wild! I shared my bed with him twice this week! One of those nights we spent over an hour kissing! What the hell am I doing?! She passes and suddenly I go against everything I was taught?! What if being gay is wrong? Am I really going to sacrifice heaven for this? As I felt water forming in my eyes it was hard to stop it, and before I knew it I was quietly crying to myself. I tried my hardest to calm myself down, but nothing seemed to work. The old school teachings I had repressed were finally starting to break out, and they didn’t like how I had been spending my days in San Francisco! “Hey,” Adam lightly knocked on my door. “it was really cool seeing you at work today.” He happily spoke, not yet seeing the condition I was in. “You can stop by with your friends for breakfast whenever. It’s a really good surprise on busy days.” He encouraged but froze when he saw me wrapped up in a ball on my bed. “Woh, woh,” He quickly rushed over. “what’s the matter?” “Nothing.” I forced out, but couldn’t hide my heavy breathing. “I know it’s hard without her,” He began, taking a seat right next to me. “but Sarah would love to see you now. You’re on an adventure. You’re doing everything she dreamed of.” “No she wouldn’t.” I rejected, beginning to cry harder and harder. “She would hate me!” “Don’t say that.” He tried to comfort, hesitantly placing his arm around me. “Why, why would you even think that?” He asked but I stayed quiet. “It’s alright, you can let me in.” “I-I, I’ve been messing around with someone.” I confessed, still trying to wrap my mind around it. “Like I said yesterday, you’re a young man. That’s totally natural.” He supported in a loud voice. “Not like that.” I shot down. “I, I’ve been kissing Dizzy, and we’ve been going on dates, and I just don’t know.” “You don’t know what?” He asked, trying his hardest to act unfazed by my confession. “I don’t know how I’ve fallen so far so fast.” I shook my head, still refusing to look up at him. “How could I do this? I know what the Bible says. I know what everyone says.” “Hey!” Adam shouted in a strong voice, before pulling me close. “I don’t care what that book says! I don’t care what any of those backwards people say! There is nothing wrong with your feelings for Dizzy.” “But there are.” I insisted as I began to cry even more. “Look at me.” He insisted, trying to force my face up. “Look at me.” He repeated as he finally broke my head free and guided it up towards him. As our eyes locked I could only see emotion in his eyes. “What’s the very first thing they teach you in school?” “I don’t know.” I shook my head. “Well think.” He encouraged, holding me tightly. “That, that God makes us in his image.” I guessed as he nodded his head. “Exactly,” He shouted. “so if He makes you in His image, how could being gay be wrong? If He’s perfect and all powerful, how would He mess that up? Your sexuality, it’s given to you for a reason. It’s all just love, and if there’s a God out there, well He didn’t make love wrong.” “But how do you know that?” I asked, still unable to calm down. “Because Artie,” He began but hesitated. “because I’m gay.” He confessed as tears began to fall from his own eyes. “And I hated myself for so long because of it. Then, then I realized how stupid that is. That there’s no guarantee the next life even existed, so why was I letting other people tell me how to live this one?” “That means my Mom wouldn’t talk to you because you were gay!” I pieced together as my mind wandered to the worst case scenario. “Then she would definitely hate me!” “Don’t say that!” He warned once more. “She could never hate you Arthur. I, I don’t know what happened with her towards the end of her life, but she left you with me. That’s not something she would’ve done if she hated gay people” He tried to comfort. “Maybe she didn’t understand it, but she got over it. I know she did.” I nodded but let myself fall into his arms as my tears continued to fall. “I don’t deserve to have you Adam.” I shook my head once more. “Why do I get this?” “Why don’t you deserve this?” He asked, trying to stay on top of his own tears. “You’ve been through so much pain lately, you deserve every second of happiness you’re getting.” “I don’t know.” I shook my head. “Some people don’t even get this lucky once, how is it fair I’m getting it all?” “Because you deserve it all, okay?” He tried to hammer into my head. “You didn’t get lucky with this, I did.” “What?” I asked, looking up to him. “I-I forgot how much Sarah meant to me, but when she passed,” He paused as his tears began to fall faster. “it just all seemed to come back to me. Every single moment with her came back to me. She was the best big sister I ever could’ve asked for. If I could change anything in my life, it’s losing contact with her. I miss her so god damn much Artie.” He confessed, now nearly as hysterical as me. “And to be honest,” He began once more. “I completely forgot about you. Somewhere in the shuffle of everything, I just forgot my nephew existed.” He exhaled in a broken breath. “Then, then I walked into the wake and I saw you standing there, and it was just like a piece of her had survived. It was like I still had her around.” He shook his head. “And when the lawyer said she left you to me, I panicked, I almost didn’t take you, but I’m so glad I did and that will never change.” “I’m glad you did too.” I forced out as he pulled me in close. “I love you.” “I love you too Artie.” He comforted, beginning to rub my back. “I promise your sexuality will never change that. I promise everything will work out. I promise you’ll always have a family.” We stayed in that embrace for as long we needed until we were both able to clean ourselves up. He promised he’d open up a little more in the morning if I promised to as well. Something about that moment, it formed a bond between us that can never be broken. Out of all my family that’s left, he’s the only one I want, and somehow that feels like more than enough.
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    Glad you enjoyed it so much you could read it twice! I know the endings not easy to revisit, but I think you nailed it when you said "it's not over yet." I agree on polishing and one day down the road I'm planning to revisit it and fix it up a bit. There are some things that just need slight tweaks.
  8. I recently watched the documentary Evil Genius on Netflix. It was the perfect balance of creepy and interesting. I wouldn't say it's the best documentary I've ever watched, but it's a great 4 episode watch if you have the time (warning there is some graphic content in it). I'm looking to expand my repertoire of Documentaries, as I realized they're some of my favorite media. Any good ones anyone can recommend me?
  9. Aceinthehole

    How much affection is fine in public?

    For me the farthest I'm comfortable with is a quick kiss. Hand holding, cuddling, anything simple like that is fine too. Deep kisses, or being right in front of one another face and whispering makes me a tad bit uncomfortable. However, it's awesome you're clearly having fun with your BF!
  10. Aceinthehole

    A New Home

    Good to hear! I hope you find this book just as meaningful as the first one!
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    Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    Chapter 10: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy There aren’t many words I can think of to describe cuddling with Dizzy that night. I would’ve thought it would be uncomfortable, but there was just something special about getting to hold him. I mean this is the boy I’ve been hearing about since I got here. This is the boy that climbed through a window on my first day! Yet here he is, in my bed, in my arms. “Good morning.” I was able to force out as my phone alarm began to ring. “Just a few more minutes.” He grumbled. I went to pull away but as he lightly grabbed my arm I moved in closer. “I could lay in your arms all day.” “Considering we have school, I don’t think you can.” I teased as a smile began on my face. “At least it’ll be with you.” He continued to flirt. “I think you’re just tired.” I pressured as he broke free and turned towards me. “I think I’m just falling for you.” He corrected. He went to lean in for a kiss but stopped as I pulled back. “I can’t.” I exhaled before he could get the wrong idea. “I-I still have to figure out this whole thing. It wouldn’t be right.” “Do you honestly think you’ll pick Ky?” He forced out as our eyes connected. “I don’t know,” I confessed. “but I can’t go all this way with him and not get to know him better. Then I’d have just led him on.” “Are you that worried about me?” Dizzy questioned with a serious look on his face. “Somehow I think you’ll be fine.” I replied as a smile grew on my face. “That means you’re going to pick me.” He happily replied. “I didn’t say,” “You didn’t have to.” He shrugged as he caught my smile. “Well I can’t wait to date you Arthur Price. I have so many different things I want to do with you.” I shot him a skeptical look as I heard those words. “Not in bed!” He quickly clarified with a blush. “Just like, around the city. I want to show you this world.” “Well if I pick you, I want all of that to start with your art.” I explained, starting to climb out of bed. “When you pick me.” He corrected, getting out of bed himself. He went to say something else but as he saw the hat on my dresser froze. “Artie!” He exclaimed, now fully awake. “Is that a cowboy hat?! You actually own one?!” “Well yeah, like I said I worked on a farm.” I answered, walking over and picking it up before he could grab it. “But I didn’t know people actually wore them!” He began to laugh as I showed it to him. “Of course, it keeps the sun out of your face.” I shrugged, not understanding what all the excitement was about. “Wait!” He suddenly shouted as his mind jumped to another topic. “Did you have spurs too?” “Well I had them. I think you’re struggling to grasp the whole, worked on a farm concept.” I couldn’t help but tease. “That’s crazy!” He excitedly shouted, taking a seat on the bed. “Why would you even need them though? It seems so, cruel.” “It’s only as cruel as you make it.” I shook my head. “It was for both our protection. My leg cues on a horse weren’t too good, so my spurs helped to emphasize them. It’s not like I was stabbing the horse with them either, just a little prick to keep them in line.” I tried to explain as a million stories from home flooded to my brain. “Like this one time!” I began but caught myself. “Sorry, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it.” “Are you kidding?!” Dizzy smiled as our eyes met. “I’ve been waiting to hear your stories since you got here!” “Alright.” I exhaled, taking a seat next to him. “This one time we were herding some cattle, and one of the cows broke free and started charging us. I needed my spurs to help us dodge it.” “Us?” Dizzy provoked. “Me and my horse.” I answered, thinking back to the powerful grey steed I had left behind. “Well it wasn’t my horse, it was my friend’s dad, but I rode her the most.” “What was its name?” Dizzy smiled. “Her name was Scout.” I answered feeling the bittersweet moment starting to take shape. I think for the first time since I got here, I’m kind of missing Texas! I miss riding Scout through the open fields, and feeling the wind rushing past us. I miss watching the sun rise with my Mom when I woke up, and watching it set on my way home from the farm. “I can’t imagine you working on a farm.” Dizzy shook his head. “What did you do?” “Herding was actually rare because we were so young.” I began once more. “We took care of the chickens, cleaned the stables, tended to some of the crops or just whatever field maintenance needed to be done.” “Sounds thrilling.” He joked, looking back at my hat. “So I thought the good guys we’re supposed to wear the lighter hats?” He asked, staring at the worn and dark grey hat. “Maybe I’m not one of the good guys.” I teased, getting up and placing it back on the counter. “Oh yeah?” He giggled, rising to his feet and walking up close behind me. “Well don’t worry, I’ll tame you.” “Dizzy!” I yelped, quickly turning around to him. “Little too much?” He began to laugh as I nodded my head. “Sorry, I just, I got lost in the moment is all.” “You sure you’re not that big bad womanizer I heard about?” I asked with raised eyebrows. “I have the skills to be,” He shrugged his shoulders. “but I’m not that guy. I swear.” I nodded as I looked into his eyes. “You’re not going to try and fight with Ky when we get to school, right?” “Not if you don’t want me too.” He exhaled. “But I want to know why he said that to you. I want to know if he’s really willing to stab me in the back here.” “I don’t think he is.” I rejected, trying my hardest to comfort Dizzy. “I know I haven’t known Ky as long as you, but he doesn’t seem like that type of guy.” “He’s not.” Dizzy agreed. “That’s why it sucks so much.” “It’ll work out.” I reassured, taking a deep look into his eyes. “I promise.” Once more Dizzy leaned in for a kiss, but this time I couldn’t pull myself away. Just like last night excitement and life rushed my body as our lips meant. Kissing Dizzy, it just makes me feel, alive. “Thought you can’t kiss me again?” He immediately began as I pulled away. “Well I, I shouldn’t’ve, you just, got, cute.” I sheepishly forced out. “I didn’t get cute.” He rejected with a smile. “I got weak. I let you in on my worries about Ky, I trusted you and you kissed me for it, and that Arthur is why I’m falling for you so hard. “You really have to stop calling me Arthur.” I quickly changed the conversation, realizing how serious Dizzy was being. “Why? I like that name.” He teased with a growing smile. I rolled my eyes and started to gather a change of clothes from my drawers before heading towards the door. “Just behave while I get ready.” “No promises.” The rest of the morning was just as you’d imagine with Dizzy. Every little thing he saw he turned into a big conversation. He really did appreciate the little things about life. He wanted to hear about everything I was willing to share, no matter how small. “Breakfast?” I asked, offering him a poptart. “Happily.” He replied, taking it from my hand. Before he could say anything else his eyes darted to the note on the counter. “What’s that?” He asked. I went to cover it with my hand but he snatched it before I could. “Have fun at school today. Harry Potter 4 is on the to do list tonight, so make sure to do your homework right when you get home! Lindsay will even be here to watch it with us! Be safe, and text me if you go out after school. -Adam” “He leaves you notes!” Dizzy exclaimed with a wide smile. “Yes, and I happen to like them.” I warned, taking it from his hand. “It’s cute.” Dizzy agreed. “It’s nice you two are so close.” “I guess we are.” I proudly nodded. “So when did he move from Texas?” Dizzy pressured, trying his hardest to force eye contact. “It was long before you right?” “That’s a story for another day.” I shrugged. “Now come on, we’ll be late.” “Fine.” He groaned, faking disappointment but I could tell he didn’t want to push. “But why’s he showing you Harry Potter? Does he want your only pop-culture knowledge to be from like 2004?” “Because they were banned in our hometown,” I answered as confusion entered his face. “and they’re good movies.” “They are good.” He nodded his head. “And so he’s from the same hometown as you.” Dizzy immediately began to tease. “There’s one piece to the puzzle.” “Go ahead and collect as many pieces as you want.” I warned, looking over to him. “I don’t even have all of them.” “Then we’ll find them together.” He smirked as we finally made our way to the front door. Yet as he pulled it open I froze. “Shit.” He sighed as a wall of fog sat outside. “I hate nasty days like these.” “I uh, I,” I stuttered, as my brain tried to comprehend what it was seeing. “Is everything okay? Are we safe?” Dizzy began to laugh as he turned towards me. “Everything is absolutely fine. Welcome to fog city.” “This, this happens?” I asked, finally walking out of the door. As I looked around the now familiar neighborhood I had trouble spotting things. The trees from the park looked gigantic as you could barely see the tops poking out through the fog, while the city lights barely shined around me. “Yup.” Dizzy proudly replied. “One of the downsides of living on the bay I guess.” As we reached the bottom of the stairs Dizzy stopped and took a closer look at me, realizing how off put I had grown at the change of scenery. “Don’t be scared, I’ve got you.” He smiled, offering me his arm. “I’m not scared.” I lied, lightly grabbing onto him. “There’s no shame in being scared.” He tried to comfort. “The unknown terrorizes all of us.” “How so?” I baited, knowing a story was brewing in his head. “Well back in ninety-four before we were born this city had a power outage so bad you could see the edge of the Milky Way.” He began in an excited voice. “People were so scared they called 911 thinking it was a nuclear attack, little did they know that’s just the sky. That’s what’s always out there.” He began, starting to grow amazed by his own words. “It’s been there long before we got here, and will still be here long after we’re gone. I’ve dreamed of seeing something like that ever since I heard that story.” “It’s amazing.” I proudly nodded. “You’ve seen it?” He excitedly asked, quickly turning to me. “Yup.” I smiled. “My Mom took me out to the desert a few years ago and we got to see almost all of it. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.” “Well how does a man of God like yourself respond to something like that?” He led, eager to see what I would say. “Well,” I began to think it over. “God is infinite and amazing, so why can’t His creation be?” “Well played.” He nodded his head. “So you actually believe then?” “I don’t know.” I confessed, thinking about the silver cross around my neck. “I’ve been going back and forth a lot lately, but I’m starting to think He’s out there. Something taking care of me, I can just feel it.” “That’s really sweet.” He encouraged as a genuine smile began on his face. “What about you?” I asked, realizing I had never spoken to any of them about religion. “I honestly have no idea.” He shrugged. “I don’t want to say either way. I can easily see it being possible, I mean the odds of the big bang happening all by itself are so small, so why couldn’t a God have started it? Yet at the same time we’re so small and insignificant compared to the universe that it makes me doubt we’re put here with any purpose.” He began to think over. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter what it’s just, amazing.” He explained as his smile grew. “Whether there’s heaven awaiting us after we die, or this just happened by chance. It’s all just incredible to me. Life’s pretty amazing.” “Yeah,” I exhaled as he pulled me a little closer. “I think so too.” -- -- We took as long as we needed walking to school that morning. It didn’t matter to us that we might be late, we were just enjoying every second together. I know I’m saying Ky still has a chance, but I don’t even know if I believe that anymore. Dizzy made all the right moves at all the right times. I just need to know if I can trust him. That he’s in this for more than just sex. When we finally walked into the school we picked up our pace as the homeroom bell began to ring. “Nice of you two to join us.” Mrs. Mowry provoked as we walked into the room. “Sorry,” Dizzy began as he worked over an excuse in his mind. “we didn’t expect the fog to roll in like that, you know how it slows down the busses and all.” “Is that true Mr. Price?” Mrs. Mowry asked, looking over to me for confirmation. “Yes Ma’am.” I supported. “Plus I had never seen fog like this before, so I may have slowed us down more. Sorry Ma’am.” “I understand it can be pretty jarring at first.” She nodded and motioned for us to take our seats. “Thank you for your honesty.” “Where were you two that you needed to take the busses?” Charlotte asked as Ky unhappily stared forward. “We just went to grab breakfast.” Dizzy lied. “It was a last minute thing.” “Whatever.” Ky grumbled from next to me. I went to say something but Mrs. Mowry stood up and actually started homeroom before I could. The whole time Ky refused to look over to us. Instead he kept a steely eyed stare dead ahead. I never thought I’d be able to refer to Ky as scary, but there’s just no other way to describe the look on his face! “Ky!” Dizzy called out as homeroom ended and Ky quickly made his way to the door. “Don’t do this man.” “You’re one to talk.” He remarked, finally turning back towards us. “Am I?” Dizzy asked as I saw irritation starting to spread on his face. “At least I didn’t spread lies about you.” “Lies?” Ky repeated. “What do you mean lies?” “You told Artie I’m some type of man whore. You said I bounce around from girl to girl.” Dizzy answered, unafraid to speak his mind. “What the hell Artie?” Ky let out, looking over to me. “What was I supposed to do?” I defended. “I don’t like to play games. Obviously I’m going to ask him about it.” “You don’t like to play games?” Ky repeated in a sarcastic voice. “Alright Artie.” He rolled his eyes. “Hey man.” Dizzy began in a strong voice before taking a step in front of me. “Don’t take it out on him.” “Guys.” Charlotte tried to interrupt as she realized how many people were watching us. “Not the place.” “So why’d you say it ?” Dizzy asked, too agitated to listen to Charlotte. “Because it’s true.” Ky shrugged. “All I’ve heard you talk about since we got to High School is about what girl you fingered, or what girl you want to bang next. That’s you. Lie about it all you want, but it is.” “You ever think I was just trying to impress you?” Dizzy began silencing the group. “You ever think I was too embarrassed to tell you I kept getting dumped. I’ve been in your shadow since I was a kid.” I gulped hard as Dizzy began to open up. “You’ve always been this amazing Surfer who gets good grades and flirts with cute boys. You don’t even take my art serious. You say its vandalism.” “Come on Dizz.” Ky grunted, not believing a word of it. “He’s not lying.” Charlotte suddenly began. “He started telling me about it a few months ago.” She confessed. “He’s been trying to find a way to tell you for a while now.” “You knew?” I asked, glancing over to Charlotte. “I told you Ky had it wrong,” She forced a smile. “I just wanted it to come from Dizzy, not me.” “So after all of this you’re on his side?” Ky asked, turning towards her. “I’m not on anyone’s side.” She defended. “Except maybe Artie’s, but that’s only because I don’t want you two hurting him.” “Us hurting him?” Ky asked with another roll of his eyes. “What’s your problem?” Dizzy asked, he went to take a step forward but before he could I grabbed his arm. The second my hand wrapped around it Ky stared at me. “So I guess you’ve made your choice.” “I guess I have.” I nodded my head, taking a step forward. “But I honest to God didn’t before this moment. You can ask Dizzy.” “He’s been defending you all morning.” Dizzy nodded. “Said you’ve just been misunderstanding me the past few years, that you’re too good of a guy to talk shit.” “Alright.” Ky dismissed, starting to walk away. “I did.” I confirmed in the strongest voice I could manage. “You can be mad at Me, Dizzy, or even Charlotte if you want, but you did this yourself. You convinced yourself I was going to choose Dizzy and it became self-fulfilling prophecy.” He froze for a second and went to turn around but kept walking before he could. “I’m sorry.” Dizzy instantly began, turning towards me. “I’ve seen him get mad before, but I didn’t expect him to blow up.” “It’s no one’s fault.” Charlotte comforted before either of us could blame ourselves. “Like you said Artie, Ky did this to himself.” “Are you sure about that?” I asked, looking over to her. “Positive.” She confidently nodded. “And Dizzy,” She warned beginning to stare at him. “if you play around with Artie, I’ll castrate you myself.” “You’ve only known him a week and a half.” Dizzy played along in a fake nervous tone. “Isn’t that a bit extreme?” “Nope.” She happily replied. “Please don’t get my dick cut off.” He smirked, turning back to me. “No promises.” I shrugged, walking past him and joining Charlotte as she began to walk. “Really?!” He groaned, walking behind us. “What? Do I have to beat Charlotte for your attention too?” “That’s not a battle you’ll win.” I rejected drawing a laugh from Charlotte. As we walked into cooking I noticed Ky sitting on the opposite side of the room. I never meant for it to get like this. I didn’t even realize it could go so bad so quickly! It was like he just snapped. Did the idea that Dizzy and I went out for breakfast really hurt him that bad? It’s not like we didn’t have plans alone together. It’s not like we didn’t go surfing and have plans for dinner on Sunday. He had just as many chances as Dizzy. Dizzy just capitalized on the ones he was given, and made even more for himself! -- -- The rest of the day was just like cooking. Ky stayed as far from us as possible. Even in classes where it was just him and me. He wanted nothing to do with any of us, and he was trying his hardest to make that known. “So,” Charlotte began as she walked me home. “where were you and Dizzy actually this morning? And don’t say breakfast!” “Promise not to tell anyone.” I began with a smirk. “Swear!” She yelped, getting excited from the look on my face. “I really need you to promise though.” I couldn’t help but tease. “Oh my god Artie!” She groaned. “Don’t do this!” “Don’t do what?” I giggled. “I just need this to stay a secret.” “I swear on my life!” She insisted. “Just tell me already!” “Well he, he broke into my house because he got into a fight with his Mom’s boyfriend.” I began in a serious voice. “I hate when that happens.” She complained, looking into my eyes. “Not that it happens often.” “And he was sleeping on my floor and I asked him about what Ky said.” I explained, capturing her full attention. “He just came forward with everything. He told me that girls only use him for sex and to shock their dads.” “He told you all of that?” She asked in a surprised voice. “Yeah,” I slowly nodded my head. “why?” “It took me years to get him to open up like that.” She shook her head. “He’s really falling for you.” “Well that’s not all.” I exhaled as she looked right back up at me. “I may have let him sleep in my bed after that.” “Yes Artie!” She encouraged in a loud voice. “Did you guys bang? I need to know everything!” “No!” I rejected as a blush engulfed my face. “We just, just, cuddled all night. We even had our first kiss!” “Awww.” She whimpered, instantly changing gears. “That’s so sweet!” “I really like him.” I confessed for the first time to anyone. “I thought I’d be nervous hugging another guy like that but he, he just makes it feel natural.” “I’m so happy for you.” She cheered as we reached my house. “You need to keep me updated on everything, got it?” “He’ll practically be dating both of us!” I teased as she began to laugh, yet as I thought it all over once more felt my smile fade. “Do you think Ky will be okay?” I suddenly asked. “He’ll be fine.” She nodded her head. “Let him sulk and go through the motions. You hit the nail on the head. He was so scared that you’d choose Dizzy that he pushed you into his arms.” “I just feel bad.” I began to sway my head. “Don’t.” Charlotte rejected. “He was being a total dick to you today. If he deserved you he wouldn’t’ve snapped like that.” “You’re the best.” I finally began to smile again. “I know.” She accepted as she pulled me in for a hug. “Text me?” “Already sent.” I teased with our normal response to one another. We exchanged smiles one more time before I climbed the steps and walked into my house. As I approached the couch I noticed Lindsay and Adam both fast asleep. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I took a closer look. Lindsay’s head was lying on his chest as his arm stretched around her. I guess today’s just the day for friends to become lovers. As bad as I feel for Ky, well, my excitement for Dizzy is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m ready for this adventure. I’m going to grab on with both hands, just like my Mom taught me to.
  12. Aceinthehole

    The Pink Elephant

    Chapter 9: The Pink Elephant That night I found my mind kept wandering back to Dizzy’s words. There was just something about them, some sweet sincerity to it all. Maybe I am a little scared of him. He’s just so free and adventurous, can I handle that? Should I just keep going after Ky? But then am I choosing the safe choice? Am I holding myself back? “Dizzy stop!” Adam shouted into a headset, causing me to jump. “You’re actually playing with him?” I asked, glancing over to Adam. “He wouldn’t stop spamming me with invites.” Adam shrugged. “But if he doesn’t stop running ahead I’m going to leave!” I heard some faint laughter on the other end, before Adam turned back to me. “He says Hi.” “Hi Dizzy.” I greeted, unsure if he could hear me or not. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Adam asked, seeing the confusion on my face. “It’s not magic. You plug the headphones into your controller and it’s like you’re on the phone.” “Oh.” I replied, taking a longer look at the big headphones over his ears. “Then how do you hear the T.V.?” “The T.V. audio comes through the controller too.” He dismissed, before turning back towards the screen. “He’s not clueless.” Adam defended. “He just grew up under a rock.” “Hey!” I shouted, trying to draw his attention back to me. “It’s fine, I grew up under a rock too.” Adam dismissed, not even bothering to look over. “Yes I’m from Texas.” He replied to Dizzy, except this time I rose to my feet and stared at him. “I, mind your own business and let’s just play the game.” He warned Dizzy before covering the mic with his hand. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were trying to keep secrets.” “I’m not trying to keep secrets.” I clarified. “I’m just, someone told me that playing your cards close to your chest is important.” “It is.” He agreed with a nod. “Just not with me, you know that right?” “You keep your cards from me.” I shrugged as I began to walk towards the stairs. “That’s different.” He defensively began. “Artie, don’t be keeping secrets from me!” “We’ll see.” I couldn’t help but tease. “You don’t have any secrets.” He said, trying his hardest to bait something out of me. “You’re too good of a kid.” “If that’s how you feel.” I replied with a smile as he turned back to me. “I’m watching you.” He played along before turning back around. “No, not you Dizzy! I’m going to leave the game in another minute.” I couldn’t help but laugh at their bickering as I headed up the stairs. I know they’re probably going to fight all night, but I can tell Adam is enjoying it. In a way it’s nice to know they’re playing together. It means Dizzy is home safe and not out doing whatever Dizzy does late at night! -- -- The next morning when I got to school I found Dizzy asleep at his desk in home room. “Stayed up too late playing video games with Adam?” I couldn’t help but tease. “No.” Dizzy lied, not even bothering to pick his head up. “Adam?” Charlotte repeated, glancing from Dizzy to me. “My Uncle.” I quickly clarified. “Dizzy is making him play some video game with him.” “I’m not making him. I’m just sending him invites until he deletes me or joins.” Dizzy teased as he finally picked up his head. “Besides, we’re a good team.” “Is that why you were fighting all night?” I asked as our eyes finally connected. “We weren’t fighting.” He lied with a smile. “That’s just how friends talk to one another.” “So you’re friends now?” I couldn’t help but tease. “You could say that,” He laughed, making sure to keep his eyes on me. “but like I said. The younger models better.” “Dizzy.” Charlotte groaned as she heard his tone. “Can you not be gross this early in the morning?” “I’m not being gross.” He mumbled as a blush entered his face. “You don’t call Ky out like this.” “Maybe I just trust Ky more.” She remarked as his stare glanced over to her. “This isn’t like that.” He insisted with a serious face. “Maybe I’m just as invested as Ky.” “Maybe Artie doesn’t want either of you invested.” Charlotte warned him. “Maybe he doesn’t want to be flirted with constantly.” “He totally does.” Dizzy smirked, looking back to me. “You’re loving every second of this.” “Am not.” I lied as a blush began on my face. “Look at him!” Dizzy couldn’t help but laugh. “He’s such a little flirt!” “Am not!” I repeated in a whine. “It’s alright, I like it.” Dizzy winked. “The chase is half the fun.” “Oh my god!” Charlotte complained in a loud voice. “Now you’re both just being dumb boys.” “Artie’s not being dumb.” Dizzy began before I could say anything. “He’s just exploring his options. I don’t blame him for it. I would get to know Ky before choosing me too.” “And you’re just fine with this conversation?” Charlotte sighed, looking back to me. “I don’t know if I would say I’m fine with it.” I swayed my head. “But he started talking about it yesterday, and at least this way we’re addressing the pink elephant in the room.” “Artie!” Dizzy yelped as he fully woke up. “You shouldn’t call Ky an elephant! I know you prefer me, but that’s not very nice!” “What if I don’t prefer you?” I teased, ignoring his bad joke. “You do.” He confidently spoke. “I won you over last night. Now it’s just a matter of time.” “Are you really confident enough to say that?” I provoked, refusing to break eye contact. “He’s not.” Charlotte interjected. “Deep down he’s just as nervous about this whole thing as everyone else.” “Wrong!” He called out, leaning back in his chair. “And I’ll prove it too.” “I’m listening.” I led, excited to hear whatever crazy plan he was hatching. “I’ll back off all day,” He said, making sure to keep the confidence in his voice. “I’ll let you spend it with Ky. You can even eat lunch alone with him.” He rose to his feet before either of us could say anything and headed to the door. “But I know you’ll still want me when the day’s done.” “Ugh.” Charlotte rolled her eyes as he left the room. “He can be such a pig sometimes.” “I kind of like it.” I confessed, looking down at the desk in front of me. “Artie!” She clicked her tongue. “What?” I asked, picking my head up. “It’s funny and I don’t know it’s nice to be flattered sometimes.” “When did he even start being that open with you?” She asked with a skeptical look. “Last night,” I shrugged. “he came over and we watched Game of Thrones. Then he told me he knows I’m not a trophy but he would show me off like one, and that I’m not something to conquer and he’s never felt that way before.” I explained as a blush over took my face. “Then he kissed me on the cheek and left.” “Do you believe him?” She dug, wiping any expression from her face so she couldn’t influence me either way. “I think so.” I nodded my head. “The moment just, it was like time stopped. It was like it was just us and nothing else mattered.” “How do you know he meant it?” She provoked, keeping the blank face. “I don’t.” I confessed. “But that’s what I need you for!” “I can talk to him, and drill it into his head.” She agreed. “But at the end of the day he only listens to himself. He could be being genuine with you, or he could just be playing you.” “But why would he do that?” I replied with a skeptical look. “Why would he risk losing both you and Ky like that?” “Honestly, I don’t think he would.” She admitted in a sigh. “But it does kind of scare me that we have to even ask.” “I guess so.” I nodded but before either of us could say anything else Ky walked into the room. “Good morning.” He smiled, retaking his seat before Dizzy could get back. “So you make your decision on baseball yet?” “I’m going to do it.” I answered as our eyes met. “That’s great.” He supported as his smile grew wider. “You’ll have to let me know when your first game is.” “You don’t have to come to my games. It’s no big deal” “I don’t mind.” He insisted as his normal calm demeanor filled the air. “I’m more than happy to be there for you.” I fell quiet and let the moment take over, until finally Dizzy returned to the room. “Morning.” He cheered, interrupting the moment. “Good morning.” Ky let out, but kept his eyes towards me. I noticed Dizzy nod his head, but follow through on his plan and quietly sit behind Charlotte. -- -- It was weird for Dizzy to stay so quiet. He simply tuned out and just let me and Ky do our thing. He didn’t even bother us during computers, and when lunch rolled around I found myself alone with Ky at one of the smaller tables. “So you’re really enjoying your first week and a half here, huh?” He asked as he forced a smile. “Yup.” I nodded my head. “I needed something like this.” “Yeah?” He asked as his smile grew. “What’s your favorite part?” “Having so much to do.” I answered, thinking it all over. “Back home you could go to the river to fish, play something in the fields, dirt bike or work. That was about it.” “I remember last week when you said you were quiet and stayed in.” He teased. “Now look at you.” “I guess I just needed a push in the right direction.” “And now that you got that push?” “I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Well why don’t I take you to the wharf for dinner on Saturday?” He asked, trying to be as smooth as possible. “We can try and figure it out there.” “Sorry, I’m going to the Zoo with Dizzy on Saturday.” As he heard those words I notice the smile beginning to fade from his face. “Oh.” He exhaled, looking down at his food. “It’s not like that.” I tried to clarify. “You and Charlotte called the Zoo stupid, and we’ve had it planned for like a week now.” “I know.” He muttered, glancing up at me. “Just feels like you two hang out a lot.” “Does it?” I asked, unsure what he meant. “To me it does.” He shrugged, looking back down. “You’re just overthinking.” I tried to comfort. “It’s just Dizzy, you know how he is.” “I do.” This time when he spoke it was more of a complaint than an answer. “You guys have to stop fighting.” I insisted, starting to grow serious. “We can all go to the Zoo together.” “That’s not happening.” He shook his head. “Besides, the fighting will pass. Dizzy just needs to get his head on straight for once.” “Look, I don’t want to get in between you two,” “It has nothing to do with you.” He lied, looking back to where Charlotte and Dizzy were sitting. “It’s been stirring before you even got here.” “What has been?” I dug, refusing to let it go. “Just, all of him.” Ky answered. “He just takes everything for granted. Enough is never enough with him. He always goes for more.” “Have you told him that?” I asked as our eyes reconnected. “No,” He confessed. “but even if I did he wouldn’t listen.” “You don’t know that until you try.” I encouraged. “Dizzy’s a good guy, I’m sure if you tell him when he’s imposing he’ll stop.” “You give him too much credit.” Ky dismissed as he started to pick apart his food. “Why do you say that?” “He just, he’s not this great standup guy you may think he is.” Ky answered. “He vandalizes any building he wants and the way he acts with girls. It’s disgusting.” “How does he act with girls?” “He just says whatever he needs to get into their pants, and a week or two later they break up.” He explained, staring right into my eyes. “I love the kid, but come on, do you really want to get wrapped up with a guy like that?” “No.” I sighed as I fell into my own head. I know Charlotte said his ex-girlfriends call him crazy, but I didn’t know it was like that. I didn’t know he was such a, a, womanizer. “Anyway, you don’t have to worry about any of it. It’ll all work itself out.” He tried to comfort. “But about dinner at the Wharf, what do you think of Sunday night?” “That works for me.” I forced a smile. The rest of the day I found myself thinking about Dizzy once more, except this time it wasn’t in the light joyful way it was last night. What if he is saying all of this just to get laid? What if he’s trying to take advantage of my curiosity? Ky said this has been brewing for a while, what if this is Dizzy’s way of getting even? -- -- “Everything okay?” Charlotte asked, noticing how quiet I was on our walk home. “Just fine.” I nodded with a forced smile. “Your day alone with Ky confuse you even more?” She prodded with curious eyes. “Is Dizzy really that bad with girls?” I groaned, unable to keep it inside any more. “Man, you really are hung up on him.” She giggled, but when she saw I was being serious let her smile fade. “I think that’s a conversation you’ll have to have with him.” “But didn’t you talk to him about it during lunch?” I provoked as we reached the stairs to my house. “Sure, but he figured out why pretty quickly.” She shrugged. “Turned it into some big joke. Said we’re right to be worried, and he just wants to see if everything is bigger in Texas.” I felt a blush coat my face as I heard those words. “He was just kidding though.” “But what if he’s not?” I complained, running through it all in my head once more. “Ky said he sleeps with girls then breaks up with them a week later! What if I let him in and he does that to me?” “For someone who wasn’t too okay with gay people a week ago, you sure are comfortable thinking about sleeping with Dizzy.” She couldn’t help but tease. “That’s not helping!” I groaned in a loud voice. “Sorry, I’m just saying, maybe you’re a lot more comfortable with your sexuality than you think.” She pointed out with a smile. “But I don’t think I can help with this.” “Why not?” I exhaled as she began to walk away. “Because Ky has it wrong,” She shrugged. “but that’s for Dizzy to tell you. Not me.” “Charlotte!” I whined as she kept walking. “You’re supposed to have my back!” “I do.” She turned and started to walk backwards. “This time I’m just watching from the shadows! Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen!” “But what if you do?” I asked as she shrugged her shoulders. “Wait, come over and watch T.V. we can even,” “Goodbye Artie.” She laughed before turning back around and heading towards her bus stop. With a large sigh I climbed the stairs and finally entered my house. “What was with all the yelling?” Adam asked, glancing over to me. “Just goofing around with my friend.” I dismissed, quickly heading towards the stairs. “Everything okay?” He asked, pausing his game and fully facing me. “I’m fine.” I answered but as he stood up I stopped moving. “You don’t seem fine.” He said, sniffing out my lies. “Talk to me, what’s up? Girl problems?” “Something like that.” I muttered, looking down at the couch instead of him. “Well what is it? Scared to ask a girl out?” He asked but I simply shook my head. “You get rejected?” He continued, but once more got a shake. “You have to choose between two!” He suddenly caught on as I grew quiet. “I got it! Am I good or what?” “It took you three guesses.” I shot back, finally looking to him. “What do I do?” “Well what are they like?” He asked with a smile. “They’re both nice.” I swayed my head. “Ones calm and patient and the others just, giddy.” “Giddy?” Adam repeated but dropped it when he saw the look on my face. “Well you don’t have to make any decisions before you want to. You want my honest advice?” “Yeah.” I forced out as our eyes connected. “My honest advice is there is no answer I, or anyone else could give you.” He began in a calm voice. “This is something you have to work out on your own. Your heart will let you know when it’s ready, just be patient and don’t over think.” “Don’t over think?” I asked with a cautious look. “Yup.” He nodded his head. “Your head will just keep over analyzing everything until it ruins it for you. So don’t think, just, live. Can you do that?” “I think so.” I nodded as my concerns slowly began to fade. “See,” Adam began as he sat back down on the coach. “you can come to me with things. I promise I won’t judge or ask more than you want to share.” “Nope, you’ll just make bad jokes.” I laughed, starting to walk up the stairs again. “You love em!” He shouted as loud as he could. I hate to admit it, but he’s not wrong. Everything from the bad jokes, to the surprisingly good advice, well, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He wants me to be happy here. He wants me to feel welcomed. It doesn’t even have to be like this. He could lock me away in a room and only let me out for school if he really wanted to. But that’s not him, and I don’t think it ever could be. -- -- That night when I came back down Adam helped to distract me. He didn’t ask me any more questions, but decided we needed to watch the third Harry Potter movie and relax. There was a debate over diner, but eventually he won and it was pizza, again. Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza just as much as the next guy, but I don’t need to eat it three times a week! When I finally laid down to fall asleep I shut off my mind the best I could. I’m finally in a spot where I can date anyone I want. Boy or girl! So I’m not going to ruin this for myself because I can’t stop thinking. Sure, it may be a little confusing, but that’s alright. I’m fifteen. This is supposed to be confusing! When I finally nodded off I found myself fast asleep. The type I could swear nothing would wake me up from, that is until I heard a light knocking on my door. “What?” I forced out as I slowly opened my eyes. “What?” I repeated as I heard the door start to open. “Adam,” I managed out as my heart began to race in my chest. “Adam is that you?” I asked a little louder as I grabbed my phone off the bedside table. “No, just, shhhh.” A familiar voice responded. “Dizzy?” I asked in shock as I reached over and flicked my lamp on. “Surprise.” He forced a smile, but I could see him trying to hide what looked like fear and concern on his face. “Are you crazy? What are you doing?” I began, trying my hardest to keep my voice down. “How did you even get in here?” “Your Uncle leaves a spare key under the back mat.” He shrugged, taking a seat on the edge of my bed. “And he told you that?” “Well, no.” Dizzy said, looking away from me. “But I just need a place to crash tonight.” “What’s wrong with your house?” I asked, as my nerves finally began to calm down. “Nothing.” He lied, still not looking at me. “If you’re going to stay here I need to know what happened.” I pressured with a stern look. “I just, I got in a fight with my Mom’s boyfriend.” He confessed. “I just can’t go back there tonight, alright?” “So you came here?” “Not originally, I was sleeping in the park, then a cop came and started asking all these questions, so I just, booked it.” He shrugged in a quiet voice. “You ran from a cop?” I asked accidently letting my voice grow louder. “Shhh!” He hushed, finally looking over to me. “I wouldn’t say I ran. I just kind of quickly walked away. It’s fine, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.” “No, you were just sleeping in a park then breaking into a house!” I pointed out as my voice grew agitated. “How did you even get into our backyard?” “The alley between your houses are big enough to squeeze through.” He explained, trying to keep as calm as he could. “I’m sorry Artie, I-I wouldn’t’ve done this if I had any other options. I usually stay at Ky’s, but that, that’s not an option right now and Charlotte’s Dad hates me.” “And if you woke Adam up?” “Then I would’ve explained myself to him.” Dizzy answered as our eyes met. “He’s a cool guy, I’m sure he would understand.” “So if I go wake him up right,” “Well let’s not do that!” He interrupted, inching closer. “I’ll be quiet and just sleep on your floor. I really am sorry Artie.” “It’s fine.” I groaned, grabbing the extra pillow off my bed and throwing it at him. “Just don’t make it a habit.” “I won’t.” He let out a sigh of relief before getting off my bed and disappearing onto the ground. “What would you have done if you walked into Adam’s room?” I asked, not quite ready to go back to sleep yet. “I wasn’t worried about that. I’m naturally drawn to you after all.” He began to flirt. “I’m sure you are.” I rolled my eyes. “I am.” He confidently replied. “I used to think it was cute guys in general, but I’m starting to think it’s just you.” “You sure you don’t just want to see if everything’s bigger in Texas?” I asked in a serious voice. I heard him let out a sigh as he thought it over. “Is that an offer?” He joked but when he got only silence back sat up so I could see his head. “Charlotte tell you that?” “Maybe.” I shrugged as I sat up myself. “I was just kidding when I said that to her.” He shook his head. “Like I told you, this is different.” “Is it?” I pressured. “Because I hear that’s one of your favorite lines.” “What?” He asked, finally getting serious. “I don’t know why Charlotte would say that to you. Out of all people, I've trust her the most lately.” “It wasn’t her.” I rejected, watching him closely. “Ky?” He asked in a betrayed voice. “I-I’m going to kill him tomorrow.” “Look, if you like to mess with girls then leave, that’s on you. I don’t know why you’re blaming Ky for the way you act.” “That's not me though.” He insisted. “Have I had a lot of girlfriends and some boyfriends? Yes. Have I had sex with most of them? Possibly. But it’s them who leave, not me.” “Dizzy,” I began in a skeptical voice. “I swear to god!” He yelped, standing up and looking over to me. “No matter what I do, they always break up with me.” “What?” I exhaled as our eyes met in the darkness. “They say I’m too wild, that I’m not normal enough for them. They like to use me to freak out their Dads then when they’ve had enough I’m thrown away.” As he explained more and more I started to hear emotion breaking through his voice. “I used to think it was fine, I was getting laid and just, whatever. Then I met you and you’re not like that. You actually care and I-I don’t care what dibs Ky had. I’m not letting that define what happens.” I fell quiet as it all began to connect in my head. “I’m going to fight for you Arthur Price. I’ll fight Charlotte. I’ll fight Ky. I’ll fight your Uncle. I’ll fight…” “Your run out of people?” I smiled as he grew quiet. “That’s not the point, the point’s,” “It’s late,” I interrupted scooting over in my bed. “and the floor is uncomfortable. Come lay up here.” “You’re such a flirt.” He remarked, calming down and grabbing his pillow from the floor before walking up to me. “Am not.” I exhaled, making more room for him. “This isn’t anything romantic. This is me sharing so you don’t have to sleep on my floor.” “Alright.” He accepted, climbing into bed. Before I knew it we were face to face. “So does this mean you believe me?” “Charlotte did say Ky had it wrong.” I nodded my head. “I love that girl!” He smiled, moving a little closer. “That’s not what you said a minute ago.” I giggled before reaching my hand out and keeping him at bay. “Stay on your side.” “Fine.” He grumbled, allowing me to push him further back. “But what made Ky say that?” “He said it feels like we hang out a lot, and I said we don’t really.” I began. “Then he said you’re not like I think, and that you sleep with a girl then move onto the next.” “Is he that mad at me?” He asked in a sigh. “I would never shit talk him like that. Sure, I said he was the boring option yesterday, but I was just playing around.” “Maybe he thinks it’s true.” I defended. “I think you two need to sit down and talk, because he was also complaining that you cross the line too often.” “What? When do I do that?” Dizzy asked, drawing some laughter from me. “I’m being serious.” “Never Dizzy.” I shook my head. “It’s not like you just broke into my house or anything.” “Oh I,” He paused trying his hardest to think of a defense. “You can be a lot.” I finished for him. “And I, I kind of like it, but I think it’s been a lot on Ky recently.” “Why wouldn’t he just tell me that?” Dizzy wondered as he began to fall into his own head. “Maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.” I offered, trying my hardest to see the good in both of them. “Maybe.” Dizzy agreed as a smile crept across his face. “You like that I cross the line.” “I wouldn’t say like.” I lied as his smile grew. “No?” He pressured. “It’s just nice to have someone pushing me.” I admitted as I caught his smile. “Is that so bad?” “Not at all.” He exhaled leaning over and kissing me on the forehead. “How was that for a push?” Once more I fell quiet as he pulled away. Before I could find any words our eyes connected, seemingly taking me to another world. I took a breath and remembered Adam’s words. Don’t think Artie, just, live. Without warning I leaned forward and found his lips with my own. As they met I felt my soul leap and a burning begin within my chest. “Woh.” Dizzy exhaled as I pulled away. “That was nice.” “Yeah, it was.” I agreed letting him grow closer than before. “I want the record to show you initiated that.” He smiled as his blush kept growing. “It will.” I laughed as our eyes connected and we both grew quiet. “This doesn’t mean I chose you.” I tried to clarify as reality started to set back in. “I know.” He nodded. “You want to give Ky a chance to convince you either way.” “It’s not,” “It’s alright.” He comforted. “Go on a date with him, hell, kiss him if you want. I know it won’t have the spark we have. I know you’ll choose me.” “And if I don’t?” I asked growing serious. “Then at least I have tonight.” He responded, moving close enough to plant another kiss on my face. “We’re not doing anything.” I warned, feeling my heart begin to race once more. “I know,” He smiled “except maybe cuddle?” “You want to cuddle?” I rolled my eyes. “Well, duh.” He teased in a laugh. “Why else would I be getting so close to you?” “Fine.” I groaned acting as though I was doing him a favor. “You want to be little spoon or big spoon?” He asked as I shot him a confused look. “Just be big spoon.” He laughed, turning over and backing into me. “Now place your arm around me,” He instructed helping to guide my arm. “There you go.” He encouraged as we finally got into place. “You’re such a brat.” I laughed, realizing what had happened. “You were supposed to be on the floor.” “You had to know when you offered a spot on the bed we would cuddle.” He giggled, comfortably laying into me. “I didn’t know guys did this.” I defended with a smile. “I thought it was a girl thing.” “You still think that?” He asked in a curious voice. “Not at all.” I answered, holding onto him. “Besides, this is just a friendly cuddle.” “I think another part of you disagrees.” He couldn’t help but tease. “I guess things really are bigger in Texas.” “Dizzy!” I yelped as my cheeks turned red. “Do you need to go back to the floor?” “Why? Need a few minutes alone with yourself?” He continued to joke. “Pig.” I complained, but refused to let him go. “Flirt.” He happily shot back. “But like I said this morning, I like getting to chase after you.” “Even when that means fighting with Ky?” “I’d fight with dozens of Kys just to hold you.” He replied in a soft voice. “After all, I feel the safest I have in months.” “Why’s that?” I led, excited to hear his response. “I got a big ol cowboy protecting me.” He giggled in a proud voice. We spent a few more minutes talking before we both finally fell asleep. Okay, maybe I am a bit of a flirt! But I’m just testing out some options. Besides, when a guy like Dizzy comes to your house in the middle of the night how can you not cave in and kiss him! Especially when he let me in so close! I know Ky wouldn’t lie, so how could he get Dizzy so wrong? Did Dizzy lie to protect his pride? And how much longer until Ky figures out what’s really going on between Dizzy and I?
  13. Aceinthehole


    Chapter 8: T.B.C. Dinner with the Rites was an interesting experience. For just three people they were loud and full of life! Now that I know the people he really grew up with, well, it’s not hard to see where Adam got his laid back attitude from! It doesn’t seem like much bothers them and if it does they just shake it off! Much to Adam’s dismay I got some stories about his teenage years. Nothing revealing, just stories about him in High School. He actually sounds a lot more like Dizzy than I ever would’ve thought! Apparently he was loud mouthed and energetic. I just hope that phase is in his past! When it was finally time for the Rites to leave Adam promised that we would come visit them one day soon, and promised that we’d go over for a Memorial Day barbeque when the time comes. As we cleaned up I couldn’t help but randomly look at him. “What?” He asked, turning back to me. “You yelled at me last night for staring.” “I didn’t yell at you.” I defended. “You were pretty much screaming.” He teased, breaking eye contact and walking towards the sink. “Sure.” I accepted, refusing to play along with his game. “If the Rites are so nice, well, then why were you so secretive about them?” “There it is.” He quietly sighed. “I’m glad you thought they were nice.” “Adam.” I warned, noticing his attempt to side step the question. “I just didn’t want to overwhelm you.” He lied with a shrug. “We’re taking this all one step at a time.” “Okay, well now that step is finished.” I began, forcing as much eye contact as possible. “So can you just answer the question? Like actually answer it this time?” He let out a deep breath before turning back to me. “Texas taught me a lot. The most important of which is to always play your cards close to your chest.” “So you don’t trust me?” I asked, taking a seat at the table. “No, I trust you.” He quickly tried to clarify. “But there are just some things I’m not ready to share with you yet. It’s nothing against you, I just need time.” “So you’ll actually answer all my questions one day?” I pried with curious eyes. “How many do you have?” He asked, finally looking back to me. “A few.” I shrugged, pretending like they weren’t all that important. “Like what?” He asked as our eyes connected. “Like why’d you get kicked out?” I said in a brave breath. “For thinking freely.” He replied with a raise of his eyebrows. “And the real answer?” I pressured, knowing enough to see past his games. “That’s T.B.C.” He forced a smile, before breaking eye contact and turning back towards the sink. “T.B.C.?” I repeated in a confused voice. “To be continued!” He teased in a shout. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and get up. “Where are you going?” He called out. “Come on! That was a good one!” “That was your worst one yet!” I shouted back. “I laughed at it!” He defended. “You always laugh at your own jokes.” I provoked, glancing back to him. “If you can’t make yourself laugh, then what’s the point?” He asked as I started to climb the stairs. “Good night!” I dismissed, having had my full of bad jokes for one night. In a weird way, I understand where he’s coming from. He was betrayed by everyone he knew in Texas. They basically banished the poor guy! And sure, I’ve started to prove I’m different from everyone in our hometown, but it’ll still take time for us to be fully comfortable around one another. I still want answers, but I can wait a little longer. Besides, now that I know him, well I’m pretty sure he did get kicked out for saying something stupid! Maybe even for defending my Mom! But then why didn’t she talk to him? Was it something with her? Did she do something? Is that why she left him with me, to make it up to him? The questions seemed to bounce around my head until finally I passed out. No matter what the answer is, I won’t let it get in the way of what me and Adam are building. I won’t let one detail from his past break the relationship I have with him. My whole life I’ve wanted a father figure, someone to show me what a man was. Adam may be, well, Adam, but he’s successful and kind. I’d gladly follow in his shoes. -- -- The next morning came just like all the others, and before I knew it I was sitting in homeroom listening to Dizzy and Ky bicker about anything and everything. “That’s not what I’m saying though!” Dizzy exclaimed as their conversation started to grow louder and louder. “Then what are you saying?” Ky exhaled in a fed up voice. “Because it sounds like you’re trying to backpedal to me.” “Oh my god.” Charlotte groaned as our eyes connected. “Would you two stop?” I interrupted, turning towards to them. “You’re giving Charlotte a headache.” “Way to go.” Dizzy grunted, looking to Ky. “Dizzy.” I let out in a stern voice. “Sorry.” He submitted, looking as far from Ky as possible. “Whatever is going on between you two needs to stop.” I warned in a serious voice. “It’s only been a full day of it, and Charlotte and I are already done.” “He’s not playing around.” Charlotte supported, staring them both down. “We’ll start eating at separate tables during lunch if you two don’t stop.” “Sorry.” They both grumbled before falling quiet. “I didn’t know you had it in you.” Charlotte teased as I looked back to her. “Nicely done.” “I figured we could use the quiet.” I shrugged with a smile. “I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.” Ky muttered, standing up and walking towards the door. “He okay?” I whispered towards Charlotte. “He’s fine.” Dizzy answered, overhearing the question. “He’s okay.” Charlotte agreed. “Probably just grumpy because Dizzy’s been messing with him all morning.” “I haven’t been messing with him, he,” Dizzy began but when he saw the look on my face dropped it. “That’s not important. What is important is setting up what day we’re going to the Zoo.” “Saturday?” I offered as he nodded his head. “Sounds like a plan,” He smiled. “and you’ll be happy to know I finished book two last night.” “About that.” I teased, leaning back in my chair. “I think I found us a shortcut.” “What’s that?” He eagerly asked in an excited voice. “My Uncle said you can come over and watch it, but we have to watch the most recent season with him when we get there.” I explained catching the smile from his face. “How’d you swing that?” He asked, nearly sitting on the edge of his chair. “I have my ways.” I shrugged. “But don’t make me regret it.” “Never.” He teased as his smile turned into a smirk. “That means don’t shove it in Ky’s face,” Charlotte emphasized. “or better yet, don’t even tell him.” “That mean you two don’t tell me when you hang out?” Dizzy inquired, immediately looking back to me. “Why? Should I be keeping you updated?” I provoked as our eyes connected. “Transcripts and all.” He played along. “Gross.” Charlotte rolled her eyes, noticing the flirty tone in Dizzy’s voice. I couldn’t help but laugh as frustration replaced the sly look on his face. “Charlotte!” Dizzy yelped breaking eye contact and looking over to her. “My bad.” She teased, more than happy with what she had done. “Aren’t you supposed to be on my side?” He asked as their eyes connected. “Your side for what?” She played dumb, knowing he would never say it out loud. “You’re infuriating.” He remarked as Ky walked back into the classroom. Before either of them could say anything Mrs. Mowry began homeroom. Just like yesterday they were quiet but the stare downs and cold shoulders said more than any word could. I know Charlotte said it will pass, but it really is getting old fast! “Alright everyone, have a great day!” Mrs. Mowry encouraged as the bell ending homeroom rang. “Oh! Artie! The office gave me your gym uniform.” “Gym uniform?” I repeated as she handed me a plastic bag full of red clothing. “I’ve got it from here.” Charlotte smiled leading me out of the classroom. “Remember when Ky said sometimes cooking and computers switches with gym, well, today’s that day.” “Oh no.” I groaned, looking down at the uniform in my hands. “You couldn’t warn me or anything?” “Don’t worry Artie.” Ky tried to comfort. “You’re an athlete, I could tell from surfing with you.” “I don’t know about that.” I complained, following them towards the front of the school. “What sport do we even play?” I asked, relieved that I had decided to wear my sneakers today. “Well in the winter a lot of basketball and floor hockey.” Dizzy answered before anyone else could speak. “But now that it’s spring we’ll probably have to walk to one of the fields and play either football or baseball.” “I can do baseball.” I quickly blurted out. “What?” Charlotte giggled, turning to me. “We used to play baseball almost every day in Texas.” I explained, trying my hardest to reel it back. “I’m not any good, but I know how to play.” “Then maybe you can teach me.” Dizzy teased. “I don’t think so.” I laughed as Ky watched the conversation unfold. “You’ll fit right in.” Ky tried to comfort but as we entered the locker rooms, got changed and started the walk to the field I felt nerves starting to take over. “We really have to walk all the way there?” I asked Charlotte as a field finally appeared in the distance. “Yup.” She sighed. “The hassles of going to a city school.” “You get used to it.” Ky shrugged, glancing over to Charlotte to give us some space then back to me. “It’s actually a pretty nice field. Our high school plays there and all, so its’ like, legit.” “And they let us use it for gym?” I asked, shooting him a confused look. “Until we eventually ruin it and they’d had enough.” He laughed, taking a step closer. “You’ll be just fine.” I nodded but stayed quiet until we finally got there. The field was just as nice as Ky had promised, maybe even better. It made my Texas high school field look like a patch of dirt! Dugouts sat on both sides, with rows of seating above them. “You guys know the rules.” One of the Coaches began in a tired voice. “No one in the dugouts or stands. Pick your teams and let’s get going.” I gulped and hung near Charlotte as lines began to form. Ky was one of the first taken, then eventually Dizzy and even Charlotte! I tried my hardest not to let my disappointment show when I was one of the last two left to be picked. Dizzy and Ky tried to plead a case to take me, but before I knew it I was the last one left. “Hey!” Charlotte cheered as I walked towards our team. “We’re on the same team!” “Perfect.” I grumbled, trying not to let the shot to my pride show. “Are you upset because you got picked last?” She teased with a smile. “Are either of you actually playing?” One of the guys asked before I could say anything. “Nope!” Charlotte happily rejected. “I will.” I replied looking up at the kid much bigger than me. “Great.” He complained, taking a long look at me. “You bat last and play outfield.” “I used to play infield back in Texas. Second base.” I began, trying my hardest to make a case. “That’s great kid.” The teen dismissed before walking back towards the group. With a deep sigh I followed along and found myself in the field just watching the game unfold. Dizzy was as hopeless as I’d imagined, but they stuck him at first and told him to just catch the ball. While Ky made sure to let that athletic nature of his show. One things for sure with him, those muscles are not just for looks! When it finally became my turn to bat I heard a few groans from my teammates. “Are you sure you want to play?” The kid from before asked. “Positive.” I grunted, picking up one of the metal bats. “We have two outs and a man on second. Just get a single and he should score and tie the game.” The teen instructed. “Can you somehow manage that?” “Maybe.” I shrugged, walking towards the batter’s box. “Maybe?” The kid repeated, beginning to stare me down. “What’s that mean?” “It means maybe.” I dismissed, refusing to look back at him. As I stepped into the box and looked up at the pitcher I felt my heart begin to race. I’ve done this a million times before in Texas, hell, I even used to lead off during my old gym class! I may not be the greatest at making contact, but if there’s one thing I am its fast! As the first pitch came in and gave me a cold strike I heard a few groans sound out from my class. I tried my hardest to lock in and before I knew it I was working a full count. “Good job, just take ball four.” One of the kids shouted. “Get yourself on base and someone will take care of it!” “Don’t even swing!” Another kid shouted. I tried my hardest to ignore their words and focus on the task at hand. Yet as the next pitch came in I felt my body act on its own. With a defensive swing I connected with the ball, sending it right at Dizzy. “Woh!” He exclaimed, ducking out of its way as I began to run. “You could’ve killed me!” He shouted as the ball quickly made its way down the first base line. I tried my hardest to ignore him as I rounded first and pushed myself as hard as I could. “Third! Third! Third!” I heard the shouts of my teammates yell from along the base lines. Yet as I made my way towards third and saw the ball still in the air I let my Texas instincts kick in. “What are you doing?!” One of the kids shouted at the top of his lungs. With everything I had left I charged home as one of the infielders picked up the ball. I watched all the kids in my old gym class do this, and now it’s my turn. Just like I had hoped the infielder panicked and threw the ball wide as I slid into home plate and jumped to my feet. “Yeah Artie!” Charlotte yelped from where she was sitting. “I mean I only watched the last part of that but it looked good!” “That was stupid base running.” One of the kids remarked as I approached. “No it wasn’t. Always pressure the infield.” I explained, trying my hardest to catch my breath. “Throw to home is the hardest in baseball. Especially if it’s not a play you’re used to making.” “And where’d you learn that?” One of the kids asked in a dismissive tone. “Texas.” I proudly answered, finally able to stand up straight. “So can I play second now?” “What? No!” One of the other kids began, but the captain gave me a nod. “Take a hike Jacob. You bobble the ball all the time. Kid’s from Texas, I’m pretty sure all they do is play baseball and football there.” The captain defended, looking back to me. “Don’t make me look stupid.” “I won’t.” I assured, trying my hardest to hide my excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not super in love with baseball or anything, but I need to prove I’m better than last pick in gym class! I mean they took Charlotte ahead of me and she isn’t even playing! I’m a country boy, it’s in my blood to protect my pride! Besides, getting to flash some skill in front of Dizzy and Ky wouldn’t be all that bad either. Maybe it’ll help them realize I’m not some damsel in distress they need to save! I never thought of myself as all that good at sports. I always struggled to keep up back home. It was like everyone else was just stronger and faster than I was! But suddenly that doesn’t seem the case. The kids in California are good and all, but they have nothing on the kids I grew up with! God, back in Texas we would’ve torn these guys up! This game would’ve been over in the first three innings! Nothing I did was as great as my first at bat, but I still seemed to pull together a respectable game. I got a couple of put outs and assists in the field and added a couple singles to my batting! They even encouraged me to try and steal second once, but that might’ve been to get me away from Dizzy who was chewing my ear off! “I thought you said you were bad at sports.” Ky teased as the game wrapped up. “I am.” I nodded my head. “Maybe Californians are just worse than Texans.” I couldn’t help but tease back. “I’ll remember that.” He warned in a laugh. “Hey!” The captain from my team called out as he walked up to us. “Arnold right?” “Artie.” I corrected in a sigh. “Oh, sorry. My names Jose” He apologized, looking me up and down. “You know, the local school team could use someone with your speed.” “Sorry, I don’t play baseball.” I shrugged, hoping he would take the hint. “That’s not how it looked to me.” He pressured, trying his hardest to force eye contact. “Look, the teams more of a “for fun” thing than it is competitive. Come hang out with us and play some baseball. We only practice three times a week max.” “I don’t know.” I swayed my head as Ky, Dizzy and Charlotte eagerly watched me. “Why don’t you think about it and let me know in a few days?” He asked, trying to be as nice as possible. “Alright.” I accepted, not actually taking it seriously. “You should do it.” Ky encouraged as Jose left hearing range. “I don’t think so.” I dismissed, hoping he would drop it. “It’s right down the street from your house, and like he said it’s just for fun.” Ky cheered, looking into my eyes. “Who knows, maybe you’ll even get good enough for a scholarship to college.” “And then hell will freeze over.” I rolled my eyes. “I got lucky that first at bat. Anyone but Dizzy would’ve caught that ball.” “What’s that supposed to mean?!” Dizzy defended in a loud voice. “You launched that one at me! I saw my life flash before my eyes!” “That was a hard hit ball.” Ky agreed, surprising both me and Charlotte. “I don’t know too many people here in California that would make that play.” “I’ll think about it.” I waved off, feeding him nearly the same line as the kid from the baseball team. “Really think about it.” Charlotte agreed as we pulled away from the other two. “You’re taking their side?” I complained, looking over to her. “I’m not taking any sides, what’s with you boys today?” She clarified in a serious voice. “But you’re still new here. It can’t hurt to go out and make some more friends, you know? Get involved, make High School fun for yourself.” “You’re telling me that?” I asked, shooting her a cautious look. “Hey, I’m a part of the AP Art program.” She defended. “I stay late some days to work on pieces and we have showcases and all. I’m involved. Hell even Dizzy’s part of the programing club and Ky sometimes goes with the surfing club! Having something outside of our friend group won’t kill you.” “We’ll see.” I insisted, eager just to change the conversation. I could tell she wanted to pressure me a little more, but decided to let it go. The rest of the day I did my best to keep it out of my head. I’ve got bigger things to worry about! I don’t need some stupid sport getting in my way! -- -- When classes finally ended I tried to slip away, but Dizzy found me before I could make my escape. “So, Game of Thrones?” He eagerly asked. “Today?” I replied, looking over to him. “Is that too soon?” He wondered with a growing smile. “I can if you can.” I shrugged starting to lead him towards my house. “Just, be cool around my Uncle.” “Worried I’ll embarrass you?” He giggled as his smile grew into a smirk. “Something like that.” I sighed as we slipped away from the crowd unnoticed and made it to the park. “Just, like Charlotte said, don’t shove this in Ky’s face.” “I would never.” He giggled as his smirk grew. “You like him?” “Just as much as I like you.” I replied, refusing to move an inch either way. He shut his mouth and nodded his head, realizing I was onto him just as much as he was onto me. “Hey!” Adam shouted, not even bothering to turn away from his video game. “How was school?” “Same old same old.” I replied placing my bag by the door before taking Dizzy’s. “Dizzy you remember my Uncle Adam.” I said, calling attention to my friend. “Oh, hey.” Adam greeted glancing towards us before returning his stare to the game in front of him. “You guys can watch whatever after I finish this game.” “There was a guy to your left.” Dizzy warned as his eyes seemed to lock on the T.V. “Where?” Adam asked, quickly turning that way. “In the corner with a shotgun.” Dizzy explained, but as Adam entered the room he quickly lost the battle. “Rookie move. Should’ve thrown a flash grenade or something.” “Yeah?” Adam asked, humoring the guest. “You play this game?” “Only have a 3.5 kill death ratio.” Dizzy bragged as I started to get lost in their conversation. “A what?” I asked, looking over to him. “Don’t worry about it.” Dizzy dismissed. “What’s yours?” “3.8.” Adam proudly replied. “And you still die to campers?” Dizzy teased, starting to get his normal gust of energy. “That’s weak.” “Alright, then you why don’t you finish this game?” Adam offered, holding the controller to him. “Gladly.” Dizzy smiled, taking it from him and grabbing a seat on the couch. I couldn’t tell if Dizzy was good or anything, but he and Adam seemed to have fun playing the last few minutes of his game. It seemed like they just connected over it. Before I knew it they were both shouting and laughing at the game. “What are you doing?” Adam asked, as the game ended and Dizzy pulled up a menu. “Adding myself so we can play together later.” Dizzy shrugged. “I’m not playing with a fifteen year old.” Adam shot down, trying to discourage what Dizzy was doing. “I’m sixteen.” Dizzy corrected. “Besides, I’ll add you so I can play with Artie, and if somehow you wind up with the controller, maybe we could play a few rounds together.” “We’ll see.” Adam surrendered, allowing Dizzy to do as he pleased. “Besides, you need someone to protect you from shotguns.” Dizzy smirked, glancing over to him. “Sure.” Adam rolled his eyes. “What are you two watching?” “Game of Thrones.” I announced immediately drawing Adam’s attention. “Already?” He nervously asked. “I figured you’d want to finish the books first.” “They’re so different I heard it doesn’t matter.” I provoked, seeing what his reaction would be. “I’m still going to read them, I’ll just watch along.” “And Dizzy, whoever you answer to says you can watch it too? Adam asked, realizing he was the adult in charge. “Sure.” Dizzy shrugged, looking back at him. “Oh boy.” Adam sighed, walking towards the kitchen. “Artie can we talk real quick?” “Okay.” I hesitantly agreed, following after him. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Adam apprehensively let out. “You promised I could.” I replied, unsure if he was going to go back on his word or not. “I know.” He nodded. “I know you’re mature enough to handle it, but is your friend?” “When he wants to be.” I answered, knowing Dizzy would be fine with it. “Besides, what’s going to happen? Are the police going to take you away for letting us watch a T.V. show?” “An angry mom will come knocking on our door.” He shook his head. “That’s not going to happen.” I dismissed, looking back towards Dizzy. “First, he can keep a secret. He breaks rules all the time. Second, she’ll be mad at him for watching it, not you for showing it.” “That makes me feel better.” Adam said in a sarcastic tone. “It’s fine!” I insisted walking back towards the couch. “Yeah, don’t be such a party pooper.” Dizzy instigated from the couch. “You’re right. A show full of nudity and gore is fine to show two teenage boys! What could possibly go wrong?” Adam teased in a loud voice. “If anyone asks I didn’t know this was happening!” “Sure.” I nodded as Dizzy scrolled through the menus to put it on. “It’s on HBO Go.” Adam explained, keeping an eye on us from the kitchen. “I thought you didn’t know this was happening.” Dizzy couldn’t help but tease. “Do you want to watch it or not?” Adam shot back as their eyes connected. “Sorry.” Dizzy quickly backed down with a smile before finding the right app. As the show started we both grew quiet and Adam went upstairs to give us more space. I know he was a little worried, but he’ll get over it! If he actually didn’t want us watching this he wouldn’t have agreed to it. Besides, Dizzy’s mom didn’t say he can’t watch it. He’s just taking a peak before he finishes the books! Dizzy was a little goofy at first, making comments as often as he could about any nudity or fighting we saw, but quickly dropped it when the show pulled him in. I tried my hardest to keep a divide between us as we watched, but the more time passed the smaller that divide grew. Until finally we were laying shoulder to shoulder, watching the show. “Dizzy,” I groaned as he rested his head against my shoulder. “Shhh, the show.” He teased, hoping I would let it slide. “I don’t know,” “I feel like you owe me this one.” He smirked, glancing over to me. “Fine.” I surrendered, easing up so I could get more comfortable in the way we were laying. Eventually I even felt my own head relax against him. “This was nice.” Dizzy smiled as the second episode came to an end. “One more?” I asked in a hopeful voice. “You’re lucky I stayed still for that long.” He laughed, but didn’t move. “I guess lying with a cute guy helps though.” I felt a deep blush overtake my face as I heard those words. “I, uh, “ “You’re straight, I get it.” Dizzy played along. “That’s not what I was going to say.” I clarified, letting him stay where he was. “I just,” “You’re just worried about Ky.” Dizzy finished for me. “So this is for keeps then.” He remarked, more to himself then to me. “What?” I asked, not understanding what he meant. “These past few days I figured the most either of us would get was a kiss before you started chasing some girl.” He confessed as his smile grew. “But given how long you’ve let me lay on you, you’re in this for keeps.” “I don’t know.” I exhaled. “Maybe.” “Then Arthur Price, I think you should choose me.” He began in a goofy voice. “I’m exciting, funny, charming, pretty damn cute and now I’m best friends with your Uncle.” “Then maybe you should chase after him.” I smiled as his playful attitude seemed to rub off on me. “I prefer the younger model.” He smirked. He pulled away and went to go for a kiss but caught himself before he did. “I’m not some trophy to be won.” I warned, trying my hardest to form a serious face. “No, you’re not a trophy,” Dizzy began to flirt once more. “but you can bet your ass I’ll show you off like one.” “I’m being serious.” I insisted as another blush coated my face. “That’s what you’re worried about with me, isn’t it?” He asked, keeping a calm tone. “Ky’s a nice guy. He’ll treat you all proper and nice. But me, you know I’ll be a ride, and that scares you.” “It doesn’t scare me.” I defended, maintaining eye contact the best I could. “Well whatever it does, that’s why you’re holding back.” He dug, starting to piece it all together. “You’re worried I see you as something to conquer, but I promise I don’t. You’re much more than that Arthur Price, and I swear on my life I’ve never felt that way about any guy or girl before.” I felt myself grow breathless at his words as I gave him a blank expression. Before anything else could happen he leaned in and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Thanks for having me over. We should do this again sometime soon.” “Sure.” I said, slowly getting to my feet. “Maybe in a day or two?” “Sounds like a plan.” He smiled but quickly hid the goofy look on his face as Adam made his way back downstairs. “So you think you’ll join the baseball team or not?” He asked trying his hardest to disguise the conversation we were just having. “The what?” Adam asked, freezing in his tracks. “Artie got offered a spot on the baseball team today during gym class.” Dizzy bragged. “He launched a ball right at my face and hit an in the park home room. One of the players said they need his speed.” “Prices are known for their speed.” Adam proudly bragged. “Your Mom was a track runner in High School.” “She was?” I excitedly asked, catching Dizzy off guard. “Sure.” Adam nodded his head. “She was pretty amazing. I think it’s all that racing her and I would do when we were kids.” “She never told me that.” I said, studying him closely. “She was humble like that.” He winked. “I think you should join the team.” “Yeah?” I asked, starting to seriously consider it for the first time all day. “The guy did say it’s more for fun than anything.” Dizzy encouraged. “What’d he say? Practice is only like two or three times a week? You can manage that.” “Plus it’s a good way to deal with stress.” Adam supported. “And you are a health nut.” “Alright, I think I’ll give it a try.” I accepted as my smile grew. “But it’s nothing serious.” “Of course not.” Dizzy smirked as he pulled the front door open. “I’ll see you guys later.” “Later.” I let out as he shut the door behind him. “That’s one weird friend you’ve got there.” Adam teased, but I could tell he approved. “Yeah, he is.” I laughed before falling into my own head. Did Dizzy somehow just tap into all my insecurities about him? Can he read me that well? I know Charlotte said he can be poetic and sweet when he wants to be, but I wasn’t expecting that! It was like he took his attitude from the bridge and dialed it up by ten! I know Ky is great, but Dizzy just made this a lot more difficult!
  14. Aceinthehole


    Thank you! I'll actually make the edit! Getting critical comments like this is really helpful to making sure the story is as accurate as possible. I appreciate the help!
  15. Aceinthehole

    Where It All Begins

    Thank you! It's always nice to see comments like these!

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