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  1. Bless, Me Father

    What an awesome introduction. My curiosity into other people's lives and worlds could be sinful. The characters you've introduced as well as the one waiting in the confessional I feel a bit more than mere affinity with.
  2. Story

    End of life to a new beginning. Great job, I loved it.
  3. Chapter 21

    Loving the story. I just have to say that Colin and Devon don't have a clue about how to hire security people.
  4. Chapter 8

    The Matt scene is one of the finest pieces of prose I have been privileged to have in front of me.
  5. Hunting Season

    Current, meaningful topics. Your stories have never left me feeling disappointed. I apologize to you and others on GA for not offering reviews as the stories deserve. Well done.
  6. Thanks Zeke, welcome to my little town.  :)

    I saw you like Jacob's stories and his friends in the Hail Mary story too.  I've read all there is, and I hope he continues his tales also.  Read all the CJames too, and loved them all.  Have you tried Mihangel at Awesome Dude?

  7. Chapter 1

    Brutal. At the age of 60 I can relate to many situations.
  8. Praying For A Hail Mary

    The interwoven stories of Jacob and friends are what allowed me to seriously consider good writing was possible in this genre. That eventually led me gayauthors. Maybe we should look into fanfic for the El Paso stories.
  9. Praying For A Hail Mary

    I have wished many times for the stories to continue.
  10. My New Job

  11. The Box

    WOW, yeah. 1940's = any present day conservative bastion today.
  12. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator

    This review is about me. My surprise and joy to discover the quality of this tale. For me it stands among the greatest of, Circumnavigation and Bridgemont, stories that stir the heart and feed the mind. Truly this also has created a universe that lives beyond this the POV of the main characters. Thanks for creating something spectacular.
  13. Site Software Update Coming Soon

    I'm retired with time available if you need more help.
  14. Set free

    Well 50 shades of imagination running wild.
  15. The fight with Greg

    I'm hooked.

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