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  1. Make us laugh!

  2. LolCats

  3. Attn: Editors

    .... there must be a story in there somewhare. wgat's wrong with barley?
  4. Home for the Holiday's or Not!

    and why is every dissing chipmunks? all those innocent furry babies.
  5. Chapter 70

    i can't imagine how very difficult this must be for you. i hope you will finish, be i can wait until you are ready.
  6. Never Have I Ever

    learn Spanish in high, then again when we got two foster kids who spoke no English never ever have i been to the Gem State
  7. Chapter 10

    the test could be a false positive test. i could just be a chronic, low level infection. as you've described him so far, he doesn't have any symptoms.
  8. I Wrote a Hot Sex Scene, Round Two

  9. Chapter 1

    hey Gary, i remember reading this, but it was before i would write comments. i really liked it then, still love it today, when it came through the activity feed. you wrote the cold well. been through a blizzard or 3
  10. The Desolate

    AC, i am amazed at the things you offer up. it's beautiful. i love that fact you share, i get exposed to so many new and different things i never would have if not for you. i know i don't comment on everything, mainly because i'd be repeating myself a lot. cool, beautiful... you get the drift
  11. Never Give Up

    music by: "Good Enough (GE Piano mix)" by George_Ellinas

    ( @BlindAmbition   should you listen, the video is the story of a horse and a rider never giving up on each other, even through bad things that happened to both the horse and rider)

    1. Valkyrie


      Lovely pair.  What a shame about the horse.  :,(

  12. hey Kitt, i never heard this song before. sung by Justin Hayward(Moody Blues) and though of you, so i'm sharing.


    1. Kitt


      Nice song, even better visuals! Thanks Moggy!


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