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  1. May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures.
    May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours!
    Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone!



    1. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Beautiful moggy :hug: 

  2. Stalker 101

    omg, i'm so sorry about this. adding my prayers and good vibes to A's. stalkers come in all shapes and can come from anywhere and the terror is real.
  3. WORDS

    i agree A!. as being on the receiving end of many hurtful words (some said and some ignored)words have hurt more than any bruise, broken bone or wound given to me. i can hear them, like a tape looping, telling me what a horrid and disgusting person i am and that i shouldn't be allowed to live. coming back here after being gone, the greatest words i heard was "i was missing you". it gladdens my heart. great blog and comments!
  4. Sighs in the Night

    thanks devillei sometimes believe it is easier to face deep feelings in shadows.
  5. Sighs in the Night

    thanks Garyi think they are easier to hear at night
  6. Sighs in the Night

    thanks duglas!love lilies, especially lilies of the valley
  7. Sighs in the Night

    thanks caz!
  8. Sighs in the Night

    thanks bob! some memories should be relived.
  9. Hope

    thanks deville and you are so right!
  10. Chapter 16

    i think its great that Jake didn't run and is going to take the "punishment"
  11. Missing you my friend :hug: hope you'll be back soon. 

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    2. Dmrman


      Moooooooooggy... I miss you...!!!!:/:hug::hug::heart: Hurry back to us...!:kiss:

    3. mogwhy


      thanks for caring guys. its nice to know you all care!:wub: i'm hoping things settle down soon and i can get back. i just don't think i'll ever get caught up on either forum--nor do i think i'll try:gikkle:

    4. Dmrman


      YUP GOOD MOVE...:lmao::rofl: Lot's of Post...But I amm...Soooooooo Glad to hear from you.....!!!!5aa677e191a2c_images(11).png.cb1630e583baded84a31a18748b839f9.png5aa37282ac238_imageproxy(14).gif.7f184823927cb570fcecffd8562f9d09.gif

  12. Image result for happy birthday fairies

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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark

      and a French/Danish SATW to make you laugh. :lol: 

    3. dughlas


      I notice Denmark didn't seem to mind being naked. Naughty France.

    4. clochette


      Thanks Tim :gikkle: well all means are good in this situation

  13. New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    hiya BabyX. welcome. just call me moggy, mogwhy is so formal
  14. Dice, Dice, Who has the Dice?

    i'm not sure which is worse: D4s or Legos
  15. Dice, Dice, Who has the Dice?

    i love dice. i had so many, but some were stolen, some lost in moves. through it all i managed to keep the original dice from the boxed set that i got for Christmas 1980. a funny dice story: our DM had close to 500 dice in varying shades of green and/or gold. lived in an apt with green/gold long shag carpet. (he loved green). we played on his dining room wooden (highly polished) table. he gotten a kitten who took a running flying leap onto the table. Chaos (kitten's name) slid down the table, hit the box with the dice showering us with dice. we would be fining dice for months, usually by stepping on them.

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