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  1. LolCats

  2. Chapter 4

    ah my dear Carleson, looks can be deceiving...
  3. Just Ryder

    some times it takes an outsider to actually SEE what is going on between the child and the parent. the Haners and Ryder need family counseling with Oli and the dad have a few private sessions(and Ryder continues with his own).
  4. Chapter 2

    binge reading is good!
  5. thank you my friends

    don't worry, we love you, mistakes and all. if someone says "i never make mistakes"--lies
  6. Chapter 10

    Cindy is a bitch. the brother is clueless. Devon is lost and alone and if his brother and mother think everything will be just peachy now they are in for a BIG fricking dose of reality. Devon surely will suffer some PTSD and will need therapy, someone in his corner. Devon will lash out at some point.
  7. Saying Goodbye

    thanks Gary. no matter how much we long to keep loved ones here, we have to release them from their pain, letting them fly.
  8. Saying Goodbye

    thanks Parker, no matter how sad at the leaving, i'm grateful for the memories.
  9. Saying Goodbye

    thanks for reading my sad offering, Puppilull.
  10. Supernova

    a universe of feeling in less than a hundred words. engages my heart with feelings.
  11. Last Post Wins #44

    ooohhh seafood! i have chopstick., but the shiny is mine
  12. Saying Goodbye

    How do you say goodbye? You were a part of me. In childhood we ran in the meadows. Sunlight shining, And wind ruffling our hair. In high school we studied and, fumbled with our blossoming feelings. College separated us by distance but not by love. Long letters, midnight phone calls. Adulthood we grew into a family, Against all the odds and nay sayers. Old age brought its own issues. Now the beeps and dings tell me you are leaving. How do I say goodbye to my heart?
  13. All That Drama

    This is a great telling of the drama that happens as one high school student grows into a man. Taking us through the process of learning to be comfortable in his own skin. Parts will make you laugh, and others will make you cry, but in the end you will want to read it again. Well done Fantasyboy69! Thank-you
  14. Epilogue

    i did squeee a bit
  15. The soul that rises from the ashes of the hell that is your past, is breathtakenly beautiful.


  16. For My Friend

    thanks Okiegrad it always seems to be so much closer than we wish
  17. Rainy Day

    love puddles... unless they're left by the dog
  18. looking for story recomendations(details inside)

    i forgot about those two, Drew. they are good too.
  19. looking for story recomendations(details inside)

    the ones that come to my mind are right here on GA. anything by Aceinthehole fit. he has 4 completed stories and a current one one he updates frequently
  20. Make us laugh!

    It's Godzilla of the north
  21. Beginnings

    yes continue. when is that second chapter coming that you promised ?
  22. Liars' Club

    i really hate that Billy won't come clean to Brett
  23. Favorite Sad Love Songs

    mine are (not sure how to do the linky thing. sorry) Love Song by Paper Lace Two Out of Three by Meatloaf The Same Sun by Chris de Burgh The Flame by Cheap Trick those are the ones of the top of my head
  24. Forbidden Fantasy

    As BHopper2 said said, this is a great Fantasy story! Dragons, Elves, Good, Evil, War and Healing with a great twist at the end. If you like D&D and role-playing games this one is for you. The formatting problems in chapter four were small. This one I will read again!

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