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  1. Chapter 15 - Adam

    Next. Chapter. Now!
  2. Memory Lane

    That's what I was thinking. Jared was interested but seems respectful of Sam
  3. Hi

    I have a betareader who doesn't have Microsoft word, and I can't convert what notes he sends me.

    Do u have any ideas?

    Regards Quokka

    1. mogwhy


      check your e-mail

    2. Sweetlion


      only used word, what is he/she using?

  4. Memory Lane

    Jared, although very forward, looked like he was offering friendship in a previous chapter when Sam tells him about Brian. I hope that's it, and that Sam don't go a blowjob his relationship just because he is affraid.

    The magic of kids sweet chapter
  6. Breaking Point

    Very interesting beginning. I am not that violent but I am wishing a lot of pain the Daniel's father
  7. Fortitude

    I believe Cia finished the story although she didn't marked it completed. Maybe leaving it open for a follow up. It is a very cool fantasy/sci-fi story, I recommend if you like the genre, the plot is interesting and the characters are nice. Congratz
  8. New Beginnings

    Great start, but I agree with @Sam Wyer, I am worried about them being firefighters.
  9. Mine! Part Two Chapter Forty

    Great story, very interesting plot, and two very sweet couples
  10. Holy Shit

    It was so fun to read. Awkward and embarrassing family moments, the start of friendship, the seeds of lust in the young men. Very interesting start, let's see how they hit off and what life will throw at them
  11. Chapter 32

    Yes and I actually didn't like that part, I know they are young but 15 is that age when you should start learning about relationships, specially because ir was not the first. But even if I think he was a stupid boy, he lied/omitted the past, Brandon is doing it at the moment. I actually hope it was a misunderstanding that they solve quickly. While I like this story very much, didn't really feel like going back 5 books. But actually like the chapter, nevertheless
  12. Chapter 32

    Damn Brandon is an idiot! I agree with what everyone sair, how that could be a set up, but I still remember Brandon on the hill, demanding a new relationship with truth. Hidding stuff is not it, they are not really kids anymore, almost 16... Hope the whole drama don't start again, Billy and Brandon would be crushed... Intense chapter
  13. Chapter 13

    Wow, I was really missing this story. Nice chapter
  14. Congratz:hug::kiss:

    1. Headstall


      Thanks, buddy :hug: 


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