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  1. Following Footsteps

    So cute! I know everyone is different, but hope Mark is a stabilizing influence as Teddy and Ryder are to each other. With all the banter between them, I think Oliver actually likes some of Teddy's preppy stuff
  2. Chapter 42

    Damn, what an end... Really curious about the talk now.
  3. Chapter 15

    How is Grim imortal is an interesting question, and whatever mark he has, gave in the most respect from the Elroks. I also think that Dogo is Styx's father. But Madame Godani... She is doing way more than help Styx escape... Is she his real mother, maybe disguising it as an orphan so he wouldn't be hurt to affect her? And maybe it is my soft spot for mages, but I really like Max, despite everything, he has a good heart, and something tells me that he might be quiete powerful if he has to. So I guess I am on the team "Stane"
  4. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    Interesting travels, but I am sad for Liz and Owen.
  5. Chapter 16

  6. Chapter 14

    Great, Kirra and Styx chapter! And we learned the shadow monster weakness... Did Kirra heard Prism thoughts? I imagine he would know Fasha's weakness. Can I say I am a little sad with potential sparks between Styx and Kirra, I think I am on Max's team, he will need all the strength and hope he can get if he will ever challenge his father.
  7. Last Post Wins #45

    Morning all

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