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  1. Hi everyone. When thinking about private detectives, most would think of the eternal Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or the brilliant Hercule Poirot, by Agatha Agatha Christie. I want to share with you one of my favourite detectives. Again, this suggestion is not a book, but a whole series of novellas and short stories. This time the character is not LGBT, but it’s an odd character indeed. What’s not to like in a misogynist man that thinks most women are hysterical, lives by a very strict schedule that has him spending 4 hours a day with is orchids (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon), drinks beer religiously every day, and behaves as if high quality food was the only reason for living? Did I say that he hates to work and almost never leaves his brownstone house in New York, that he shares with 3 other males, his assistant investigator (that actually do the leg work), his gardener and his chef? He is Nero Wolfe, first published in 1934 by Rex Stout. There are more than 30 books, so today I am not recommending a particular on since I haven’t read them all, but I found delicious the several stories I read, in that half-depressed, half-stunning environment of the 30s. If you like XX century detective’s stories, you should try. PS: There are some movies, old radio, and TV shows as well, and after Rex Stout’s death, he authorized the continuation of the Nero Wolfe series. Can’t recommend though, since I have not read any yet.
  2. Sweetlion

    Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    Was reading the last book when George and Caroline talk about previous members of George's crew and realize that while he is young, since he started young and had a meteoric ascend, George has already a considerable number of followers with ships, between frigates and small sloops. Calvert, Roberts, Brookstone, Clifton, and don't remember if Fitzwilliams has a small ship already, not counting Lennox as a flag officer. Since he his a frigate captain at heart, his dream is probably command a small frigate squadron with his friends, like Captains Pellew and Smith did. He talked about how well Nelson trained his captains, but his old lieutenants know him so well that imagine what kind of havoc they would inflict on Spanish and French if they actually were to sail together
  3. Sweetlion

    Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    Hi, anyone knows if Mark as set a tentative schedule for this book? I notice that in previous books he was said when they were being posted, like once a week, or once a month...
  4. So, did Donovan knew Davis from the hospital? I guess he could not know him, since Davis is more business stuff, but Nick said that Davis had been in the pediatric oncology unit already. I know you gave us more excuses for his behavior, but I'm still displeased with Shane's actions (and friends). He decides to "whoring" out to get a job, I know it's no action, but still, letting a guy obviously flirt with you, without advising his boyfriend was bound to end badly. And he, and is friends, hear a "stranger" badmouth and demean their boyfriend/friends and just laughed it of as a clueless guy, instead of defending them? I don't think Donovan and the DONNAS need friends like that, not only Shane (because he is an idiot), but all of them. I keep thinking what if their were a straight couple, would people be less inclined to forgive Shane for not defending his wife or girlfriend? Imagine someone implies that she was trash or slut, would it be ok to just shrug it of? Well, maybe they will talk sometime.
  5. Sweetlion

    Chapter 11

    Nice to have you back in better health. Very cool chapter btw. Thanks
  6. Sweetlion

    Chapter 45

    I remember a while ago George making a joke with Caroline that they should get together with Calvert. If she was curious she should take advantage of it, aren't George and Francis supposed to be some of the handsomest? They might have to add Gatling now (don't know his first name)
  7. Sweetlion

    Chapter 41

    I know some don't like Calvert very much, but I am happy their are good again, Calvert is my favorite George's lover. While it was stupid of him promising thing to Gaitling that he cannot follow, it was also unfair of George to condemn him without talking to him, specially because George himself has other people he loves that Francis has to endure. Francis needs love as well, and maybe because he is not an aristocrat he can't be like George, he needs some emotional security. George, true to his brethren, almost has an hierarchy of loves, and he loves many since behind his composed facade, he his a kind and passionate man. While Travers was George's strength and ideal, the man he admired as first love and helped him transition from boy to manhood (I believe that although probably less intense, Chartley took Travers place as being George's strength), Cavendish is George's mind, someone from the same breed, that completely understand him and that's why they are so in tune. But the reason I am so fond of Calvert it that as different as he his from George, Francis is George's deepest soul, the one that sees him bare behind all his barriers. George needs it, needs them all. Like he needs Caroline as his partner. George's relationships made me think of a movie from some years ago, the Duchess, here in the end the Duchess, the Duke and his mistress end up living happy together. I hope them can find a balance together. Since Calvert don't seem worried about finding a wife, I can almost imagine all of them living their old days, maybe George will have some cottages or lodges build in his beautiful house to "help" his fellow officers. That would be a nice image and, the old sea captains and Caroline, seated in their terrace in Cowes, watching the Fleet.
  8. Sweetlion

    Chapter 29

    With whom Mr. Llewellyn learned new things? Captain Hardy? 
  9. It was a weird chapter, but there is no reason for Donovan to worry about his ex-boyfriend.
  10. Sweetlion

    Chapter 1

    I know that while George is quite versatile he loves to bottom, but I admit I would love to have him top the older, admiral, Royal Highness/Future King 😂
  11. Sweetlion


    Can we please be nice to each other and respect other people opinions? Not liking one character actions doesn't mean not liking the story. I have to say, again, that even if I don't hate Shane, I dislike so many things of his current personality that I still don't thing he is good for Donovan, they are in different places in their lives. Even if the story about the catchphrase it is true it shows that he hasn’t learned a lot since that time, if he is still using it even after start dating Donovan and hanging out with his friends. It is disgusting and offensive. Plus, even if he was using it to joke, we as answering a comment that Davis guy did about his boyfriend (2 chapters ago). ““Seriously though, you’re different […] You don’t try and prove yourself by waving the flag or...doing a ridiculously embarrassing dance to Britney Spears in the middle of a bar,” he laughed, and I heard others join him. I was seething by his words. Just what Shane needed, someone to stroke his overly manly ego. “Well...yeah, I mean—I’m not a fag or anything, I just like a tight ass.” His words were followed by what sounded like an applaud of high fives.” Shouldn’t he have defended his boyfriend from being demeaned, instead of deflecting with a bad taste homophobic joke? If they didn’t feel guilty he wouldn’t have look “‘ified’ (mortified, terrified...and petrified)”. Even if everything is a misunderstanding the rest of his behavior that night looks reprehensible to me, and he still didn’t explain who the hell is Davis and why did he accept his “flirtatious way” and all the trash talk. The excuse that Donovan didn’t let him explain doesn’t really work, since if you want to say something you can just say it, even if the other person doesn’t want to listen. Drew did try to scream that we didn’t say anything at the party. I am curious on how everything will unfold, and please remember that in this online stories published one chapter at the time, the comments reflect what we readers know and feel at the present time, so they are quite more passionate and inflamed that a review of a hardcover book.
  12. Finally decide to make a blog. One of the themes will be to share books others might not know, and receive suggestions on new stuff to read.



  13. Sweetlion

    Book Club Suggestions - Fantasy Category

    Thanks Gary. It doesn't have to be "gay themed", I plan on doing it from books I read. Surely I will pay special attention to sexually, gender or just "different"types of characters, but it can be whatever, as long as it as good book. I just want to share and learn from others about books I might not know. There is no point is saying that The Lord of the Rings or the Song of Ice and Fire are great books, most people know them. So bring on your hidden gems

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