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  1. The Confrontation

    Interesting story, very well written, although there are a lot of similarities to your long story Crosscurrents. This small story raises more questions than answers.
  2. Epilogue

    This was a great story, even if Andy was a pain sometimes. It makes my imagination go, thinking how they will be on 10/15 years. In the end I don't see they living dar from each other, Dallas area his big enough to try and find jobs there. Hope they were happy in the end
  3. Last Post Wins #44

    German, from the punk era (that is the year I was born )
  4. Wipeout/2

    I was really disgusted by Andy. Not the power play, but the approach and the name calling... He hated the words faggot before... I feel so bad for Chris, just because he is attracted to bigger guys, he has to endure humilliation. He probably doesn't even get a bj that often, just because he is efeminate he is treated as a use boy. I wish he could have experienced the amazing love making Andy is capable of, like with Brad
  5. Roar • Part VII

    I can relate with the feeling of the Electron day. I am not even American, and that day in Boston I felt like a math teacher. With each new state result we would do the maths, if I am not mistaken, even after the Florida heavy blow, there was still a crazy math possibility with PA and NH, but everyone started feeling that the results were done. See you in 2018
  6. Last Post Wins #44

    I like to find strange versions of songs. The image is bad and the sound low, since it is filmed from a TV in 1986
  7. Last Post Wins #44

    While the queens fight, The King gets the shiny
  8. Amped

    Brad and Andy had and amazing night. I just feel sorry and a bit annoyed with Andy for ignoring Matt, not responding to how mail, not admitting that he was wrong and had problems accepting himself. Yeah maybe they would never return to the same relationship, Matt was deeply hurt and Andy failed história promisse in the last high school year, but my guess would be that part of it Matt could forgive if Andy tried, he did asking to go say goodbye, and he did reach out to him by mail. I am sure that even ir they would never return to best friends, Matt would be proud to know that Andy was accepting himself now.
  9. Three's A Charm

    Go Zoe! Hope Anders find better friends, and maybe a cute guy.
  10. Chapter 14

    Oh no! Hope Liam mother recovers. Toby is a bit too confident, but he will be good for Liam, taking out of how shell.

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