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  1. Elfstone

    Chapter 17

    It's been a wonderful journey and I will miss it when it's finished.
  2. Elfstone

    Chapter 19

    Yes Josh is going to need a lot of healing especially when he realizes that Roger/Michael was there to pick up his next victim when they met. It could have easily have been Josh instead of whoever it was that time. Wonderful story so far.
  3. Elfstone

    FR Chapter 31

    While I feel bad for Anton, I feel for his brothers they just lost their father and now their mother. Can someone refresh my memory who is Vic and Rita?
  4. Elfstone

    Go Your Own Way

    Looking forward to reading the sixth chapter.
  5. Elfstone

    Chapter 10

    It was mentioned that there are three black triangle telepaths, one in Japan, Noel, and a third hiding...
  6. Elfstone

    FR Chapter 22

    I wonder what happened to the large yacht.

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