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  1. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Adults have almost always been useless in the Mon Valley world. Of course, WAR was written from the perspective of a teenager and Dustin's World from the perspective of a horribly abused young man, so there might be some bias.
  2. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Poor Dustin. Even in his own little story Billy is still the straw that stirs the drink! Dustin's been looking for someone to finish what Billy started way back when he cut him off after the poker game.
  3. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Just wait and see how he reacts!
  4. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Thank you! He does have a few problems!
  5. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Luke a psycho? You ain't seen nothing yet! As for Dustin, no, he can't allow any relationship to mean anything without pushing away. He lives in fear.
  6. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Thanks! Now we'll see just how low someone can go.
  7. jkwsquirrel

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Dustin awoke in a room that seemed very familiar, yet very different. It was just like his room, but the bed wasn’t his own, and he’d never seen any of the decorations or pictures on the wall before. His head was throbbing, but his wounds had been bandaged up and there was an ointment on the bruising around his eye. He sat up in the bed and groaned. He was dressed in a pair of pajama pants that weren’t his own. The bathroom was in exactly the same place as his own in relation to the bedroom. He used the toilet and then slowly walked into the living room and kitchen area of the apartment, and there he found Mr. Johnston sitting at a small table with a cup of tea. “Have a seat, Red,” Mr. Johnston suggested. “This is your apartment?” Dustin asked. Mr. Johnston nodded and again invited Dustin to sit at the table across from him. “This is so much nicer than mine,” Dustin said. “Rough night last night, eh?” “Yeah, I guess…” “Same guy as last time or do you have other enemies?” “Yeah,” Dustin admitted. “Feel like telling me who it was?” Dustin shook his head and tried not to start bawling. Mr. Johnston furrowed his brow, and his complexion became more red. “I see.” Dustin admired the handiwork on his damaged ribs. “This is a pretty good clean up job. You must have done this sort of thing before.” “U.S. Army medic, World War II and Korea,” Mr. Johnston replied. It was then that Dustin noticed the display of military medals on the wall opposite of Dustin’s bedroom. Dustin recognized the Purple Heart. “You were injured?” he asked. “Wasn’t everybody?” Mr. Johnston replied. “Nobody got out of that damned war unscathed. All so we could find bigger and better ways to blow each other up.” Dustin looked closer. “Is that the Silver Star?” he asked. Mr. Johnston nodded. “My grandfather had one of those too. So, you’re like some kind of badass, aren’t you?” “I just did what I had to do,” Mr. Johnston chuckled. “So should I have been calling you Sergeant Johnston or something?” “Sergeant? How dare you!” Mr. Johnston laughed. “Lieutenant colonel, I’ll have you know.” “Wow… So what’s a retired colonel badass army medic doing in a shithole like this?” Mr. Johnston smiled. “Home is what you make of it, Red. I did what I had to do for my country. Shop teacher is what I did for my living. Thirty-five years I put into those kids. In the end, they gave me a nice lunch and a kick out the door.” “Not even a watch?” Dustin asked. Mr. Johnston just laughed. “They don’t give watches to retired teachers. They barely give you a pension. You must watch too much television. But I guess that’s better than what Craig watches over there.” Now it was Dustin’s turn to laugh, but it hurt to do so. “Yeah. He’s going to wear out that tape before too long. Seriously though, couldn’t you retire to some kind of retired army palace or something?” “It’s called service for a reason, Red. You don’t go to war to get paid. You do it because you love your country. More than that, you do it because you love the people who make your country what it is. I’d do it again if I had to. All I wanted in return was to be able to come home and teach kids how to make something with their hands and with their lives to make all that blood and tears worth it.” “Why not a retirement home then?” “I can live on my own pretty well. When my wife died ten years ago my daughter and her husband wanted to help me, but I couldn’t live in that house anymore. It was the boredom more than anything. And in every room I saw my Maria. So I gave the house to my grandson and I moved to Golden Oaks for a year or so.” “What happened? They kick you out or something?” “How would you like to spend all day with a bunch of tired old farts talking about the good old days? I left. This place was affordable on my pension and social security pays the rest.” “So now you get to listen to your stupid neighbor having sex with guys.” “We had queers in the army, even back then, Red. No one cared. I like a little excitement, and you sure provide enough of that around here.” Dustin blushed. “I’m sorry if I…” “Red, you’ve got to live your life the way you want it. You only get one. You’re still just a boy to an old man like me. Barely out of diapers in the grand scheme of things. If it makes you happy to have all that fun, then have it. The time will come when that won’t cut it anymore, and you’ll know when that time comes. Once that someone special comes along, you won’t be able to remember what life was like before they came into your life. I had fifty-two years with my Maria. I’d trade the last ten years to have one more day with her again.” Mr. Johnston’s eyes glistened with tears. “I don’t know. Sometimes I think I let the one I was supposed to be with slip away.” “You’ve lived a lot of years for someone so young. What would drive a clever boy like you to want to throw his life away?” “What makes you say that?” Dustin asked. “You don’t think I can tell the difference between a tattoo and a scar?” Dustin paused. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Aw, come now! I may be an old fossil, but I know a thing or two. You cut your wrists. The tattoos are just a cheap way to try to hide what lies beneath.” “Hey, these weren’t cheap!” Dustin protested. “Cheaper than therapy? Something awful happened to you. Remember, I served in two wars, son. I’ve seen trauma like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen grown men crying like babies over the things they’ve seen. Now, you hold yourself together pretty well most of the time, but I’ve been around long enough to know the signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, and you’re a textbook case.” “You’re crazy!” Dustin snapped. “You know nothing about my life!” “Don’t let the hearing aids fool you., I can still hear pretty well. You think the sounds you make disturb me? They do, but not because you’re gay. It sounds to me like you couldn’t kill yourself with a knife so you’ve decided to kill yourself with your pecker.” “I… I’m not trying to kill myself! I’m just having fun.” “I can also read a newspaper,” Mr. Johnston said, laying down the police report in front of Dustin. “I know Smith is a common name, but I’m pretty sure this is about you.” Dustin read the report of his arrest and the charges. “Fuck…” he said. “So, what’s causing all this? What makes a smart boy like you turn into someone who is throwing his life away? What happened to you, Red?” “My… My dad… He… He used to hit me…” Dustin admitted. He had to wipe the tears from his eyes as he continued. “When he found out I was gay he... He hurt me pretty bad. He never loved me. He used to beat the shit out of me. One time, he pushed me down the stairs and broke my arm. He found me last night and beat the shit out of me.” Mr. Johnston sighed. “I was a teacher for thirty-five years, Red. I could always spot the abused kids. I could tell from the first time I met you you were abused. It makes me sick that you had that happen to you. It’s part of why I’ve taken to looking after you. But this…” He pointed to the news article. “This is something else. And now you’ve had two black eyes in the last few months. Something’s going on. Something’s pushed you over the edge that wasn’t your run of the mill parental abuse.” “I’d hardly call what happened to me run of the mill.” “No, but you’ve adapted to that. I could slap you in the face right now and it wouldn’t phase you. You might even try to justify why I did it. Something’s wrong. I’ve known you for a couple of years now. You’re not a violent boy. What happened that was so unusual that it made you lose your cool?” “Okay… You remember that girl I told you I was going out with? I got her pregnant,” Dustin admitted. Mr. Johnston raised his eyebrows. “I see. Now I’m really worried for you.” “Why? At least fucking a pussy is normal!” “What is normal, Red? Normal for you is what makes you who you are. Your normal is not necessarily my normal. So when I see a nice kid like you trying to deny yourself and try to live someone else’s normal, I get suspicious. When I see a kid who wouldn’t hurt a fly suddenly being charged with assaulting a police officer, I get nervous. I think you’re on the edge of something very dangerous, Red.” “Oh please! You barely know me.” “You can take or leave my advice, but I know a breakdown when I see it. I think you should get some help, Red, before you hurt yourself... or someone else.” “That’s just brilliant analysis from a guy who spends his days watching Matlock reruns.” Dustin stood up very gingerly and made his way to the door. “Thanks for the patch job. I need to get back to my life.” “Dustin,” Mr. Johnston said. Dustin paused. It was the first time he’d ever heard Mr. Johnston call him by his name. “You’re not alone. I may be an old man, but I am here for you. Anything you need.” Dustin smiled at the old man. “I appreciate your concern, Mr. Johnston. I really do. But I’m fine. I’ll be okay. I’ve dealt with worse stuff than this.” Dustin limped back to his apartment and sat at his computer. He closed his eyes, but all he kept seeing was the image of his father. He wondered what he was going to do about his cellphone, now smashed into a million pieces in some guy’s front yard. How was it that his dad had managed to find him? Everything had happened so rapidly that night he hadn’t had time to process all that had taken place. There in his apartment was the first time he had a chance to think about what he’d done with Luke and Dr. Thompson. He was used to seeing people after he’d fucked them. He’d seen that Logan kid around after he’d fucked him. But this was different. Dustin usually didn’t feel any kind of guilt or shame about his sex life, even when he’d fucked married guys. But he couldn’t help but feel ashamed that he’d fucked Luke. After Nate had opened up to him and they’d had that nice conversation, Dustin had gone and fucked Nate’s boyfriend. He wondered how Nate would take it when he found out not only that Luke had cheated on him, but that Dustin had been the one who he did it with. “It’s not my place to tell him. Luke should be the one who tells him,” Dustin reasoned. “But then Nate will hate me!” Dustin brushed his eyes with the back of his hand. “I don’t know why I care so much. I only fucked Nate once. I mean, yeah, it was great. But I’ve fucked lots of guys. What business is it of mine what happens between those two? Luke was already banging Dr. Thompson before I even walked in that room.” Still, even with all that reasoning, Dustin wanted to call Nate. But they’d never exchanged phone numbers. Dustin felt dizzy when he stood up, and thought it best that he take a nap before heading to his night shift at WalMart. It would be okay. After all, Nate didn’t know Dustin slept with Luke, and Luke didn’t know he’d slept with Nate. “This is their problem, not mine,” he reasoned. But while Dustin slept, his life was about to become much more complicated. In a little apartment in a little town called Coal Center, Lucas Cunningham sat at his computer with angry tears streaming down his cheeks. “BigRed05,” Luke sighed. He laughed at Nate for thinking he could save his chatroom logs and then hide them from a computer major. He knew it was a matter of time until Nate fucked up. He knew there was something weird about the way Nate and Dustin interacted with each other. Now it all made sense. Dustin was the one Nate had cheated on him with! For some reason, he was more angry with Dustin than he was with Nate. All that time that fucking redheaded bastard had sat next to him in that computer lab, probably laughing at him. “He fucked both of us!” Luke growled. He felt the anger boiling within him. “We’ll see who gets fucked in the end though.”
  8. jkwsquirrel

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    Thanks! He still has a few tricks up his sleeve.
  9. jkwsquirrel

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    Dustin grew up surrounded by chaos. It's no wonder he would find ways to create it in his own life. Is there any hope?
  10. jkwsquirrel

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    It was a busy couple of days for our sweet little Dusty!
  11. jkwsquirrel

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    Tortured characters are much more fun to write, aren't they?
  12. jkwsquirrel

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    But what does Dustin deserve?
  13. jkwsquirrel

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    New chapter is up. It's a wild one! Enjoy and let me know what you think!
  14. jkwsquirrel

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    Brett Reilly couldn’t believe he had found himself once again standing outside the local police station of his hometown. He was so frustrated he could almost spit. His brother walked through the doors, escorted by a police officer who removed the handcuffs and released Joey into his brother’s care. “Hey, I appreciate this,” Joey said, offering a smile to his brother. “No you don’t,” Brett snapped. “If you appreciated it, you wouldn’t keep winding up in this situation!” “Well what do you want me to do, huh? What do you expect from me?” “I expect you to stop being such a fucked-up idiot and stop going to jail for this stupid shit before you really do something stupid that I can’t bail you out for!” “Look Brett, I know I don’t live up to your expectations of me. But maybe you expect too much from me!” Brett laughed. “I don’t think staying out of jail is a very tall hurdle to get over, Joey! DUI, reckless endangerment, illegal possession, possession with intent to deliver… Pretty soon they’re not going to take my money anymore! Then what are you going to do, huh? Do you want to spend years in prison?” “No, I don’t want to spend years in prison. God, you’re worse than my mother!” “Good! I want you to be at least somewhat inconvenienced by the things you do! I can’t keep bailing you out like this! I’m serious.” “You know what? That’s fine. Don’t do me any favors. You want to be a jerk about this? I don’t care!” “Dude, I just bailed your junkie ass out of jail for the sixth time and you want to call me a jerk?” “If you think you’re wasting your money on me then don’t bother!” Joey shouted. “Stay the fuck out of my life! I’ll be better off without you!” “Joey, come on…” “No! If I’m such a problem for you, don’t bother. I’ll find another way home.” “Don’t be like that. At least let me get you home.” Joey sighed. “Well I guess. Just don’t be a douche, man. I don’t need a stupid lecture all the way home.” Another month had passed and the autumn leaves had already changed colors and fallen from the trees since Dustin had talked with Nate. The Mon Valley had become barren and cold. Halloween had passed by now Thanksgiving was on everyone’s mind, with Christmas just around the corner. Dustin found himself staring more and more at Lucas Cunningham and spending less and less time listening to Dr Thompson. Luke was so unbelievably handsome. Dustin wondered just how many guys he was cheating with besides Dr. Thompson. Ever since Nate had told him about their affair, Dustin couldn’t help but notice all the signs of the affair which had always been there. He’d just been too blind to see it. Dustin couldn’t help but begin to feel contempt for Luke over the whole situation, like he was a beautiful poison. Dustin had done his best to put on the happy face in Luke’s presence, just like he’d done for most of his childhood around his father. But he was finding it harder to keep his angry thoughts about Luke from bubbling through his façade of friendliness. He had perfected the art of pretending everything was okay and suppressing his rage when he was younger. Unless you really got to know him you wouldn’t have even known he was angry all the time. But for some reason, he was having a real problem keeping his disdain for Luke in check. “How could you fuck around on someone as good as Nate?” Dustin would think as he stared at Luke in class. “Nate deserves so much better than you.” The class laughed at one of Dr. Thompson’s corny jokes. “I’ll bet you’d like to know who fucked Nate that night, wouldn’t you?” Dustin thought to himself. “If Nate weren’t such a good guy, I’d tell you it was me! If you knew what you had, you wouldn’t treat Nate like shit.” “Well,” Dr. Thompson said. “Finals will be here before you know it. I hope you all are ready for them. Some of you have term papers to work on. I’d like to see Dustin Smith after class. The rest of you technological geniuses are free to go.” Dustin sat back as the rest of the class escaped for whatever it was they had planned for the weekend. Luke smiled at Dustin and told him to have a nice weekend. Dustin nodded in reply. Once the class had cleared out, he approached Dr. Thompson’s desk. “Let’s go to my office.” Dustin followed Dr. Thompson down the hall to his office. Dr. Thompson asked him to close the door. “So, is this an educational visit, or something else?” Dustin asked. “A little of both. I reviewed your paper and made some suggestions.” Dr. Thompson handed Dustin the term paper he’d submitted. “I must say, I find your ideas intriguing but your writing technique could use some work. Have you considered going to the writing lab?” “What’s that, the grammar patrol?” Dr. Thompson laughed. “I guess you could say that. You have a good mind, Dustin. You could write for publication if you put your mind to it.” “I’ll think about it. So, is there another reason you wanted to see me?” Dustin grabbed his crotch and gently massaged himself. “Hmmm… There is something I’d like to talk to you about, but not for here. See, there’s this place I know about.” “Sounds boring,” Dustin yawned. “It’s anything but boring. It’s a house party.” “I’m not much for parties, Dr. Thompson.” “I think this one will be right up your alley. It’s invitation only. Show up, strip down, get laid. The whole house is set up for all the sex you could want. I think not only would you love it, but you’d also be very popular.” Dr. Thompson handed Dustin an invitation. “Come in, come hard, come again…” Dustin read. The address and time were listed as well. “This is for tomorrow night,” Dustin said. “Yes. Don’t lose that paper anywhere. We don’t want the word to get too far out. Don’t want any crazies showing up. What do you say?” “I’ll think about it,” Dustin replied. Dustin folded up the paper and put it in his pocket. He was curious, but he had no intention of actually going. He left the building and shivered in the cold November air. He had made plans to meet with Sarah later that evening. Even though Dustin had no intention of changing his ways, he hadn’t even tried to have sex with a guy since the ‘Scott incident.’ He’d spent the whole month since then meeting regularly with Sarah and having sex with her. It was a great arrangement. She had an insatiable appetite for sex, and Dustin knew how to satisfy her hunger better than anyone she’d ever had. It reminded him of his torrid affair with her brother. Neither Taylor sibling could get enough of his cock. Sarah’s fit cheerleader body turned Dustin on. It beat trying to hookup with fat old drunk guys. Sarah even let him do her in the ass. Dustin arrived at his apartment and climbed the stairs to his floor. He could hear the sound of a porn video coming from Craig’s room. He’d heard that same video so much he knew it by memory. He knew exactly when each scene would end, and could say the cheesy dialogue along with the video. He wondered if Craig was just deaf or if the walls were so thin that any sound from the apartments could be heard in the halls. Dustin knew one thing, he was in no position to judge Craig on his choice of sexual release. Craig had heard many a live show during their time as neighbors. He took a shower and got himself ready to meet Sarah. The two of them hadn’t even gone on an official date, but that night was going to be different. Dustin was going to take her to a nice restaurant and maybe a movie. It was almost like having a real relationship. Dustin was even beginning to like the idea of spending more time with Sarah. He checked his hair in the mirror and headed out of his apartment. From the smell, he knew Craig had finished his business and had moved on to other activities even as the porn video continued to play. Dustin almost tripped over Mr. Johnston as he walked out the door. “Jesus, old man!” Dustin shouted at the old man on his hands and knees. “What the fuck are you doing?” “Red! Perfect timing! Help me up, son!” Mr. Johnston asked, offering Dustin his hand. Dustin helped the old man to his feet. “What were you doing, spying on Craig or something?” “There’s no need for spying to know what that boy is up to. I’m half deaf and I could hear that damned video again. I dropped the mail.” Mr. Johnston showed Dustin the letters he was carrying. “AARP?” Dustin read. “You’re getting old!” Mr. Johnston laughed. “I’m eighty-five years old, son. I’ve been old longer than you’ve been alive! Looks like you’re in for a fun evening tonight.” “I hope so,” Dustin replied. “Going on a date… with a girl.” Mr. Johnston laughed. “Boy, a tiger can’t change its stripes. I hope you’re being honest with this girl. And yourself.” “Yeah, she knows I’m into guys. But a little pussy on the side isn’t bad either.” “Well, we’ll see how it goes. Won’t we?” Dustin left Charleroi behind and rode to Sarah’s neighborhood. As the weather got cooler, he began to wish he’d invested in a car instead of a motorcycle. He laughed to himself as he rode through Sarah’s neighborhood. It was barely November and already the people had put out their Christmas decorations. In some places it looked like a competition to see who could have the most lavishly over-done house in the community. There were enough lights to land a small airplane. Sarah’s house was no different. Not only was the house covered with lights, but there was a blow-up Santa, two reindeer, and a plastic snowman in the yard. Dustin smiled as he pulled in to the driveway. He put the bike in its usual hiding place behind the garage and headed for the back door. He found Sarah waiting for him, dressed in sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Not her usual attire, and certainly not something to wear on a date. Dustin noticed her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, as if she’d been crying. “You okay?” he asked. “No, I’m pregnant,” she replied. Dustin’s eyes bulged and his jaw dropped. “Oh shit! Are you serious?” “Of course I’m serious! I wouldn’t lie about something like this!” “Uh… Is it mine?” “It has to be yours. You’re the only one I’ve been with.” “Shit, I thought you were on the pill or something!” “I… I might have missed a day or two… I never thought… I wouldn’t have had sex with you if I thought this would happen!” Dustin felt his palms moisten. “This can’t be happening…” “Oh please, Dustin! Get a grip. This happens all the time.” “Not to me it doesn’t! I can’t be a father! I just can’t!” “Well sorry for ruining your miserable existence, Dustin! If you think you’ve got problems, what about me? My father is going to flip out when he finds out I’ve been having sex with you!” “You’re seriously worried about your father’s reaction right now? What the fuck, Sarah? I mean seriously!” “You don’t understand, Dustin! He was so disappointed in me when I came home from Stanford! If he finds out I’m pregnant, it’ll be bad enough. But when he finds out it’s yours…” “Oh I get it! You don’t mind getting fucked by me but heaven forbid you get caught slumming it with a poor white-trash river rat like me!” “You don’t understand! It’s not me, Dustin! It’s my father! I’ve never been ashamed of our relationship!” “Yeah right! Our relationship is nothing but fucking around when your father’s not home! You fucking rich assholes are all alike! You use me to get your kicks like I’m your fucking pool boy, but as soon as daddy finds out you throw me out like a piece of trash!” “That’s not true! You know it’s not true!” “Then tell your father the truth! Tell him we’re seeing each other! Tell him you enjoyed it! Tell him you’re pregnant with my baby!” “Dustin, you know I love you, but I can’t do that. I’m sorry! Daddy would disown me! It would kill him!” “Then I’m the fucking pool boy! I fucking hate hypocrites. You’ll ride my cock like a slut but then you’ll pretend you don’t even know me as soon as your fucking parents show up! You think you’re so much better than me, but you’re not. This baby proves it!” “I’m sorry you feel that way about me, Dustin. It’s not true. You should go.” “With pleasure,” Dustin said. He stormed back to his bike and revved the engine as obnoxiously as he could. Then he blasted his way through the neighborhood. The bike slipped a few times on the wet road, but Dustin didn’t care. He flew right through the stop sign at the end of the neighborhood and rode back onto the street. Unfortunately, right behind him a cop appeared, lights and sirens blazing. Dustin swore as he pulled over to the side of the road. “Do you know why I pulled you over son?” the officer asked. “No, why don’t you enlighten me?” Dustin sneered. “We’ve had some complaints about someone who doesn’t belong around here on a bike driving recklessly through the neighborhood.” “What? Is it illegal to drive on the roads around here? Fuck’em. They’re a bunch of rich fucking assholes anyway.” “Sir you need to calm down.” “Why? I’m not hurting anybody!” “Just give me your license and registration before you get yourself into any more trouble, sir.” “Why? Are you going to give me a ticket because some pretentious little bitch doesn’t like motorcycles? “Sir, you need to calm down, now!” “Make me,” Dustin snapped. He poked the officer in the chest with his finger. Next thing he knew, he was writhing on the ground with fifty thousand volts of police taser blasting through his body. Dustin lay on the ground in the fetal position until the officer picked him up and handcuffed him. “You fucking tased me?!?!?” Dustin cried. “Sir, you’re under arrest for assaulting a police officer.” The cop forced Dustin into the back of the police car. “This is bullshit! I didn’t do anything!” “Sir, you have the right to remain silent. I’d suggest you use it.” “You can’t do this to me! I’m an American! This is police brutality! I pay your fucking salary!” “Sir, I highly doubt you pay enough in taxes to pay anyone’s salary,” the officer scoffed. He began calling in a tow truck to impound Dustin’s motorcycle. Dustin stewed in the backseat. “This is bullshit,” he repeated. “You didn’t have to tase me!” “Sir, you assaulted a police officer.” “I poked you with my finger and you electrocuted me!” “That’s an admission of guilt, sir. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” “Oh go fuck yourself!” Dustin replied. That earned Dustin an overnight stay in the lovely and spacious holding cell of the Carroll Township police department, complete with a charming picture of his face and profile, and a free fingerprinting. In the morning, he was charged with assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and a traffic violation. They scheduled him to a hearing with the district magistrate and then he was then released. He had to pay to get his motorcycle back from the towing company, which pissed him off. It was after noon before he finally got his bike back and was on his way home. “What the fuck did I just do?” Dustin asked himself as he sat on his bike. His chest still hurt from the taser and he was having a hard time concentrating. He hadn’t slept. By the time he made it back to his apartment, it was already late in the afternoon. He grabbed a quick bite to eat and took a nap. It was almost dark when he finally woke up. He found the paper about the party Dr. Thompson had told him about on his computer desk. He thought about it. “Do I really want a bunch of old naked creeps trying to suck my dick?” he thought. He debated the pros and cons. “Oh, what the hell?” he said aloud. He took a shower and changed clothes. And then he was off to the party. The house wasn’t too far away, out in the country. He found it easily. There were several cars parked around the place. Dustin thought about just driving away, but the lure of sex sucked him in. He parked his bike near the road. Dustin was impressed by the expensive models of the cars he saw. He knocked on the back door, just as Dr. Thompson’s instructions had read. After a short wait, a middle-aged man wearing nothing but a towel opened the door. The man looked Dustin up and down and smiled. “Wow! Who invited you?” “Dr. Thompson,” Dustin replied. “Kevin Thompson?” the man replied. “Nice. Come on in.” Dustin came inside and looked around. “This is a big house. So how does this work?” “Just leave your clothes in one of these bags and have at it. You can use a towel if you’d like, but most guys don’t bother with it. Just have fun.” “There’s no drugs or anything are there?” Dustin asked nervously. “Beer and Viagra, buddy. Nothing hardcore though.” “Good,” Dustin said. He pulled off his shirt and his pants and put them in the bag. His underwear and shoes and socks followed. He felt more comfortable putting the towel around his waist, but the guy at the door was right, no one else seemed to be wearing one. The house was huge with lots of rooms to explore. Dustin recognized a few of the faces he saw. Everyone was friendly, but Dustin wondered where the sex was. “Well hey dude! You feeling better?” a familiar voice caused Dustin to stop and turn around. “Scott?” Dustin asked. The stout naked man smiled. “Glad to see you up and about. You been upstairs yet?” “What’s upstairs?” Dustin asked. “That’s where the action is,” Scott informed him. “If the door’s open, you’re welcome to go in. If it’s closed, they want some privacy. But in a party like this, you’re encouraged to keep the door open. Also, just lose the towel, dude. You have a nice body and a great cock. Why hide it?” “Well I wasn’t sure about the rules,” Dustin said. “The rules are have fun,” Scott replied. “You want me to take the towel for you while you go upstairs?” Dustin loosened the towel from around his waist and handed it to Scott. “Think I’ll head upstairs,” he said. He felt more free as he walked up the stairs, naked as the day he was born. The rooms were in a long hallway on the second floor. In each room there was activity going on. He slipped into one room where a line of guys was waiting to have their turn with one bottom. When one man would finish, the next guy would take his place. Dustin was tempted to join the line, but thought better of it. Nobody was using a condom. One of the guys dropped to his knees and began to suck Dustin’s cock. Before too long, two more guys joined in and Dustin enjoyed a triple blowjob. Then two of the guys stopped blowing him and began blowing each other. The guy who remained stood up, turned himself around, and guided Dustin’s cock into his already lubed ass. After a few minutes, that guy pulled away and one of the other guys took his place. When that guy was satisfied, the third guy took his turn as well. By the time Dustin slipped out of the room, he’d already fucked five guys. He cleaned his dick off in the bathroom sink, but he didn’t make it out of the bathroom without ending up fucking yet another guy. They were just throwing themselves at Dustin for a chance to ride his monster. Dustin peeked into another one of the rooms. He recognized Dr. Thompson right away, but not the hot young stud whose face he was sitting on. “Hey bud!” Dr. Thompson said, his voice quivering from the tongue lashing he was getting. “Glad you made it. You want to suck his dick and then we can take turns fucking him?” Dustin didn’t need a second invitation. The stud was gorgeous and Dustin greedily swallowed the young man’s throbbing member. “Oh, he likes that!” Dr. Thompson said. “I think he’s ready for your big cock.” Dustin grabbed the stud’s legs and pushed them forward, revealing an absolutely perfect and fit ass. Dustin lined his cock up and sank into him. The young man whimpered in pain and pleasure. Dustin took his time, having already fucked six guys. His balls felt heavy and full, and Dustin was ready to give someone his load. “My turn!” Dr. Thompson said. He jumped off the young man’s face and the man’s eyes met Dustin’s eyes. They both immediately recognized each other. “Luke?!?!” “Oh, so you’re the one who was fucking me! You’re really good!” Luke said. Dustin could tell Luke was pretty trashed. Even as the two boys were talking, Dr. Thompson had begun fucking Luke with firm hard thrusts. He turned Luke over and spanked his ass firmly. “Yeah! Spank me!” Luke begged. “What are you doing here?” Dustin asked. “What about Nate?” “What about him?” Luke asked. “He’s your boyfriend.” “What Nate doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Luke replied. “Come closer, let me suck your dick.” “No… You’re cheating on the nicest guy in the world!” Luke rolled his eyes. “Dude, seriously. You’re killing my buzz. You already fucked me. What’s the big deal?” “If I’d have known…” “Dustin, enough. We’re all here for one thing. If you can’t handle it…” “Is Nate here too?” Dustin asked. Both Luke and Dr. Thompson laughed. “Nate’s such a prude. He wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this,” Luke said. He asked Dr. Thompson to lie flat on his back, and then Luke sat on his dick. “Room for one more,” Luke suggested. “Come on, Dustin, you ever done double penetration before?” “No… I…” “Come on, Dustin. Breed me with Dr. Thompson. I want it so bad!” Luke leaned forward so that he was laying on top of Dr. Thompson. Dustin was torn. Luke reached out and took hold of Dustin’s throbbing cock, and guided him back to the bed. “Give it to me,” Luke whispered seductively. “Make me your bitch.” Dustin grabbed the lube and coated his cock. He got into position behind Luke. He was surprised at how easily Luke’s ass allowed him to slide his cock inside, pressed firmly against Dr. Thompson’s fat cock. His heart was screaming at him what a stupid idea it was, but his body had other ideas. It was like his brain had shut down, but his body kept functioning with one goal. He steadied himself by putting his hands on Luke’s back. “Oh god!” Luke squealed with delight. “Fuck me with those big dicks!” Luke had to do most of the work. If Dr. Thompson and Dustin got out of sync one of them would have popped out of Luke’s ass. Luke thrust himself slowly and firmly against the invading members. Dustin felt Dr. Thompson’s balls against his own, and the underside of his dick rubbing against his teacher’s. It was too much to handle. Dr. Thompson’s dick began to spasm and it was suddenly much more slippery inside Luke’s ass. “I’m coming,” Dustin warned. “Breed me!” Luke cried. Dustin closed his eyes and prepared to fire, but at the last moment it wasn’t Luke he thought about, but Nate. At the last possible second, Dustin pulled out and came hard all over Luke’s ass, his cum dripping down onto Dr. Thompson’s dick and balls. Dustin looked down at the sloppy scene in disgust at what he’d done. “Shit, what’d you pull out for?” Luke asked. He smeared Dustin’s load all over his butt, and tried to push the sloppy mess toward his hole. Then, with his hand covered in Dustin’s semen, Luke stroked himself rapidly and grunted. Dustin watched as globs of white goo splattered all over Dr. Thompson’s hairy chest. “Good boys,” Dr. Thompson said. “So glad my favorite students are so skilled.” “God, what a great fuck!” Luke sighed. “Next time just come in my ass.” Dustin sat on the edge of the bed feeling very dirty and very bad. He just wanted to take a shower and wash all the sweat and semen and shame from his body. “I thought he might be gay,” Luke said to Dr. Thompson. “He’d be good if he weren’t such a prude.” “Aw come on, Luke!” Dr. Thompson said. “Big Red was just nervous, that’s all. He’s actually very good. He’s probably had more guys than half the guys in here put together.” “What did you call him?” Luke asked. “Big Red. That’s his name. Kind of self-explanatory isn’t it?” “Look, I’ve got to go,” Dustin said, standing up. “Thanks for the fuck.” “No problem, Big Red,” Luke replied, his voice a bit strained. Dustin just wanted to get cleaned up. He took a quick shower in the bathroom, put on his clothes, and fled the house like he was leaving the scene of a crime. As he approached his bike he heard the last sound he wanted to hear.” “What the fuck are you doing here, faggot?” Dustin felt the blood drain from his face. “Dad? What are you doing here?” “You goddamned faggot!” Frank growled. “Everybody knows what kind of place this is. So I drive by and see my faggot-assed son’s stupid little bicycle parked in front, I figure I should find out what the fuck’s going on.” “You have no right to follow me around!” “You fucking queer-assed faggot! I thought I’d taught you a lesson the last time I found you in a place like this. You always were a stupid little shithead though. Maybe you need another lesson!” “I’m calling the cops!” Dustin cried. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, but Frank grabbed it and smashed it against the ground. “What the fuck! That cost me two hundred dollars!” Frank ignored Dustin’s protests and punched him viciously in the belly. Before Dustin could even defend himself, he found himself on the ground. Frank grabbed Dustin by the hair and slammed his head against the gravel driveway. Everything went white. Frank kicked Dustin over and over again as he lay on the ground defenseless. “You fucking worthless faggot!” Frank sneered. “You slutty piece of shit!” Before Frank could really lay in the kicks, he was stopped by Scott. “Leave the kid alone, dude,” Scott warned. “Stay out of it, faggot! This is my worthless son.” “And you think that makes it okay to hit him? We’re calling the cops.” “Mind your own fucking business, you fucking dirty queer.” Dustin made it to his knees. His father’s back was turned as he was facing Scott and a few of the others who had been pulled away from their acts of free love by the sounds of hate and violence in the driveway. He wanted to run away and hide in the woods like he did when he was a kid. But when he saw his father take a threatening step toward Scott, Dustin lost all sense of fear. He lunged at his father’s back and tackled him to the ground. Before he could do anything, though, his father flipped Dustin over onto his back and punched him right in the face once again. That was when Scott and the others grabbed hold of Frank and pulled him away. Dr. Thompson checked on the fallen Dustin. Dustin pushed him away and crawled to his feet. “I HATE YOU!!!!!” Dustin screeched. “YOU’RE A MONSTER AND YOU SHOULD BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!” “Shut the fuck up you miserable son of a whore!” Frank replied, being pulled further away. “I’m going to kill you, Frank!” Dustin raged. “I’ll blow your goddamned head off! I will fucking kill you if it’s the last thing I ever do!” “You’ll fuck that up just like you fuck up everything else! You worthless, lazy piece of shit!” Dustin limped to his bike and brought it roaring to life. Dustin peeled off down the road, his eyes filled with angry tears and one of them swelling shut from the violence he’d been subjected to. The wind stung his face, and he had to wipe blood out of his eyes more than once. To top things off, it began to rain, and by the time he got home, he was soaked from head to toe, shivering and exhausted. He stumbled into the apartment building and collapsed on the stairs. The last thing Dustin remembered before he drifted into unconsciousness was the voice of Mr. Johnston calling for help from Craig.
  15. jkwsquirrel

    The Lost Souls in the Fishbowl

    I've never been very trendy. However, not only did I kill off Billy's grandmother but also one of the most popular characters in WAR when I killed off his dad, so anything's possible. Somebody's going to die before the end, that's all I know. (The only ones we know are safe are Billy, Brett, and Nate!)

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