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  1. Wesley8890

    Objects in Motion

    Ok so you killed ryan. I'll be honest I've already went ahead and read it on nifty. The suspense was killing me sue me.
  2. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Erm no
  3. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Now we just need to beat these Phillies and the pennant is as good as ours😈
  4. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    7-3 baby!!!
  5. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Braves leading 5-1
  6. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Are and that's why the cardinals gonna lose today matey!
  7. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Arrrrr. The butterscotch pudding be all mine
  8. Wesley8890

    A Guest of Honor

    I quite like this prince. Maybe he'll put Zane in his place
  9. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    No one likes a bragger
  10. Wesley8890

    The Heart Shatters

    You killed gene. I want Angus spirited by the most splintered spikes shoved up his rear so far hell be puking woodchips!!! And then his heart cut out and fed to him!
  11. Wesley8890

    Chapter 80

    Not anymore
  12. Wesley8890

    Chapter 1

    I had forgotten that it was self preservation but he still didn't have to act like that
  13. Wesley8890

    Scene 72

  14. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Congrats on the win last night
  15. Wesley8890

    The Comfort in the Queen

    Well I'm glad Mike has someone now. Yay billy. That maybe once could it be nate? Who knows. Still waiting on that threesome.....

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