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  1. Last Post Wins #44

    When you wish upon a star
  2. Last Post Wins #44

    Supercalifragilisticexpealadocious Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious
  3. Last Post Wins #44

    I'm joining you with my insane clown posse, otter regiment, and quokka army
  4. Last Post Wins #44

    What the heck am I chopped liver?!?!
  5. Mastershakeme's newborn!

    Omg congratulations!!! She's adorable!! I kept thinking today was someone's birthday, guess I was right!!
  6. WSD Chapter 7

    Well great uncle was right old wanker. I'm glad that the great aunt and cousin got away
  7. Make us laugh!

    Alternator must be shot
  8. Chapter 8

    Is that a hint at a certain someone's parentage?
  9. Chapter 8

    I like that lady! I'm sorry but I snicker every time I hear Mr. Swallow.
  10. Scene 23

    Aww and I liked him too. Maybe nessa should take the gun and shoot the demon! Poor mamoru.
  11. A Whole New World

    I don't know! O thank god! I was thinking this is the first time I've seen a Wesley that's a total dick!
  12. Chapter 9

    I'm flexible
  13. Chapter 39

    Omg I missed these guys! Oh and you! Liked to scare me to death during the bathroom scene!
  14. Chapter 9

    Depends how hard And you don't go scaring off potential suitors!
  15. Just Ryder

    No Ryder don't think like that! I'm about one miniute away from shoving my size nines up Harrison's backside!! Military school!?! What the hell man?!?!

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