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  1. Of course he's real, Wesley, come down off that ledge. I'll go get him for you prove he's real. "Hi Wesley, why is you outside? You should come inside, we go for a ride on Promise, but you can ride Scar. I can ride by myself now, just like you showed me too. I need you to help me put his saddle on I still can't reach, I'm to little."
  2. Yeah, I do. I love Benny, I'd say I wish he was real but I'm scared how you would take it if you thought he wasn't.
  3. I just remembered I have Davis, Ha! He can help me get rid of the body and make it look legal.
  4. Ha! That's nothing, I still have Nan and... and... Blu... and... and... dammit the rest of them are useless I'm screwed.
  5. You're evil, you... you... you... Hey @Wesley8890 I need a site friendly insult, I'm tagging you in.
  6. Well if you flick back you'll see Wesley did promise Hellsheild.
  7. Stop hogging the popcorn Rob! Ooh! Look at Hellsheild go! Who knew you could do the running man while fighting off a panther. That floor must be plenty slippery.
  8. I'm on it, my biggest problem I have is who to put my money on. On one hand Roland - I mean Hellsheild - has some decent crushing weight behind him, on the other Wes has that wirey, quick like a cat thing going for him. Oh here's your popcorn - extra butter. What did I miss?
  9. You sound like Jason Statham in 'Spy'
  10. Wesley will always be at the top of the pedestal. Little does he know I nailed his Chucks to the step so he can't get away. He'll have to play nice with others.
  11. Thanks Wesley, we appreciate it the support.
  12. Thank you so much Hellsheild we appreciate the support you always send our way. Don't tell Wesley but I think you might be up there next to him on his pedestal. No fighting now.
  13. We aim to please! Well Rob does anyway - he's so annoying.
  14. Chapter 15

    That was so sad, poor Jackson. Unfortunately we all do this to ourselves occasionally, we lie to make it feel like it's right even when we know it's not. Then we kick our own butts for doing it in the first place. I just want to hug him and tell Jackson everything will be okay eventually. Please send him this hug from me.
  15. Awesome beginning can’t wait for more. I like Sam he’s a good sport and seems fun.

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