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  1. Chapter 10

    What? No the original blood test wanker, why would I want him to have cancer?
  2. Chapter 10

    Please let the blood test be a mistake! Please let the blood test be a mistake!Please let the blood test be a mistake!Please let the blood test be a mistake! No Cancer! No Cancer!No Cancer!No Cancer!
  3. Chapter 9

    My boyfriend had it going on!!!!!! Yay! I was first!
  4. The Unwanted Guest

    Bye Bye Dick!!! Don't come back, you're not welcome. That's the way hit the bricks. Yay!!!! Sam and Brian!!! Okay I'm liking Jared more so far.
  5. Chapter 15 - Adam

    Thanks Miles, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I think this is fast becoming one of my favourites that I write. It's not all rainbows and unicorns. I hope to get the new chapter out really quickly, *I kind of fear for my life if I don't* ssh don't tell anyone that though, our secret.
  6. Chapter 15 - Adam

    Sorry Treasure, I hope I can get it out sooner. You know there hasn't been any pressure should be easy.
  7. Chapter 8

    You didn't disappoint with this chapter, awesome job. I'm hooked. I already was who am I kidding. And.....no cliff hanger as promised.
  8. J.A.M.

    I have a name generator if you ever need to use it, actually if you download the demo version of Write It Now software you can use the name generator, it works by nationality and generates a first, middle, and last name. You can't save anything on it but it has useful tools and prompts you can use even if you don't buy it.
  9. J.A.M.

    Maureen and David Jennifer and Stephen Peter and Penny
  10. Go

    I hope you don't feel this way every day.
  11. Alone

    This one made me cry Moggy, it's so sad.
  12. Memory Lane

    What just happened, why would Sam do that? Couldn't he have gone to his best friend instead? This is getting messy.
  13. Chapter 15 - Adam

    I just got that
  14. Chapter 15 - Adam

  15. Chapter 15 - Adam

    Is that what Drew told you.

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