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  1. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 21

    Don't worry. She made it out happily alive. Thanks for being concerned.
  2. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 9

    Yep. And if I could think of something to top that, I would. But I can't. As usual, thanks for reading.
  3. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 21

    Actually, we were idiots for thinking she'd stay planted in one place while we were gone. Oh, course, she'd go looking for us, sure we were in trouble. She tried to teach us that over and over. It's amazing we didn't get her killed.
  4. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 9

    Successful past achievements could identify a project’s risks early enough to alleviate any albatross that might be incurred later. People who are in high ethication and moration may get more respectation. A celebrated professor, whose name eludes me at this moment... There is a famous proverb I can’t remember... There is an expression that a fish cannot study itself inside its bowl, or something to that nature. It’s like the old Chinese saying that men should chose the right thing to do, and women should marry the right guy. Math is a obscure object which is very hard to learn. I do not agree in being well-prepared. Considering all the prons and cons... We must consider that accuracy is more important than rapid. A prospective into other faucets of the world... As described by several ancient geeks... This is comparing apples and organs. Climate forecasters are not great prescients “Most” may be 21 out of 20. Only 2 percent of people who haunt the restaurant... Both products cost the same, but one is more expensive. The conclusion is strong and needs to be revised. This could cause scarcity and increase the supply. We need to know if those people would go to a liver performance. The ball will not go to the moon, no matter how many people believe that it can. Confucius once said, "Majorities are always wrong."
  5. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 8

    That's interesting. Thanks. Most of the things I collect are obviously misspellings or misunderstandings, but every so often, there's an urban legend. I can't remember if I checked that one out, found the truth, and still liked the story so kept it anyway, or if I never checked. For a while, one of my favorites was, "Ya gotta risk it to get the biscuit," but then I found out it was from a movie.
  6. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 8

    Every student can remember the poem "The Road Not Taken" by William Wordsworth. "Ask what you can do for your country." These are the words of President John Kennedy, who insisted that individuals step up and become martyrs for the nation. In “12 Years as a Slave,” people have been able to connect with the real life problems that prevailed in early 1940s or 50s. If he would not have taken pains to identify the cause of the apple tree falling over his head, we would be refrained of the utmost principle of gravity. Shakespeare is famous worldwide for his novels. Like the works of Picasso, Chopin, or many other famous painters. The Teary of Versailles. Ending the Holocaust was definitely a worthy goal, but there still is much debate about whether using the atomic bombs to do it was justifiable. Scientists found many buildings in the sea confirming the Atlantic continent existed for many years. The Atlantic Ocean's name came from that. NASA spent millions of dollars to develop a pen that would work in space, while the Russian alternative was to use a pencil. Giftness is a term that very few people use. It is important that, me as an educator, know about... Kids today that have upper class, wealthy parents can decide to send their children to private school. If students keep focusing on their majors all the time, deeply empty will follow. Internet violence are only small spots on the wholly white paper, which we can never deny that the paper is still white. Is Olivia utilizing the power of insanity to find her own moorbid path to freedom from a patriarchal society or has she been driven mad by Hamlet's disturbing behavior that has developed in reaction to his Edipus complex? This can detach students from reality, which is often a curse for students' future. His father was a priest who wanted his son to follow his steps and be a priest as well.
  7. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 7

    Yeah, some of these just crack people up. Though people react differently. That's what I like about humor. And thanks for stumbling through these.
  8. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 7

    The air condition in Beijing is very bad. The frog is everywhere. They are tracked in the deep sad. If the government at least tries to solve the problems of the future, although it may not succeed, it will at least be more practiced when the future problem becomes the current problem. I will rather go with a slight change in saying, "master of one and jack of all." Ernest Hemingway once said, "My words are not as drunken in poetic beauty as Charles Dickens, but he never denied me in sharing the wine." Consider the famous drama actor Choplin. In the 1950s, he had his own distinguishing appearance in his film "Modern Time." Another example, Dalvin, brought up the concept of natural selectivity... Galileo helped those preceding him discover... Like Franklin found antibiotics... The infamous Franklin mistakenly discovered electricity one night while flying a kite. If we didn't create computers about 20 years ago... For instance, Edison created life... It seems like the guy who discovered electricity never read anything related to it before because they were not available. Someone may not remember how cars made during the industrial revolution are totally different from models available nowadays. In the Watergate scandal, President Clinton... Percy Lavon Julian, a chemist from central Indiana, is credited for finding a method of making penicillin widely available. The Abstract artists of the early 19th century... For instance, television, created in the late 19 century... Diplomacy is often associated with France. Hitler lead a group of people to killing or imprisoning all of the Nazis.
  9. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 6

    A careful analysis of the argument muddles the issue and makes conclusions less clear. It will enjoy a big pie of profit. The citizens could have maintained fitness by participating in outdoor activities that did not require activities. The emperor killed them and executed his own terrible decision, which caused a huge resurrection. His ratings plummed. But we have to reflexionate on the true meaning. Life is definitely one of the best places where learning can happen. The drug made his brain look more like freeways than the grovel paths of his childhood. I do not believe that a work of art must be understandable to most people in order for it to be understandable to most people. Poems are full of highfalutin argot. If the musician have to constrain their concreation on the basis of the public, it will take a lot of constraintion. Dry cleaning instructions are easily understandable to a wide variety of people, but they are not truly art. Nothing takes place in vacuum, so does the development of epistemology. Whether it be discovering new theories in fantom physics... In something like the study of rocks, outside knowledge from outside the field will not likely matter in advancement. Only new evidence of rocks would help. Two more I liked: The first research may be conducted in the summer, when the frogs and toads sing happily in the grass and on the lotus leaves. The cultural experience one undergoes while exploring unfamiliar territory is inimitable. For instance, while I was in England, I learned things I would not have gleaned from Wikipedia. These include: because everything in Oxford was built long ago when people were shorter, the pubs and restaurants are not particularly conducive to my 6'-5" frame. Also, comparatively, Americans are loud.
  10. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 18

    She was. And she was only two at the time of the trip, so she was still in her adventuresome stage. She looked like a black and white Border Collie but was a Lab/Spaniel mix. And I still need to reread the book and be nicer to her.
  11. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 4

    As I think Twain said, "Out of the mouths of babes comes drooling." I've got to check that quote. I haven't thought of it for years.
  12. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 18

    Yep, closer call than I even knew. I've grown fonder of that dog the more years she's been gone -- as mentioned, she was with us for 12 1/2 -- and I've gotten to know more about dogs. As I've also mentioned, I've got to go back and reedit the book for grammar, but I also have to change it slightly to be nicer to Fluff. Too often, I unfairly used her for punch lines.
  13. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 5

    Emily Dickinson would not be the renowned poet that she is today if she simply took college classes that led to a profitable job. Socrates, the great ancient philosopher, followed his mind and his philosophy even after being condemned for doing so. However, history suggests it resulted in giving him pleasure even at the time of being executed. As Abraham Lincoln said, "Obstacles are the results when you take your eyes off the goal" This is all proven by the statement of the famous scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: "When you are feeling that you are going hell, let go and be calm." The Light brothers, with their imagination, contributed the development of light and electrical power. Muhamid Gandhi was a well known figure who changed the world in America. Artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Gandhi are just some of the people who have contributed towards civil rights. At a very young age, Mozart was able to listen to any piece of music and regurgitate it. Jackson Potluck. The book "How to Kill a Mocking Bird" depicts the racism that existed in the America in the 18th century. "Hamlet" is about a state in India named Kashmir. Take for example “The Grapes of Wrath,” by James Joyce. Many people do not understand why Van Gogh chose to paint the Mona Lisa. The true value of Picasso’s Guernica is the attention it brought to the Nazi bombings. In Goddard's most famous play, two poor men wait patiently for an employer. Michalongelo’s masterpieces have impressed people from all over the world since Roman Empire. The famous poet Steve Witman. A famous ancient Greek philosopher Bluto. Cobby Brian. Mark Zuker Berg. billgates. Gandhiji. Gangui. Ghandi.
  14. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 4

    In the past, it takes people a couple days to travel from England to United States, and it contains a great danger of bumping into the ice-bucket. Jane Eyre taps into a collective unease brought about by industrialization and colonization, especially fears of the "other," encapsulated by the crazy wife locked in the attic. Pennsylvania and Wisconsina. The deer can find another places to move. His people are declining. I encourage him to contact the President to help him and his population. The time spent before sleep is crucificial. The author might have benign intentions, but his reasoning breaks the ice under his feet. The claim whether they should return to the first pest control company is ambuguous. The city may be in ramshackles. The two got intermungled. They thought they were the sole occupants of this vast earth until they realized “they were not in the boat alone.” Archaeologists should have also found something like row which are associated with this bat for the people rowing the bat across the river. In a society well aware of using bomboo, there is a possibility they could develop navigation by using bomboo. I come from a family that is categorized as part of the middling class. The recently found basket might not have existed in the ancient village. It is likely to be left by tourists. The people who are drunk and driving their vehicles should be lashed with heavy fines. If you want to brush your body and hair, you need a certain amount of water. The company used to buy Swiss cheese that came directly from Sweden. Walter Wright, a physisict was pondering the idea of how an object is able to float while working on building a box frame used for structural support on a bridge. When Walter's brother accidentally sat on the box, causing it to skew into a parallelogram, Walter realized that this off-centered shift between two boards created an effect that would allow Bournuli's principle to operate creating lift. Without this experience, The Wright brothers would not have been able to apply such a phenomenon to the aerospace field of study.
  15. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 14

    Yeah, Kalispell 20 years ago was neat, but I have no idea what it's like now. So if you go, please report. And Cabby! may always have been an acquired taste. That's probably why it was never popular. Again, thanks for reading along. That was a great trip, but I need to repunctuate the book and ease off on my callousness to the dog.

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