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  1. Chapter 6 -- Obey

    From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Wednesday, my 24th day of chastity. A frustrating, long day which began with me in the office at 6:15, meaning I had to skip my workout. I was hoping to leave early and catch up but it’s 6 pm again, like yesterday, and I’m still here. But my partner’s staying late at his office for a seminar so I may as well work. As for me keeping secrets from you – no, that’s not something I want to do. I want to be able to tell you anything I think or do and want you to tell me if its wrong or right. And you know I’m not into pain but if you needed to use it as punishment to correct my behavior, I’d do it. I used to be this open with my partner and we never kept secrets. The only reason I do now is because of sex. From Alan: Denny, you’re naked again – I don’t know how you do that. And I doubt I could ever hurt you. I hope I couldn’t hurt anyone, though I know I’m doing that now, to my wife and daughters, and I don’t mean just with you. And if someone put me in a situation where I needed to protect someone else physically, I’m sure I could do that. But hurting you sexually is beyond my range. Besides, nudity seems your main pleasure outside abstinence, and you manipulate that yourself. All I do is watch. And you know I admire your ability to drop your defenses, and I also like the fact your chastity device is always off when you’re naked. That’s a great temptation, and you have the discipline to control yourself. I’d just grab my dick. From Obey: Good morning, Sir, and thank you for the compliments. You’re a little naked yourself today and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. This is Thursday, my 25th day of chastity. And just so you know – I’m always tempted when I’m out of chastity but another reason I take off my clothes is even the loosest boxers give me friction and I can use that. Sometimes when I’m home eating dinner or watching TV, and my partner’s right next to me, I can pump my butt just the littlest bit and get myself hard. Even the thought of that can do it. I’m that weak. And I know I could get off that way because I used to see how close I could come when I was in school during boring classes. Even in high school, when I knew how much trouble I’d get into. Definitely in college, when it was easy to run back to the dorm and clean up. I know I’ve cum in public when nobody knew it and I’m sure the reason I can’t remember how many times is I did it a lot more than once. I told you, when my dick’s hard I don’t think about the consequences and these are things I should be punished for. And I know this is going to sound weird but I’ve seen some really hot pics of guys online with their cocks and balls bound and I’ve never tried that. They were amazing – their cocks almost glowed red and purple and I could picture my dick doing that. I’d like permission to send you that kind of pic. From Alan: Sure, you can do that, but let me tell you why: First, for making you uncomfortable by dropping my guard. More, because you’ve again managed to surprise me by dropping your own guard even lower than I could imagine. Just be careful when you take the photo. Don’t leave yourself tied off for too long or you’ll get hurt. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Friday, my 26th day of chastity. I took the bound cock pic but it wasn’t as much fun as I thought. But I’m sending it to you because I shouldn’t have made you uncomfortable. I also need to tell you that I’ve also been playing with my nipples a lot, Sir, maybe too much. I’m really aware of them through my tank top or shirt and they cause the same kind of friction as my dick does against my shorts. They’ve been clamped before though never by my partner and that really hurt. But I wonder if I’m so horny now that it wouldn’t matter. From Alan: Don’t use any kind of clamps. Like tying your dick off, that could do damage. And that picture of your dick is almost disturbing, but I understand your attraction to the colors. Personally, I’d be more interested in knowing what your face looked like while you were doing that. And I suspect the reason you didn’t like it is you had to wait longer than you thought, and it hurt, instead of giving you a rush. For the same reason, use a little lubricant on your nipples. There’s no reason to hurt yourself there. And you do realize the reason you going in this direction is because you’re so horny. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Saturday, my 27th day of chastity. I was tying my dick in the backyard so I don’t know what my face looked like. I wasn’t anywhere near a mirror. But you made me curious so I did it again last night. The light’s not so good because it’s from the porch and I didn’t want to use the flash because I was afraid it would change my expression. I took a number of pics. First, while I was tying my dick. Next, about 5 minutes later and then about 5 minutes after that. That’s how long it takes to get purple. I know you warned me about staying tied too long but the longer you wait the darker the colors. Then it starts throbbing. I was going to untie it after 10 minutes because that’s what I did the first time. But I let it go another 5 and took the last pic. By then it had started to hurt. Though it hurt even more when I untied it and the blood began to flow. I went instantly soft, which was a relief, but then I got hard again and wanted to start all over. Except I’d been out of bed too long – it was 4 am – and I was afraid if I did it again I might cum. It was that intense. Anyway, the last pic of my face is after about 15 minutes and looks disappointing and normal. I guess I got kind of numb and the calm set in. Also, the reason I was so busy last week is I was doing our annual report. Today, I got a call from my boss – at home, on a weekend – saying she wants me to present the report at our conference in Atlanta. Usually, she lets me skip these things because they’re hours of hearing about other people’s districts and my boss sums them up. That also saves the state money. This year, she wants me to go, partly so she can skip it. That means I’ll drive to Atlanta next Sunday after dinner, which gives me all Sunday night and Monday night to stay naked. I won’t go home till Tuesday, late afternoon. From Alan: I don’t know: looking at those pictures, I can see pain in your face. Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re not smiling as usual. That’s the bigger surprise. I’m so used to that. In any case, don’t do that again. As for Atlanta: is there anything you want to do while you’re there? One thing you might consider is not taking your chastity device. I’m guessing you planned to get it from your office before you left. But why don’t you not wear it from Friday when you leave work till Wednesday morning when you get back? What’s the longest you’ve haven’t worn it recently? From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Sunday, 4 full weeks of chastity. I’d have a big problem with not wearing my chastity device this deep into my horniness. You mentioned that I’m beginning to take risks but you can’t feel what it’s like to only think about cumming all day long. Even at night I dream about it. I write you once a day and it probably takes you a minute to read my notes. Then you write back and probably forget me for 24 hours. But I have this dick I need to take care of. I like that because it’s like having a great secret. But it still can go off at any time. Lately, I think I could even cum while wearing my device and I don’t know why I don’t. So being loose for 4 1/2 days might not seem like much to you. It’s not much longer than my usual weekend or even a 3 day holiday. But I haven’t cum for an entire month. And maybe you want me to cum and want that to happen while I’m in Atlanta. Maybe you thought that would happen already and you’re getting bored. But this is a great ride I’m on. I feel really alive. And I don’t want it to stop. From Alan: I understand how much you like chastity. That’s why I’m asking you to set it aside for 4 1/2 days. Maybe you can focus on the relief of strapping yourself back in on Wednesday morning. As for me being bored: don’t even think about that. There’s a certain part of me that’s a little in love with your smile, Denny, and I look forward to seeing it every time you send a new photo. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Monday, my 29th day of chastity and you dropped your guard again. And while I like you saying you like my smile, that’s something I never expected or asked for. And I hate to come right back and say I’m not going to do something you suggested, or even ordered, though you’ve never used that term and maybe I’m trying to see if you could. Or maybe I’m trying to make you. Maybe I need you to order me to do something I’d hate just because you seem so easy going. In that way you remind me of my partner. Though obviously I can’t make him decide to have sex with me. But our playing around every night has gotten longer and longer and I wonder if he realizes that. Maybe he’s feeling the pressure too. Or maybe he likes celibacy as much as I do but can do it without restraints. Or maybe he’s jerking off to porn in his office. I don’t want to know that because I like the idea of his discipline. And I really appreciate what you said and I’ll consider the 4 1/2 days. But I wish you’d think about it again. From Alan: I didn’t think you’d give up chastity, and I don’t want to push my authority unless I need to. But I wanted to remind you where your limits are when you think you’re being obedient. And don’t take my being a little in love with you all that seriously. You’re not about to leave your partner and your life any more than I’d leave my family and life, and we both know that. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Tuesday, my 30th day of chastity. You’re right – I’m not about to leave Henry any faster than you’d leave your wife but I am attracted to you and you know it. And I said I wanted to keep him out of this and I will but I purposely told you his name because hiding it seemed another piece of disobeying. And here’s my favorite picture of him, and yes he’s not wearing a shirt. But I’m not sending the pic because you didn’t make me give up chastity. I would have done that if you insisted. It’s again because I don’t want to keep anything from you. From Alan: He’s a very good-looking man, and I think I want to have sex with him even more than I do with you. That’s a joke, of course, so don’t you go fantasizing about it. Let’s just say you’re both good-looking men. (continued)
  2. Chapter 5 -- Obey

    From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Tuesday, my 16th hornier day of chastity and it’s not getting even close to time for me to cum. Also, the kid next door is fun to watch and I like his height when he’s off the ground with his arms stretched out. He’s like ten foot tall and I’m jealous. But I’d never go near anyone his age. It doesn’t interest me. And it would be great to say I never jerk off but you know that’s not true. It used to be, when my partner and I were always having sex. When that stopped, I started jerking in the shower. At first, I felt guilty – like the reason we weren’t fucking as much was my fault. Then I hoped he’d catch me and want to suck my dick. But that never happened. And I’d never do it while we were in bed together, even if I thought he was sleeping. If he wasn’t, it would start a fight. When I started doing it at the office, I thought I was getting crazy – I mean I was thinking about sex all the time. But cumming took my mind off that so I’d lock myself in the john and jerk. Though I was afraid of doing it too much and letting other people figure it out so that’s when I thought about chastity. I knew it would make me hornier – and it did – but it also made me feel under control. As for how I do it, well, I’ve gotten much better since I was as a kid. I always use lube but it can be almost anything so long as it’s slick. And I try not to rush. I touch other parts of my body and try to have fun. Still the last time, I was in the shower and if I’d known it was going to be the last time, I would have slowed down. But it was just a quick jerk, probably no more than 5 minutes because we’d been cleaning the basement and I needed to wash up before bed. There’s always the chance my partner will walk in, which makes it hot. But I think he knows I sometimes jerk in the john because he doesn’t come in anymore even when I leave the door open. And here’s a pic of me standing naked in the shower. I had to get dressed really fast because I heard my partner’s car in the driveway. From Alan: Nice. Did you have to get dressed because your dick was hard? Couldn’t you just turn on the shower? And tell me more about the lubes you use. Also, on a different subject, can you sleep without a pillow or blankets? Finally, it’s nice to know the kid next door isn’t a fixation. I’ve been around guys that age even before I was that age. And just listening to them for 2 minutes will soften you up. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Wednesday, my 17th horniest day of chastity. I needed my clothes on because we showered in the morning so another shower would seem strange. And I’ve used all kinds of lube, from good to stupid. The weirdest ones were when I was a kid – I’d try anything in the medicine cabinet. Ouch! These days if I’m not near soap, I’ll use lotion, almost any kind. There’s also good lube in my night stand for when we have real sex, but I don’t want to run out of that. As for blankets and a pillow, well, that depends on the weather. If it’s cold, I pile on the comforters. Just before we need the AC, I sleep on top of the sheets without my tank or sometimes my shorts. But my partner would rather turn on the AC than have me sleep naked. If it’s too hot for the AC to really cool us, I also sleep on top of the sheets. Though as soon as I start ditching clothes, my partner gets concerned. He thinks I’m after sex. As for a pillow – I’ve never thought about not using one. Why do you ask? You also have to remember that any changes I make, my partner will see so I have to have a good reason. Today’s pic is with my shorts down while I’m throwing out trash in the back. I took it fast but in good light. One more thing about the kid next door – it’s his uncle I want to see naked – his mom’s brother. He looks something like the kid but he’s my age and he and his family only visit a couple times a year. But I always find a reason to go over and say Hi. From Alan: I knew sleeping without covers or a pillow might be impossible, but I wanted to see if you could manage. It’s mostly a matter of changing the room around you, to see what that does to your body. Also, you mentioned drinking. How often do you do that? And do you ever get high? From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Thursday, my 18th day of chastity. I’m edging past horny and maybe heading into space. I keep imagining shooting way past my head. As for drugs and alcohol – I don’t really get high anymore. I did in college and with the guy in Atlanta and other guys I’ve dated. And my partner and I will if we’re at friends and someone lights a joint. But we won’t get high-high, just buzzed. As for drinking, well, I like beer. But I really have to work that off and it’s getting harder so it’s easier to be careful. As for hard stuff, not really. I get drunk too fast without having enough fun. And I don’t like wine enough but I’ll drink it if it’s served. And no pills. So far, I’ve been lucky not to need any and I don’t know enough about them to get high. Also, here’s me standing naked again, this time with my lawn mower. I was hard even before my shorts came off. From Alan: Thanks. I’m getting the idea you come out of chastity hard and have to squeeze yourself back in. Is there any time when you’re out of chastity and not hard? And do you really wear your device all day, or are there times when you’re out of the office and can’t risk it? From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Friday, my 19th day of chastity. I’m really not hard as much as you think but I’m probably seconds away from it, especially now. And my device doesn’t show when I’m wearing briefs under my khakis. It’s designed not to be seen. If I’m in the office just in shorts and I put my feet up, I suppose someone could look down my leg. But they’re long shorts so that’s almost impossible. And, yeah, I think about driving somewhere for work and getting in a wreck and ending up in the hospital with a lot to explain. But I still stay in chastity during the day – when I’m out for lunch or going to a meeting or on a follow-up call. It’s fun. And here I am wearing only my device in the office john. That must be starting to look familiar. From Alan: Yep, I’ve begun to recognize parts of your office and house and yard. If I ever visit, it might be easy to get around. Now, how much do you stay naked when your partner’s not home. You make it seem fairly frequent. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Saturday, my 20th day of chastity and I’m currently working around the house naked because my partner’s out doing errands. If I need to work outside, I’ll slip on shorts but a lot of guys here work without shirts so I won’t stand out. As for how much I’m really naked, well, I told you, I try as much as I can. It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong and should be caught and punished. We have close neighbors and friends but no one walks in the door without ringing the bell or knocking. My dad did that once when my partner and I were messing around so no one’s gonna do that again. And I always have my shorts and top near by and I’m pretty fast. No pic today because it’s the weekend but I’m also running out of ideas . From Alan: If the pictures are turning into work, you don’t have to send one every day. I like seeing them, and I know you like to follow instructions, but don’t make yourself crazy. Today’s question: have you ever shaved any part of your body other than your beard and head? From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Sunday and I’ve completed 3 full weeks of chastity. Thanks for letting me know about the pics. I do like sending them and I like being naked in front of you. But I only have one body and you’ve seen all of it now. I’ll try thinking of some new things but first I’ll take a week or so off. Meanwhile, my chest was once shaved, not that it’s really hairy, a little towards the top and down my belly. In fact, my entire body was shaved except for my head – everything that wouldn’t show. This was right after I finished college because I didn’t have my beard yet. This guy – he was older, maybe 40s, and he really wanted to mess me up. He said he’d only pretend to shave me and he tied me standing, with my arms and legs out, between some rings in his garage walls. Then he blindfolded me and covered me with what felt like shaving cream. He swore there was no blade in the razor but there was and he was just grinning when he yanked off my blindfold. I was pissed but I was also rock hard and I fucked him good. I’m sure that’s what he wanted. Still, I felt too much like a baby without hair and it got stubbly real fast and itched. It grew, then stopped growing for what seemed like the longest time, and I swear it took 8 months to completely grow in. So I’ll never let that happen again. Another Dom wanted me to shave my pubes just before you took control. Of course, I couldn’t because of my partner. But when I told the Dom that, he got teed off. From Alan: Some guys are like that. But haven’t you ever let other men tie you up? I thought you said something about that. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Monday, my 22nd day of chastity. I have let guys tie me up and I liked it but you always have to balance the rush against the risk I’ve never let anyone I didn’t know do it, not after that shaving guy. The guy in Atlanta had fun with me and even my partner did at first – I’m not sure if he suggested it or me. But both of them soon lost interest. A lot of guys think they want to tie you up but then don’t know what to do with you once they have. I mean I can’t fuck a guy when I’m tied down, unless he sits on me and rides me like a pole. And I like being fucked so it’s not like I’m going to resist and have to be tied down first. The same thing about sucking or rimming or doing most anything. But some guys just see me and think I’m cute and think it would be fun to take off my clothes and get out the ropes. From Alan: I’ve tied guys up when they think they need it or think they’ll like it, but you’re right – it limits what you can do. Of course, some guys say it increases their fun. Usually, I just find other guys. And you mentioned another Dom, and I know you wrote Johnny. Are there other guys you’re still in touch with, and are you trying to serve them at the same time? From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Tuesday, my 23rd day of chastity. I was hoping to take a day off this week because there’s so much to do around the house. But it’s already been busy here with more work ahead. Right now, it’s 6 pm and I’m still at my desk. I just took a break to call my partner and tell him I’d be late so I better write you before I forget. And there’s something that’s been bugging me, more than just today, and that’s more important than other guys or other Doms. I know your name but I haven’t told you mine and that seems a level of complete mistrust. It’s Dennis, but most people call me Denny. As for me serving other Doms, no, not now. Once I started with you, I quit looking. From Alan: Denny, thanks for your name. That means a lot, though I never thought of it as mistrust. You’ve been so open with me, and you keep being open. I don’t know how you do it. There must be some things you need to keep to yourself. (continued)
  3. Chapter 4 -- Obey

    From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Friday, my 12th day of chastity. I got this device in Atlanta. There are adult shops there but it’s not my first. That one came from the guy I dated there. He gave it to me partly as a joke, then locked me in just before I went home on a Sunday night. He kept the key. Over the next 5 days, it made me crazy because I’d always been able to touch my dick before. For a while it was cool but by Thursday, I was trying to wiggle out of it. I probably could have but I didn’t think I could get back in and didn’t want to piss him off. When I got to his place, he immediately pulled off my clothes and we had sex. He fucked me and I sucked him but he wouldn’t let me cum. And I was begging. He just laughed and we spent the night with me still locked up. In the morning, I woke him by sucking him off and he fucked me again. He could fuck 3 times a day, easy. We were 24 and thought we could do anything. And he promised he’d let me cum that night. Well, the whole day was one long high, nothing like the frustrating week. We worked out and walked in the park and went to a movie and ate. And he kept kissing me and touching me and being so nice. By the time we got back to his place I was zooming. He just grinned, fucked me, unlocked me, then told me to fuck him. I hadn’t done that much before but I would have done anything to cum. So I fucked him and probably shot up to his small intestine. It was that intense. We were laughing and giggling and we had sex again maybe an hour later. He tried to lock me in before I left that Sunday but I told him I’d break the fucking thing if he tried. But I promised he could lock me in the next Friday night and not let me out till Saturday evening. For a while we did that every weekend. We had sex Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but I was locked in on Friday nights. That made Saturday amazing and Sunday fun. But getting back to my current device – it’s much better than the old one. That was plastic and I really could wiggle out. I don’t need to – I carry the key. But if I lost it now, I’d be fucked. I’d have to go to the locksmith and everyone in town would know – especially my partner. I got the new one maybe a year ago. I was in a sex shop looking for a joke present for a friend and bought the device on impulse. I’d kind of missed having the high of no sex and just jerking off wasn’t doing it. That was also around the time I started standing naked in the backyard. And here’s a pic of me doing that. From Alan: Again, nice, and I like the way the flash picks out your body in the dark. It’s like you’ve been caught by the police. Next, tell me what you do online. You said you look at porn. Which sites, for how long, and how often? And when? From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Saturday, my 13th day of chastity. Wow, porn – I think I’ve always looked at it even when it wasn’t called that. Growing up, any time I saw a pic of a guy with his shirt off, I was interested. He didn’t even have to have his shirt off. It could be a basketball player and I’d look at his arms. It could be TV Guide, with pics of guys who’d lost weight and were wearing nothing but their old big pants. And this was before I could get hard and didn’t even know why I was interested. And if there was a real guy with his shirt off, like at the pool or the lake, I always stared. Kids my age didn’t interest me though one of my older cousins did. And when my brother’s body started changing right in front of me, I always wanted to see. That’s also when I started looking at my dad’s body, to see how it looked like my brother’s and mine. When my brother started getting hard, at first he tried to hide it from me. But there were times he couldn’t. So I learned about sex from him. But the magazines he snuck home all had naked women and they didn’t do much for me. I didn’t tell my brother that but when he and his friends had a video once, I was more interested in looking at the guy than the girl. The other guys – my brother’s friends – didn’t have their dicks out. They weren’t jerking off or anything. They were looking and mostly hooting and laughing and making fun of each other. But I kept watching the guy, looking for shots of his dick. I first saw internet porn when I was in college. I’d trip over guys’ personal sites because I didn’t know how to look for them. And they were collections of old pictures, most of them in black and white. I didn’t start seeing videos a lot till after college, with that guy in Atlanta. He had a whole collection of them and I could watch for hours. But we didn’t watch together. When we were both home, we played. I mean why watch other guys fuck when you can do it yourself? And this guy had a great body and mine was getting there so it’s not like the guys in the videos were hotter. But if this guy had to do something during the weekend, like see a friend I didn’t know, I’d just lie on his bed and watch porn. I know that’s not the internet like you asked but it’s the same to me. And now – well, I don’t really watch much porn. My partner doesn’t so it’s not like we can do it together. And since I have him, there’s no point in fantasy. It’s not like I have to imagine a better body. But once we stopped having sex every couple of nights – or even once a week – I found myself looking at photos of other guys. Not porn, just pics, mostly on dating sites. Sometimes, I’ll write the guys though most of them don’t write back – I’m too far away. Also, they’re looking to hook up and I’m really not. And did I tell you I have a laptop I carry to work and back for my personal stuff? It stays in my briefcase with the one I use for work. My laptop is what I’m on now because I wouldn’t want my partner going through our home computer and finding my porn. I wouldn’t mind finding his and I’ve looked but I never do. He’s says it doesn’t interest him and I’ve got to believe him. And here’s another pic in the backyard. I wanted to see what I could take by the porchlight but it came out blurry. From Alan: You look hot blurry, and I think you’re hard in that photo, but I can’t really tell. Do you remember what you were thinking about when you took it? Just curious. And this next question may be too personal, but when we started, you said you liked raunch. Tell me about that. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Sunday and I’ve been in chastity for 2 full weeks. I’m not sure I was thinking about anything in last night’s pic. I wasn’t thinking about sex. I guess I mostly wondered how much light the phone would pick up. I took 6 or 8 pics and I almost didn’t send that one because it was so dim. But I wanted you to see how horny I was. And I know you asked about raunch but I’d rather tell you about my horniness. Here’s a pic of my dick standing up oh so hard. That’s what you were seeing in the pic last night. I wasn’t trying to get hard because you know I don’t want to cum so I don’t want to get too close. But I get hard when I’m hanging loose and I told you it wakes me up at night. And you can see how my dick is pointing straight up. It wants to cum so badly. And I think about cumming all the time. I can picture it happening and I wonder how high I’ll shoot and for how long. I’ve always been a shooter. I don’t know if porn companies like those guys because there’s more to show but I’ve seen a lot of shooters. And when I’m this horny, I don’t have to think about other guys. I just see myself shooting and I’m off. Shooting till there’s nothing left. Zero. But then I want to start over again. From Alan: Whew. That practically got me hard. And feel free to ignore my questions any time. You always tell me more interesting things than I ask. Maybe you should be the Master. Also, I almost never compliment guys on their dicks, because it seems so shallow, but you’ve got a really active one there. Just as well you keep it locked up. And the reason I wanted you to tell me about raunch is I’m curious how deep your interest goes. I know you like pissing on yourself, but that’s not all your body puts out. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Monday, my 15th horny day of chastity and I’m glad to have my dick locked up again. I nearly shot yesterday because the high school kid next door was practicing layups by himself only wearing shorts. Everytime he jumped, they kept riding down his ass. I was right across the hedges but inside our house and I knew his shorts would fall eventually. It made me really hard. And they did and I got a quick view of his soft dick and brown untrimmed pubes and it was worth it. I wonder if he was playing the same kind of game I am because he quit right after his shorts came down. It’s like he was daring himself. As for raunch, well explaining the pissing is easy. It almost feels like cumming especially if I’m driving for a while and I’ve been drinking too much iced tea. When I stop and piss, it’s really strong. As for other raunch – well I like when a guy’s been working out and he’s all sweaty. I really like that smell. Shit doesn’t do much for me but it comes from a part of the body I like a lot. But I don’t want crap smeared all over me like some guys. Puke chokes me too – just the smell. A guy wanted me to hurl on him once. We’d been downing pitchers and after a couple hours, he went off to puke. When he came back he said, How about we get naked and go out in the back and I’ll lie down and you hurl on my chest? I said Sure – I was that drunk – but I couldn’t. I stuck my finger down my throat because I wanted to please the guy but nothing happened. So I pissed on him instead, nice and strong. He knew the difference but didn’t care. After that, we used the hose to clean him off then he soaked me and the cold water shrunk both our balls. But we fucked in the grass and mud anyway – good thing it was dark. And here’s another pic from our backyard. I’m lying in the hammock with my feet up to my shoulders but all you can really see is flash. I didn’t want to risk a second pic because it was 3 am. From Alan: Sounds like you’re getting a little close if seeing a high school kid’s dick can get you off. You sure it’s not time to come? Think about it. Meanwhile, it’s good to know what parts of raunch interest you, but I don’t want you scaring your neighbors with camera flashes. Or having them ask your partner about them. Next, if it doesn’t set you off, tell me how you masturbate. (continued)
  4. Chapter 3 -- Obey

    From Obey: This is Monday, my 8th day of chastity, Sir. This is a pic of me sitting naked in the office john. I just pissed up my chest so I’m wearing a dopey grin. And you notice I’m not wearing my chastity device yet because pissing all over it makes it hard to clean. But I’m so happy to get it on every morning because it means nothing can make me cum. As for what I know about you – well, your friend Johnny didn’t tell me any more than I’ve said. He didn’t even have a pic of you because he said you didn’t like having them around because of your work. So he deleted the one you sent. I’ll delete mine too if you want. But to be honest, I like looking at it. Though your hair doesn’t look brown in it, the way you say. It’s more blond. From Alan: One thing I need to tell you is that photo’s 8 years old. I don’t look like that anymore. And photos are kind of misleading: if I never think of you as short, only seeing my picture might not let you realize how tall I am – nearly 6'3". And my hair really is brown – about the same color as your beard. I thought it would go straight to gray, but it got mousy instead. That’s fine because it makes me look older. Most guys wouldn’t like that, but I need to look serious for where I’m heading. The suits help, and the dark hair, and I wear my glasses almost all the time now. The heavy frames make me look more professional. So you don’t have to delete the photo because I could probably walk up to you, and you wouldn’t recognize me. As for today’s assignment, this one’s going to be ongoing: I’m really curious how many days you can go until you come in your sleep. For that to happen, you might have to give yourself permission because your body doesn’t seem to be doing that. It might not even know how. Also, that’s a nice photo of you in the john. You’ve got a great smile. That got me far more than your wet chest. From Obey: This is Tuesday, my 9th day of chastity, Sir, and the pic I wanted to send I couldn’t manage. So this is a pic of my bare butt. The one I wanted to send I couldn’t find online again. It’s of a young guy’s pink ass with an eye and an eyebrow drawn on each cheek in blue marker and a smile going across the bottom. His ass crack is the nose. And it’s not something he drew by himself because I tried. As for your ongoing project – this is exactly what I wanted! That’s my borderline depravity, like the pissing and the nudity. You’ve given me the perfect goal because it involves cumming in a way I can’t stop. It’s like my body is plotting against me. And the best part is it’s just going to make me crazier. I love that feeling because it’s like I’m being inhabited by some horny alien that’s grabbed my balls and is running with them. And if I stroked right now, I’d cum really fast. But with my chastity device on, I can’t even touch myself. And when I’m home with my partner, I can’t just take out my dick and play with it. Even if he noticed I’m bulging out of my shorts, he wouldn’t do anything. And he doesn’t notice and I don’t know why ‘cause I think about his body all the time. Because I know it almost better than mine. I’ve touched it and licked it and kissed it and sucked it. And can you tell I’m getting just a little crazy right now because of your idea? I’m sitting at my computer and my dick is as hard as my desk leg. If I’m not careful, your plot is going to end tonight when I lie down. And that’s why I have to go against part of what you wrote – I can’t give myself permission to cum. ‘Cause I want to see how long I go and it will end too soon if I say OK. I’m not sure I told you this but I once went 60 days without cumming and it was amazing. I feel a little like that now sometimes but not close. After 60 days, I was flying. I wasn’t thinking right and probably wasn’t myself. And it wasn’t because I was still a kid. This was the summer between my junior and senior years of college and I was stuck home working a dumb job in the hardware store. I needed something to distract myself and hit on this some time in June. I decided not to cum till right before I went back to school. I made it all 60 days and it was outstanding. I really missed it when it was over, like someone had died. But I wasn’t going to start again – I needed my head clear for classes. And here’s another pic – an extra – of my dick sticking straight up. I just took it and it shows how horny I am. And that’s all your doing. From Alan: That’s a great story, and this is working, so I hope you didn’t come last night. If you did, just start over. And I’ll bet you were crazy towards the end of the 60 days. I find myself thinking about all the wrong things if it’s been more than day or two. But you did this 18 or 19 years ago, and you were goofing off. You didn’t have a serious job or a relationship or responsibilities. It would be harder to pull that off today, but if that’s what you’ve been thinking, let’s see what we can do. Meanwhile, what I’d planned for today was a log of everything you do, so I have a clearer sense of your life. Keep it short but precise. And send your usual photo. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Wednesday, my 10th day of chastity. I didn’t cum last night, so everything’s good. And I don’t know if 60 days is what I’ve been thinking, but it’s been in the back of head. Though I don’t want to screw up any of your plans. And I don’t think it will mess me up. I remember the moment I shot, everything was clear again. So if I start getting crazy, make me stop. Tell me I’ll fuck up everything that’s important. Be my safe word. As for what I did today, it’s boring compared to my dick, but here goes: I got up when my alarm went off at 6 am, used the bathroom, tossed my boxers and tank top in the hamper and pulled on jeans, a T, gym sox and running shoes. Fixed a healthy breakfast for my partner and me – our usual yogurt, fruit, granola, juice and coffee – then went to the gym. We did our normal workout, then I showered and he went to run. Changed into khakis, tank top, a good shirt and sandals then drove to the office and put on my chastity device. I hung my shirt and khakis up and worked in my tank top and hiking shorts. Morning was a combination of computer work, paperwork and phone calls, like almost everyday. Went to lunch around noon with 2 of the women – changed back into khakis and my shirt for that, but left on my chastity device. Ate my usual salad – today tuna – and drank unsweetened iced tea. You have to ask for that because everything here comes swimming in sugar. Afternoon was more computer work, paperwork and phone calls, and I was back in my shorts and tank top. I love feeling the air conditioning on my chest. I’m usually out of the office afternoons, making follow-up visits, but not today. I left at 5, leaving my chastity device and changing back into khakis and my shirt. I change clothes a lot but it’s kind of fun because it means I’m sometimes naked in my office. Got home before my partner, stripped to an old pair of his running shorts and mowed the yard. I use a hand mower because it’s good for the air and it’s slower. That keeps me almost naked in front of everyone on our street for a longer time. Of course, I was barefoot – my favorite. When my partner came home, we went out to eat, and I had another salad, this one turkey, and iced tea. I wore jeans, sandals, and a T. We came home and he watched TV – mainly cable, flipping stations when he was bored. I did paper and computer work on the dining table. When we went to bed, I was back in a tank top and boxers. I always kiss my partner good night. In fact, we’re pretty hot about that and play for 5 or 10 minutes. He’s great at cuddling and we fall asleep almost on top of each other. But if I get serious or dare to reach under his PJs, he yawns, jokes and turns off the light. Sometimes, I go on anyway, joking or grabbing his ass. He ignores me. I grab his dick sometimes but it’s almost always soft. If it’s hard, then I have a chance and those are the times we have sex. I’ll suck him then he’ll suck me because he’s very fair. Then he’ll brush his teeth and gargle but I like the taste of him in my mouth. Tonight, there was no sex and once he was asleep, I got up and finished writing this. I wrote everything else before I left work. And here’s a picture of me sitting naked in my office chair. Hope this is all you wanted. From Alan: OK, I’m your safe word. That’s a great idea. And you know I won’t make you come unless it’s important. So we’re clear on that. As for your log: that was perfect. It gives me a good idea of your day. And you’re right – you change clothes a lot. Also, I’ve never seen a picture of you I didn’t like. I’m just telling you that. For tomorrow, tell me how you sleep. I know what you wear, but tell me about your bed and what your room looks like – how dark it is. Things like that. From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is Thursday, my 11th day of chastity. Glad you liked the pic. Here’s one with my pinkies up my nose, my eyes crossed, my tongue sticking out and me drooling. Tell me you like that. As for our bedroom, well, at night it’s fairly dark but you can still see shapes. Our bed is an old four-poster, dark stained but probably pine, with furniture to match. There’s no canopy because there’s a ceiling fan. My partner uses the long bureau and I use the tall one but I have more clothes than he does so sometimes I use his lower drawers. There’s also a desk, lighter than the other furniture and maybe maple. It has a matching chair and there’s a walnut rocker. All the furniture is family stuff, either from my partner’s family or mine. The rocker was his great aunt’s. The floor is planks, fairly wide worn pine and there’s a braided rug partly under the bed. There’s a small glass lamp on the desk, one of those chimney things but electric. It looks antique but it’s not. And there’s a pair of matching lamps with white shades on either side of the bed. Also reproductions. The ceiling fan has a built-in light but we rarely use it since we keep the fan on a lot. We have central air but don’t use it at night when we don’t have to. The two windows have blinds on them with wide wooden slats that match the furniture. There are also drapes which we never close because the blinds make the room dark enough. And there are books and magazines on the night stands and bureaus and some china things – I’ll list them all if you really want. As for how I sleep – usually well. My partner says I snore if I’m not on my side but not loudly. Also I’m almost always on my side because I don’t want to rub my dick against the sheets. They’re very smooth. I usually get up in the middle of the night, probably from all the tea and salads. I’ve tried to stop drinking in mid-afternoon but it doesn’t matter. I sometimes drink wine or beer but I still get up. Sometimes, my partner does too though usually not at the same time. And he doesn’t snore. From Alan: Again great. And you’re still cute, no matter how you twist your face. You just have to accept that. Now tell me about your chastity device. When did you buy it? Have you been wearing it all that time? Where did you buy it? And is this your first one, or have there been more? (continued)
  5. Chapter 26

    Thanks. All these comments have been really helpful. I honestly didn't know if I had an interesting book here, since it's mainly about lawyers talking.
  6. Chapter 2 -- Obey

    From Obey: Good morning, Sir. This is my 4th day of chastity. I’ve attached the 4 pics you requested. The 3 of my dick I took this morning in the john at the office because I lock my chastity device in a box in my desk. The pic in my Sunday suit is a couple years old and it also shows my partner. I said I wouldn’t do that but the pic’s already on Facebook so I could say you found it there. Except you don’t know my name. You can see my partner’s pretty great looking except for his ears and he has a good sense of humor about them. He also has great hair – thick and dark. Mine’s always been lighter and it started thinning in my 20s. So for 10 years now I’ve been keeping it shaved. People say I look good this way especially since I keep my beard short too. The big difference is my partner’s 4 inches taller. That’s less obvious when we’re dressed up ‘cause of my good shoes. I told you about that. Also I really don’t know the answer to your question about why we stopped having sex all the time. There’s nothing that would stop me from having it every night and I told you I love looking at his body. Sometimes I start trimming my beard when he’s in the shower just so I can be there when he comes out. But we’ve been living together for 9 years and we knew each other for 2 before that – since I was 27 and he was 29. And we didn’t start out this way but we’re both pretty much bottoms now. When we have sex, I suck his dick and he sucks mine. I’d like him to fuck me ‘cause that’s what we used to do, but he says he doesn’t enjoy it much now. I think it has something to do with cumming. It takes me a while with a dick up my ass and I think he worries about getting soft. He grabs my dick and tries to jerk me off but I don’t want to cum that way. I love his body moving against mine, whether it’s on top or behind. And I’ve never really thought about fucking him because I don’t get off that way. Also he won’t initiate sex and almost never has and I can only get put off so many times before I quit. So sex is pretty spontaneous and always comes as a surprise. Other guys say I’m lucky that it doesn’t seem routine so maybe I’m being greedy. And my partner’s a great guy! I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have found him and I’m grateful everyday. And maybe ‘cause we’re not having sex all the time, I’ve started to need kink. You can pretty well pick any kind and I’m good to go. At first, I thought I was exposing myself just to prove I still had a dick. But the truth is I’ve always liked being naked, indoors and out. I hope that’s enough, Sir. I know I’m not stupid but you really made me think about things. From Alan: You’re definitely not stupid, and that’s a great explanation. Thanks. I’m embarrassed to have asked you for photos since you’re even more naked when you write. But the photos are good, and you deserve a reward. Since I can’t magically make your partner have sex with you tonight, I’ll ease up on your assignments tomorrow. Also, try sending me at least one photo a day with your message. And because there are some nights I don’t get online, you may have to decide what to send and what to write about. But most of the time, you’ll have instructions. For tomorrow, for example, dig through your scrapbooks and send me: A picture of you before you were 10. A picture of you in high school. One in your 20s. One just before you started to shave your head. And explain each photo. If you can’t get these photos, then come up with 4 other pictures of yourself. You can take them tomorrow, or they can be things you have around. From Obey: This is my 5th day of chastity, Sir, and I don’t want you to go easy on me because I can do what you want. The point is to push me hard. Here are the 4 photos. I scanned 3 of them from my Mom’s scrapbooks when she and Dad were at work and the last one I had in my computer. Also, it’s only been 6 years that I’ve been shaving my head. I thought it was longer. But I kept my hair very short for years until the day I went in and told them to cut it all off. As for explaining the photos: 1. 3rd grade, cropped out of a classroom shot. That’s why I’m sitting at a desk. 2. Senior graduation pic. Obviously retouched and probably better than I ever looked. But definitely cute. 3. College graduation party. Still full head of hair but you notice I’m the shortest one in my group. Even the girls were taller. 4. This pic was hard to find. I wanted one that showed how thin my hair got before I cut it short and I wanted to show how tubby I started to get after college. That’s ‘cause there are always snacks in the office. The women bake cakes and cookies and pies and bring them to work to share. I was never really fat, just round, which made me look cuter. I think that’s when I started growing my beard. But it just made my face look rounder, especially since I was wearing it full. Then I started dating a guy in Atlanta. It’s an hour’s drive and I did it every Friday night and came back late on Sundays. But it was worth it ‘cause he showed me a lot. I worked out with him on weekends and he took me to a place that trimmed my beard really well. They were the ones that convinced me to cut my hair short too. If I was 6 foot tall, I would have been really hot. Still, I kept the pic with the bad beard and the thin hair and too much weight to remind me I never wanted to look like that again. I hope my partner’s never seen it because he’s mostly known me how I look today. And I didn’t let too many people take pics of me when my hair was going. From Alan: Again, thanks for your honesty and for the photos. And, yeah, you look much better today than you did with the full beard and the thin hair. I didn’t notice the weight so much because that’s a head shot, and with your beard, I can’t tell how round your face had gotten. Also, you never look short in your photos with no other people around. But the one from college puts that in perspective. As for the kink: I’ll work toward that soon. First, let me get to know you better. And the more you tell me about your dislikes, the more I’ll be able to play into them. So your messages are really useful. Tomorrow’s assignment is a free shot. Send me any photo you’d like. I don’t care if it’s of the president. Though making me laugh is always good. From Obey: This is my 6th day of chastity, Sir, and what you say is interesting because it always makes me think. The problem is that I don’t know what I dislike because I don’t have that much experience. When I gave you that list and you said WHOA!, I’d never done most of those things. But I see guys put them online all the time and I see pics of guys doing that stuff. It doesn’t matter if the guys are hot – it’s more that they’re letting themselves be used. And they can’t object because they’re tied up or blindfolded or gagged. And the fact that they’re letting other guys post their pics gets me really hard. It’s why I don’t look at porn sites too much when I’m out of chastity – I cum too easily. So I really need to think about things I hate. One reason the guy in Atlanta stopped seeing me was ‘cause he said I was too vanilla. And I probably was though I was already 26. The other reason – and this was something I could never do anything about – is he said he liked tall men. He said it let guys know he wasn’t just interested in cute boys. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that I never thought of myself as less of a man because I was short. But it didn’t change anything. Still, he was great for me in the 2 years we were together and we’re still friends. And here’s today’s pic. I saw it online and it made me laugh so I hope it makes you laugh too. Weekends are usually hard for me to get self pics because I spend a lot of time with my partner and friends. My brother and sister live nearby too so we all get together with their families. But I’ll do the best I can. From Alan: Again, what you tell me is far more interesting than any photos I request, but, yeah, the one of the naked guy painted to blend in with the brick wall made me laugh. Especially with his unpainted little pink dick standing out. And would a Monday through Friday schedule work better for photos? Weekends, you can just send messages. So no photo tomorrow, but answer this question. How often do you come in your sleep? From Obey: Sunday, one full week of chastity, Sir. And yes that schedule works better for pics. And I keep meaning to tell you that not cumming really fucks with my head. Right now, after not cumming for 7 days I’m so horny I’d do almost anything. It also messes up my sleep. Sometimes, I have to go downstairs in the middle of the night and strip in the backyard because it’s like taking a cold shower. I’d take a real one but I’d never run water at night and risk waking my partner. As for cumming in my sleep, it’s not something I ever remember doing. I grew up sharing a room with my brother who’s 2 years older. So I never had the privacy to jerk off in bed. It was always in the john or the basement. Sometimes, I’d ride to the forest and do it there. The national forest is near my folks’ house and it’s 20 minutes by bike. That was also the first place I was naked outside – I mean for more than changing clothes or drying after a swim. Usually it was for an hour or 2 when no one was around. But I once managed to stay naked all day. That was amazing and I must have cum a half dozen times, I was so horned up. It was also hot because I had to hide when I heard people coming so I wouldn’t get caught. I didn’t have much privacy in college either though I wasn’t having sex with guys yet – I was too afraid of disease. But I don’t remember jerking off in the dorm. That’s dumb when you consider how horny I was. I’d sometimes go home on weekends just to get to the forest. And I hope I’ve told you enough for today, Sir, to make up for not sending a pic. From Alan: You’ve told me more than enough, and you keep surprising me. But I’m curious about something: I’ve told you almost nothing about myself, so is there anything you want to know? What did Johnny tell you? Is there something you’re missing? And send me a new photo of yourself tomorrow, just to stay in practice. But I don’t care what the photo is or how old it might be. (continued)
  7. Obey

    The continued adventures in sex and friendship, online and off, of Alan Damshroeder, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, high school teacher. This book is different from the previous two because there are two long sections -- "Obey," and "Variation," which only contain two characters -- Alan and another man. Next, there's a conventionally written short story, "Bob," and the last section, "Other Nights," is composed of the usual short exchanges between Alan and a host of men he often never gets to meet.
  8. Prologue

    1 Alan Damshroeder 46. 6'-1'' 180. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Clean shaven. Athletic. Well-educated. Married. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  9. Chapter 1 -- Obey

    2 Obey From Obey: Hi, Sir. A sub here. Another Dom I was chatting with online suggested we might find ourselves more compatible. From Alan: I’m in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You’re just north of Atlanta. We’re not even close. I don’t know what the guy was thinking, but thanks. From Obey: I think he was thinking I was into forced nudity, Sir, and what some folks might call borderline depravity. And he thought you might be interested. Sorry, Sir. From Alan: You’re already living in small town Georgia. As a gay man, isn’t that depraved enough? From Obey: Thank you, Sir. I’m glad someone understands. From Alan: If you only want to play online, that could be fine. I’m really not very active otherwise. And I’m not sure how long it would last or what you’d be getting out of it. In any case, the first thing I’d need to see is a photo: Full-length. Face forward. Naked. You can block your dick if you’d like, if only with your hand. You can even wear sunglasses. From Obey: Photo sent, Sir. I’m seeking a dominant kink master. I’m into most aspects of nudity, bondage, cock and ball torture, tit torture, water sports, shaving, forced scenes, humiliation, foot and boot service, cum control, forced barefoot, and pig training. Other possibilities include: telling me what to wear, haircuts, dirt and grunge, toys, toilet, chastity, nip training, and imaginative play. What I’m absolutely looking for is dominance, humiliation, kink, and all types of control – lots of control. From Alan: Whoa! WHOA! I don’t mean to be rude or anything, because you’ve been very open with me. And I don’t know who you were writing. But anyone who knows me well knows my mind doesn’t twist in most of those directions. So I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I need to be honest. That’s a good photo, by the way. Exactly what I wanted, and many guys can’t follow directions. From Obey: I don’t mean to be rude either, Sir. And the Dom didn’t say you were interested in all those things. I was just telling you what I liked. But he did tell me you were kind of conservative, half because of what you do and half because of where you live. Though he said you had a great imagination and the fact that I’ll do anything you command might stretch that. So this could be fun for us both. From Alan: Now that sounds like someone who knows me. But I can think of a dozen guys like that. From Obey: His name online is BluntCigar, Sir. From Alan: That makes sense. Thanks. I’ll write him. How long did you two chat? From Obey: Not very, Sir. Maybe 5 or 6 messages back and forth. Then he said he wasn’t big on writing but thought you might be. From Alan: It all depends. I usually come on here late at night, somewhere around 12. And I stay for maybe 5 minutes, checking and answering messages. So if you’re expecting steady contact, this may not work. Also, there’s an hour’s difference between us, so you’d have to stay up pretty late. From Obey: I wouldn’t do that, Sir. I normally get up early, like around 6. So I’m in bed by 10. But if you left me instructions, I could follow them each day. And I’d send you reports on what I did. From Alan: It sounds complicated. From Obey: I really want this, Sir. I’ve been trying for more than a year, writing to different Masters all over the country – all over the world to tell you the truth. So the time zone thing isn’t big. And I follow orders well, Sir. You said that yourself. Please give me a chance. From Alan: What happened with your other masters? From Obey: Most of them gave out after a day or 2, Sir. Or they didn’t really get what I wanted so playing with them wasn’t fun. I don’t mean to offend you, Sir. From Alan: You’re not, though your groveling could get a bit irritating. You can stand up straight. I’ve seen that. You’ve got great posture. And what makes you think I’d last longer than the other guys? Or understand you better? From Obey: I didn’t mean to grovel, Sir. But we seem to be starting something good and we won’t know till we’ve tried. From Alan: Playing long distance is certainly safe. Did Johnny tell you how inactive I am? From Obey: Who’s Johnny, Sir? From Alan: Sorry. BluntCigar. He’s a good friend – an older guy, very experienced. Maybe because of that, he trusts people, even online. So he tells them his real name. From Obey: Is Alan yours, Sir? From Alan: Yep. I follow his example and take it further by not using a screen name. From Obey: I’d rather be called Obey, Sir. It makes me feel less like a person From Alan: Your choice. From Obey: And BluntCigar didn’t tell me his name, Sir. From Alan: It doesn’t matter. But what I said about being inactive is true. So this would be something different. From Obey: What do you mean by Inactive, Sir? From Alan: As my description says, I’m married. And I have a great family, and I won’t risk that by sleeping with guys much any more. From Obey: What do you mean by Much, Sir? From Alan: You ask a lot of questions. From Obey: I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Sir. From Alan: That “Sir” is reflexive, isn’t it? You make even the slightest mistake, and you immediately drop to the ground and bare your belly. From Obey: I didn’t mean to push, Sir. From Alan: You’re not. And Johnny would have told you almost anything about me – most of my online friends would. We share information with guys who might be interested. As for the “much” – there are one-or-two friends I couldn’t deny anything. It would seem coy, considering our history. But I don’t see them very often, and when I do, we’re very safe. From Obey: Thank you for telling me that, Sir. From Alan: No problem. From Obey: And if this works, Sir, you won’t be disappointed. I just sent you some more pics to show you my trust. Some are online already but I don’t know if you’ve seen them. And some are more extreme. From Alan: I hadn’t looked at your online photos because I didn’t know where this was heading. But I did now, and I looked at your new ones. Is that a chastity device you’re wearing? It’s a little blurry. From Obey: Yes, Sir. Since I’m not going to have kids, I don’t feel it’s right to use my dick for fun. From Alan: Were you raised in Georgia? From Obey: Been here all my life, Sir. Sorry if that disappoints you. From Alan: Why would it? We’re pretty much the same – I’ve spent most of my life in Iowa. I only asked because you sound fairly restricted. From Obey: In what way, Sir? From Alan: About sex. From Obey: Some of that’s the game, Sir. And maybe some of it’s real. I haven’t thought it out. From Alan: But you like being ordered around? From Obey: Yes, Sir! From Alan: Online and off? From Obey: Mainly when I’m naked, Sir. If I’m hard, you can just about make me do anything. And it’s been 3 days since I’ve cum, Sir, so I’m very horned up. I’d like to be told what to do about that. From Alan: Shoot. What would any guy do? From Obey: I don’t want to, Sir. From Alan: Why not? From Obey: I told you – I like chastity. From Alan: What happens when you have sex with a guy? From Obey: I have a live-in partner, Sir. That’s kind of hard. From Alan: What happens when you have sex with him – or her, for that matter? From Obey: Him, Sir – definitely. And it’s been a couple of weeks since that’s happened. From Alan: Why? From Obey: I don’t know, Sir. He doesn’t have the drive I do. From Alan: I’m sorry to hear that. From Obey: Me too, Sir. From Alan: Your description also mentions – more than once – that you like being barefoot and shirtless. Why? From Obey: I take my shirt off to embarrass myself, Sir. I don’t have the best body. From Alan: Oh, come on – I’ve seen it. You look great. Are those recent photos? From Obey: Yes, Sir. And I admit my body’s all right. But I’d like to be taller. All my working out can’t fix that. From Alan: How much do you work out? From Obey: Almost every day, Sir. Every morning, we’re down at the gym. I’ll never have a 6-pack and I don’t have the face for it anyway. But it makes me feel good. From Alan: Your face is as good as your body. From Obey: Thank you, Sir, but I look like white trash. You see guys like me here in every pick-up. I even go in for police line-ups because I look like so many other guys. From Alan: How often have you been in line-ups? From Obey: All the time, Sir. I’m at the station for work so I do it as a favor. From Alan: I don’t want to know what your work is. If it comes up, we’ll handle it. From Obey: Don’t worry, Sir – I’m a good guy.. From Alan: I’ll trust you. From Obey: And I like going barefoot, Sir, when I can’t take my shirt off but still want to embarrass myself. Like when I’m in J & J. From Alan: What’s that? From Obey: A supermarket, Sir. I guess you don’t have them. From Alan: Not J & J. From Obey: That’s what I meant, Sir. And at movies. And places like Dairy Queen. Anywhere having no shoes on would seem like white trash. From Alan: You like feeling cheap? From Obey: I love, it, Sir. And I deserve to be treated that way. Stupid. Uneducated. From Alan: I’m surprised you’re not tattooed. From Obey: I would be, Sir, if my partner allowed. I’d get the worst tattoos. From Alan: Where? From Obey: Nowhere they’d show, Sir. Everything would have to be covered for work. And I wear tank tops around the office, and I wear them loose so everyone can see my nips. The women all joke about it. From Alan: Does that make you hard? From Obey: I’m in chastity at the office, Sir. I can never get hard. From Alan: There’s also a photo of you pissing on yourself. From Obey: I do that as much as I can, Sir. At the office, I sometimes strip in the john, sit on the can and piss up my chest. Then I clean up. That’s easy since I mostly wear shorts, my tanks and sandals. From Alan: You’d be a hit at funerals. From Obey: I’d never disrespect anyone, Sir. When I’m out on business, I wear khakis and button-down shirts. And I dress for church. From Alan: What do you wear? From Obey: A dark suit, Sir. And a white shirt, dark tie, dark socks, normal underwear and dress shoes. I look really slick though I’m overdressed compared to some guys. From Alan: Do you do it purposely? From Obey: I don’t stand out, Sir. There are plenty of guys in suits. We go to a conservative church. From Alan: You and your partner? From Obey: And my folks, Sir. From Alan: Do you live with them? From Obey: I’m 38, Sir. From Alan: I knew that. But lots of gay men take care of their parents. From Obey: Mine aren’t 60 yet, Sir. From Alan: Are you the oldest? From Obey: The youngest of 3, Sir. But my folks aren’t trash and they never were. A lot of folks marry young around here. From Alan: How do you live openly with your partner? In such a conservative place? From Obey: It’s weird what people will accept, Sir. Especially if you don’t push. Everyone likes me. I’m a local boy and I do good. And it’s a tourist area. People retire here. There’s a college with some liberal faculty. That means they’re slightly left of far right, Sir. From Alan: I knew you had a sense of humor. From Obey: I try, Sir. From Alan: How long have you been with your partner? From Obey: Over 9 years, Sir. From Alan: People have to know. From Obey: They do, Sir. But they like me and my family too much to bother. From Alan: Have you dated women? From Obey: No, Sir. Not in high school and not in college. They weren’t interested. From Alan: I find that hard to believe. You’re intelligent and cute. From Obey: Cute’s fine, Sir, when you’re 4. It doesn’t cut it when other guys are hot. From Alan: From your point of view. From Obey: From everybody’s, Sir – I could tell where the girls were looking. I was looking there too. And don’t get me wrong, Sir – I like women. I work in an office full of them. I just never wanted to get married. From Alan: And your partner? From Obey: He’d get married if we could. From Alan: I mean “Did he date women?” From Obey: We’re not the type women choose, Sir. Not to have families. That’s the whole deal. From Alan: No matter what you think, you’re very good-looking. From Obey: But I’m short, Sir. I say 5'7", but it’s more like 5'5". I’m almost 5'7" in my Sunday shoes. From Alan: Is that the reason you go barefoot? So you seem even shorter? From Obey: It may be, Sir. I haven’t thought about it. From Alan: What’s your partner look like? From Obey: He’s very hot, Sir, and that’s not just me talking. But he’s only 5'9" and he has funny ears that stick out. I love them. I love everything about him. But other folks make jokes. From Alan: He sounds great. From Obey: He is, Sir, but we’re still geeks. He’s a tech geek and I do good deeds. We’re like a couple of old maids. From Alan: I doubt women would like to hear that. From Obey: Why not, Sir? Mom calls us “the boys.” As in, “No, I can’t go out tonight. I got the boys coming in for supper.” From Alan: That’s pretty funny. Hide in plain sight. I wouldn’t have thought you could do that. From Obey: You can do a lot of things, Sir, if you don’t push. From Alan: That’s something we’ll have to explore. From Obey: I haven’t messed up yet, Sir. And I’ve been naked in some pretty strange places. From Alan: Like? From Obey: Well, like you know those little fenced in areas where people put out their trash? At the gas station, I’ll pretend to throw something away and I’ll slip behind the fence and drop my shorts. From Alan: What if someone sees you? From Obey: I’m only there for a couple seconds, Sir. 5 or 10 at the most. I can always say I’m peeing. From Alan: Can you get away with that? From Obey: White trash pees where it wants, Sir. From Alan: Not around here. From Obey: I could do that 5 times a day, Sir. Whenever I pass one of those spots, it’s a challenge. Can I get away with it? Is it worth it? Do I have time to stop? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place I didn’t want to be naked. From Alan: Then make sure you don’t get caught. You don’t want to be in a line-up for real. But if there are other things like that – like being barefoot and shirtless and always wearing your chastity device – other things that would let me know you better – send them along. From Obey: That’s pretty much it, Sir. I’m not good at making things up. That’s why I need a Master. From Alan: I’ll see what I can manage. But you know how to embarrass yourself better than I do. So if there are things you hate, tell me. From Obey: I can follow phone orders too, Sir. If you suddenly ordered me to find a place to be naked in like 2 minutes, I could do that. My cell’s 706-555-1212. From Alan: That’s where my conservative side kicks in. I’d rather stick to this site – and photos and messages. From Obey: I’m good with that, Sir. From Alan: Then here’s a couple of photos to get you started. I didn’t see these either online or in the ones you sent: A close-up of your dick, soft A close-up of your dick, hard A close-up of your face, just after you’ve come A picture of your partner, because I’m curious what he looks like. He can be dressed. From Obey: I’m good with the first 2, Sir, but not the cumming. I love chastity – remember? I keep the key to my device because my partner hates me using toys. We may not have sex all the time but we still sleep together. I wear tanks and boxers but no matter how baggy my shorts are, he’d know I was in chastity. So my device stays in the office. I put it on when I get to work and take it off before I leave. I used to take it home and sometimes sneak it on when some guy ordered me to while we were chatting. But only if my partner was sleeping. I stopped doing that when I was almost caught. That’s why I’m not online at night much for more than 10 minutes. I’m taking a chance with you but I think it might be worth it. From Alan: Then let’s end this now, before you get in trouble. From Obey: It’s okay, Sir. I can always tell him I woke up to pee and couldn’t get to back to sleep. That’s sometimes the truth and he doesn’t miss me for an hour. Then he gets up. From Alan: You’ve got this all worked out. From Obey: I’ve got to, Sir. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and want to cum so badly. I have to do something to punish myself. From Alan: I’d just shoot. Go into the bathroom. No punishment needed. From Obey: You must like cumming, Sir. From Alan: And you don’t. Or so I’m learning. From Obey: I’ll have those 2 pics for you tomorrow, Sir. But not one of my partner. He needs to stay out of this. From Alan: Then replace the shot of your face with a close-up of your dick in the chastity device. And replace the one of your partner with one of you in your Sunday suit. And, tomorrow, you can explain to me why – at your age – you’re in a long term relationship without regular sex. From Obey: The pics will be waiting, Sir. And since I won’t be online at midnight your time, I’ll send you a message explaining the sex. If you’re satisfied, please leave me another list of things to do. From Alan: All right. Good meeting you. And though you haven’t asked for it, here’s my photo. From Obey: Thank you, Sir. BluntCigar said you were a good-looking man and I believed him. From Alan: As I said, Johnny’s a sweet guy. From Obey: You sleep well, Sir. This has been a very good first session. From Alan: Yes, it has. (continued)
  10. Chapter 26

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. It's a short book, but you're right, there's a lot crammed in there, and those details may be hard to remember when the story is stretched over nine weeks. I never thought about that.
  11. Chapter 26

    Well, I can't defend all lawyers. I can just write about some of them. But, yeah, I prefer to write about nice people. Again, thanks for reading
  12. Chapter 26

    26 Doug Hodges couldn't quit shaking Ben Carleson's hand. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you," he said. Then he hugged his wife, Jenny. And he hugged his ex-wife, Pam. And he hugged both of his sons and their wives. They'd all come to the courtroom that morning, in support. "To tell you the truth, I was there in case Dad fell apart," Carleson heard Doug's older son tell the woman who was either his wife or his sister-in-law. "He was so disappointed the last time." The one thing Doug Hodges really wanted to do was shake Brad Coghlan's hand, as if to say, "It's all over, buddy. Everything's forgiven. Now you can come back to the bar." Carleson could tell that both from the things Doug had told him and the way he kept looking across the room, at the place where Brad Coghlan was sitting. To make things easier, Carleson led off. But Coghlan just brushed off his offered hand and snarled, "Get away from me." Then he left, eyes down and scowling. Carleson simply nodded at Stu Lee, who half-smiled and shrugged. After they'd both put away files and finished giving instructions to their assistants, Lee approached the bench, where the judge was getting ready to leave. Carleson didn't want to do the same thing, but it was polite. They all thanked each other and agreed everything had gone well. Unfortunately, the insurance company wasn't as complacent. "You got what you wanted," Carleson said on the phone that afternoon. "You got your jury verdict. "It even went 5-1, more than a simple majority." "We thought it had to be unanimous." "Come on. You're not that dumb," was all Carleson replied. When there was silence on the phone, he added, "You know where to send the check. I'll expect it FedExed in the morning. Or I can give you the numbers for an account transfer." Instead, there was a FedEx letter in the morning. "This is blackmail," Carleson soon told Doug. "What's it say?" "The exact wording is stupidly dense - all legal jargon. If you were here, you could read it yourself. But I'd mangle it, trying to make sense." The were both at their offices. "What's it trying to say?" Doug asked. "They're not expecting another trial?" "No - they're just trying to recover their costs as leverage for appealing the verdict. That'll drag this out another year-or-two and stall their payment. And they want to cover what they had to pay Stu Lee - what he billed them for his time, his investigators, and his experts." "How much?" "Fifty grand, give or take." "That's all? And they'll give us $950,000?" "Yeah. It's a million dollar policy. You know that." "Pay the fuckers." "It's not really fair..." "I don't care about fair at this point," Doug insisted. "It's been three years. I want this whole thing over. Besides, it wasn't fair that Brad was driving drunk that night." "I'm amazed you still call him 'Brad.'" Doug laughed. "Well, what am I supposed to call him? 'That other fucker?' The world just can't be filled with idiots." "You live in protected surroundings." "New York City? Hardly." They laughed together at that, then Carleson asked, "You really want me to pay the fifty grand?" "Yeah. And you can even take it out of my half after you take your fee. I don't care." "You gonna retire?" "Why would I want to do that? I'm a relatively young man. I just got married. Maybe we'll take a second honeymoon - fancier. I'll splurge, buy a Jag, and drive Jenny cross-country." Carleson laughed again. "You're in too good a mood to face down blackmailers." "Oh, hell, Ben - I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. I'm not going to faint." "Okay. I'll pay the crooks, and you'll get your cut. And if you do buy a Jag - please, drive carefully." "You know I will." "He's just a really nice guy, Carleson told Edward that evening, over dinner. They were at one of their usual restaurants in the city. They'd gone to a higher-profile one the night before, to celebrate. "That's how he seems," Edward said. "Do you know he bought me lunch? Every day of the trial?" "You never told me that." "He didn't even let me get near the checks." "We'll have to take him and his wife out some night. Maybe along with Jerry and Candice. You owe Jerry." "Already paid up. He deserved more than dinner - which he'll get anyway." "What did you give him?" "Some really good Tequila. Something I've been looking at anyway. You know how much he likes it." "Much classier than champagne." "He gets that like water. People are always sending it." "The Tequila's more personal." "Yeah, well, where did I learn that?" Carleson asked smiling. Edward smiled back, but Carleson was suddenly distracted by his phone. It was a number he didn't recognize, but he answered anyway. "This is Ben Carleson." "Hi. My name is Dan Wilson. I've just been in a terrible accident. Broke both my legs and fractured my spine. I was referred to you by Stu Lee. He said you were a great lawyer." Carleson grinned, both to himself and to Edward. He knew Lee would be looking for a referral fee.
  13. Chapter 25

    Yep, there's one last chapter.
  14. Chapter 25

    25 The following morning began with Stu Lee's closing argument. Then Ben Carleson made his. Both of them said little that was different from what they'd established in their openings and what they'd worked to support during the trial. Both seemed confident, and both were careful not to grandstand or gloat. Lee concluded, "Think logically. Douglas Hodges gave his word to his closest friends that he wouldn't let an admittedly drunk Brad Coghlan drive. Would the good Mr. Hodges go back on his word? Simply - 'No.' So Doug Hodges had to be driving Brad Coghlan's car." "Yes, 'Do think logically,'" Carleson virtually repeated when he reached the same point in his closing. "Would a man as sensible as you've seen Doug Hodges to be - and as he's always been described by anyone who's known or knows him - ever drive in the thoughtless and dangerous way it's been reported by any number of witnesses? Especially when Brad Coghlan had a reputation for drinking, acting rowdy, and taking chances? Officer Coghlan clearly had to be driving his own Mercedes." Even the judge knew it was too late to object to "Officer," and there would be nothing gained by reprimanding Carleson. She simply went on to give the jury its usual closing instructions - clarifying procedures and technicalities she's promised to explain at the beginning of the trial. After she seemed comfortable that all the jurors understood, she dismissed the alternates - the two youngest women. That left the jury evenly balanced between women and men, with their ages distributed from their twenties to sixties and with a good ethnic mix. As a final step, the judge gave Carleson the choice of a 4-2 or 5-1 decision. "5-1," Carleson said firmly. "What's that mean?" Doug Hodges soon asked. "Doesn't that mean that even more people have to vote in my favor? Why take that risk?" "Because you're looking at it the wrong way round," Carleson gently assured him. "If I thought for one second that any jury could find - and believe - that you were driving, I'd want five of those six people to have to say it aloud." Doug considered that for a moment then seemed convinced. Carleson almost thought it would be a quick decision - that the jury would go out, take an immediate vote, and come right back in. He wasn't being overly sure of his skills. Doug Hodges' case just seemed that strong. Stu Lee was actually a little less confident than he appeared, aware of the damage Carleson had done to Dr. Lowe's theory. But that was only a small piece of Lowe's testimony. The larger part was the science connecting Coghlan's and Hodges' injuries to the places they'd occurred in the car and detailing what had caused them. Based on that, Hodges had to be the one behind the wheel. As it happened, as soon as they were out of the courtroom, the head juror did ask if the others wanted to take a quick vote - "To get a sense of the meeting," she said. "It's a Quaker idea." "Are you a Quaker?" another woman asked. That had nothing to do with the trial, and she quickly smiled and followed, "Or can't I even ask that?" No one knew, but the head juror easily replied, "No, I'm not. It's something I learned from a Comparative Religions course. But it's sometimes polite." Everyone laughed at that, even if they didn't completely understand what she was talking about. It also seemed that, no, they didn't want to take a quick vote. "There's so much to talk about," one of the men began. "I mean, do you believe that Hells Angel guy?" Cowboy was immediately back on center stage, which he probably would have been pleased to know. But he didn't stay there long. Where in the first trial what he said had been unexpected, so his behavior had seemed contentious, this time the judge and lawyers were prepared. Also, Cowboy refused to let himself be rattled. In fact, to the jury, it was Lee who seemed insecure. "He seemed to be getting all the wrong answers to his questions," the oldest woman said. "Then he didn't know what to do." That was quickly seconded by the youngest man. So Cowboy went away, which was a great relief to the head juror. She wasn't afraid of any Hells Angel because half the men in her family had grown up riding huge, custom choppers. And, truthfully, she didn't care if Doug Hodges needed the testimony of Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Bashar al-Assad to assure her vote. She was positive he hadn't been driving. After Cowboy, the focus shifted to listing the evidence of who was driving. "The actual evidence, not opinion," the head juror reminded everyone. "What do we have?" As they began to sort, the oldest man started columns on the white board mounted on the wall. He headed them: "For Coghlan" and "For Hodges." The "For Hodges" column quickly filled and included everyone on the road and almost everyone in the bar. "That looks like a long list," the youngest woman pointed out. "But there's really only three people, definite - the ones who saw the car moving." "And Hodges," the middle-aged man said. "He was in the car, so that makes four." "But that's his own opinion," the old man objected. "He could be lying." "On the stand?" the oldest woman asked. "In a courtroom? After swearing in, and knowing the kind of man he is?" "Or seems to be," the old guy said. "And how come the cop never testified at his own trial?" the youngest man asked. "In his own defense? Didn't he have anything to say? He just sat there looking depressed." That almost made people laugh, but it was cut off by the youngest woman. "Well, wouldn't you be depressed? If you'd just wrecked your shiny Mercedes?" "If he did," the oldest man reminded them. "And that was three years ago," the middle-aged guy counted. "He should be over it." "Two years or three years?" someone questioned, and for a minute, they all counted. That was good because it gave the head juror a chance to catch up. The opinions were coming so quickly that she often didn't know who was talking - especially since two of the men sounded almost alike. "The last trial was a year ago," the oldest woman pointed out. "The accident was a year before that." "Wasn't there a year after the accident when the guys were recuperating?" the youngest man asked. "Then the first trial. Then a year?" "We're saying the same thing," the oldest woman replied. "That's three years ago, with two full years in between." "I thought there was another year in there, too," the youngest woman said. "While they were getting organized." That stopped everything - because no one was sure. "In any case, it doesn't matter," the head juror quickly decided. "The car's wrecked and everything's over but this trial." "So let's get it finished and move on," the oldest woman said. "I'm not getting any younger myself." That made everyone laugh, and they did move on. The "For Hodges" list was full, and the "For Coghlan" one had: His business partner. The bar owner (the partner's father or father-in-law)." And the bartender. And everyone admitted that none of these people had seen the accident. "But they're all primary witnesses," the old guy said. "Because they knew the officer best. And those experts' opinions carry a lot of weight, too" "What did the first one say again?" the youngest woman asked. "The first one for the police officer?" "We never got to see him," the youngest guy said. "No - we never got to see the other one," the middle-aged man corrected. "The one for Hodges." "We saw the first one for the officer," the head juror explained. "And then the TV guy," the old man said. "That's right," the youngest guy admitted. "It was the second one for Hodges we never saw. So what did the first one say?" Everyone had to think. "It was mostly about injuries," the oldest woman remembered. "And rehab. And nursing." "The first one for Coghlan said the same thing," added the youngest woman "That's what's confusing," the youngest man pointed out. "Each side had a medical witness, talking about injuries. Then the TV guy proved why the cop never could've been driving." "He tried to prove..." the old guy said. "The liquor store guy debunked that." "No - not really. It never seemed sure. Heck, it was getting late, and there was a crowd. And all that excitement. So who knows what he really saw?" "They never said it was dark," the youngest woman insisted. "It was after seven," the middle-aged man remembered. "In what? Early summer?" "Late spring... early June." "Mid-May. May 19th," the head juror remembered. "A friend of mine's birthday." "That's right - mid-May." "So it was getting dark..." "That's funny. I was about to say, 'So it was still light.'" And everyone laughed. From the head juror's view, they didn't seem to be moving forward, but she was glad they all seemed to be comfortable working together. And that was how they spent the afternoon: Going through their lists. Recalling every detail. Deciding if it was important. During time-outs, everyone also admitted they were glad the vote didn't have to be unanimous. "It only has to be close," they kept reminding themselves. "But it can't be a simple majority, 4-2," the oldest woman said. "That would make it a hung jury." "Yeah, yeah - we understand," replied the old man. "We're not gonna be a hung jury." "Speak for yourself," the young guy cracked. Which met with silence. Then everybody laughed. But it seemed plain to the head juror that they'd be able to make a decision - because at no point was enough of the jury even close to not believing Doug Hodges. Over and over, she tried to keep count in her head as to how many votes she had toward the necessary five. But she couldn't get that clear. She knew where two of the others were - the oldest woman and the middle-aged man - and was glad she didn't have to defend her choices. She could remain neutral and let these two - who agreed with her - say what she would have. And they easily pointed out the strengths in Hodges' case and the weaknesses in Coghlan's. One of the six voters - the old man - was never going to agree with them. That was obvious from the start. He wasn't stupid and didn't have a personal bias for or against cops. As required to serve, he'd never been related to an officer and didn't know any of them personally. And he readily admitted that not all policemen were angels all the time. But he absolutely believed in the law, and believed in people like officers, lawyers, and judges who helped uphold it. "I just can't see that cop ever doing anything that irresponsible," he repeatedly made clear. "But you admit he was drunk?" the oldest woman asked. "Oh, yeah - no question there. Even his lawyer said so." "And you can't deny he's a certain kind of guy," the middle-aged man pointed out. "And we sometimes do stupid things." Saying that, he grinned, shrugged, and everyone laughed again. He seemed to be in his early 40s and very conservative. But no one could see he had a chestful of adolescent tattoos. "He's right," the youngest woman added. "I mean, who in this room has never driven after having even one small drink?" No one could deny that, and the middle-aged man opened his hands as if to say, "See?" "But I still don't believe the officer was so drunk," the old guy insisted. "Not so drunk he wouldn't listen to all his friends." As they debated on, the head juror focused on the two people who hadn't made up their minds - the youngest woman and man. Maybe they were trying to be fair, she thought. Or maybe they were listening to all the opinions and evenly weighing them. Probably they'd never been on a jury before, as she had, several times, and didn't realize - especially in this case - that it wasn't a life or death decision. Either way, they'd been in the jury room since soon after lunch, and it was getting toward the end of the day. Evidently, the judge was getting antsy, too, because she sent in a clerk to ask if they needed more time. "Do you need another day?" he wanted to know. The head juror looked around, and everyone nodded, at least agreeing on that. So they all went back to the courtroom, were instructed not to talk with anyone about the case overnight, and were told to report again at nine the following morning. They promised. They went home, and most of the jurors kept their word. But some talked casually with their families or friends - just as they had during the two weeks of the trial. Though it's not like they were asking opinions, and one clearly said, "No, I don't want to know what you think. You asked me how my day went, and I was just telling you." Soon after nine, they were in the jury room again, reviewing what they knew. The head juror quickly realized it was 4-1, with all the women on her side. A good night's sleep seemed to have cleared the youngest woman's thoughts. "Why don't we just do that 'sense of a meeting thing,' to see," she suggested. "Maybe we'll surprise ourselves." They didn't. It was 4-1-1, with the youngest man abstaining. "Can I do that?" he asked politely. "You can for now," the oldest woman allowed. "But soon, you'll have to make up your mind." "Yeah - we're gonna put the screws to you," the old guy joked. So they all started asking the young man what he wasn't clear about. And one-by-one, they answered his questions and offered their thoughts - pro and con. When he still couldn't completely agree, they asked, "Well, on balance, how do you feel?" Or "If you had to make up your mind right now, which way would you go?" Or "What's the one thing you need to finally tip you?" The head juror was never really sure what that was. They pulled apart the witnesses. They dissected the experts. They examined the medical evidence and tried to work out the TV guy's theory. Then they took another "sense of he meeting," and suddenly the vote was 5-1. Even the old guy was comfortable with that, "Because I believe in democracy." Then he added, grinning, "I've always been a devil's advocate anyhow. My wife calls it 'being a pain in the you know what.'" It was just eleven o'clock as the head juror read the verdict, and the one thing she could remember - and that she told her family over and over that evening - was how big the smile on Doug Hodges' face was.
  15. Chapter 24

    24 When Doug finished that part of his testimony, the judge called for a break. Even she could tell he was wiped out, and she wanted to give him a few minutes before he went on. When Doug returned to the stand, Carleson asked him about his injuries, and Doug carefully repeated much of the information his two doctors had given. Only he made it more personal - explaining the pain he still had to manage every day and his new physical limits. Lee's cross-examination came next, and Doug was prepared for it. Lee started with, "How did you remember all that?" and "How did you recall that extensive detail?" - trying to focus the jury's attention on Doug's supposed memory loss. After Doug explained that he'd always been a detail man - that it was the basis for his technical work, and some habits just stayed - Lee carefully tested Doug's memory - slowly, specifically going into each facet of Doug's story and quizzing him on almost every step. "Are you sure Mr. Coghlan got into the car first?" "Are you certain he said that?" "Are you positive you're not paraphrasing there?" There were times Doug had to admit that he couldn't remember a particular moment that seemed important to Lee's case. But those moments seemed secondary to Carleson and didn't in any way weaken Doug's initial story. Carleson was also ready to object at any second, but Lee seemed especially careful and precise. Still, it was a very long day Overall, Carleson was impressed by Doug's confidence against the articulate Stu Lee. No matter what kind of damage the accident may have done to parts of Doug's body and memory, he certainly remembered what was most important. Coming on top of what Ahmed Patel, Randall Uzoma, and Cowboy had said, Carleson felt pretty good about the case. After all, he just had to prove to the insurance company that Brad Coghlan had been driving the car. But the trial wasn't over, and Carleson had enough experience to know it had quite a way to go. After Lee finally said, "No further questions, your honor," and the judge excused Doug - the last of Carleson's witnesses - it was Lee's turn to present. In the next two-and-a-half days, some of the same people turned up to answer similar questions to those they had before. Coghlan's business partner Greg Mackel, the Railroad Inn owner Nolan Starizny, and the bartender Robyn Nguyen all swore "Brad really wasn't all that drunk," inferring that he would have had enough sense not to fight against Doug Hodges driving him home. There were also new witnesses who presented variations on what other people had said or clarified medical issues that had already been established. Finally, Lee's two experts were called. Carleson knew Lee had saved them for last because they were his strongest ammunition. So Carleson needed to undermine them. But always acted fairly, to impress the jury. He didn't simply try to block Lee's experts from taking the stand. For one thing, since the judge hadn't exactly been supportive, Carleson had already pulled back on other possible objections, not wanting to seem weak when they were routinely denied. For another, trying to disqualify Lee's witnesses might seem petty - especially since the experts had been allowed to testify in the criminal trial. The one advantage Carleson had was that Damon Jenkins admitted he'd done a terrible job cross-examining the nationally known witness, Dr. Lowe, in the first trial. "Terrible how?" Carleson had asked, sorry he hadn't been there to watch. "I think I was awed by him," Jenkins explained. "Just a bit, because of all the media attention he got. I mean, people were asking for his autograph afterwards." "People will ask for anyone's autograph." "Yeah, but from a minor witness in a local trial?" "That is odd," Carleson allowed. "And maybe that's what threw me," Jenkins went on. "Lowe seemed so unrelated to our trial. He stood out so badly and seemed like hired muscle any reasonable jury would dismiss." "Maybe they did," Carleson said. "We'll never know. Hell, who ever knows what goes on in a jury room - what seems most important to people - no matter how hard we work to prepare and predict." "And control?" Jenkins asked, grinning Carleson shrugged, also grinning. "That, too," he replied. "Still, we've got to take each witness seriously. And Lowe's a definite threat." "Absolutely." To offset that, Carleson had purposely found an expert who'd directly counter Lowe's point of view - and who'd present his grounded statement first. That way, when the jury eventually heard Lowe's loftier theory, it would seem like a weaker, defensive reaction. Carleson also intended his expert to speak immediately after Ahmed Patel - building on that momentum. Patel's statements offered the strongest evidence Carleson had that Brad Coghlan had been driving. The next strongest was Randall Uzoma's glimpse of Doug Hodges in the passenger seat just before the crash. Even Cowboy's testimony that Coghlan was at the wheel had less weight because his sighting occurred several miles before the accident. That was no proof - no matter how illogical it might seem - that Coghlan had continued to drive. Maybe after he'd nearly creamed Cowboy, he'd been so shaken that Doug Hodges had finally persuaded him to pull over, and they'd switched drivers. Though, of course, why would Doug Hodges - against everything anyone knew or could discover about his personality and history - suddenly start to speed like an idiot? That probability seemed already dismissed. The problem was that Carleson's expert had been disqualified, so the jury heard Lee's expert's theory fresh. In that light, Lee's move came as offense, not the reverse. And though Carleson was able to question Dr. Lowe slightly before he started to testify - to challenge his qualifications for this trial - that was only routine. Stu Lee had barely seemed to follow along, indirectly telling the jury that he didn't take these questions seriously. Carleson had tried to show that Lowe's specialty was forensic medicine and pathology - examining dead people - which wasn't what this trial was about. "How many times have you actually testified about someone who was alive?" he'd specifically asked Lowe. "Not many, really," Lowe openly admitted. But he seemed to feel that this was incidental. Carleson hadn't responded. He'd simply looked at the judge, for a ruling. Expectedly, she'd allowed Lowe in. Just another strike for her, Carleson thought. But he'd quit counting. So he let Stu Lee set Dr. Lowe up and repeat all the questions he had in the first trial. Lowe testified a lot - he was a well-known medical examiner, based in New York - so he was comfortable on almost any stand. Overall, he testified about the locations of the injuries on both Doug's and Coghlan's bodies and compared those to the damage done on the interior of the car. His written report was extremely short and should have been rejected as a "net opinion" - an opinion without foundation. But the judge had let that stand, too. Further - astonishingly to Carleson - Lowe simply ignored all the testimony Ahmed Patel had given just a week earlier - and he ignored it completely, as though it didn't exist. Lowe hadn't had to address this information in the first trial because Ahmed Patel didn't speak. There was a chance that because Lowe had been through the earlier trial, he thought he was well prepared for this one. Or that Lee had neglected to alert him about the new Patel testimony - which was very unlike Lee. Or worse, that Lee did alert Lowe, and the doctor still felt he could present his same theory and override any other point of view. In any case, Carleson seemed to have found Lowe's weakness for this trial, and Lee obviously couldn't press Lowe on it, because even bringing it up might weaken Lee's larger case. Lowe also ignored anything Uzoma and Cowboy had seen. He seemed to mainly be telling a theoretical story - fiction really - that had little basis in fact. As part of his cross-examination, Carleson was able to point out - and discredit - a good deal of that. "Did you interview any of the witnesses?" Carleson politely began. "No," Lowe replied, as courteously. "Did you take any of the other witnesses' statements into account? The statements they'd made to the police, for example?" "No," Lowe repeated, then smiled, as if ordinary police interviews might vanish, faced with his science. "The criminal trial related to this case was a year ago," Carleson reminded him - also refreshing that chronology for the jury. "In that year, have you had time to review and revise your statements?" "I'm a busy man," Lowe acknowledged, again inoffensively smiling. But he seemed genuine, and the jury seemed to be with him. "So the answer is 'No,'" Carleson repeated, to clarify. "You didn't look at any of the other witness' statements, and you haven't rethought your own?" Lowe nodded, to agree. "Is this the shortest report you've ever written?" Carleson asked. He wasn't attacking, but also didn't seem unamused. "It's three paragraphs, each one sentence long." Lowe also smiled - seeming to invoke that "busy man" persona again. Then he modestly shrugged. Carleson glanced at the judge. She seemed to have no expression on her face, and Lee's seemed as blank. To connect all this, Carleson next looked at the jury - without smirking or doing anything that might reveal his pleasure. This time, they seemed to note Lowe's lack of preparation. Carleson had one more question - perhaps his most telling. He simply asked Lowe if the fact that Ahmed Patel had seen Brad Coghlan's feet under the pedals of his car immediately after the accident would change the doctor's opinion that Doug Hodges had been driving. Carleson knew this might be new information to Lowe, so he not only stated it, he rifled through the file of submitted court evidence and handed Lowe the one-paragraph summary of what Ahmed Patel had said. Lowe took a half-minute to review Patel's statement, then seemed to think deeply about both it and Carleson's question. He really seemed to honestly consider them, along with their many ramifications. Finally, he stared intelligently into Carleson's eyes and allowed, "I suppose it would." Bingo. Bingo big time, Carleson thought. That definitely put Brad Coghlan in the driver's seat - and in the words of Lee's own expert witness. "No further questions, your honor," Carleson said quietly. As undramatically, he turned toward his desk. And that was it. There didn't seem to be any more that could be learned. So there was no point in humiliating the witness. Doug Hodges was smiling when Carleson sat down, but Carleson quickly warned him not to seem too happy. "No dancing in the end zone yet," he whispered. "Six people still need to make up their minds." Besides, Carleson knew better than to start celebrating with this judge. He'd been pressed throughout the trial and wasn't expecting anything to suddenly change. Lowe's testimony ended the court day, but, oddly, didn't end Carleson's conversation with him. After Carleson and Doug had walked to the parking lot, and Doug once again helped Carleson load his briefcases into his trunk, Doug had moved off. Carleson was about to get into his car when he noticed Dr. Lowe approaching him, hand extended. That seemed strange. Besides the cross-examination less than a half-hour before, they'd never met. So Lowe's gesture seemed more than a bit unusual. "Mr. Carleson," he began. "I just wanted to come over and shake your hand." "That's very kind of you," was all Carleson could reply - smiling cautiously. "I've been testifying for over twenty years," Lowe went on. "In small trials like this, and others..." He let their importance trail off. "And I want to tell you... to let you know... that you have an excellent courtroom presence." Carleson continued to smile, amiably standing there, though not exactly sure what Lowe expected him to say next. Carleson was a professional, long practiced and established. He was supposed to have an "excellent courtroom presence." Still, if the esteemed Dr. Anthony Lowe - he of the "national reputation" - who'd just tried to completely dismantle Carleson's case - offered him a compliment and it seemed as real as the man seemed, what else could Carleson say but "Thanks." Which he did, smiling one more time, warmly, and diplomatically adding, "I've always admired your work, too." "Admired your work?" Carleson almost yowled to himself. It sounded like an art appraisal. The truth was he knew almost nothing about Lowe's trial work. He'd heard of the man, knew he was well-respected, so reflexively respected him. But their long careers had never overlapped. Still, they talked pleasantly for several minutes more, before Lowe headed off to his car. It was suitably shiny and expensive and looked like it had been freshly detailed. Carleson fingered the few day's parking lot dust that had accumulated on his own car, then opened his door, slipped into the driver's seat, and started the engine. Then he laughed. He realized that no matter how this trial ended, he felt gratified by the doctor's compliment. Though he was more pleased - far more - that he'd almost completely discredited the doctor's opinion by simply pointing out that the accident never could have happened the way Lowe said. That was much more important than presence.

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