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  1. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 27

    Ah, but see, you're still in the United States, and I'm stupidly, narrow-mindedly assuming you're from here. We're allowed to think of people in our own country as strange. But we're not allowed to think of people from other countries as strange just because they're from other countries, and I think that's what this still somewhat young college-aged student was indicating. Maybe one of those you ran into within our borders.
  2. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 27

    A high skull student. Travel teaches you how to communicate with strange people. Students will be giggled. Getting in-death knowledge. Teachers only purpose is to give students hard times. As the proverb quotes, "Without Respect, Can not get." School is there to annoy you. In the early times, having a car had not been invented. Cursory words. Teachers cannot punish students as they did in the past by throwing things like rulers, erasers, and suitcases. Children in past generations were slightly less decaffeinated. Our children are being taught in a laxative way. When you travel to the place by the river, you must play by the river. Without help, I may carzy that day. Confusion, which rules China for thousands years. Confuseicuss. People are suffering from increasingly fierce competition in order to survive and defeat the components. Playing sports teaches people to relieve themselves. Doing yogurt enhances flexibility. Team spit. Sports plays an important role in the lives of all kinds of animals except insects. Survival of the fatties.
  3. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 3

    Probably connected to the pears.
  4. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 1

    Yeah, well, gotta watch them ripe pears. Be careful out there.
  5. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 26

    Nah, there are more than that: I keep editing. There are probably near 60, and I post the chapters 10 at a time, to be released at timed intervals, so people don't overdose. I just need to post a new batch. And glad you like them. They often crack me up the second time through, after I look at them the first time and think, "No one's ever going to find these funny."
  6. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 26

    Chatolic They can anecdote their lives with nuances. We can generally concede that Hitler was a pretty bad man. The Whites invented the airplane. Louise the Fourteenth. Newton says that he can do so unimaginative works because he stands on other scientists. Adolf Hitler had a goal to create a country that was made up of only the Asian race. Striped to the waste. The Kingdoom. Imagination is the basement for all creative inventions. Van gosh. Evoloutionaries. Push ahead to reach the present future. Can’t cry over spit milk. My brother pay the big payment. The long harsh journey of high school. An adage form Tomas Jefferson: “Always prepare a lot before you get started.” One day, he suddenly dead. Salvador Dali, the protagonist of surrealism. The importance of international low. Finfished. Redfresh our mind. Remember an ancient saying, “All work and no play makes Joong Ang Ilbo a dull boy.”
  7. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 25

    A sluppy resume. Everyone in the world is intelligent unless the eyes to identify your talent will be present. My pears at shchool. FDR suffered a life-long limp. As a custodian you are insured that nine times out of ten, your friends are your friends, not because of the money you have, but because they are no better than you. Some of the best geniuses started out as child porogies. Good protenciles. My ungraduate education I would tag it as bootless and boredom. Ancient scientist, Mr. Adison, discovered the electric in the old centuries. Teachers must meet students where they are in the given moment along the long arc of educational understanding. Global warming will lead to an increase in seal level. A great man named Dumbledore one said. A working progress. The lowest in test scores averagly. History would be doomed to repeat itself I would say, but without anyone to teach that history to our students, there is no way it can repeat itself. Socialism is the human tendency to mingle with his surroundings. Meaningable Rewardfull Truthness and fraudness A large number of people suffer from feminine.
  8. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 24

    First, native speakers don't seem to have any more understanding of the English language than people newer to it. So I wouldn't worry. Second, the "crazy thing" always seems to hold the reins. Duck.
  9. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 24

    We need to protect our environment from the crazy thing. Manily. One study good science does not make. Auther has some fucile approach plus has used his own precipitation to fulfill his claim. Someone who has worked for many years or someone who is an inchoate. This paragram has a lot of mistake. The food they most like to eat is photo and coin. Vague and ampeguase words. Famousity. An optimal cesspool of nasty critters. This information is capital and primordial. To strengthen his argumentary. The VP of HR for ECK. The analization of data. Less triffic in valyage than in famuse city. The manager assumps. Philosophists. For the longest time, people believed that the world was fat. The unique personhood of each individual. We've learned of kings, queens, and the life in the day of a pleasant. More's code. Slumming up. An unending stream that may never end.
  10. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 23

    At least one of those things I can figure out. Of course, there are whole sections of Hamlet that I can't make a lot of sense of anyway.
  11. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 23

    A rogue or thief or harsh unscrupulous person. If they want to paint, great! If they want to rule a country, even better! They should be treated before death surfaces. This leads to a syndrome called chronic feet. Harmonal imbalances. Those females that are old enough to give birth are the basic reason for the reproduction problem. The toxic buildup of old females. Ancient Native Americans once lived in a woolly mammoth. Studying is legalized in the United States. It is wise to act with highest foresight. More and more children in primary school wear glasses. If they played outside, the fresh air would clear their minds. Treat your work as a hobbit. Accepting criticism from otters. Some friends want the friendship monkey. If friend is bad, you go to the bad rood. Furthermorrow. Sitting improperly causes backage. Playing in a garden gives us a chance to release our eyes. Near-seated. Dunken diving. Erectric devicies. A famous man asked, “To Be Or Not To Be?” The answer is a Yes.
  12. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 22

    Yep: politics. Duck. And, yep: English. Double duck. Thanks for still reading.
  13. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 22

    Universities are fondly thought of as places where great minds gather to ask big questions and to probe the still dark places of human intellectual development. Green twins, who successfully fly the first aeroplane. Their mind haven't been ossified. A surgery who just graduate from medical school and only opera on corps. Their knowledge is lack of widen. There fore grandfathers As a result, there were two armies fighting against each other instead of coming together to fight against a common goal. Desperance and disappointance. This could triggle the effect. The species on the earth is drastically decreasing, which will make them pretty disappointed. Their speed would not be sluggished. Dodos were disappeared by our haunting. They may grow death after the bad weather, even with the big umbrella. If a public official lets a monkey influence his decisions, disaster may occur. We should blear this in mind. As a famous old Chinese saying goes, “Once it goes to the highest extreme, it must go to its opposite.” Imagine life without a leader. It will be messy. Secrets and urgly strories must berried. Einstein discovered light to brighten up the whole world. Exams are a nighmire. Juntaposing.
  14. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 21

    I warned everyone at the beginning not to read too many of these too quickly. Now see what's gone and happened?
  15. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 21

    There is no evidence that the survey's respondents are representative of all the people who answered the survey. The town may actually have a large population of children's books. Newborn mothers. Most insects thrive in warm, humorous conditions. Scatboarding. Skateboarding is a type of sport in which people wear skates and move around a board. Do not dink and dive. Another premise is that teenagers are the only accidents that are happening. The question screams in high octave. Society never wanted women to get educated and sit behind the whale. Maybe their bathrooms burst with attractive odors. We are living in the big bang of the information world. A fitness saloon. Overtime, orgasms will adapt to suit their surroundings. Floating in a argumentative sea of doubt. They should not be relying so heavenly on these assumptions. People complaining is somewhat bazard. This situation is doggmated by hunters. Slepp deprivation. Pedestool. The big band theory. Education is a lite in a dark room that guid everyone to konwledge.

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