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  1. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 9

    Unless it is a trap........
  2. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words

    world cup
  3. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters

    Sexy teens in C(alvin) K(lein)s BREIFs
  4. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters

    Tom has Roger's organ activated PEDAL
  5. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words

    game face
  6. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 1

    Thanks DK. I tried to do something slightly different so am pleased to know it worked for you. Anyone who takes on a rescue dog as opposed to buying a pedigree gets a gold star from me!
  7. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters

    Happy as Pete posing nude MODEL
  8. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 25

    Their luck has to turn at some point.........surely?
  9. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 23

    As I said earlier, the male side of the Lundgren family do not seem over bright so anything is possible.
  10. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 27

    Apologies to anyone wondering and reading this, but the next chapter is running late and probably won't appear until the coming Friday. Until then you'll have to just wonder.......
  11. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 27

    They sure can't!
  12. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 24

    Adam doesn't think it is that bad, nor does he want to tell anyone at home about the attack - silly though that may be.

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