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  1. “A hypocrite is the kind of person who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation."

    Adlai E. Stevenson

  2. “The measure of true intelligence is learning when to show it.”
    Albert Einstein

  3. The difference between a good friend and a good dog is simple. You can count on the dog to be loyal without conditions.

  4. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
    Albert Einstein

  5. Randy Wade

    Chapter 6

    have to read on
  6. Opinions are neither right or wrong, they based on one's beliefs, knowledge and life experiences.

  7. Randy Wade

    Chapter 6

    Story is already done so not going back to change what happens will happen. It's now just being edited.
  8. Randy Wade

    Chapter 6

    Oak is a mystery yet to be unfolded but he will surprise in some places. But he still don't take crap!
  9. “We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.”
    ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

  10. Randy Wade

    Chapter 6

    got to admit i love her too. shes fun to write about
  11. For most people to admit they are wrong will dangerously bruise their ego.

    George Clooney

    1. Dmrman


      Maybe thats why I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck...????🤣😂😁

  12. Randy Wade

    Chapter 6

    Galen looked around him as he stepped out of the little church. The church was made of granite and looked like something out of old England. It had a tall steeple in one corner and a porch that attached to another building. The church itself was surrounded by grave stones except for in front of the church itself. He pulled out the map and looked at it. He found the southwest gate, this was Hampton By the Sea. He sighed and decided to just go find an inn or something to stay for the night. Tomorrow he would look for a good horse and get the proper supplies he would need to make the 1,400 miles plus journey. His first thought was he should get a pack horse but if he needed a quick getaway it would slow him down. Galen I wandered through the town. Like the church it looked as if it was transported here from England of centuries past. The streets and side walk were cobble stone,. The buildings were granite with wood over hangs, many in the Tudor style. The only thing setting it apart from that era was electric lampposts and fixtures. I couldn’t help wondering if they had television, maybe computers and internet. I could check my Facebook, wait different time realm, no Facebook. I stopped on the sidewalk staring around at the town, trying to get my bearings. “Excuse me, young man, are you lost?” A man’s deep voice asked, making me jump a little at the unexpected interruption of my thoughts. “Sorry son didn’t mean to startle you.” he said when I turned around. He was about 40 and wore an old-style army pilot’s uniform. “No problem sir.” I debated on saluting him and decided against it. “Good, now maybe I can aid you in some way?” “Thank you, I would appreciate that sir. I guess I need to find a place to stay.” “That is easy enough, Bell and Hammer Inn down by the docks is the cheapest but if you’re looking for more amenities the Stratford Arms is the way to go. Just three blocks down can’t miss it.” “Well I won’t be staying long, for a day or two, so I guess the Bell and Hammer Inn it is. Thank you again sir.” I said smiling. “Glad to be of help son. If you need any help or have questions, just ask for me, Lt. Charles C. Taylor, at your service. I smiled and nodded to him. “Galen, sir.” It wasn’t hard to figure out where the docks were and I strolled down the sidewalk towards them thinking. Lt. Charles Taylor, why was that name familiar? I passed the Stratford Arms Hotel, I was tempted to get a room there but decided to be less conspicuous. It wasn’t hard to find the Bell and Hammer Inn. In theme of the town and other shops it had a wooden sign hanging out side. It had a bell being hit by a hammer painted on it, surrounded by its name. I passed through the old scared wooden door with a stained-glass window in it. As the door opened a little bell rang, as if anyone would have heard it over the ruckus going on inside. It was packed with various men, women and other beings. The tables were the typical long wood planks you’d expect with matching benches. In some corners there were smaller round ones. On one side was a huge hearth and on the opposite side was a well-worn bar. Coming from somewhere I could hear the playing of a piano. Surprisingly though the place was clean. I looked around for someone who may be able to rent me a room. I figured the barkeep was the best person to ask and made my way through the crowd. I made to the bar and tried to get the barkeep’s attention. She was a small woman, about 20 years old, but with the doubled lifespan of Pangeans she would be nearer to forty and longer for some humanoids. She nodded to let me know she saw me as she served the others waiting. I looked around the room again as I waited. There were a variety of being’s from Ambrogian Vampires, to human to Elvin and few other beings, including more than a few dwarves and a number of trolls. Dwarves, though proportionate, were short and stocky and known for drinking and being good natured, though they did like a good fight. Trolls were taller by a few inches but still short compared to humans, their legs were short, and their torsos were longer and roundish, their arms were long, and the hands hung down to their knees. Their heads and faces were distorted in every way, and they were known for their love of gambling. “Now what can I get ya honey?” said a sweet voice from behind the bar. I turned and smiled and was surprised to see she had a slight point to her ears, but she wasn’t Elvin. She had definite human features. It dawned on me she was Half-Elvin. “Well honey I don’t have all night here.” She said after I didn’t say anything. I must look like an ass. “Oh, sorry ma’am. I was hoping I could get a room for the night, maybe two.” “Sit tight honey, I have a few of these asses to handle, and then I’ll be with you.” She poured ale into an earthen mug and pushed it to me “On the house honey.” She said as she ran off to the other end of the bar. I took a swallow of the ale. It was stronger than anything I’d had before. I decided to just sip it while I waited for her to finish with the other customers. I saw she had gotten one of the barmaids to tend the bar, so she could handle my room request. She held up a hand and waved for me to follow. I downed the rest of the ale and stepped back, bumping into someone behind me. I turned to apologize for my clumsiness but was greeted with a huge hand on my throat. He was huge with greyish skin, massive torso, short legs in comparison but long by human standards. His large arms hung down almost to the floor. The head was surprisingly small, with pudgy pig like nose, small beady eyes and thick lipped mouth. What hair he had was long oily strings. He was clothed in what I would say were big burlap bags. Oh, Okeanos, I bumped into an Ogre. “You bump me pretty man.” He said in garbled words. He lifted me up by the throat with his massive hand to eye level, about 3 feet off the floor. “Thorga! Put him down right now!” I heard the inn keeper yell. I could see the small woman plowing through the crowd. Mostly they just parted like the Red Sea. If they didn’t move she hit or kicked them. “I said put him down.” She said. “I want him. He pretty. I make him mine for love.” He said. I felt my eyes widen. The idea of this thing making me his lover was terrifying. Even if I was into both sexes, there would be no way. “Thorga, you have to put him down now. He is turning blue.” She repeated. Thorga set me down on the floor. I gasped for air. He patted me on the head. “You be Thorga man now?” he said. I didn’t know what to say. I mean who would have thought of a gay ogre. I looked at my savior and she just grinned, and then laughed at my shocked and scared look. “Thorga, he wouldn’t last but a minute with you sweet heart.” Thorga looked at me and frowned. “You true with words. Thorga break him fast.” “Come on sweet thing before she changes her mind.” She said, and I followed. She? That was a female? Who knew? We cleared the crowd and she led me to a flight of steps and climbed them. I looked over the balcony that hung out over the bar below as she opened a door. I followed her and shut the door behind me. She went down the long narrow hall lined with doors. We came to the last door, unlocked it, and motioned me inside. The room was more spacious than I thought it would be. I looked around. The walls had Victorian designs with a modern twist. The thick plush carpeting was wall to wall. The furniture was modern Victorian with a large bed. I turned and looked at her with my mouth wide open. “What’s the matter darlin’? The room not to your liking?” “it’s not that. It’s just, it maybe more than I can afford.” “Nonsense, it’s free of charge.” “Um, why?” I was thinking that she had ideas about things. I mean I love women and all. It’s not that she’s half Elvin, either. Just she is old enough to be my great, great, great, grandmother. “Sweetheart this is his lordships room.” “Okay but why free.” “Sit down honey.” She said and motioned to a pair of overstuffed chairs. I nodded and sat down, and she sat across from me. “Now, you smell of Natural Earth. I know his lordship is there dealing with some nasty business. I also know you’re one of the hunters from there. That being said, you must be on an errand for him. Am I not right?” I sat there and gazed at her in shock. I knew I couldn’t hide the fact I was Natural Earth as she called it. I nodded. “Good we are being honest. I can tell you got some good training. You didn’t get a room at the Stratford. That would have attracted attention.” I nodded. “I take it you’re going to be needing a horse and some supplies.” “Yes ma’am.” “Name is Ellora, use it.” “Mine Is Galen.” “How much he give you?” “He gave me a note take to banker Grady.” “Oh, by Aerdrie Faenya, Banker of all people. That little bastard is as tight fisted as they come. I’ll go with you to see the little gold hoarder.” “Thank you, Ellora. I appreciate it.” “You eat yet?” she said as she walked to the door. “Not in a while.” I had to admit I was hungry. “Good. You put your things away and don’t be carrying that message with you. Hide it somewhere good, and then come down to the common area. I want you to be very careful with your business too. Don’t tell no one.” I nodded as she opened the door and was gone. I set my things down and looked around for a good place to hide the message. The fire place was my first thought but was a common place. After looking around I went to the drapes. I made a neat slice into the hem at the bottom on the outside part. I slid the message into it. I stepped back and looked at the area. No sign of its existence. I stripped down to my boxers and smelled my arm pits. Nope, no stink, deodorant working. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and was surprised to see a shower, tub, sink and toilet, cool running water. Washing my face and styling my hair controlled the messy look. I dressed in clothing that might not stand out as much. I checked my hiding spot quickly and headed, out careful to do the triple locks, and headed down the hall to the common area. The common area or bar was louder and more crowded, if that was possible. I saw Thorga and went the long way to the bar to avoid her. I know she meant no harm but from the stories I have been told about ogres they had a liking for humanoid flesh. Better safe than sorry. Ellora saw me and said something to the barmaid. The barmaid looked at me and smiled. Ok now she was pretty. Maybe I can get a little company tonight. She walked over to me, still smiling. On closer inspection I could see she wasn’t what I expected. Her skin though normal looking in most respects was pealing in spots. Underneath I could see a blueish tinge to it. I searched my memory on Pangean species. River maid. “Ellora has a table for you by the hearth. Follow me Galen,” she said. “It is Galen right?” She said when I didn’t move right away. Once I was seated. She asked if roasted pork would be okay. I nodded. “Ok I’ll bring you something to eat. I’ll make you a big plate. You’re still a growing boy.” As I waited for her to return I thought about what I knew about river maids. They were very similar to merpeople. They just couldn’t stand salt water. They were solitary beings, rarely came on land, and were known to drown anyone who invaded their area. They could only be out of water for a day. She returned with a mug of some kind of liquid. When I sniffed it, she laughed. “It’s raspberry wine.” She left giggling at me. I looked around the room. There were a few beings glancing over at me. Some would turn and speak to their drinking partners. I figured they were wondering why I was getting special treatment. It didn’t take long before a metal plate heaped with meat potatoes and vegetables was put before me. I put the three-pronged fork into the meat I and tasted it. It was beyond good, it was heavenly delicious. It didn’t take me long before the plate was empty. I pushed the plate away and leaned back, closed my eyes and let out a belch. “Must have been good.” Said a soft, masculine voice. I opened my eyes and sat up straight. “Yes, it was.” I said politely. I carefully looked him over. “May I join you?” He asked politely, bowing his head. Old world manners, human looking, being night time he wasn’t likely Ambrogian, but he wasn’t human either. Some sort of vampire. Not to be rude, I nodded and offered him a chair. He sat in what could be considered by some as an effeminate way but to an old-world vampire, it was normal. “I am Aberto Moserat.” he said, offering his hand palm downward. I looked at Aberto’s hand nodded and smiled. My father always told me not to take a vampire’s hand when faced down. “Galen. Pleasure, I am sure.” “Now Galen, what is your business it our little hamlet.” His words were seductive and alluring but I felt no desire from the emotions he was putting out towards me. “I do believe that is none of your business Berto. I suggest you go elsewhere to find someone to seduce.” said Ellora, standing over him with her hands on her hips. I almost laughed out loud when he bowed and had the look of a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He stood, bowed to me and disappeared. “That one is nothing but trouble. Sweet talk ya, while his hand is in your pants.” She said as she cleared the table and filled my mug. “Be careful Galen, remember what I told you.” I smiled as she left to tend other tables. Yes, Okeanos is all over him, she thought to herself. I looked around and saw Thorga watching and what I take as a smile appeared on her face. It looked more like she was going to attack. I almost ran when I saw her walk towards my table. People who didn’t move, she moved them. When she reached my table, she sat on the floor. Her head was still above mine. “Thorga stay with pretty man. She not let bad things happen.” She said as she patted my head. To my surprise her touch was gentle, and her manner didn’t seem like anything I have been told about ogres. She was genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. Well I guess that was a plus. No one in their right mind would not feel threatened by an ogre. “Thank you Thorga.” I said and smiled at her. That kindness seemed to make her happy. “You not scared of Thorga?” “I’ll admit I was a first. I’ve been told stories about ogres eating humanoids.” “Thorga not eat human, like peoples. Thorga eat pig and cow. Maybe bad vampire but they make Thorga hurt here.” She said patting her stomach. “So, ogres don’t really eat human people?” “Ogre eat them, Thorga don’t. Thorga different.” “I see that. I am glad you’re different Thorga. You seem to be very nice.” “Thorga happy you like her. Even if she ugly.” “Thorga, you’re the prettiest ogre I have ever met.” Since she is the only one I ever met, it wasn’t a lie. I almost laughed when she looked at me like I had three heads, then turned away and sighed. “Thorga only ogre you ever meet. Thorga not dull in head.” I felt bad. I didn’t mean to insult her. “You’re right Thorga, but I am sure you’re the prettiest because you’re good in your heart.” She turned and looked at me, looked to see if I was lying to her. I guess she was satisfied I meant what I said, and patted my head again. “You nice Pretty Man.” “Thank you Thorga. My name is Galen.” She nodded. We sat and watched the beings in the common area. Thorga leaned back and breathed in deep. I glanced over at her and saw her staring at me. She leaned forward and smelled me. She sat back, and her nostrils flared a bit. “Thorga smell Oak on you. You Oak friend. Oak Thorga friend.” “I work for Oak he is my lord and prince.” “Then Thorga watch over Galen.” Around 3 am Ellora started clearing the place out. Swatting at who or what ever dallied. Within 15 minutes the place was cleared. She waved at the huge men and barked orders and they about cleaning. “Thorga got up and helped lift the heavy tables. Ellora motioned for me to go on up and she would be there shortly. I wasn’t in my room 5 minutes before she was knocking. I unlocked the door and she came in. she sat a bottle of Vodka on the table between the two chairs and poured some in a pair of glasses. “Thorga took a liking to you. That is a good thing too. With her looking over you no one would dare bother you.” “I don’t understand why she is here though. Besides not eating everyone.” “Now that is a good story. Many years ago, his lordship was in Yomi trying to settle the Great Dispute. You learned about the Great Dispute?” “A huge war that ended with defined boundaries of territories of Pangea, making Okeanos Prince of Pangea. With a council of all intelligent beings represented.” “Good, they teach it in Natural Earth.” “Yes ma’am.” I said smiling. “They all agreed except Yomi. They still warred against the other being of Pangea. So, his lordship went to Yomi to discuss a treaty to end the war with them. On his way up the old road there was an ogre avalanche. That’s an avalanche caused by ogres dear.” She said when I got baffled look on my face. After a few were hurt fighting his lordship, they ran off. He started to walk up the road but heard grumbled howling. He found an ogre buried with a huge rock on top. Being a merciful being he rolled the rock off. That ogre was Thorga.” I smiled. After seeing what he did in that house, he was different from what I could imagine. Yet I had heard tales of some of the kind things he’s done. So, I guess it wasn’t a surprise. “Thorga followed him from a distance, thinking he did not know she was there. Prince Okeanos knew of course, and hid behind a wall and when she came up to the wall he caught her. Thorga tried to pull away but she was no match for our lordship. He did the mind thing and he shared with her.” I nodded. I have seen him do this. “She couldn’t believe at first what she saw, but then she understood. Through that mind power she learned human words and swore to him she wouldn’t eat another human being again, only animals. “He and the queens of Yomi made the treaty. On the way home, he found her alone and heart broken. The other ogres turned her away. He brought her with him and she has been here ever since. Though I know she is lonely.” “Wow that is a sad yet beautiful story.” I said. Feeling a little choked up. “Yes. It is both.” She stood up. “Be ready at 8. I will not wake you up.” She said before exiting the room, leaving the bottle of Vodka behind. I couldn’t help wondering how she got these Natural world items, though I had my suspicions. I stripped down to my boxers and crawled into the warmth of the bed. It didn’t take long before I was asleep.
  13. “Forget Murphy's Law. Nixe's Law: if you were waiting to make a left turn, there was always one oncoming fuxxtard who sailed through on the red.”
    Mary Hughes

  14. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    1. Randy Wade

      Randy Wade

      Well he was a genius who are to argue with him

  15. All I ask for everyday is one kind word, Sadly I rarely get what I ask for.

    Ernest Hemingway


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