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  1. Myr

    Dawn of Tears

    Your entire comment as @mmike1969 said is precisely why the story ended the way it did. dkstories is no longer with us and Gay Authors holds the rights to all his stories, per arrangements we made. As the story note says, we are reposting it as is. And there is a very clear note to people that have not read the story that the last chapter was unsatisfactory. You chose to read it anyway. With this story, in particular, we are reposting it for those that enjoy dkstories work.
  2. Sci-fi has been speculating on this for years
  3. I have been lurking around GA for many months enjoying the reading and have a question, Please refer me to the correct site for an answer. I would like to offer my services no, no, no, not that. My services as an editor. Please instruct me in the correct procedure and be patient -- at my age, (85) I am just beginning to get a toe in the water on this computer stuff.


    1. Myr


      Join the Writer's Circle club on the site:

      Then post in the editors forum.


  4. Myr

    Times Changed

    Yup. This is a repost. Just like it says in the story note... I figured posting it as it was is better than waiting more time to re-edit it again, no?
  5. It always seems like I have 1000 irons in the fire.  My To Do list gets two new items for every one item I can kick off of it.  This applies to everything.  Work, Site, My Reading pile, My movie pile, my gaming pile, and my project list.  I also seem to be off kilter on what I'm working on... If I feel like reading, I'm too tired... If I feel like gaming, I've got some deadline I have to reach on something else... if I want to work on projects around the house, then it is like a sauna outside and impossible to work.


    Things will calm down eventually...

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    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I know what you mean. So much to do, so little time in which to do it. :hug:

      Especially with my books. For every two or three I tick off my "bucket list", I add several more.

    3. Valkyrie


      Hopefully things will even out soon. It's important to take time for yourself every once in a while.  :hug: 

    4. Ron


      "Things will calm down eventually..." We keep telling ourselves that, Myr and sometimes it works, though usually something has to go. It might be nice to be a Superman occasionally.

  6. Thank you so much! I'm glad the story had such a positive impact for you. I'm still, very slowly, working on this. Life, career, and running this site take up so much time. I'll get there eventually though. Oh, and welcome to Gay Authors!
  7. Ah. I see the issue. I shorthanded the explanation. It should have said " if you don't want a notification when a story/chapter is updated, uncheck the "Notify me when story/chapter I follow is updated" Updated means "Edits". There are toggles for Story edits and Chapter edits. as shown in the highlight above. There is no connection between "Update" and "New Chapter" in notifications. The purpose of the story update is to let you know a status change, from in progress to Complete, for example. Chapter edits are usually just clean-ups.
  8. I have already answered that. "updated" means editing. There is a separate toggle for new chapter notifications:
  9. This is the notification so and so Edited chapter X. Ditto for the Story update notification.
  10. Notifications are now working in full. Before, it seemed to be randomly notifying groups of 25 people instead of everyone. With the last update on the 30th, everyone is getting notified. If you don't want a notification when a story/chapter is updated, uncheck the "Notify me when story/chapter I follow is updated" The below screenshot are my own settings. I have that off myself. If you don't care about comments on stories you follow, turn that off. If you are an author, I'd recommend leaving on the two settings for "story I authored" Just go to your Notification settings here: https://www.gayauthors.org/notifications/options/
  11. The work around for the moment for people with more than one page of stories is to use the Author Filter from the story page. For example, Comicality: https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/?filter_authors=21 The programmer has been alerted and we hope for a patch soon.
  12. Myr

    Stories 2.3.2 Is now Live

    We have just posted a new version of Stories. In theory, this finally corrects the notification bugs. If you Follow a Story, you should now get your notifications every time. If you Follow an Author (on the author page) you should be alerted when they post a new story. A "Part of Series" toggle has been added to filters: The quick search links now properly activate existing filters and you should be able to change them or remove them with the minus sign. Example, Series stories by dkstories: https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/?filter_authors=212&filter_series=1 There is now a reminder on "Add New Chapter" box that reminds you about the posting rules: Moderation Queue Important Note: The moderation queue is now based on Story/Chapter reputation only! We are working on a method of displaying an author's current story/chapter reputation if they're under the limit. So if you suddenly find yourself in the Story Moderation Queue, where you were not before, this is why. Reply to Review should be working properly now. The filterbox on the Series page is now working properly. The Quick Search on Series page is now correct as well. Searching by Series word count is also working: https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/series/?sortby=totalwords&filter_sort=totalwords
  13. Myr

    Respond to this review

    Yes, it should work now. Not sure the notification is working for it though.
  14. Nope. That's when the system started and when we loaded all those stories into the system. Prior to that, the stories were just normal webpages.
  15. Myr

    Happy Birthday, Renee Stevens!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

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