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  1. It is an unfortunate truth that authors decide to remove their published works from Gay Authors for one reason or another over the years. Gay Authors prefers to be a Story Archive of choice, where once a story is posted, it stays there as long as the site is around. Some authors choose otherwise. This is a list of stories with their details that used to exist on Gay Authors: Gary by EBWilson - Growing up in rural Australia in the 1960s was tough. It was even tougher if your father had died suddenly leaving you at the mercy of a spiteful and uncaring mother but new boy at school changed all that. Ben or Iain? by EBWilson- Lane is from California and doesn't like London - not one bit, but then he encounters a very drunk, naked boy in his local park and things begin to look up Kakadu by EBWilson- Robert Ballard is a pasty-face Englishman who has lost his partner in a bike accident. After an intervention by a friend he's going to go on a tour of the Kakadu National Park in Northern Australia. His friends think he's just running away from tragedy but the real reason for his sudden 'Foreign Legion' moment is a lot more complex than that. Team Building by EBWilson- What happens when a pathologically single guy meets the man of his dreams? Hey all. Thanks to Irritable and Timothy there is now a forum for this story. The link is given at the end of each chapter. Please feel free to comment, start threads or generally have a rant. Tom & Matt by EBWilson- Tom is an Australian lawyer living in London returning to Australia for his mother's funeral. On the plane he meets Matt, a Texan lad on a world trip before going to college. Their encounter brings back all the memories Tom has tried to suppress for the last thirty years. This list will be updated from time to time.
  2. Myr


    Thanks, @Comicality for another great article! Conflict, in all of its forms, is a lot of what drives a story. Man Vs Nature, as in fighting for survival, is one of those conflicts that are popular, but not human vs human.
  3. Myr

    Scene Transitions

    Thanks, @Comicality! Another helpful article to provoke us into thinking about how we handle story mechanics
  4. Myr

    Server back up

    We had some issues with a software update and server reboot. We're back up at the moment, but we're working on identifying the issue and making sure it is corrected.
  5. Myr

    Story wrong number in series

    When you come across this issue, just hit the X button on the story to remove it from the series and then re-add it. (also check to make sure I added the right one...) Did you create a World, since this is a case that would fit? You have short stories and a series in the same world...
  6. Can you repeat that? It sounded like you said you found another bug... I'll use this to squash the... bug.
  7. Myr

    Poem formatting problems

    Use the indent button the editor, not spaces. Excess spaces are stripped out. Help Help Help
  8. Oh my. This has to be the best looking game on the system. The Forza games have worked very well for me as a game I can drop into to unwind. I can do a race or 3 and then go off back to whatever task is eating my attention. I'm very happy with Forza Horizon 4 on my Xbox One X. This is a play anywhere game, so it's on the PC as well, though you'll need some serious gear on the PC to make this rock.
  9. Myr

    A Quick Drink

    The man holding the knife to his throat was rather ripe in his personal stench. Not that Zavien was all that surprised. The blade was not overly sharp, which he viewed as a good thing. Zavien had been lectured extensively about not going out into the streets with the commoners. Kidnapping, murder, rape, and burglary were the most stressed reasons. Apparently, they were right. He had no sooner finished his ale and started the walk home when some common thug grabbed him and used him as a shield against the town guards. The guards, indeed not recognizing the teen boy hostage, were far more intent on getting the thug than protecting the innocent bystander. ‘Bully for me’ the boy thought to himself. “Let the boy go, Firrel,” the Sergeant ordered. “I’ll kill him,” Firrel growled in return. “Then we’ll add his murder to the long list of other charges, and instead of locking you in prison, we’ll hang you.” The man growled and started to slide the knife across Zavien’s throat at the same moment that Zavien reached out with his will and pulled some magical energy into him. He willed the knife to be insubstantial to him. And so it became. It passed through his skin as if it wasn’t there, leaving no mark at all. Zavien spun in the moment of confusion and slammed his fist into Firrel’s chin. The man crumpled to the ground. Zavien stared at his hand in surprise and realized it had morphed into something far denser than flesh. He had no more time to ponder this as the Sergeant pulled him roughly away. “Unhand me, Sergeant,” Zavien growled. Startled, the man did just that. “Hold on there young man. You’ll need to go back to Headquarters with me.” “I really don’t have time Sergeant. I’ve probably already been missed.” “You don’t have a choice, boy,” the Sergeant replied sharply. “I’m afraid, that’s where you are wrong,” Zavien replied, pulling out a medallion that had been resting against his chest. The man’s eyes nearly doubled in size in shock as he leaned forward and felt the tingle from the medallion, indicating its validity. “Your Highness,” the surprised man bowed his head. “Never mind all that Sergeant. I need to get back to the Palace as quickly and quietly as possible.” “Yes, sire. You are free to go, of course,” the man replied, though he obviously didn’t want Zavien to leave just yet. “I’m sorry for the trouble Sergeant,” Zavien told the man as he scrambled out the door. Zavien rushed along to the Palace and the secret entrance. He checked thoroughly around him to make sure that no one was around before ducking into the secret passage. He smirked to himself as he rushed through the dark corridor. He was able to return to his room without further incident. He was surprised to find his bed occupied, however. Arin, a close friend of his, was sleeping soundly in the center of his bed. Zavien shrugged silently to himself before stripping off his clothes. He climbed into the bed and snuggled close to his friend. He pulled the covers over them both to close out the night’s chill. He then pulled Arin as close to himself as possible. He discovered quickly that Arin was also naked. Zavien fell asleep a few moments later, warm and content.
  10. Myr

    Working From Your Point Backwards

    Thanks, Comsie! I'll keep this in mind as I'm working on my anthology entries.
  11. Myr

    Sequels, Prequels and Spin-offs

    Great things to think about Comsie. Thanks!!
  12. Myr

    The Forest

    Toby's species requires 'consent' and they aren't that ethical in getting it. Not scrambling out of bed when he first woke, was enough of a consent for Toby's species. These two will likely be seen again. This is set in my King's Rangers World. https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/world/kings-rangers/
  13. Myr

    Fantasy Flash Collection

    This is a collection of scenes, shorts, and story ideas set in the fantasy space
  14. Myr

    The Forest

    Justin was creeping through the woods when he came across a small body lay curled into itself tucked under a little hill. He would have missed it entirely but for his empathy. The emotion that registered with him was emptiness. He approached the small bundle cautiously. He increased his scan and found that there was no ill intent coming from the body. It was something young and still alive. He gently searched for thoughts and only found that it was a boy. Teen by the feel, but petite for his age. A quick scan of his surface thoughts revealed the boy’s name, Toby. “Toby, can you hear me?” he asked very gently. Very large blue eyes opened and looked at him. They held no reaction. They looked deeply haunted. “Do you have a place to go?” Justin asked, despite knowing otherwise. After a long time, he shook his head side to side very slightly. “I am going to a place that is safe and warm. Would you like to come with me?” Justin asked. After another very long time, he nodded slowly. “I’m going to cast a healing spell on you and it will probably feel a little odd. It will help you be able to walk. I have a stew cooking that will get some food in you.” “Heal…” the boy said in a tortured whisper. “I’m going to have to touch you. Is that okay?” It took less time for him to nod this time. Justin carefully pulled open the rags that served as the boy’s shirt and nearly growled at cuts and bruises on the boy’s torso. It was also clear that he didn’t get enough food. He initiated a powerful healing spell just before his hands came in contact with Toby’s skin. The boy gasped as the power rushed through him. Justin was careful to keep the magic centered on just the boy’s core. He wanted to examine thoroughly what the boy went through so that he could see to his full recovery. The boy slumped unconscious as Justin had expected. He cast a lightening charm and picked the boy up. It only took him two hours to get back to his cave. From the outside, you would never know that the cave was even there. It was a very carefully planned trick of the light. Once past that there was a small entry cave that hid the real entrance. That entrance was secured with a magical amulet that he wore. He placed the boy on a soft pallet not far from the fire. He hesitated for a few moments before he sighed and carefully stripped the boy of the rags he was wearing. He covered the boy with a blanket while he went and gathered the necessary materials. It took a quick blast of magic to heat the water in the bucket. He very thoroughly cleaned and examined the young man before him. By the small trail of hair from his belly button and obvious development elsewhere, his assumption that this was a boy was off. Clearly the young man was seventeen or eighteen like himself, just exceptionally short. He cast another powerful healing spell when he was done to ensure he got everything. He was quite exhausted by this point, so he set up another pallet nearby and gracefully crashed. He woke up hours later with hair tickling his nose. He slowly opened his eyes and found that he was spooned very tightly with Toby. His bare chest was tightly pressed against Toby’s naked back. His arms were wrapped tightly around the other boy, and Toby’s hands were holding his in place. The blanket had shifted down which made him shiver slightly. He broke free one arm long enough to pull it back over them. He made a conscious decision to just enjoy the sleeping companion, and after getting the blanket over them both, he pulled himself tighter to the other boy. Toby wiggled a little and pressed himself into him as much as he could. The next morning Justin slowly shook away the last of his sleep. He realized that he was still holding the other boy tightly to him. He started to extract one arm when Toby twitched. “You chose,” the boy said in an accusing tone. “Yes, I did. But you chose as well. I have to wonder if you knew what you were getting into.” “You’re mine.” “Yes. But you’re mine as well.” “What?” “I know your kind, Toby. I healed you when I found you because it was the right thing to do. I knew there was a chance that you would do what you’ve done. It was a risk I was willing to take. However, I don’t think you took into account that I’m not an ordinary human. You would have natural control over them. There is no control over me.”
  15. Myr

    ISO Help

    You had too many lines and for some reason, the system could not read the image size from the gallery, so was failing the image. I've corrected it for you, so you have your image with a link to your stories.

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