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  1. Tech Tuesday - Fancy Links

    I created an announcement a few weeks ago asking people for topics they wanted to be covered here in more detail. You can find it here: One of those requests was how to we make the fancy links, like I use in my post signature to link to my story. It's really, really simple. Just copy the link in the url address bar and then paste the link to a story on the site into an editor, and it'll auto format for you. For example, I could paste a link to my Sci-Fi Anthology story, A Bad Day to Be WET: And it automatically formats. The neat thing is, that this applies to topics, like the first example, stories, like the second and other things like the Gallery and Blog's linked below: If you are planning on updating your signature to link to a story, just remember you can only link one story that way. Further rules can be found here: Some offsite links also auto-populate. YouTube and Google Maps, for example: Hope this helps! Leave a comment below.
  2. X-Men First Class

    I loved the eyecandy on screen. Special effects and good looking actors. It was a good movie. Plenty of action and it tied logically into the existing X-men movies. This is definitely in my collection and staying there.
  3. Stalking Darkness is the conclusion of most of the threads set up in Luck in the Shadows. It picks up where the last book left off. Traitor's Moon moves in time a bit and covers the consequences of the first two books. If you liked the first book, you'll definitely want to complete these two books. Both of these books are good and have a nice emotional connection to them. (And the slow burn on the romance final pays off). There are further books in this series, but I found my interest in them dropping a bit and I have not read the last two released books yet. I'll post them on this blog when I go get to them.
  4. Oh, on signature links... if you paste a link into the editor that goes on site, it auto formats. (Just like when you paste a link to YouTube and it formats automatically. This is just me pasting a link to my story:
  5. So, I have a list of things I'm thinking about talking about and a lot of weeks, I've added a topic based on what I'm seeing on the site. What I'd like to do with this topic is solicit some suggestions. What technical aspects of the site would you like to know more about? What kinds of things are you struggling to do on the site that a how-to video would help you with? What can we do to help you use the site easier? I'd like to make sure that I hit things that are bugging you, just in case I don't catch them through observation.
  6. Ooo! I know this one. I open up Wunderlist and add a task "Make a graphic for X story". I then add some details of what I want. I then click "Assign" and select @Cia Then, a day or two later it arrives in my inbox and I upload it to the site. On a more serious note, I tend to use Paint.net for quick edits. It's a free, pretty powerful program. https://www.getpaint.net/index.html I'll discuss the recommended sizes for items based in large part on Cia' experimenting for what works.
  7. Introducing Sex Into Your Story

    Well, yes. The entire market for gay stories matured and we purposely targeted stories with plot. Meh. This is a function of how much total content is posted and whether the story is just full of sex. As a new starting out author on the site, Cia does clip wings to remind folks that we aren't a PWP story site. (PWP is either Porn Without Plot or Plot? What Plot? depending on who you ask)
  8. Introducing Sex Into Your Story

    You could always write fantasy stories. then you can really make magical sex scenes. Pardon me, I may have crossed over to the dark side of the pun.
  9. Sprout by Dale Peck

    I was going back through my list of books that I had bought over the years and this one sprang to mind. I think it is the cover that got me to read it. Teenager with greenhair just begs the question why. This is definitely a layered story. It has great character development and is interesting. I definitely found it worth the read.
  10. We need your help! We'd like to update the older stories in the system. If you haven't seen the blog, the information is here: Use this topic for updating stories with missing/inaccurate information where the author is missing or author is unable to edit the story. For this please use this format: Story link Description (if changed) Tags - Changes only. Remove X, Add X Status - What is should be. Series (if required)
  11. Anthology Flashback: Spring 2009

    I'm glad that people are appreciating this. We're going to continue to work more to highlight stuff on the site.
  12. Before we get started with this week's flashback, I wanted to remind all of our authors that there are two anthology topics and a novella coming up. You can find more details and weigh in on your progress here in the Writing Club: If you aren't a member, join up! There is a lot going on in there for authors. Now, on with the show! Would you be so kind as to take a few moments to review the stories you read here? You never know when you might inspire an author or even a new author with a review
  13. A few of things... 1) guidelines have changed over the years. 2) Staff will determine guideline issues. 3) Please provide the requested information. If tags are missing, please provide the suggest tags. We do not need a list of stories missing tags, as we can use the system to give us that list. so you don't need to take the time to do that.
  14. @Carlos Hazday you can post a link here as well, but indicate problem areas. The more information provided, the faster we'll be able to fix it.
  15. Updating Stories

    Yes. We'll update those where we are aware. We were looking to put some logic in the software to have the system do it automatically, but that has been another victim of the programming delays. Anyway... I'll post a topic in Announcements for collecting updates soon.
  16. So, I installed a Nest at my mother's last May. Let me tell you, this thing has been really good at lowering costs. It has also solved so many of my tech problems with mom. Now she just texts me and I can adjust her thermostat from my phone when I'm anywhere. Since I have to do all of her technical support, this makes my life so much easier. The funny thing is I have it tied into Alexa as well. That means I can sit in my living room and adjust the temperature in her house just by telling Alexa to do it. Oh, if you go this route, power companies often have an energy saving rebate for getting a learning thermostat. I know mom got back $75 in a rebate for that. I definitely like the Nest product.
  17. When we upgraded to the new software, we picked up a very powerful tool called the Activity Stream. The cool thing here is that it has not only built-in options, but you can create your own as well. We'll start with the most important two, right up front. First. All Activity. You can find it by going to the Activity option on the Main Menu and Selection the top option on the Sub-Menu, All Activity. This immediately shows you all the latest new content on the site. You can view this in 2 different ways. Expanded and Condensed. The system remembers your preference. Expanded: Condensed: (You can see that for the forums, the Forum name is in the colored bubble, just like in Fluid View, which we highlighted here last week. And you get a rare glimpse into the Site Moderator forum... We're discussing a blog Renee is posting tomorrow (Wed) on improving the quality of the tags, descriptions etc on Stories) There are icons next to the content to tell you what the content is: A forum comment, two story comments and a blog comment. Story related items are little books. Forum items are little chat bubbles. That covers All Activities, so the next important item is Activity Streams. These are customizable. The default Activity Stream is "Latest Stories" You can set this to anything you like. You can find all the default stream under your name: (That little triangle is the Moderator Report function, for those that are curious) If you have changed your default stream, that'll be different. There is a LOT going on in the Activity Stream. First, like the All Activity we covered first, you can view story updates as Condensed or Expanded. It works the same way. The icons for content are the same, this time, since we are looking at only stories, they are all the story icon. The big change here is there is now the large white "filter box". The filter box is how you set options. It has the following items: Show me - This sets what get's shown. You can choose between Content (like a chapter) or Content and Comments/Reviews. You can also filter items using tags. If you type a tag in that box, it'll show you only things with that tag. Content Types. This is how you pick what get's shown. The Story Updates Activity Stream shown above, it shows you Stories and Story Chapters. That means it shows new stories that are posted and new chapters are posted. There is a blog post all it's own on just how you can play with that. Read Status - Default is everything. you can set up a stream to show you only story updates you haven't read. Important! "Read" is forum software for "Clicked on". It is like your notification pop up window. "read" is really loosely defined. Ownership - Default is everything. I could have it show only things I've posted. Or I can specify an author. Example: Following - Default is everything. You can choose to show updates for only stories you follow, for example. Time period - Default is Any, which also displays as Last 365 Days. You can filter items during the last year. It does seem pretty quirky on how successful that works. Sorting - Newest First is the default. You can reverse that. If you make changes to an existing stream, it asks if you want to save. If you say yes, it'll keep your stream settings and you can go back to it whenever you like. There are also a ton of existing Activity Streams availible already. You can use them or you can modify them. Example, you can change the Latest Blog updates to Latest Blog Updates of just this blog. I hope this helps everyone understand the power of the system just a bit more. Let me know if you want to know more.
  18. This launches tomorrow. I pre-ordered. *crosses fingers*
  19. I'll always be looking for topics.
  20. That's up tomorrow. That's on the Agenda for the 20th, currently. There are some aspects of Stories that were not meant to be as they are. Only the glacially slow pace of our programmer has left us in this position. We have been working on making some changes to address the Favorite Story and (not working) Favorite Author issues. I'll do a Tech Blog on it when we've got it working.
  21. Space Exploration

    I guess sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  22. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    So I finally got around to watching this. I shouldn't have waited so long. Oh... mmmm. Tom Holland. What an adorable Spider-Man he makes. What a great selling feature too, showing him in boxers. More than once. lol. Eye candy aside, both male and special effects, I also enjoyed the movie in general. It's really good to see Micheal Keaton back to acting again. He did a good job with a complex character. I'd definitely say this is worth having in your library. The 4k version is also worth it if you've got the hardware to rock it.
  23. Getting Yourself Out There

    Good advice... but I'd apply to everyone. And thanks @Comicality for another great article We as a site do a lot of this ourselves. That's why I'm constantly posting stuff to Facebook, Twitter, Google+... it's why we do the blogs, the newsletter...
  24. FFXIV anyone?

    I don't think I've really played a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy 2 or 3? It's been a long time. I'm not sure why I don't play, except that they aren't really that visible (if at all) on the Xbox platform, where I spend the vast majority of my gaming time.
  25. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    What brought me to GA? Well, I remember that first day. It was September 22, 2002. And I came to GA to make sure that the files I uploaded actually worked and they did. The site went live. Boring and plain as all hell for months, but live. What kept me here? I personally recruited all of our early authors and I personally handcrafted sites for most of them. That means I was heavily interactive with authors at the start and as GA grew, I kept working to accommodate authors and readers. The community developed and every time where I have reached a low and wanted to let go of GA, someone reminded me of our great authors, our great stories, and our great community. It's the combination of all that keeps me here and keeps Gay Authors here. That and I make a stubborn mule look compliant. Great questions and I'm looking forward to seeing the responses!

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