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  1. Westarcher

    Chapter 9

    Thanks for the comments, the saboteur will act again, be assured of that. They'll be acting on a more personal scale too.
  2. Westarcher

    Chapter 9

    Thanks for the comment, can't give away reasons just yet but they have their reasons. I wonder who the saboteur is?
  3. Westarcher

    Chapter 9

    Unfortunately, Alex likes Tobi as a little brother. He's a little too young for Alex at the moment. There is more sabotage to come and a greater incident in a few chapters.
  4. Westarcher

    Chapter 8

    Not a good idea, but they will have to go outside soon!
  5. Westarcher

    Chapter 8

    You'll find out about the back door soon! The AI is a very important tool.
  6. Westarcher

    Chapter 8

    Thanks for commenting. There's a lot going on at the moment.
  7. Westarcher

    Chapter 8

    If you haven't already checked it out, I've got a link on my profile to a blog where there are floor plans of the Bunker. Unfortunately, Tobi will always be in love with Alex I think, even if he can only be friends. Maybe when they both come of age, Alex will be more interested.
  8. Westarcher

    Chapter 7

    Like the others think Alex wants to get out secretly, so it's not surprising he goes through the exit doors. The back door is going to become a major issue in later chapters.
  9. Westarcher

    Chapter 7

    Thanks for the comments, the backdoor is a major issue that will come up in the later chapters
  10. Westarcher

    Chapter 7

    There's going to be a lot of tense moments between Tobi and Alex, but Alex may end up with neither. Still glad to see you are enjoying the story.
  11. Westarcher

    Chapter 6

    As I continue to write, I'm liking Tom character more. He comes out of his shell a little more and maybe out of Larry's shadow.
  12. Westarcher

    Chapter 5

    There will be some adults to come, but will Alex be able to retain control when they eventually find some adults?
  13. Westarcher

    Chapter 4

    Ah, there will be zombies also, I expect to see much more in the second half of the story.
  14. Westarcher

    Chapter 3

    Larry is going to learn his place, unfortunately, they will need teamwork for the place to work.
  15. Westarcher

    Chapter 3

    Thanks for the wonderful comments, I've really enjoyed reading them and glad to see some people are appreciating the story.

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