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  1. Chapter 16

    Next chapter!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens now!
  2. WSD Chapter 13

    I’m still hoping that Grant and Kyle will be interested in each other. And Lloyd is so much fun. Hes a little ball of hormones which I remember very well being the same at his age. Maybe he and Quinn will help each other out when needed. Love the series!!
  3. Chapter 13

    Cid reds to get his head out of his ass, and fast! He’s about to lose the best thing he’s ever had in his life. I know what it’s like to be hurt, hell what it’s like to have the life sucked right out of you. But you have to be willing to move on. Well crap...I just preached to myself lol
  4. Chapter 11

    Oy...these two are killing me! Billy is so innocent, and his love is so pure. It’s exactly what Cid needs in order to thaw his frozen heart. But, at least acid has been honest about not being the one for him from the beginning. I’ll give him credit for that. But.....Cid had better get some help or his life is going to be like one long, sad, dark, lonely night.
  5. Chapter 10

    I want to smack both of them and yank them by the ear and tell them to sit down and talk to each other!
  6. WSD Chapter 11

    Quinn and Lloyd seem to be spending a lot of time together. With Lloyd’s mischievous side, I wonder what all they did during their two hours away from the group lol. Lloyd is going to be a fun addition to the story!!
  7. OBC Chapter 6

    Ok, now I remember who he is! Thank you!
  8. WSD Chapter 8

    I think Grant and Kyle would make a great couple!
  9. OBC Chapter 6

    Willing we get to learn more???? And is Kes actually straight? I’ve tried going back and reading, but I can’t remember who Daniel is. How does he fit in the story?
  10. WSD Chapter 5

    Well it didn’t take him long to get noticed around there lol
  11. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Loved this chapter!! It’s fun watching Ritchie grow up. He and Paddy have been some of my favorites all along. Interesting to see what they will get into in the coming chapters!
  12. Liars' Club

    Poor Joey. I get the feeling he already knows Brett is his brother. I think he’s smarter than all of them
  13. Thanks for the follow:hug:

    1. Okiegrad


      Very welcome!!

  14. Don't Give Up On Me

    Love love love love love this family!!!
  15. For My Friend

    Beautiful!! Our past never seems to stay in the past. Loved it!

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