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  1. Okiegrad

    A Misunderstanding

    So happy to see another story from you! Very well written and quite interesting, as always! And such a true tale.....boys shouldn’t cry..... boys should be happy to be objectified.....boys should be happy to have the chance for sex. Boys should never have feelings, nor should they ever be a victim. Sad, but so true to life.
  2. Okiegrad


    It’s always such a joy to see a new posting from my favorite author! And in typical fashion, you’ve presented a great story that leaves the reader pondering their preconceived ideas of normalcy and decency. You’ve certainly opened Pandora’s box with so many societal taboos being central to the story.....murder, incest, age of consent. That’s one of the things I admire most about you. You’re never timid when tackling sensitive subjects. Your pragmatic and detached approach is refreshing! Rarely does one find himself rooting for such a skallywag, but I do find myself hoping that Pete gets away and lives a life of happiness with Maurice. Sins be damned.....I wish them well! Thank you for another intriguing story! I do hope this isn’t the last we see of Pete and Maurice. 😉
  3. Okiegrad

    The Comfort in the Queen

    I wondered when Billy would show up lol
  4. Okiegrad

    I Arrived a Week Early

    I’m so happy to have another fantastic story to read! One never knows where your mind and imagination will take us, and this was quite an interesting tale. I love the fresh ideas you come up with. Your mind grows more beautiful to me with every new story. I hope there a few more interesting tales waiting to be published!
  5. Okiegrad

    Family Reunion

    Dustin’s dad needs to meet the business end of a steel bat. Dustin was quite the ball player, so I’m sure he has a good swing!
  6. Okiegrad

    FAR Chapter 18

    Is Lewis ever going to reveal his feelings for Preston!?!? They’ve wasted so much time. I love that they are friends, but I truly think they both want more.
  7. Okiegrad

    The Young and the Hopeless

    Sooooooo glad you’re back, and letting us follow Dustin once again!!
  8. Okiegrad

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    PLEASE hurry with the next chapter! Seriously, I can’t wait!
  9. Okiegrad

    IOI Chapter 17

    So Lewis is bisexual....I’ve been wondering if he was. It’s njce to see someone showing some interest in him! I hope Lewis is also interested.
  10. Okiegrad

    IOI Chapter 15

    Great story so far! What surprises me is that as a young, healthy man there has been no interest from Lewis in finding a mate. I know being in the service would make it difficult, but I would assume Lewis is terribly lonely. All work and no play.....as they say.
  11. Okiegrad


  12. Okiegrad

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Well Kieran, you just earned a gold star in my book. Integrity is rare, and you sir have it in spades. kennedy....you dumbass! You better do some thinking and do it quickly! Or you’re about to let the best thing in your life walk away.
  13. Okiegrad

    Kennedy Gay

    Hmmmm....Kennedy better not have his head up his arse and have a wall built around himself now. Kieran has changed everything for that man, so he better realize it and reward it. Not monetary rewards.....he needs to reward Kieran by opening his heart to him. Otherwise, it would be cruel to have given a part of himself only to snatch it back. And I don’t see Kennedy as cruel, so I’m counting on him to listen to his heart. Otherwise....it’s going to be a butt-kicking for Kennedy!!
  14. Okiegrad


    I do hope Kennedy doesn’t scare himself away from Kieran. Our past, and our own minds, can often team up against us. If he allows His past with Patrick to rob him of a future with Kieran, I’m going to whip his butt! They are too good together to not fight for it.
  15. Okiegrad

    Date Night

    Does Kennedy live in London? If not.....could he?? Would hate to see a job separate them.

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