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  1. Okiegrad


    I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I loved this story, and I’m so pleased that Frankie now has his life partner. Beautiful ending to an incredible story. I am looking forward to the next story!!!
  2. Okiegrad


    Whoa whoa whoa!!!!! Please for the love of God get the next chapter up ASAP. I can’t stand the suspense!!
  3. Okiegrad

    Chapter 6 - Blinded on Vacation

    Charlie has been interested in him since the first time he saw him. There’s something about him I just like. Maybe it’s like a puppy....he may piddle of the floor and you have to spank him, but you never him any less. That’s how Charlie seems. He may be arrogant and a player, but underneath, he’s a little lost puppy just looking for love. I think he and Colin are the perfect match on every level.
  4. Okiegrad

    Chapter 6 - Blinded on Vacation

    Ugh I can’t stand the suspense! I like Jesse, and I feel bad hoping he like dies in Brazil or something. But Charlie is the one for Colin!
  5. Okiegrad

    Clarence, Violet & Inesh

    Wow, a very intense chapter! Frankie certainly has a lot of crazy characters that surround him. I would think the bordem and familiarity of home would be a strong relief to him! Excellent chapter!
  6. Okiegrad


    That’s the type of massage I would definitely enjoy! Excellent chapter!
  7. Okiegrad


    Loved it!! And loved that Owen got to top CJ! It seems to always be the other way round. Nice to see the flip!
  8. Okiegrad

    Eviction. February 2010. Adam.

    Poor guy.....he’s just been totally screwed.
  9. Okiegrad

    The Lawyer. February 2010. Paul.

    Now the truth is coming out......
  10. Okiegrad

    Confessions, Plot and Counterplot

    Good riddance to that pack of thieves! I’m constantly amazed at the depths of depravity that one can sink to. Even sexy Massimo.....what a disappointment. But, prudence now has her freedom to enjoy! Excellent chapter!
  11. Okiegrad

    Dec Chapter 8

    Thank goodness Sam is there with him. What a mess!!
  12. Okiegrad

    Wrestling - with Bodies and Ideas.

    I’m getting a bit concerned for Frankie. He seems to be in a pit of vipers, yet doesn’t seem to understand the danger. And surely Prudence isn’t as naive as she appears. She must sense that the family aren’t who/what they pretend to be, and are using her. Yet, I have a strange compassion for Massimo. Like he’s not really part of them, and would bolt in an instant if presented the opportunity.
  13. Okiegrad

    Winter Festival. December 2009. Ali.

    Paul is definitely a mystery. Late on the rent, not where he’s supposed to be....I’m guessing he lost his job and is embarrassed to tell anyone.
  14. Okiegrad

    A Flood and a Proposition

    Excellent chapter! So much action packed into this chapter. I wondered if Mossimo was inclined towards men, so now we have that answered. That poor neighbor....I tend to believe drowning would have been preferable to going home to that pathetic excuse of a wife. I hope he drains their funds and leaves her with nothing. I’m surprised Frankie didn’t find him attractive honestly. Although not a great intellectual, he seems to be a fit, decent man with the love of working with his hands. Seems like someone Frankie would have been attracted to.

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