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  1. Yes, they go...elsewhere. Every gay man is known as Friends of Dorothy. The Wicked Witch of the West in her attempts to get the Ruby Slippers. "I'll get you...and you're little dog, too!"
  2. Patience my pet. In the words of one of my favorite witches, "All in good time. These things need to work out delicately." I you don't know who said that, hand in your gay card! I have a ton of stuff for this story. I may have to write a third story!
  3. We went on to try to find someone from OUR group. With the increase in personnel, we had to look! We wandered through the house looking for Chuck, Shelly, Mom or anybody. “We’re still looking for vampires here, right?” Wayne asked as we walked in our search. Colin nodded. “Of course, but we need to increase our ability to hold vampires.” We spotted Nigel. I smiled at Nigel. “Where is everyone?” Nigel looked puzzled. “By everyone, you mean those you’re seen aren’t anyone?” I grinned. “Nigel!” I smiled at his almost cross words. He was human after all. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was a little snide!” Nigel sighed. “Forgive me, Sir. Things are a bit hectic. We have a wedding this weekend.” Wayne looked cautious. “This coming weekend?” Nigel nodded. “In the Banquet Hall.” He bowed slightly to me. “Forgive me, I’m dealing with some new people, but…” he saw something and his eyes grew at what he saw beyond us. “No! Don’t put that there. This is the entrance hall!” He went to deal with whoever put whatever in the wrong spot. Nigel stopped. “Try the Banquet Hall.” We wandered toward what we guessed was the Banquet Hall. There were so many rooms…this one room was near the kitchen, but not as big as the Ballroom. I thought it was a gallery because of all the paintings. As we neared this room we heard more conversations and the sound of people moving things. Coming in this room, people were arranging large round tables about the vast floor. There were others draping large white satiny like material along the walls draping the material decoratively and large stands that would hold candles. Edwin was talking with Edward Addams as they looked at a clipboard. Colin, Wayne and I approached them both. “The wedding isn’t until this weekend, is it?” Colin asked startling Edwin. “Oh,” Edwin smiled. “You’re back!” He looked at Wayne and me. “Yes, the wedding is Saturday. We have a rehearsal dinner Friday night.” “There will be overnight guests then.” Wayne said. Edwin nodded. “Well, there will be a few Friday night. The bride and groom, their parents and three bride’s maids and three groomsmen. Not a lot. There will be about two hundred guests Saturday, but they won’t be staying.” “Wayne’s daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren were coming this weekend.” I said. Edwin nodded with a smile. “Let them come. The wedding party will be in the east wing. You are housed in the west wing. There will be enough rooms.” Colin looked doubtful. “You’re sure?” Edwin nodded again. “No problem.” He looked at all the activity. “I hadn’t anticipated all this.” He leaned closer a little. “This is the first event I’ve handled. Usually Edward and Nigel handle most of the arrangements. Now that I can move around in the day time, I can!” Edward looked a little inpatient. “He’s a slow learner.” He grumbled. “Normally, I wait a few more days to begin this…” he waved at the people assembling the tables. Edwin looked at Edward and smiled. “I hate waiting until the last minute.” He gave a shrug. “I want it done right. All the nonperishable items are being prepared and will be ready ahead of time.” I grinned watching the activity. “How many bedrooms do you have here?” Edwin smiled. “Ten in the west wing, ten in the east wing and eight in the main house.” My eyes widened. “So many!?” Edwin nodded. “Well, the east and west wings were added early in twentieth century for just this purpose. Basil wanted to make it a hotel.” “Wow.” I said. I looked at Colin. “What about renting the other rooms more often now?” I looked at Edwin. “Make it a resort?” Edwin nodded. “Basil thought the same way. The problem was getting the house staffed.” He waved at the workers. “We were in the country, workers were few. The surrounding towns had people in them, but young people move on and leave for bigger cities…” he shrugged. “Now, I don’t think we have that problem.” He chuckled. Colin nodded with a smile. “No, I see it’s not a problem now.” I nodded as well. “But you don’t have a pool.” Edwin frowned. “Basil didn’t want to put too much into additions. We had the main house renovated, added the power and telephone lines. Heating ducts and the additions…there was a limited amount of money he could use…” Colin smiled. “Not now?” “Tennis courts need to be added. There are cows, what about horses? You Brits love horses and horseback riding.” I grinned. “More stables?” Edwin’s eyes grew. “We’re talking millions of pounds sterling!!” Colin nodded. “Which I consider that an investment.” He grinned. “We’ll make money in the long run. You need to not think like a human about the short term. We’ll see the pay off.” Edwin nodded, still unsure. “You’re the investors, so…” Colin walked up and touched Edwin on the arm. “This is still Thornwood. It’s your house. You’re in control. What improvements and expansion that needs to be done. We’ll do.” He said carefully, “…with your okay.” Edwin smiled and nodded. “I just…having access to this money!?” Colin nodded with a smile. “Well, you have that. I don’t consider it frivolous spending. It’s an investment, like I said. Thornwood can be not only the place for weddings and company parties. It can be the place for vacations.” Edwin shrugged, but grinned. “Okay.” He looked at Wayne. “I take it, since you stayed overnight, the visit with your daughter went well.” Wayne grinned. “She was resistant at first, but yes…it went very well.” “Which is part of the reason we sought you out.” Colin said. “They’re coming here. Sean…Wayne’s son-in-law…is an Architect. We can pay him to help create a place…” he waved at the house, “…separate from the main house, to house vampires in treatment. A separate place to house new vampires not ready for the sun and a medical portion.” Edwin thought a few seconds. “Okay, we need that.” He nodded. “Sure.” He bowed slightly. “I’m just not used to operating with this sort of…money.” Colin chuckled. “I’ll gladly show you the investments and other options that will help what you have grow. I promise.” “What about the vampires here now?” I asked. “The vampire that newly received the serum will be finished by Wednesday. We won’t have another until Sunday night…after the wedding party has gone.” Colin smiled. “It sounds like you have it under control.” He thumbed toward the bar outside. “I guess George is in the lab?” Edwin chuckled. “Where else?” Colin grinned. “Where else, indeed. There isn’t a petri dish he didn’t like.” We went to the barn and to the lab. There was both George and Burke there. George was kissing Burke, or Burke was kissing George…they were kissing, okay? George wasn’t as comfortable showing affection with others around and broke it off seeing us. He already had red hair, but his face got redder. I chuckled. “Aw, George, don’t be embarrassed by showing affection for someone you love.” I grinned. “We know you do more.” That comment made Burke grin. “I’m not.” Burke said kissing George again quickly and stepped away from George. We brought the subject of making his Disflavor in disc form to George. It was as Colin said. There were simple things that George never considered. “I suppose I could make a disc for that.” He said deep in thought. “The chemicals aren’t as complicated at the serum. It must be in the blood stream to work. Not ingested.” He thought more. “I think I can.” As before, his mind was working as he started to smile. “Yes. I can.” Then he looked a little more triumphant. “I know I can.” Colin grinned. “I never doubted you could.” “We’ll need a list of features we will need for a lab and medical needs for future vampires going on the serum.” I said. “Wayne’s son-in-law is an Architect. He’ll be the one coming up with the design and making sure the structural needs are done.” George smiled. “It’s finally coming together. We’ve already got teams made of local vampires patrolling and now the medical needs will be met.” Colin nodded. “That’s why we came.” He patted Burke’s arm and then pushed Burke back toward George, making him bump against George. “Keep up the good work.” I nodded. “It’s good to take his eyes off the monitors and away from the microscope every now and then.” I winked at Burke as we turned to leave. “Carry on.” Burke grinned again as George’s red color increased. “I do my best.” Wayne chuckled. “You two are so cute!” He shook his head and followed us out of the lab. I knew it was coming and Wayne looked back at the lab as we approached the manor house. “Not that I care, but…” Colin took my hand as we walked. He knew this question was coming, as well. “But?” Wayne’s eyebrows came together. “It seems there are a lot of…homosexuals with vampires.” He thought. “I never had a problem with it, Rosalind had a brother that was homosexual. Does being a vampire make us…more?” Colin chuckled. “No. Alex isn’t or Willie. I say it makes us less…inhibited. Our numbers are few…” he waved at the many vampires that were working, “…though not as few as we thought. Sex is basic to being humans…” he grinned more, “…or vampires. Companionship is part of who we are. We find someone willing to be that companion and go with it.” He smiled. “That’s George.” Wayne nodded as he considered what Colin had said. “I suppose.” He grinned. “Well, unless you think about it. I have never done it before, but…if you really wanted it, I would, but I don’t plan to bottom for either of you.” He said lightly. I grinned at Wayne hearing he wasn’t really serious. “I’m sorry, Wayne. You’re a nice-looking man. I’d never push you out of bed, but you don’t have what I want.” Colin nodded and chuckled. “Nor what I can give him.” Wayne looked surprised. “What!?” He looked now a little irritated. “I’ve got a dick and ass! What else do you need?” I chuckled. “A dick and ass is not enough.” I said touching Colin’s shirt covered chest. “He’s got the most beautiful hair covered chest I just adore.” Wayne looked shocked. “I’ve got chest hair! What’s wrong with my chest? You’ve seen everything I have!” Colin laughed more. “Why is it all straights worry about attracting us?” I nodded. “And become offended when we’re not.” Wayne was still thinking. “Well, why not?” Colin reached back and brought Wayne between himself and me. Each of us put an arm around his shoulder we walked on. “Don’t waste time thinking about it.” Colin said. “Your statement said you wouldn’t bottom.” I observed. “Does that mean you’d be willing to top?” I grinned as Wayne’s eyes grew. The light-hearted banter was nice. We watched Edwin bloom as the real owner of Thornwood. He wanted everything to be perfect for this bride. He listened to Edward who was watching everything Edwin did. Edward had a reputation to uphold. He wanted it right. We got Wayne a laptop and a phone and showed him how to use it. He was a pretty fast study. We had Katie’s number and email address and programmed it in both the phone and laptop. He smiled as he got his first email from Katie acknowledging they were coming on Friday. She said her children were very excited to come, even Karen had agreed to come. She was attending St. Andrews, but was willing to sacrifice time to get acquainted with her grandfather and his friends. Kelly was just excited by a vampire in the family. Scott was wanting to get to know the legend he was named after. Wayne was smiling, but looking a little apprehensive. “I’m glad they want to know me.” He said to me. “I’m worried about this person they were raised with. Katie put me on this pedestal and has this idealistic expectation of this…heroic father. Sean was too thrilled to believe I had cheated on Rosalind and fathered another family, even if I hadn’t, with someone else. Karen I know would love to dissect me. Not because she doesn’t like me, but to figure out how I work. I don’t know what Scott thinks, but I know he had a problem being named after me. He didn’t want to live up to the expectations my name put on him. Kelly is in love with the vampire I am.” He looked helpless. “I can’t be those things!” He said lowering his head in his hands. I felt sorry for him. So, I thought about what to say. “I can’t advise about that too much. I’ve never been there.” I sighed as I sat in the chair next to him. “What I advise to everyone…you need to be honest.” I smiled. “I really like the Wayne I know. They will, too.” I sighed. “What you’re feeling…tell them. What you fear…tell them.” I smiled. “Whatever is going through your mind…” Wayne smiled and finished with me. “…tell them.” He chuckled with a nod. “Good advice.” I grinned. “I try.” I patted his shoulder. “It will be fine.” Wayne nodded. “Be there when they arrive?” I nodded. “Sure.” If nothing else, the house smelled wonderful by Friday! All the baking and cooking had aromas flooding the house near the kitchen. I think it would tempt vampires that were only consuming blood. The wedding cake was even baked here. I found out one of the local vampires had been a chef and was making a lot of the food and even decorating the cake. The bride had hoped for a wedding in the garden, but in October? The weather was beyond our control, so they went with Plan B. Edwin was having the wedding in their grand Entrance Hall. It was palatial enough and had the room for the many chairs and places for guests when they arrived. The wedding party arrived for the rehearsal dinner in the Dining Room. We wouldn’t even notice they were here later. It was about noon when Katie, Sean and Wayne’s grandchildren arrived. I stood with Wayne in the Entrance Hall. They were all Wayne’s grandchildren, but different enough with Sean’s features added. Karen’s dark straight hair was short. Practical for her upcoming work in medicine. Scott’s was short and styled more for a teenage boy with that little flip in the front. He was an athlete in high school. You could tell from his frame. Kelly’s dark hair was long and had natural curls. Her eyes were usually holding amazement at all she saw. They entered the manor and Katie smiled at Wayne and rushed into his arms. I watched as the grandchildren were looking around wide-eyed at the house. Sean came in last and smiled at me. “Wow.” Scott said quietly. “You live here!?” Kelly asked amazed. Karen looked as people were putting things together for the wedding. “Where are the others? You know…” she didn’t say the word. Wayne let Katie go a little and looked at Karen. “All around you.” Karen renewed her gaze at the many people trying to tell what about them said; vampire. Sean came over to me and shook my hand. “It’s good to see you, Devon.” He nodded looking at the house. “I’ve been here for two weddings. This is really an impressive place.” I grinned. “And I hope, with your input, we’re going to make it even better.” Colin came in from another part of the house and heard what I said. “I’m sure it will be.” Colin said. “I’m afraid, we’ll be wanting more than just a medical and housing unit. We’ll be hoping to do more renovations and upgrades.” Sean’s eyes grew. “Whatever you need done.” I think I even heard a cash register chink. I chuckled at Sean’s excitement. He’d be speaking with the brogue again. Wayne smiled. “Are you ready for lunch?” Katie smiled. “We’d love it.” “We’ll be in the Dining Room now.” Colin said. “Later, we have another room to eat dinner.” We gathered in the Dining Room as others in our team from the United States came in. I introduced my mother and others to Wayne’s family. We talked and ate comfortably. I noticed Karen was frowning as she looked around. Wayne looked up and smiled. “Is there a problem, Karen?” Karen shook her head, but then… “I can’t tell. They don’t look any different. Are they all vampires, all human or what?” Colin grinned. “That is the goal. You won’t be able to tell.” Scott grinned. “This place is great!” He said. “Is it okay if I look around?” Wayne looked at Colin and me. “Sure.” Colin waved. “Knock yourself out.” Katie held her hand up. “Remember, they’re having a wedding here. Don’t get in anyone’s way.” She said in that motherly tone. Scott nodded. “I won’t.” He said in a tone that said he had said it before a few times. I grinned as he walked out to explore the house. His sister Kelly rushed off to join him. Colin leaned from his chair next to me. “I think this is going well.” I nodded. “He’s still worried.” I said. “He doesn’t want to crush their perceptions of him.” Colin looked at Sean. “He’s very happy.” He grinned. “He’ll make money from this.” I said simply. “He knows that.” Colin pushed back. “You’re on vacation, Sean. We have some things to discuss, but when you’re ready…” Sean smiled. “Let’s do it!” He pushed away from the table. Katie and Wayne were deep in a conversation, so we just left. Edwin joined us as we discussed what we would like done. Sean took notes and made suggestions. We went over the area by map and found a suitable location for the housing unit and medical. We also went over renovations for the manor house. Both Colin and I wanted fiber optic cables and Wi-Fi installed. We also made plans for a computer center to be added. We watched as Sean did a preliminary sketch of what we wanted and needed. The VUNGB was now going to be under construction!
  4. I looked to see if Katie was hurt, but bounced a little seeing she wasn’t. “That could have been much worse.” I said to Colin as I grinned. Colin grabbed Wayne’s arm to keep him from going to Katie’s side. Sean looked back at his wife and ran to her. “Katie!” He said lifting her head. “Katie, darlin’.” He cradled her head in his lap and slapped her lightly on the cheeks. The woman was an attractive woman in her late forties and dressed in nice pair of slacks and blouse like they had been somewhere nice. She had long dark hair like Wayne’s color. Sean was dressed casually formal in nice pants and shirt. They had been somewhere. She moaned a little as she regained consciousness and then sat up. “What happened?” “Ye fainted.” Sean said simply and then looked at us. “I canna wait t’ hear about this.” “Yep.” I smiled. “He’s Scottish.” Katie sat up more and rose with her husband’s help. “Who are you?” She demanded. “I’m Colin Wentworth.” Colin said. “This is Devon Wentworth.” He touched me. “And this…” he touched Wayne, “is Wayne Dawson Scott.” Katie got a little angry now. “I don’t know what this is about, but Wayne Dawson Scott died before I was born!” Wayne stepped a little closer. “I am your father.” “That’s impossible!” Katie said angrier. “But I am.” Wayne said pleading. Katie was going through possibilities and was coming up with nothing. “What…did you fly into space, fall through a time warp or get frozen somehow?” Wayne scratched the back of his head. “That would be easier to explain than what I have to tell you. I am your father.” He said. “I can explain, though.” Sean opened the door wider. “Absolutely!” He was grinning knowing this was going to be good. Either it was a scam or the truth, either way, it would be interesting. “Come in!” He invited us. “You’re just letting them in!?” Katie balked. “Just on that crazy story!?” She asked her husband. Sean nodded. “And here I thought it was gonna t’ be another borin’ Sunday night.” He took her hand. “This is not gonna t’ be borin’.” We were escorted into a nice living room by Sean. Katie was still looking as if she didn’t believe anything. “My father died forty-nine years ago.” Katie said. Wayne gave a shrugging nod. “Sort of…I ran into a problem then. These two fine individuals rescued me.” He looked at her. “This is going to be hard for you to accept, but…I was bitten by a vampire.” Now Katie’s eyes were angry. “Are you kidding me!?” She waved at the curtains. “The sun’s still out!” She folded her arms over her chest. “This is for money, isn’t it?” Wayne looked surprised. “They have more money that anyone I even know about!” He smiled at her. “When you do that, you look just like your mother. She would do that arm cross when she was upset.” “You couldn’t be a vampire!” Katie said. “You said these men rescued you. They took it away?” Wayne looked at Colin and me. “No, they’re vampires, too.” Sean was sitting in a chair and smiling at this conversation between his wife and the man who claimed to be her father. He was enjoying it. “Can you turn into a bat?” She asked. “No.” Wayne said. “Neither can any other vampire.” “Show your fangs.” “I’m being treated with a serum.” Wayne said. “The fangs are gone.” I walked forward. “Excuse me.” I said quietly. I brought a tablet out. “George…he’s a friend of ours. He’s a vampire, too. He recorded the sessions with Wayne.” I scrolled through some videos. “I have scenes from times with Wayne.” I pulled one of the scenes when Wayne first arrived. Wayne looked puzzled. “I don’t remember him doing that.” He whispered to me. I shrugged. “He’s a scientist. He documents everything.” I whispered back. “Wait.” Colin said. “You both reacted to Wayne before I even told you his name. You both knew who he was.” Sean nodded. “Sure, w’ did.” He got up and waved to a grand piano and here was a group of pictures on top of the piano that the top was down on. I grinned at what had to be a half a dozen pictures…of Wayne! The father, not the son. Him and Rosalind getting married, Wayne graduating from college, one of him and Rosalind posing in a picture where they were goofing off and others. It was Wayne in hair from 1960s and 1970s. Sean was grinning more as he turned in his chair. “I’ve always known about Daddy Wayne. I met Katie when she was sixteen and on the second date, I was shown his picture." Katie was looking and a very violent, hairy, bearded man in tattered rags as he was hissing at us. “This was the Sunday before last.” I explained. “He was really quite wild then…” I looked at Wayne. “…but not really.” I moved on. “Here he is just after the first haircut I gave him.” I grinned at Katie. “I’m not a stylist.” I explained. “Here he is right before his first injection of serum.” I moved on. “The second night.” I moved on. “The third.” Each filmed he was calmer and quieter. Until we got to the last one right after the disc was inserted. He looked as he does now. I looked at her. “He didn’t leave you or your mother. He was taken.” I went on to explain about George and his findings and work he’d done to come up with the serum. “Now, he’s not in pain now. He has a disc of serum that delivers the needed serum to stop the venom.” I rolled up my sleeve and showed my disc. “Your father has one now, too.” Wayne unrolled his sleeve and showed his. “As soon as he was stabilized, he wanted to come to see you.” I chuckled. “He was so nervous about this meeting.” I became serious. “He’s not a full vampire now. He is still a vampire, as I am and Colin are. His first thought was to come back to see you.” Katie was no longer angry, but she wasn’t accepting yet. “This is such a…wild story.” She said. “You don’t have any proof.” Colin came up next to Wayne. “You’re forgetting one thing.” He said. “Here is your father. Isn’t that proof?” Katie looked at Colin and then back at Wayne. The anger was gone and now there were tears coming from her. “When I was a little girl…my mother told me about you.” She laughed wiping a tear away. “I have dozens of other photos of you. She kept all of them and even got some from friends that had them.” Sean shook his head marveling. “This is so great!!” His Scottish burr becoming more pronounced the more excited he became. “The only thing I reasoned was he was the son of Wayne; Katie had a half-brother from a father who had run off with someone else!” He looked at me. “I was right! This is not borin’.” He looked around. “I wish I had popcorn!” I grinned at Sean. “I’m going to like you!” He was a character! Colin walked closer to Katie. “I know this is hard to take. Call the…” he thought, “…MI5 office in London. I’d give you the number, but if you get it yourself, you’ll know we’re telling the truth. Just look it up in the phone book.” I turned to Colin. “Phone book? No one uses a phone book now!” Colin rolled his eyes at me. “Infant.” He groused. He looked at Katie. “Look up Eric Mattingly. He’s a Unit Director there. He knows about us. I’d advise you to call your Prime Minister, but that would be nearly impossible to get through. He knows about us, too. Give my name, the Director will confirm what we’ve said.” “Or!” I said happily. “You could see us at Thornwood.” Katie’s eyes grew. “Thornwood? That’s where you’re staying!?” I grinned nodding. “And have been quite a few weeks.” Sean’s eyes widened. “Well, aren’t we fancy!” I laughed. “And vampire owned and run.” Sean looked more surprised. “Is it?” Colin chuckled. “Yes. You can stay there a while. See us and what we do.” Katie looked at Colin puzzled. “What do you mean? There are other vampires?” I nodded. “Quite a few.” Colin nodded and raised a hand. “Yes, but…please keep this to yourselves. It wouldn’t be common knowledge.” Sean shook his head. “Or commonly believed.” He was having a wonderful time hearing this. Katie looked very lost, but was trying to make it become sense. “This is just…so…” “Odd?” Wayne asked smiling. He shook his head. “I never left your mother. I didn’t leave you. I loved Rosalind. I never wanted to leave.” Now, he was tearing up again. “Even when I was…that horrible thing…unable to speak or even think straight, I never forgot her. We had just found out you were coming. She was beginning her second trimester. I didn’t even know what gender you were or if you and your mother were dead or alive.” Katie was also crying as her anger was now gone. “I used to dream you’d come back.” She said as tears came. “Just as you are now. Mom gave me pictures of you and told me stories about you and I would dream that…somehow…you’d come back.” She laughed. “And here you are.” Then she shook her head. “You should be in your eighties. Not this…young man. I’m older than you!” I nodded to Colin with a smile. “And I thought I had it tough with Gabriella.” Colin chuckled. “She’s my daughter.” “Which according to your face Colin and apparent age and hers, you would have fathered her when you were six!” I said. “But somehow, Wayne fathered Katie before he was even born!” Katie let out a moan of frustration. “This will be difficult to explain to the children.” Wayne smiled. “Whatever you tell them will be fine.” He shrugged. “I could be a distant relative.” Katie shook her head. “Looking exactly like their grandfather? I mean exactly. That will be harder to explain how it happened rather than you being a vampire.” She smiled. “They’re pretty sharp children.” She shook her head. “Karen wouldn’t let me by with Santa past four years of age!” Sean got up and touched Katie and kissing her check quickly. “I’ll get them.” He ran off into the depths of the house. Wayne looked again at his daughter. “With you back in my life, I have a part of Rosalind here, too. You’re half of her. I know she passed away. I do so regret not seeing her.” Katie nodded. “I do, too.” It didn’t take too long before Sean came back with three young people each protesting for different reasons. “…and I have that huge Anatomy test tomorrow. I have to study.” Karen said which had been several times she told him from the tone of her voice. “I haven’t gotten my clothes out for tomorrow. I need to call Darleen…” Kelly said. “I was almost at the next level! Can’t this wait?” The only boy, Wayne said. Sean smiled at each of them. He said to directly to Karen. “You’ll do fine, you always do.” He said directly to his son Wayne. “It will pause.” To Kelly he said. “Darleen can wait.” Then he said gruffly. “Or better yet, no call at all!” But he had a pleasant tone. Katie walked closer to her children. “There’s someone you need to meet.” She motioned to her father, Wayne. “This…is your grandfather; my father.” Three dark heads of hair I saw they got from both Sean and Katie, looked at Wayne, their grandfather and then to the pictures on the piano and back a Wayne, their grandfather. “That’s impossible!” Karen stated. “No way!!” Wayne, the grandson said with wide eyes. “That is so…cool!!” Kelly said smiling. I looked at Colin. “And here we go again.” Colin chuckled. Studies were forgotten as was the game being played and forget Darleen; whoever she was. For the next three hours or so, Wayne their grandfather, Colin and I explained again the whole thing…again. While the family was getting acquainted Colin and I talked with Sean. “What do you do?” Colin asked. “I’m an Architect.” Sean said. “Really?” Colin grinned. He looked around the house. “A pretty good one seeing where you live.” Sean nodded. “I’m pretty good.” I could see why Colin said that. “We’d pay you, of course. You have contact with construction crews and suppliers?” Sean nodded. “I do.” Colin smiled even bigger. “How about a building project at Thornwood?” “If needed.” Sean nodded. “I’ll need contact with the owner.” “You’re looking at some.” I said pointing at Colin. “It’s still locally owned, but we just bought into the estate.” Now Sean was smiling bigger. “Ye did!?” His Scot’s burr back in full swing and his eyes got brighter. Another hour and the grandchildren had to go to bed. We found out the grandson went by his middle name Scott. Now we didn’t have to worry about calling Wayne and getting two replies. They were sworn to secrecy about their grandfather, but it was getting late so, Colin and I went to Wayne. “Stay and visit.” Colin said looking at Katie. “I assume he can stay here for the night?” Katie smiled and nodded. “Certainly, but we can find room for you two.” I shook my head. “That’s okay. You two have nearly fifty years of catching up to do.” I smiled. “Get to know each other. I know there’s a hotel in Edinburgh. We’ll be back.” I looked at Katie. “What time do you need to go to work tomorrow?” Katie shook her head. “I think I’ll call in for a personal day tomorrow.” She smiled at Wayne. Colin smiled and handed Wayne a phone. “This is my phone. When you’re ready to go, call Devon.” He showed Wayne where the number was in contacts and what to push to call. Wayne smiled shaking his head. “All this new technology. I’ve got some serious catching up to do.” Katie chuckled. “Your youngest granddaughter will teach you. She lives with one attached to her face.” Wayne grinned. “It’s a telephone and she’s a teenage girl.” He shrugged at that explanation which explained it all. Colin and said good night and went downtown to Edinburgh. We checked into the Caledonain. No suites tonight, but it was nice. This was just overnight. Colin came from the bathroom as we got ready for bed. “That went well.” I nodded with a grin. “They are family.” Colin smiled as he stretched out on the bed. “They seem nice.” “I think they are nice.” I said crawling to that king sized bed with Colin. “I’m happy for Wayne.” I said with less enthusiasm as I meant to use. “Devon.” Colin said in the tone that said he knew something was wrong. I gave him the shrugging nod. “I feel a loss.” “Loss?” Colin asked. “He doesn’t need us anymore.” I said sadly. “It’s stupid, but that’s what I feel.” Colin smiled. “Isn’t that the whole reason we’re here? Find these lost souls and get them back to living again?” I nodded. “Yes.” I said reluctantly. Colin smiled. “I was going to see if he wants a job.” He sighed. “With his daughter now in his life, he will want to stay in England, but he’s not gone.” Colin said. “I have a feeling Wayne will be around working with VUNGB for some time.” “Vampire United Nations: Great Britain.” I nodded. “But it’s not the same.” “Our little boy is growing up, Devon.” Colin said softly. “We need to let it happen.” He smiled at me. “Now, how about giving some love to someone else?” I grinned. “And who would that be?” “Who do you think? Me!” I chuckled as we kissed. “I remember when all I worried about was people finding out I was gay. Now with this whole vampire thing, the gay part sort of takes a back seat.” “It does, doesn’t it?” His voice muffled as he kissed me deeper. We got up and went for breakfast and waited to hear from Wayne. We even walked around town and the various shops and at things that wouldn’t take a lot of time. It was ten thirty in the morning when my phone rang. “It’s good here.” Wayne said. “We can go back to Thornwood any time.” “We’ll be there shortly.” I said. We checked out of the hotel and got back to Katie and Sean’s house. Once back in the house, Katie, dressed in a nice bathrobe and hair done, but Wayne and she had talked most of the night; she hugged me and Colin. “Thank you for bringing my father back to me.” She said smiling. “Daddy was right, you two are angels.” She looked at her father. Colin chuckled. “So, now we’re gay, vampire angels?” She nodded. “I guess so, and that’s fine by me.” She said kissing us on the cheeks. “If it would be okay, Sean and I would like to come down to Thornwood on Friday morning. We would like to stay until Sunday, if that’s okay?” I nodded. “We’ve got the rooms.” “We’ll hold off on some of the vampires were getting on the serum.” Colin nodded also. “It will be fine.” On the way back, Wayne told us about the grandchildren and Sean. How easily they seemed to accept what had happened. Though he thought Kelly was a little more excited than the other two grandchildren. The idea of having a secret vampire grandfather sat well with her. It was cool! Sean had said he could use the trip as a business trip so no time was lost at work. I was pleased to see Wayne smiling, but this time the smile was in his eyes now, too. When we got back…I guess being there all the time, I hadn’t notice the changes that had slowly started to happen. Thornwood was a place that people got married and had parties in. There were the occasional guests that stayed at night and Edward Addams and Nigel hired staff when necessary to take care of housekeeping for guests and partiers. Now walking through the house I was seeing faces I knew. A few were in domestic uniforms complete with name badges. “The house is staffed by vampires!?” Wayne asked looking at faces he knew as well. I was as surprised as he was. I saw Lilly! She was in a uniform. I stopped her. “Lilly.” I said. “You’re working here?” Lilly nodded with a smile. “And earning a paycheck!” She shrugged. “A girl’s got to earn her keep. Who else would hire me without references? I have a gap in my employment for two years. Now, I’ll have something to refer future employers to.” She said logically. “Edwin said he’d back date any inquiries to cover the two years.” She giggled. “I even have a work permit. An American working in a place like this gives me merit!” She gave a soft squeal and hurried off to do…whatever. “This place is sure changing.” Colin said as he saw someone running a vacuum on a hallway carpet. “I hate to say it, but when we got here, this place was dead.” He looked as another man was carrying clean towels. “I thought it was just due to the off season.” Wayne smiled. “Well, these former vampires need jobs, and who better to give them one, but a former vampire?” I grinned. “This IS the VUN! In Great Britain! We’re helping them get their lives back!” Colin frowned. “The problem with this is…we’re paying them to work for our own as guests. The vampire guests aren’t paying. We are.” “Yes, but when we’ve gotten these vampires on the serum, they will go home. They’re mostly local. They can staff this place when there is an event.” I said. “The gardens and grounds need tending and the cattle portion. We have your son-in-law coming this Friday. We’ll talk to him about building another part to house the vampires we bring from other parts of England to help them there. We need a lab added, and a place to house more than one vampire in the day.” “You need to talk to Edwin where to build it.” Wayne said. “We don’t want the wandering guest stumbling across a vampire in transition.” Then he practically bounced. “This is great!! I want in. Can I get a job with the VUN?” I grinned at Wayne’s happiness. “Would you work for Edwin? Or do you want to work with George, Colin and me?” Wayne looked a little disappointed. “Don’t you want me to work with you?” Colin smiled and played coy. “Well, you are a college graduate. You are good at math, so you say. We’ll need a team that functions internationally. You can travel now. But you just found a daughter and grandchildren!” “You know vampires and you’ve seen some we haven’t.” I said and then I smiled. “I’d hate to lose you went we go to the next city.” “I want to work with you two! Having Katie back is great, but I will be around to walk Kelly’s great-granddaughter down the aisle.” Wayne smiled a little shyly. “I don’t want to lose you.” He chuckled. “I’ve sort of gotten very attached to you two.” He brightened. “I don’t consider you members of my family. Having Katie is wonderful, but you are my family.” Colin smiled. “We are?” Wayne nodded. “Sure. You’ve seen me at my worst, but didn’t run. You stuck by me the whole time. You helped me find a daughter and grandchildren and helped get them back in my life! I owe you my life!” Then he looked very serious. “I was lost until you came. Naturally I feel attached to you two. I appreciate and love George, but you two were right there. Who does that except for family. I love you two.” Okay, break out the fireworks! I hugged Wayne and then we were both engulfed in Colin’s hug of both of us. “We love you!” I said. “No other vampire, except for Willie and Gabriella, has reached in me like this. I was telling Colin last night I thought we were losing you.” Colin nodded. “He did, really. Does that mean you’ll join our team?” Wayne grinned and nodded. “Not just yes, but HELL YES!!” He laughed and thought. “I had a passport, but I know it’s expired.” Colin wrapped an arm around Wayne’s shoulder. “Well, that could be a problem. Too bad we don’t know anybody…say that works for…MI5?” He waggled his eyebrows. “But please, stop scaring poor Director Mattingly.” I said smiling as we walked down the hall. “You really scared the shit out of him when he first met you and you scared him almost as much when he came back.” Wayne smiled. “Well, the first meeting, I sensed more than a target.” Wayne chuckled as he confessed. “I got…this feeling…he was going to be hard to reach.” He smiled. “I heard your conversations when I was that…thing, I knew what you wanted to do and what had to be done. So, I did it!” He grinned. “And when he came back, I just drove the fact that it worked home to him.” “We’re international!!” I said happily. “We have an Englishman on our team!” I grabbed Colin’s arm excited. “We need a new name! VI?” “VI?” Colin asked. “Vampires International!” Colin nodded and looked at Wayne. “He has a thing for names.” Wayne chuckled. “I see that. I am an Englishman. I guess it would multi-national.” “Wait until you meet the others.” Colin grinned. “We have one in New York that will surprise you. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do with that computer.” “Vampire?” Wayne asked. “FBI.” Colin answered. “Human.” I smiled. “Oh.” He frowned. “The other humans here have something that gives off a scent.” I groaned. “Yes, unfortunately George named it Disflavor. Not a very good name. But they have to take it every day.” Wayne frowned. “He can’t make a disc?” My eyes widened as I looked at Colin who shrugged. “We need to ask him that.” Wayne nodded. “With Katie back and Sean and the grandchildren, I don’t want them even possibly becoming vampires.” Colin nodded. “George is very smart.” He snickered. “Too smart. Sometimes he only sees the forest, sometimes just the trees. We need to tell him about the forest and the trees.” I grinned. “We have a lot of planning to do.”
  5. I watched as Wayne was absorbing what I’d told him. He knew he had a child coming, but now he was grandfather; from a daughter, he didn’t know about. “Grandchildren.” He said quietly, still in shock. I chuckled. “Yes, Wayne, grandchildren.” I walked toward him. “This is what’s called a tablet. I’ll explain the science, but…here are some pictures.” I held the tablet’s screen so he could see. “There are others. Just take your finger and slide like so.” I ran it across the screen, but brought the original back and handed him the tablet. He never had seen something like it, but he was staring at the pictures I’d given him of the woman, a man and three children. “If you want a closer look.” I used my thumb and forefinger that brought his daughter’s picture closer, blowing the image up. Wayne was just fascinated, not at the tablet, but the image. He looked almost afraid to touch it. “My god, she looks just…” he said softly, “like my mother.” I smiled as he did use his finger and move to another picture. “This is two years old, but…” I pointed to the image of a young woman, “this is your eldest granddaughter. Her name is Karen Wallace. She’s now twenty and at a University in Edinburgh. The middle child is Wayne Scott Wallace, he’s now seventeen and a senior in high school. His interest is Geology. Karen wants to be a doctor. The youngest is Kelly. She’s now fourteen. Katie’s husband’s name is Sean. He’s fifty-one now.” I watched as he sorted through the pictures and stopped on one. “Do you recognize her?” I knew the picture was six years old. It was at a birthday party for Kelly. Her brother and sister was there as well as her mother, father and friends. What was important was the older woman there. His eyes grew. “No…” he said touching the image. “Rosalind?” I gave a cautious smile. “I wasn’t sure how you would feel about that.” I said sitting on the couch beside his chair. “This is the last photo of Rosalind before she got sick.” His eyebrows came together as he looked more. “She’s…so old.” I nodded. “She was in her early sixties.” I reached out and touched his arm. “She was happy, Wayne. I know it hurts to see this, but…” He nodded. “Her life went on.” He smiled a little sadly. “You would have wanted it to, wouldn’t you?” I asked. “I went to a social media site, which I will explain later. Unfortunately, Rosalind wasn’t a big fan of that, she didn’t post much. However, Katie did.” I explained. “There are other pictures about their vacations…or what you guys here in England say; holiday.” I smiled. “The English love Spain.” I showed him a little more about the website and how to get around with it. “I’ll come back later.” I said squeezing his shoulder and went back in the hall. Colin came down the hall. “We should get him to eat tonight.” He looked at my face. He saw my sadly happy expression. “What’s going on?” I smiled. “I just…hopefully, gave him something to live for.” I said taking Colin’s arm. “He’s looking at some family photos now.” “He has family?” Colin asked. “He does.” I smiled and we went back to the library. I told him about Wayne’s grandchildren. We arrived at the library where we saw George and Burke laughing at something. Burke smiled. “How is Jerry?” He asked and smiled. “Sorry, I mean Wayne.” I smiled. “Much better.” “Devon was showing pictures of his family that are still alive.” Colin explained. “We’re leaving him alone for now.” George grinned. “I’m glad. Hopefully he can make a connection.” He looked at us. “How does he look?” I gave a nod. “Pretty good. Almost normal.” I looked at George. “He told us about others. Vampires that I think are the ones we’re looking for. He said they were naked and hairless and he’s only seen two.” George frowned. “Naked and hairless?” Colin smiled. “We’ll find out more later.” George smiled. “I’ll still need a blood sample.” “If he has any left.” Colin chuckled. He looked around. “Where’s Dr. Hathaway?” “She’ll be back.” George said. “She had some business with MI5 or something.” “We’ll give Wayne a little more time.” I said. “Then we should reintroduce food.” “I’ll get Nigel to have the chicken ready.” Colin said rising to do just that. About two more hours later I went back to Wayne’s room with Colin and Wayne’s first solid meal in nearly fifty years. Wayne had stopped looking at the pictures, but was sitting there thinking in deep thought. “How are you now?” I asked. Wayne shook his head. “I’m so out of place now.” He said. “The world went on and I didn’t.” Colin sat near him. “It did.” He nodded. “We’re not just going to throw you out there. We’ll try to catch you up with things.” “There are other vampires here that will also help you that have been in the same boat.” I said. Wayne frowned. “I looked at all the pictures.” He shook his head. “How can I meet them? They won’t know who I am. I’ll be a freak.” “Think about this.” I said sitting with Colin. “Katie never met you, but she named her son after you. Rosalind kept your memory alive for your daughter…enough that she named him Wayne. That tells me Rosalind loved you.” I smiled. “It was five years later that she met Dennis Tyler. They married when Katie was seven. We will also help if you want to meet them. There are other vampires that still have ties to the past by family. It can be done.” Wayne got up and went to the window. He looked outside, but his mind was on something else. “Are going after the others?” He asked bitterly. He turned to Colin and me, “the one that made me robbed me of a life.” Colin nodded. “We need to find them first.” “You gave yourself to Shelly and Willie?” I asked. “The vampires that caught you?” Wayne smiled a little. “Like I said, I knew about the one that made me and I saw another…years later. I knew about vampires that could talk and only came out at night to seek blood. I’d seen other vampires like me, that couldn’t talk.” He smiled. “Then I saw them…the ones that are like you.” He chuckled. “I thought they were another kind of vampire.” He shrugged. “Even as a vampire myself, I had the ability to sense what they were. I knew them to be vampires.” He walked back. “And I sensed those others…that were human, but I didn’t want their blood. I was curious. I was very scared, but curious.” He chuckled. “Even when they pointed that gun at me…the one that burns like the sun? I was just so…I wanted to know why they were different; all of them. So, yes, I let them take me.” I smiled. “That was very brave of you.” “Even with the venom in you, you still retained enough of humanity to look for a way out.” Colin marveled. “That says a lot about you.” He went back to the desk he’d put the covered dish on. “But, for now…” Colin brought the dish over. Cautioning as always about being careful not to eat too much, too fast; he presented the chicken to Wayne. The aroma was enticing to Wayne. I saw his nose twitch. Colin also brought a cup of cool water to drink. Wayne tried it and as with all the others, began consuming more eagerly. I looked at Colin. “Why do we bother telling them to take it easy? They never do.” Colin nodded with a smile. “They can never say we didn’t warn them.” George came and took more blood to test. He did a cursory exam looking pleased at Wayne’s eyes and color. “You’re color is practically normal.” He held the sealed little container with Wayne’s blood in it. “Now, to check the level of serum in your blood…I think you can see the sunrise in the morning.” Wayne nodded. “I saw it get brighter outside this morning.” He smiled. “I tried to steal a peak, but I didn’t dare open the curtains yet.” “We’ll give another few doses.” George said. “How long was the pain last night?” Wayne shrugged. “Four…maybe five hours?” “Can you draw?” I asked Wayne. Wayne looked puzzled. “I can, but I’m not a Rembrandt.” I chuckled. “You don’t have to be.” I got up. “I’m going to get you a pencil and some paper, could you sketch out an image of the one that bit you?” Wayne nodded. “Sure.” I came back with a sketch pad and some charcoal. Giving it to Wayne, he began drawing immediately. “You won’t be a freak to them, Wayne.” He looked up at me surprised. “Of course, I will.” “No.” I shook my head. “You’re family. You are the reason they even exist. I’m leaving the decision up to you, but we’ll be there if you decide to reach out to them.” Wayne nodded and went back to sketching. It took a few minutes before Wayne handed the picture he’d drawn to Colin and me. “Okay.” I said. “I know I’ve seen this movie.” I looked at a pretty good drawing of his vampire. He was round headed and no hair whatsoever. Not on his head or even eyebrows, but two eyes, a nose and mouth that was open. What I did see was just fangs. No other teeth, but there were the two elongated teeth in the front, with two lesser fangs beside them and two below. Wayne came over. “What I didn’t draw…he was male for sure.” He said. “He had a dick, but…” he frowned. “…he had no…” he pointed down to his own crotch. “…there were no balls.” He shuddered. “No hair there either.” Colin and I both looked at this creature again. “Whatever he was, he wasn’t human.” Wayne added. “But you were in a mine.” Colin clarified. Wayne nodded. “That was my job.” He said. “I was in a very old tunnel that had been abandoned long ago. I don’t think a man had been down there for nearly a century.” He shrugged. “Maybe more.” When George gave the serum again, the pain started again, but it only lasted a few hours. Not even five, but it did end. George came back smiling. “His level has sort of stabilized. He’s beginning to hold it. I can make the disc for him in a day or two.” Colin showed him the picture of the vampire that Wayne drew. “This is the vampire that bit Wayne.” George looked at it and his eyes widened. “This is ugly!” Colin told George what Wayne had told him. Now George was taking a while to think about what we told him. He sat and you could see he was thinking when at last he nodded. “Okay…this is just some thoughts. I won’t know until we get one.” He began. “What I see is a creature that doesn’t eat, therefore, no other teeth. I see a creature that doesn’t reproduce like we do, therefore no need for the genitalia. His only means of reproduction is by venom.” I nodded. “That follows.” “It does?” Colin asked. “Just a theory,” George smiled. “We have been watered down from this creature.” He said. “Remember what I said about the things in our venom that is human and that is what helped us retain that humanity. Wayne here retained a good bit of his humanity, even though he had a more primitive form of venom.” He shook the picture. “I’m guessing this…thing…is very old.” “Is it natural?” I asked. “How could something like this evolve?” George shrugged. “I can’t say.” He smiled. “Again, it’s all theory.” “But plausible.” I nodded. “But where did he come from?” “Good question.” George said. I frowned. “We need to go to either that Vampire Capital in Africa or more important, Cairo. That is the oldest area where humans are said to come from.” Colin shrugged. “Maybe we should plan to do that very soon.” “We can send a team there.” George said. I looked at Wayne as he was still suffering. “I just don’t see how this could have evolved.” George shook his head. “Who says it did?” Colin looked at George. “You think it was made?” George shrugged again. “Even Devon wondered about this venom. It only works in humans. It doesn’t work in animals. It’s a very specific venom. It creates a being that reproduces by biting and creates the perfect predator.” He put the picture down. “It’s too perfect.” Just before sunrise, we roused Wayne from his sleep. “This will only take a few minutes.” Colin said smiling. “You’ve had a rough time, but now, you get a reward.” We walked out to the east side and stood on the terrace. It was like those vampires before him. The sun was brightening the horizon and then that one sliver of light shown through. There was fear in Wayne’s eyes as he saw the sun for the first time in fifty years. Tears which he now could produce were shed as he beheld that yellow orb rise. The tingling he got as he rubbed his arms. Mom and Willie did take the trip to London. We now had five teams out patrolling the surrounding towns and more vampires were found and either were killed or brought in by us. We did plan to make a lab that could be worked with more equipment and a sun-blocking structure to keep the harmful sunlight away while they were being treated. I also noted a new friendship between Edwin and Matt. Sunday night, Gabriella met Wayne and frowned at him. “You need a haircut.” She said simply. Wayne laughed. “Well, it’s better than what it has been for several decades.” He rubbed his hairy face. “Could I get a razor?” He asked me. I looked surprised. “You look good with a beard.” He smiled. “Maybe so, but if I meet the grandkids, I should look more presentable.” Colin smiled. “You want to see them?” Wayne smiled more sadly. “I would like to see them.” He said. “If things go right, then I’ll tell them who I am.” He looked at Colin and me. “I need you to come with me.” I nodded. “Of course.” When Gabriella was finished and he had shaved…well…he was a very handsome man! The lack of a beard shaved not only the hair, but a few years. He had been in his early thirties when he was turned. We got him some clothes. When Mom and Willie came down for lunch that Monday, Mom was playing it cool. Nothing to tell anyone, but that didn’t last long. “Everyone…” Mom began smiling enough to split her face if not careful. “…Willie asked me to marry him.” She held her left hand out. Then she let out her squeal just like I knew she would. Me, being who I am, I frowned. “Aw, too bad you had to turn him down.” Mom shook her head smiling. “Are you kidding!? I plan to marry him here!!” Edwin smiled. “And you just happen to be at a manor that is here good for that. How coincidental.” “We’ll pull out all the stops!” Colin said happily. He looked at Gabriella and Alex. “What about you two? Do we make it a double?” Gabriella shook her head. “Every bride deserves to be the focus.” She smiled. “But no, I want to be married at Wentworth, given away by you, Daddy.” Colin smiled. “I think that would be great, Gabby.” Gabriella smiled. “Maybe this spring?” Colin smiled and nodded. “That sounds like a date.” It was Tuesday when we heard the helicopter coming. Thornwood was now crowded with people so there were a few waiting outside when the helicopter landed not far away. Edwin was getting money now from Holm’s Laboratories, so he wasn’t worried about expenses. Colin and I watched as we saw Director Mattingly and Dr. Hathaway get out, doing the stooped approach everyone did, even though the blades were high above them. Edwin, Matt and Wayne walked over to join Colin and me. Dr. Hathaway smiled as she greeted us. Director Mattingly shook our hands. “You’ll be covered.” He said. “The PM has been briefed and knows pretty much all that we do. We’ll need details often to keep up with things.” Colin nodded. “We can do that.” It was Dr. Hathaway that was looking at Wayne and her eyes grew. Wayne walked up. “It’s nice to see you again, Doctor.” He shook her hand. He looked at Director Mattingly. “Director Mattingly.” Director Mattingly looked puzzled. “I’m sorry. Have we met?” He smiled. Wayne nodded. “Oh, yes.” He grinned. “But you probably remember this...” Wayne hissed again and looked like he was going to charge the Director. Director Mattingly jumped a little as his eyes widened. “No.” He said softly in shock. “You can’t be.” “Unbelievable!” Dr. Hathaway said marveling at Wayne. “Wayne!?” Wayne nodded. “That’s me.” Dr. Hathaway still was staring at Wayne in awe. “The treatment worked!” “I’ll have the disc inserted tomorrow.” Wayne nodded. “I’ll be pain free.” Dr. Hathaway frowned. “And I missed it!” She all but moaned. “This is remarkable!” Colin nodded chuckling. “It is indeed.” Dr. Hathaway shook her head. “I’ve got to more involved with this. This just miraculous!” “We can talk more in the house.” Edwin invited them in the house. It was a little later that Wayne came to us in the library where Colin worked online dealing with Holm’s Laboratories accounts and investments. I wasn’t lazy, but I was reading a book. “Hello, guys.” Wayne said softly as he sat down in a chair near us. “Hi, Wayne.” I greeted. “You said you’d go with me to see my daughter and grandchildren.” Wayne said. Colin nodded. “We will.” “When can we do that?” Wayne asked. “We need to consider when the best day would be.” I said. “My thoughts would be on a Sunday evening. They should be done with…whatever they had done. The children at home would be getting ready for school Monday. Katie and Sean would be getting ready for a week at work.” Now Wayne was looking very nervous. “How about this Sunday?” Colin nodded. “Certainly.” I smiled at Wayne’s worried face. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I can see it’s making you uneasy.” Wayne’s eyebrows rose. “Uneasy!? I’m far beyond uneasy. I’m going to see a daughter three weeks ago I didn’t know about! I’ll hopefully meet grandchildren I hadn’t even imagined I had and showing them a father and grandfather they thought was dead! I’m way, way beyond uneasy.” He laughed nervous. “But, if I don’t…” I rose coming over to Wayne. “We’ll be there if you need us.” I smiled touching his shoulder. “You’ve got the disc in and now that nightmare is over. We’ll help you with the rest of this journey. We’ll be as active or passive as you want us to be.” Colin got up and came over. “You’re not alone now.” Wayne smiled rising and hugged us both. “As far as I’m concerned, you two are angels.” He began to shed a tear. “Thank you.” The trip to Edinburgh would only take three or four hours, so we left about two o’clock to drive there. Colin drove, not me. Wayne hadn’t driven in fifty years and wasn’t brave enough to start again just yet. Wayne was just starting to get used to some things, but was amazed at the GPS that guided our way to the house where his daughter and grandchildren lived. They actually lived in a small part of town named Joppa. They lived in a nice neighborhood two blocks from a beach called Musselburgh Beach. Whatever Sean and Katie did, they did it well because the house didn’t look cheap. They were not poor. We parked nearby and let Wayne tell us when he was ready. Wayne looked at the house. “This is silly.” He said suddenly and rubbed his hands on his pants. “I’m more nervous now than when I asked Rosalind to marry me.” I smiled at Wayne. “Take you time.” He took a deep breath and blew a breath out. “I’m the rip the band-aide off kind of man.” He opened the door and got out. Then he stopped. “Come with me?” He said a little pitifully. Colin chuckled. “No problem.” He said getting out. We walked up the sidewalk to the front door. The cars were there, so we weren’t worried they wouldn’t be home. Wayne was not a coward as he walked up and rang the doorbell. We heard the steps of someone coming to the door and a muffled conversation that we got a little of as the front door opened. This was Sean Wallace. A very distinguished man in his early fifties with dark hair that was grey at the temple and through his hair. “Yes?” Sean said looking at us. He saw Colin and me, but his gaze came to Wayne. His face changed from mild curiosity to one puzzled and then just plan confused and then his eyes grew. You didn’t have to read minds to know what was going on in his head. He turned his head slightly, but didn’t take his eyes off Wayne. “Oh, Katie!! You have got to see this!” He said with pronounced Scottish accent. A voice came as someone approached the door. “What is it? You know I…” she was saying as she came to the door, saw Colin and me and then Wayne. She looked, the same thing, puzzled and then confused and then the eyes widened, but then we all saw her eyes go back into her head and she fainted.
  6. It was horrible to watch and even though I knew it was for the best…my emotional attachment was making it worse. I loved Colin. It hurt me to watch him go through this, but…Wayne was…agonizing. Even Dr. Hathaway was cringing a bit. “Is there nothing you can give him for the pain?” George shook his head. “With the venom in him, it wouldn’t work. There’s no pain relief I can give.” He said helplessly. “When he gets the serum to a level I can, but until it does…” Even Director Maddingly was a bit bothered. “It would have been easier to just kill him.” “He’s a man!” I said as I cried. “He’s human!” I turned to him. “If this was you or your son…or just someone you gave a damn about…” I held Wayne’s hand against me. “He will get better.” It was almost more than I could stand, but I had to be there. It did take a little longer before I saw that pulse come back once, then again and again. It had begun to work! It did take longer than Colin, Willie or me. It was eight hours of Hell! He finally slumped and the pain faded. I was wiping Wayne’s face where he sweated! I felt me exhale in relief as he settled down. I was smiling when I saw Colin wipe his face to get rid of the tears he’d shed. “It worked?” Dr. Hathaway asked. George shook his head. “It worked the first day.” He admitted. “That means it will work, but he has a few more injections to take.” He leaned back against the bars. “I know doctors are supposed to have more objectivity, but something about Wayne…” he shook his head again. Director Maddingly walked forward. “He has to do it again?” George gave a sad nod. “It will start to work faster as we go through this, but yes.” Colin looked at Director Maddingly. “I not met a vampire yet to refuse even after the first injection.” “Life as a vampire is so…terrible.” George said. “I think if there was a chance and they could die, they’d risk it.” I looked at Wayne’s face. “He had blood flow.” I pointed to his color that had gotten pinker. Colin took my hand. “Come on, we need to be awake for him tonight. Let’s go to bed.” “Can we find a room for him near us?” I asked as I knew I looked terrible from crying for hours. Colin nodded. “I would insist on it, or we would move to be near him.” We stopped in front of Director Maddingly. “You’ve seen the truth. We don’t want anything other than for you to know what we’re doing here. We don’t need a penny from you.” Colin waved at Wayne. “He’s one of many; all British citizens who need help. What you do now will be important.” Colin pushed each word tapping Director Mattingly’s chest. “Don’t let them down. You can speak with Edwin, Sarah and Matt. They’re vampires too.” We both saw Director Mattingly’s eyes widen. “They were born and raised in the surrounding towns. Your agency is to protect the citizens of England. So, protect them.” Colin pulled me close to him. “I’m taking my husband to get some rest. We have another long night tonight.” I don’t think Director Maddingly knew about the marriage as his eyes widened again. We hadn’t been introduced as a couple. In our room Colin sat beside me on our bed. “We did the right thing.” He said more to comfort himself than me. I leaned on Colin. “Like a friend told me,” I smiled. “I know it here.” I tapped my head. “I’m having a hard time in here.” I pressed on my own chest. I sighed. “It has to be better than what he’s gone through. He begged us to give him the serum.” Colin fell back on the bed and lay there. “What is it with Wayne? That one serum insertion hurt me more than Gabriella when she started taking the serum.” I went back next to him. “Because, in spite of the fact that he’s a vampire, he’s sort of innocent. A gentle soul.” I smiled. “I think Director Maddingly and Dr. Hathaway will work out in the long run.” He chuckled. “That Maddingly is the manifestation of the stoic Brit.” He went to a fake British accent. “Keeping a stiff upper lip.” I chuckled. “He can’t help it. He’s English.” I came closer to Colin. “So are you.” “And you!” Colin said. “Scottish actually.” I corrected. “Part of the British Empire grudgingly, but most definitely Scottish.” “Really? I thought it was Irish.” I sort of nodded. “Yes, but I know it’s Scottish. The original spelling was M’Ghie.” I spelled it. “There is also MacGhee and Magee.” I spelled them both as I rolled on top of him. “And you’re closer to as you are only a generation or two away. I’m quite a few.” I sat up. “I’m more American than you!” Colin rolled his eyes. “Oh, really?” He pulled me down and rolled us so he was on top. “But you still love me, right?” I grinned. “Yea.” I pulled him into a kiss. “But you know that.” Colin grinned. “Yes, I do. You know I love you.” I kissed him. “Yes, I do.” We did sleep…eventually. We woke up about noon and got up and cleaned up and went down for lunch. We were surprised to see Dr. Hathaway at the table. “You stayed.” Colin said to her as we sat down. She smiled and laughed a little. “How could I leave? I want to see how this turns out.” She looked at us curiously. “You both went through that?” Colin nodded. “We had to. Wayne had it a little rougher, but it will hopefully be the same results.” “Where’s Director Maddingly?” I asked. “He had a meeting the Minister of Defense.” She said. “He was a little…uneasy about this whole thing. He will be back. What happens tonight?” “When he wakes up, we’ll begin to move him into the house.” I said. “If he was able to break the blood dependency. We’ll see how he tolerates UV rays.” I gave a shrugging nod. “He will begin his transition from vampire to something…more human.” Dr. Hathaway smiled. “With this serum stopping the venom from working, he may be able to speak more?” I gave a shrugging nod. “I hope so. He’s pretty sharp even with the venom. He might surprise all of us.” She sat back nodding. “How is it he has a venom different from yours?” Colin thought of the best way to explain. “There seem to be different kinds of vampires. I was bitten by a man I had known before when he was human. Whatever bit Wayne is thought to be more primitive.” He shook his head. “We don’t know.” She smiled. “And you’re not getting anything from this?” She asked doubtfully. I chuckled. “Oh, no, we’re doing this for purely selfish reasons.” I smiled. “No one wants to be alone. Now, we’re not.” She nodded. “That’s true.” She looked around the lavish dining area. “You’re in a beautiful home at least.” Colin smiled. “Well, Edwin Dunning was a surprise. He and the original owner were both vampires.” “The life you describe is nothing like the many stories.” I shook my head. “No, it isn’t.” Colin looked cautiously at Dr. Hathaway. “I hope Director Maddingly uses discretion with other people.” She smiled. “Eric Maddingly can be a bit…pretentious. In the end, he’s fair.” She shrugged. “Who’d believe him if he told anyone?” Colin and I did some catching up with the others. My mother was busy with the vampires that were getting the serum now and were not yet ready to get the discs. We knocked and went in to Lilly’s room. “Hi, Devon…Colin.” Lilly smiled and looked so much better. She had moisture in her eyes and color! “I saw the sun rise yesterday. It was glorious!” Colin and I grinned at each other. Colin nodded. “I know and you’ll never forget it.” Lilly smiled. “And your mother, Devon!” She shook her head. “She is so sweet and…she’s dating a vampire!?” She asked not really believing it. I chuckled. “Yes, it sort of runs in the family.” I said taking Colin’s hand. “I dated him before I was turned.” I hurried along to beat the question I knew was coming. “I was bitten, but not out of need for blood, but to keep from making him suffer.” Lilly smiled. “So, you’re the vampire couple, not Paul and me.” Colin nodded. “I suppose we are.” Now there were four teams going out on patrol. All led by a veteran patroller as well as local support from the vampires that resided here. Willie was getting his team together with Sarah as a tracker. “Willie.” I said grinning. “You haven’t asked Mom?” I knew he hadn’t. Willie looked helpless. “I’m waiting for the right time.” He explained. “It needs to be perfect. The right mood and the right setting.” I grinned. “You should take her to somewhere nice.” I said. “Perhaps London?” He looked at me. “You think I should?” Colin chuckled. “Of course!” He gave Willie and manly hug, one of those one armed one’s guys had a tendency to give that’s not overly mushy. “It works for Devon and me.” “Why not this weekend?” I suggested. “We can make the reservation tomorrow and you can even get someone to drive you.” I chuckled. “Mom wouldn’t dare drive. Can you drive?” Willie frowned. “I haven’t in a while.” “There’s a great Rolls you can borrow. Edwin would love it!” Colin said. “I know there will be a local that can take you. You’ll need to make plans for him as well.” “Just treat her like the queen she is.” I said. “You’ll do fine.” I hugged him quickly with more emotion and with both arms. “I look forward to her squeal.” We were joined by Dr. Hathaway and to our surprise, Evan Bennett, Sarah Bennett’s grandson was there. George smiled. “We may have to think about building something to put a lab in.” He said. “This lab is getting crowded.” He grinned and brought Evan closer. “Evan wanted to sit in on this. He said he was interested in taking a more active position with us.” I smiled. “Great!” I looked over at the still slumbering Wayne. “How’s Wayne?” George smiled, but gave a slight nod. “His heart rate is falling, but that’s to be expected. He’ll get the other dose tonight. He looks better!” He looked at the canister I was carrying. “Good move. I’m not sure if the craving has ended. We’ll soon see.” He said. “I hope it’s working as we hoped. I’ve never done one of these vampires, but we’ll find out. When he’s awake and before we give the next dose, I need to get a sample of his blood.” “We’ll wait before we move him then.” I nodded. Looking at my watch, I could see it was nearly sunset. Colin and I went in the cage with Wayne. He had color. Not much, but it was there! “When we do move him.” I grinned. “Maybe Gabriella can trim his hair.” I looked at him. “He does have that Wolverine look.” “Or Dagwood.” Colin chuckled. He looked at me and my puzzled expression. “Oh, come on. Blondie?” “The singer?” “The Sunday newspaper comic strip!” Colin rolled his eyes. “Infant.” I jabbed him in the gut slightly. “Comic books I know. Newspaper is…old fashioned.” Colin just huffed. It was like clockwork when Wayne moved and began to wake up. He opened his eyes and I smiled at him. He had moisture now. His eyes were dark, which I knew, but they were a chocolate brown. He smiled at Colin as he sat up. Then he frowned as he rubbed his chest. “Ow.” I nodded. “Yea.” I smiled. “Ow.” I held up the canister. “Are you hungry?” Wayne sat up and thought. Then his eyes widened. “No!” He said in delighted surprise. Colin smiled as he sat by Wayne. “Great!” “It will be another day before we reintroduce food to you.” I said sitting on the other side of Wayne. “Your body has to get used to working again.” Wayne nodded. He was still having a little difficulty with words. “I…understand.” He did a circle at his own temple. “Fog…clearing…not gone.” He smiled. “Yet.” He pointed to his chest. “Again?” “You have a few more doses.” Colin said. I pointed to George. “He needs some blood to make sure you’re getting what you need. He needs more blood.” Wayne nodded. “Okay.” “We’re going to ask you later what you remember.” Colin said. “Not now, but you can think about it now. We’re hoping with more serum the fog will clear up completely and you can tell us.” Wayne frowned and pointed to himself. “Remember.” He said sadly. “Horrible.” “I can only imagine.” I said. Dr. Hathaway came to the door of the cage. “Am I safe now if I come in?” Wayne looked at her. “No…hurt…you.” “We’ll be with you the whole way.” I reassured again. Wayne smiled. “Thank you.” George took the sample of his blood and tested it. “We may have to wait one more day before we move him to the house. This venom is trying like mad to reassert itself and take control again.” Colin nodded. “One more night on the cot won’t hurt him.” I looked at Wayne as he talked with Dr. Hathaway. “His speech is better.” I mentioned. “He says he remembers.” I looked at Colin and George. “Maybe he can shed light on these other vampires.” I shook my head. “I don’t want to overwhelm him tonight.” George smiled. “He still has a ways to go.” At about eleven that night, we got ready for another dose. As bad as it had hurt before, Wayne was willing to do it again. Not happy about it, but knowing it was working and therefore worth it. George came to Wayne. “With us, we took it in the arm the next day.” He frowned. “I’ll feel better if I put in your heart again.” Wayne nodded. “Bad…vampire…this.” He laid back down. Once again, George inserted the needle and injected the serum. It didn’t take long for the serum to again cause the pain. Wayne was more prepared for it, but it still hurt a great deal. I looked George. “Is it possible to do a lower dose more often?” George shook his head. “That is an idea. The serum is doing the job adhering to the venom, but the venom is trying to regain control. When he goes to the house; I need to get that blood level up.” He put the syringe away. “A vampire no longer fearing the sun is needed, but to get there, I may have to increase the times given.” He frowned again. “I may be making a more concentrated disc for him to keep the level.” Dr. Hathaway talked with George most of that night going over his research and findings. She was finding out about the serum and its chemical composition. Colin and I remained with Wayne again holding his hand and refusing to leave. It was again a long night, but he at last stopped writhing and lay still. I didn’t need to touch his neck to see his pulse had returned to near normal again. The next night we came down and Wayne looked even better. More color was in his face and he had again moisture in his eyes. George did another test of his blood. “Not quite stable yet,” George reported, “but I think he can be moved to the house.” I grinned at Wayne. “You are being moved to a bedroom.” Wayne looked surprised. “I…don’t…know…where…am.” Colin chuckled. “Boy, are you in for a surprise.” I smiled at Wayne. “How’s the fog?” Wayne nodded. “Clearing.” He smiled. “Think…better.” “Good!” I said and walked with him to the door of the cage. “We’re taking you to a room. We’ll show you where Colin and I sleep. If you need something, that’s where we’ll be.” Wayne nodded and looked at Colin and me. “Married?” Colin nodded. “Yes, we’re married. Does that bother you?” Wayne shook his head. “Jealous.” He smiled and patted both Colin’s and my arms. “Lucky.” He thought. “What…year?” I frowned. “What year is it?” Wayne nodded. “Its 2021.” I said. Wayne looked surprised. “What year do you remember? What was it when you became a vampire?” Colin asked. “1973.” Wayne said. “Unfortunately, we can’t send you back in time.” I said softly. “I’m sorry.” I didn’t want to remind him of things until he was ready. “Let’s see where you’ll be staying.” Just leaving the barn his eyes widened at the gardens and the house that loomed brightly lit. Going in the house, his eyes grew even more. “I remember…this place.” “You’ve been here?” Colin asked. “Never.” Wayne answered. “Too fancy.” “Well, now you’re staying here.” I smiled. We showed him where we were staying on our wing. Then we showed him to the room he would be in. He did what people did when the saw our house the first time and did that little turn to see it all. “We’ll be bringing you food tomorrow.” I said. “Are you hungry now?” Wayne shook his head, but smiled at where he was staying. “Not yet. Will I be eating again?” I nodded. “Of course you will. You need nourishment.” Wayne sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, but on the edge of the couch, like sitting back in it was…not welcome. “I knew about the ones at night. That speak, but hunt. I saw you and the ones that catch me.” He said. “I see others like I was. Have you seen the others?” Colin walked over to Wayne. “Others? We have been helping others that can speak to become like us.” “The others? They’re not like us?” I asked. Wayne shook his head. “No…not like you.” He frowned. “There are others.” He was getting better at speaking, but sometimes had to work out what he needed to say. “The others…naked…” he pulled on his own hair. “…no hair.” “Bald?” I asked. Wayne nodded. “Bald everywhere.” He sighed. “I’ve seen only two.” He shuddered. “I was bitten by one. Naked and no hair anywhere.” I looked at Colin. “The ones we’re looking for?” I asked Colin. “When our friends found you. You didn’t fight them.” Colin said. Wayne nodded. “I sense...the people, not vampire, but feel different to me. I see vampires with them.” He shrugged. “The vampires like you. I curious. I was scared, but I didn’t fight.” I looked at Colin. “He wanted to get caught.” I said to Colin. “A vampire, no hair and naked? We’ve never seen those.” Colin looked at Wayne. “Do you remember where you were bitten?” Wayne nodded. “In the mine.” He was struggling with coming up with sentences. “I was…working in a mine.” He explained. “I survey.” “You weren’t a miner?” I asked. Wayne shook his head. “No. I would map routes.” He explained. “Some mines are old…and new ways to mine…I was mapping old tunnels…go back in.” “Mines that may still have something in them and they were going back in.” My eyes widened. “You had to be good in math.” Wayne chuckled. “Yes.” But now, he could produce tears and he began to cry silently. “I’m grateful you have done this…but…” I came over and sat by him on the couch. “But?” He wiped his face. “I was married.” He said sadly and now cried more. “We had just found out she was pregnant.” Colin sat on the other side of him. “I’m sorry.” Wayne sniffed and nodded. “I don’t know what happened to her.” He sighed. “2021? Did she have the baby? Was it a boy or a girl?” He looked at me. “Were they happy? Are they still alive?” This was a whole new ballgame. “What was your whole name?” “Wayne Dawson Scott.” He said. “My wife was Rosalind.” “We can find out.” I said rubbing his back and then I thought maybe he wouldn’t appreciate that now. I stopped. Wayne looked at me sensing I didn’t want to crowd him. “You have always cared about me.” He said as he cried. “Even when I was that…horrible…thing. Please, don’t stop now. I need you.” He looked at Colin. “I need both of you.” He turned into me and buried his head against me, which I held him there. Colin and I both held him while he cried. “You’re not alone, Wayne.” Colin said. “We’ll talk more about the others. When you feel better about talking.” There was nothing we could say to make it better, but we just sat with him until George came in. “We need to give the next dose.” He looked at Wayne who was crying. “Are you okay?” Wayne shook his head. “No.” I smiled at George. “He misses his family.” “Sure he does.” George smiled sympathetically. “I did, too.” Colin said. I stood up. “While you’re getting him ready, I’ll send a message to Stan. I’ll see what he can find.” I left George and Colin with Wayne. They would understand. I hadn’t lost my family. They could relate more to that than I could. I quickly got on the computer in the library and sent Stan the message with the information I had been given and knew he could find it. I brought the tablet with me. I came in the room again as George had Wayne on the bed and was inserting the serum. It again started the pain and he suffered again. Colin and I remained as always with Wayne. In many ways, it seemed Wayne wanted the pain, to take his mind off his personal pain. Another day and another sunrise. Only this time, Wayne was in a comfortable bed and asleep. Colin and I really didn’t talk that much that morning, but went to bed quietly. “I knew what he felt.” Colin said. I looked up at Colin. “I know.” “The problem is…Gabriella is alive and here.” He sighed. “Who knows about his wife and child?” I nodded. “We will. If there’s anything about them in records, Stan will find them.” “What if it’s not good news?” I smiled a little bitter. “He deserves to know.” The next night I answered my emails and I smiled at what I found. Colin and I went to Wayne again, but this time, we didn’t wait for sunset. Knocking on Wayne’s door. “It’s open.” Wayne said quietly almost too quiet. When we entered, he was looking completely lost. “Why am I doing this? Why take the serum?” Wayne asked. “My wife probably moved on. Why am I doing this? I should stop the serum and just walk into the sun!” “I have a reason for you not to.” I smiled and held the tablet up. “Wouldn’t you like to meet your grandchildren?” He looked up suddenly. “Grandchildren!?” “Three.” I smiled. “I’m sorry, but your wife died five years ago from cancer, but you had a daughter, she was adopted by Dennis Tyler. Her name was changed. Your wife and Dennis raised a daughter, her is named Katie. She’s married and lives in Edinburgh.” Wayne’s mouth was open, but he wasn’t saying anything. Shock. “Katie had two girls and a boy.” I added bouncing as I told him of the grandchildren. “And guess what the little boy’s name is.” Wayne still wasn’t saying anything. “Katie named him,” I looked at him, “Wayne!”
  7. We could have new possible allies with the agents of the Military Intelligence. Jerry would soon be on the serum and maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to speak. I needed sleep! I had been up since the beginning of evening the day before. I did sleep hard. It was three the following afternoon when I woke up. Yet, I wasn’t alone. I rolled over to see Colin sitting up in bed reading. “You didn’t have to stay in bed.” I said smiling at Colin. Colin smiled down from his book. “No, I didn’t.” He quickly checked where he was in the book and then tossed it aside. Literally, he tossed it aside. “I also didn’t have to get up.” He stretched out beside me. “It’s Sunday afternoon and we don’t work until tonight, so I stayed with my favorite person.” He smiled kissing me. I brought him down closer. “You’re my favorite person, too.” We began to make love. “This is a nice way to wake up.” I grinned. We finally got up and came down about five o’clock. Of course, Colin was ravenous. I chuckled as he was eating. “Don’t let it get away.” I patted his hand. Colin shrugged. “I’m hungry.” I smiled touching his face and kissed him while he was chewing. “I know.” “So, what’s on the agenda for Jerry?” I smiled when he said that. “You’re really wanting to work with Jerry?” Colin smiled a little guiltily. “I think I need to.” He looked at me. “I am still a little jealous of Jerry.” He put a hand on my arm and raised his hand to stop the objection he knew I’d have. “It’s stupid, I know. We don’t need to rehash that. I think maybe if I spend time with Jerry, I’ll see him as you do.” I thought about what he said. “So, he’s not just a wild vampire to you now?” “No.” Colin said. “I’m seeing him as a victim. I don’t see him as a child, but…” I took a deep breath. “He is a child right now. He doesn’t talk, but he understands me. Since I’ve been taking his blood to him when he wakes up, he doesn’t hiss or growl or anything aggressive.” I tried to get him to see that. “Other than Dave and Debbie coming at the time of feeding, he reacted violently to them because they are a target. Taking that urge away, he is a very nice guy…he expresses emotions. He laughed the other day! He saw me last night and he hugged me!” Colin looked startled. “He hugged you?” “He was glad to see me. He was worried about me coming back.” I explained. “Does a wild vampire worry about anything other than getting blood?” Now Colin was thinking what this meant. “I don’t know. I never tried to find out.” He looked at me again. “He doesn’t talk but he communicates?” I shrugged. “He doesn’t have to talk. I can tell what he means or wants. He smiles now and he is calm. He’s in there, I just want to reach him.” Now Colin’s smile softened. “I can’t imagine anyone else can, but you. What can I do to help?” I shrugged. “He’s only been here a week, but he’s improved so much even without the serum.” Colin laughed. “Maybe my jealousy was a little justified. You really like him.” I couldn’t believe he said that. “I do. You will, too. Just spend some time with him.” I suggested. “And you have nothing to worry about. You’re my husband. You come first.” Colin nodded as the others came in for dinner. “Hi, guys!” Chuck greeted as he sat down. “How are things?” “Fine.” Colin smiled. Shelly also sat. “About Jerry...” She started. I looked at her. “What about him?” “Chuck was telling me…he may not have been that wild.” She said hesitantly. I laughed with a doubtful expression. “He was wild. He was very wild, but he’s coming along nicely.” She sat forward. “The reason I ask…he wasn’t hunting any person when we caught him.” “He wasn’t?” Colin asked. “He was feeding on a sheep.” Shelly began. “He didn’t take much to get him corralled and in the cage.” “Really?” I sat back. “Maybe if I’d given that vampire a chance before…” She began. I shook my head. “No, Shelly. Don’t start second guessing.” I said firmly. “The vampire we encountered with that runner was after that woman and we know it.” Colin raised his hands to stop the discussion. “We may want to rethink our patrols.” He said simply. “Give the wild vampire an option.” “Like what?” Shelly asked. “I suggest you take blood with you.” Colin said. “Like Jerry, he may not recognize what a bag of blood is. There has to be available blood to lure the vampire.” I thought. “Of course, it they are clearly in pursuit of a human they need to be stopped whatever the cost. If it’s like Jerry, offer the option.” I looked at the clock. “Oh! It’s nearly sunset. There’s a vampire that needs his blood.” Colin smiled. “I’ll be with Jerry and Devon tonight.” He told them and came with me. I got the blood and we just made it before the last of the sun went below the horizon. We watched as Jerry began to wake and stretch. He sat up and looked around, not anxious at all. His gaze came to me and he smiled. “See?” I said to Colin as I waved at Jerry. “He smiles!” The cage door was open all the time now and I just walked in taking the blood bags out of the canister. “Hi, Jerry!” I was stunned when he opened his mouth and attempted to reply. I touched his shoulder. “That’s okay. You’re trying. You will talk when you’re able.” I said handing him the blood. “No pressure from us.” I used association with him. Showed him pictures of things and waited for a response we could see. I watched as Jerry kept looking at Colin. He wasn’t sure about Colin. Perhaps because Colin was always seen with me, Jerry thought he should risk trust. George was continuing to work with what he could get from Jerry. He came over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. “I need to speak with you.” “Sure.” I said getting up. I always left Jerry with a touch. “I’ll be right over there.” George got me away from Jerry. I smiled as Colin moved closer to Jerry and began talking to him. “I don’t know how he will react to the serum.” George confessed. I frowned. “Was there a problem with the sample you took? You put the serum with the sample, right?” He nodded. “Yes.” “Will it work?” I asked. He gave a hesitant nod. “Maybe.” He sighed. “The human parts of his venom may help the reaction. Ours does. He just doesn’t have that much.” He explained. He looked at me. “It will hurt.” I nodded. “It did with us.” He shook his head. “I mean, it may hurt longer, perhaps more.” He shrugged. “I tell everyone before and they accept the chance. How do I ask Jerry if he wants this?” I looked at Jerry. “He doesn’t deserve this.” I said sadly and sighed. “I can get through to him on some level. I’ll tell him.” George nodded. “You may want to wait until Monday night.” “Because of the doctor Dave and Debbie are bringing?” George shrugged. “Seeing Jerry will add credence to our claim.” I nodded. “I’ll wait until then.” I smiled as I saw Colin laughing at something with Jerry. “I’m glad Colin is relating with Jerry. I’m glad Jerry is relating to Colin.” I looked at George. “He tried to speak tonight.” George’s eyes widened. “Did he?” He smiled looking at Jerry. “I’d love to do a brain scan.” My eyes widened. “You mean like a CT or MRI?” George shook his head. “Nothing that traumatic for Jerry. I have skull cap he can wear. It will measure the areas that are active in his brain when we stimulate him.” I shrugged. “We can do that. There are a few hours left. Do you want to do it now?” George nodded. “Why not?” He went to his lab table and brought out this soft, cap thing. It had electrodes on it. “You put it on him.” He handed me the cap. “This goes in the front.” I shook my head. “He won’t hurt you, George.” I reminded George. George smiled. “He probably won’t, but I know he won’t hurt you.” I held the cap up. “No wires?” “Wireless.” George said going back to the computer. Going to Jerry, I sat by him. “Jerry.” He looked at me. “We are still trying to help you.” Jerry smiled and nodded. “Good. What we’d like to do, is find out what’s going on in your head.” I had to laugh when he looked puzzled and covered his head with his hands. “No, we’re not going in your head.” I held up the cap. “I’d like to put this on you. It will tell us what’s going on. No pain.” Jerry relaxed and nodded. “Thanks, Jerry.” We again used some pictures and things to see if he’d react. After a few hours of this I saw Jerry yawn. I looked at the clock and realized it was nearly sunrise again. We had a good night. Colin was more relaxed and Jerry was, too. I grinned at Jerry. “It’s nearly bedtime.” Colin looked at me. “Aww.” He said disappointed. I chuckled. “You boys can play again tomorrow.” I shook my head. Jerry smiled and stood up. We watched as he struggled, his mouth was working. A second or two later… “…ank ou.” I was startled, but then… “Holy SHIT!” George exclaimed suddenly. He turned to us. “What did you just do?” Colin looked puzzled. “Jerry just said something!” George looked back at his screen. “That explains it.” He pointed. “The scan was pretty active, but just now the area of his brain…the speech center went crazy!” I went to the computer and watched the scan. “Sorry, I can’t read that.” He pointed to the computer screen. He pulled up the 3D image of Jerry’s scull. “The areas active is highlighted in red. When he spoke, the areas of the brain, the area that controls speech lit up like the fourth of July!” I nodded. “His brain is working!” “It’s working overtime.” George said nodding. “This so interesting!” He sat down and began looking over the scan. “It’s almost sunrise.” I said. “Jerry is tired.” George nodded and waved. “That’s okay, I’ve got hours of information to sort through.” Colin came up behind us. “George.” He said putting his hand on George’s shoulder. “Do not forget Burke.” George looked torn now. “But this is…” he looked at the screen. “…not going anywhere.” I finished. “It’s saved on the computer, isn’t it?” George looked disappointed. “Yes.” He said sadly. He stood. “Fine. I’ll do it this afternoon.” I walked back to Jerry and pulled the cap off his head. I grinned at Jerry. “You did great, Jerry!” I hugged him. Jerry smiled to me. “…ank ou.” Jerry said again. I hugged him again. “You are so welcome, Jerry.” Jerry smiled and this time struggled another time. “No…erry.” He said. “I…ayne.” I smiled more. “Duane?” He shook his head. “No…w.w.wayne.” I looked in his eyes. “Your name is Wayne?” He nodded. I took his hand and shook it. “It’s nice to meet you, Wayne.” Colin had come up behind me. He was smiling at Jerry…or Wayne. “You can talk!” He smiled at Wayne. Wayne was working to get it out. “Hard.” I smiled. “But it seems to be getting easier.” I looked at the clock. “I’ll be back, but you need to rest.” I pointed to the clock. “It’s sunrise.” Wayne nodded. “I look forward to hearing more.” I said to Wayne. After Wayne was resting as peaceful as a vampire can, we went back upstairs. Once Colin had consumed a good meal, we went upstairs to bed. I waited for Colin to finish in the bathroom. When he came out he was smiling. “You were right.” Colin said as he came to get in bed. “Wayne is a nice guy.” I smiled as Colin stretched out beside me. “I’m glad you see that.” “He spoke.” Colin said amazed. “I have no doubt that was because of you.” I shook my head. “He did that on his own. I may have helped him get to that part of himself, but it was all him.” I sighed. “This is one of the first times…other than Gabriella…I feel like I’m doing something positive.” “Later today, we have people coming from MI5.” Colin said, but his face was not saying it as a necessarily good. “I hope I was right trusting Dave.” “We need their backing.” I nodded. “We should contact Ruben, Congresswoman Chance and Senator Cook. Get them ready.” “Good idea.” Colin smiled as he kissed me. When he quit, I chuckled as he yawned. “We’ll pick things up from this point after a few hours’ sleep.” I suggested kissing Colin. “See you later.” At dinner…or in our case, breakfast. We gathered waiting for Dave, Debbie and whomever they brought with them to see what we were doing. It was decided to not go patrolling tonight. We had asked Dave to make it as near sundown as he could make it. It was Nigel that brought not three guests, but four. We all rose as the new guests arrived. Dave Burrows smiled, but he was a bit…cautious. He waved at a woman who was…almost a little plump. She was in her late fifties, but tried to look forty. Her hair was grey done in an attractive style and she was about five feet and five inches. The word matronly was the best descriptive term. The other was a man…the word for him…was bored. “This is Doctor Hathaway. Dr. Jolene Hathaway. She’s been utilized from everything from Forensics to possible contagions and germ warfare.” Then he turned to the man. He was in his late forties, balding with hair that was turning grey at his temples and dusted in his formally black hair who wore a nice suit I knew wasn’t off the rack. “This is Eric Maddingly. He is…my Unit’s Director.” Dave looked at us. “He insisted on being included.” “Why, may I ask, was it important that we come at this hour?” Director Maddingly asked gruffly. I didn’t need Colin’s abilities to sense this would be a tough man to convince. “Boy, you don’t waste time.” I growled. Director Maddingly frowned. “My time is valuable.” Colin nodded. “And so is ours.” He said with equal gruffness. “If you’ll come with us?” I said coming around the table. “I’ll show you why it was important you came at this hour.” I smiled. “I need to get something.” Nigel and his wife knew to have the canister needed ready which I got. I was hoping Wayne would react to these people true to his nature. We began walking to the barn. “What have you been told about what we’re doing here?” Colin asked. Director Maddingly was outwardly appearing put upon. “David said something about a contagion? That you were working on something to battle it? His lack of information about what sort of contagion was trying my patience.” “Seeing is believing.” I said leading them down to the storage area. I smiled to see that Wayne was up and looking for me. I wasn’t disappointed as Wayne’s nose twitched and he caught their scent immediately. He instantly threw himself violently against the bars and hissed reaching to grab them. George had locked Wayne’s cage when he went down for this reason. What I liked was Dr. Hathaway’s lack of reaction. She didn’t scream or even jump, but Director Maddingly did jump back. “Good GOD!!” Director Maddingly said in shock. “What the devil…” “Not the Devil, Director Maddingly.” I said. “This is Wayne. He is a vampire.” I waved at Wayne who was now hissing and showing his fangs. “Intriguing!” Dr. Hathaway said and even came closer to Wayne. She was fascinated. “A real vampire.” It wasn’t a question. She knew what Wayne was. “He’s dangerous!!” Director Maddingly said and looked like he would go forward to stop Dr. Hathaway. “Don’t be silly, he’s in a cage.” Dr. Hathaway said logically. “These people seem to have him controlled.” I grinned at her. “I’m glad you see that.” I looked at Wayne. “What did I ask you not to do, Wayne?” Wayne looked at me and sort of stopped hissing, but he still bared his fangs and was still silently hissing. “His name is Wayne?” Dr. Hathaway asked. “I’d called him Jerry before I found out.” I said. “I’ve made some good progress with him the past week.” “Progress!?” Director Maddingly asked stunned. “He should be destroyed!” I looked at the man. “Why?” I backed up until I was next to Wayne’s cage. Wayne was right next to me. “He’s not threatening me.” Colin walked next to me as he smiled. “He doesn’t threaten me, either.” I opened the canister. “I have what he needs.” I said as I offered a bag of blood to Wayne who simply took the bag and started consuming the blood. “But he would have attacked you.” Colin said. “You are a target. We’re not.” He smiled at Wayne. “He is a vampire. We’ll show you the evidence. He would be dangerous.” He said watching Wayne consume the whole bag and I offered him the second bag. “There are other vampires here.” He said, “…in this room.” Director Maddingly was looking around to see another like Wayne. “Where?” Colin smiled. “That’s the point. You can’t tell.” George came up to us. “We’ll tell you, when you’re ready to listen.” “He should be in a controlled lab at least!” Director Maddingly said still unnerved. “He is.” George said. “In my lab.” “What credentials do you have?” Director Maddingly asked. I smiled. “He has quite a few.” Colin nodded. “Anyone who knows me, knows I hate this period where there are questions to get up to speed. So, here it is. Vampires are a worldwide problem. They are in the United States and in every corner of the globe. They aren’t monsters, but victims of a venom. Innocent people who were bitten and now carry this condition. There is no one better to deal with it than we are.” He patted George’s back. “This is Dr. George Holm and he has worked with this all his life. No one is more acquainted with what’s going on than he is.” He looked back at Director Maddingly. “You have them in England.” Colin laughed. “You have a lot of them in England. We’re treating them.” Now Director Maddingly was again the proud man he appeared to be when we first met him. “Well, if you’re expecting any government funding… “Wrong.” Colin said. “We’re not asking for a dime. We’re simply wanting government awareness.” He explained and went to George’s table and got some papers. “Here is the contact number and email addresses for Congressional contact in the United States; also Senatorial contact and FBI. Have them checked out, but contact them, they will tell you. They have been backing us for some time now.” Director Maddingly took the pages as he read them. Dr. Hathaway was still more interested in Wayne. “You have a treatment? Can he be cured?” George shook his head. “No, but we can take away the threat.” He then explained about the venom, how Wayne’s venom was working as far as he had found out. He explained about the others that were being treated. They began to talk about more scientific findings and treatments. Director Maddingly was listening, but he still wasn’t quite there. “Your knowledge is good.” He said. “You could assist Dr. Hathaway.” George smiled. “No, she could assist me.” “She has two doctorates!” Director Maddingly said. Colin grinned. “George has six.” George smiled. “Well, really seven, but that field was unrelated.” “Seven!?” Dr. Hathaway asked as her eyes grew. “But you’re so young! Even exceptionally bright people need time.” George smiled scratching his ear. “Well, I’m not that young. I’ve been a practicing physician over ninety years. I’ve been working on this for about sixty years.” Director Maddingly frowned. “Don’t be ridiculous.” “I’m a vampire, too.” George said. Colin smiled. “So am I.” “Me, too.” I said waving. Now Director Maddingly was looking more astonished. “But that’s…you were eating! You were in the sun!” George nodded. “And under treatment.” Director Maddingly was still trying accept this new information and was struggling. “We’ve come to weddings here. There were vampires here all along?” “Not just here, but in London, too.” Colin said. “We rescued a young woman, a vampire, Saturday night that was in London. There is a few there as well.” Now Director Maddingly had almost reached his limit. “All this can be proven?” George nodded. “I have the readings, scans and findings.” He waved at the computer. “Not only here in the database, but in my head.” “Wayne will be treated, but we need more information to deal with this threat.” I said. “He is not going anywhere. If we let you have him, you’ll be starting at the beginning. By next week, I hope he will take the treatment well and be like us.” Dr. Hathaway was now looking at Wayne more intently. “But he’s very primitive. If you were the same as he is, how could you come up with this?” George smiled. “Well, Wayne’s venom is different.” Then he went on to explain the differences he found and theories. I smiled and went to the door to the cage of a now much calmer Wayne. I opened the door and saw Director Maddingly look in fear as I entered the cage. “Hello, Wayne.” Wayne looked at me and smiled. “De on.” He said. I smiled at attempt at my name. “We’re going to be doing something soon.” I began. “We have a medicine for you.” I said sitting on the cot by him. “We need to talk about that first.” Wayne nodded. Colin came in with us. He knelt in front of Wayne. “This medicine should help. I took it. Devon took it. It made us better.” George came in as well. “I’ve studied what we got yesterday. Whatever venom he got…it seems to block neurotransmitters in the brain. The venom allows his visual and motor control, but inhibits his speech center.” He sighed. “It is amazing he can talk at all. I guess when the venom isn't needed to find the blood, it relaxes. That’s what helped Wayne to be able to use that previously unused portion of his mind.” I took Wayne’s hand. “I won’t lie to you, Wayne.” I said softly. “It hurt me. I watched it hurt Colin. It will hurt you, too.” “Understand.” George said to Wayne. “We’re not talking about a short run pain. It will last several hours. We’ll have to do it every day for a while.” Colin nodded. “But, if it works…it did for me…it will take away this hunger for blood. You’ll be able to go outside in the day.” He smiled. “Perhaps even think clearer.” “We want to give you a life back.” I said. Wayne looked from George to Colin and then to me. I’ve said it before, if he had the tears that could come, he would be crying. “..ease.” He begged. I nodded. “Then, we’ll get ready. We’ll begin tonight.” Before I could move, Wayne grabbed me in a hug. He then grabbed Colin and did the same and with George. “I’d say he knows and wants this over.” I said to George as I was hugging Wayne. George explained what we were going to do to Director Maddingly and Dr. Hathaway. He picked up a bottle of the serum and a syringe. “This will be hard for Wayne, but he knows what, but just not the extent. You’re welcome to stay and watch.” Dr. Hathaway looked at this as exciting. “I can’t wait.” George smiled at her and went back in the cage. He opened Wayne’s shirt and prepped his chest. “Okay. I have to stick this in your heart the first time. It needs to restart your heart.” He explained. “It will hurt.” George said sadly. “I’m sorry.” Wayne nodded. George took the syringe and inserted the needle and pushed the serum in. I had seen others react, but this time, Wayne arched his back it hurt so much. Colin and I both were instantly by Wayne’s side each taking a hand of Wayne’s each. It was so extreme and like others like Colin and Gabriella, it hurt me to see. “We’re not leaving you, Wayne.” I assured. “We’ll be here the whole time. You’re not alone.” I had tears and I was crying. I saw that Colin’s face wasn’t dry either.
  8. The investigator looked so…blown away by what Colin said he just kept backing up. George looked at Colin in horror. “Colin!” Colin frowned at George. “We need allies!” The investigator was shaking his head. “This is a joke.” He said refusing to believe. I questioned Colin’s telling the man, too. I walked to Colin. “Colin, maybe…” Colin looked at me. “I’m right, Devon.” Colin urged me to believe. “You know I have these feelings…I think we should trust him.” I looked and Colin was right. “You’re right.” I said moving my head toward his and placed it against Colin. “I’m sorry.” Colin looked at the investigator again. “I’m trusting you, Mr. Burrows. I’ve just outted a lot of people. Was I wrong to tell you?” The investigator was still looked at as he is working it out in his mind. “But it’s just…” he said again, “…impossible.” I looked at the investigator. “What’s impossible? That Jerry is a vampire?” I waved at Jerry who was still looking angrily at the investigator. “Or that we also vampires?” I opened the container. “Maybe it will be easier once Jerry calms down.” I picked a bag of blood out of the container. “He has a need that’s making you are target. The reason is simple as to why he doesn’t see us as targets. We are already vampires.” I said and turned to Jerry. “Here, Jerry. This will help.” Gone was the snatching of the blood. Jerry simply reached for the blood and drank it. The investigator was working on the idea, but he was still having trouble. “I saw you eating and you were walking in the sun!” I nodded. “All which can be explained.” I assured. “If you’re willing to listen.” Colin smiled. “I have the feelings about people, Mr. Burrows. Tell me I wasn’t wrong to trust you.” The investigator was beginning to relax a little. “Dave.” He said. I smiled. “You say that because?” “It’s my name. Dave.” The investigator said. “So, explain about…” he looked at Jerry. “…him.” “This is a man that became a victim.” I said. “He is a nice man inside. I know it.” Dave shook his head. “He’s hideous.” “At one time, he was a woman’s son. He is in his thirties, I think. He may have been someone’s husband or lover.” I said. “He had a life.” I frowned. “Your first reaction was to kill him.” Dave shrugged. “I just…reacted.” I nodded. “Of course, you did.” “We are vampires, but we have a treatment that we take.” Colin said. “It makes us able to have a life.” He looked at Dave. “There are people here that need you.” Dave’s eyes widened. “I can’t do this alone.” He said simply. “Can I call my partner? She needs to witness this, too.” Colin nodded. “Certainly. We’ll wait for her before we explain more.” It was while Jerry was consuming his second bag that George came over. “You let them in.” George said. Colin nodded. “We need him.” “But you didn’t ask anyone!” George said in a loud whisper. “He could betray us.” I was with Jerry who was finishing the second bag, but looking at Dave very carefully. I confident with my connection with Jerry now. I rubbed his arm through the bars as he drank his blood. I looked at George. “Has he been wrong about people in the past?” I asked. George looked at me and had to shake his head. “I don’t want this time to be that one time he is wrong.” He looked again at Colin. “That was very dangerous.” Colin smiled with a nod. “I know.” A few minutes later, Dave said he needed to go to the surface and returned with the woman that was his partner. “This is Deborah Saxon.” Dave said. “We’re both with MI5.” Edwin nodded. “Which part?” Ms. Saxon shook our hands. “We gather information.” She explained. “Possible foreign terrorists.” She said not quite pointedly. Dave chuckled. “Well, it was terrifying, but they aren’t Terrorists.” Ms. Saxon looked at Dave. “So, what are they?” Showing her Jerry who was satiated now and calm. She looked baffled. “Now, you were going to tell me how he’s different from you?” Dave asked. “No.” I smiled. “We were going to explain why we’re different. We aren’t like him.” I said touching Jerry. “But we aren’t like you, either.” We explained what we are, what Jerry was as far as we knew. We ended with them as they were taken upstairs where Colin and Edwin were going explain more about what we were. I knelt by Jerry. “That wasn’t fair, I know.” I said to Jerry. “I’m sorry.” I grinned as Jerry smiled at me. “I’ll take that as your forgiveness.” I felt nothing from Jerry, but good feelings. I raised a portion of his hair. “Do you mind if I clean you up more?” Jerry looked puzzled again. I touched my hair and the brought some of his hair into his vision. He snickered! A vampire that laughs? He then nodded. I nodded and went to get some scissors. Matt was watching me. “You know Colin will have a fit if he finds out about this.” I looked back at Jerry. “Jerry’s not a threat.” I wasn’t as good as Gabriella was with Willie, but he looked so much better! I even could trim his beard. What was there was a long time growing. It had been years since his last haircut and shave. Looking at him when I was done, I smiled again at Jerry. “My goodness, Jerry. You’re a heartthrob.” Whether he understood or not, he smiled as he ran his hand over his face. I looked at the abundance of hair on the cage floor. “Can we get another sample of his venom?” George asked. “The venom begins breaking down almost immediately…” He held out the jar. I held the jar up to Jerry who smiled and did it again. This time, I didn’t guide him. He remembered and gave his sample and handed the jar back. I looked at Jerry. “I will clean up.” I pointed to the door of the cage. “I’m not shutting the door. Can I trust you?” Jerry smiled. I did clean up and Jerry remained where he was. George kept looking at us, but continued to work. It was a few more hours before our guests returned with Colin, Edwin and Willie. Colin looked at Jerry and looked surprised. He looked at me and shook his head. “You said you were going cut his hair.” He shrugged. “Can we see what you have?” Deborah asked. Colin went to George. “What can we show them?” George smiled. “Quite a bit now.” He motioned to the computer he was working with. He pointed to the screen. We’ve all seen the DNA breakdown. Little slots that showed the various alignments. “This is a normal human DNA chain.” He looked at Chuck. “His, in fact.” He pointed to the screen. “This is ours.” The screen changed. Deborah nodded. “I understand what I’m looking at, but reading it is not my strong suit.” George nodded. “Very well.” He hit the buttons again. “This is the breakdown of the venom we have in us.” He ran a finger over the readings. “This shows our venom contains many parts of the human nucleotides. The order and make up show many parts that are human.” He hit the button again. “This is Jerry’s.” He ran his finger over the screen. “He has some human nucleotides, but not nearly as many.” He looked at Deborah and Dave. “He is what he is because of this.” Deborah nodded. “Can he be treated?” George gave a shrugging nod. “He’ll be my first one that is…what we consider a wild vampire.” He looked at a petri dish. “I’m testing his blood and venom with the serum now.” Colin walked over to me and kissed me gently. “He looks almost human.” He grinned. “But why does he remind me of Hugh Jackman in that movie? The X-Men?” I looked back at Jerry. He did sort of look like Wolverine. “It wasn’t consciously done.” I shrugged and grinned. “He is handsome, though.” Jerry was smiling almost nonstop now. Deborah didn’t dare to come close to Jerry. She looked at Dave. “We don’t have the clearance to really do anything.” She looked at George. “Can we have one of our medical people look at this?” George frowned. “If he does it here.” He pointed at the computer. “This network and computer is secure. I won’t risk letting it slip out to others.” He words were friendly, but he was making sure they knew it would be hard to hack into. Deborah nodded. “We have a doctor we can use.” She smiled. “He doesn’t have nearly the decades of experiences, but he can be shown and understand.” She looked at George and then me. “And you don’t want anything?” Colin shook his head. “What we want is to attack this vampire problem head on. There are literally thousands out there around the world. We can only do one place at time. We chose here because a vampire came to the United States that is responsible for almost every vampire there…she came from here.” “Here?” Deborah repeated. “Where is she now?” “In a holding area run by the FBI.” I said. She nodded. “Okay.” She sighed as she pinched her nose. “This is all…so…unbelievable.” I chuckled. “I know.” I put my hand on Jerry. “But if we can help someone here that’s suffering, like Jerry here. It’s worth it.” The meeting with whomever they had in mind would be the following week. In the meantime, I worked with Jerry. I was very pleased with how much he was trusting me. He no longer was anxious or violent. Getting a guaranteed supply of blood, he knew he didn’t have to be. More importantly; he remembered! It was later after the sun was rising, that we came back upstairs and got something to eat. Colin smiled. “You were right.” He said softly. “I was wrong.” I looked at Colin in surprise. “Wrong about what?” Colin gave a grudging nod. “About Jerry.” I smiled at Colin. “You were wrong about what with Jerry?” “You saw him as no threat. I only saw him as a dangerous vampire.” I chuckled. “You weren’t wrong, Colin. He was a dangerous vampire.” I nodded. “He still will be if not supplied with blood and finally the serum. I’m not sure how he will make out.” Colin took my hand. “With you guiding him, he’ll be fine.” He smiled again. “You’ve become very attached to Jerry.” I nodded. “Sure. I just know he’s a good man. Right now, he needs someone to look out for him. That’s me.” “How will he make it when we go to London?” I frowned. “I promised Willie I’d help him pick out the ring for Mom. We promised Lilly we’d be there.” I shrugged. “I’ll tell Jerry what will happen. I think George can handle Jerry one night.” That Friday night…into Saturday morning. I told Jerry what was going to happen. “Okay.” I said to Jerry. “I will be gone when you wake up.” He understood me, because I saw his eyes become worried. I touched his arm. “I’m coming back, I swear.” I said in a hurry. “I’m not leaving you, Jerry.” I assured. “I wouldn’t do that. I really like you, Jerry. I will be back. In fact, I will be back before you go to bed.” Jerry was comforted a little, but he was still worried. We went to London as soon as I was finished with Jerry. This would be a long day. I slept on the way to London. Gabriella came with us as we went to London Jewelers and got Mom a ring. She was there to help Lilly, but we told her she was there to help Willie pick out the ring. Willie shook his head as they handed him the ring in that distinctive box. “I can’t believe how expensive this is!” Gabriella nodded with a smile. “It’s a marque solitaire. She’ll love it.” She assured. “She’ll love it because you gave it to her.” At the agreed time, we were waiting for Lilly at the agreed spot. We waited. The agreed time came and went. It was two hours after the agreed time Gabriella sat up suddenly. “I feel them.” She frowned. “I smell them.” “Them?” I repeated. “How many is them?” Gabriella shook her head as she sorted her senses. “Two…I think.” We got out of the SUV. Now, I was sensing the two. We saw the figure running toward us. It was Lilly. I saw the man running after her. “Help me!” Lilly shouted. Willie, Colin and I stepped forward as she ran to us. Gabriella was right behind as Lilly came within arms’ reach. Lilly stopped when we stepped in front of her, blocking the male pursuer. “Stop!” Colin shouted and the male vampire did stop. “That’s Paul.” Lilly explained. “The man that made me this. He was following me. He knows something’s going on.” “Paul.” I said. “This is not the way to win her back.” The man stopped. “She’s leaving me?” He asked, not believing it. “She’s a grown woman.” Gabriella said. “Why should she remain here? She’s chosen a way out. She can do that.” “Lilly!” Paul said pleading. “I’m going with them.” Lilly said firmly. “There is no us anymore.” Willie stepped forward. “Don’t even think about doing anything. She has chosen.” We helped Lilly in the SUV and Colin drove away. Lilly sighed in relief. “I wasn’t sure you’d wait.” She smiled. “Thank you for doing that.” I turned to Lilly. “As you can sense. These two are vampires like me and Colin. This is Colin’s daughter Gabriella and my future stepfather, Willie.” Lilly shook their hands. “It’s so good to meet you all.” She smiled. “I am so glad to be out of London.” We got back to Thornwood before sunrise. Gabriella, Willie and Colin were taking Lilly to the underground room to be safe. “I promised Jerry I’d be back.” I said to Colin. “I’ve got to see him.” Colin nodded. “I’ll be down soon.” I raced back to the barn and ran downstairs. George was talking to Jerry, but Jerry was pacing. He looked up at me when I came down. “Hi, Jerry.” I smiled. “I promised I’d be back.” Jerry looked like a ton of worry was suddenly lifted. We hadn’t locked him in for a while. The door was open and he rushed to me. I smiled as he grabbed me in a hug! A hug! George sighed. “Thank god.” He said. “He was like a caged tiger, pacing, not sitting down or relaxing…” I hugged Jerry back. “It’s okay, Jerry. I’m back.” I smiled. “I promised I would be.” I rubbed his back. “I’m glad to see you, too.” “It will be sunrise in an hour.” George said as he walked out of the cage. “He’s all yours.” I pulled Jerry back into the cage. “I’m sorry, Jerry. There were some things that took a little extra time.” If Jerry had tears, he would like many I’d seen be crying. He put his head on my shoulder as I rubbed his back as we sat on the cot. Colin came down almost as Jerry was getting too sleepy to stay awake. He frowned, but didn’t say anything. I got up and moved Jerry back on the cot as I lay him down. “I’ll be here when you wake up. I promise.” Jerry nodded and closed his eyes. I remained until he went into the state all vampires not on the serum go when it becomes day. Well, almost all. Willie was the exception as he had one long night. I looked over at Colin and I will say, I’ve never seen that face like it was. His whole stance was his arms folded and he was shutting down. I stood coming out of the cage I saw Colin turn away and go back upstairs without a word. “Colin.” He didn’t stop. I took off running after Colin. Catching up with him in the garden. “Colin Wentworth!” I said loud. “Stop!” I watched him stop and he stiffened, but didn’t turn around. “We don’t do this.” I said coming to him. “We don’t have emotions we don’t express. I thought that was a thing that made us great. We tell each other everything. Don’t shut down on me now.” I said coming around him so he could see me. “You’re jealous.” Colin looked frustrated and even a little ashamed. “I can’t help how I feel!” I nodded. “Okay.” I touched his arm. “Jerry is dependent on me. I give him blood when he wakes and talk to him all night…he’s a child! He’s got the body of a full-grown man, but in his mind, he’s a child.” Colin nodded. “I know that.” He said helplessly. “I see how…dependent he is on you. I see how you respond to him.” He closed his eyes against his thoughts. “I know…” he tapped his head, “…what he is in here. I see the closeness and I feel…” he tapped his chest, “…something else I feel in here.” I nodded. “I’ll say it. I love Jerry.” I confessed. “I do. I won’t deny that. He is very dependent on me. He trusts me. I love you, but I’m in love with you, Colin. You know that.” Colin grudgingly nodded. “I know!” He said pitifully. “Why am I feeling this way?” I smiled. “Well, I’ve heard of fathers becoming jealous of a baby when a new baby comes in the parents’ lives. His partner is now focused on someone else.” Colin’s eyes grew. “How does the child…” he thought. “He’s not our child.” I grinned. “Isn’t he?” I came up to Colin. “The fact is, he’s my child, not yours. At least that’s what you seem to think.” Colin shook his head. “What?” He frowned, shaking his head again. “Maybe. I don’t know.” I took Colin’s arm in mine. “And you know what helps?” I asked as we started walking back to the house. Colin smiled. “What?” “We talk about it.” I said. “You and I will have a good meal together, go to our room and make love.” “That’s a treatment?” I gave a shrugging nod. “Of a sort. The other thing is…you need to be more involved with Jerry’s treatment. You can help me not to become too attached. When he goes on the serum and he gains some independence, you can help me tear away from Jerry. I may have a tougher time that he will.” Colin chuckled. “That sounds like a plan.” He leaned in kissing me. “I’m sorry for my bad reaction.” I put my arm around his waist. “You can’t help how you feel. We’ll just promise to deal with it.” I tapped him on the chest. “No walking away.” I said. “Agreed?” “Agreed.” Colin smiled. “I love you, Devon.”
  9. Chuck led Colin and me back to the terrace that overlooked the gardens. He looked as if he were pointing out things on the grounds. “So, just look like I’m pointing at somethings around the estate.” Chuck said calmly. “Now, look at the bluff to the northeast.” He passed a pair of binoculars to us. “Now, scan around, but look where I said.” I pushed the binoculars away. “That’s okay. I see them.” And I could. Not only could I see better at night, but like some animals that can see things you never understood how they could, I saw two people looking through scopes at us. “A man and a woman; dressed like sightseers, but looking directly at us.” “Do we go to them?” Chuck asked. “We can’t just let them watch.” Colin nodded as he was looking also without the need for the binoculars. “What will they see?” He asked Chuck and me. “What they will see is people coming and going, a lot at night, but nothing extraordinary. If they suspect a crime, they’ll come.” “If we find another vampire and bring it here?” I asked. “We do it at night.” Colin shrugged. “It’s usually a covered container, but until we get more places to keep them, that won’t happen.” He smiled pulling me toward him and embraced me. “I’m just giving them something to see now.” He grinned at me kissing me gently. “We’ll just be careful and wait and see what they want.” I slept early so that I would be awake that night with our new vampire. I came down as the sun was getting ready to set with the blood our new guest would crave. It didn’t take long before I saw him stir. George was ready, so was Alex and Willie. They were standing away to make sure he wouldn’t get out and cause damage. Colin came down shortly after the vampire woke up. Again, the vampire was looking around and hissing. “Jerry.” I said to him. “That’s what I’m going to call you, rather than just the vampire.” The response I got from him was the fangs showing. “Yes, I know what you want.” I smiled and opened the container I brought. I held a bag of blood up. “Remember how to get it?” I asked as his eyes changed from aggressive to curious. “I showed you.” I pulled the bag up and showed the port where he would drink from. “I even heated it.” I shrugged. “Blood is blood, but we both know there’s nothing as satisfying as blood from a warm body.” I said as I walked closer, but kept my eyes on Jerry. “I won’t hurt you. You don’t have to hurt anyone.” I came closer. “Devon.” Colin said softly, but clearly not liking I was getting closer. “I’m okay.” I assured without looking back at Colin. “Here, Jerry. I’m giving the blood to you.” The vampire I named Jerry held wonder in those eyes that so desperately needed moisture, reached out and took the bag quickly. He opened the port and the blood was pouring down his throat. Colin walked up behind me. “Jerry?” I chuckled. “I don’t want to call him that vampire.” I shrugged. “You know I like naming things.” “And then what?” Colin asked. I looked up at George. “George needs to oversee what happens, but I’m going to try to reach Jerry.” “I got a message my equipment arrives tomorrow.” George said. “I’ll just watch tonight.” After the first bag, I offered a second. Jerry looked surprised, but took the bag without as much desperation. The other sad part was when Jerry had to go to the bathroom, he just went. He only pissed ammonia right now, but it still smelled. He was not a wild animal! He was a man that had something horrible happen to him. “We need to treat him more like a person.” I said softly. “He’s a monster.” Colin said. “Because he was made to be one.” I said softly. “The venom is making him this way.” I turned to Colin and begged him to see. “He’s a victim.” Colin nodded reluctantly. “I guess.” “He was made a monster. Did he ask for it?” I asked them all. “They always die!” George explained again. “If we caught them, they fought so hard, we had no choice.” He hoped I would understand. “Not all of the wild vampires become a vampire like this. They wouldn’t let us catch them.” I nodded. “Sometimes they become overwhelmed by the venom, I know, but not this one.” I pointed to Jerry. “You saw for yourself, he has a venom in his blood that isn’t like the venom in our blood.” I pleaded again. “Stop seeing him as a monster. See him as a victim.” I said firmly. “I will try to reach him.” Colin nodded as he walked to me. “Okay, we understand.” He hugged me. The others left me with George and Jerry. I waited until Jerry had consumed another bag and gave him the third, but he turned his head. Even they when they’ve had enough. “Okay, are you listening?” I asked Jerry. What made me smile was his expression. He looked at me puzzled and cocked his head like he was trying to understand. “Am I making sense to you?” Jerry gave me another twist of his head. “You are listening to me, that I see.” I smiled coming closer, but still out of reach. “I just want to help you.” I said again. “Now that the hunger has been dealt with, maybe we can try to connect.” I spent most of the night speaking with Jerry calmly and quietly. We did that quite a while, but then I noticed Jerry was getting sleepy. I rose smiling at Jerry. “Okay, I see you’re tired.” I said kneeling next to the cage. “I really want to help you, Jerry.” I said to him. “If you understood anything I said, please understand that. I’ll be back tonight.” I got upstairs and went to the house. I stretched and yawned as I went in. I waited for Colin and the others to return from patrol. They had taken some of the other local vampires out to show them what to look for. I wasn’t disappointed long. I heard them talking on their way toward the dining room. “…it smelled like nothing I’ve smelled before.” Sarah was saying to Gabriella as they came around the doorway. “It is so easy to follow once you pick it up.” Gabriella said to her. She looked up and saw me and smiled. “Hi, Devon!” “Ladies.” I greeted back bowing slightly. “Did you have any luck?” “We got the smell of one.” Sarah smiled. “Only we lost it in an abandoned mine.” “We weren’t going to follow her in.” Gabriella said. “It was dark and dangerous.” “But you know which one now.” I said. “Maybe we can get her tonight?” Sarah shook her head. “It was more of a dodge from us.” She said. “An escape. It didn’t smell like she’d been there before.” I heard other voices, one I knew very well and began smiling before I saw him. Colin walked in with Edwin and Matt. He looked up and smiled at me. “We missed you!” Colin stated coming to hug me. Kissing me gently he smiled. “I missed you.” He said as his lips traveled over my lips and cheek. “That’s good.” I grinned. “I missed you, too.” “Did you and Jerry have a good night?” Colin asked. I nodded. “He’s really not so bad.” Colin looked puzzled. “Did he talk?” I shook my head. “No, he was still mute, but I don’t think could if he had something to say. We’ll find out later, but he seems very interested in what happens around him.” Colin nodded. “You still believe he can be saved?” I nodded. “I don’t see why not. Even with this other venom, he pays attention.” I shrugged. “I can’t believe there’s nothing we can’t do for him, if we try.” Colin smiled at me. “I’m sure we can.” Chuck came in with Matt and Edwin. “Did you tell him?” Chuck asked Colin. “I just came in.” Colin stated a little sourly. He looked at me. “We were followed.” I stood away a little from Colin. “What? The same couple watching us?” Chuck nodded. “I think so.” He frowned. “They used similar tactics we use with the FBI when tailing a suspect.” Colin nodded. “I almost hope they did see what we were doing. If they saw us chasing a vampire…” “Maybe we should go meet them.” I suggested. Colin looked doubtful. “If they are affiliated with the government or agency working for the government, it might be good to have an ally with them. Or they could be something else.” He frowned. “Whatever they are, when they think they have something, we’ll see them.” Then he brightened. “I’m hungry.” I laughed as I hugged him again. “I know. It’s been hours!” I said shaking my head. “We need to get you something to eat before you pass out!” Even with me being a vampire, I didn’t have his appetite. I was glad he couldn’t really gain weight; otherwise, he’d be three hundred pounds! Food tasted good to me, but I didn’t relish eating like he did. We went to bed for the morning. I woke up around 2pm. Looking outside, I saw a truck being unloaded near the barn. George was talking to whoever was unloading the cargo and I didn’t need to hear him telling the men unloading to hear him instructing them to be careful. It was a good bit of equipment, but George would be happy now. “We have to upgrade the barn.” I said smiling as I watched. Colin came over behind me and looked as well. “He needs a sterile environment.” I shrugged. “It can be done.” I smiled. “Jerry isn’t that sterile right now.” Colin grinned. “You’re getting attached to Jerry.” I looked at Colin surprised. “Well…yes. It isn’t his fault he is what he is.” I chuckled. “When his hunger is gone, he’s sort of…sweet.” Colin was now surprised. “Sweet?” “I sense he has intelligence.” I said simply. “The venom did something to his mind, but inside, he can be…almost funny.” I said turning to Colin. “He watches me and tries to understand. You can see it. He needs cleaning up, but once his blood hunger is done, he’s calm and pays attention.” I hugged Colin. “I look forward to what George finds out.” “How are we getting him clean?” Colin asked. “Well, that’s tonight.” I said. “We’ll be hooking up a shower in the storage area. Once his hunger is gone…” I held my hand out, “…and I’ll be careful. I’ll have people watching the whole time. I’ll get him in the shower and give him some clothes. He really does stink.” “Are you still going to try to get venom from him?” I nodded. “We’ll see if he’s cooperative.” Colin nodded. “I’ll be there, too.” I was going to say that wasn’t necessary, but Colin gave me the no arguments look. “Okay.” I kissed him gently. “Thanks for worrying.” Colin smiled. “It’s my joy.” He kissed me. “You’re important to me.” We had worked to get George his equipment set up. The main computer was upstairs in an area we had set aside and set apart from the barn by some clear plastic sheets that cut down the dust and dirt. Downstairs, he had cleaned up a lot of the area. They were installing a floor down there to help keep the dirt out. They had set up a shower for us to use. Not only for Jerry, but should something potentially be hazardous that spilled, we could shower quickly, too. There was one of those portable toilets now. I came down with the bags of blood. I also carried some clothes I had gotten for him. Colin was right behind me. Just like clockwork, as the sun began to set, I saw Jerry begin to stir. He could be a threat and I didn’t kid myself about that. He sat up and…well, we all stretch when we wake up. He did, too. Looking around like he was orienting himself to his surroundings, he hissed. “Okay, Jerry.” I said calmly. “We’ll have none of that.” Jerry looked at me confused and his mouth opened and he hissed. “Oh, stop it.” I said lightly like I would to someone who was being slightly annoying, but not really annoyed. If you never see a vampire look startled and surprised, it was sort of comical. I held up the container I had the blood in. “You don’t need to do that. I have what you need. I’m not scared of you.” I said scolding like you would a child. I chuckled. “I’m also not stupid.” He stopped hissing looked at me. No one had ever reacted like I did. He began reaching through the bars. “Of course, I’ll give it to you. Behave yourself.” I said. “No hissing.” I said opening the container. The blood was again heated to make it like body temperature. I walked closer to him. I glanced back at Colin and gave him the look that said for him not to react. In fact, Colin was smiling at what he’d seen. This time, Jerry simply took the bag and sat down opening the port himself and drank the blood. “Good, Jerry.” George came in with Burke and Alex. “How is Jerry?” George asked smiling at what he was seeing. “He’s doing well.” I nodded. “He woke up a little cranky, but he calmed down once he knew he was getting what he needed.” I looked back at Jerry. “I wonder if he’d let me shave and cut his hair?” Colin frowned. “You’ll need scissors or a knife to do that. I vote no.” I chuckled and nodded. “Okay, I won’t do it tonight, but he might feel more human after a bath.” After the second bag, Jerry calmed down a lot. He looked at me curious. “Jerry.” I said to him. “My name is Devon.” I said pointing to myself. I pointed to Colin. “This is Colin.” I waved at George. “That’s George.” Jerry followed what I said when I pointed. “Since I don’t know your name, I’m calling you Jerry, okay?” I did it again calling each by their name. “Who’s Colin?” Jerry looked at Colin. “Good. Who’s Devon?” He looked right at me. “You can learn.” I brightened. “Okay, Alex, Burke, Colin and I are going to ask you to do something.” I walked even closer to Jerry. I knew Colin was getting tense because I was too close to Jerry. I didn’t to look at my husband to know that. “You stink.” I said holding my nose. I pointed to his clothes and held up the new clothes. “You need to take that off.” I said, demonstrating as it looked like I was taking my shirt off and then motioned for him to do the same. Jerry looked puzzled a moment and then looked down at himself. His hands went to his shirt. I nodded and he simply ripped it off. I grinned. “Good!” I did the same with the pants. His clothes were tatters, so all he did was rip them off as well. It was barely on from all the tears. There was nothing sexually attractive about a naked bearded male vampire. He had what every male member of the human species had. “Is the shower ready?” Alex nodded. “It’s ready.” “Not cold or too hot.” I said. “I don’t want him startled.” I walked carefully to the cage door. “Be ready.” I had the key to the lock and unlocked the door. Removing the lock, I carefully opened the door of the cage. “Okay, Jerry. Let’s get you cleaned up.” I said holding out my hand to him. “You’ve fed and you should be calm now.” I smiled again to Jerry. “Trust me, Jerry.” I said as pleasantly as possible. “Come on.” I encouraged. Alex, Burke and Colin were right there. I patted them on their shoulders. “These are friends. We all want you to be our friend. We won’t hurt you.” I said holding my hand closer to Jerry. Jerry looked at my hand and slowly reached out and took mine. His hand, like everything else about Jerry was filthy, but he came with me to the shower. It took about an hour to get him clean and to understand what he was to do with the soap, but when he was done, we got him dressed and back in the cage. I even had a cot set up for him. I smiled at Jerry. “You did well!” Then Jerry, to everyone’s surprise, smiled back! He smiled! He was still looking like a vampire, but he looked so different now. I could see that his eyes were dark. Probably brown and his hair was dark brown. There was no gray in his beard, he had been a young man. He had the musculature of a man that worked hard before he was turned. He was even somewhat hairy on the chest and where men were normally hairy. “Can we get him to bite on this?” George asked me holding a specimen jar. It had the membrane on top to bite on. “I need that venom. You can probably convince him better than I can.” I took the jar. “We want to help you, Jerry.” I demonstrated biting the membrane, but didn’t, of course. “Can you do that, Jerry?” Jerry watched me, but he took the jar and did what I asked. I had never seen the venom, but now…fluid shot from his fangs and was astonished to see the clear yellow liquid gather at the bottom of the jar. Jerry looked at me as if to ask if this is what I wanted. I took the jar and gave it to George. “Thank you, Jerry.” I patted him on the shoulder. George took the jar immediately to his computerized microscope and put it in. “Jesus, Devon.” Colin said coming behind me. “I can’t believe how well this has gone.” He said marveling. “Why wouldn’t it?” I looked at Colin. “He is a predator. He wakes up, but with no blood around for him to get, he hunts. He has to attack. Giving him the blood, he doesn’t have to hunt or attack.” I shook my head as I watched Jerry. “I think he was a nice man before.” I sighed. “I’ll be glad when we get him on the serum. Maybe I can get him to talk then.” Colin put his arm around my waist. Jerry looked curious, but didn’t react badly. “I just know he trusts you.” “I hope so.” I grinned at Jerry. “But tomorrow, I cut his hair and trim up that beard.” Jerry smiled back! I already liked Jerry, but now I knew he had been a nice man. I was determined to get him back! It was Wednesday afternoon when we were interrupted as we were eating an early dinner so I could work with Jerry and they could go patrolling. Colin was still staying with me. He was trusting Jerry more, but not enough to leave me alone with him. Nigel came in the dining room followed by the man I had seen watching us. “There is someone here to see Mr. Addams.” He told us. “I’m afraid Edward’s not available.” Edwin said standing from his place at the table. “Is there something we can help you with?” The man was a…blondish-brown head of hair with blue eyes. Tall like Chuck. He was in his mid-thirties. “I’m David Burrows.” He pulled a badge out. “I work with Military Intelligence. I want to know what’s going on here.” I looked at Colin. “Okay, here’s Mulder, where’s Scully?” I asked quietly Colin who had to hide his sudden amusement. He obviously watched the X-Files. Edwin smiled. “Well, that’s a broad question. What specifically are you asking about?” “Edward Addams is the owner.” David said. “He is on the deed.” Edwin nodded. “I can answer any questions. My name is Edwin Dunning.” He came forward to the man and put his hand out. “Who are all these people and what are they doing here?” Investigator Burrows asked, but shook Edwin’s hand. “These are our friends.” Edwin said and proceeded to introduce us. Edwin turned to the investigator. “But I think you already knew who they were.” His eyes narrowed. “You’ve been observing us for a while.” Colin stood. “I come from the United States. We are investing in Thornwood. Is that a problem?” “You know we have been watching you?” The investigator asked. “Let’s cut through the I know something, but not telling what part.” Colin said. “We’ll answer any question.” The man nodded. “Okay, we’ve seen a lot of activity here recently. This is a place for wedding and parties, but I don’t see a lot of parties here. There was a shipment of equipment brought here. We saw the cargo and we know its Medical equipment and computers. We need to know why.” I stood up. “We’ll show you.” I said. Colin turned to me. “Devon.” He said quietly. “Colin, think about it.” I urged. “We only got this far because the FBI stepped in.” I waved at the investigator. “If he is Military Intelligence, be it MI 5 or 6 or whatever, we need the alliance.” I shrugged. “He can’t argue with what he sees.” I smiled at the man. “You’ll see and that’s when you’ll understand clearly.” I smiled. “We’re not a threat. We’re trying to help.” The man nodded. “Okay.” “We’d like to finish dinner, if you don’t mind. Join us.” Edwin invited. “What brought your attention?” The investigator sat. “We got a report about a group of Americans that was wandering around through towns up here.” He chuckled. “Some wild stories, but when we investigated…we got nothing. We began watching and…there you were.” He waved at Colin, me and the others. “And here you are.” We went about our meal while the investigator sat patiently. Sarah and Matt came, looked puzzled at our new guest, but didn’t ask any questions. They all knew he was human. It was just before sunset when I came to the investigator. I was carrying Jerry’s blood in the container. “Okay. It’s time.” Colin came up behind me. “What you do after you find out, will decide many things.” The man’s face held confusion when Colin said that. “Do you want to call your partner to be sure you’ll be safe?” I asked. His eyebrows rose. “No. She knows where I am.” Chuck came up, he’d been there listening. “And ready to call for backup if needed.” The investigator turned to Chuck. “Will it be needed?” “No, but it’s what I would do.” Chuck smiled. “You need to listen and keep an open mind.” There were a few of us that went to the barn. I pointed to the computer and other equipment on the ground floor. “Here is the computer you mentioned…the medical things also, but some of it's down here. Now, you’ll see why we need it.” I pushed the plastic aside and took him through to the door that led below. Taking the steps down, I led him in where George was working and had been since noon. The investigator looked at the cage and the man lying on the cot. “What? Why is this man in a cage?” George looked up and looked startled at the arrival of a stranger. “What the…” I held my hand up to stop George. “You’re about to find out, Mr. Burrows.” I walked to the cage and smiled as Jerry was beginning to stir again. Only this time, he sniffed and sat up quickly. He looked directly at the investigator and hissed loud! His fangs were instantly showing. He was in full predator mode! The investigator jumped back a little. “Oh, SHIT!!!!” He almost screamed. Jerry threw himself against the bars and was now hissing constantly trying to get to the man. “Jerry!” I said sternly. “Stop it!” Jerry looked at me and he did stop. I held the container of blood. “I have what you need. You can’t feed on him.” I motioned Jerry back. Jerry stopped hissing and backed up. “What the hell is that!?” The investigator asked in wide eyed shock. He had been reaching for his side arm, but we had it removed when he came in. He was Military Intelligence; he could carry a gun in England. “What do you think he is?” Colin asked simply. “He’s a vampire.” The man looked at us as if we’d lost our minds. “A vampire!? That’s impossible.” “Yet, there he is.” Colin said waving at Jerry. “Kill it!” The man shouted urgently. I stood in front of Jerry. “Absolutely not!!” I walked toward the investigator. “I forbid it! You won’t touch him! He’s only interested in you because you’re human and a target.” The man looked at us, but his mind was working. “He didn’t react to you. Why?” Colin smiled. “Because…” Colin began, “…we’re vampires, too.” The investigator was now looking at all of us, absolutely stunned!
  10. Colin and Devon find others
  11. Colin smiled at George. “Forgive me for thinking about my husband first. You know I love you, George.” “Yea, yea.” George said, but smiled. “Now, I need to get to work.” “We go back to London Saturday night.” I said taking Colin’s hand. “We have another vampire to retrieve.” Willie shook his head. “Another vampire? We’re going to need more room.” “She found us.” I shrugged. Colin looked around the underground storage area. “Perhaps we need to expand this.” “At the rate we’re going, we will be crowded.” Alex nodded. He smiled at me. “I thought you were having a good weekend without vampires.” I shrugged. “We seem to attract some.” “But it was a great weekend nonetheless.” Colin hugged me close. Willie nodded with a grin. “I see that.” He turned to me. “I need to talk to you, Devon.” “Sure.” I nodded. Willie smiled at Colin. “You can stay, but I really need to speak with Devon.” Colin nodded. “Is everything okay?” Willie nodded. “I think so, but…” Colin held his hand up. “No problem.” He kissed me holding my face and ran his thumb over my cheek. “I’ll be inside.” He thumbed back to the house and left. Willie and I walked slowly back to the house through the gardens. Even this time of year it was impressive. “I’ll just come out and say it.” Willie said somewhat nervous. “I love your mother.” I nodded. “That’s not really news, Willie.” Willie chuckled. “I suppose not. The problem is…she asked me to make her a vampire.” He turned quickly to me. “I’ve told her absolutely not, I refused to even consider it…” He sighed frustrated. “I just think of the Hell I went through…I would never want that for her. I don’t want to hurt her.” I smiled as I put my arm around his shoulders as we walked. “I’m glad you don’t want to do this, but think about it. She doesn’t want to hurt you either, William.” He grinned at me when I called him by his name as mother did. “I love her.” I said. “I love you. I can think of no one better for her.” I said seriously. “Colin was also refusing to make me a vampire. He didn’t want to hurt me either. I told Mom that she and you had to decide.” I stopped. “I can’t believe I’m advising you about my mother and your love lives, but…” Willie nodded. “That’s what family does. They become involved.” He shrugged. I nodded. “What you, Colin and every vampire I know here went through their own Hell.” I smiled. “But I didn’t go through that.” I said as we started walking again. “I was bitten out of love. That was different.” “But I’m still risking you mother’s life.” Willie said sadly. “We’re fine as long as we take the serum, but it we run out, or George dies…” “Willie.” I said stopping again. “Life is risk. What we have is kind of cheating. We have the venom, but hardly any of the side effects. If it happens…and we don’t get the serum…you lived a hundred years below the ground. You never killed anyone. Mom wouldn’t either. You adapted. You don’t want to hurt Mom. She doesn’t want to hurt you. She will if she doesn’t get the venom. She’ll die and you may not. You’ll be alone. I knew that about Colin. If I didn’t become a vampire, he would end up alone and I couldn’t do that to him. You make her one and then do everything in your power to see that her life is not Hell. Just as Colin does for me.” I smiled as Willie was thinking. “Do you really love Mother?” His eyes softened as he smiled. “More than life.” “Enough to go through the serum again…and the pain?” The idea of the pain again I could see was laying heavy in his eyes, but nodded. “It will be worth it.” “You’ve just answered your own question. It’s worth it.” I pulled Willie into a hug. I looked at him and grinned. “Do I call you Dad now?” Willie laughed at that. “I think Willie is just fine until I marry her.” He grinned. “I kind of want to do that before we do that other thing.” I nodded. “Okay. Have you asked her?” “That was coming.” Willie nodded. “I wanted to talk to you first.” He hugged me quickly. “Thank you, Devon.” He cocked his head. “Are you sure you’re only thirty?” I nodded. “I have the birth certificate.” Willie laughed as he walked with me back to the house. “Yours is real!” I hugged him again. “I know what the answer will be, but thanks for telling me first.” Willie smiled and was about to walk away, but stopped. “Will it be…legal?” I smiled again. “Are you worried about taking advantage of her?” Willie shrugged. “I want to do it right.” I chuckled as I walked up to Willie again. “Is my wedding legal? I’m married to a man that was born over two hundred years ago. He shouldn’t exist, but I declared in front of a bunch of people that I would love him until time ends.” Willie nodded smiling. “I was there.” “Are we married?” I asked. “Oh, yeah. You are.” “The same thing for you.” I smiled. “You’ll be married.” Willie now looked very sheepish. “I should…” he thought, “…get her a ring.” I smiled brighter. “Willie! You’re a romantic!” He threw his arms out. “Who hasn’t done this in quite a while!” He smiled very humbly. “Can you help me pick it out? You know her tastes and…” He was nervous! “Relax, Willie! We can pick out a great ring.” I smiled. “You still have the card, right?” Willie nodded as he dug in his back pocket. “I’m not been able to spend anything. I only paid for dinner a few times.” He held up his VISA debit card. I nodded. “And you have you’re ID?” Willie pulled out his state ID. “Right here.” “We’re having to go back to London next weekend.” I said. His eyebrows rose. “Oh?” I nodded. “You heard, we found another vampire in London. Lillian Palmer. We promised to go get her. Have you logged on to the computer and check you balance? You’ve probably got some nice change in that account.” I shrugged. “We’ll be in London we can get there early. We can find one there.” “Sure.” Willie sounded relieved. “Thank you.” He sighed. “I just want to do this right.” I smiled as I patted him on the arm. “You will. You love her.” I said stated the logic. Back in the house, I wondered where Colin had gone. Thornwood was big and finding one person was always a challenge. I heard conversation and clink of silverware on china as I walked in the corridor. Entering the dining room, I smiled as Colin was eating as he talked with Edwin. Colin looked up and smiled as I came in the room. “Everything okay?” He asked. I nodded coming to the table and sat down next to Colin. “Very much okay.” I grinned and then looked at the seriously. “Don’t say a word to anyone yet, but Willie’s going to ask my mother to marry him.” I said in a low voice so it wouldn’t carry through the somewhat cavernous interior. Colin smiled. “Excellent! Now, he’s really going to be our father.” Then his look became puzzled. “And…is he turning her?” Edwin’s eyes widened. “What!?” We spent the next fifteen minutes telling Edwin what would happen and got him to calm down about my mother becoming a vampire. At end of our conversation, I knew the topic needed changing. “What were you guys talking about?” Edwin chuckled. “This…” he motioned to the surrounding house. “…is nice. Having other vampires like ourselves helped, but it’s getting expensive.” Colin nodded. “Of course, it is. Groceries alone has a hefty price because of me. I can guide you to some investments that can help, but we were discussing incorporating Holm’s Laboratories with Thornwood.” He smiled leaning back in his chair. I just blinked, not understanding. “We were going to.” Edwin chuckled. “I didn’t know that!” Colin patted Edwin on the shoulder. “There was no way you should have. We, as a group, need cohesion. The United States and England don’t have to work together, but I think we should. If for no other reason so we’re not alone. I think Holm’s Laboratories should buy in a silent partners. That would cover some of the expenses and future ones.” Edwin was visibly more relaxed. “You’ve done so much.” He shook his head. “There serum alone was worth it. What you’re done for me, Sarah, Matt…” I smiled. “So, you’re willing to become part of VUN?” Edwin looked confused. “The VUN?” Colin rolled his eyes and smiled. “The Vampire United Nations.” He put his arm around my shoulder as he put his head against mine. “My husband has this thing about names. He thought Holm’s Laboratories was clinical.” “This can be the VUN-UK!” I said logically again watching Colin smile and Edwin’s eyebrow rise. “Vampire United Nations United Kingdom?” Colin chuckled. “Too many uniteds together.” “VUNGB?” I suggested. “Great Brittan?” Colin smiled as he patted my arm. “We’ll work on it.” He waved at the plates. “Eat! I was starved, we haven’t eaten since lunch!” I kissed Colin smiling. “That was only five hours ago. I can make it.” I looked at Edwin. “Seriously, Edwin, we don’t want to overtake you here in Thornwood. You should oversee all that happens here. There will be jobs that can be done…meaning these people can be on a payroll. Just like Willie, Alex, Gabriella…all the vampires that came with us are.” Edwin smiled. “The others would like that.” He chuckled. “We already have enough for a team to patrol the surrounding towns.” Colin nodded as he chewed on his…chicken. “We’ll take them out with us on a few patrols to get their feet wet.” He waved his fork as he spoke. “Whatever form of governing voice, you have to come up with. No one’s telling you what to do.” He sighed. “We sort of became…the governing voice in the United States. Not because we were elected, because we were there.” He shrugged. “How you do it, is up to you.” “You need a computer like we have in Manhattan.” I said. “And your version of Stan.” Colin said. “He and Buddy, that’s what he named the computer, have an almost intimate relationship.” He chuckled. “Much to his partner Mark’s dismay.” “But Stan’s a wizard with it.” I said smiling as Colin nodded. “He can do almost anything.” “Okay,” Edwin nodded. “So, you were saying about another vampire in London?” He said to Colin. I came out of our bathroom having done my evening rituals and smiled at what I saw. Colin was sitting up in bed, no shirt, his arm stretched out lazily over the pillows where I slept, but he patted my side of the bed. You might be tired of hearing this, but seeing him made my heart race! He was so…sexy! I didn’t need much more of an invitation. It wasn’t just physical, it was him! We had a wonderful few hours! After we had collapsed continently afterwards from another satisfactory love making bout we fought to regulate our hearts and breath. “This is turning out quite well.” Colin said as his lips caressed my neck. I chuckled, knowing he wasn’t talking about our recent love making. “We’re back to the vampire stuff?” Colin bumped his head against me. “Sorry.” I ran a hand over his chest. “It’s fine. That’s who we are.” I shrugged. “Yes, I think it is going quite well.” I frowned. “With that new acquisition we have out in the barn, we may get some answers.” I sat up. “I should be down there now.” Colin frowned. “Why?” I waved at the window. “It’s night! That’s when he’s active.” I was about to throw the covers off when Colin grabbed me back down. “He’ll be there tomorrow.” Colin said pleading. “Tomorrow night!” He smiled. “Besides, he’s sedated.” I looked at Colin with a smiled. “Is he?” I rolled to face him. “And where is George right now? He’s not with Burke!” I pointed out. “I know George is dedicated, but…” “Burke knew this before they got involved.” Colin said. “I don’t think Burke feels neglected.” “I would!” I pointed out. “If you were that tunneled in work, I would feel neglected.” Colin nodded. “Fine. Talk to George to remind him, but not tonight.” He said pitifully pulling me back down next to him. “He’ll keep!” He said kissing me again deeply and consuming. “So will the other vampire.” We made love again. The next morning, I went down to the lab…former storage area…whatever. There was George working as he always did, adjusting the microscope and looking at what he was seeing. I looked over at the vampire we’d gotten that was now unconscious. “George.” George turned, startled. “Oh, Devon! You were right! There is a difference in the venom!” He waved at the specimen glass slide under the microscope. He looked back. “It is like the venom we all carry, but different. Ours is more…” he thought of a word, “…advanced? Evolved. This is very simple and…almost primitive.” He turned and I saw the look of excitement in his eyes. “This has to be what started it all!” He said happily. “Primitive?” I asked coming over to his microscope. “I wish my computer was here!” George said mournfully. “I wish I was in my lab! I need to do a breakdown on this. Molecular and DNA analysis!” “But it’s different how?” I asked. George nodded. “Remember, I use our own blood to make the serum for each of us. We have…more…human things in our venom.” He turned to face me. “The venom of each vampire is changed by the vampire. It becomes our own venom.” He pointed to the other vampire. “He doesn’t have all those. The venom you have is made from Colin. If you are a full vampire and bite someone, it will be your venom that you made from Colin’s. You still retain partially, Colin’s version of the venom. Basically, we are carrying venom that has changed over thousands, maybe millions of vampires!” He got up and walked toward the unconscious vampire. “He doesn’t have all of those.” “Why?” I asked thinking that was incredible. “How can he have venom so primitive?” George threw his hands up in frustration. “I don’t know! I need that computer!” I chuckled. “It’s coming.” I said giving him a hug more to reassure him. “It’s going to be fine.” George nodded and waved at the vampire again. “I need more.” I looked at the vampire. “More? More wild vampires?” “Yes! For comparison! I can’t base a decision of this one vampire.” I chuckled. “We have some out there. We just need to get them.” I smiled. “But where would we keep them?” I looked around the storage area. “We have to make somewhere.” George said simply. “Sure.” I nodded grinning. “This is very exciting.” “It is!” George nodded. “We were lucky…and I’m just theorizing…since we became more…civilized as humans, the vampires that made us have been biting in the city!” I frowned. “Wait. How can that happen?” I asked. “The serum only works with humans…” George nodded. “We’re the only givers and receivers.” He pointed out. “We may not be the only givers.” I know my jaw hit the floor. “Another giver? Something else is out there?” I waved toward the outside world. “They aren’t vampires?” George shrugged. “I don’t know. Doing the comparison of my blood and his, he has a lot less things that make him human, but he does have some…that’s why he was able to learn, like you said.” Now, I was looking at this new vampire and felt sorry for him. “It may not be his fault at all.” I shook my head. “It isn’t his fault!” I said. “He was a victim, the same as we are.” George nodded. “I think so.” “Okay.” I said as I did what Colin did. I began pacing in a circle as I thought. “We continue to test him.” “Of course.” George nodded. “But when we’ve got more information.” I said. “He gets the serum.” I said firmly. George nodded. “Sure, we reduce further risk.” “Yes.” I shook my head. “More important, we need to get him back!” George nodded. “You’re right.” He smiled. “It’s easy to forget he is human.” I sniffed the odor again. “Maybe we can clean him up?” I asked. “Give him some proper clothes?” “When we can handle him.” George said doubtfully. I knelt by the cage. “I think he can be. We need to be ready. When he wakes, he’ll be hungry. We give him the needed blood and he will be more controllable. I just know it.” Then I remembered why I had come. I stood up to look at George. “Where’s Burke?” George looked puzzled a moment and then looked around. “He was…” he looked around the storage area. “…he was here a while ago.” I smiled at George. “I know this is exciting. I’m excited about it, too.” I grinned. “John is your partner.” George now looked guilty. “And I’ve been buried in this.” He nodded. “Which is understandable, but don’t forget him.” I urged with a smile. “It is important we stay connected with people. It’s important to keep the connection with that one person that means something to us.” I said. “When Colin and I took off this recent weekend, it was so important we stayed connected. You need to do that with John.” I saw George nod. “You do love John?” George nodded. “I do.” “Go tell him that.” I said. “This vampire will be here later. You need your equipment. You’ve done all you can for now. You have time.” George nodded. “He needs to be watched.” He said about the vampire. I nodded. “Well, we have others to do that.” I said. “I’ll send someone to relieve you. You need to be with John.” George smiled. “You’re right again.” There were other vampires there that were readier to begin a life on the serum having the discs put in. I found someone to relieve George. I told him that I was coming later to begin getting to know this new vampire. I again sat with Colin in the library as he was doing business on the computer. Holm’s Laboratories was fine financially, but the business needed monitoring, which Colin did very well. He glanced at me as I sat near him. Getting to a stopping point he sat back. “Well?” Colin asked with a smile. “George has some good theorizes.” I began. “Disturbing theories.” I said sadly. “Oh?” Colin frowned. “What theories?” “Our venom is more…evolved than that of the vampire we caught.” “Evolved?” Colin frowned. I explained what George told me. “He thinks something else is out there?” Colin asked. “Why have we not seen them?” “It’s all theory until we can do further analysis, but from what George told me.” I nodded. “It’s possible.” Colin shook his head. “Another wrinkle.” He got up and walked over bringing me to the couch and sat with me. “What about him and Burke?” I nodded with a chuckle. “George is all scientist most of the time, but I got him to see there was someone important in his life. He’s back with Burke now.” “Good.” Colin smiled kissing me gently. “Having that person in our lives is so important.” He said as his voice was muffled as he ran his lips over me. “He just gets too involved.” “He’s driven.” I shrugged as I returned his affection. Chuck came bursting in. “Sorry, guys.” He said as we sat up at his sudden arrival. “But, we’re being watched.” I sat up more. “Watched? By whom?” Chuck shook his head. “They have to be human, but I’m certain we are. They’re professional, like Shelly and me.” He looked over his shoulder. “Whatever equivalent agency like the FBI here.” “The Royal Protection Office?” Colin asked getting up. “I don’t know.” Chuck answered in a hurry. “They aren’t on the property, but they’re watching through high powered lenses.”
  12. After cleaned up and got dressed, it was lunch time. We had the whole day! We did walk around London with no agenda and we made our way and we were in Kent, the southern part of London. There we found Tom Bell. Not a man, but a where. Fish and chips! By reputation, theirs was the best, so we went in and got some. I wasn’t disappointed. It was good! The seasons were changing and one of the changes was fog. As the evening came on, in rolled fog. I’ve seen fog, but this? The air was cold and the fog was thick. I dreaded what problems drivers were having. Like Charleston, the cold in London was damp. It ate through our jackets and sweaters. We should have known we might encounter one of us. We were having a good time, but we didn’t see that many people out. They had more sense than to be out on a night like this. Colin and I weren’t lost, but it was difficult to know where we were so we had to get closer to the street signs to know. “We’re heading the right way.” Colin said now that we saw the sign. He suddenly looked up as he sensed something, but not with his eyes or ears. It just when he got the look, I sensed it, too. A vampire. I froze. Colin was looking around and concentrating on where he was sensing. “We can feel you there.” I said calmly. “As I know you can sense us. We’re the same as you.” “No, you’re not.” A woman’s voice said from in the fog. “I sense you are vampires, but you’re not like me.” Someone came closer and I could see the image of someone. “Why is that?” “We’re under treatment.” Colin said, but he was defensive. “What we are is a condition. It’s not a curse.” “Condition?” The young woman repeated finding it hard to believe. “I’ve never heard of a condition. We’re vampires.” Colin frowned. “Well, there is a condition.” He was getting testy. “I hate this cloak and dagger stuff.” He said firmly. “I know that trust is hard for us, but can you get closer so we can see you?” “You took a risk by even speaking to us.” I added touching Colin’s arm. “You might see us, but why not come a little closer so we can see you?” What I was surprised about this vampire was her accent. From all the time I’d been in England, the various accents I’d gotten used to. She had a definite accent that spoke of the United States. “You sound American.” She chuckled. “So do you.” She came closer and we could see a woman in her early twenties. Her hair was a dark blonde and she was pretty. The other thing about her, she was clean. She was personally as well as her clothes. “I hear a Southern accent.” I nodded. “Because we are Southern. We’re both from Charleston, South Carolina. Where are you from?” “Akron, Ohio.” She said. I smiled. “A Yankee.” I didn’t feel threatened by her at all. She was a vampire, but no threat. Her eyes lacked the moisture and her complexion was pale like all vampires. “What’s your name?” “Lilly.” She said. “Really, Lillian, but everyone calls me Lilly.” Now Colin was relaxed. “My name is Colin Wentworth.” He put his hand on my shoulder. “This is my husband, Devon Wentworth.” I was so used to operating on the defensive about being gay. I am delighted when we tell people and they have no reaction at all. I have a feeling that was because we lived in the Bible Belt, we would often get the bad reactions. They didn’t like gays much and God forbid a gay vampire! We were an exclusive club. “How did a girl from Akron, Ohio become a vampire in London?” Colin asked. She laughed, but there was no humor in it. “Paul.” She replied. “He was my boyfriend.” “You said was…he’s not anymore because…he’s dead? Or…” I asked. She shook her head. “He’s a vampire now, too.” She frowned a little bitter. “It was him that got me turned into this.” “I’m sorry.” I said. “He was the one that bit you?” She nodded. “I was his second victim that night.” “That is a good thing.” Colin said. “His first victim didn’t survive, did he?” “I didn’t know about the first victim at first, but…” she shook her head. “Paul was always a dreamer. He had this romantic notion that we’d be…this vampire couple in love forever.” “How’d he get you?” I asked. “We had gone to this party and he disappeared.” She began. “It was morning before I went back to his flat…alone.” She said that last part angrily. “I didn’t know what had happened to him.” She waved her arms in frustration. “When he did show up the next night…I was angry, but glad to see him. I knew he looked strange, but…there was no warning. He hugged me and then…bit me.” “I’m sorry that happened to you.” I said. “How did he think becoming a vampire would be a good thing?” “He fell for the movies and TV!” She explained. “He thought we’d have these magic powers and all that shit.” She laughed again angrily. “Needless to say, we’re not that romantic vampire couple. We’re not even a couple.” “How do you know he’s alive?” Colin asked. “I see him around.” Lilly answered. “His bubble has burst and he’s a little angry. He tries to get me back, but I’m sort of pissed at him, know what I mean?” I smiled and nodded. “I can understand why.” She nodded. “So, what is this treatment you do?” We explained about the venom and serum. She shook her head. “A venom?” She repeated. She looked at us and waved helplessly. “I have to believe it, because here you are and you don’t feel like other vampires.” Colin nodded. “Because we aren’t.” “How long ago were you turned?” I asked. “Five months ago.” Lilly said. “Have killed?” Colin asked. Lilly looked guilty. “A dog once, a few cats and rats.” She shivered when she said rats. “Rats are disgusting, but it does the trick.” She looked at us doubtful. “Do I have to do something to get this treatment?” I nodded. “You have to come to us.” “To Charleston!?” She asked as if we’d said the moon, but for a vampire, a trip like that would be like going to the moon. I laughed and shook my head. “Not that far, but it is about three or so hours’ drive…north.” I could see she was relaxing. “Have you heard of Thornwood?” She shook her head. “There are more vampires in the world.” Colin said. “There is a group now up in Yorkshire. Do you have a way of getting there?” She looked more helpless. “I can’t see how, I don’t even know where Yorkshire is…I know there is a lot mines up there.” I nodded approaching her. “It’s okay.” I assured. “We can get you there, but it won’t be tonight…or even tomorrow night.” “We’re here in England for a reason. Helping others like us is that reason.” Colin said. “The thing is…you’ll have to trust us.” I nodded. “You took the first step by speaking to us. Your next step was to reveal yourself. What happens next is you have to come with us.” Now she looked even more doubtful. “If I do…can I ever go home?” I smiled. “To Ohio?” “I was attending NYU.” She smiled. “But I’d like to get out of London. Anywhere will be a welcome change.” “If nothing else, if you take the treatment, you’ll have a future to decide on.” I smiled. “We go back to Thornwood tomorrow. We can come back.” “During the day?” Lilly asked. I nodded. “We can bring you to Thornwood at night. We have somewhere you can stay in the day.” The idea of being somewhere else during the day was frightening to her, but the thought that she could leave this horrible life behind was more tempting. “What’s your full name?” I asked. “Lillian Palmer.” She said. “Alright Lilly Palmer.” I said. “We’ll be back here in a week.” I said. “Or unless you prefer another location.” “A week? Seven days?” I nodded. “I might bring some others. There is a group of humans that work with us. My mother is one such human with us. She’s very nice.” I waved at Colin. “His daughter is a vampire. They can help you.” She nodded. “Okay. Seven days.” She looked at her watch. “Its nine thirty now. Same time?” I nodded. “We’ll be here. Is there anyone you want to include?” She shook her head. “I just want out.” She said pitifully and again, if she had tears, they would be falling. Colin smiled. “We’ll get you out. I promise.” She nodded. “A week.” She said as she backed up. “You promised.” And she disappeared into the fog. Colin sighed. “So much for our vampire free weekend.” I put my arms around him. “She found us, we didn’t go looking for one.” I grinned. “Now we have another movie!” I said happily. Colin chuckled, but rolled his eyes. “Oh?” “You remember the movie American Werewolf in London?” Colin thought. “I can’t say I do.” “We’ve got to get you up on current events.” I said kissing him. “Now we have American Vampires in London! I’ll find the werewolf movie when we get back to Thornwood. I’m sure it’s available on demand.” Colin chuckled again and said weakly. “Yea for me.” Then he smiled. “And when Edwin or Matt comes to New York we can have British Vampires in Manhattan?” I smiled. “Now you’re getting it!” I looked where we were. “Are you going to be able to find this again?” Colin nodded. “I’ll remember.” We got back to the hotel and had a quiet night…well, mostly. He and I did let out a few loud grunts as we made love, but nothing too loud. We got up, had our breakfast and were on our way back to Thornwood at twelve. We came in the house where no one was there to greets us. Not that they knew when we were coming back. We got our luggage back in our room and looked for someone…anyone. The media room was empty, as was the library. Going down to the underground room, we found that room was empty. Finally when we were going down a hall on the first floor we saw Willie. “Willie!” Colin greeted. “Where is everyone?” Willie smiled at us. “Well, the vampire last night is now upstairs on the west wing.” Then he smiled bigger. “The others are with our new guest.” “New guest?” I asked. Willie nodded and jutted his head. “Out in the barn’s underground.” “You caught a wild vampire!?” Colin asked. Willie nodded. “We did…it took both teams, but we finally cornered it and brought him here. Come on, I’ll take you to see it.” I had not been to the barn before…why would I? Willie led me to a door that had the stone steps that led down. Here we saw where they had all gone. In a cage of steel was a creature that was on human in that it looked vaguely human. His hair was dirty and stringy, again the hair on a vampire will grow and he never had gotten a haircut. Not a big man, about my size. The hair was dark, but the color could be from the grime. He was dirty from head to toe and the clothes he wore was so tattered and torn, he might as well have nothing on. This vampire was truly wild. He turned as Willie, Colin and came down and hissed, but shied away from the cage’s edge. His fangs, however, were in great shape which he showed as he hissed. Then I was hit by the smell. Now I got that musky, musty smell Gabriella had described. Chuck and Shelly were a good many feet away from the cage. Burke, Alex, Edwin, Matt and George were closest to the cage. Gabriella was standing behind Alex. “…I’ll try this.” George said as he put a dart in a gun. Looking at the vampire, he already had two darts in his back. George shook his head and fired, hitting the vampire in its back again. The vampire shrieked and tried to get the dart. Then I saw the other darts on the cage floor. Alex looked up and saw us and grinned. “Welcome to the freak show!” He waved at the vampire. “We go away a couple of days and this is what we come back to?” Colin asked shaking his head. “Shouldn’t he be still asleep?” George nodded. “He was asleep, but the sun’s going down. I need him knocked out to get any blood. He fights too hard to get any.” I looked at this vampire as I walked closer to it. “If he just woke up, he’s hungry.” George had been setting up a lab down here, but it wasn’t all clean like his lab in Manhattan. George nodded and waved to several clear bags of blood he had ready for him on a counter. “He slaps away the bags and tries to get free.” I nodded, looking at what remained of his clothes…he had been a miner. No telling how long ago he was turned, I could see his clothing and knew it had been a while. “He may not know what the bags are or what’s in them.” I said going over to one of the bags. “Is there something…” I looked around this barn storage area. “Is there a shovel or something?” Edwin nodded. “Yeah, I’ll get it.” He came back with a shovel. It had been used and was dirty, but I hoped it would do the trick. I opened a port on the bag and let the blood spill out on it. Then I raised the bag with the shovel to the vampire who now was looking very interested as his nose twitched smelling the blood. “It’s blood.” I said to the vampire. “That’s what you want right now.” Vampires were stupid, but this one wasn’t very bright either. It grabbed the bag and instead of just lifting it and sucking out the blood, it bit the bag. He got some of the blood, but mostly it spilled on the ground. I took another bag. “This is what you need to do.” I said to the vampire who looked at me curiously. I opened the port and like I was going to let it drip in my mouth, I showed him how it came out. Then I held it out to him. “Devon! Get back!!” Colin shouted seeing I was too close for Colin to not worry and about to charge after me to rescue. I held my hand up to stop Colin. “I’m okay. He just needs to know how to get it.” I held the bag closer. The vampire watched as I came nearer. “Take the blood.” The vampire’s response was to grab the bag greedily and held it up like I did and let the blood pour into his throat. I backed away a little, grabbed by Colin and moved farther away faster. He hugged me to him. “I’m okay, Colin. He couldn’t hurt me. I’m already a vampire.” Colin shook his head. “He can hurt you! He could have ripped your arm off!!” I pulled Colin into the hug again and patted him on the back as he was assessing whether I was still intact. “I’m okay, Colin. He didn’t touch me.” I hugged him again. “But I noticed something just now.” “What!?” Colin asked trying to calm down. “There is something operating here. He saw what I did and repeated it. He learned.” I pointed out. I looked at the vampire. “Whether he’s a nice guy or not, he was human.” “So, you want to try and tame him!?” Colin balked. I frowned at Colin. “I’d like to know that if an innocent person is bitten by him, they can be reached and saved!” I turned to Shelly. “That woman that was running that night, she was going to attacked by a vampire like him! Wild!” I waved at the vampire. Shelly frowned. “She was a bit paranoid to me.” “Four people jump from and SUV at night, isn’t paranoid.” I said. “She was protecting herself. It was a normal reaction. Would she be condemned if she had been bitten?” I turned to George. “Have you ever given the serum to one like this?” I waved at the vampire. “Have you gotten a wild vampire back?” George looked puzzled, but shook his head. “They usually don’t survive.” I nodded. “Let’s test his blood. If we can get the venom, we test it.” I smiled at George. “You should be able to tell if there’s something in his blood we don’t have.” George nodded. “I was planning to find out.” He grinned. “Are you sure you don’t want to be a doctor? Or at least a scientist?” I grinned at George. “No thanks. You’re it. Who else do we need?” George chuckled. “I can use help.” He looked at the vampire as it slumped a little. “Oh, now the tranquilizer’s is working. Having the blood in him must be helping.” We all turned as the vampire finished the bag and was slowly collapsing. “Won’t the tranquilizers have an effect on the serum?” I asked. George nodded. “It will register, but it won’t affect the results that much.” He walked closer to the vampire. George smiled. “I’ll get the venom from his blood stream. We should get the serum from him, if we can.” He looked at me. “Care to help me?” “How are you going to do that?” Burke asked, but had a feeling what we were going to do.” “In order to get snake’s venom, we get a jar and the process involves sinking the fangs in a special jar with a covering to bite into and force the venom out.” George said. “That means…we go in, put the jar under his fangs and sink the fangs in the jar.” “No!” Colin objected, shaking his head. “No way are you doing that.” He said to me and George. George frowned at Colin. “It needs to be done. To see if there’s a difference, I need his and someone else’s venom without the serum.” He looked at all of us. “One of the new vampires coming for the serum can give that sample. We’ll compare.” He looked at the now sleeping vampire. “The problem is…we need to have the means to store it once we’ve got it. Even then, it won’t last long. I need my high-powered microscope ready when we do it. It’s on the way.” Burke came beside Colin. “I don’t like this.” He said to Colin. Colin shook his head. “Neither do I.” He looked at me. “That means sticking your hand in his mouth.” He pointed to the vampire. I nodded. “I’ll be careful.” I looked at George. “We’ll wear gloves!” “Gloves that he can easily bite through.” Colin pointed out. “There has to be another way.” George sighed. “I try and come up with something. I need to wait for the microscope so we can’t do it now. I need a blood sample. I can do simple observations for now with a simple microscope.” He went over to bench he had some of those clear test tubes with the stopper on top to keep specimens sterile. He picked a few up and a large syringe. “I need access to his neck. I’m not concerned with sterilizing the site. Just watch him.” He said to me and the others around him. He reached in through the bars and rolled the vampire over. Clearing the vampire’s neck from the hair and getting access, he stuck the needle in the neck and withdrew some of the black ooze and put the ooze in the container. George held up the tube. “I’ll start with this.” “This is dangerous.” Colin said to me. “If I had been bitten by one of these…which I’m not sure Brett wasn’t going that way. Would you give up on me?” I asked. “Maybe if we find something out about their venom, we may help.” I turned to George again. “Have we given serum to one of these?” “We never thought to.” George said shrugging. “They weren’t seen as a victim. Like I said, they always die first.” I nodded. I looked at the vampire. “This one won’t.” I looked at Colin. “You see we have to, right?” Colin still looked upset about it and said to me. “I do, but I don’t want you hurt.” George frowned as he put his arm around my shoulder. “Don’t worry, we’ll be careful.” He almost growled.
  13. Other than the Canadian part. This was my life in many ways. I'm reading more now.
  14. We got up after a good sleep. Now we faced some new challenges. How do we catch a wild vampire? I thought about how we could keep one and what sort of containment we would need. A cage? That would be the best way. Keeping one in back of a van would be dangerous and it would try repeatedly to escape. We were protected to a degree against the vampires, but Shelly and Chuck didn’t need the risk it could bite even accidently in the vampire’s attempt to get away. The Disflavor didn’t make them incapable of being turned. Colin, George, Burke, Alex, Willie and I thought we should catch it. Gabriella objected, but Alex absolutely refused to even consider that. I had never seen him so determined and unbendable. Even, and I’m quoting him. “I don’t give a damn that can or can’t do it. I’m not saying it’s because you’re a woman. You’re someone I love more than life. Leave me, if you want to, but you are not coming!” Gabriella smiled at him and let the issue drop. Equal rights weren’t the issue here. Love was. We were two teams in different parts of the same town. We finally decided that Gabriella could drive the vehicle with a cage in the back. She could drive to a location, but stay in the truck with the door locked. And she was to stay…in…the…truck. The way he said to do that, I would stay in the truck. Edwin told us there was a cellar in the barn where the horses we kept. It was used for storage. Doing a quick study, we found it could be sealed to shield any sun from getting it. We weren’t having a guest come and stay. This was going to be an animal. We had Edward call around to several places. He was very creative. I guess working for Edwin had made him get creative. Making up stories for Edwin must be an ongoing thing. We finally got one of those cages of re-enforced steel. A rhinoceros couldn’t break through. It was big enough. Edward said something about big game hunting in an area of Africa he had gotten permission to hunt. Edward promised he would be bringing the “animal” by airplane here and would have to prove he could bring it back. The cage was available and we would send someone there to pick it up. We continued to have that vampires come in daily. Matt saw me a few days later and made a request. He sat wringing his hands as he began. “I want to do the serum, but…” I waited for the but…then after a while. I smiled at him. “Tell me.” I said softly. “I want you to do it.” Matt said finally. It was so quiet, I almost missed it. “It will still hurt, Matt.” I said hoping he didn’t think I could do anything about that. Matt nodded. “I know. Sarah told me it was like giving birth again.” He chuckled. “Like I can relate to that.” He looked at me. “I’m not really scared about being hurt, but…” he looked sheepish, “…I trust you.” I smiled. “Say it. It will hurt.” Matt looked frightened, and his voice even cracked when he said it. “It will hurt.” I nodded. “We can do it tonight.” I said. “We’ll do it right in this room.” I touched his arm. “I’m good with injections…but I’d like George to give you the first injection. It’s in the heart and I prefer he do that. I’ll be right there.” I had seen it happen, so I addressed it immediately. “Things with a person being taken care of…become confused. Doctors or nurses giving care often become the focus of a patient’s attention. I want Colin there with me.” “Okay.” “It’s to enforce the fact that I’m committed to someone else.” I said smiling. “You might get attached. It’s call transference. It happens. What I need you to know and see, is I’m married…happily…to Colin.” Matt smiled. “I won’t hit on you. I swear.” I smiled. “The key thing to do here, is talk about it.” Matt chuckled. “And you say you’re not a shrink.” “I’m not.” I said. “I was a medic in the Air Force. It happens…even with the straight ones.” I smiled. “We can be friends. We can become good friends, but I believe in being honest. I’m just stating what is expected and what will happen.” I smiled. “Okay?” Matt nodded. “Okay.” I told Colin. “You want me to what?” Colin asked trying to understand. “I need you there with me when I give the serum.” I said. “Well, George will give the first injection, but I want you there afterwards.” I nodded at the expression he was giving as he tried to understand. “He doesn’t trust anyone. He does trust me. I’ve been totally honest with him. Feelings happen with a caregiver. I told him we were married and that these feelings can happen. I’ve seen it before.” “Okay.” Colin nodded. “I’ll be there.” I nodded. “Perhaps the two of you can become friends.” I suggested. “He can use another friend.” Now there were two vampires getting the serum. Matt had it done and would be staying on the cot. It was a nice cot. It was another, but smaller bed. George was there preparing Matt and inserted the needle in Matt’s chest. The pain came. Both Colin and I stayed right by his side. After the first night, Matt woke up and sat up, rubbing his chest. “That really hurt.” Matt said sadly. I sat by him in a chair and took his hand. “I know.” I said with empathy. “We all do.” I waved at Colin. “Everyone of us that is a vampire know it will hurt, but don’t think about how much it hurt. Think about what you’ll get when you have the disc inserted. You’ll have freedom and the pain will stop.” Colin smiled at me and then leaned in toward Matt. “We wouldn’t do this, if it weren’t something we all believe in. You get a life back.” I nodded. “Now, we need to pick a room.” “A room?” Matt asked. He chuckled. “A room.” He smiled. “Almost like a real person.” I nodded. “You are a real person. You always were. Now you have some choices.” Matt’s eyes grew a little. “Wow.” He commented amazed. “There’s no hunger.” Colin nodded. “Feel here.” He took Matt’s hand and put Matt’s fingers to his throat. “You have a pulse.” Now Matt’s eyes grew even more. Edwin’s house was filling up. Sarah was getting the disc inserted. She looked so much more human. Her eyes glistened and the humor was back. We found Matt a room…and I admit, we chose it on purpose. It was on the opposite wing. I worried about him becoming dependent on me. I wasn’t that important, but he might take it the wrong way. The first sunrise came and we stood with Matt as he saw it and had the same reaction everyone did. The day he got the disc inserted Colin came to me. I was in the media room. Edwin had never had one before, now Edwin had the big screen, DVD and a new library of videos. He was watching Doctor Who! We started with the original Doctor Who and was up to the 70s with Tom Baker. “This is so fake.” Edwin groused. “Of course it is.” I said. “This was the 197os! He was the fourth doctor. Wait until we get to the eleventh doctor…” “How many doctors are there?” I chuckled. “I’m not telling. You have to watch them yourself.” Matt threw popcorn at us. “Be quiet! Some of us don’t care if it’s fake. It’s a good story!” Colin came to me and tapped me on the shoulder. Looking at him, he did the finger asking me to come with him. Getting up I followed him into the hall. “That’s therapy?” Colin asked smiling. “It’s cultural!” I defended. “They will be out in the world now. If someone mentions the Tardis or any of the Doctors, they’ll know. I haven’t even started with the 007 movies. If someone mentions Q or M, they will know they are more than letters in the alphabet.” Colin chuckled. “Okay, okay.” He waved me down. “I get it.” “Don’t even get me started on credit cards and ATMs.” I smiled. “…and bank accounts.” Colin brought me into a hug. “You’re doing some great things with them, Devon.” He said kissing me. “But, how about taking this weekend off?” I could tell he was planning something. “I suppose I could.” Colin nodded. “We’ve worked since we arrived.” He smiled. “This weekend, it will just be you and me.” I bounced. “No vampires?” Colin looked surprised. “We are vampires.” “You know what I mean.” “No vampires.” Colin chuckled. “You need to pack for a nice few days. We’ll leave Friday morning and return Sunday night.” “That sounds interesting.” I smiled, kissing him. I walked back in the media room. “Who’s up for Sean Connery?” I asked them. I packed a couple of nice suits along with my casual clothes. I told Matt and all the others there Colin was taking me away for the weekend. Matt looked a little concerned, but was resolved to getting along fine. Colin and I loaded up an SUV, which I was glad not to be driving. Colin headed South. I wasn’t surprised we arrived in London, but when we pulled into a hotel. I had no idea where it was, but we checked in and when the bellman escorted us to this suite. I grinned to myself. The St. James was very…posh? It was a hotel of quiet elegance, not a party hotel. When we came in the lobby the piano music that played quietly told you to keep it down. We checked in and went to our suite with the terrace that you could see some of downtown. There was the living area in the suite with its nice furniture and bedroom, but the feature here was the terrace. A quiet area you could sit outside. Unpacking, Colin and I didn’t go anywhere. He stretched out on the bed smiling at me, patting the empty space before him. “This is just about you…” he said as I lay next to him and kissed me. “…and me.” He began kissing me a little deeper, gently becoming more intense and hungry. “I love you, Devon. You’re the most important person in my life.” I knew that, he made me feel that way every day, but hearing it said…so sincere…this was more than just foreplay. He meant it. “I love you, Colin. We’ll never be parted.” We made love often. We played sexual games, but this night was all about love. It was slow, but just as intense as it could be. We were panting and trying to suck in air as we finished this session. Colin enjoyed our time afterwards, touching and just caressing me as I did him. We had reservations I was told, so we got up, dressed in nice suits and went downstairs to the restaurant. Again, this was a quiet venue. The diners here spoke in quiet tones to one another. No children. I didn’t mind children, but sometimes their behavior was a little rambunctious. The ambiance just made you calm. I had been taught manners by my mother and she showed me what utensils were used when. No one looked at us strangely as we sat. No one cared that we were a couple of two men. They were busy with whomever they were with. The dinner was fabulous, but I wondered if Colin had enough. He looked up at me and chuckled. “We’re not done.” He said simply knowing why I was looking at him concerned. I nodded. “It’s Friday night.” I shrugged. “We have until Sunday. I know there’s more.” After dinner he and I began walking through the streets of London. We were near Buckingham Palace, but we headed in the other direction. No hurry, but I had a feeling I was being guided. We walked across the Thames and he then looked at the huge Ferris wheel. He grinned at me as his eyebrows wiggled. We walked up to the London Eye. That is what the Ferris wheel is called. He walked to a man that was confirming people on the London Eye. “Wentworth.” Colin said to the man. “We have a private capsule reserved.” I smiled. A private capsule? He had this planned!! “Yes, sir. We have everything ready.” The man nodded and did what he needed. “You have priority.” Entering this capsule…and that’s what it was! A capsule, round and very nice and a lot of windows. That’s what it was for, to see all of London! What I didn’t expect was the table in the middle. There was a bottle of Champagne chilling in an ice bucket, there were chocolates and Champagne Truffles. A man waited dressed in a red vest and white shirt and bowtie as he waved us in. He had the white folded towel over his arm. There was also a dish of something. I looked closer. “Caviar?” I asked Colin who was grinning even more. “Beluga Caviar.” Colin corrected. “With sour cream.” I laughed at what he’d done. It was…nice! “I know I’m a third wheel.” The man with the red vest said. “Regulations and all that. I have to be, but I’ll look away.” He smiled as he covered his eyes. “We won’t be having sex, I promise.” Colin chuckled. The man chuckled. “You’d be surprised at the number of people who have!” “We would want more than a half an hour if we did have sex.” Colin said. “I prefer less of an audience.” I said as Colin wrapped his arm around me. “Are people allowed to have sex on this?” The man looked at me with the…you have to ask that…look. “I got a card from a woman that claims she conceived on the Eye.” He smiled. “I promise to be as invisible as possible.” “You don’t mind that we’re two men?” I asked. He chuckled. “I’ve seen it all…the typical male and female, male and male, female and female and even those May/December romances. That one sticks in my mind.” “Why?” Colin asked. “Well, she was the December and he was the May.” He said. “She was in her seventies, he was in his twenties.” He shrugged. “I say…whatever make you happy.” Colin nodded. “Then get off the capsule.” “Except that.” The man pointed and smiled. I shook my head. “You have caviar on hand?” The man looked shocked. “Oh, hell no. This is a Cupid Capsule, but he made it better.” He pointed at Colin. “He promised good compensation if I signed for the caviar. Which I did.” He waved to the caviar. “You must be pretty special to him. If I had someone like him treat me this well, I’d marry him…and I’m not gay!” He chuckled. We began to move. “I’ll be…” the man pointed to the other side of the capsule, “…over here. Not looking….or listening…or whatever.” He grinned and turned away. I smiled at Colin. “I do feel like I’m special with you.” “That’s because you are.” Colin said. “I feel special when I’m with you.” He kissed me and walked us to the Champagne. He poured a glass and handed it to me and took one himself. He raised his glass. “To a long, long life where we both feel special because we’re together.” I clinked his glass against mine. “I’ll drink to that.” I smiled. We of course ate what Colin had done so much to have there. The Truffles, the chocolate and especially the caviar. We stood together as all of London was before us as lights seemed to cast a spell on us. Colin had his arms around me as looked over the city together. The other problems we had were going to have to be handled by someone else tonight. This was just for Colin and me. We consumed the chocolate and Truffles. We pretty well got all the caviar consumed. Colin did a lot of it, but he loved food and had a big appetite. We strolled back to the hotel, not caring if anyone else was around as we walked with arms around each other. There were even a few smiles I saw. Not the look, isn’t it funny? They’re gay smiles, but isn’t that sweet smiles. London would be special to me from now on. Once in our suite, I was backing him to the bed as I pulled his jacket off and loosening his tie. “Thank you, Colin.” He smiled. “You had a good time?” “The best night we’ve had in a while.” I said. “The guy on the capsule was right. I must be special.” I said unbuttoning his shirt. “Now, I’m going to make you know how special you make me feel.” I said running my hands up his chest. I kissed him in that consuming attempt to devour the man if I could and he gave back as much as I gave. It was a glorious night! The next morning I woke up and realized we didn’t have to be anywhere. I smiled to myself, loving the feel of Colin’s body pressed against me. All was right with the world! Colin’s arm was draped over me as usual. I never liked so much as a Teddy Bear in bed as a child, but I couldn’t imagine not having Colin with me. “Good morning.” I heard behind me and felt him move. I rolled over to face him. “It is a great morning.” I smiled kissing him. “What do you want to do today?” Colin looked surprised. “You don’t have something you want to do?” I chuckled. “Colin, you have to have something you want to do. This shouldn’t be all about what I want.” Colin frowned. “Well, no…but I’m not the planner. I enjoy being with you. I don’t care what we do as long as we do it together.” He smiled. “I’ve been to London…” “On business.” I said quickly. “There’s Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London…there are many parks! The leaves are changing, it’s beautiful!” Colin smiled and roll over on top of me. “What I was going to say was, I’ve been to London, but I never saw London. I was so caught up in getting Wentworth Manor back and making the money to do that…” he waved at the outside. “It never occurred to me to get on that London Eye. I never even thought about going to Harrods’.” He smiled at me. “I love you, Devon. What I love the most is your enthusiasm about…everything!” I smiled back. “It’s just my immaturity.” Colin’s head backed up a little. “Are you nuts!? Honey, you wake up every morning with a smile! Because you wake up with a smile, I have a smile, too! You see everything so positively. We should all be so immature. You love me. I know that. But you love me so…completely. With every fiber in your being you love me. I see it and feel it. I’ve been alive for hundreds of years, but until I met you I hadn’t lived! I can’t wait to see what you think up next. I mean what I say, you are the most important human being I know or even heard of. You’re kind and caring. I would have dismissed Matt, but not you. You not only made friends with him, but got him to tell you things he told no one else.” Colin stressed. “And I don’t think it has a thing to do with any gifts you may have gotten because you’re a vampire, you were this way before. Most of the time, I forget you are a vampire! There are times I forget I am. That’s because of you!” I looked at him like he was not seeing things correctly. “I haven’t done a thing. George came up with the formula, you came up with the funds…” “No!” Colin said quickly raising his finger. “No, he and I were pretty much…dead inside. George would still be in Manhattan hiding from everyone. He would never accept the FBI and he never would have come here to England. I was afraid I was a monster, but you were never scared of me. Knowing what I was, you didn’t run away.” He propped on an elbow as he smiled looking at me. “I don’t care what we do as long as we do it together.” He sighed happily. “Even if that something…is nothing. Now do you see how important you are to me?” I looked at the emerald eyes. “I know what I want right now.” All the love making had been…very nice, but this time…I hope the room was sound proof. He and I were a little noisy. There were some loud grunts and occasional shouts. It was indeed a great morning.
  15. That's the best way to keep a real love alive. That and post sex cuddling. The constant contact and telling each other what they love about each other is so important. Sex is great, but love needs nurturing. It's like a plant, you need to give it constant water, or it dies.