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  1. Jaydon

    NB ND Chapter 25

    I am gutted that New Beginnings ended like this, I realise that all good stories must come to an end, but this was a tear jerker, even though it is just a fictional story. I am gutted, Huon never had a chance for love.
  2. Jaydon

    NB ND Chapter 23

    Good heavens, things are moving quickly forward on Deepdale Island. Love this story, when do we get romance foe Huon.
  3. Jaydon

    NB ND Chapter 22

    This just keeps getting more and more interesting, but it is what I would expect of the French and Chinese.
  4. Jaydon

    NB NS Chapter 18

    Another great chapter Quokka, I have spent the day reading all the chapters I missed as I failed to click follow early in the story.
  5. Jaydon

    NB ND Chapter 12

    Thank goodness for that I missed it, so all was not lost in the long run then. By the way I am moving out of Sydney 3rd week of April,permanently to Launceston,Tasmania.
  6. Jaydon

    NB ND Chapter 12

    Quokka, this reminds me somewhat of DECEPTION. LOL.
  7. Jaydon

    WSD Chapter 10

    I am just wondering if there is or will be something between Grant and Kyle??
  8. Jaydon

    OBC Chapter 5

    Preston, why do you keep doing this to us, these stories just get better and better, why are you doing this to us.LOL.
  9. Jaydon

    Roar • Part VII

    I am glad you did Quokka, I love following Carlos, and you too. When do we get a new story from you John D Sydney/Australia
  10. Great chapter Zenith, keep up the good work. John Sydney/Australia
  11. Jaydon

    AS Chapter 25

    Preston, I hope that you have another tale coming up with similar storylines, I am just sorry that you lost your story set in an island off Sth Australia, but this has been a great story. Look forward to another great one soon. John D Sydney
  12. Jaydon

    AS Chapter 20

    Love all this Tassie stuff Preston, as I will be moving to Launceston mid 2018 at this stage. Brodie ended up being a real little shit didn't he. John D Sydney
  13. Jaydon

    AS Chapter 11

    Preston, you never cease to amaze me with your storylines. I love this one.Keep up the good work. John D Sydney.
  14. Jaydon

    FST Chapter 2

    Preston, you amaze me, I am constantly reminded through your stories how you run your stories, keep up the good work and I look forward to more of Tom's adventures, especially now that he outranks his dad. John D Sydney
  15. Jaydon

    Chapter 14


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