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  1. OBC Chapter 5

    Preston, why do you keep doing this to us, these stories just get better and better, why are you doing this to us.LOL.
  2. Roar • Part VII

    I am glad you did Quokka, I love following Carlos, and you too. When do we get a new story from you John D Sydney/Australia
  3. Great chapter Zenith, keep up the good work. John Sydney/Australia
  4. AS Chapter 25

    Preston, I hope that you have another tale coming up with similar storylines, I am just sorry that you lost your story set in an island off Sth Australia, but this has been a great story. Look forward to another great one soon. John D Sydney
  5. AS Chapter 20

    Love all this Tassie stuff Preston, as I will be moving to Launceston mid 2018 at this stage. Brodie ended up being a real little shit didn't he. John D Sydney
  6. AS Chapter 11

    Preston, you never cease to amaze me with your storylines. I love this one.Keep up the good work. John D Sydney.
  7. FST Chapter 2

    Preston, you amaze me, I am constantly reminded through your stories how you run your stories, keep up the good work and I look forward to more of Tom's adventures, especially now that he outranks his dad. John D Sydney
  8. Chapter 14

  9. Change of Heart

    Yes Bill I will drink to that. John D
  10. BF Chapter 2

    Quokka, another great chapter, would love a photo of them in their sexy uniforms. JoHn D Sydney.
  11. Returnng

    Fly on the wall, well if that wasn't a cliffhanger I dont know what is, keep them coming we love the story. John D Sydney/Australia
  12. BF Chapter 1

    Quokka you never cease to amaze me. Anton's squeeze, Mathew's last name, Banning, sounds a lot like Mitch Benning in Firestorm. Keep up the great work, I am sitting here biting my fingernails waiting for the following chapters. John D Sydney
  13. OB Chapter 1

    Preston, I like the description of the property, and look forward to Bas and his adventures, the little prick Christopher needs his ass kicked. John D Sydney.
  14. Sharing is Caring

    I thought dad's name was Jason and Jesse was his boyfriend.
  15. FS Chapter 37

    Well my friend, another Oz story has come to an end, please do a Firestorm 2 at another time, as this one has been quite enjoyable. I only wish that your story about the island off SA was not lost to faulty technology. I will be looking forward to new stories from you soon. Regards John D Sydney

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