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  1. BHopper2


    Thanks, KD_stories for reading and for the comment. I'm glad you found it enjoyable.
  2. BHopper2

    Ashes of Fate: Season Three

    A fitting end to the trilogy. All three books were interesting in their own right. The same unique writing style, but you can tell the Author grew as a writer over the three books. An excellent read, for all three stories.
  3. This week's Topic Tuesday is up and ready for people to yap about.


  4. BHopper2

    Ashes of Fate: Season Two

    A great continuation of the storyline from the first of the trilogy. The storyline is still just as interesting as the first book, and the plot twists that develop in this one make the world bigger than in the first. Unlike the first book, there wasn't a lot of angst that seemed out of place. Even with the "dark" tag and warning, I didn't feel the story needed the warning. It does have dark undertones, but hey, it's war.
  5. BHopper2


    Thank you, Def. TC3 is done, and is the editing process. Should be posted soon. It is a single chapter only.
  6. BHopper2

    Meet Tibot, Adam’s Brother

    Thank you for reading, agent D. I'm hoping Tibot grows on you all.
  7. BHopper2


    Your halo is held up by devil horns. lol
  8. BHopper2

    Il Pleure dans Mon Coeur

    I am not good at reviewing poetry. However, that said, these are amazing. To think they all come from the same poem, just translated a different way, is amazing.
  9. BHopper2

    Ashes of Fate: Season One

    Interesting storyline, with a unique style of writing. Too much angst at times, but still good.
  10. 🍦 Happy National 🍦

    Ice Cream Day!


    1. Reader1810


      And, to think less than 10 minutes ago I walked by the ice cream freezer at the store, but I had yogurt, so I thought no....

    2. Slytherin


      Had pear/milk chocolate ice cream today,  yum 🍦

  11. BHopper2


    This poem is fantastic. You can see the different stages, from self-doubt, in the beginning, to hope and love at the end. A lot of emotions tied up in three stanzas. Excellent job.
  12. lolcat-sad-no-writing.png

    1. Reader1810


      Ah, but you posted a cute kitty! :D 

    2. mollyhousemouse


      lots of hugs :hug:


      i'm writing


      the menu and shopping list


      Reader is right though, the kitty is cute

    3. BHopper2


      I'm partial to kitties. They are so freaking cute.


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