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  1. Music to Write To

    A new one that I recently started. Link, however, can't be embedded. https://youtu.be/1vXj-eT3rF4
  2. Wanderer

    @BlindAmbition @LadyDe If I recall correctly. Battlecat's non-heroic name was Cringer. And he was a scaredy cat. LOL
  3. Sleep is elusive tonight.

    Guess I'll do some writing.

    Got a Forbidden Love story to do.

    Got a few prompts to do.

    Got a <Redacted>

    Also, 1/2Elf chapter 5.

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    2. sandrewn


      Often when sleep seems impossible, I use that time to do something I had put off doing or let lapse. Of course, before long, I find my eye lids drooping and oblivion quickly follows.

    3. BHopper2


      @sandrewn I do that sometimes. Tonight, the Mind and Spirit are wide awake, but the body is achy, tired, and cold. I think I might go make some Warm Milk Hot Coco...


      @mogwhy Yeah. A few different options. But so far, nothing has spoken since the Wanderer prompt from earlier.

    4. mogwhy


      well that  option turned out good! hot chocolate sounds good too

  4. Wanderer

    Thanks, jp. More practice pieces, that I'm going to try and weave into a full story over the year.
  5. Wanderer

    Thanks for reading! Yeah. I love the song, and I've been on a fantasy kick because of my Dungeons & Dragons gaming I've been doing. Today this song came on, and I could see this Half-Elf walking down a forest path, with a Panther for an Animal Companion.
  6. Wanderer

    LOL. That is a great mom. Mine used to do it as well. Um... Hopefully soon, I'll post the next installment, which will get all the players, already mentioned, together soon.
  7. Christmas Day

    Thank you very much, Dodger. I'm also not a huge romantic, but I love me a sappy love story from time to time as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
  8. Wanderer

    Thank you for reading and for your comment, LadyDe. Yes, I remember He-Man, Skeletor, and Battlecat. To answer a couple of your questions. Yes, both the Half-Elf and the Strider Cat both will have names, which we will see in the next installment. Dragon and Wanderer are tied together. So, they will be continuations of the same story, from different P.O.V.s. Again, thank you for reading.
  9. Wanderer

    Thanks, Moggie. Yes, it's a start to a much larger project, but all based on prompts.
  10. Wanderer

    Thank you, Agent D. I'm glad you liked it.
  11. Wanderer

    He strolled into town at the edge of the ancient forest with the gait of a warrior, with the sun setting behind the trees behind him. The man had the lean-toned build of a human, but the height of an elf, marking him as one of the exceptionally rare half-elves in the world. Beside him walked his companion, a large female Strider Cat, with a coat of crimson colored fur, and four black socks for coloration on her paws. Strider Cats were large predatory animals, akin to a panther, but had sharp bone-like spurs that sprouted out on their forelegs to cut through brush and prey equally. It was an impressive sight to behold and spoke of the power of will the half-elf had to be able to tame one. The half-elven man, walked down the center of the road, one hand on an ornately carved quarterstaff, the other would occasionally reach over, and stroke the head of the cat between the ears. He was dressed in simple white and brown linen travelers clothing that were clad in the dust from the road, and large backpack decked out with adventuring equipment. Around his waist was strapped a thick leather belt, with several holstered throwing daggers, and two thick pouches. His black hair was long and unkempt from the travel, and his dark violet colored eyes took in the details of his surroundings. He paused when he reached the first building along the road from the forest. He noted there was no wall around the town. “Either they are too stupid, to realize the danger of the forest. Or way too trusting,” the half-elf thought to himself. The buildings were your typical mix of homes, shops, and the local authority, and built from wood and stone with thatch roofing or slate shingles. Most were worked wood slats, but the more affluent were in the mixed wood and stone buildings. Only the town’s Bank, Constable, and the minor lord’s Manor House were fully stonework. The smell of the home-fires cooking dinner filled the air. “Hey, stranger,” a man on the porch of the building the half-elf stopped in front of yelled. “Yes?” The half-elf replied and looked over at him. “Are you lost? Need directions?” “I can use the help,” the half-elf said and moved over the stand a few feet from the porch. His animal companion sat down on her hind-legs with its tail thumping against the ground. “Can you tell me where to get a room for the night, and a bath?” “Yeah… there’s an Inn in town. Called the Sterling Buck. They have decent food and don’t water the ale that much. Four houses down, turn on the road headed south, and it’s the second building.” “Much obliged,” the half-elf responded. He reached into his belt pouch at his side and produced a silver coin. He showed it to the man, and reached up and set it on the porch railing for him. Both he and his animal companion turned and headed for the Inn. ~@~@~@~ The half-elven man sat in the hot bath water and soaked his road-weary muscles. He cat laid by the tub and snoozed while he bathed. It had cost him double, but he was able, to get the room, two meals, and a bath at a reasonable three gold coins. The bathroom was in a room built outside, and behind the Inn, and was adorned simply with the wooden decorations from here in town. Thick tapestries adorned the wall, and stag’s head was over the tub. Brass fixtures ran the running water of the inn. He was amazed that they Innkeeper would spring for Archanics, or Magitech as it was sometimes known as, but he couldn’t blame him. He scrubbed the dirt and his grime from his body, with the lye soap, and looked down at the sleeping cat. “Lazy. You’re only pretending to sleep, so I don’t wash you.” The only response was a soft purr. He heard the footsteps, long before the knock on the bathroom door came. Both he and his cat were paying attention to the door. “Yes?” “Sir… there is a man, asking to speak with you at the front counter in the lobby. He asked for you by name,” said the Innkeeper’s son, as he opened the door, and stuck his head in to deliver the message. “Should I tell him to leave?” “No. Tell him, I’ll be there soon,” he nodded to the kid, and watched him leave. His companion sat up and looked at him with knowing eyes. “I know, he’s early, but I’m getting a good night’s rest before we head off.” The cat stretched and lay back down with a grunt. End Part 1…
  12. Dragon

    Thanks, jp. More from Honsol will be coming as part of the shorts. I think I'll make them based on prompts.
  13. Fortune Cookie

    I agree it was way too short. I'm glad you liked it, jp.
  14. Prompt #640 – Creative – Alien

    Thanks, jp. Already have notes for a longer story on them. Might be a while before I revisit them, in their world. I want to get 1/2-Elf done, and there is another project I'm working on.
  15. I would think so. It's not an anthology piece.

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