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  1. Stalker 101

    Holy shit man. I'm so sorry this happened to you! You got my prayers, and I hope it gets better for you.
  2. There All Along

    One hell of a twist for the ending. Loved the visuals in this story, and the progress the main character went through.
  3. Rememberence

    A sad but beautiful tale. A Son remembers his family. The visuals and descriptions were marvelous. I recommend it to anyone.
  4. Tupelo Honey

    tim, your skill at poetry leaves me speechless, yet again. Both the visuals and the emotion, these invoke, I have no words to describe.
  5. A Cold Rain

    A fantastic tale, of two people in love, who finally admit it to each other. Beautifully written, great visuals. Short and to the point.
  6. The Top 8 Story Reviewers on GA:

    1. Me
    2. @chris191070
    3. @Carlos Hazday
    4. @Myr
    5. @BlindAmbition
    6. @Timothy M.
    7. @Daddydavek
    8. @Mikiesboy

    Some great company to be with.

    I'm not doing this to brag. I'm wanting to see more people leave Reviews on Completed Stories. Hell, I want to be toppled off the number one spot, because we have so many people reviewing!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      You deserve to be on the top spot. :yes: 

    3. BHopper2


      Nah... I'm nobody special. Just a disabled gay man, with too much time on his hands, that likes to read and write.

    4. BlindAmbition


      Top? Someone else has to hold that spot. Not cutout to be on top.

  7. Writing Prompts #656 & #657

    Interesting choices this week.
  8. Chapter 1

    And here, I thought this was an older story and not a brand new one. I should have checked the date. Excellently written, and packed full of details. Looking forward to more.
  9. Just posted my 100th Story review for GA


  10. Not For Hire.

    This was a fantastic short story and a powerful scene of magic in action. Not many people can write a fantasy combat scene, with both martial and magical aspects, and this story does excellent in both. It was minimalist in details of the world at large, which is typically a drawback on fantasy stores, but not where the focus of the story was. The lack of an Infodump, is a serious burden on the reader, as they have no clue what the world is about. Barring the lack of description, and details in the form of an Infodump, I still rated the story five-stars for the action-packed scene alone.
  11. WORDS

    Yuppers. They are male. LOL. I so know what you mean.
  12. WORDS

    Tone, and inflection are just as important as the words themselves. I have friends, that when we're together, you'd think we hated each other, with what we called each other. However, if you listen to how we say what we do, you'd see we were playing around. But, be an outsider, and say the same things, and all bets are off. From personal experience, whoever said: "Sticks and Stones, may break my bones; but words will never hurt me," lied. I fully agree with what you said, about the power of words, and what MacGreg said about, "Taste your words, before you spit them." Thank you, molly, for another great blog.
  13. Knight Templar in Training

    Weird, but good. The reason behind the three-star rating and my weird comment is that the story seems to be part of a larger series. In fact, the last chapter, mentions that the story was continued in another one of the Author's stories. However, when looking at the stories, and the descriptions, it is unclear where one is to start, in order to fully get the order of events. Having-said-that, this story as a stand-alone was good. The characters had enough life to them, to where they weren't two-dimensional, and there was a good use of language to convey a fantasy setting. However, there was a lack of details and description to fully paint a picture of what was there. Very minimalist, and requires the reader to fill in too many voids. Also, the use of Translator's Notes on a couple of the chapters makes one not familiar with the Author's series, wonder if these are someone else's stories and were translated to English or just a styling used by the Author. I suspect it is the latter, as some of the other stories presented by the Author uses Translator as a title reference.
  14. Has formatting issues in the first four chapters. Large blocks of empty space between lines and chapters.

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