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  1. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    They could raid a BassPro shop and get some of the Freeze Dried Ice Cream. It's pretty good, lasts a long time, and melts in your mouth.
  2. BHopper2

    My Son by BHopper2

    Let's relive a scene from last year. The night the Lightning beat the Bruins, to go on to Round Three. Adam loved it, Rob not so much. Duncan loved being there with his two men.
  3. Time to get the Puck Out!!!


    Lightning Hockey Starts Today With Preseason!


    Go Bolts!

    1. mollyhousemouse


      the first Wednesday Night Rivalry game is on Phil's birthday. He's said we can watch it. so looking forward to this season!

    2. Daddydavek


      The Blues play the Stars in Dallas

      The Bolts play the Hurricanes in Tampa



  4. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    Just dangle some live bait in front of it. Then drop a mountain on it.
  5. BHopper2

    A New Life

    Book 5, Finding Eros in Florida, was the third story I posted to GA, after this one, but is sat uncompleted and on hold. It still is. Book 4 I'm currently writing, and I have chapter 1 done, and starting chapter 2. What happened was, I had notes that linked A New Life and a New Home, with Finding Eros in Florida, and then when I wrote My Son I used those notes changing several things, to make it all make a bit more sense. When I linked them all together, A New Life and a New Home came first, followed by My Son, then A Few Days in the Life of Jeremy Isen, next is Family Always Has Your Back, with Finding Eros in Florida being the last one. Jeremy's story is complete but is waiting for final edits, and Eros' story the entire first chapter will be changed from what is posted. After that, there are 3 shorts I have planned. One you already know about, from the DiC, and two more that deal with the fallout of Duncan learning about < REDACTED > and does < REDACTED >, and then later < REDACTED >, Jeremy, and Travis does < REDACTED >.
  6. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    Ok... no bells... But, I'll bring a woodchipper. I don't see a zombie regenerating after that.
  7. BHopper2

    A New Life

    Thanks, Buddy. I'm glad you enjoyed this first chapter. You'll see more of them in later books 3 and 4, and a very special not-so-secret short that Will be posted after the final book, book 5, in the series is completed.
  8. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    Suuuuurrreeeee you weren't. Imagine if Richie, Jeremy and the rest of the kids had a rocket launcher? That zombie would be toast.
  9. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    I'll be there, with bells on.
  10. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    Queue the song by R.E.M. - It's the End of the World.
  11. BHopper2

    Chapter 8

    This was another good chapter. We see the boys, have another tender moment while getting back to the "house." The caution in handling the military grade dynamite, and keeping the blasting caps away from the sticks. And the discussion about the plane around the table went about how I expected. The old saying of, "Trust but Verify" comes to mind.
  12. BHopper2

    Chapter 7

    True, but they are not going to get the information they need, sitting in camp. There is caution, and then there is inaction. Staying put would be a detriment.
  13. BHopper2

    Chapter 7

    Wow... Just WOW... This chapter had it all. Tension, emotion, conflict, and now a glimmer of hope that there is more than just them. After two years, of just surviving, now they have a goal to work on and a decision to make. Do they leave the safety and certainty of "The Camp," their home for two years, to head in a direction they don't know, or for how long to find the others? Or Stay? That would be one hell-of-a-talk. But first, they have Captain Blue Balls to deal with. I loved the tender moment that Jeremy and Richie had in the truck. It was an excellent way for the two of them to show love, and to calm each other down. Like this is not your typical Zombie story, this is also not your typical Teenager story. These kids have come together, to form a family, as I mentioned before, but they have had to grow up Pretty Damn Quick. Heck, you pointed out in chapter 2 or 3, that their living condition is not that private. With hearing Mike and Will jacking off in their "room" with walls of blankets, and with Richie and Jeremy going at it in their sheet wall room. There wouldn't be that many secrets among them, nor any issues with seeing each other in compromising situations. I'll disagree with some of the others who say the plane is a bad omen. It's been two years since the changes. Finding other survivors in a remote area in the mountains, would not be a priority. Now, if they can find an Amature Radio Station in either the police station or in someone's house, and a couple of generators to supply power enough to run it and the signal booster, they would have a shot of contacting other survivors. If you don't mind me asking, how many more chapters do we have of this fraking fantastic story?
  14. BHopper2

    Writing Prompts #700 & #701

    700 on the list now.

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