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  1. BHopper2

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    From chapter 1 to 3, he's been very aggressive, mean-spirited, and manipulative. Yes, in chapter 2 he was all nice and caring for the plane ride, but overall he's just a big bully.
  2. BHopper2

    Metaphor & Similie

    Another well thought out, and constructive article, Comsie. Thank you, for volunteering your time to this.
  3. BHopper2

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    I'm thinking I'm gonna have to break out the barbed-wire encrusted baseball bat for Sam... Turn his hide into a leather belt. Really not liking him, but I am liking Finn a lot. Not too keen on the mother either.
  4. BHopper2

    You Can Go Home Again

    I wonder if Salamander skin makes good leather? Not really liking Sam, based on his personality. Great job tim, of making the characters come alive.
  5. BHopper2

    In the Shadow of the Dragon

    This is some excellent writing. Lots of research has been done to get not only terms but descriptions of several weapons systems correct. Brilliantly executed, and well thought out an planed. I felt like I was in the situation with Tom Ross, several times.
  6. Accurate:


    It's a pic of a list titled: "My Hobbies include

    • Switching between the same three apps for hours.
    • Not speaking to anyone for days at a time.
    • Listening to the same songs I've been listening to for 15 years.
    • Imagining myself in situations that will literally never exist.
    1. drpaladin


      Those hobbies could occupy someone a lifetime or two if pursued fervently.  :P

  7. BHopper2

    Operation Hammerhead

    Excellent story so far. I just finished reading the currently published 17 chapters, and can't wait for more. Thank you for writing this story.
  8. BHopper2

    Eragon by Christopher Paolini

    I've read the first three a few times. Been meaning to finish the series, but just haven't had the gumption to do so. Overall, it's a good series.
  9. BHopper2

    The Nordia Incident

    A short tale of a Military Court of Inquiry. Very well written and thought out. Read like a report, but was quick and entertaining.
  10. Y'all should read this blog.


  11. BHopper2


    From a Florida native, who has lived with Hurricanes all his life... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
  12. BHopper2

    Hi I'm Noah

    The cake is a lie!
  13. Watching an old movie OnDemand, called D.A.R.Y.L. (1986). It's a campy, time capsle of the 1980's. It's about a pre-teen boy, that has a computer for a brain, built by the US Government. Wondering what a sequel would be like, or a story of him being older now would be.

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    2. BlindAmbition


      The 80’s had some of the best damn movies. 

    3. BHopper2


      Dude... I forgot that he steals an SR-71. The best airplane of all time, IMHO.


      @BlindAmbition The 80's were the best, period.

    4. JayT


      That was like one of my favorite movies 

  14. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, and for the response, Hunter of Porn. Adam is borderline alcoholic. He does have the gene for addiction, as evident by Tibs, but his drinking is normally much more controlled. Chapter 7 is right around the corner.
  15. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, and for the comment, glennish. Something wicked this way comes... in chapter 7.
  16. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, Kaimuki. That is something that Adam has in the back of his mind. So, he will keep an eye out for any repercussions.
  17. BHopper2

    Need help with my Google Drive

    That's what I had to do recently as well. Though, I ended up deleting Backup and Sync in order to fix a different glitch in the system.
  18. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, and for the comment, jaysalmn. I had plans for Duncan from the beginning, but it was for him to become Adam's significant other. His week of a retreat was him building up the nerve to confess to Adam what he's been hiding for a while, and his brother Ian was trying to help him through the divorce. There may be a short story later on that shows the trip to Key West for Duncan.
  19. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, centexhairysub. The Trafficante family is a legit mafia family here in Tampa. Though they are considered "defunct" now by experts. It's an interesting chapter in Tampa's history, that we had a Mafia Family, and they controlled the whole state of FL.
  20. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, jp. It's one reason why Tibs wanted Adam to stay out of what he was doing. Adam is working on the high-road, with their attorney Carol, while he goes low-road, and takes out their knees. For Tibs part, he thinks by going to his world, he can protect his family, and pay back some of the debt he owes Adam too.
  21. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, and for the feedback, FanLit. Chapter 7 is about halfway done now and getting ready for self-edits before heading off to the editing team.
  22. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thanks for reading, and for the feedback, Sweetlion. Chapter 7 will address a lot of this. Luckily for Rob, he won't fall too deep into a depression, because he's at Adam's parents' house.
  23. BHopper2

    Friends in Low Places

    Thank you, Everett, for both reading the story and for the comment. I debated myself about adding in the second line but did so as I felt it would be an interesting look into the dual-nature of Tibs. It's a very Southern thing as well.

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