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  1. I first heard this version on the 2017 Power Rangers movie. I've always loved the song, but the haunting melodies of this one take it to another level in my opinion. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Daddydavek


      A bit too goth and melodramatic for me.  I'll take Ben E. King's version.

  2. Once Upon a Dragon

    Another fantastic story tim. I love the childlike innocence of Alasdair, and how the interaction between Berdem and him played out. Simply wonderful.
  3. The RetCon Chapter 1 has been posted. Chapter 2, is getting an Author review, and then will be sent to the editor.
  4. The RetCon on chapter 1 of The Half-Elven Warlock has been completed and posted to the site. Thanks, Kitt, tim, jp, molly, and Reader.



  5. Writing Prompts #648 & #649

    Both are a good prompt idea, hmm...
  6. Introducing Sex Into Your Story

    That's surprising seeing as how some of the early GA stories are like pure porn. That was something that I had noticed about GA. A shift occurred over the years from, more Erotica Based, to more, well, I would call it real stories. Where sex is a sub-plot and subtext. As long as it doesn't dissolve into M-Preg. Nothing makes me chuck a book faster into a pit of fire than a male character ending up pregnant. @Comicality thanks, again for another useful blog post.
  7. Inspirational Quotes

    "No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar." - Abraham Lincoln
  8. Forbidden

    Thank you, Comsie for reading, and for the Feedback. I have been thinking about expanding this story, but I feel that the ending fits for the brothers. They bravely went to death being true to themselves. If I did expand upon the story, Edwin and Owen would not be the central characters, they have each other in the afterlife. A new story would focus on what happened after their death, and new characters who grew up hearing about how the brothers were true to themselves and to each other.
  9. Foreign Soil

    Sad in parts, but was a fantastic story, tim. I love the use of historical features, like the New Australia colony, being a 'not' penal colony. Loved the twist of it being a romance as well. Awesome!
  10. Anthology Story. No Tags. Author last seen in September 2017.
  11. Anthology story. No Tags. Author active. EDIT: Story doesn't follow GA posting guidelines either.
  12. There's no story. Just a Story Page. No chapters at all. Author last seen in 2012 Story fixed.
  13. Anthology Flashback: Spring 2009

    There is not enough hours in the day to catch up on my "To Read" list. More added.
  14. Posted a sneak peek in the Writer's Club. Check it out, and tell me what you think. The story is a long way from finished, and will not be posted until it is.

  15. Heartbreak

    You can feel the emotion in this piece. Very well written, and beautifully done. Thank you, for sharing with us.
  16. Thoughts and Prayers to families touched by the tragedy in the southern part of my state today. My heart goes out to other Floridians here on GA, who are closer to the event than I was.


    I would appreciate if people would keep their opinions on the issue to The Pit, or to yourself.

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    2. BHopper2


      @BlindAmbition agreed. I was disturbed when it happened then, too. Let the families mourn, then... let's have a conversation.

    3. MichaelS36


      I'd have a lot to say. This is very very sad. 

    4. Defiance19


      Utter heartbreak 

  17. A Valentines Queer Love Playlist!

    So disappointed with Billboard Music. Not one Steve Grand or Eli Libby song on the list. So, here is Steve Grand - Say You Love Me. Dedicated to all us gays that develope Straight boy Crushes.
  18. Chapter 1

    This was a great story. I loved how it was told from the perspective of the ring.
  19. Southern Expressions List/Notes

    You missed one, I use a lot: "Bless Your Heart." Usually said with our custom Southern Charm, which most take as we're being polite. In reality, what we are saying is: "You're a Fracking Idiot."
  20. Updating Stories

    Question: I've ran into several stories that are in the "In Process" status, and the Author is no longer on GA and it's been Years since the story has been updated. Can we let the Staff know, to possibly switch those stories to "On Hold" status, or a new status of "Author No Longer On Site"?
  21. Midnight rolls around, and now it's Valentine's day. May those with sweethearts, I hope you have a fantastic day.


    For those single, like me.... May we have a good day as well...


    "Check, please... Bitter, party of one."

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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Sometimes I'm thankful Valentine's Day never really caught on in Denmark, in spite of the internet and efforts by flower and chocolate shops. ;) 

    3. SolarMaxx


      Happy Valentine’s Day @BHopper2. I hope you find your special person soon. :hug:At least as a party of one, you know you’re in very good company.

    4. Sam Wyer

      Sam Wyer

      Now don’t go telling people, but here you go :hug::kiss::heart:

  22. Boy Valentine

    Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I love how Robbie went from depressed, to filled with joy. Wonderful!
  23. I've done some pretty common gay sex oral stuff, several times in my life.


    So why is it, the idea of eating Rocky Mountain Oysters, which we may have one night this week, as others in the house I live in are planning on fixing, really doesn't sound appealing?

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    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Don't forget to swallow... :rofl:

    3. Daddydavek


      I say try anything once.  If horrible after the first taste, just push it around on your plate. I don't like regular oysters either....

    4. SolarMaxx


      Because it’s just gross! I wouldn’t eat them either.

  24. Heya Writer's Club members.... It's Topic Tuesday!



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