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  1. NB ND Chapter 17

    luvvin it !
  2. Chapter 42

    WOOHOO ! Comeon Nathan,,,the energy drinks are on me ! lol
  3. NB ND Chapter 13

    too cool ! gee mate you have a fab imagination ! the twists are so out there, yet believable and exciting ! you must do a helluva lot of research ! i love it. fab chapter as always !
  4. Chapter 42

    it introduced Gram and set the stage for the coming out,,,,it plumped the story,,,,adding Gram was adding a new thread in the tapestry, thus enriching it and helps us understand the man further on when he is referred to. it was a great character build i thought,,,interesting fellow. looking foward to seeing how his presence effects the outcome of the election and what other things he may contribute,,,the possibilities are endless and exciting,,,looking foward to more,,loving it !
  5. Chapter 42

    Nah,,,its a plumper,,,,,or fluffer hehe
  6. NB ND Chapter 12

    my bags are packed,,,,,,now i just gotta find the coordinates again,,,,,,,,,an island with no people sounds perfect ! hehe. loved it.
  7. WSD Chapter 16

    Darn it ! i was wrong !!! I was sure it was Unhinged Lady Oestrogen ! lol
  8. WSD Chapter 16

    Miss U.L Oestrogen,,,,,,loved it ! wondering what U.L stands for? sounds like a great drag name,,,hehe. the MISC acronym was funny as drpaladin stated,,but that name nearly made me wet myself as the possibilities for U.L passed thru my mind,,,none of them polite or politically correct hehe. Good one mate ! cheers for a great laugh !
  9. All's Well That Ends.........

    Awesome read ! sad its over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for now . looking foward to more of your stories. cheers for a great journey.
  10. NB ND Chapter 8

    yay ! things are looking up ! great read as usual Mate !
  11. NB ND Chapter 6

    wow ! poor bugger ! is there any end to his suffering ? some people have all the luck eh ! loving it !
  12. Chapter 41

    lol ! too funny ! loved it !
  13. Wedding Bells Ring

    good chapter, great story. im loving it. was a bit dissappointed nans shenanigans didnt start lol. woulda thought she would be the soul of the party at the picnic ! i'd turn straight for her anyday hehe.keep up the good work and cheers for a great read.
  14. BF Chapter 33

    Well done mate ! another great story ! hope you have a great holiday season and return next year with the 3rd book in the trilogy .
  15. Chapter 29

    LOL too funny ! sounds like my pup ! lovin the trip. cheers

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