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  1. soundaddict_nz

    Election. May 2010. Thomas

    loved the end of the election, ! wonder whats coming eh ! hehe. I did find all the memory timeline bouncing around hard to follow,, but yeah liked the tying up of loose ends with ciaran too. neat way of defining a relationship.
  2. soundaddict_nz


    awesome story. loved every chapter !
  3. soundaddict_nz

    Crossroads. April 2010. Thomas

    AWESOME !!
  4. soundaddict_nz

    Dec Chapter 16

    awesome ! great chapter mate ! great to see the dream house is possible and going ahead !
  5. soundaddict_nz

    Dec Chapter 5

    awesome chapter mate.
  6. soundaddict_nz

    Dec Chapter 3

    oh god ! i think i see where this is going,,,,,,,,,,,,lawless, tribal,,,,,,,,,,,cant wait for the adventure ! good work so far mate ! loving it.
  7. soundaddict_nz


    phew ! that was fun ! great read
  8. soundaddict_nz


    lol, poor bitch,,,,ooops can i call violet that ? hehe anyway,,karma sucks for the deserving eh ! great chapter mate !
  9. soundaddict_nz

    WSD Chapter 20

    PHEW !! we can all relax now ! glad they are all ok,,,,,loving it !
  10. soundaddict_nz

    OBC Chapter 11

    Damn ! I hate it when chapters end ! hehe great cliffhanger mate !
  11. soundaddict_nz

    NB ND Chapter 22

  12. soundaddict_nz

    NB ND Chapter 17

    luvvin it !
  13. soundaddict_nz

    Chapter 42

    WOOHOO ! Comeon Nathan,,,the energy drinks are on me ! lol
  14. soundaddict_nz

    NB ND Chapter 13

    too cool ! gee mate you have a fab imagination ! the twists are so out there, yet believable and exciting ! you must do a helluva lot of research ! i love it. fab chapter as always !
  15. soundaddict_nz

    Chapter 42

    it introduced Gram and set the stage for the coming out,,,,it plumped the story,,,,adding Gram was adding a new thread in the tapestry, thus enriching it and helps us understand the man further on when he is referred to. it was a great character build i thought,,,interesting fellow. looking foward to seeing how his presence effects the outcome of the election and what other things he may contribute,,,the possibilities are endless and exciting,,,looking foward to more,,loving it !

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