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  1. Twenty-Five Miles

    Thank you for your comments, jp. you're right about the give and take - that's essential in every relationship, and Travis doesn't have much give to give. He would benefit from some time to process everything; a lot has happened all at once. you provided an interesting observation about Mrs. Cooper. Yes, on both counts: Mama bear and dismissive. Thanks again for your support of this story.
  2. Thank you for the check-ins Sir. I hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. MacGreg


      Very glad to see you back, my boy. you have a good week, too. 

    2. BlindAmbition


      Thank you Sir. I’m pacing myself and plan to do just that.

    3. MacGreg


      Definitely pace yourself! 

  3. Scuba Men

    Who's the artist?
  4. I've been reading Wanderlust and the Whiskey Bottle Parallel by Dave Matthes - poetry and short stories. Like Bukowski, his work is unrefined and filled with misogyny, but if you can look beyond some of the tasteless subject matter, you'll discover some true gems. I personally appreciate his candor and rawness of self-expression. Here's one that stood out to me today: (Untitled) I met a man once while in the woods I suppose he was there for the same reason as I seclusion isolation permeation meditation translation perhaps perhaps he was just wandering He said to me, "Obscene, isn't it? How all these trees can grow to be so tall and beautiful... yet here they remain? Never moving where their roots won't allow. They are born here, and they die here." If he had a point, I'll never know. The drink has dulled my mind and deafened the necessary parts of my soul Maybe that's what he was talking about Maybe that's why he came to the woods Deterioration.
  5. Third Week

    Oh, you're remarkable, boy. Stubborn, maybe, but remarkable.
  6. Third Week

    Love them all, tim. you are remarkable.
  7. Hey Freerider, thanks for all the recent 'likes' on Dissonance.

    1. Freerider


      Welcome :)

      It is a good story. I love the adult characters and am curious how it will continue.

  8. I've only gotten as far as making a short list of possible scenarios. Now, to pick one and write it...
  9. I Just Won Volunteer Of the Year at My Museum

    Just saw this and wanted to say congratulations. Being rewarded for service is a great accomplishment, and volunteer work is rewarding in itself. And you do this at a museum - very cool!
  10. Chapter 1

    This is a great story, Daddydavek. You built it up and brought it to a satisfying closure with emotions we can all relate to. I'm glad Tyler and Isaac finally got together. This is a good reminder that we shouldn't let precious time pass by without reconciliation.
  11. Twenty-Five Miles

    Irascible. Good word! There's still hope for him, he has good intentions, even though it's hidden behind his grumpiness. As for the hospital, if Mrs. Cooper hadn't been there, if Ben and Travis wanted to push for Ben to go into the ER, it probably could have happened. But Ben and Travis haven't known each other very long, they're not a committed couple. Yet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this chapter, tim. you helped encourage me to get it done.
  12. Twenty-Five Miles

    A whipsaw! I think this is the first time a story has been described in such a way. I hope it didn't cause you whiplash, Parker. Thanks for reading. Yes, I'm going to make you wait.
  13. Twenty-Five Miles

    Hey Sweet, thank you for your comments. Travis has his ways... and certainly has some issues... but he's ready for a much-needed change, and Ben might be the propellant. Cheers - Mac
  14. The newest chapter of Dissonance disappeared from the Latest Story Updates feed in the blink of an eye last night. So I thought I'd post it here for readers who missed seeing the update. Cheers.


    1. Mikiesboy


      It's a great chapter, too!  Wonderful in fact.

    2. Defiance19


      I am so behind in my reading, but I can’t wait to get to it!! 

    3. Valkyrie


      I'm not sure when I'll have time to read it, but it's first on my list. :D 

  15. Twenty-Five Miles

    Thanks for reading and commenting, mfa607. It's good to be back with this story.

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