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  1. Solitary

    Oh, boy...
  2. Called To The Gates

    Not sure why you were sitting on this story. It's a gem, a reminder for all of us to put our hearts into things, follow passions, live lives to the fullest. you did a fantastic job with this one, tim. The shortness of the story accentuates the urgency of the message.
  3. Because some of you have inquired... I fractured and sliced my thumb yesterday - the right hand, no less. I am near completion of the new Dissonance chapter, but now the finishing touches are going to take a while longer due to my clumsy left-handed typing. With the long holiday ahead, though, I hope to get it done. Cheers.

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    2. MacGreg


      @Kitt Ask me in a week. 

    3. Kitt


      Lol a go to guy like you? If cabin fever takes a week I will be very surprised.

    4. MacGreg


      It will be a good practice in patience for me.

  4. Hmm, cover photos have disappeared.

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    2. Reader1810


      Myr responded to my question. 



    3. MacGreg


      Again, thank you Reader!

    4. Reader1810


      You’re welcome, Mac. :) 

  5. Perigee

    Yes, "some things just are, as they will be", no matter the pull of gravity, nor the rolling of tides, nor the will for something unreachable. your poetry always gets to the core of it, tim. you have a gift of expression.
  6. Jericó

    Stark and honest, no fluff needed. I felt like I was there in the room, playing witness to your awkward adolescent moment. Keep it up.
  7. Chapter 2

    A wonderful duet, tim. you capture the D/s scene with honest perception and beauty. I love reading a sub's POV.
  8. The fog distorts the path Swirling, thickening Like ebb and flow of seawater Predictable, frustrating Filled with variances of light and dark Salty, cavernous Sometimes inky black Never allowing for clear passage Only mere glimpses of possibilities Of what could be, Of what can never be The shroud distorts the path Can you see the sunshine? There, there, snippets of warmth We trudge forward on brittle feet Shackled, unrested Denying the untenable alternative Burying vexation for another day Love and hope Drifting, drifting Silencing our restless existence
  9. Today is National Philanthropy Day. Every little bit helps when giving, even if it's just volunteering your time and/or your skills in small amounts. Money isn't the only requirement to help someone in need.


  10. Readers, What Do You Skip?

    I suppose this shouldn't shock me - but it does. 98% just pop in to read and then disappear?
  11. One Word Prompt - “Behind”

    An ultra shorty, but a good one!
  12. Posterior vitreous detachment in the eye... like having a migraine 24/7.

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    2. MacGreg


      Thanks for the well wishes, friends. For now, I just need to be extra careful with power tools. ;)

    3. Kitt


      Always have to be extra careful with power tools!  I have too many family members in the construction business missing bits and pieces already!

    4. MichaelS36


      All the best Mac. Hope the adjustment is quick.

    1. BHopper2


      That is awesome Mac. Exactly what my problem is at times.Thank you!

    2. MacGreg


      Having lots of ideas isn't a problem, A. You just have to learn how to manage them so they don't pull you in a hundred directions all at once. ;)

    3. BHopper2


      So, damn true.

  13. Write "She's Gay" on My Headstone

    This line: We have to admit to the parts of ourselves that are less than savory... Another powerful poem, Lacuna. I would enjoy seeing you perform this out loud. Again, the rhythm is palpable.
  14. Gratitude. It comes in many forms.


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