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  1. Vampire Smuggling

    Loving the story. Wondering why they couldn’t use January’s portal thingy to go to Pax’s House (unless January actually needed to see or have been to the site first 😉). I hope mates 5 and 6 integrate as well as the first 4 have together. I can’t wait to find out who is behind this and what the grand plan is reguarding this group of sensational six. Wish I could really have seen 3 cuddly wolfs and a sexy bat together. Please keep going thanks.
  2. Chapter 10

    The mother and brother are totally clueless. Let’s rub Devon’s face in everything he couldn’t have because his mother took one twin and abondoned the other. Look at the sweet new car I got for my birthday while you were getting the shit beat out of you.... Check out this room you could have had while you were waiting on our asshole father.... Awesome pool party I have with all my friends while you had one friend who forced you into it. Oh. And we took you away from her to live here now. I will bet Devon probably never got his drivers license because dad would never let him have that kind of freedom. And now they think he will just adjust and be fine. Anyway thanks for the story and new chapter.
  3. Oliver the Mad

    I freaking love Oliver’s pov. Now we see what Harry’s problems and concerns are. I guess he expects the same outcome as last time if the relationship fails. Not realizing that this time there could be closure. And mom.....way to go. Standing up for your son and putting the principal and school district on notice. Nothing like the threat of a lawsuit to put the fear of god in them. Has no one ever diagnosed Oliver with ADHD? Sure sounds like it could be. Thanks for a new chapter and hopefully we will hear more from Oli.
  4. Chapter 8

    That wedding was perfect. Simple yet powerful. Finally after 10 years they are married and happy. I am glad that Chet now seems to understand. Now if you will excuse me I need a tissue. Must be dusty in here.
  5. Chapter 27 - Ian

    Come on now. I want you to “ake me a ake”. It couldn’t be any worse that the ones I have baked myself. Loved the new chapter. I wonder who Quinn’s friend could be...... hhmmm. Could it be someone we have met in a different story???? Little Reilly sounds adorable. Looking forward to more with Paddy’s dog and this mysterious look alike.
  6. On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

    Great start. Glad to see some more back story for the Barnstable bunch. Nice to see a young Ian before his father effed up his life. Was happy that Vic and Gavin still parted as friends. Will Ohio State and University of Texas meet at a tournament? Yee Haw. Hello cowboy
  7. Chapter 7

    YEE HAW!!! A small Texas wedding. The movie trip to California could be like a working honeymoon. The fact that they are legally married will also foil the grands plan to legally take Chet. Win win.
  8. Trials of Parenting

    @droughtquake nailed it. Kasey will have his college paid for by his uncles swear jar. Each of the kids handled it in their own way. Levi got angry Lincoln got sad and poor Bella seems to be withdrawing. I hope she is gonna be ok but she will need a lot of love and reassurance. Great chapter.
  9. Babysitting Disaster

    Levi and Lincoln played Kaleb soooooo good. I think that is the first time we have seen Kaleb at such a loss for words. Kaleb and Davis set a date already. So much love. And Kyle if Blu won’t let you get the pool could you come to my house and put one in please.
  10. Ryder's Heart

    An official diagnosis for Ryder. A possible future of touring again. I wonder if Oliver will ever lash out at Ryder the way he has with the rest of his family. I am left wondering how Oli seems to know nothing of his brothers past. I know there is 13 years difference in there ages but Teddy was class president and mr popularity. Thanks for new chapter.
  11. Entry 16: Down By The Lake

    That was a good almost talk. I think both boys know there is something but both are afraid to take the first step. Once one of them becomes brave enough I think everything will come spewing out. It would be so much easier if Ross could find Adams journal and just read about it. On to next chapter thanks.
  12. I am an emotional mess right now. A toy story birthday is awesome. Dad and papa 😭. Charlie even got to have Timmy as family to. As a sort of son in law. I too would like to see a story of Timmy and Noah and their future together. On to Vic’s story now. I am gonna put my phone down and get some more tissues. Thanks for a wonderful story.
  13. A Very Special Boy (Part Two)

    Omg. Emotions all over the place. Hysterical grandma. Healy wedding and honeymoon. And then poor Noah. The state couldn’t find 2 better people for him though. Hoping for a good outcome with lots of love.
  14. Chapter 3

    That was an awful nightmare. I hope it was just a one off. I am glad Adam has such supportive people in his life now after the piss poor parents he had growing up. I it great to see Adams and Troys relationship and their plans together. It is also nice to see there hasn’t been any fallout in the community or school.........yet.
  15. Liars' Club

    If Jack thought that dig would upset Billy he obviously hasn’t been aware of anything happening in the Roberts/Bland household. Because that is exactly what Billy has been telling his mother for the last 6 months or so. Of course Billy could ask if you do support us then leave that hate filled so called church!!!

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