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  1. glennish

    Chapter Three

    Nice to see Ethan’s POV. One wonders how Amanda the future valedictorian seemed to know something was coming??? Thanks.
  2. glennish

    Chapter 28

    I hope Rick does well at the competition and that nothing happens to keep him away this time. I am glad that after talking about the picture and the dream that Taine didn’t try to push Rick away again. Great chapter. Thanks.
  3. glennish

    A Solid Bond

    Loved the story and the characters. Favorite scene would be Nolan turning Quinn to save his life and then agonizing over it like he did something wrong. The make up sex scene with Nolan Quinn and Pax in the bathroom after that was the hottest for me. Loved the story and looking forward to a sequel. Thanks.
  4. glennish

    Chapter 15

    Mike and Kyle really are dumbasses. They could have gotten away and stayed in hiding. This will not turn out good for some couple I hope it is mike and Kyle that will get caught. Please hurry with the next chapter. Hoping that Carlos realizes that there is a problem and reacts accordingly. Thanks for the chapter.
  5. glennish

    Chapter 21

    Jackson is going to have to make a choice and a stand. Ko and Sam may be able to do casual but Jackson seems to want a relationship. Fantasizing about Craig’s big one is the closest that Jackson has come to “cheating” on Carter. Carter has to find some testicles and own up to his relationship and feelings for Jackson. Thanks for the chapter
  6. glennish

    Chapter 50

    Quite the chapter. The weddings and the elections. God forbid the media actually report on a story truthfully and not try to spin it. If Maria is that obsessed with sex questions at her age what is she gonna be like as a teen? Thanks and can’t wait for the festival.
  7. glennish

    Chapter 31

    A plot within space command?? Mixing up crews and adding new officers should have been a clue for the captain that something was amiss. Now comes the hard part. Who to trust?? I trust you CIA to keep this great story going for awhile and awaiting next week for more questions and answers. Thanks.
  8. glennish

    Chapter 27

    A dangerous time ahead for Taine and Rick. I hope together their love and feelings will get them through the trouble ahead. Awaiting the answer to the mysterious black charger. Thanks for the chapter.
  9. glennish

    Chapter 8 - Slow Battles

    I wonder what is up with the formerly fertile wolves??? I could almost feel sorry for Raina if she wasn’t so evil in telling Larry off. I wonder what is next for our couple. It sounds like the wolf and sloth communities will both fight this mating. Good luck Walker and Larry. You may need it. Thanks for a great chapter.
  10. glennish

    Chapter 26 Surprises in Zurich

    It looks like there may be a learning curve between Gabe and Derrick and Robert. I see some give and take in the future to find a balance. So far the reunion between mother and son seems to be starting off ok. Thanks for the chapter and looking forward to more.
  11. glennish

    Chapter 31 - Adam

    Poor Patrick. Just after a year of happiness and family and love his world turns on its head again due to random chance. I hope whatever Theo has dug up isn’t to damaging to poor Patrick. I can see where his head would be all over the place with the thoughts he has. Great chapter Joh. Thanks.
  12. glennish

    Chapter Two

    Wow. There is some serious sh...tuff going on in school. I hope Ethan is ok. Enjoying the story so far. Can’t wait to find out what secrets Jackson has. Thanks.
  13. glennish

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    Now that this tale is over my Monday’s will become an empty soulless void!!!!! 😢. Unless there is some more COtT coming in the not to distant future that is.
  14. glennish

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    Great ending to a great story. You did have me seriously believing that they were adopting a human up until they met outside the shelter. Well played. A house a dog a wedding planned and kids in the not to distant future. I enjoyed the ride from beginning to end. Thanks so much. 💕
  15. glennish

    Chapter 26

    Way to man up Taine. Sometimes you have to take control of a situation and show that you are not a patsy. It sounds like Rick enjoyed the new take charge Taine too. Now we just need to worry about the black charger that is failing them. I hope that it is someone that Sly or Max know but if it was them wouldn’t they tell the boys that they have a person watching them? Thanks for the new chapter.

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