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  1. glennish

    The Old Man in Apartment 201

    Dustin is still wearing his masks. He had no parental love growing up and when mr Johnson tried to help Dustin had to push away. I wonder who in his mind Dustin thinks he let slip away, Billy or Nate?? Me thinks Luke is a psycho!! Thanks JKW for the new chapter.
  2. glennish


    I am gonna miss Adam and Kaleo but both Hiri and I see a bright future filled with love ahead for them!! Thanks @ObicanDecko
  3. Spoiler

    I see that you are contributing to stories by ObicanDecko. The author has not made it totally clear whether your contribution is as an editor or as a beta reader, but whichever 


    it is your contribution is a productive one. The story about the island of Poa and now A Second Chance are both easy to read and enjoyable, so keep up the good work.

    1. Will Hawkins

      Will Hawkins

      I just checked again into the heading for ObecanDecko's story and read that you are a Beta Reader. I am not totally clear what it is you do, but whatever it is you re doing it well as his story seems to flow easily. So, for me as well as for him, thank you.


  4. glennish

    Happy F*pping Everyone!

    What an incredible chapter. I think the hardest thing to understand right now is Alex!!! All we really have is Carter’s interactions with others to get a feel for the real Alex. We find out that Aron loved Alex but was probably not ready to marry him when he did. We see that Alex has cheated before. But we don’t know the reason why when Aron asked Alex actually said “yes”. Since the real Alex is in limbo somewhere that is a question that we may not get an answer to for awhile. Damn I agree with @FanLit why does 7 days have to be so far away???? Thanks for the new chapter.
  5. glennish

    Chapter 12

    Sifta Sifta Sifta... what are we gonna do with you?? I am surprised the station is still air tight after Sifta was taken. How did anyone from the KIAO group not notice another human?? We can’t be that common in space can we?? Does Sifta know enough native kaynen to communicate with Louie?? Did he get Louie’s name and that could be the link for Adrian?? Loved the chapter and the reference because tentacle sex rocks. 😆. Thanks.
  6. glennish

    Chapter 33

    Why would I think that maybe Troys ringtone for Adam is “do you know the muffin man”?? I am glad that Adam didn’t totally lose his faith after the way he was treated at that horrible excuse for a church his parents dragged him into. Thank you for the chapter Ivor.
  7. glennish

    Heavy Branches

    Are all palace guards morons?? I assume that Terryn and Huck are gonna just disappear and leave the guards high and dry. Great to see Esthor and Rulf are getting along better. I hope everyone comes clean next chapter. Thank you
  8. glennish

    Chapter 52

    That had to be the strangest proposal I have heard. It will sting us and we will be bonded. I hope Everett at least got on one knee to do it!! How did I know there were more traitors on board?? This isn’t gonna be good is it?? Thanks cia
  9. glennish

    The Wild Night in the Country Cottage

    Poor Dustin couldn't catch a break this chapter. An unplanned pregnancy, an arrest with a night in jail, a $200.00 impound fee, and then the sex party at the mansion ending with another beat down by his sperm donor. not to mention : Joey, show some gratitude, your half brother just bailed your sorry ass out of jail again, and for what, So you can do it all over again!! Thanks for the awesome chapter!!
  10. glennish

    Emotional Asistance

    Evan has made a new group of friends. I hope Oxbow Lake High is as welcoming of a GSA as Adam and Troys school. For all the BS that goes on in schools now I am surprised that the teachers are not everywhere in the halls. Glad the football goon got what he deserved but watch your backs boys. Thanks Ivor.
  11. glennish

    Warming Up

    Nice little story about Chris and Paul. Nice to see how they got together. Thanks and I am glad that you are writing more of their story. Thanks.
  12. glennish

    The Fixer-Upper

    Nice chapter. I do hope that Carter isn’t shooting himself in the foot here though. He is trying so hard to save Aron’s marriage while masquerading as Alex that if/when he gets back to his own body he may find it difficult if he wants to have a relationship with his former best friend. It would just be so much easier if Carter could just confess to Aron that her really is Carter in Alex’s body. Thanks again for your work.
  13. glennish


    Way cool. I do hope that Zane can get a language chip soon. But I will miss the movie and other pop culture messages due to Pip’s way of learning the language!! It seems that Louie found someone to talk to before Zane. It is a shame that it was Mycha and Phenner on the station and not Adrian and Caspin. Thanks for the chapter.
  14. The judge played Cairo’s dad Like a fiddle. Getting the result he wanted. I hope Kayde gets to apologize to Grayson and Skylar for what he did. The fact that Carter bared his soul and told his history to Cupid and Cupid didn’t blink and wanted another date too. Thanks for the chapter.
  15. glennish


    Thanks for the backstory prior to the drums of war. Heartbreaking to hear of all these young lycans cut off in the prime of their life. Whoever this murderer is I hope homestead give some swift and painful justice. Thanks.

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