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  1. glennish

    Divine Sin

    Great chapter!! A seer of Tempest and a son of the seventh house?? I wonder if we know any two that fit that description?? Two prophesies at war with each other. I wonder what the Spirit of Waters sin was. Some answers and more questions. A nice history lesson on the dawn of dragons and the war of the spirits. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks. 🐉
  2. glennish

    Chapter 44

    Glad the antidote worked so quick. Everett seemed to know at that point that Kohen needed some support and the hand grab was just what he needed. Let the battle commence and I hope there are no more surprise traitors on the captains crew. Thanks CIA
  3. glennish

    Enter the Sorcerer

    Zane is a prick. That will teach you to draw a sword on a wizard. When the blisters heal maybe he will have learned his lesson. Intrigue and fascinating characters. Can’t wait to see how everything is connected. Thanks.
  4. glennish

    Chapter Two

    A wolf on the police force. Inconceivable!!! Max is to good a person to have such a role. His own Jimney cricket won’t let him be the heartless person he would need to be to be an agent. Great chapter. Thanks.
  5. glennish

    Chapter 20

    Great chapter. Paint balling was a great idea to get everyone to bond. I hope everyone can start to get along and forgiveness will be given. Thanks.
  6. glennish


    Kaleo finally makes the decision to stay in Chicago with Adam then has the rug pulled out from under him with his grandpas death. Adam met and knew the man so he has to be hurting too. I hope Doug will not feel like he is being abandoned if Adam goes to Poa with Kaleo. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks.
  7. glennish

    Cruel Moon

    Interesting story departure from your usual. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for an interesting twist.
  8. glennish

    Cruel Moon

    I have often wondered that myself. Powerful wizard could turn you into a toad. Let’s threaten him with death. That should make him afraid. NOT.
  9. glennish

    Chapter Fourteen

    Loving the twists on fairytales. The snow queen is condemned to a prison of her own making. Why does she feel the need to ruin other lives to try and cure herself?? Totally bent and twisted. Loved it. Thanks.
  10. glennish

    Chapter 27

    Dammit. This on top of everything else. Adam and Troy won’t have to work for a living. Just publish a book about all the problems they had at age 15 and they will be rich for life. Probably an Oprah best seller. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks
  11. glennish


    Amazing chapter. Adam and Artie make a great father son pairing. Adam may get as much healing from taking Artie in as Artie is getting. Thanks.
  12. glennish

    Gay For You. Or Something.

    That was freakin hot. I wonder if Carter realizes that he really has feelings for his best Friend and that could be why he reacted the way he did. I hope the morning after is ok. Can’t wait til next chapter. Thanks
  13. glennish

    Calling and Finding Home

    Heather is one lucky girl. Marrying one man and getting all his friends in the package. Great chapter thanks. Hope the tribunal goes well.
  14. glennish

    Chapter 43

    Kohen is the bait in the trap. What could possibly go wrong???? Desperate times and desperate Measures I guess. I hope everything goes well and there are no more traitors lurking about. Looking forward to next week. Thanks CIA.
  15. glennish

    What Was Seen Cannot Be Unseen

    This whole experience seems to be making poor Carter mad as a hatter. Just because Alex is almost a 10 at 9 3/4 doesn’t give him a license to be the cheating asshole that he is. Where is the car man. That would be the first thing I would do after I found out about it just in case the body switch reversed before I got to drive it. Enjoy your down time. Thanks for the chapter.

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