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  1. Shadow086

    Chapter 38

    Omigod, Billy, stop trying to play Cupid! You just gave Sam some hope that will probably be crushed when he goes to the party. Why don't you try to set him up with Jimmy while you're at it? Kill two birds with one stone? Then you can try to get your mom with Jamie Cross or something, and make him your gorgeous step-dad. 🙄 I really like how Billy and Sam can call each other out and still keep their close friendship. I'm hoping Mr. Franks ends up coming to Billy's defense on the not letting Brandon come over. Loved it, Com!
  2. Shadow086

    OH MY!!! :O

    You need to learn your letters, Com! 😋
  3. Shadow086

    Chapter 23 - Broken Restraints

    Yay, that was great! I love seeing assholes like Jason Fixx be put back in their place, there's something so satisfying about it. I just hope he doesn't do something stupid like taking Tristan back by force. I'm so happy for Tristan about his date, and how romantic Jesse is being with all this. He found the perfect boy, and I hope he gets his wish soon, but not too soon. Loved this chapter, and I love the story!
  4. Shadow086

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    Not as much harm as when they find out she didn't even try and chose to break up her best friend's marriage instead while lying to her kid his whole life.
  5. Shadow086

    Chapter 30

    I actually like these chapters more than the ones with sex in them, most of the time. This is what makes these characters feel so real and relatable, and makes me care about them. I really hope Derrick's mom gets the job, she deserves it.
  6. Shadow086

    Chapter 37

    Lots going on, and almost none of it good! First off, Jamie Cross. I'm really not worried about this. Billy learned his lesson, and I don't think it's fair to Jamie to assume he has ulterior motives behind inviting Billy to his party. Is it that hard to believe that Jamie Cross is just a nice guy who wants to be friends with Billy? That being said, a threesome with Jamie Cross is something I'd really like to see 😍. Robin made his choice, so he'll just have to live with it. He could find his own Brandon, but if he decided to settle for AJ, well, it's his loss. Is it just me, or did it feel like Billy's mom was deliberately trying to provoke him? I'm guessing she doesn't like having Billy shove her subconscious homophobia back in her face. Billy's absolutely right, she never said a word when he was dating Joanna, but now that he's with another guy (without the risk of pregnancy and other reasons parents usually use to try to stop their kids from having sex), it suddenly became "random SEX under my roof"? Come on, lady! And what kind of bullshit line is Billy crossing by saying "Sorry, mom, but I don't like your new boyfriend"? I still see this getting worse before it gets better, if it ever does. Billy should've gone and spent part of the summer with his dad, it might have done him some good. Now that the whole Jimmy situation seems to have calmed down, I think Billy needs to start to worry about Bobby Jinette blaming him for his breakup with Ian. Yes, I am absolutely assuming that Ian got fed up with Bobby's crap and dumped him at this point, and Bobby is gonna turn around and blame Billy instead of looking at his own actions. Great chapter once again, Com!
  7. Shadow086

    Chapter 4

    I just love this story, it's so fun to read. While I'm really rooting for an actual Andris, I don't think it's going to happen, and besides, it's much more entertaining to see Andrew's fantasies run wild with every little thing Chris Margo does. We'll see how this goes, but I think something's going to happen during Movie Night, good or bad.
  8. Shadow086

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    The end to that saga had me in stitches though. All that buildup and destruction, and at the end Brett just goes "Yeah, I'm smoking pot. You should've just asked." It's starting to sound a lot like Dustin and the video Hartley took, doesn't it? In Billy's defense, though, I can see why he'd dismiss Dustin's protestations as baseless lies, since he knows by then that Dustin and Brett hate each other.
  9. Shadow086

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    I can't help but wonder how much of this could have been avoided if Billy had stopped burying his head in the sand and admitted that his dear, sweet, perfect Brett wasn't so perfect after all. More than the unrequited love, I've always thought it was Billy's constant denial of Brett's drug use that drove a wedge between him and Dustin and set Dustin down that path. Looking back, every time Dustin brought up the drugs issue, Billy would find a way to stab him in the back, whether intentionally or not.
  10. Shadow086


    So many mysteries to solve! Are the homonculus and the aliens connected? How much does Emily know? What's the deal with Brett showing up? Did the aliens get what they were after, and that's why the bumps were removed? I'm looking forward to finding out the answers to these questions. One little thing, though. Maybe it's just me, but I get confused during the thought conversations and I can't always follow who's talking.
  11. Shadow086

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    Real religious people just live according to their faith and don't make a big deal out of it. But the so-called 'religious' right is made up of hypocrites and hate-mongers who probably never read their scriptures once in their lives. I always found it a little amusing that these Christian fundamentalists are acting like the very people Jesus spent his life denouncing. But one thing about Dustin and Nate: it was never mentioned what congregation Nate was preaching to. For all we know, he could be a preacher in a very gay-friendly church in Pittsburgh, and B&B asked specifically for him just to rub it in Carl's face. And yes, I can see one or both of them doing that 😆.
  12. Shadow086

    Running Blind

    That, and Jamie pretty much guessed it before they left. I remember her saying something like "If he was a girl, I'd say he was pregnant." Oh, I think that having M give him the silent treatment for a day really knocked some sense into Connor. And we also gained some insight into what kind of person he is. Now we know he was bullied in some shape or form throughout his childhood, and that might be why he doesn't like kids. He really surprised me with the way he talked to the agent. ["It's my baby," Connor said angrily, through his teeth. "I'm going to help him through this. We'll be just fine."] I think that Connor is really a good, caring guy when he's not freaking out over everything, and he's showing that side of him now with the way he seems to accept his imminent fatherhood. And I'm sorry but, if he's going to go back to Julie and her family, he needs to tell them what's going on so they're aware of the danger.
  13. Shadow086

    Running Blind

    That was great, things are really heating up now! It's good that we found out more about Bradley, and I feel sad for the loss of her brother. Now, I don't know how they'll be able to keep a low profile if M's pregnancy is already starting to show. And how is Connor going to explain that to his mom? It's a poorly thought out plan that's going to put Julie and her family in even greater danger, assuming they're still in Florida. Then there's the agent. I'll be honest, I'm not sure I can believe him when he says he destroyed Mother. He can be so manipulative that I'd expect him to say that to make M give up hope. I really don't know how they're going to manage to get the baby out without getting unwanted attention, though. But once the baby is born, the Agent better watch out, because M is turning out to be quite the Mama Bear. The other thing about the baby is, I'm a bit surprised at how the idea of having a baby grew on Connor so quickly. He seems to have accepted the idea of becoming a parent, and I daresay he's even looking forward to it.
  14. Shadow086

    Chapter 11

    Amazing as usual! You must be getting tired of me saying this for every story, but those two make such a cute couple. I don't know how you do it, but it's true, they're so adorable. I'll be looking forward to more! I also love how the boys can get a bit playfully jealous sometimes, and the "my boy Shane" is so cute.
  15. Shadow086

    Another Day at the Park

    You're more than welcome, Jeff. Paula's journey was an interesting one for sure. I see it as an internal struggle, much more than Billy's story. For Paula, it was all about rediscovering and redefining her faith outside of Carl's narrow world view. It's tough to even accept that something you've believed all your life could be wrong, but Paula rose to the task and I respect her for that.

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