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  1. Shadow086

    Chapter 26

    It's so nice to see Zack smiling and being genuinely happy for a change. Loved this chapter, I just hope this wonderful day can last as long as possible.
  2. Shadow086

    The Young and the Hopeless

    I'll be honest, I'm not completely sold on this one yet. I didn't like the person Dustin turned into during Commencement, and it looks like he's become even more of an asshole since then, so it's an uphill battle to get me to root for him like I did with B&B. This isn't the start I was expecting, and I'm still not sure about the tone of the chapter, but it feels like Dustin is in the same place Billy was in the last book. I'm not trying to be a downer, and it was a good chapter, but I just can't bring myself to care about Dustin until he starts to get his head out of his ass and reach his full potential. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  3. Shadow086

    Chapter 40

    Well that was a surprise. I thought this was going to be about Ian, but I guess that has to wait for another day. I have to wonder why Garrett was so shy around Taylor all this time. I'll be really curious to see where this Taylor situation goes. Great chapter, Com!
  4. Shadow086

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    Robbie? Control his temper? 🤣 The problem with Nathan is that it's Nathan's way or the highway. Things got shaky when Robbie stopped caving in and started being more insistent with Nathan to move things towards what Robbie wanted out of the relationship. The fact that Robbie kept locking himself out of chances to be with Nathan because of his temper tantrums didn't help either, but still. At the end of the day, with all his flaws and all his good points, I don't think Nathan has the makings of the steady, long-term boyfriend Robbie wanted him to be. Still, I can't help feeling Nathan may have at least tried to tone it down if Robbie had spoken up and asked him to, from the way he reacted to Robbie's comment. But that would only have delayed the inevitable, they just weren't right for each other.
  5. Shadow086

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    Well, his acting out hasn't done much to help him earn their trust, to be fair. I wouldn't be ready to call Sue homophobic just yet, though. Don definitely is, and I think that in large part, Sue goes along with it because she defers to Don out of habit. I have to wonder, though: do Sue's objections to Robbie and Nathan have anything to do with what Tom heard about him? Maybe Sue thought Robbie shouldn't be dating a boy that has those kind of rumours circulating about him. Maybe Robbie needs to looks in other circles for his next boyfriend. Maybe a jock-type schoolmate who has shown a barely veiled interest in him and has helped him out on numerous occasions? A boy that could help break Don's narrow-minded views on homosexuals? 😉 I'm cautiously on Team Alex for now, but regardless, I can't see him passing up on this chance to getin Robbie's pants, and once the reality of the breakup hits Robbie, I can't see him not sleeping with Alex in the very near future.
  6. Shadow086

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    Hahaha, why do you hate Nathan so much? Although I'll admit he was starting to get annoying lately. I feel bad for Daniel, he's going to be stuck in the middle of this mess, and he might be forced to choose between his best friend and his brother.
  7. Shadow086

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    This makes me think about the Alex and Nathan thing. Would it be possible that Alex did that to try to break them up and have Robbie for himself? He's certainly devious enough to do it, so it wouldn't surprise me. And if Alex is interested in Robbie, you can be sure he'll be ready to jump in and take Nathan's place. That's why I really think Robbie is going to have at least a rebound relationship with Alex.
  8. Shadow086

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    And once again Robbie digs a hole for himself. If he'd just talked to Nathan about the things that annoyed him, they might have been able to avoid the nasty breakup that's sure to come. Of course, this was inevitable because Robbie and Nathan just aren't compatible for each other, and neither of them made a real effort to make it work. I think Robbie was drawn to what he saw Nathan's confidence in his identity, but that spark died when he realised it was really narcissism. It does feel to me like Robbie just latched on to the first cute gay guy he could find, and that turned out to be Nathan. I still can't figure out what Nathan was getting out of all this. It feels to me like Nathan is obsessed with experiencing new things, and lost interest once things with Robbie started to feel a bit 'stale', and has moved on to this new boy and his acting career. That relationship was doomed from the start. As for what happens next, I kinda do hope he gets with Alex. I know Alex hasn't been an angel, but I think he has some potential to be a caring and affectionate boyfriend if given the chance. Plus, it sounds like Robbie is a bit turned on by being dominated, so Alex might be a good match for him. But mainly I want him to be with Alex just to mess with Don's head and force him to change his views on gay people. Alex is living proof that you can be gay and still "be a real man", and Don will just have to change his perspective. If he doesn't, I'm sure Robbie would be more than happy to remind him of all the praise he showered Alex with just days before.
  9. Shadow086

    Chapter 24 - Warming Up To Paradise

    Trouble in paradise? The date started off great, and it was super fun to read, until that Jimmy guy ruined the mood. Now it's going to be awkward for a little while when Tristan starts doing his 'insecure jealousy' thing. I really think Tristan is worrying over nothing, and Jesse's just excited to meet another Youtuber he follows. For all I know, the next chapter could start with Jesse introducing Tristan as his wonderful boyfriend, or Jimmy is straight and there's nothing to worry about. But I don't think it's the beginning of the end, it doesn't feel like that kind of story. Great chapter, Com, I can't wait for more!
  10. Shadow086

    Chapter 39

    "A harp rock"? Sorry, I couldn't help it. 😋 The return to school is going to be a nightmare for Billy, he'll have nowhere to run from all these messy situation he keeps finding himself in. What is Jimmy going to feed the rumour mill? What wasn't mentioned about Billy being out at school is the issue of Brandon's dad. It's pretty much inevitable at this point that he's going to find out, but it could be interesting to see Billy's attempts at preventing it. If Jimmy doesn't out them both as some form of revenge, of course. I knew Bobby was going to fuck this up, it was so obvious. The only question is how he managed to do it. I doubt Ian is aware of Bobby's little sexcapades with Billy, or he wouldn't talk to him either. Now to wait until Bobby joins the "Blame Billy Chase for Everything" club, because I just know he'll say that Ian dumped him to try to hook up with Billy. Great chapter, Com, I can't wait to see what Ian has to say about the breakup.
  11. Shadow086

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    That's my biggest problem with them not telling him about it. Would Billy have taken the coward way out and tried to use his autism as an excuse when things got tough? Probably. But at least he'd know why he's having these issues instead of thinking there's something wrong with him. Not to mention how Brett could have helped him find the skills to cope, and Billy would actually listen to him instead of brushing it off like he seems to do when everyone else gives him advice.
  12. Shadow086

    Chapter 38

    Omigod, Billy, stop trying to play Cupid! You just gave Sam some hope that will probably be crushed when he goes to the party. Why don't you try to set him up with Jimmy while you're at it? Kill two birds with one stone? Then you can try to get your mom with Jamie Cross or something, and make him your gorgeous step-dad. 🙄 I really like how Billy and Sam can call each other out and still keep their close friendship. I'm hoping Mr. Franks ends up coming to Billy's defense on the not letting Brandon come over. Loved it, Com!
  13. Shadow086

    OH MY!!! :O

    You need to learn your letters, Com! 😋
  14. Shadow086

    Chapter 23 - Broken Restraints

    Yay, that was great! I love seeing assholes like Jason Fixx be put back in their place, there's something so satisfying about it. I just hope he doesn't do something stupid like taking Tristan back by force. I'm so happy for Tristan about his date, and how romantic Jesse is being with all this. He found the perfect boy, and I hope he gets his wish soon, but not too soon. Loved this chapter, and I love the story!
  15. Shadow086

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    Not as much harm as when they find out she didn't even try and chose to break up her best friend's marriage instead while lying to her kid his whole life.

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