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  1. stlstage

    The Minister's Kid

    I am late on the scene here, but have enjoyed this story and are awaiting the next one between Justin and Harrison. Remember this is YOUR story, not ours. You can take it wherever your want it to go...
  2. stlstage

    Chapter 10

    Wonderful story
  3. stlstage


    Great Story. The plot could be used for a action packed suspense movie. Keep up the good work!
  4. stlstage

    Chapter 13 - Two Bullets

    I have had it with your stories. There is little happiness to found anywhere and stupidly unbelievable. I keep waiting for things to get better but there is no hope.
  5. stlstage

    Chapter 13: The Chase

    Colonian, you are a masterful story-teller! I enjoyed your tale immensely and it would have worked even in with a straight plot.
  6. stlstage

    Chapter 50-Final Chapter

    Mark, your description of Johnny Weir was spot on! When I saw him as commentator of the Seoul Olympics, i had to change the channel. He is so far out there...and I am a gay man. He made Adam Rippon look like Sylvester Stallone.
  7. stlstage

    Chapter 11

    Mark, you should chair the St. Louis Visitor's Bureau. As I was reading, I was saying to myself, you left out Ted Drew's...but you saved the best to last. Too bad there was only one day in the Mound City. A evening at the Muny or a dinner at Cuneto's (as if anyone needed more excellent food) would have hit the spot.
  8. stlstage

    Chapter 46

    I enjoy your description of St. Louis and the Hill area, float trips, etc. Most of us who live here know that there is no comparison of Italian food anywhere outside the Hill. I take it you have spent time here...or even reside here. Your depiction of Malibu and Santa Monica hit home too. I the early 60's, my Grandmother lived in Santa Monica and we spent many hours on the Beach and at POP on the pier. I brought back happy memories.
  9. stlstage

    Chapter 15

    I have really enjoyed reading your story. I grew up in the 60's and remember the timeline all too well. It would have been nice to see Jeff, who had the whole world against him, survive the era to prove everyone wrong his education and drive. It's your story and I always respect the author's creativity.
  10. stlstage

    Epilogue - Turtle Island

    beautiful story!
  11. stlstage

    Chapter 11

    too much violence. I can't read anymore
  12. stlstage

    BF Chapter 29

    I have enjoyed reading your story. I want to feel empathy for Anton, but I am having a hard time with his actions. He seems to have more pity for animals than his own family and friends, not to mention never giving his ex a chance to explain his actions. Forgiveness is something that Anton cannot seem to do or even entertain. While he had a rough go of it as a lad, he needs to grow up emotionally.
  13. stlstage

    FR Chapter 9

    Texas guests must be Trump supporters.
  14. stlstage

    An Eye on the Ball

    Riley, I have enjoyed reading your writings. Everything seems so believable. I have to take issue with the hazing going on in the halls and bathrooms of a expensive private school. Come on....no adult authority around to protect the students? I went to a public school in the dark ages and teachers were out in the hallways patrolling the masses. I am sorry, this is just not believable to me.
  15. stlstage

    Chapter 39

    Great Story Jack! Your ability to blend the setting into the story (St. Louis, Chicago, Denver) was excellent. I live just outside St. Louis on the east side and could relate to your family..sigh. I will look forward to the next chapters...

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