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  1. Sending a :hug: , hope you're doing okay :) 

  2. Dead-Composers Society

    Glad you enjoyed it Parker
  3. Dead-Composers Society

    Personally I have a love/hate relationship with this piece. It is quite amazing though
  4. Check out the awesome banner @Freerider made for my story! It's pretty bloody perfect!

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    2. Headstall


      WOW!! That is so evocative. Absolutely perfect. Fantastic job @Freerider  As has been said already, it is so appropriate for your wonderfully written, painful yet touching story, Josh. :heart: 

    3. Freerider


      Thank you all!

      I enjoy your appreciation of the cover banner :hug: 

    4. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      It looks wonderful a  :hug::hug: For both of you 

  5. Chapter 1

    Great start and very intriguing.
  6. Yet another terrorist attack in London.

    Ian and I are both safe.



  7. Chapter 1

    Thank you Leo
  8. Chapter 1

    I love you
  9. Chapter 1

    Thank you very much
  10. Chapter 1

    Thank you so much
  11. Chapter 1

    Thank you so much. I am in a much better place now. It takes time to heal but I'm getting there
  12. Chapter 1

    Thank you so much Gary
  13. Chapter 1

    Thank you very much
  14. Chapter 1

    Thank you so much sweet moggy
  15. Chapter 1

    Thank you very much

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