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    Hero Wanted 2

    Weeks after battling the Colossus at Washington DC, Ryan thought he could finally relax with his boyfriend, Chris. However, he discovers that they and other Champions from around the world have been selected to test a new breed of Champion soldiers in Japan created from a series of experiments known as Project Labour. They will meet the most powerful Champions from their respective countries, and they will soon discover that nothing is as it appears.
  2. Hello!  Since I'm taking a Fiction Workshop this semester, I will be working on two short stories that will definitely be different from the stories that I have published on this site since it will be dealing with literary fiction instead of genre fiction; though, I will be including fairy tale elements, but they will be grounded more in reality.  Also, for each story I will be writing about a straight woman as the main character, so these stories won't be appropriate for this site; though, I will include a gay-oriented character in one of them.  One will be based on Little Red Riding Hood; the story will be about a girl named Clarissa who is trying to prevent her older brother from robbing a bank with a wolf mask.  He wants to help their ailing grandmother since he is barely making it as a male dancer in a club called the Den, willing to become the Big Bad Wolf to help his only family.  The other story will based on Rapunzel; it will be about a woman named Callista who joins the army after living her whole life under her rich aunt's control who got custody of her after her parents were accused of stealing from her aunt.  While in the army, she meets a blind veteran, and he becomes her Prince Charming as their relationship grows.  There will be more connections to the classic fairy tales, like Clarissa wearing a red hoodie and Callista wearing a green uniform, the same green like the Rapunzel plant.  I just wanted to share that and maybe I can share this story in the future.  😃

  3. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    Thanks again for your comments! Hopefully the second part of the story will be just as entertaining to read as the first. 😃
  4. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    I know 😋
  5. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    Yeah, shipping Cecil and Violet was my diabolical all along haha. Also, let's just say that the frog is a nod to the fairy tale about a frog as well. 😉
  6. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    Thank you! The frog is indeed very suspicious, and hopefully we'll discover its origins in the second part of the story. Cecil and Violet need to find their own place for sure since Cecil's curse has been broken, allowing him to finally see again, and let Lucky and Zev do the dirty without interruption haha.
  7. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    Yes, the Snow Queen literally broke after seeing Cecil and Violet, and they managed to break her curse and acquire a piece of her mirror. Win-win! And let's just say the frog is a nod to a well-known fairy tale that has also been adapted to a animated Disney movie...just saying. The second part of the story will hopefully be just as exciting, if not more, with the same cast of characters as they venture to find the Witch of the Woods.
  8. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    Yeah, a frog that eats pesky fairies is a good thing in my books haha.
  9. Superpride

    Chapter Eleven

    Thanks for the comment! Fun fact, the mangkukulam is a species of aswang in real Filipino mythology, and I of course added my own twist to it 🕷️
  10. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    “Godmother! I can’t take it anymore!” Violet exclaimed, moving to the driver’s seat of the car and began turning the key in the ignition. “You have to be patient, Violet,” Cecil said as he poked his head over her shoulder. “Zev and Lucky probably have it all handled.” “And what if they don’t? I’ve been patient for my whole life, waiting in a tower until my Prince Charming came to save me. Well, I’m done waiting!” Violet continued to turn the key, but when the car didn’t even make a sound, she dropped her forehead on the steering wheel and sighed heavily. “I don’t want to be the damsel in distress anymore. I want to be the hero, and it looks like I can’t even start this damn car.” A sudden noise alerted Violet, causing her to look through the driver’s side window to see a line of black cars driving across the frozen lake. She knew, without a doubt, that the people in those cars were vampires. They must have figured out how to use the Mirror of Reason back in Violet’s tower and have arrived here to acquire what the Snow Queen had, a piece of the Magic Mirror. This was very bad. “I hear cars driving by,” Cecil said. “Yeah, I see them right now. I need to call Lucky!” Pulling out her phone, Violet quickly tap her finger on the screen and called Lucky; thankfully there was enough reception for the call to go through. Unfortunately, the call went to voicemail, and after several more attempts led to the same automated voicemail system, all she could do was send a quick text message before looking back at the line of cars that were quickly advancing to the Snow Queen’s palace. “He’s not answering, is he?” Cecil said with furrowed eyebrows. “No. He’s not… Oh, Godmother! What are we going to do?” Violet exclaimed. “I…I think I know what to do.” Cecil held the rim of his shaded glasses with his hands before dropping them to his side again. “But…I have to take my glasses off.” “Can you do that?” Violet asked, turning her body around to face Cecil. “Yeah... If I do that, I can unlock my ability to create snow bees just like the Snow Queen. I can create an entire swarm of them, and they can move this car to the palace,” Cecil explained as he started reaching for his glasses again. “That’s great! Let’s do it then!” Dropping his hands again, Cecil said, “But…I don’t know if I can.” Concerned, Violet moved to the backseat of the car and placed a hand on Cecil’s that was cold to the touch. “What’s wrong, Cecil? Is it because of your curse?” Cecil nodded. “It’s not simply seeing the world in a different way… It’s seeing everything as this ugly, often horrifying form and knowing that is part of the truth. That is the reason why I live as a blind man…and I don’t want you to see me without my glasses… It’s disturbing to say the least, and that’s honestly the worst part of taking my glasses off.” For the short time that Violet had known Cecil, she always saw him as very upbeat and happy despite that curse that was afflicting him. It was strange and saddening to see him in this state, afraid to see the ugly truth of the world as well as revealing what he looked like without the glasses. However, Cecil needed to activate his ability of creating snow bees to move this car and take them to the palace before the vampires did. Also, the man helped Violet cope with having lost most of her hair, her identity, last night in that office and back in his apartment before she decided to voluntarily cut the rest of her hair. Now it was her turn to help Cecil overlook his discomforts and save the day. Gripping his hand warmly, Violet scooted closer to Cecil and said, “I understand how you’re feeling right now, Cecil. Being isolated from the rest of the world while being stuck in my tower for most of my life really makes me see the ugliness of my situation and the world in return. However, I always believe there is inherit beauty in this world as well, and one of them is empathy… You don’t have to be afraid that I’ll think of you as this monster if you take your glasses, Cecil. I understand your situation, and I can see beyond just superficial appearances. Do you believe me?” Turning his head slowly to face Violet, Cecil then smiled. “I do.” Taking a deep breath, Cecil lifted his hands to his glasses, and as they shook Violet placed her own hands onto Cecil’s, which helped calm the shaking. Together, they slowly took off his glasses and she saw his closed eyes that then opened to reveal his light blue eyes that had cracks all over the sclera like cracked glass. The sight was certainly unexpecting, but overlooking the physically anomaly, Violet saw still Cecil as a very handsome man with his blue eyes intensifying his appearance like a bright ray from the Sun. Violet placed a warm hand on Cecil’s cheek, causing him to smile brightly as she continued to look at right in the eyes. “See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” “Yeah…and Godmother, you’re beautiful,” Cecil admitted, which caused Violet to raise an eyebrow. “I don’t know why, but I only see a beautiful woman in front of me. You really are what I expected all along.” Violet blushed, and she was about to say more, but then she remembered the vampires driving to the palace and instead said, “Cecil. We need to go the palace when there’s still time.” Cecil nodded, and he looked around the car before moving to the driver’s seat. “Okay. Just let me concentrate.” Violet moved to the passenger’s seat and was advised to put on her seatbelt by Cecil, which she did. Looking through the windshield, she witnessed the snow on the frozen lake begin to swirl around the car, clumping together to form small objects that must have been the snow bees. Then the car started to lift off the ground, and Violet held onto the armrest of her seat as the car began to spin in a clockwise direction. Groaning, she closed her eyes and concentrated on something other the nausea that was building inside her stomach. Cecil said that they were almost there as he clipped in his own seatbelt, and then the spinning car slowed down before dropping lightly onto the ground. Breathing heavily, Violet slowly opened her eyes and saw the tall, double-door entrance of the Snow Queen’s palace. “We…We made it!” “We did,” Cecil confirmed. “Are you okay?” Violet chuckled. “A little dizzy…but I’ll live.” Looking back at the entrance, she then said, “So, how are we going to get inside?” Scratching his chin in thought, Cecil then gripped the steering wheel and said, “Are you ready for another ride?” *** Holding his sword with both hands as his breath became heavier, Lucky looked at the defeated guards of the Snow Queen. Unfortunately, the guard once again rematerialized back into their original forms, which caused both him and Zev to curse. Zev tried to use his breath to blow away the guards, but instead of blowing them away his breath created a type of armor made of ice that covered the guards from head to toe. This made it more difficult for Lucky to slay them, and when he did they just formed back into new guards. This was a losing battle, and as Lucky was losing his stamina, he did not register one of the guards lunging towards him at this side with its spear in a horizontal position. Zev quickly moved in front of the spear’s end, blocking the weapon from striking Lucky. Instead, the weapon pierced Zev’s midsection, and Lucky witnessed in horror as Zev held the spear with both hands to prevent the weapon from piercing further into his body. Lucky quickly swung his sword at the handle, breaking it and allowing Zev to back away with the spear end of the weapon still lodged in his body. Lucky guarded Zev as he slowly pulled the spear away and tossed the bloody piece to the ground. “Are you okay, Zev?” Lucky asked in panic. “It’s all right. It’ll heal,” Zev replied as he covered the wound with a hand. Swinging his sword at another spear, breaking it, Lucky said, “We need a new strategy.” Looking at the Snow Queen who sat at her throne with her legs crossed and her hands clasped under her chin, he then said, “We’re not going to win this.” Zev groaned and nodded. “Maybe Cecil can help. Call Violet now.” “Pull the phone from my pocket. I need to stall these guards.” Pulling Lucky’s phone from his coat pocket with his free hand, Zev started to call Violet when a crashing noise was heard. After swinging his sword at another guard, Lucky looked up to see the ornate ceiling of the palace falling apart and a large object falling through it. Luckily for them, they were backed against a wall as the ceiling collapsed onto the guards and the object gently landed into the plume of snow. After the snowy debris settled, he saw that it was Zev’s car and exiting out of the vehicle was Violet and Cecil…without his glasses. “That was fast,” Zev remarked. “I try,” Cecil said with a smile. “We thought you two could use some help.” Violet giggled and Lucky smiled, knowing that the battle was not over yet. Then a scream was heard, and Lucky turned to see the Snow Queen standing up from her throne before hovering down to the ground with an enlarged snowflake below her feet. “How dare you damage my palace with this vehicular invention. I will—” “It’s you!” Lucky looked at Violet who looked shocked as she began walking towards Snow Queen. “Do you know her?” “I do… Hello, Stepmother.” The Snow Queen looked confused, but then recognition appeared on her face before she said, “Violet… This can’t be you.” “It is. I guess you don’t recognize me without my hair,” Violet replied. “I don’t recognize you either. You look like you’ve seen better days.” The Snow Queen then scoffed and said, “And it was because of your father who decided to steal some of my winter greens from my garden to heal your ailing mother…but that wasn’t it. He used his power as a king to steal my Mirror of Reason as well, which your mother gave birth to you in, granting you the ability to incredible beauty through sunlight with your golden hair.” “Yes, and then you made him marry you, so you wouldn’t harm me and so you wouldn’t be alone anymore,” Violet stated before shaking her head. “And when my mother died, my father decided to end the arrangement, and you decided to imprison me against my will to the tower where the Mirror of Reason was relocated at by using my hair as a kind of chain… You really are a bitch.” “I only did what I thought was just!” the Snow Queen exclaimed, causing the palace to shake. “You will never be able to even imagine the torture I endured after so many centuries of living alone and isolated from the rest of the world, then to see a happy couple with a child on the way, something that I can never have…I thought that coming to America, disguised as a colonist among other witches would allow me to have a new life outside of the persecutions in Europe…but I was very wrong. I now know that ugliness is everything, even on the face of a beautiful woman such as you, Violet. Now die!” The car was flipped over, and the Snow Queen’s guards manifested again, all of them even bigger and layered with armors of ice. The Snow Queen then hovered back to her throne as Violet and Cecil joined Lucky and Zev against the wall. The guards approached them at a steady pace, and Lucky readied his sword for another round when snow began swirling in front of them, clumping together into snow bees before forming into guards as well. For a moment, he thought that they were reinforcements, then the guards, with their spears, started marching towards the other guards. Then they started battling one another, and Lucky looked at Cecil who winked at him. “Are you the one doing this?” Lucky asked. Cecil nodded. “Yup, and there’s another reason why we came.” “We’ve spotted a line of black cars driving towards the palace, and we believe it’s Lilith and her legion of vampires,” Violet added. “We need to get out of here before more hell breaks loose.” “We can’t leave without a piece of the Magic Mirror,” Lucky said, looking back at the Snow Queen who was looking at the battle. “Lucky! There’s no point of getting the mirror if we get killed by Lilith’s vampires!” “Crap! Her guards are too strong!” Cecil shouted. Lucky looked back to see the Snow Queen’s guards decimating Cecil’s smaller guards like they were mere snowmen. He then saw one of the guards raising its spear before throwing at their direction. Zev managed to pull Lucky away of the spear’s direction, causing them to the fall onto the ground. A cry was then heard, and Lucky turned his head to see Violet against the icy wall with Cecil facing her, his hands on either side of her head. He then saw spear jutting from his back and the pointed end appearing out of his front, and Lucky knew the worst had just happened. “Cecil!” Violet cried. The man managed a small smile before falling onto the ground. Lucky and Zev quickly stood back up and went to their fallen comrade. Violet was sobbing as she moved Cecil onto her lap and placed a hand on his cheek. Lucky saw that his eyes looked like shattered glass, and he watched as the man struggled to breath with blood blooming on the exit wound and pooling onto the white, icy floor. “Cecil. Stay with me, honey,” Violet begged as she petted his cheek. “Don’t die on me.” “I…I can’t. My eyes are getting heavy.” A smile spread on Cecil’s face, and he said, “I’m just happy to see something beautiful once again.” “Cecil! Please stay with me!” Cecil did not respond as his eyes closed and his body went limp. Violet’s eyes widened, and when she called out his name and shook him lightly without a response, she squeezed her eyes closed and bowed her head as she started cry. Lucky felt tightness in his throat as he watched Violet cry over Cecil’s body, her tears dropping onto his face and eyes. Zev’s eyes were squeezed shut as well as Lucky placed a hand on his shoulder for comfort, and for support. A choking was suddenly heard, and Lucky turned around to see the Snow Queen slowly approaching them with her hands clutched to her chest. He quickly stood back up and positioned his sword, but the Snow Queen did not look she was ready to attack them, but she was sobbing instead. Zev stood by his side as they both watched the Snow Queen’s face start to crack along the scars that lined her face. And when she fell to her knees, a pool of water suddenly formed from where her dress flared out on the floor. Dropping her hands onto the pool of water, the Snow Queen then looked up and with teary eyes said, “For all these centuries, I’ve only saw ugliness everywhere, even on my own face regardless of how many times of I’ve tried to fix it…but now I see the beauty of a lover sacrificing his own life for someone he loves…and it hurts.” “Cecil!” Lucky turned around to see Cecil’s body twitching, and then his eyes slowly opened and started blinking. Lucky and Zev were right by his side as his eyes were fully open, and Lucky watched as the cracks on his eyes were sealed and vanished from sight. Cecil then blinked a few more time before looking at Violet whose jaw dropped when he smiled again and placed a hand on her cheek. The spear had also melted into a warm pool and the wound that Cecil sustained had magically healed as well. “You’re tears…You’re tears healed me…” Cecil said as he brushed his thumb across Violet’s cheekbone. “But…But how?” Violet asked, still looking stunned. “Don’t you see?” Lucky and everyone looked at the Snow Queen who was still hunched on the ground as the pool of water grew around her. “The Mirror of Reason has obviously given you abilities that go beyond your once long hair. You broke from your chains and allowed your lover to see pass the ugliness of the world as well as heal him…and after witnessing this, I feel I am able to see the amount of hurt I have caused to not only you, but everyone else who have once crossed my land.” An explosion was heard that caused the palace to tremble, and Lucky said, “Does that include vampires because they’re here to take your piece of the Magic Mirror with them?” The Snow Queen’s eyes widened, and when she closed them she said, “I won’t let them have it. It’ll grant you the mirror instead with the promise that you cleanse the mistake I and my fellow witches have created that is Lilith and her vampires.” Lucky nodded. “I promise.” Another explosion vibrated throughout the place, and the Snow Queen smiled before saying, “I’ll have my guards protect you all during your escape… And here is your mirror.” Lucky watched as the Snow Queen melted into a puddle, as he approached it the puddle then shrank into a foot-long, circular mirror which he picked up in his hands. “Godmother! It’s the piece of the mirror!” The palace shook once again, and Zev said, “That’s great! Maybe we can appreciate its beauty after we get out here!” “But how?” Violet asked, pointing her finger at Zev’s car that was flipped upside down. “Let me,” Cecil said as he stood back up with snow swirling around him. “I’ll use the rest of my strength to flip the car, and after that we have to drive out of here.” Two guards formed next to the car, and they both flipped the car back onto its wheels before dematerializing. All four of them quickly got into the vehicle with Lucky and Zev at the front. Zev attempted to start the ignition, and it magically started again with the gas meter showing that the gas in the tank was unfrozen. Putting on his seatbelt, Zev stomped on the gas pedal, and the car began driving at a fast speed through the palace’s hall that was collapsing all around them. As they neared the entrance, Lucky saw the vampires fighting against the guards, and Zev pressed the gas pedal even further. They quickly drove pass the guards, and Zev slammed the car into two vampires who both held onto the hood. He swerved the car, trying to dislodge the bloody creatures, but they did not budge. One of them then moved to the driver’s side window, smashing it and grabbed Zev by the shoulder. Growling, the Big Bad Wolf used his breath on the vampire who froze instantly before he punched the frozen body off the car. The other vampire broke the passenger’s side window and tried to grab Lucky, but Zev shouted for him to lean his seat back. He did so, and Zev blew his breath once again at the other vampire who froze just like his friend. Lucky then pierced his sword at the vampire, shattering it. Lucky chuckled at what they just did, but when Zev cursed, he looked to see large sections of the ceiling falling onto the floor. Zev swerved the car once again to dodge the collapsing debris. A large piece struck the hood of the car, and Zev did his best to increase the speed with the entrance of the palace in view. They were almost out, and that was when Violet screamed. “Behind us!” Looking through the rearview mirror, Lucky saw an avalanche of snow rushing towards them, and Zev increased the car’s speed to its very limit. They then zoomed through the entrance, and after the car crashed against the rear end of one the black cars, Lucky looked again to see the entire palace collapsing, the towers falling inward and disappearing into the plumes of snow. Slowing down, the car then made banging noises before it finally stopped. Everyone got out of the car, and Lucky watched as the plumes of snow settled down and showed the ruins of the palace that was just a mound of snow. Holding the mirror under his arm, he then looked at it and saw his face that was very clearly reflected on its surface. Snowflakes bordered around the circular mirror, and he swore he also saw the Snow Queen’s face smiling at him before fading away. He could not believe the mission was a success, and he had to thank Zev, Violet and Cecil for the accomplishing it. Lucky felt an arm around his shoulders, and he tilted the mirror to see Zev right beside him and looking at the mirror as well. “I can’t believe I have a piece of the Magic Mirror.” “I know, right? So, the Snow Queen transformed into the mirror. Who would’ve thought?” Zev said. “Well, it’s possible the Snow Queen just teleported herself through the mirror, like a doorway into a different location. Where that is I don’t know. But hopefully the mirror will prove to be enough for me to recreate the original Magic Mirror.” “Well, I’ll be there to help in any way I can.” Lucky faced Zev with a smile, and when he leaned his face forward, Lucky quickly snatched Zev’s lips with his own and they enjoyed the moment they had together. Someone then cleared her throat, and Lucky opened his eyes to see Violet looking at him with a smirk as she held Cecil’s hand. Releasing their lips, Lucky chuckled and enjoyed the cool temperature that was not at all frigid as it was before they entered the palace. “So, now that we have a piece of the mirror, how in the hell are we going to go back to the city?” Violet asked. Then on cue, a car appeared at the horizon and as it got closer, Lucky chuckled. In its pumpkin-colored glory, Cindi’s sportscar drove to their direction before halting to a stop. The undercover agent then stepped out of her car and after taking her sunglasses off, she said, “So…do you guys need a ride home?” *** One week passed since the events at the Snow Queen’s palace, and Lucky was studying the properties of the mirror given to him by the queen herself, on the coffee table of Zev’s apartment with Zev cooking a meal with pork at the kitchen, and Violet and Cecil chilling on the same couch while she taught the basics of a first-person shooter. It could not have been more perfect; though, it all of them had to go through a lot of turmoil before they ended up at this state. The day after the Snow Queen’s mirror was retrieved, Violet discovered that her entire mansion and tower were burned down by an accidental fire, which was undoubtedly a cover-up story by Lilith and her community of vampires to prevent the police from discovering the truth of what happened there. She informed her kingly father about what happened by phone since he was still in a business trip, and it went as expected with her father in disbelief that their home was destroyed and that he was coming home as soon as he could. She neglected to tell him about the truth of the situation since she believed it would be better if she told him in person, and their conversation would definitely include her stepmother, the Snow Queen. For now, Violet was staying at Zev and Cecil’s apartment, and she seemed to be enjoying her newfound freedom as she fired her rifle at enemy soldiers on the television screen with Cecil happily playing along. Cecil had also undergone some changes as well, but all of it was positive. With his sight returned to normal, he has been enjoying looking at everyday things from the apartment to the outside world of the streets, convenience stores and gas stations. Most of all, he was enjoying his time with Violet, and even though they only knew each for a short time, they were quickly becoming fast friends and maybe even more than that judging by the long looks both of them were giving each other. The situation was no different with Lucky and Zev. After the event with Snow Queen, Zev has been by Lucky’s side every day, from helping him with getting equipment to help him discover the properties of the mirror to just spending time and getting to know one another. Zev discovered that Lucky was a junkie when it came to really bad shark movies or any other movie that involved bad, computer-generated animals like crocodiles and octopuses with even worse acting. Over the past week, all four of them would watch these movies he rented online and, oh boy, was Zev complaining about the horrendous acting entertainment for Lucky on its own. Also, with Zev’s car being wrecked, Lucky offered his car, which allowed Zev to go to work as his car was being repaired. He really appreciated how the car drive since it was Lucky’s pride and joy after all. Being with Zev has made Lucky’s week, especially since he lost all communication with his own father. He tried not to think to deeply into it, but he suspected that this lack of contact was because of what happened with the lunch date with Violet. He called his father when Zev was taking Violet home to tell him that he was okay, but after telling that the lunch date had ended early, the king ended the call, which left Lucky empty inside. Zev, though, managed to comfort him through those moments when he thought about his father ghosting him, which helped him focus on the mirror and made him appreciate Zev’s presence more and more. And the times when Cecil enjoyed going out with Violet, which left Lucky and Zev alone were amazing. He did not know half the things that Zev did to his body, but he did not care as he enjoyed the ride and came more time in one night than he ever did in a week. Zev was so virile, and Lucky loved it. “Godmother!” Lucky released his fourth and final load onto his chest as Zev collapsed next to him, all musky and sweaty from the sex that was now soaked into the bedsheets. Lucky grabbed the small towel on the nightstand and was about wipe away the mess when Zev moved and lapped it up into his mouth instead. Chuckling, Lucky enjoyed the sight of his lover cleaning him like the wolf that he was. He then leaned his face forward and kissed Lucky who loved tasting himself on his lover’s lips and tongue. Both men then splayed themselves on the bed, and they took their time relishing the high they were experiencing after two hours of nonstop fucking. “Ready for another round?” Zev asked as he rolled onto his side and looked at Lucky contently. “You’re kidding, right? I don’t think my ass can take another one,” Lucky said, chuckling. “That’s what you said before round three and four.” Zev laughed and teased Lucky’s ear with his tongue. “I love it when you’re covered with my scent, both inside and out.” “I love it too… Okay. Just let me get a drink of water and I’ll be back,” I said and winked. Zev growled. “You better.” Lifting himself off the bed, Lucky quickly slid his boxers on and walked out of Zev’s bedroom. In the kitchen, he poured himself a cold glass of water and gulped it down graciously. Putting the cup in the sink, he was about to head back to the bedroom when he heard a doorbell ringing. He wondered who the person could be since the time was almost midnight. He then figured it was Cecil and Violet, probably forgotten the key to the apartment. Walking to the front door, Lucky then heard his phone buzz on the coffee table and decided to check it first. He was surprised to see a message from Violet who texted him that she and Cecil were not going to return until three, and that he and Zev better be quiet by the time they both got back. The doorbell rang again, and Lucky was curious with who the person at the other side of the door was, also slightly worried since the apartment was not located in the best neighborhood and the neighbors one floor below were burglarized three days ago. Walking to the front door, Lucky looked through the peephole, but he didn’t see anyone through the lens, and then he felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped. “It’s okay, Lucky. It’s me,” Zev said from behind him. Lucky cursed and looked at Zev who was also in his boxers before saying, “Don’t sneak up on me like that.” “Sorry. It’s just part of my nature,” Zev said with a chuckle. “Who’s at the door?” Shrugging, Lucky replied, “I don’t know. I didn’t see anyone through the peephole.” The doorbell rang once again, and Zev decided to look through the peephole himself. “Strange… It could be a robber trying to trick us into opening the door. Stand back, Lucky. I got this.” Lucky took a few steps back, and Zev unlocked the door, waiting a few seconds before opening the door swiftly, only to the introduced by no one but an open box. “A box?” “What the hell?” Zev said as he crouched down. Lucky walked to Zev’s side and saw that inside the cardboard box was a frog. The frog was large, twice as large as an average frog and the creature looked at both Zev and Lucky like the amphibian had some form of intelligence. The frog then lifted its front feet onto the edge of the box and croaked a few times as it continued to look at both men with it bulging eyes. “Do you own a frog?” Zev asked as he lifted the box with the frog inside. “Not that I know of,” Lucky responded as he looked at the frog more closely. “I guess someone didn’t want the frog anymore and decided to leave it at the doorstep like someone unwanted, newborn baby.” “Why is it looking at us like that?” Zev asked with his head cocked to the side. “It could be intelligent, like one of those talking animals that raise abandon children in the jungles.” “So…you want to keep it?” Zev asked, looking like he was not interested in taking a frog into his home. Lucky shrugged. “I don’t know. What do we even feed it?” A fairy flew around him and Zev, pestering them as the creature giggled before it was snatched by the frog’s tongue and consumed. “Well…that issue is solved,” Zev said with amusement. The frog croaked again before hopping from the box and onto Lucky’s shoulder. The amphibian seemed to settle on his shoulder like it was parrot, and as he looked at the oddly cute creature, he wondered who this frog once belonged to since it seemed strangely obedient and would not cause too trouble, at least not yet. Scratching the frog’s chin, which the creature responded by tilting its head back, Lucky then said, “I guess we have a new roommate.” Zev smiled and kissed Lucky on the cheek, the frog croaking in return. As Zev went to the kitchen to fill a container with water for their new pet, Lucky walked to the coffee table and looked at the mirror that the Snow Queen gave him a week ago. It took a while to learn the properties of the device, which proved to be easier than expected. The mirror was exactly what he needed to recreate the Magic Mirror; however, he needed another mirror to duplicate the properties necessary to construct that magical item, and that meant finding the mirror of the Witch of the Woods. She supposedly used the mirror to transform men and women into their inner monsters as well as disguising herself to fool people into believing she was someone else. And a clue to her location involved bubbles. Lucky thought he just needed the Snow Queen’s mirror to recreate the object of the Snow White tale, but it looked like his journey was not over. Though he was concerned about pressing his luck further by finding another mysterious witch, he knew that he had Zev by his side as the man returned with a water-filled water, which the frog hopped into. Zev winked at Lucky, and he knew that their story so far was only the beginning.
  11. I just posted a new chapter of Halo, and I am working on the last chapter of the first part of Charming right now.

  12. Superpride

    Chapter Twelve

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Stephanie, the kind woman who was married to my father and showed no inclination towards the demonic, was literally suspended on the ceiling by her black hair like the webbing of a spider. I held Mike’s hand tightly; he was the only person who was preventing me from running out of the house while pissing my pants. With her extra set of limbs and her enlarged size, he looked like a monster from a fantasy game…but this was real life and I had no idea how we were going to defeat this creature without an automatic game over. “Duncan. It’s so nice you came by,” Stephanie said with a sing-along tone. “For a moment, I thought I was going to have to send another one of my own to capture you again.” “So, you’re the one who sent that aswang who attacked Duncan at the woods,” Mike noted, clutching my hand with the same tightness. “Of course, I did,” Stephanie said with a wide smile. “Since his father was going to lend his company to Duncan in the near future, I needed the boy to be under my control while still maintaining my disguise… Unfortunately, that didn’t work, and your father somehow was loosening himself from the webbing that I had on his conscience and the doll that I used to control him. So, I had to do what was necessary, and envelope your father’s body in my webbing, as for your brother…” “Where are they? What did you do to them?” Duncan demanded. “Don’t worry. They’re safe for now… However, your brother did put up quite a fight.” I winced at the very thought of my twin brother getting hurt, and I knew the wailing I heard early must’ve come from either my father or Dustin. “So…what’s your plan for me?” Mike asked, releasing my hand and taking a step forward. Chuckling, Stephanie lowered her eight feet to the ground and said, “Death.” A bright light suddenly flashed from Mike, and Stephanie screamed as her skin burned. I witnessed the entire scene without being blinded, most likely caused by the abilities granted to me by Mike. I looked at him to see the same large, gold-colored disc with four smaller discs revolving around its perimeter that levitated behind him. Stephanie continued to scream in pain as she pulled herself back up, and Mike fired one of the small discs into the air, slicing the black webbing and causing her to fall back onto floor. Moving forward, Mike began slicing away at Stephanie’s eight legs, each one falling to the floor as they sprayed black liquid from the severed areas. He then stood on top of her and his large disc flipped vertically, positioned in front of Mike and began shining a bright light. For some reason I could tell that it was charging its energy, and I was so concentrated on what was happening in front of me that I didn’t noticed the webbing behind me that crept to my feet. The webbing then snatched my feet, causing me to fall to the floor and the webbing began to crawl all over my legs to the rest of my body. Panicking, I tried to pull the webbing off of me, but it was too strong, and my hands ended up sticking to the webbing instead. Mike called out to me, and I looked to see him right before Stephanie kicked him off of her with her last remaining leg. As the webbing began constricting my movements and tightening around my body like several large snakes, Mike ran to me as Stephanie reattached her severed legs by shooting more webbing that acted as glue. Mike managed to slice away the source of the webbing around my body, freeing me before more webbing struck him and stuck him against the wall. “You thought it would be that easy?” Stephanie said before laughing wickedly. With the hair-like webbing loosening off my body, I stood and saw Mike was completely covered by an encasing that was slowly tightening around him. I knew I had to something quick before Mike got hurt, but what exactly I had no fucking idea. All I could do was watch Stephanie as she neared me with all eight legs and a menacing smile. Then sensing something at the periphery of my vision, I turned to see Mike’s large disc on the floor and understood that it was the only option other than death. Stephanie shot more webbing at me, but I managed to dodge it, just barely, and rolled to the disc’s location. I then lifted the disc with both hands by the inner hole. The disc quickly started to shake and crack; I didn’t have the training or experience to handle a weapon of this caliber, and it was going to collapse and dematerialize if I didn’t act fast enough. So, using all my physical and mental strength, I threw the disc at Stephanie right before it exploded, and a bright light consumed the entire foyer. I felt the force of the explosion that caused me to fall back onto the floor, and I cover my eyes with my arms as the light was even too bright for my eyes. Then everything was dark again, and I slowly pulled my arms away and saw a large, black debris on the center of the foyer’s floor, most likely the remnants of Stephanie and the explosion itself. I then looked above to the see all the webbing falling onto the floor, and I then turned to see Mike sliding back down onto the floor. I quickly went to him and saw that despite his heavy breathing, he looked completely okay. “Are you okay, Mike?” I asked as I crouched to his level. “Yeah. Yeah, I think I am.” Mike looked at me and said, “You saved me, Duncan. How did you do it?” “I…I just threw your disc weapon at Stephanie before it exploded,” I answered before hugging him. “Shit. If you’re talking about that large disc, then it exploded because I didn’t properly dematerialize it…and the fact that you managed to handle it before it exploded on you is…miraculous,” Mike said as his breath began evening. “You’re a miracle, Duncan.” I smiled, just relieved to know that Mike was okay. Wailing was heard again, and I knew that my father and Dustin were somewhere in the house. I looked at Mike who nodded at me, and I stood quickly and lifted Mike to his feet as well. We then ran across the foyer, up the staircase and searched every room on the second floor. I finally went to Dustin’s room and saw masses of black webbing on the floor. I saw my father leaning his back against the desk, and I approached him just as Mike entered the room as well. Crouching down, I looked at him more closely and saw that he was unconscious but breathing. Despite his ruffled suit, he looked completely fine. “Shit.” I turned to see Mike standing beside the bed where my brother was lying on. I quickly walked to Mike’s side and what I saw was devastating. “Dustin!” I placed my hands on Dustin’s face, a face that was devoid of his eyes, with two bloody sockets instead. He was sobbing, asking where he was and who was touching him. He then started convulsing violently, which I tried to stop, but I was completely useless as his body then became still. Mike was by my side and placed his hand on the side of Dustin’s neck, and he assured me that he was still alive before he pulled out his phone and called nine-one-one. He then held me, my face against his chest as I began crying for my brother and for his life that was going to be changed for the worse forever. *** Sitting at the waiting room, all I could do was stare at the floor as I waited for the doctor to come through the doors and tell me that my brother was going to be okay. But I knew I that wasn’t going to be possible. I saw the sockets of what remained of his eyes, and I knew that Dustin was going to live the rest of his life without sight. I thought having to wear thick-lensed glasses was difficult, I couldn’t imagine living without the sense of sight all together. All I could hope for Dustin was that he recovered from his injuries, so that he could begin to recover and adjust to his new way of life. Mike was currently talking to the police about the incident after paramedics entered my house and saw all the masses of webbing on the floor of the foyer, the remnants of Stephanie that was in the form of a black pool of liquid, and my father and brother in a separate room with Dustin’s eyes gouged out. I thought that calling Angelica and Adam would’ve been a better idea, but Mike told me that the injuries that Dustin sustained was beyond even Angelica’s expertise. I believed Mike knew best as I continued to sit in the sitting room, all by myself as he was somewhere else in the hospital with the police. My father was also here, and I already visited his room, already examined and in stable condition. Another set of doors opened, and I saw Mike enter the room. “Is everything okay, Mike?” “Yeah. Yeah, everything’s okay. Angelica and Adam are currently talking with the police as I speak, and then they’ll be here after that,” Mike said as he rubbed the back of his neck. He then sat next to me and with his hand on mine, he said, “Are you okay, Duncan?” Leaning my head against Mike’s shoulder, I said, “I don’t know. My twin brother is currently being operated on, and I don’t know how he’ll function without his sight. And Stephanie…crap. I don’t know what to feel right now.” “I understand.” Mike squeezed my hand gently. “You’ve been through a lot tonight, and don’t worry. Angelica, Adam and I have this handled.” “Thank you.” The same set of doors opened again, and Angelica entered the room. “It’s done.” “You wiped their memories? Including the paramedics?” Mike asked, standing up. “Yes, everything they witnessed back at the scene was removed from their memories and replaced with another set of memories instead.” Sighing, Angelica then said, “You really should’ve called me, Mike. Having to wipe away their memories with different light frequencies was a challenge all by itself.” “I’m sorry, Angelica, but I couldn’t take any chances with Dustin’s life if you didn’t know how to properly treat him,” Mike replied. “Oh, and calling the police after an aswang attack wasn’t taking any chances either?” The doors opened, and Adam entered the room with angry expression on his face. “You could’ve messed up big time if we hadn’t arrived.” Mike growled, and Angelica stepped between them and said, “You’re not helping, Adam. At least the situation is resolved now, and now we all can focus on moving on from this incident and continuing with the mission.” “And what mission is that?” I asked as I stood from my seat. “If you don’t mind me asking, of course.” “I don’t think this kid needs to know anything about why we’re here,” Adam stated. “Just shut up, Adam. He deserves to know what this mission is about since it involves his father’s company,” Mike said, looking at Angelica who nodded back at him. Mike then turned to me and said, “As the woman, Stephanie, said back at your house, the aswang have been monitoring your father through her as their secret agent. What just happened confirmed our suspicions that the aswang want to use your father’s company as a catalyst to control the amount of fossil fuels that are burned and increase the amount of air pollution in the air. Their own mission is to block as much sunlight from entering the world as possible, allowing the aswang to thrive beyond the night and eventually control not only the fossil fuel industry, but the entire planet as well. That’s the worst-case scenario, and it can’t happen as long as people like us still exist.” I nodded. “I understand.” “Do you really?” Adam interjected with his arms crossed. “You’re an outsider, just like Mike. You don’t really understand how the Laguna tribe feels about this entire situation or the Filipino people as a whole. We really should’ve adopted the isolationist method like the tribes in Hawaii and Alaska. Instead, the Laguna tribe now risks its continued existence when we decided to let in an outsider who in turn allowed a stranger to have the same abilities that has made our people special from everyone else.” “There are people with the same abilities in Hawaii and Alaska as well?” I asked. Sighing, Adam said, “To put it into simple words for you, there’s a tribe of Hawaiians who garnered their abilities similar to ours through the light coming from the lava of their active volcanoes, while an Inuit tribe in Alaska acquires their powers through the constellations in the night sky. That’s the only other communities we know of. There are possibly more within Europe who harness their abilities through lightning, but we don’t know for certain since they’ve isolated themselves from the rest of the world, like we should be doing as well. Have you ever heard of the Golden City or El Dorado that was a civilization supposedly made of gold? Yeah, well that place actually existed, and unfortunately for them they shared their knowledge and technology to the Spanish conquistadors before their city was conquered and eventually destroyed. We can’t end up like them.” “Well, until the aswang are dealt with, I think plan to isolate ourselves can wait,” Mike inserted. “There will be nowhere to even hide if the aswang gain power and cover the world with darkness.” “He’s right,” Angelica said that caused Adam to scoff in response. “Our main mission is to solve the aswang dilemma, and the only we can do that is with Duncan’s help.” “What about my father?” I asked. “He’s the current president of the oil company. Shouldn’t he be the one you should be talking to?” “I’m sorry, but we don’t know if your father can be trusted,” Angelica said. “He has been under that aswang’s control for who knows how long, and we don’t know if there’s any remnants of its control. You’re really the only person we can rely on to continue this mission.” “And what makes him so special?” Adam asked. “Because,” Angelica began, turning to Adam with furrowed eyebrows, “If Mike trusts Duncan, then so will I. And since he has the same gift of Maria, he can prove to be a very useful ally.” Cursing to himself, Adam shook his head and collapsed onto a waiting chair. “Whatever.” “And how exactly can I help?” I asked. “First, we—” An alarm suddenly started blaring, and I saw blue lights flashing as well, which was an indication that someone needed resurrecting. I then looked at Mike whose look of concern made me instantly know that this wasn’t just any code blue. I quickly went through the double doors that led to a hallway that had hospital staff scurrying in one direction. I followed them as Mike, Angelica and Adam followed right behind me. I then saw the staff entering one room in particular, and I looked to see that the area was completely dark. The lights then flickered back on, and only the thing that I saw was an empty bed. I couldn’t confirm that this was Dustin’s room, but somehow, I knew deep down that he was just taken by the aswang. Oh, God.
  13. Superpride

    Chapter Four

    Thank you for the comment! I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can, so I won't leave you hanging haha.
  14. After watching Black Panther again on Netflix, I got enough inspiration to write the next chapter of Halo.  Sorry for the delay.

  15. Superpride

    Prompt #2

    Listed below are the story cards and the ending card that you will use to create ideas for a story that you will then write down as a response to this entry. More details are in the description of the blog. Enjoy! Story Cards Child (Character) This Can Fly (Aspect) Cave (Place) Fire (Thing) Ring (Thing) Ending Card So the rightful ruler was placed on the throne once more.

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