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  1. Chapter Nine

    And thanks for the comment. I don't really write poetry since I think it's a entire different art from prose, but I'm glad you liked it.
  2. Chapter Nine

    Thanks for the comment of support
  3. After two months, I just published the ninth chapter of Charming.  I'm sorry for the long wait.  I'm busy with my college classes, which does not leave me a lot of time to write my stories.  However, it's Spring Break now, so I'll have a week to continue my writing and hopefully publish another chapter before I return back to college :*)

  4. Chapter Nine

    With inked skin as black as ebony, Soft hair as white as snow, And teeth dripping with blood, Together what story shall we sew? Once there was a boy with a mind as bright as day. A very promising child, With a future just as promising, And who warmed hearts when he smiled. Then a queen of snow arrived. With a shattered mirror, That blinded the many. Only ugliness can be seen ever so clearer. Then there was another boy. He would not hurt anyone at the least. So innocent, so sweet, Never would he be turned into a beast. However, a witch of the woods came one day, Feasting her eyes on the young man and his band. His skin so fair, unblemished, He then turned hideous by the touch of her hand. Lastly, a boy, an orphan, who had no one to love, Other than his grandmother, an old lady. A kind person, And not at all shady. Then she passed and with her last breath, Asked him not to give up into crime, Lest he end up like his parents, In due time. These men, so foreign, yet so familiar. One with a heart of cold, another with no peace of mind. And one with a soul not worth telling, Until he meets the one he will someday find. Who knew he would meet the one, In a flooded world of mermaids and woes, And even takes him to his home of fairy dust. They would soon fall deep in love as the saying goes. Yet, they must defeat a great evil, So dark and so cold. Will they all team together? Will they ever be so bold? *** After another selfie with Zev’s sister, Velvet, she was dropped off at her dormitory and then they went to Cindi’s private investigative agency that was a small building squished between a bank that was guarded by a dragon security system that breathed fire to prevent any bank heists like in Greek mythology and an insurance agency that sold very expensive contracts that enable someone to be born again if they perished in a fire like a phoenix in Egyptian mythology. What a crazy world they lived in. Nothing special stood out of the agency’s façade, which was a good thing since Cindi was an undercover agent when she was not running the agency and having a workplace that stood out would not have been good at all. And she was not highly sought after, at least not by the wealthy and famous, but mostly by law enforcement who were tipped about her agency and wanted justice to be brought upon the wicked. This allowed her to stay relatively obscure when going undercover and allowed her to bring justice with her own hands or pistol if necessary. Parking at the side of the building with a sign that read Slip and Fall, Lucky and Zev got out of the car and entered through the front entrance and into the agency where there was a short row of desks near the left and right side of the area. Cindi’s people were working at these desks, on their computers and looking through files as Lucky guided Zev to the back of the room, some of the agents greeting Lucky before resuming their work. Knocking twice on the door that had Cindi’s name on the frosted window, she called Lucky in and he opened the door, allowing Zev to enter first. He then entered himself and closed the door behind him. Looking forward, he saw Cindi typing on her keyboard at her desk with Cheri standing right beside her. Two other individuals were there, including an Asian gentleman standing in the corner with hair that was gelled back and tattoos that covered most of his exposed skin like his arms and neck. His name was Chu Li and he was the head of security for Cheri’s workplace and that was pretty much all he knew about him. And the other person was— “Cecil?” Zev asked. “Oh, hey, Zev! I didn’t expect to see you here,” Cecil said with a smile. “Yeah, me neither. What are you doing here?” “Oh, I’m helping Cindi right now with your current investigation. And before that I helped her a few times before with other matters like seeing if someone was lying or not. These eyes are a good lie detector if you didn’t know,” Cecil explained and tapped the side of his glasses. “I see.” “Sorry, I didn’t tell you about that, Zev, but I couldn’t let you pay all the bills yourself,” Cecil added. “Good to see you again, Lucky,” Cindi said with her eyes still on the screen of her computer monitor. “Go ahead and sit down. And you as well, Zev.” Lucky sat down on a chair with Zev sitting right beside him. “So, what have you found that will help Zev’s investigation?” “A lot. Specifically, two major leads, both connected to the Magic Mirror as well,” Cheri revealed, holding file folders in her hands. “Well, lay it on us,” Lucky said. Cindi smiled and said, “The first major lead deals with the witch who cursed a whole town to only see the ugliness of the world by damaging their eyes with fragments of a magic mirror like the one you’re seeking to recreate, Lucky. Right now, she’s at an undisclosed location, but unconfirmed reports are stating that her castle can appear anywhere through a magical snowflake. The other major lead involves the witch who curses people with physical anomalies with her own version of a magic mirror.” A grunt was heard, and Lucky looked to see Chu Li with a disgruntled look on his face. “This woman’s location is also unknown, but again, an item can be used to find her base of operations, which comes in the form of a bubble of sorts. That’s all I know right now, and Cindi and I will continue to find more information on the whereabouts of these two witches and their mirrors. For now, though, you need to set out, follow those leads and find more information to speed up the investigation as well. And if that involves searching through vampire territory, then so be it,” Cheri said. “I have that handled,” Zev announced. “Good. You’ll be careful, I’m sure. Vampires are not the sort of beings you get caught by more than once,” Cheri warned. “Tell me about it. My former police partner and I barely escaped a vampire who was trying to sell dozens of people in a slave ring, so they could give involuntary blood donations. If we were caught during that raid, I can’t imagine what would’ve happened to us.” “Yes, they’re very violent, unmerciful creatures, aren’t they?” Cindi said with a shake of her head. “Well, they were created by witches, and witches’ magic are based purely on emotions,” Cheri observed. “Care to explain?” Zev asked. “Well, it’s only considered a theory and any advancements to understand it more have been halted from our very government, but from what I have gathered, emotions from happiness to sadness and anger are the key to making magic exist in our world. The best comparison I can come up with is modern technology. You need logic to create all the technology we have today from factory machines to the very phones that we use daily. The same thing applies to magic, but the total opposite if that makes any sense, and that is why most people who practice magic are women like how the scientific and technological fields is mostly dominated by men. You need emotions, and only emotions if you want to break the laws of physics and create everything magical like magic wands, which happens to grant any wish that your heart desires.” “Aren’t magic wands basically concentrated radiant energy that is store within the grains of a wooden stick that can trans-mutate any material into anything like gold?” Lucky asked. “Yes, they’re literally handheld nuclear bombs, and that’s why they’re banned in most countries today. But that’s not the point. They grant wishes, and wishes are connected to human emotions, the wish to live happily ever after with money, fame and even true love. And that’s just one example. Vampires are also another example, the manifestation of violent emotions, specifically the emotion of vengeance. To avenge the loss of loved ones whose blood has been spilled by their enemies more than a millennium ago are possibly why vampires exist today, though in secret of course. And another theory to why they exist is…well…” “What is it?” Lucky asked as he leaned forward in his chair, very curious to what the other theory could be. “It’s based off just pure speculations, but people have said the original witch arose from elves,” Cheri admitted. “Elves? Seriously?” Lucky said, unconvinced. “I know it sounds foolish to believe elves were the original witches since their race has disappeared from this world due to centuries of their enslavement, which by the way have inspired the very Santa Claus story of elves making toys for all of the nice children in the world,” Cheri said with distaste in her voice. “Anyways, it is known that elves are very proficient in the use of magic versus any other race like humans, and it’s a fact that anyone with a significant amount of elf ancestry have more capabilities with magic versus the average human.” “And how does this connect to the birth of the first vampires?” Zev asked. “You should know, Zev. Once a group of people have become oppressed for too long, rebellion is bound to happen. And that’s what happened with the elves and what is currently happening with your own people, Zev. They created vampires as revenge for the centuries of slavery and torture they endured by their captors, mostly human by the way. It’s horrible what the elves have gone through, especially since they have created the most advanced kingdoms in the world, even rivaling the Roman Empire, which humanity have credited as the best ancient civilization to have ever arisen in this world. And after the vampires broken their bondage, they simply disappeared, at least the pureblooded elves did. Leaving what they created in this world, and later to be revealed.” “Very ironic considered vampires are enslaving my own people for their personal gains,” Zev said with a grunt. “I know, and that’s why they need to be stopped. It’s only a matter of time before they turn from wolves to the rest of the world as their own unlimited buffet. It has happened before with the practice of human sacrifice, and it will happen again if we don’t intervene now.” “Understood,” Zev said with his arms crossed. “So…which lead do you want to begin with first?” Cindi asked as she took both files from Cheri and spread them out on the desk. “I suggest we go to the Snow Queen first, considering I have been directed affected by her magic and have a theory on how to resurrect her castle as well,” Cecil announced with a grin on his face. “And Chu Li can help with finding the other witch since he has personal with her as well,” Cheri said. Chu Li just simply nodded in response. Zev, scratching his scruffy chin, said, “Well…I think we should start with—” Lucky’s phone began buzzing, interrupting what Zev was going to say and looking at the screen caused him to be immediately alarmed. Answering the phone, he said, “Violet?” “Oh, Lucky! Thank, Godmother you answered!” Violet said in a hushed, but panicked tone. “I need your help!” “What’s wrong, Violet?” Lucky said as he stood up from his chair. “They’re…They’re here!” Violet said before gasping with the sound of a door closing being heard from the other line. “The ones from the restaurant! They’re here at a home! I think they have unfinished business, and I think calling the cops will be useless since—” “Don’t worry, Violet. I’m coming. Just hide and stay silent until I get there,” Lucky said with assurance. “Okay. Just hurry,” Violet begged before the call ended. “What just happened?” Cindi asked with concern. “It’s Violet. She’s in trouble,” Lucky announced. “Who? The girl your father is arranging for you to marry?” Cheri asked. “Yes, and right now vampires are at her home, most likely trying to find her. She was with me at the restaurant when they attacked and—Fuck! Why am I still talking? I need to help her now!” Lucky said, feeling guilty for getting her involved with his problems. “You can’t do this alone. I’m coming with you,” Zev said. “All right, great. Now let’s go!” Lucky said as he jogged to the door with Zev by his side. “Be careful, you two,” Cheri said before the door closed behind them. “Shit! I can’t believe this!” Lucky said with clenched fists. “Don’t feel guilty, Lucky. We’ll rescue her,” Zev assured him. “We better,” Lucky said unnervingly.
  5. Chapter Sixteen

    Very true. Hopefully, he has a backup of all that information since his death could also result in humanity's ultimate demise as well.
  6. Chapter Sixteen

    Yes, the very mysterious person that is Christian Shepherd seems to know more than he is letting on about the current Colossus invasion. And we'll see how Ryan and Chris deal with the Colossus, hopefully working together to beat the menace back to whatever dimension they came from.
  7. Chapter Sixteen

    Thank you!
  8. Chapter Sixteen

    Yes, it appears that the Colossus have a motive now, at least for their current invasion. Also, who knows what else Chris has in his disposal, considering he mastered both intangibility and invincibility, has nook technology and has a node extracted from Maria's own body. We'll see if Chris pulls something else from his sleeves as the Colossus invasion continues.
  9. The latest chapter of Hero Wanted has just been published.  Enjoy!

  10. Chapter Sixteen

    Command Center, Washington DC “Three of the Colossus are in the same location…God damnit,” the General muttered to himself, tightly gripping the armrests of his seat. “General! All three of the Colossus are now moving toward downtown Philadelphia! What is the strategy!” “Champions! Right now, focus all of your powers on the front-most Colossus!” the General commanded. “The strategy is to take them down one by one!” General leaned forward in his seat and watched the huge screen that displayed multiple angles of the battle between the Champions and the Colossus. The strategy seemed to be working as the Shockers redirected the Colossus’s attacks that came in the form of bladed, whip-like extensions that projected from its body and the Stormers were weakening its defenses that came in the form of layers of armor that protected the core of the Colossus. And when the core was exposed, the Strikers came and placed the final blows to the Colossus. A groan emitted from the defeated being as it fell backwards and onto the street below. “General! The first Colossus has been defeated!” “Excellent! Now redirect your powers to the left-most Colossus!” the General commanded with confidence. “We’re going to win this—” “G-General! We’re detecting abnormal frequencies coming from the two remaining Colossus like the ones three years ago!” “What do you mean? Clarify!” The General looked back at the screen to see that both Colossus have halted their movements with their extensions retracting back into their bodies. Then his eyes widened as he watched jagged protrusions began appearing on the frontside of both beings before being fired from their bodies and striking the Champions on the battlefield. It was Chicago all over again, but this time they were prepared. “Champions! Remobilize! All Shockers redirect the projectiles away from the Strikers, and all Stormers destroy the projectiles before they have a chance to be fired! Strikers, go for the core like always!” the General commanded. “General! It’s working! The core of the second Colossus has been exposed and is ready to be neutralized!” “Excellent!” the General said as he watched the core get destroyed by the Strikers a few moments later in the display. “One more Colossus to go, people! We can do this!” “General! We’re detecting more abnormal frequencies from the last remaining Colossus! It’s like none we have ever seen before!” “Clarify!” “It’s-It’s…Oh, God.” The General looked at the screens and saw that the projectiles ceased, but the whip-like extensions came back with a vengeance. Before he could utter an order, the extensions were already attacking the Champions at a faster speed than ever recorded before. He watched as more Champions were attacked by those extensions, wrapping their ends around the Champions’ heads, bodies or limbs before retracting them back to its host and taking the Champions with them. The General, returning from his shock, order the Champions to fall back before more were taken away by the Colossus. As the order was given, the Colossus began to lift above the city’s skyline, a phenomenon never seen before a bright light appeared in the screens. For a moment, the General believed the Colossus self-destructed and destroyed the city in the process. But when the light finally dimmed, and the city was still intact, he sighed in relief. However, that relief quickly disappeared when personnel were reporting that the Colossus had disappeared from the city, and that it had taken almost half of the Champions that were deployed into that battlefield. Never has a Colossus disappeared from a city before, and he could not imagine what nefarious plan the Colossus had for humanity now. And with half of the deployed Champions taken away from them, this was an undoubtable disaster. “General! We have tracked the Colossus that disappeared from Philadelphia!” “Where is it now? Report!” the General exclaimed. “It’s…It’s at Washington DC and moving towards the US Champion Academy as we speak!” The General felt his heart stop from that announcement and it took all his strength not to panic. “Begin the sirens to alert residents of the city and mobilize the remaining active-duty Champions…as well as the third-year and fourth-year Champion cadets. This is war now!” “Yes, General!” The General sat down before his shaking legs gave in, and to himself, “Maria, please save us all…” *** Thirty minutes earlier… Sitting on a bench in the locker room, Ryan thought about the words that Chris was about to say to him and wondered if he was going utter the three most important words to any relationship. It was somewhat petty to think about his relationship with Chris when there was an imminent Colossus invasion in Philadelphia where many people could possibly be displaced if the Champions lose this battle and the otherworldly creature self-destructed. However, during the unlikely chance that Champion cadets get deployed into the battlefield, he wanted to be clear-headed about their relationship status before it got him distracted when fighting the Colossus. Looking around, Ryan saw many of his male comrades taking off their service uniforms before materializing their combat ones instead. The men wore a skin-tight, blue shirt that covered the arms and neck; thin, black gloves; slim, black pants without pockets that covered the hem of the shirt; and black combat boots with the pant cuffs tucked inside. The women wore a similar uniform, but with a slim, black skirt that was cut above the knees instead of pants and stockings of the same color as the skirt. In addition, the shirt, while still covering the arms and neck, also possessed a sweetheart neckline that revealed a black layer underneath. As all the third-year and four-year cadets were scrambling to get ready, an interface appeared in front of Ryan’s face that only he could see. Ryan’s eyes widened upon seeing the infamous man, Christian Shepherd, displayed in his interface. “Ah, Ryan Johnson. It’s finally good to see you, even if it’s under these circumstances,” Mr. Shepherd said. “Why are you talking to me right now?” Ryan said, standing up and facing his locker, so that no one thought he was talking to himself. “Hello to you too,” Mr. Shepherd said humorously. “My, my, you certainly have grown since I last saw you in your mother’s belly.” “Stop screwing around. Why are you contacting me for?” Ryan spat and then nodded at two Champions looking at him with concern. “Cut to the chase, I see. I like that.” Looking behind him, Mr. Shepherd continued by saying, “I need your assistance for something that is classified to the public, not even your own father knows the existence of what I’m about to tell you.” “And what exactly is that?” Ryan asked with both disdain and curiosity. “Go to the elevator of the Command Center building and I will grant you access to the bottom level of the academy where you can go to by pressing the basement button of the elevator. Do you understand me so far?” Mr. Shepherd asked coolly. “Yes, I do, but why—?” “You’ll see when you get there. Now hurry,” Mr. Shepherd ordered before disappearing from his interface. Sighing, Ryan thought about what classified thing was being held at the bottom level of the academy. He did not even know that a place like that even existed until now, and he was supposed to just listen to the man that his father demonized to no end. It could have been an assassination attempt for all Ryan knew, Mr. Shepherd making him go to an isolated location of the academy and locking him in there before being killed on the spot. The man must have known the news that was spreading about the speculation between him and Chris’s relationship, but to have the man himself talk to him in secrecy as a possible repercussion made him both heated with anger and chilled with apprehension in the same time. Ryan took a deep breath and decided to walk out of the locker room and go to the location that Mr. Shepherd instructed him to go. If this was a malicious plot to get rid of him, Ryan wanted to get it over with, so that he had his mind cleared of the man possibly trying to do something dastardly to him. Yet, the thoughts of his last conversation with Chris was still swimming in his mind and getting deeper inside as he made his trek to the building and to the elevator where the basement button glowed green, signaling him to press it before the elevator closed in front of him. It took more than a minute for the elevator to finally reach the bottom level, which is saying something since the elevators in the academy only took seconds to lift to the top level of any building. So, this meant that the bottom level of the academy was very deep below, and whatever classified object that the place contained must have been very important for much security measures to be implemented. When the elevator doors slid open, Ryan was introduced to a large, dimly-lit room that had a gray palette from the walls to the floor and ceiling. The room was almost completely empty aside of the from the large, gray cylinder that was at the center of the room and was connected to both the ceiling and floor. Aside from that, the room was not substantial in any form, and Ryan wondered if this was a secret training facility of some sort. Suddenly, an image of Christian Shepherd materialized in front of Ryan, which caused him to jump back in surprise. Mr. Shepherd chuckled. “Sorry for scaring you, Ryan.” Ryan scoffed and said, “And why exactly did you take me to his place?” “Just wait for one moment, while someone else comes here too.” “And who will that person be, huh? Someone to assassinate me?” Ryan said with a snare. Chuckling again, Mr. Shepard said, “Despite what your father painted me as, I’m not the evil scientist that is bent-on world domination. Quite the contrary. I want this world to work together to fight a common enemy, and after that I want what every decent human being wants. World peace.” “Yeah, sure,” Ryan said, not believing a word coming from this cruel man’s mouth. “Listen, Ryan. I don’t want to see you hurt. I want to see how you progress as a Champion with the former first-ranked Champion’s nodes implanted onto you. The results so far are very, very fascinating and I would like to see how well you operate with another Champion by your side.” “Meaning?” Smirking, Mr. Shepherd said, “I know the relationship that has been happening between you and my son. Though I would prefer that Christopher be someone like Second Lieutenant Delilah Watson, I feel that fate has driven you two together that will make the future of humankind have a more promising future. And if that results in a more…intimate relationship between the two of you, then so be it.” Ryan furrowed his eyebrows. “So…you’re okay with us being together then?” “So far, yes. But you two will have to prove to me further that this partnership will benefit humanity in the long-run.” “Or what? Are you going to oust me like you did with other people in the past?” Shaking his head, Mr. Shepherd, “Unlike what your father and possibly what my son has said to you, I’m not an evil man. My methods might be questionable, but my result will be for humans to get through the most troubling time of our short existence and persevere at the end. I only want what’s best for humanity…and what is also best for my son as well. You already know that he does not possess ordinary nodes, correct?” Ryan nodded. With a serious face, Mr. Shepherd said, “So, you also know they are nooks that are still considered prototypes, giving him severe side effects that I have tried my best to treat with medication, but he won’t take them or at least not in a regular basis. So, he is seeing illusions of people from his past, haunting him, and it hurts to know that he is suffering. But in the long-run, it’s only going to benefit him and I’m confident that you’re the key to solving his ailment.” “And how exactly is all of that going to benefit him?” Ryan asked with true perplexity. “Champions might like the most powerful and most formidable beings ever created on this planet…but it only takes one crack for a whole dam to break and flood the whole village. So, let’s just say that you’re the glue to possibly saving Chris and everyone else from imminent disaster.” Ryan was about to question what Mr. Shepherd meant by that, but then the elevator behind him opened once again, and Chris walked out of it. He was wearing the same combat uniform as Ryan, and had a confused look on Chris face upon seeing him. “Ryan, what are you...Dad!” “Hello, son. How are you?” Mr. Shepherd said calmly. “Uh, pretty good, considering there’s three of the Colossus right now in Philadelphia.” “Three!” Ryan said with shock. “So, I’ve heard. This just proves my suspicions that this is not an ordinary Colossus invasion, and that these beings are seeking something valuable that humanity needs to continue its fight against them.” Mr. Shepherd elaborated by saying, “Take a look at the cylindrical form at the center of the room, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.” Looking at Chris who was just as confused as he was, Ryan then directed his eyes to the form, and just then he saw the outer shell of the cylinder retract upwards to reveal a cylindrical glass tank that contained a human inside…but it was not just any human being. It was— “Maria?” Chris said as he slowly approached the tank. Ryan followed Chris to the tank where it housed the Creator of all Champions: Maria Makiling. She was nude with legs bent slightly and her arms positions by her torso. Her long, black hair was flowing upwards in the liquid that she was suspended in and her tan skin somehow glowed as well. Finally, her eyes were halfway closed with a neutral expression on her face, a face that was tilted slightly forward and looked so beautiful it was awe-invoking. Placing a hand on the glass tank, Chris said, “This woman can’t be—” “Maria? Yes, she is,” Mr. Shepherd confirmed as his image walked to the glass tank containing her body. “This is Maria Makiling herself, in the flesh.” “But I thought she was in—” “The Philippines?” Mr. Shepherd chuckled and said, “You’re not the only one who thinks that, but that would be too obvious, and storing Maria’s crystallized body in the safest place possible is a major priority for our continued research on her. Especially when you consider Japan’s growing animosity towards the Philippines and a possible war occurring between the two countries, Maria’s body would be very vulnerable if the Japanese happen to acquire it. So, it’s stored at the bottom level of the United States Champion Academy instead… However, it seems that the Colossus could be aiming to destroy this facility with Maria inside it judging by the abnormal readings the stellar flare was emitting.” “So, in summary, the Colossus could be trying to eliminate Maria’s body during this invasion,” Ryan said. “Correct, and the reason why I summoned you both here is because I want you two to know how vital your positions are, to protect this facility with all your strength, so that Maria can continue to rest peacefully without the Colossus intervening in the off chance that they penetrate through all defenses and end up here. Do you both understand me?” Mr. Shepherd said with his hands behind his back. Both men nodded. “Good. The chances of the Colossus infiltrating this facility are slim, but if it does happen, I want you both to understand the importance of what you’re protecting.” In a sitting position, Mr. Shepherd then said, “I’ll be continuing to monitor the situation with the three Colossus invading Philadelphia, and you two can return back to the surface. And remember what I told you both.” “We will,” Ryan said before the image of Mr. Shepherd disappeared. Turning around, Ryan saw Chris looking above at Maria’s suspended body in the tank. Walking to his side, Ryan did the same, and he could not be more amazed from seeing the woman herself who gave birth to the Champions. She looked so peaceful, despite being in a tank filled with an unknown liquid while being housed in a dimly-lit room many feet below the academy. There was something god-like about her even though she was the same size as the average human being and was not wearing anything magnificent like the clothing the Greek gods were portrayed as wearing in visual art. Instead, it was like an aura that expressed her true power, but also gentleness that Ryan could feel into his very being, and it made him smile. “It’s Maria herself,” Chris stated with his hand still pressed on the glass. “I still can’t believe she was below the academy grounds this entire time,” Ryan said. “Yeah, me neither. So, it’s our duty to protect her at all cost from the Colossus if they manage to infiltrate this place,” Chris said with determination. “I know you’ve only been a cadet in this academy for only a few months now, but I’m very confident that you’ll protect Maria by any means necessary. And since my father summoned you here, I’m sure the lead scientist himself believes that you can fulfill that role… Whether that bodes well for our relationship, I don’t know.” “Well, your father and I had a small conversation before you arrived, and to sum it all up, he’s okay with us being together if it means that humanity benefits in the long-run.” Chris chuckled. “Of course. Anything that allows the human race to continue existing, he’ll allow it.” Sighing, Chris turned and placed his hands on Ryan’s shoulders. “Regardless of what he says though, I’ve made up my mind. I want to be with you, Ryan. And if Colossus manage to attack this academy to get to Maria’s body, I’ll be by your side no matter what.” Placing his hands on top of Chris’s, Ryan smiled and said, “And I’ll do the same for you, Chris.” Chris smiled back and moving his face closer, he said, “Whatever happens, I just want to say that I—” A siren interrupted what Chris was about to say when the room began to flash with red light and the shell returned to cover Maria’s tank. Both looked at each other before nodding and running back to the elevator that took them back to the surface of the academy. And outside they saw jets flying above in the sky and active-duty and cadet Champions running to one direction, the assembly hall. “There you two are!” Ryan turned to see Delilah running towards them with Knox right behind her. “Delilah! What’s happening?” “A Colossus invasion is what’s happening!” Delilah exclaimed through the blaring siren. “Two of the three Colossus have been defeated, but the last one disappeared from Philadelphia only to reappear at Washington DC. The Colossus has also captured dozens of active-duty Champions for unknown reasons. We all need to go to the assembly hall for further instructions. Now let’s go!” “All right! Lead the way!” Ryan said. As Ryan followed Delilah to the assembly hall, he could help but wonder what new plot that Colossus had in store for them, *** “All right men and women of the United States Champions! Let’s get out there and defeat that last Colossus!” a First Lieutenant, active-duty Champion said to his platoon. The First Lieutenant and his platoon then used their nodes to move their bodies at a very fast speed to the direction of the Colossus’s new location that was only a mile from the United States Champion academy. Reaching the Colossus’s location, the Champion platoon leader then ordered his platoon to stop when he saw figures dropping from the area where the Colossus stored its whip-like extensions, and onto the ground. From closer inspection, he realized they were his fellow Champions, but when they materialized their weapons and began running towards them in a aggressive manner, he knew that the Colossus was not the only trouble they were going to have to deal with.
  11. Yeah, I wanted to write a short story that was close to everyday life, just with a dash of a magical element that would spice up the drama
  12. Halo

    I'm sorry again, but hopefully you like my other stories.
  13. Tomorrow was Ted’s wedding day and he could not be more excited to marry the man of his dreams. Ken was the perfect man in his eyes ever since he came to Ted’s home to do some major repairs on his old house after a friend of his referred him to Ken’s house repair business. The man with his blond hair ruffled, his stubble on his rugged face and a body that said that he worked with his hands for a living made Ted, the slight recluse, very excited to have someone like him in his house to do repairs. Never a great conversationalist, Ted interacted with Ken by giving him homemade lemonade from fresh lemons picked from the garden behind his house. Ken was very appreciative of the drinks as he worked to make the house that Ted’s family owned for more than a century back to working order. His family, including his parents, were very stingy when it came to money and that was why the house was being held together by glue and tape. But they would always say that that same stinginess was the reason why they had the wealth they had now, and Ted should have been appreciative for that whenever the plumbing did not work that day. However, after his equally frugal grandfather passed away a few months ago and gave half of his fortune to his only grandchild, Ted decided to buy the house from his parents who graciously took the money and moved to California where they lived in a house by the beach. With so much money remaining in his bank account, he decided to spend more on fully repairing the house, and despite the repairs costing more five thousand dollars, it barely left a scratch on his overall fortune. So, Ted was a little surprised when only Ken showed up for the job, and though he was grateful to have the owner of the home repair shop to repair his house himself, Ted was still unsure whether he could fix the house in less than a month since he planned to have friends of a certain variety to move back in and stay. But to Ted’s surprise, Ken was very efficient in his job as a repairman from fixing the electric wiring in the walls to replacing all the lightbulbs that were too high for Ted to reach. After two weeks of repairs, Ken was literally almost done with everything which really impressed Ted to no end. The infamous plumbing was the last thing that was tackled, and Ted warned Ken that even he was going to have some trouble repairing the pipes that must have been rusted beyond repair and most likely need to be replaced with up-to-date pipes. Ken assured him that he had seen worse cases of neglect when it came to plumbing, which involved a backed up toilet that resulted in a brown volcano eruption that Ted could not imagine doing without having severe mental trauma afterwards. So, Ted trusted him and left him to do the job. It was a few hours later and Ted decided to go to Ken with another glass of cold lemonade. Just as he approached the door to the bathroom that Ken was working on, the man himself came walking out without his shirt on and exposing his muscled torso. Ted swallowed his throat upon the sight of the man’s chest that was covered with blond hair, and those small nipples that were erect, begging to be nibbled on. “Oh, sorry. The water got all over my shirt and I had to take it off,” Ken apologized as he swiped sweat from his brow. “Oh, it’s okay. I, uh, brought you some more lemonade,” Ted offered with his hand extending out with the glass. “Ah, thanks again, Ted,” Ken said as he accepted the glass of lemonade. As Ken drank, Ted could not direct his eyes away from the man’s throat with the pronounced Adam’s apple that was flexing as he drank, then downward to his hairy chest that Ted would love to feel on his cheeks and then to the abdominal muscles he would like to lick down to Ken’s happy trail and beneath the waistband of his faded jeans. Then he looked back up to see Ken looking at him with a raised eyebrow and an empty glass in his hand. “Oh, uh, s-s-sorry,” Ted apologized with his cheeks red like an apple. To Ted’s surprise, Ken chuckled and said, “Not the first time someone was checking me out.” “Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” Ted said sincerely as he accepted the glass back from Ken. Smirking, Ken said, “Don’t be. I’ve been checking you out since the day I started working here, but I didn’t know if I should act on my urges or stay professional.” Blushing again, Ted said, “Really? I-I-I—” Ken’s smile broadened, and he walked towards Ted who backed away nervously before the back of his legs hit the side of the bed, causing him to fall onto the mattress. Ken continued to move like a predator cornering his prey, his legs on either side of Ted’s hips that trapped him there as Ken grabbed the empty glass from his hand and placed it on the nightstand. Ken then inched closer with his hands by Ted’s head and he looked at him with the most smoldering look someone had ever gave Ted before. And Ted was looking back with what must have been the most surprised look since this was a scene that he believed only happened in pornography where the plumber, after a long day of work, seduced his client and they had a passionate fuck before the scene ended with the two men making out while swapping each other’s cum. “So…how about it?” Ken asked as lowered his face towards Ted’s. “I, uh…fuck yeah!” Ted accepted as he abandoned all his inhibitions and slammed his lips onto Ken’s. And Ken proceeded to fuck Ted’s brains out with the help of extra tools in his toolbox, and they later did it again after the job was done, and a day later and the day after that. Then for months until they were no longer fucking, but making love to one another with the ultimate release being the sealant to their love for each other. Ted fell in love with the scruffy repairman who loved to create wooden miniatures of buildings and other structures, and Ken fell in love with Ted who loved working at the garden and inventing new mechanisms to have his green haven flourish even more. And when Ken proposed to him, Ted nearly had a heart attack as he said yes, and all day did he show his love for the man who knew all the right ways to work his tool inside him. Now it was only a day before they finally tied the knot and Ted was so happy to be marrying the man of his dreams…however there was a secret that he had kept hidden from his soon-to-be husband and the angel and demon on his shoulders were bickering about what course of action to take for this situation, and quite literally actually. “You have to tell him as soon as possible!” Stacie, the small girl said on his right shoulder. “Not now! After the wedding, and then you can slowly ease him into the revelation that there are people living in the walls your house,” Stevie said who was the equally-sized boy on his left shoulder. “But a wedding is commitment that no secrets will be between two partners in holy matrimony! What will revealing this secret of our existence after the wedding tell him about what Ted thinks about their relationship?” Stacie explained. “No! That would be unnecessary weight on both their shoulders on a day that is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives,” Stevie declared. “What about us? What about our happiness in continuing to live in this house without the fear of being exposed? Ted, please say that I’m right.” “No, Ted. I’m right! Please tell that to my thick-headed sister.” “Okay, okay! Settle down you two. Just let me think for a minute,” Ted said as he looked at the mirror in his bedroom. Ted was wearing his black tuxedo, making sure that it fit him as he thought about what was the best way to break it to Ken that the house that he moved into several months ago had small people living inside the walls of their home. And they were not like rats, cockroaches or any other type of vermin, they were just people who wanted to live in a place that guaranteed safety and happiness without the fear of being the food of predatory animals. Some of them have even become very close friends like the twins on his shoulders, though despite their constant bickering, have enriched his life completely along with Ken and the insane way he could work his tongue on the sensual parts of his body. God, did he love him. “Ted, are you listening?” Stacie said into his ear. Ted sighed. “I am, yes.” “So, have you decided on what to do yet?” Stevie asked with impatience. Loosening his bowtie and throwing it on the bed, Ted then sat down and covered his face with his hand in frustration. “I really don’t know what to do.” “Well, you have to know sooner than later because the longer you put this off, the more conflict it would cause between the two of you,” Stacie explained. “I know, I know,” Ted said, dropping his hands on his lap. “But how do tell someone that you love so much that they have little people living in the walls in your house?” “I don’t have a straight answer for you, Ted. But he needs to know regardless if he really is going to be part of this household,” Stevie added as he patted Ted’s head for comfort. “You’re right.” Standing up, Ted walked to the huge, twelve-foot tall bookcase that was built into the wall on the opposite of the bed and when he pulled on a book on the center shelf, the book then retracted back before the whole bookcase started rotating clockwise. After doing a complete one-eighty, the other side of the secret bookcase revealed a literal miniature city on the shelves filled with small people living there. Many of them greeted him in which Ted greeted back with the wave of his hand. There were holes in the shelves that allowed them to venture to different levels in the bookcase and on the sides as well that allowed them to venture into the walls and other parts of the house. Ted invented this himself so that he could keep track of who was living in his house and just to have a central hub for where these people could live in and interact with each other. These people have been living in his house for so long, almost for a full century around the time the house was first built. Ted remembered plenty of times when trying to sleep in his bedroom that he would hear noises and people talking, and when he told his parents they would just dismiss it as mere paranoia of a child scared of monsters under his bed or in his closet. Then when he discovered the little people on accident one night trying to get food from the refrigerator a decade ago, to say that he was surprise would have been an understatement since he literally fainted at the sight of actual tiny humans venturing in his house and grabbing food when everyone was supposedly asleep. It was also funny since that was around the same time when witches and magic were revealed to be real in this world, and these little people were one of the products of witchcraft. Ted then remembered waking up a few moments later and saw that the people were still there, and by his face to make sure that he was okay and that was when a newfound purpose was instilled upon him, to protect these people and give them the life they deserved. Things were easier when it came to hide these little people or gnomes from his parents, although it was difficult to hide their activity once more of them came to move into his old house. However, things were nonetheless simple, especially after his parents moved out to live in California while he stayed behind and looked after the gnomes and improving their lives like the rotating bookcase that all the gnomes benefitted from and thanked him graciously for his efforts. Now Ted had to deal with the realization that he was going to be married in less than one day to a man he loved so much and would live with him in this same house he also considered home. This was a major secret that Ted kept from Ken, and though he believed Ken deserved to know, he just did not know how to present the subject that gnomes were living in the walls of their house and made the bookcase their central hub. So, instead he was silent about the issue even when the noises and racket were sometimes heard around the house reminded him every time about the situation that he was putting Ken in. He really needed to know, and not blame the noises and the missing mini marshmallows on rats. A ringing noise was suddenly heard, and Ted knew that was his phone. After pulling down the miniature figurine that represented a statue of the gnome people, the bookcase rotated back to its original position and Ted walked to the nightstand where his phone was located. Picking it up and swiping his thumb on the screen, Ted said, “Hey, Ken!” “Hey, handsome. Did you get your tuxedo from the tailor yet?” Ken said with a cheerful tone. “I did, and it fits perfectly!” “Awesome! I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I take your hand in marriage and—uh, God! I can’t wait.” “Me too, Ken,” Ted said with a huge smile. “See then, handsome—Oh, and before I forget. I know you’re having a rat problem in your house lately and I decided to put a trap in a hole I found a few days ago in the kitchen. Just one and I’ll find out if it traps catch anything before I get more of them,” Ken explained. Ted eyes widened. “What kind of trap are you talking about?” “Nothing major. Just some type of very sticky tape I got from some random store a while back. Well, I have talk to the caterer now to make sure the wedding cake is coming tomorrow on time. See you later, Ted. I love you.” “Love you too,” Ted said before hanging up and changed out his tuxedo before rushing to the kitchen with the twins hanging on by the threads of his worn-out jacket. Walking downstairs to the first floor and into the kitchen, Ted opened the pantry where he knew the hole Ken was talking about that was hidden by several cans of asparagus. However, there was a yellow piece of paper in their place instead, and he carefully removed the sticky paper before any of his gnome friends accidentally stepped onto it. “Godmother, you really need to tell Ken now before things like this happen more often,” Stacie said with concern. “For once I agree,” Stevie said. “I know, I know. But what if he doesn’t…” Ted paused when he felt the sticky paper twitch between his fingers like it was alive, and when it jumped from his hold and latched onto his face, he stumbled backwards into the refrigerator that caused a vase on top to fall to the linoleum floor. Pulling the sticky paper that had a mind of its own from his mouth, Ted managed to take it off before tossing it to the floor next to the broken vase. “What was that?” Stevie asked as he tried to stand back up on Ted’s shoulder. “I don’t know, but I think that trap was somehow enchanted,” Stacie inquired. “Are you okay, Ted?” Ted was about to say that he was okay, but when his mouth would not open, he realized he was in huge trouble. He attempted to at least move his lips, but they did not budge either. It was like his lips were superglued shut and no amount of prying it open with his fingers or the spoons from the sink made any difference. “Oh, no, Ted! It seems the trap that Ken bought really was enchanted, and it somehow sealed your mouth shut,” Stacie said in shock. Ted nodded and hummed in agreement just when his phone rang again. He looked at the screen and realized it was Ken calling, however if his mouth was truly shut closed, then there was no way he could communicate with Ken. Also, his phone was ancient and could deliver text messages, and he cursed to himself for not upgrading his phone when text messages were the norm and it would have provided a lot help in his current predicament. And with his phone ringing again and again, Ted was panicking as ran around his house like a crazy man, not knowing what to do or who to ask for help. “Relax, Ted. Maybe there’s something on the sticky paper like instructions on how to remove the enchantment,” Stevie said. Groaning in frustration, Ted had no other choice, but to walk back to the kitchen and grab the piece of sticky paper that cursed him with a sealed mouth. Looking at the back, he read that the trap was designed to force a person to tell the truth, and the longer they held the truth the stronger the sealant became until it permanently sealed mouth and making his mouth disappear altogether. Upon those last words, Ted began to cry as the realization that his mouth would likely be gone if he did expose the truth to Ken right then and he would not be able to kiss his husband-to-be in wedding tomorrow was shattering him from the inside. And as he cried, he could feel the sealant on his mouth begin to press his lips closer together. Some time passed as Ted lied on the floor of his kitchen with his back to the cabinets, feeling hopeless as both Stevie and Stacie tried to pry his mouth open, but to no avail. Then when he heard the front door open and heard his name being called, he knew that the truth had to come out or everything would be a disaster going forward. So, getting back onto his feet, Ted walked out of the kitchen to see Ken looking around the living room for him with the twins hiding in the hood of his jacket. “Ted? Where are—Oh, there you are,” Ken said as he approached Ted and embraced him. “God, you weren’t answer your phone and I was afraid something bad happened to you. Thank God that wasn’t the case… Are you okay, Ted? It looks like you just cried with how red eyes look. What happened?” Ken asked with sincere concern for his future husband. Ted turned his head, ashamed that it had to come to this, to have an enchantment placed onto him, and the only way to break it was to do the one thing he was putting off since their relationship began two years ago. He was also ashamed that he did not believe his partner was worth telling the truth about, even if was something outrageous like gnomes living in their house. He was a kind-hearted man who would did not hurt people, not even once in Ted’s experience with him. Ken deserved to know the truth even though Ted did not deserve a man as perfect as him. “What’s wrong, Teddy? Are you having second thoughts about the wedding tomorrow? It’s okay if you are, and we can postpone it until you’re ready,” Ken said as he placed his hands on Ted’s shoulder. “Talk to me.” Facing Ken again, Ted began to mouth the first word of the truth, and just as the back of the trap said it would, the sealant began to loosen and soon his lips were unsealed as he restated his sentence to Ken. “I…I have a secret I need to tell you, Ken. And right now, is the time that I should tell you.” “Okay, that’s great. We need to be open with each other if we want our relationship to continue working. So, what is it that you wanted to tell me, Ted?” Taking a deep breath, Ted reached for the inside of his hood and covered the twins with a hand on top of the other. Slowly, he removed his top hand with other hand holding the twin gnomes, right in front of Ken. “Oh, miniatures! That’s awesome!” Ken said as he looked at the twins more closely. “Actually…we’re not,” Stacie said as she tapped Ken on the nose. Ken yelped as he stumbled backwards and hit an end table that caused Stacie to giggle loudly which was quickly squelched by her brother. Ted rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he watched Ken try to regain his balance and fix the picture frames that almost fell of the end table. “Yeah, so…that’s my secret.” Turning around, Ken said, “And that’s your secret? I thought it would be something different like you keep your childhood stuffed bear in your closet. Not that you have two gnome friends that you keep by you at all times of the day.” “Not all the time. Just when it’s convenient,” Stevie retorted with his arms crossed. Ken groaned which caused Ted to wonder if this was still a good thing to do since there is more to reveal than just a pair of gnomes. “Yeah and…there’s something else I need to tell you about,” Ted admitted as looked down to try not to see Ken’s reaction. “More? What else is there?” Ken said with hands on his hips. Sighing, Ted placed the twins on his left shoulder and said, “Just follow me to the bedroom.” “Oh, God. Please don’t tell me there’s monsters under the bed as well,” Ken said, still shocked by the revelation of Ted’s. Going upstairs into the second floor and into the master bedroom, Ted stopped by the bookcase and said, “You…might want to hold on to something.” Before Ken had a chance to respond, Ted pulled on the same book on the center shelf of the bookcase, causing it to rotate once again and revealing the gnome city from behind. He cautiously turned his head to look at Ken who had his mouth opened completely and his eyes were wide from most likely shock that the area where they first fucked and slept together for almost two years was the same place where more than a hundred gnomes lived from behind the bookcase. “What…What is all this?” Ken asked with his eyes still on the city that was still from the sight of him looking back at them. “It’s a place that I constructed, so the gnomes had a place to call home,” Ted said simply with his head down. “And…why didn’t you tell me any of this when we were together for two years?” Ken asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Because…Because I thought you would think of me as a freak who kept gnomes like a crazed old lady who would take stray cats into her house. You’re so perfect and sexy, and I didn’t want to ruin such an awesome thing by telling you all of this at first. And then as our relationship grew and we eventually fell in love with each other, it just got me more scared that you might leave me because of the gnome situation… And I didn’t want to abandon the gnomes either just to please one person…but with you it’s so complicated,” Ted explained, feeling out of breath. “So, you thought I would leave you over this?” Ted nodded. “You’re the most amazing person who ever came to my life, and to have you walk away…I don’t know what I would do if that happened. I love you, Ken, and I don’t want to ever lose you,” Ted said with his eyes beginning to water. “Hey, hey. Don’t cry. Come here,” Ken said as he extended his arms out and offered Ken a firm embrace. Sobbing lightly, Ted took comfort of having his lover so close to him with his face pressed firmly on his warm chest and his strong arms around him, protecting him from anything that posed a threat to them. “Ted, I want you to know that I love you regardless of anything that life throws at us, and if that includes knowing that we’re living in a house also inhabited by gnomes, then so be it,” Ken confessed. “Really?” Ted said as he faced Ken. “Of course. I mean, it’s going to take some time to get used to, but I’m sure I’ll adapt… Also knowing that you’re willing to share your house to these people so they have a home as well makes me think really highly of you like I always do,” Ken said with a smile. “I always thought highly of you, Ken. Never thought someone would do the same way for me,” Ted admitted with a sniffle. “You always have a low opinion of yourself. Just look at all those people right next to you who all think so highly of you right now,” Ken pointed out. Ted looked at the city in the bookcase and saw all those little people waving at him appreciatively with smiles on their faces for what Ted had done for them. “Yeah… I guess you’re right.” “I am right. And let me show you how highly I think about you right now,” Ken said as he pulled Ted by the collar of his shirt and pressed his lips onto his. Ted immediately relaxed upon kissing his fiancé with his lips that were sealed shut just a moment ago before he told his secret. And that secret was accepted by Ken, which alleviated more of the tension he was experiencing throughout the planning of the wedding. So happy that he was able to live his life with his husband-to-be and with the gnomes as they all clapped like it was wedding right then and they officially tied the knot. Their lips soon released, and Ken said, “It’s so great that you have such a caring heart for these people, but…” “But what?” Ted said, getting nervous again. “Can you turn that bookcase back around, so we can some…privacy?” Ken said with eyebrows moving up and down. Ted bit his bottom lip as he placed his hand on the miniature statue that allowed the twins to walk back to the bookcase via his arm before pulling it down. Once the rotation of the bookcase was completed, Ted and Ken were all over each other with lips swapping, teeth biting and hands roaming around all over each other’s bodies. With their tongues intertwined, Ken directed them to the side of bed where he pushed Ted onto the mattress. He then stripped off his shirt, and climbed onto the bed, on top of Ted while licking his lips like a predator eyeing his next meal. When Ken pulled out a condom from his pocket, Ted took the condom and tossed it away before saying, “I want you, Ken. All of you.” Ken nodded, and they proceeded to reenact the first time they fucked, however this time they were bonding by soul, body and fluid and that was one of the greatest treasures that Ted had ever gotten. So, when they both reached climax and Ken released his essence into Ted’s body, he felt their connection deepen and become even stronger because of that, and he loved it so much that they did it again until they were completely exhausted from all the love-making, of asses getting filled and erections shooting their seed, they turned the lights off right after and slept the rest of the night before their wedding day. After that, He was freed from his enchantment and the next day they were married, to spend their entire lives together and with their gnome friends. Surprisingly, Ken adapted very quickly to having the gnomes living in their house, which made Ted very gleeful to have both his new husband and the gnomes under the same roof. Ken even went out of his way to include updates to the city of the gnomes by building new and refined houses for them to live in who were all very grateful to him. And to no longer hold that secret that burdened Ted to no end was such a relief. Maybe that sticky piece of paper that Ken did not know was enchanted was more of a blessing than anything else. You know, they say that gnomes came to be in this world because they were the literal manifestation of secrets that hid in people’s houses like secrets in a person’s mind or conscience. However, with the secret of the gnome people living in the Ted’s house revealed to his husband, the gnomes were becoming more confident now that maybe they could venture back into nature and establish a new settlement with the help of Ted and Ken. It was ironic, but to know that these gnomes would not have to depend on Ted forever made him very enthusiastic for them, though he and his husband would always leave the door open for them to return and visit. And Ted had Ken to call his own home and they lived in peace and happiness onward.
  14. Halo

    Hello, I'm sorry for the very late response. To answer your question, I'm currently working on other stories like Hero Wanted, Charming and its spinoff Once Upon a Time, and I don't have much motivation to continue this story unless I get a new idea to spice it up again. However, if you really like the romance aspect and the reimagining of Filipino mythology in Halo, I highly recommend the story Hero Wanted that has Maria, the gold and other Filipino things incorporated into that story as well. I'm sorry I can't continue this story right now, but hopefully it might be resurrected in the future and that you'll look into my other stories as well.
  15. Yeah, I will like to incorporate more little mentions of the main story of Charming into these short stories and also incorporate them somehow into the main story as well. And I'm happy you liked it

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