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  1. Superpride

    Chapter Two

    Closing the door, Wes then leaned against it before breathing out with relief that he was finally home. It was a long night and all he wanted to do was fall asleep. No dinner, no movie, just pure, uninterrupted sleep that included sleeping with Kelly in his arms. Wes could not believe the direction the night had taken him when Easton told him about the death of one of their own. Though it was overdramatized since the person who died was just a low-ranked dealer who helped with the exchange of the drug through wealthy circuits. However, the way he died were very troubling. The man was tied to a chair in his middle-class, suburban house with all five fingers of his right cut off, each one being cut off to get information from him most likely. Whether the perpetrator received the information was pointless since the man was just a drug dealer, one of many who helped served the organization without knowing too much information. The slit of his throat indicated how the man died, and Wes worked for a couple of hours to get everything cleaned up by his men before the police investigated the situation. They were fortunate that they got there first, but the way that they knew that one of their own was murdered was strange. Apparently, Easton received a call from an unknown caller, a caller who could not be traced by any means. The caller was most likely the person responsible for the dealer’s death, but that was not the most troubling part. A closer examination revealed that the man’s fingers were artificial, judging by the blue liquid leaking from the severed fingers. And after examining the rest of the house, specifically the bedroom where an expensive, three-monitor gaming computer and other equipment were at. The man obviously used his enhanced fingers to type rapidly on the keyboard, and with the assistance of the drug to increase his typing speed. So, the perpetrator knew that this man had artificial fingers to devote to his hobby, otherwise why go for the fingers specifically? The man’s fingers looked like normal human ones before they were chopped off with such a clean cut, like that of chopped vegetables from a kitchen knife. The perpetrator must have had information on the man before striking, and who provided it was a mystery. Not many people let others know that they possessed anything artificial due to the stigma of having something that granted the person with superhuman abilities without having to work for it. A person with artificial legs could easily beat the fastest Olympic runner and the majority thought that was unfair. Added with the drug that could increase performance even higher, people like this poor bastard would have been ostracized. Wes knew he had a lot of work to do, so that whoever did this heinous act would be caught and executed himself without mercy. Until then, he was just happy to be back home where he could sleep after that damn long night, which he hoped would be the last. Dropping his keys on the nightstand, Wes loosened his tie and said, “Kelly! Are you home?” Wes smiled when he saw Kelly coming down the stairs in only his boxers that had small, red hearts printed on them that were Wes’s favorite on Kelly. He could easily see the shape of the bulge of Kelly’s member with those boxers and he wondered if he had the energy to take those boxers down to Kelly’s ankles before fucking his tight ass until he shot his hot load inside. His prick already growing at the very idea. “Finally, you’re home!” Kelly said before kissing Wes on the lips. “What happened?” “Uh, just a long night. You know what happens when the club gets crowded.” Wes kissed Kelly back, and then proceeded to grab his ass from beneath his drawers that caused a whimper in response. “I’m so glad to be home.” “Me too,” Kelly said as smoothed his hand over Wes’s cock. “After a long night of work, you deserve to snuggle into bed…with your cock deep in my throat.” Wes growled at that statement. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” Kelly smirked, and his lips brushed Wes’s ear. “I have plenty of ideas of what you do to me right now.” Wes had enough, and he grabbed a hold of Kelly’s blond hair with both of his hands. He pulled Kelly’s face onto his own and they began to kiss each other madly with such fiery passion it could have burned their house down. He then lifted Kelly by his ass and carried him up the stairs as they continued to make out, consuming each other as Kelly gripped his hair that caused more intense pleasure to flood his systems. Entering the bedroom, Wes dropped Kelly onto their bed and commenced with stripping off his suit, which Kelly enjoyed watching as he propped himself on his elbows. And when his thick prick sprang out from his own boxers that dropped onto his ankles, Kelly launched forward and immediately wrapped his lips around that hot slab of meat. Wes cursed with pleasure as Kelly swallowed him whole, so flawlessly and without any inhibitions. Kelly’s hands roamed on Wes’s defined abdominal muscles that flexed in response to his touch, and he watched the beautiful man take him like a complete savage, consuming his cock, wanting so badly the sustenance that would soon come. Kelly also lowered his boxers to pump his own cock that was slicked with his own precum, that was how hot and horny the man was to have his boyfriend back home and in his mouth. He was so shameless. Wes gasped. “I’m about to cum, baby.” Kissing Wes’s length, Kelly rasped, “Give it to me, Wes.” Wes smirked as he began thrusting his hips, his cock deep in Kelly’s warm, wet mouth and soon he shouted out in ecstasy. His hot load shooting down Kelly’s throat, and he was seeing stars from the orgasm that almost made his knees buckling from the immense pleasure shooting back inside his own body. Kelly then lied back on the bed before he also shot his own load, thick ropes of cum hitting his stomach and chest of his body that almost convulsed from his own orgasm. The sight of Kelly shattering from his own pleasure was so beautiful to witness and when Wes looked at the mess he made, he knew that he did not want to waste any of it. So, lowering down onto Kelly, he licked up the mess and swallowed the salty goodness graciously. He then was face to face with Kelly who smiled at him before taking Wes’s lips with his own and swapped each other’s manhood, Wes relishing the taste so much that he would never get enough of. Wes, completely spent, lied on top of Kelly who chuckled in response and said, “All right, big guy. Let’s get you properly into bed.” Wes groaned before crawling to the pillows where he rested his head. Kelly joined him as he pulled the sheets onto their bodies before clapping twice; the light diminishing in return. With Kelly’s back pressed against his front, Wes wrapped an arm around his lover’s chest and pressed his face on the back of his neck as he spooned Kelly. Nuzzling the soft hair on Kelly’s head and smelling the gentle scent of his green apple shampoo, his favorite, Wes smiled as he remembered the first time that they met right before he drifted into the realm of sleep. Though it was not the most romantic first encounter, it definitely set everything to motion. *** Three years ago… It was a long night. Wes just wanted to go home and sleep after he had to break up three fights at the club in just one night, a new record that was does not need to be broken. The first two fight were easy to break up since many people found the six-foot three-inch tall man made of muscle very intimidating and dispensed with whatever petty thing that they were fighting about. However, the third fight result in a punched jaw and having a fraternity brother literally thrown out of the club by Wes himself. Wes felt his jaw that was now a dull ache and left only a light bruise as he looked at the mirror in the men’s restroom. He was about to leave when two men entered the area, kissing each other and obviously having a more fun time than Wes as they started moving toward one of the empty stalls. Wes immediately narrowed his eyes at the men, not liking the sight he was seeing. Not only were they not allowed to fornicate in the restroom, they were two men! So, stomping towards them with his hands clenched into fist, Wes stepped in front of the men who bumped into him before they could enter the stall. Clearing his throat, Wes said, “Excuse, gentlemen, but you’re not allowed to go in here to conduct any lude behavior.” “Who said we were going to do that,” one of the men said, looking at his partner with amusement. “We were just kissing.” Wes scoffed. “Yeah, and you guys just happen to stumble into the restroom together. Give me a break. Get out of here before I kick you both out, faggots.” “Woah, woah. Fine, we’ll leave. No need for that kind of language,” the other man said. Taking his partner’s hand, the man then said, “Let’s get out of here.” His partner narrowed his eyes at Wes as they walked away. “Homophobe.” Wes rolled his eyes, not caring much about what a man who kissed other men thought about him since he did not believe they were men at all. Men who enjoyed getting their asses fucked and were not the ones receiving were not men in Wes’s opinion. He always upheld the idea of who men actually were and anyone who deviated from that idea were not worthy of his respect, or even his kindness. Wes’s watch read that he still had thirty minutes before his shift was over, and he sighed before leaving the restroom. The place was packed almost to the walls as usual and he walked against the wall and took the long route back to the security room since he did not want to deal with being gyrated against by random women right then. A man was leaning against the wall with his back towards him while he was talking to two other people. Wes grunted as he approached the man and was about to ask him to move. Then the man suddenly turned around and bumped into the wall of muscle that was Wes. The man fell to the floor, but not before spilling his drink onto Wes’s suit and leaving a big, pink stain behind. Later he would find out that it was completely done on purpose since the two people he was talking to were the two men Wes just encountered at the restroom. “Shit! Sorry, man!” the man said as he stood back up. He then looked Wes up and down and said, “Well, aren’t you a looker.” Looking down at his stained suit, Wes looked back at the man with narrowed eyes. “Are you seriously checking me out after you spilled your drink on me?” “Come on, man. Let’s get out of here,” one of the men Wes just encountered from the restroom said. “I’m sorry, man. Do you want me to lick that off you?” the blond man asked as he pulled on Wes’s tie. Snarling, Wes grabbed a handful of the man’s shirt and said, “Keep that up, and you’ll be licking up your own blood, blondie.” “Woah, no need for that,” the man’s friend said, trying to pull him back. Looking completely unintimidated, blondie then said, “How about I get a lick of your cock instead, huh?” Wes bared his teeth, not only because this person had the audacity to challenge a man like himself, but also because he was getting strangely aroused by blondie’s words that were pissing him off even more. Wes then pushed blondie away, not wanting to start a fight as the head of security. “Get away from me... Now.” “Sure thing, stud,” blondie said, biting his lower lip before his friends pulled him away. Wes could not help but look back at the man being dragged away by his two friends, and when he looked downwards at that round ass that fitted perfectly in those slim jeans, he bit back a moan and resumed his trek back to the security room. They would meet again thirty minutes later, after the club officially closed at four thirty at night. Wes exited the club via the alleyway which led to his car at the back parking lot of the club, and that was where he heard people talking. It was coming from the dumpster, and as he got closer he heard the words of something being threatened. “Hey!” Wes called out. A person then appeared from the side of the dumpster before sprinting away with what looked like a knife in his hand. Wes quickly went to the dumpster where a person was lying against the wall, looking disheveled, but there was no blood or injuries on the man who just happened to be blondie who flirted with him only thirty minutes ago. Despite that, Wes held out his hand and asked, “Are you okay?” Looking up at Wes, blondie gave him a snarl before standing up on his own. “Great! Thanks for scaring away my hookup.” Wes’s eyes widened. “What are you talking about? I heard him threatening you.” Blondie snickered. “I guess you never heard dirty talk before, huh?” “But he was holding something in his hand,” Wes said, starting to get pissed off at this person again. “Yeah, it was his phone. I guess he liked recording me sucking on his fat cock.” Blondie wiped his bottom lip with his thumb. “But alas, he ran away scared, because of you out of all people. So…are you going to give me my fix or do I have look somewhere else?” Wes could not believe this person. He looked completely unintimidated by Wes, let alone getting caught giving another man head which would have mortified any other person. Wes looked at blondie’s face who had the look of no shits given, and his eyes then directed at his lips that were red, most likely from the cock he was just going down on. Noticing that Wes was looking at his lips, blondie then smirked and said, “What are you looking at, stud? Did you scare my hookup away, so you can have my lips around your cock instead?” Stunned by the man’s bluntness, Wes then narrowed his eyes and said, “From you? Fuck no.” Wes turned around and started to walk away, but then blondie had to continue talking by saying, “Oh, so if I was another man, you would have your pants down for him?” Twisting around, Wes said, “I’m not a faggot!” Blondie looked shocked by the slur, but he quickly recovered as he smirked and began walking towards Wes. “You know what’s funny? It’s always homophobes like you who love the sight of a man on his knees, sucking on a cock on a porn site, wishing they were the ones getting their cock sucked by men like me. But they can’t handle the truth that they are attracted to the same sex, so they retaliate against people like me instead, calling them slurs, beating them up…killing them. So, stud, are you one of those men?” Baring his teeth and snarling, Wes said, “Get away from me…Now!” “Or what? Are you choke me? Spank me maybe?” Wes moved forward grabbed the audacious man by the front of his shirt with both hands before slamming him against the wall. “You have some nerve, don’t you?” Blondie chuckled. “Nah, just really horny.” The man was so stupid, but also fearless, which somehow aroused Wes as he looked at the man who was looking back at him while biting his lower lip. He was obviously desperate, trying to get down on Wes who he had pressed against a wall with the possibility of Wes beating the crap out of him. But he could not help but look at those plump lips of his and wondered what it felt like to have those lips wrapped his cock. Sensing a signal, the man smoothed his hand over Wes’s cock that was growing in length and twitched from the touch. Wes did not move; he allowed to happen as his cock hardened to steel. The man smirked devilishly, and just as his fingers slowly unzip Wes’s pants, the door to the alleyway opened and Wes sprang away from him like a finger touching boiling water. Quickly zipping up his pants, he looked to see one of the bartenders carrying a large garbage bag in his arms, which fortunately blocked his view as he entered the alleyway. Dropping it to the ground, the bartender then saw Wes and said, “Oh, hey there, Wesley… Is something wrong?” Wes looked at the man who trying to hold back laughter and said, “It’s nothing. Just telling someone not to hang out at the alleyway. I can take that garbage bag for you.” “Oh, thanks!” The bartender went back into the club, and Wes took the garbage bag and threw it onto the dumpster, using his strength and frustration to do so. He could not believe he was about to let another man suck his cock, especially an annoying one with a sharp tongue…a tongue that could have done amazing things if they were interrupted. Stop it, Wes! Don’t think that way! You’re straight, straighter than any man he knew, and straighter than blondie was dared to snicker at him while he was going through this turmoil in his head. “So, you’re name’s Wesley.” Wes turned around to see blondie with still an amusement expression on his face. “It’s just Wes.” “Oh, okay. And my name’s Kelly by the way.” “Kelly?” Wes said before scoffing. “What kind of name is that for a man?” The amusement dropped from his face, and with his hands raised, Kelly said, “Oh, I’m that I don’t have manly name such as Wesley—oh I’m sorry. Wes.” Wes just rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” “And for having such a manly name, you sure were quick to let another man to get on his knees and suck your cock!” “Could you shut the fuck up.” Wes moved his hand onto Kelly’s throat and pressed him against the wall for the second time. “Damn, you have a huge mouth.” Kelly smirked. “Oh, and with my witty tongue, I can do amazing things with it if you let me.” Grunting, Wes stepped away from Kelly, feeling defeated that he could even make this Kelly guy flinch. “Just…Just get out of here.” “Fine, but you’re missing out.” Kelly then tapped his finger on his chin, and then said, “How about this. If you come to the strip club that opens at nine called Pride. I’ll be there tomorrow, working as one of the strippers. So, if you’re man enough, you’ll be there.” Wes snickered and shook his head. “I’m not like you.” “I don’t like you either, big, macho caveman… But all men love getting their dick sucked. See you tomorrow.” Wes watched as Kelly walked down the alleyway before disappearing. Wes, feeling exhausted from just that encounter, leaned his back against the wall and breathed out in frustration. How could a man like Kelly reduce him to a point that was willing to have his cock sucked by him. It was more than a month since he broke up with Katherine, and he was needing to laid for a while now. And he was so desperate that a person like Kelly would suffice. God damnit. Before Wes met that Kelly bastard he was one-hundred percent sure that he was not attracted to men, even going so far as to say that men who had sex with the same gender were not men at all… Then would it be so bad if Wes decided to pursue someone like Kelly? The thoughts of Kelly on his knees, sucking down on Wes’s cock and him shooting his load down his throat came careening into his mind. But he quickly shook those thoughts away, feeling emasculated. Wes then decided that he was not going to let a person like Kelly get to him as he walked to his car. He was not going to become like one of those people, like Kelly, especially since he worked for a secret organization that was completely against people like him. Wes needed to get his head back on straight if he planned on continuing his boss’s work, and that involved not going to Pride in a casual outfit and seeing Kelly in nothing but a tight pair of boxer briefs… God, he was already screwed.
  2. Superpride

    Chapter Two

    Yeah, it'll be nice to get a new perspective on the technical aspect of my writing. I plan on requesting an editor after I post the final chapter.
  3. Superpride

    Chapter One

    Thank you!
  4. Hello, everyone!  I just wanted to say that Hero Wanted will be completed after I post the final chapter within a week or two.  Also, I am working on the second chapter of Hero Wanted: The High right now and will post it within a day or two.  I will be working on that story along with Hero Wanted: The Heat and Charming, so anticipate plenty of chapter updates 😁

  5. Superpride

    Chapter Nineteen

    Whatever it was, I'm sure Doctor Shepherd has an idea of what just transpired and that Maria definitely had some involvement in it as well. Thanks for the comment!
  6. Superpride

    Chapter Nineteen

    “Doctor Shepherd! We have an emergency!” “What’s wrong?” Shepherd asked his assistant in a calm and serious tone. “It’s about Maria! Her vital signs are spiking dramatically and—Her eyes are opening!” “I see,” Shepherd said as he looked at the view of a camera on a console that showed where Maria’s body was stored and only seeing a bright light. “This is about to get interesting.” *** Everything was so bright, and the only thing Ryan could see was the absolute intensity of the light in his vision. He also felt no pain, ache or anything. The only sense he had right then was his vision of the light enveloping him, like he was floating in water. A very faint figure was then seen by him, and he moved to the figure who was also moving towards him. The figure became more solid, more opaque; the shape of a human. It was a man as they closed the distance between them, his eyes finally recognized the person…Chris. Looking just as surprised as Ryan, Chris reached for Ryan, and when the tips of their fingers touched, a pleasure flooded through Ryan that could not be described other than it was pure, unfiltered ecstasy. And as they came closer to one another, the sensation intensified until they were face to face, looking into each other’s eyes, wondering what the hell or heaven was going on. Chris then smiled and leaned his perfect face forward, kissing Ryan who kissed back. The kiss, though gentle, made him feel so complete, so alive and just then the light around them disappeared and he opened his eyes to see that he was back at the lowest level of the academy where he was on his hands and knees, on top of Chris. He opened his eyes as well, and Ryan saw that Chris’s arms have completely regenerated, and the rest of his injuries have healed as well. They also had curved designs on their skin that glowed a soft, blue hue. Ryan was about to ask Chris what just happened when the shriek of the Colossus pierced through the air and they both knew that the fight was not over yet. Looking at Chris who nodded at him, Ryan stood up and lifted Chris who quickly rematerialized his combat uniform. Analyzing the situation, he knew that the enemy Champions needed to be dealt with first if the Colossus was going to be defeated. He was about to communicate this to Chris, but somehow the message was already sent through without him moving his lips. And when he felt that Chris understood the plan before even looking at him for confirmation, Ryan knew what they were experiencing was something entirely different. Materializing his weapon, Chris moved towards the enemy Champions while Ryan came towards the Colossus with his Chimaera System equipped. The Colossus made the first move by swinging its fist at Ryan who responded by grabbing its with his gauntlet, stopping the attack. It then swung its other fist, which he blocked as well by grabbing it with his other gauntlet. Struggling under Ryan’s grip, the Colossus could not even move an inch as his leg extensions were firmly placed on the ground. Unlike before, the Colossus seemed to be struggling from his strength and when Ryan pulled his gauntlets down with a strong force, the arms of the Colossus were torn off and fell to the ground. Screeching in response, Ryan jumped forward and landed onto the Colossus’s shoulders and began punching relentlessly, causing its head to crack like glass. And right after the Colossus fell to its knees, he looked to see Chris shattering the barrier that protected the enemy Champions from harm who were all taken down by five energy beams that destroyed the nodes on their necks. All five of them collapsed onto the ground, defeated and Ryan communicated to Chris that the job was almost done. The Colossus roared, and Ryan jumped off its body and in front of Chris who turned around with his wings extended out completely. With its legs still intact, the Colossus began sprinting towards them, but they looked into each other’s eyes, and knew exactly what to do next. So, with the feather-shaped structures of Chris’s wings flared out and Ryan’s palms exposed, they charged and fired their weapons in unison, causing a huge blast of energy to form and obliterate the Colossus into nonexistence. Then…it was finally over. The only thing remaining of the Colossus was the trail that the blast of energy created right before it struck the Colossus, literally disintegrating it. Everywhere else looked just as damaged with craters on the floor and fallen debris from the ceiling and walls. And what they did not notice was the exposed tank of Maria who looked unharmed from the long battle before she was encased once again. Somehow, Ryan knew that she helped with what just happened and he thanked her greatly for that. “Ryan?” Turning around, Ryan saw Chris who was looking at him with amazement in his eyes. He also saw that the blue designs on their bodies have disappeared, both returning to normal it seemed. Despite the dirt on his face, Ryan knew that the man he cared about so much was standing in front of him, completely okay and most of all was with Ryan, “What just happened?” Chris asked as he neared Ryan. “I don’t know. But thank God, you’re okay!” Ryan said, hugging Chris firmly and causing them both to stumble onto the floor. Ryan apologized, but Chris laughed instead and said, “I’m so happy you’re okay too.” Before Ryan could say anything else, Chris kissed him, and Ryan kissed back with force as he continued to hold Chris. He did not want Chris to leave him ever again, and he was confident that Chris felt the same way. A crashing sound was suddenly heard, and they turned their heads to see two figures walking towards them. They quickly got back onto their feet and were about to equip their weapons before they noticed it was Josephine and Kipp walking towards them. “What the hell just happened here?” Josephine asked as she looked at the mess the enemy Champions and the Colossus created. Chris smirked. “Long. Fucking. Story.” Ryan chuckled and pulled Chris by the face, kissing him again with Josephine smiling at them while Kipp looked around, trying not to feel awkward about two men kissing after a long battle that ended with a happy note. *** “Doctor Shepherd! Maria’s vitals are back to normal!” the same assistant confirmed. “And her body is completely intact and safe!” “Good,” Doctor Shepherd said as he looked at the flickering camera view once again. Looking at his son and Ryan Johnson completely safe and…exchanging each other’s gratitude for one another made him smirk. “It seems that everything has gone to plan after all.”
  7. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    Yes, it's already known that Jackson knows more than he is letting on, so one has to wonder what Amanda knows as well, considering the natural response would be to hide and not run in this type of situation. At least before people starting eating each other, of course.
  8. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    Yes, it seems that he was completely surprised by the situation as well. Let's hope he survives long enough for Jackson and Edith to communicate to him through the intercom, but since he's with Amanda, we'll see how things go.
  9. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    Jackson was using all his strength to block the door that had a busted lock to prevent those things from entering inside. He could believe how fast the situation escalated since just a moment ago the hallways were empty, and everything seemed in order. Now there were people eating each other in the hallways and trying to break into the custodian’s closet to do the same thing to him and Edith. Looking at Edith who was pressed against the corner of the room, Jackson said, “Edith! Help me!” Edith just cowered further into the corner with her hands clutched to her chest, most likely scared out of her mind. But Jackson needed her in the right mind. “Edith! Please!” Jackson pleaded. Edith seemed to break away from her fright long enough to stand by Jackson, holding the door in its place. However, the door started to budge open and the banging sounds from their former, fellow classmates became louder as they sensed they were about to enter inside. Jackson grunted loudly as he pushed back against the door, but he knew that if they did not do something quick, they were going to end up dead. “Jackson! Continue holding the door! I have a plan!” Edith said as she slowly stepped back from the door. “It better work,” Jackson said through his teeth as he pressed his shoulder against the door. The door started opening again and Jackson shouted at Edith to hurry before he heard a snapping sound. He looked back to see Edith with the long, metal handle of the mop in her hand and a scared, but determined expression on her pretty face. “Open the door, Jackson! I got this!” Edith affirmed him. “You sure?” Jackson heaved. “Yes! Now do it!” Jackson reluctantly opened the door, causing at least a half a dozen of those flesh eaters to barge in as he stood several feet back. He looked back at Edith who was spinning the mop handle like a Bo staff much to his surprise. When one of them lunged toward her, she spun her makeshift staff by her side before striking the top end of it against the person’s head. He heard the instant cracking of a skull before the person fell to the ground. Two others stumbled towards her, their hands reaching out for her, but she quickly swiped one girl’s hands away with her staff before slamming the end right under the chin. Then Edith dispensed with the other by swiping at his legs, causing him to fall and allowing her to slam her staff down onto his head, ending his advancements for good. Jackson was awe-struck by what he just witnessed, but he quickly regained his composure as he caught his baseball bat that was thrown to him by Edith who said, “Ready?” Jackson nodded. “Ready!” Both Jackson and Edith walked out of the custodian’s closet, attacking three more the flesh eaters on their way out. He then followed her through the hallway, either dodging or pushing away the students who have turned with their weapons as they ventured through. And when they made it to a classroom that was properly labeled as the Psychology class, they entered inside before shutting and locking the door to prevent those creatures from barging inside. “No!” Jackson turned from the door to see Edith slowly approaching a student who was on his knees, eating another student splayed on the floor. She quickly eliminated the flesh eater, and when she approached the lifeless body, she sighed in what sounded relief as she backed away. “It’s not him,” Edith said as she pushed her hair back. “He must’ve ran out of the classroom like everyone else.” “Can you try calling him?” Jackson recommended. “Let’s see,” Edith said as she pulled her phone out with shaky hands and called her brother’s phone. However, a ring was heard, and she walked to a desk where a phone was ringing in a backpack. “Oh, God! It’s Ethan’s phone!” “Shit! So, there’s no way to contact him then?” Jackson said. “No…” “Shit… Shit, shit, shit!” Jackson kicked a desk that toppled to its side as Edith sobbed about the missing whereabouts of her brother. This is could not get any worse…but it did when the lights of the classroom suddenly turned off and the only thing illuminating the place was the light from the projector that displayed a dull slideshow about psychology. “We need to find him,” Edith said as she walked to Jackson’s side. “I know, but how? This school is huge, and he could be anywhere by now,” Jackson said. “We…We could go to the headmaster’s office and use the intercom to tell Ethan that we’re there!” Edith said with renewed hope. “Shit, that might work. Let’s go!” Jackson said as he approached the door. “Hold on a second. Just let me…” Turning back to Edith, Jackson asked, “Are you okay?” Resting on her knees, Edith said, “I…I just need to rest for a quick moment… I…I just killed several people and I…I…” “Just breath, Edith,” Jackson said, crouching down to her and placing his hands on her shoulders. “I killed people, Jackson,” Edith sobbed as she covered her eyes with her hands. “You had no other choice, Edith.” “It’s not just that… I recognized almost everyone who I killed…Steve from my Calculus class…Sarah from the cheerleading squad…and Thomas from…” Edith looked back at the person who just she killed in the classroom. “Stay with me, Edith,” Jackson said, gently moving her hands from her face. “I know this is a lot to take in. However, Ethan is still out there, and we both need to focus if we have any chance on finding him. And once all three of us get out of here and find a safe place as refuge, we can relax. Until then, we need to move.” Sniffling, Edith looked up at Jackson and said, “You’re right. I’m sorry.” Jackson nodded and stood up, lifting Edith by her hand. He then handed her the staff, which she accepted before they walked out of the classroom. The hallway was a bloody massacre with several of those things looming around and just as bloody. They walked like they had a limp and were not fast at all. But once they got close, they were almost unstoppable. He and Edith needed to be careful if they wanted to make it to the office of the headmaster in one piece. *** Fifteen minutes earlier… “Can anyone tell me what a mob mentality is?” The classroom was quiet; everyone trying to avoid the teacher’s stare as to avoid answering a question that was supposed to be in the assigned reading, but of course most of them did not bother reading the text. Despite being an advanced placement class, most of the students would rather do anything else instead of learning how human psychology worked with the most boring teacher on the planet. Giving an hour and a half long lecture with the only variety being a pop quiz every now and then was not everyone’s cup of tea. Even Ethan who had a solid A in the class would daydream as he stared through the window instead of listening to the teacher. Anything that could be learned through just reading and not through a regurgitated, half-assed lecture by a balding man with no enthusiasm in his teaching was pointless, Ethan thought. “Ethan, would you mind telling the class what a mob mentality is?” the teacher called out. Suppressing a sigh, Ethan answered, “Yes. It describes how people are influenced by their peers or the people around them to adopt certain behaviors.” “Correct. It looks like at least one of my students is paying attention and reading the assigned chapters. Good job!” the teacher said both turning back around to the slideshow that was projected onto the whiteboard. “Faggot,” someone muttered before coughing. A few others chuckled, and Ethan just looked back at the window, trying to ignore the insult as he wished he was somewhere else, somewhere out of this school, city and entire planet. He bit his lower lip and tried to ignore more taunts being whispered by his fellow classmates, derogatory words that would have gotten their asses kicked at any liberal university. But they were not in a place like that, just a school where there was a totalitarian leadership that dictated that all their citizens wear matching clothing and conform to a religion while ostracizing anyone who did obey fully to those customs. If there was one thing that Ethan learned from his years at this school, it was that nobody is worth confiding his secrets to. After another taunt and a crumbled piece of paper being thrown at his head, Ethan raised his hand and said, “Can I use the restroom, pleased?” The teacher, looking annoyed that his star pupil would ask to use a facility where he could take care of a necessary, basic, bodily function, allowed Ethan to do so. He quickly got up from his seat and hurried out of his classroom, being careful not to trip over his peers’ purposefully placed feet like last week. That was embarrassing to say the least. Outside of the classroom, Ethan breathed out in relief to have at least a few minutes to himself as he walked to the restroom, looking back to make sure he was not being followed. It was ridiculous that he had to be cautious like he was in the dangerous part of the city, but this was his life and he could not wait until his senior year was over, finally ending the chapter of his life that caused him so much misery. When Ethan was about to turn a corner, someone collided with him, which caused them both to collapse onto the floor and the person to curse venomously in response. It was a hard collision that caused his glasses to fall on the floor as well and as he placed them back onto his face, he noticed the person was Amanda: the future valedictorian as she loved to call herself to her peers who included Ethan. “Damnit! Watch where you’re going!” Amanda spat as she quickly stood up. “Sorry,” Ethan apologized even though he was not the one running in the hallways. Amanda scoffed and then said, “You’re Edith’s brother, correct?” Nodding, Ethan said, “Yeah, why?” Quickly getting back onto her feet and grabbing Ethan by his collar, Amanda lifted him up and said, “You’re coming with me.” “What—Why?” “There’s no time to talk! I need to get out of this school and you’re my way of staying safe. Now let’s go!” Amanda ordered as she pulled Ethan with her as she quickened her pace through the hallway. “But—But—” Ethan did not know what was happening. All he wanted to do was get a breather and not suffocate in that toxic environment known as his Psychology class. Now he was being dragged against his will by Miss Future Valedictorian with no explanation to why she was doing so. He tried to pull back, he really did, but her grip was like that of claws with her nails locking into the fabric of his blazer and all he could do was go along for the ride. Right before they were about to turn a corner, an activated intercom was heard and the sound of howling echoing through the empty hallway caused them both to pause. The howling, almost piercing, caused Ethan to shiver and made him wonder what the actual hell was happening right then. Did someone infiltrate the headmaster’s office and activate the intercom before pranking everyone by howling? He just did not know. Sudden screaming was heard not too far, in one of the classroom, and when students began bursting through the door like a rapid flood, Ethan witnessed something that could not be unseen. Latching onto her from behind, the student was ripping apart a girl’s neck, blood spewing at all directions as the girl gasped for help. But everyone else was running, running at all directions, pushing, shoving, punching. It was a total hell. One panic-stricken student pushed Ethan, resulting in him falling to the floor and hitting his head on the polish linoleum. With his vision blurry, he tried to focus on what was happening, and when his vision finally cleared, he saw the same student dragging his feet towards him, blood on the face and hunger in his eyes. Ethan scurried backwards like a crab with fear pulsing through him. Then another person ran past him and collided with the student, causing them to collapse onto one another. Ethan was then pulled back onto his feet, by Amanda herself who shouted to him, “Let’s go now before we both get killed!” Ethan looked back at the student who was now sinking his teeth into the person face, causing him to scream in pain, which made Ethan want vomit on the spot. However, he had no time to react further to the gory sight as Amanda pulled him with her to the stairs to go God knows where and with the knowledge that his sister was out there somewhere in the school and he was totally helpless right then.
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    Chapter Nine

    Thank you! I know it has been more than a year since I last updated this story, but it's back in action and I'm ready to continue this adventure with Duncan and Mike 😁
  11. Superpride

    Chapter Nine

    I opened my eyes, only to have some sort of cloth covering them. I was also restrained by my wrists and ankles as I lied horizontally on a bed. I then heard a door open and I decided to stop my fidgeting. “You shouldn’t have done that, Mike!” a man’s voice fumed. “You’ve already jeopardized the safety and secrecy of our people by exposing our existence to him! What you’ve done—” “I know what I fucking did! I already lost my father to that bastard, so I wasn’t just going to let someone I also care about die right then too.” Mike. “I can’t even imagine the devastation you felt when you lost your father, Mike, so I understand,” a woman’s voice said empathetically. “But you must understand that you didn’t just save him. You also—” “I know what I did, okay? And I’m willing to accept the consequences for what I did…and I understand that I allowed my feelings to override my better judgment and I apologize.” The man scoffed. “You’re going to need to more than an apology for the chief. Seriously, Mike, have you not learned anything from Maria? How we can’t just express our kindness or generosity through our abilities because they will undoubtedly backfire on us? And this guy you saved isn’t just anybody. He’s the heir to the seat of a very large and infamous oil company. You couldn’t have picked a worse person unless he was Hirohito reincarnated!” The woman sighed. “Mike…we also can’t ignore the possibility that this connection you have with this person is more than just a coincidence.” “And I don’t think the heir of a large gold mining company being found by the people associated with the gold of an area he was kidnapped to was only a coincidence either.” “Don’t you even start with that shit! The chief could’ve left you to die that night. But no, he saved your life and healed you because he believes that we shouldn’t completely abandon what made Maria worth admiring in the first place… And look where it has gotten us all. History does repeat itself it seems.” Stomping footsteps were heard. “Don’t Mike! The last thing any of us need now is an infight between the two of you. Right now, we need to find a solution to this current situation. That’s why the chief sent the two of us here to assist you. The repercussions over your past decisions can wait.” “All right… I understand why you’re here, but I can’t understand why he had to come too, though.” “It’s complicated. What matters now, however, is making sure…” “Duncan. His name is Duncan.” “Right. Duncan. We need to continue to monitor Duncan’s vital signs until he finally wakes up. After that, we need to run multiple tests, and that’s only the beginning,” the woman informed. “I…I understand. If there’s any way I can help—” “I think you’ve done enough already if you ask me,” the man inserted. “Just shut up already. Don’t make the chief regret sending you here, okay? And don’t worry, Mike, I have everything handled. Allow yourself to mourn your father’s passing, so you’re at a better mindset when Duncan wakes up. All right?” “All right. And his prognosis is good, correct?” “Well, not in the medical sense, but yes, I have no doubt he’s going to pull through this. You knew what you were doing when the situation called for it. His body has completely regenerated, so his physical state is accounted for. However, his mental state will only be known once he wakes up. Now, if it’s okay, I need to continue monitoring Duncan.” “Okay.” “…And that means you too.” The man scoffed, and two sets of feet were heard before a door closed. A warm hand was felt on my forehead and the woman said, “You can stop pretending you’re still in a comatose state now.” “Oh…you noticed?” The woman chuckled. “The monitor pretty much showed that you were conscious. How are you feeling?” “Um…good. Not really feeling the blindfold or the restraints, though,” I admitted. “Just allow me to the close the curtains and I’ll remove your blindfold and the restrains as well. You only needed the blindfold, but Adam insisted we needed to take every precaution we could with you. So, I apologize.” “It’s okay. So…what happened? Why am I here?” “First, let me run some tests on you, then you’re free to ask any questions that you want. I’m Angelica by the way.” I felt the restraints being released, which allowed me to sit up. I then felt Angelica untie the blindfold from behind my head and I was introduced to a dark room where the only source of light came from the monitors to the right side of the bed. Looking at Claire whose face was only dimly illuminated by the monitor screens, she placed the palm of her hand close to my face. She then took her hand back and I saw that a hologram-like image suspended on the back. There was a scroll of moving text along with what appeared to be an image of eyes, my eyes, that were rotating next to the text. “Just what I expected. From just scanning your eyes, I have detected that your brain vitals are normal… However, I have also detected major spikes with your consciousness, so it was good that I decided to shut all the light from this room,” Claire informed. “What does that mean?” I asked. Placing her hand down, Claire said, “Your conscious is currently unstable and allowing any light to be absorbed through your eyes will only cause a dangerous reaction, to yourself and anyone around you... Think of it as a chemical reaction. If I just poured a whole container of a flammable substance into a fire, a dangerous reaction will undoubtedly occur. However, if I gradually add the same substance in even increments as I also adjust the intensity of the fire, I can better control what happens and will most likely form beneficial byproducts in the process. To translate, I need to expose your eyes to only a limited amount of light for a short duration of time for now. This will allow you to begin training your conscience on how to manipulate light at a safe rate that will not result in any negative side effects. Do you understand what I’m saying?” “Y-Yeah…I think so.” “Good. I already have a custom set of tinted contact lenses for you to wear during the duration of your training. The first pair you’ll wear will be the most tinted, and as you progress with your training, you’ll switch to a different pair that will allow more natural light to enter your eyes. Be patient with this, Duncan. Do not attempt to take in more natural light until your conscience is fully capable of doing so without causing any unstable reactions. Mike took an extreme risk by giving you our people’s gifts to save your life, but if you follow all the necessary precautions and steps I have prescribed to you, I don’t see any problem that could arise… You might even be the catalyst to something even greater, not just for you, but also for our people and the future of the Philippines.” “Oh, um…thank you.” Claire smiled. “Well, if you don’t have any other questions, I’ll let you continue resting. That will also help your conscience adjust to its new circumstances. There’s a bathroom at the right side of the room and if you need anything, just press the button to your left. Okay?” I nodded. Claire patted my shoulder before standing up from her chair and walking out of the room, leaving me alone and so freaking confused. The last thing that I remembered was that man with the blindfold slicing me open before everything faded with a bright light being the last thing that I saw. I then felt my neck and stomach, realizing that there were no stitches, scars or any reminder of what that man did to me back…whenever that happened. I sighed heavily, placing a hand on my forehead and wondering what my family was thinking about right then. Did they even know about what happened to me? Did they know that I was almost killed by having my skin literally ripped open like I was freaking Christmas present? This all must be just a bad dream, right? I can’t believe everything that I just discovered about Mike and his association with the Filipino tribe and the gold and Maria and the aswang and…God! Now I’m in a hospital bed with my mind racing to find some sort of conclusion to why this was all happening, but alas I didn’t. I already felt a headache coming through, and I hoped to the gods and goddesses that this was not another thing that I had to go through, though it was minor compared to everything else that came at me like a herd of rampaging buffalo. It was all just building up, and I don’t know whether it’s going to collapse or not, and with me right where it’s going to fall. That would be my luck. I decided that I really needed to take a piss, so I got out of the bed and walked into the restroom where I did the deed. And as I washed my hands with a new bar of soap, I looked at the mirror that displayed my appearance. I look deeply at myself and notice that my eye color was lighter, almost a hazel tone that differed from my usual brown, almost blackish eye color. I kind of liked what my eyes looked like now, and I was willing to take any good news. “Duncan?” Hearing Mike’s voice sent my heart fluttering as I quickly dry my hands and hurried out of the restroom. I stop when I see him who looked like a complete mess with his hair all ruffled, like he was pulling at it, his clothes all disheveled like he was wearing those same clothes for days and his face had several days’ worth of stubble that turned into a light beard that made him look much more mature, but also abandoned if that made any sense. “Duncan!” Mike exclaimed as walked to me and hugged me so tightly that it almost hurt. Despite that, I hugged back, feeling the firm body of Mike around my arms instantly made me feel a lot better and most made me forget all the crap that went down back at the fundraiser. However, when I felt the same body shaking and the sound of sobs was heard escaping from Mike’s mouth, that easiness morphed my relief into concern for the man I grew to care about a lot despite only truly knowing him for just a short time. “Mike… Are you okay?” I asked. Well, of course Mike was not okay, Duncan. The man just lost his father and could have lost you as well if he did not intervene in time. And judging by his appearance, he must’ve been through hell, wondering if I was going to wake up again. So, no. Mike was not okay, and I needed to stop asking such ridiculous questions. If only I was a person who could handle someone when they needed emotional support. For Mike, though, I was willing to do my best. “I’m…I’m just relieved that you’re okay… After what happened to my father, I… Shit.” “I’m so sorry, Mike,” I said as I pulled back to see Mike’s face that was wet with tears. “I didn’t know if you were ever going to wake up again…but seeing you, hugging you…it’s all that I ever wanted since everything went to hell.” I smiled lightly, and when Mike leaned forward for a kiss, I closed my eyes and accepted the kiss that felt so amazing, better than any other form of drugs, food or any other pleasure combined. I moved my lips in rhythm with Mike’s, and soon we were accepting each other’s tongues that danced against one another to the point that we could’ve been tongued tied. The kiss was so passionate with Mike making these grunting noises that made my other member stand up in attention inside my hospital pants, and when his hand lowered to grab a hold of that piece of me, I gasped from the sensation. Having his hand on my cock made me almost release my load on the spot, but I used my strength to hold it back as I released my lips from his and looked him right in the eyes. “All I want is you right now, Duncan,” Mike said, panting. “If it’s okay, I want to…” I immediately nodded and pulled Mike by the front of his shirt to the bed where we both collapsed onto. Our lips quickly joined again, and I relished the feeling of Mike’s firm, heavy body on top of me, a sensation I think no one I knew could ever satisfy, let alone a woman. With both of us grunting and sucking down each other’s tongues, we also fumbled with our shirts that were soon stripped off. And then the unbuckling and tugging of our pants caused me to feel so elated for what was about to happen next. Never have I thought that someone like Mike, or anyone for that matter would be so passionate, wanting deeply to fuck around with me like what Mike was doing right then. But here we were, and though I would have preferred a more private setting than a hospital room, it also added a sense of adventure that sent my hormones shooting through the roof. When our pants were pulled to our ankles, I swallowed when I saw Mike’s considerable length that then pressed against mine that sent shivers down my body. Looking into my eyes, Mike consumed me again with his lips as he moved his hand around both our cocks and started pumping his hips as well. I was losing my breath from not only the kiss, but also from the shear amount of pleasure I felt from our cocks grinding against each other that was already pulling me close to the edge. The raw masculinity of Mike who would soon cause him and myself to release our essence and manhood onto each was so fucking hot, and when Mike breathed into my ear before biting it, I knew it was all over. I gasped, no choked, when my pleasure peaked, and my orgasm crashed through me, shattering my very being and sent me to what felt like another dimension. And as I came, Mike shot his hot load seconds later, moaning loudly as his white essence spilled onto his stomach, chest, and even my lips which I lapped up like a dog and tasted the salty goodness that was a part of Mike. We both breathed heavily, exchanging each other’s air right before our lips joined again as the afterglow of our orgasms made me feel so light, and just right both inside and out. After a moment of making out that simmered down into gently kissing, Mike pulled back and with a small smile said, “Sorry. I kind of lost control there.” I smile back and pressed our foreheads together. “No, that’s totally okay. That was amazing.” “It was amazing for me too… Do you mind, Duncan, if I…stay here with you?” Mike asked, oddly shy, but cute. “Of course not.” Mike kissed me again, very gentle, yet so loving as well as he took his overshirt from the edge of the bed and wiped the mess from my body with care. He then adjusted our pants back to their original position before pulling the bed sheet onto our bodies and snuggling against me with his arm around my shoulders. In return, I press my face against his lightly hairy chest that was both warm, firm and the perfect pillow for me to sleep on. Everything was quiet for a while, and then Mike kissed the top of my head. “I’ll take care of you, Dun.” I smiled, liking the nickname before I drifted off into sleep with the man I cared about very much. There was no way I was going away from him this time.
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    Chapter Two

    More is definitely on the way 😁
  13. Superpride

    Chapter Eighteen

    The next chapter will probably be available by next week since I don't want you all to be left with that huge cliffhanger for too long haha, but there's no guarantee. Though I will say that love can make people do extraordinary things 😉
  14. Superpride

    Chapter Two

    Yes, Jackson is definitely hiding more than teenage angst, that's for sure.
  15. Superpride

    Chapter Two

    Sprinting through the empty hallways of the school, Jackson was almost out of breath once he reached the classroom where Edith was at. Opening it with such a force that the sound caused everyone to halt what they were doing, including Edith who was in the process of cutting opening a pig fetus. Breathing heavily, he walked to Edith who had her mouth open with confusion before grabbing her arm. “Come on, Edith. We have to go!” “Hey, what the hell are you doing?” Edith shouted, taking off her safety goggles in frustration. “We have to get out of here! There’s people killing each other outside the school!” Jackson exclaimed. The sound of whispering and chuckling was heard in the classroom as Edith looked at Jackson like he was a madman. “What are you talking about, man?” Jackson looked at Edith’s lab partner and snarled when he saw it was Jonah himself with a amused and punch-able expression on his face. “Edith. We need to go now,” Jackson stressed with his hold on Edith’s arm getting firmer. “I’m not going anywhere, Jackson,” Edith protested. “Now let go of my arm and get out of here before you get in trouble.” “Yeah, man. Just get out here before you embarrass yourself like you did at last season’s baseball game,” Jonah proclaimed and placed a hand on Edith’s shoulder. Jackson looked at Edith who did not look a bit uncomfortable with Jonah’s hand on her shoulder versus Jackson’s hold on her arm, which she was trying to retract. Anger began churning inside him, and with fear added to the mixture, he was going to something he would regret if he did not get out of this classroom with Edith. The very thought of Edith being friendly to the ass named Jonah was more unbelievable than what he just witnessed at the library. Baring his teeth, Jackson pulled Edith with his strength and began heading towards the door. Edith began shouting for him to stop, and there where people with the audacity to take pictures of them with their phones while laughing. “Jackson, stop!” Edith shouted. “Dude! Let go of her!” Jonah said, grabbing the back of Jackson’s collar. Finally letting go Edith’s arm, Jackson turned around and collided his fist with Jonah’s face, striking his nose directly and breaking it. Jonah cried as he held his nose that was bleeding profusely, and his cries was the only sound being heard as everyone else in the classroom, including Edith, was stunned by what jut happened. Even the teacher was still in place with his hand frozen on the phone, most likely about to call for assistance. “You fucking asshole!” Jonah grunted as he leaned against the lab countertop. “Sue me,” Jackson said before grabbing Edith’s arm again and walking out of the classroom. In the hallway, Jackson continued to walk until he turned around a corner into another hallway before letting go of Edith who was protesting the entire way. “I can’t believe you did that!” Edith shouted furiously. “What were you thinking?” Jackson did not say anything as he found his locker and began turning the combination that he prayed he still remembered. With a click, he opened his locker to retrieve a baseball bat with a bunch of failed assignments crumbled on the bottom of the locker. Slamming his locker shut, Jackson faced Edith and said, “Let’s go.” “Go where, Jackson? I don’t even know what’s happening,” Edith said, sounding exhausted from all the yelling. “Where’s Ethan at? We need to find him and get out here,” Jackson said as he gripped his bat with both hands to familiarize himself with it again. “You’re not involving Ethan in this, Jackson! Now tell me what’s going on,” Edith pleaded, her eyes beginning to tear. “Like I said before. There’s people killing each other outside the school and we need to get out of here before it’s too late,” Jackson explained. “A school shooting?” Edith asked with wide eyes. Jackson placed his bat against the lockers and then placed his hands firmly on Edith’s shoulders. “Edith. Listen to me. We need to find Ethan before he gets caught up in whatever is going on and get out of here. Now, where is he, Edith?” Edith looked into Jackson’s eyes, still looking confused and doubtful about what Jackson was doing. But she took a deep breath and pointed up. “He’s on the fourth floor of the school. In his Psychology class,” Edith answered. “All right. Let’s go then,” Jackson said before picking up his bat and turning around. *** Sighing, Edith followed Jackson to the stairs that connected to all five floors of the school. She was still very confused about what was happening. Everything came so fast, from Jackson coming to her Biology class out of nowhere with a frightened look on his face to him pulling her out after punching Jonah in the face, so hard that she heard his nose break. She would have protested further about what Jackson was doing, but the look in his eyes when he said that they needed to find Ethan made her believe that he was not kidding around and that something serious had happened that would make even Jackson scared. So, Edith followed Jackson to the stairs and once they began walking to the fourth floor, the sound of an intercom activating was heard. Edith and Jackson stopped immediately and waited as they heard hard breathing before the sudden sound of howling came through the intercom. Edith did not know was happening. Was this a prank after all? She turned to Jackson for an explanation, but when she saw that he had his hands on his knees and breathing heavily, she knew something serious was happening. “Jackson… Are you okay?” Edith asked, very concerned. “Stay back!” Jackson warned as he gripped the railing of the stairs. “Just let me breath.” With a hand on her mouth, all Edith could do was watch as Jackson continued to breath heavily, like he was trying hard not to pass out, but by the bulging veins on his forehead and temple made Edith believe that something else was happening to Jackson right then. However, his breathing soon lightened, and his veins receded as well. Slowly standing straight again, Jackson turned to Edith and wiped his sweaty forehead. He nodded to assure Edith that he was okay. “It’s okay, Edith. I’m—” The piercing sound of screams were heard and both Edith and Jackson turned to see the stairway begin to fill with panicking students. Jackson quickly pushed himself and Edith against the wall as students crowded around the stairway, escaping from something unknown. Edith watched as some students fell down the stairs as everyone pushed each other. And when one fallen student grabbed another by the leg and began biting his ankles, she screamed from the sight of the violence. Edith looked to see someone else trying to pull their arm away from someone else who was tearing apart his fingers with her teeth. Jackson, witnessing the carnage as well, turned to Edith and said, “Follow me!” Edith nodded, knowing that Jackson was the only one not panicking right then and she held his hand as she followed him to the fourth floor, still pressed against the wall to prevent themselves from being absorbed by the crowd. When they reached the fourth floor of the school, Edith and Jackson halted when they saw bodies of their fellow students lying on the floor with other students eating, literally eating their flesh. Blood pooled around their buffet and Edith was completely shocked by the sight of this horror film come to life. And when the bodies began to twitch and sit up, Edith screamed, which alerted them all to their presence. “Shit!” Jackson said as he pulled Edith with him as the flesh eaters began walking towards them, baring their bloody teeth. Turning around, Edith was shocked to see the other side of the hallway with those things coming towards them as well. “Jackson…” Edith said with her other hand pressed against her chest. Edith shrieked when she was pulled into a room by Jackson and he closed the door right before those flesh eaters entered as well. The room was completely dark, but then the small area was lit by a single light bulb and she realized that they were in the custodian’s closet, judging by all the cleaning supplies on rusted shelves on the walls. With the sound of hands banging and clawing on the door and Jackson trying to lock the door without success, Edith knew that they were going to die as she walked backwards with fear. This caused her to bump against a mop that fell to the floor loudly, causing the people on the other side of the door to bang even louder as Jackson tried his best to hold the crowd back. This was going to be the end for them both if they did not something quick.

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