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  1. Hi Superpride, just wanted to stop by to say hello and to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great day of it today. Best wishes and take care.



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      Thank you very much 😁

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    Chapter Thirteen

    Thank you for the comment! The Snow Queen's origins will definitely be revealed towards the end of the first part, and what I can say right now is that it is connected with the other witch and Lilith herself. As for Lucky's father, he is indeed as ass, but there's so much we don't know about him in terms of his relationship with his former wife and eldest son, and hopefully that will be explained in the next part of the story.
  3. Superpride

    Chapter Thirteen

    Also, it seems that Zev is still in heat after his conversation with Lucky LOL.
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    Chapter Thirteen

    Yes, and they're going to need that heat once they finally enter the Snow Queen's palace 😉
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    Chapter Thirteen

    And one has wonder if what people say about ogres are true, or are they just stereotypes meant to demonize an entire people like the wolves.
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    Chapter Thirteen

    “So, the first part of the plan is to find the Snow Queen’s palace by using a watch that will slow down when you get close to the precise location. Then what?” Cindi asked at her desk. “Actually, that is all we came up with.” Lucky rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled. “I was hoping you had some ideas on how to further approach the situation.” Moving a strand of blond hair behind her ear, Cindi opened a drawer at her desk with a key and began rummaging in it. “Well, I will tell you that going to the palace empty-handed and without an strategy is strongly unadvisable. The Snow Queen will have guards made of snow bees that will most likely confront all of you once you enter her territory. And they can’t just be defeated with a gun, or even your sword, Lucky…but I think I have this solution that might help.” “And what might that be?” Zev asked as he leaned forward in his chair. Cindi took out a small vase from the drawer. “It’s this.” Opening the vase and tilting it slightly forward, Lucky saw black ash inside. “Is that…?” “Yes. It’s the ashes of my mother, my mother who helped me go to the ball and find your brother who later became my own Prince Charming. It has magical properties like Cheri’s rose oil, and it might help you defeat the Snow Queen’s guards since normal ash can melt snow. I recommend that you use it on your sword, as a sort of polish. You’re very tech-savvy, Lucky, so I’m sure you know how to do that. Unfortunately, the only other thing I can recommend is to bundle up since I heard the Snow Queen’s palace is below freezing temperatures.” Cindi handed Lucky the small vase which he held with care. “That’ll work just fine. Thank you, Cindi,” Lucky said. “Well, we better head out then,” Zev advised as he stood up from his chair. “Lucky? Do you mind if I talk to you?” Cindi asked as she stood up from her desk chair. “It’ll only be for a minute.” “Oh, sure.” Zev walked out of the office, looking behind him before closing the door, and Cindi walked to Lucky with a small smile on her face. “So…you and Zev, huh? Never thought that would happen.” Lucky’s eyes widened. “How do you know?” Giggling, Cindi said, “Just the way Zev’s glance at you every other second pretty much signaled to me that the two of you are more than just acquaintances. Much more.” Lucky smiled shyly and shrugged. “Let’s just that Zev was many firsts for me.” Concern then furrowed Cindi’s youthful face, and she said, “Just be careful, Lucky. Your father will not appreciate that you decided to have a fling with Zev. Even though I can tell that Zev is much more than the pack members who sell drugs and commit other crimes in the city, he’s still a wolf, a wolf who can threaten the balance of power in the Charming lineage in your father’s eyes.” Lucky sighed. “I know, and the worst part is…I don’t think it’s just a fling. My feelings for him are already going beyond what is acceptable after a one-night stand…and I think it all started from the imprint he left on me.” “Wait. He imprinted himself onto you?” Cindi asked immediately with a hand on Lucky’s shoulder. Nodding, Lucky asked, “Is that something I should be concerned about?” “You do know that when someone is imprinted by a wolf, that is basically like putting a ring on person’s finger?” “Yeah, I got the gist of it when he told me himself. He did it because he said that was the only way to save me after I was struck by that car,” Lucky explained. “Well, that is partly true. However, the whole truth is that you’ve inherited some of Zev’s abilities, like healing which most likely helped save your life. It kind of makes you part wolf…and you do know that the original purpose of the Charming order was to hunt creatures like wolves by using a charm made of silver that helped defeat the ones that terrorized small towns and villages back in the old times in Europe?” “I know that.” Lucky scratched his head in sudden frustration. “And I know that father is all about tradition, even though the Charming order has become more of a corporation, using princes of the Charming title as military contractors who recruit people into fighting against the evils of the world like witches and wolves. But things have changed, not always for the better, but still.” Crossing her arms and sighing, Cindi said, “I just want you to know the reality of the situation, Lucky. This could be considered an act of treason, causing you to be stripped of the Charming title. Your father will not appreciate that at all since your brothers have both given up the title up to you. You’re his last hope of continuing the title and the family name, and you involving yourself with a wolf is…” “I understand, Cindi. Being with Zev will most likely cause my father to disown me, maybe even label me as a traitor to the Charming order. But, quite frankly, I don’t really care anymore to live up to my father’s expectations. I don’t even remember if any of my recent accomplishments have ever impressed him since he never expressed any gratitude or appreciation for what I did. I’d much rather lose all my fame and wealth if that meant I can be happy, especially with someone who I care about and who cares about me... For now, I just want focus on finding the Snow Queen and getting that piece of the mirror that I need to finally defeat Lilith. Maybe then I can impress my father into thinking that I’m worthy of being his son.” Cindi simply and wrapped her arms around Lucky who hugged back. “Just stay safe, okay? And if you need any help, you know who to call.” “I will, Cindi, and thank you for your help.” After saying goodbye to Cindi, Lucky left her agency and went outside onto the street that was bustling with beeping cars and passing pedestrians in their lunch break. Lucky spotted Zev leaning his hip against his car; he was looking at Cecil and Violet who were at a food cart not too far away and licking at their ice cream cones. The day was humid, but it did not comparable to the way that Zev was positioned next to his car, like he was modeling for a fashion magazine. No way was he going to give up Zev just because his father would disapprove, at least not so easily. “Are you ready, Lucky?” Zev asked as he twirled his car keys around her finger. “Yup.” “Good. Do you want to grab anything to eat since we’re here, like some ice cream maybe?” Zev pulled out his wallet. “I’m fine. I’m still full from breakfast.” Leaning against the car next to Zev, Lucky looked at Cecil and Violet laughing together with what seemed to be some ice cream plopped on Cecil’s nose and smiled. “They seemed to be getting along just fine.” “Yeah, it seems that way. I think Cecil saw something different with Violet when he tripped, and his glasses fell off. I just wondered what that was,” Zev pondered as he tapped his chin. “Well, I wish them the best. Right now, I need to polish the ash that Cindi gave onto my sword, and that will hopefully get us past the guards at the Snow Queen’s palace.” Lucky opened the car and sat down on the passenger’s seat before pulling out his car key that extended out to become a sword. “You don’t happen to have a cloth or handkerchief that I can burrow, do you?” “Of course, I do.” Zev pulled out a red handkerchief from his back pocket of his jeans and handed it to Lucky. “You sure this’ll help us get to the Snow Queen?” “It won’t hurt to try…well, it would if it doesn’t work on those guards, but I know this ash in particular is magical and combining this with my sword could transfer its magical qualities onto it. And working with technology is sort of a specialty of mine, along with combining it with magic.” “Really? So, you’re not just a brawny prince, but a brainy one as well, tech-savvy as Cindi put it.” “Of course. I’m the one who helped developed this sword to work in the way that it does. Even when I was a kid, I use to take a lot of things part, to understand how they work and later put them back together, sometimes in a better condition. I remember my father would get frustrated at me for taking apart the television remote, so he would buy me puzzles that I can take apart and put back together. I remember showing him the puzzles that I completed and him being so proud of me.” Zev cocked his head. “If you don’t mind me asking, where was your mother during your childhood?” Lucky shrugged. “I only have a few memories of her. My brothers would be better people to ask about who my mother was. All I do remember about her was that…she was very beautiful, and during the days when she was still with my father were also when he was the happiest, not at all the man you encountered back at the hospital. When she disappeared suddenly and after my oldest brother’s death, things changed, understandably so. But, my father…I think he never fully moved on from either tragedy. “My eldest brother was supposed to inherit the Prince Charming title, and my father had so much faith that he could become the leader of the Charming order…so he died, along did my father’s hope. And as you know, I’m now considered the Prince Charming of my family since my brothers both forfeited it when they married themselves to Cheri and Cindi who my father strongly disapproved of. Any deviation from his plan for me to become leader of the order is not acceptable by him and could lead to bad things if I don’t follow through with it.” “Like getting together with a wolf?” Zev inferred. Lucky nodded. “Yeah…but ever since that whole debacle with that sea witch back at the flooded stadium, I’m caring less about what my father thinks, and I’m starting to see my own path in life. And like I just said to Cindi, if that means losing my title and being stripped of any recognition that I was part of the Charming order, then so be it. I just want to be happy again, to live my own happily ever after…but not until I reconstruct the Magic Mirror and defeat Lilith. Only then can I see a possible future for myself.” “I see… And what would constitute your happily ever after?” Zev asked with a curious look on his face. Lucky looked at Zev before blushing and looking away. “I…I don’t know. Before I didn’t believe that I would find a man who could be my own Prince Charming, to live with me forever on Earth and beyond death… But since I’ve met you, my perspective has definitely…shifted. I don’t know if it’s just my hormones talking, or if it has to do with you imprinting me. All I know is that what we have right now is worth exploring; I want to see where it goes. I would rather have it not work later down the road then left wondering what could’ve been. Do you get that?” Zev nodded. “I understand completely. If I haven’t taken the opportunity to change my life for the better and got away from the pack, I don’t think my life would’ve been as fulfilling as it is now. In all honesty, I probably would be dead from a pack war, and I wouldn’t have my grandma, Velvet…or you.” Combing his fingers through Lucky’s hair, Zev smiled. “And I’d like to see where this relationship takes us…if you’ll allow it, of course.” Lucky smiled back and leaned into the touch. “I’ll definitely allow it.” “Great, because there’s a lot of things I still like to do to you, especially when all of this is over. “Like what?” Lucky asked with a smirk. “All I’ll say is that you’ll be polishing more than just your sword.” Zev winked. Lucky chuckled and continued to polish his sword with the ash and handkerchief that caused the sword to gleam even more, causing it to reflect almost like a mirror. He did not use much of the ash to convert his sword into a shining blade of war, and he wrapped the small vase with the handkerchief before placing it carefully inside the car’s glovebox. While Lucky did so, Zev got popsicles from the same food cart and handed a strawberry one to Lucky which he accepted graciously. The weather was becoming hotter, and it was going to be an actual relief when they locate the Snow Queen’s palace where the temperature would be a welcomed change. After finishing their ice cream and buying some extra food from convenience store nearby as well as some cheap coats from a street vendor, Zev started the car and began driving to the approximate location of the palace. Lucky held a digital watch that displayed the nanoseconds in his hand, keeping an eye on it as they ventured outside the city limits and into the more rural areas of the land. During the hour-long drive, the group played several road trip games, which Violet enjoyed greatly with Cecil playing along. Lucky got the sense that she did get out much, considering she was mostly stuck at her tower by the orders of her father. She was a literal damsel in distress, but by choice, and this road trip was probably like going to a theme park for her. Cecil probably did not get out much either because of his disability, which must be the reason why they were getting along so well. Despite the danger of encounter the palace with its guards made of snow bees, Violet seemed to show no signs of worry. She was very insistence that she would come with them to the Snow Queen’s palace, saying she could be very useful if anything bad happens. What she could help with Lucky did not know, but her help with the Lake of Reason showed she was more than just the traditional princess who needed a hero to save her from peril. Not stopping at any rest stops, they drove through the highway until Zev made a turn according to the GPS navigator into a wooded area. Lucky focused his attention on the digital watch, and when they reached a fork in the road, he moved the watch to both direction of the two roads. He then noticed that the left road path slowed down the nanoseconds of the watch. It was clear which path was the correct one, and he told that to Zev who pressed his foot on the gas pedal and began driving to the left road path. They encountered a few other forks, and with the help of watch, they found the correct path to the supposed palace. And as they continued their trip inside the woods, he noticed that the clock was quickly becoming slower. He knew that they were getting close, and he gripped his sword that was back into its key form as he anticipated the inevitable fight to finally reach the Snow Queen herself. Everything was going according to plan, but everything changed when Zev cursed and said, “I don’t think we should be here.” “Why’s that?” Lucky asked, taking his eyes off the digital watch. “We’re in ogre country based on the sign that we just passed. We really should—” Out of nowhere, a large tree fell onto the road, and Zev immediately slammed his foot onto the brake pedal. The car skidded, but fortunately it stopped right before hitting the tree. Lucky knew that this was not a coincidence as he looked around the area, wondering what had the power to topple a large tree, and the only possible conclusion was ogres, the ones who were stepping onto the road with their menacing height and taunting postures. “What’s happening?” Cecil asked. “Ogres,” Zev answered simply. “All of you stay here. I’ll handle this. And that includes you, Lucky.” Lucky grunted, but he nodded and kept his seatbelt on as Zev exited the car and slowly approached the tallest of the ogres who stood onto of the fallen tree. Lucky rolled down the window on his side, so he could listen to what Zev was saying to the ogres, wanting to jump out if anything goes wrong. He heard bad things about wolves over the years, but they paled in comparison to the atrocities committed by ogres who did not steal food from little girls, but ate them instead, along with their entire families if given the chance. They were hated more than wolves, and ogres were restricted to live only in the restricted reservations granted to them by the government. They were completely isolated from human society, and that was for the best. They were dangerous creatures, especially since anyone who dared themselves to entire their territory never came back. They were like bigfoot, but completely hairless while wearing the fur of dead animals. “We don’t want any trouble. We just want to reach our destination,” Zev assured the tallest ogre. The ogre suddenly jumped off the tree and approached Zev who was half his height and bulkier with fat and muscle. “This is our territory. The only humans who come here are here to hunt us like we’re animals. We’re not animals!” “Of course, you’re not. We’re not here to hurt you. We just—” The ogre roared, and he grabbed Zev by the arm, lifting him up to his face and looking ready to eat him alive. Lucky quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. With his sword extended out, he ran to the ogre and pointed his sword at him. “Let him go now!” The ogre looked down at Lucky who fearlessly stared up at the creature. No one was going to hurt Zev without a fight from Lucky, and if that involved a pile of dead ogres, then he would not hesitate to do just that. The ogre narrowed his eyes at Lucky, seemingly unintimated from having a sword pointed at him. Judging by the multiple scars on his exposed, upper body, he had been through much worse. But then the ogre’s eyes widened, and with his mouth opening with what appeared to be awe, the ogre then lowered Zev back onto the ground. Lowering himself onto one knee, he looked at Lucky with a cocked head and what looked like curiosity in his expression. “Are you…Lucian?” Confused on how this ogre knew his name, Lucky just nodded without lowering his sword. “Yes, that’s my full name. I’m the newest Prince Charming, and if you don’t let us go right now—” The ogre stood up, causing Lucky back up a little and Zev looked ready to fight as well with his hands clenched into fists. However, the ogres looked at the rest of his kin before shaking his head. The other ogres looked at each other before turning around and walking back into the thickness of the woods. The ogre then lowered himself back to Lucky’s level, and the creature looked at him with what looked like sadness in his eyes. “You’re here for the Snow Queen, aren’t you?” the ogre asked. “Yes…Yes, I am,” Lucky answered, his sword still raised at the ogre. “I won’t harm you, or your friends. So, you can put your sword away.” The ogre lowered Lucky’s sword with just one finger. Lucky was hesitant to do that, but he knew that the ogre would not attack him based mostly on his relaxed posture and nonthreatening gaze. So, he lowered his sword to his side, but he still had it equipped just in case. The ogre was the weight of several men, and one move could be the end of Lucky’s life, so he did not want to take any chances on being devoured by this ogre. The ogre nodded in approval before saying, “I strongly advise that you do not attempt to reach the Snow Queen’s palace. It is heavily guarded by beings made of her snow bees that can withstand almost any weapon. Several of my kind have been severely injured trying to enter her palace and tell her to leave our land. I doubt just you and your sword will make a difference.” “Well, I beg to differ since I have extra tools in my disposal that help me reach the Snow Queen,” Lucky said, referring to Cindi’s ash and Violet herself. “You must be after her piece of the Magic Mirror.” “I am. What do you know about it?” The ogre lowered his head and sighed. “Kid, all I know is that the Snow Queen is making my people’s lives a frozen hell, and anyone who is willing to stop her from freezing our land further is more than welcome to cross this road. However, I warn you again that the Snow Queen is not someone to mess with, especially you, Lucian.” “How do you know my name?” “It’s long story. For now, I’ll move the tree, and I’ll you to continue down the road undisturbed. Just be careful, okay?” Looking at the surprisingly articulate ogre with furrowed eyebrows, Lucky then nodded and he retracted his sword back into its key form. Zev quickly stood by his side as the ogre walked to the fallen tree and lifted it up like it weighed nothing, tossing it to the woods and stepping aside with his hands behind his back. Zev looked at Lucky with confusion before motioning his head to go back into the car, which he did. Inside, Zev slowly drove past the ogre who looked at them before turning back into the woods. “What in Godmother’s name was that?” Violet asked “You’re asking me?” Lucky said. “Well, duh. That ogre knew your name and talked to you like you were family or something.” “It could’ve been your title of Prince Charming that garnered some respect from him,” Cecil inferred. “No way. The original Charming order hunted ogres along with other creatures like witches and wolves…uh, no offense, Zev,” Violet apologized. Zev just shook his head. “You really didn’t know him, Lucky.” “Of course, not. I mean, I know I’m a celebrity, but ogres have been separated from all human communication for decades, way before they and other magical creatures were revealed to be real to the public. I’m just confused as you all.” “Well, regardless, we’re back on the road. Is the watch’s time still slowing down still, Lucky?” Checking the watch, Lucky noticed the clock had completely stopped moving, and he then looked through the window to see the woods gradually becoming snowier. The trees then became more dispersed, and eventually the land was bare of any of them. The car began to slow down by the thickness of the snow-covered road as well as the falling snow that was becoming a blizzard, and it seemed that they had to walk the rest of the way to reach their destination. But the flurry of the falling snow then dissipated, and the snow turned to actual ice before the towers of the Snow Queen’s palace were revealed. Lucky realized they were now driving on a frozen lake with the palace right at the center. They were finally here, and they were one step closer to the end.
  7. Hello, everyone!  I just want to say that I'm currently working on the next chapter of Charming, and the first part of the story, three parts in total, will most likely be finished in three or four more chapters.  😀

  8. Superpride

    Chapter One

    A man who aborts a mission to save a dog? OF COURSE, he's perfect! 😁
  9. Superpride

    Chapter One

    I was losing control. Everything was a blur as everyone was against me both figuratively…and literally. The incident began when I first entered a circular, tiered arena through a set of rusted double doors. The place was full of men of varying tones of monochrome that also made the area look like a black and white photograph with the dim lighting adding to the effect. However, looking at the stage of the arena that was splattered with red brought into the light the atrocious actions that were going to taking place here. This place was not the casual business meeting either. It was where dogs fought each other to the death, and that was the reason why I was here, to examine the event as another person of the audience and record what was happening through a small camera disguised as a necktie bar of my custom suit. This mission was not the most difficult undercover job I ever done, but it was important nonetheless. The only difficult part was going to be observing the event without acting, to stop the horrendous show and save those dogs, so they could have a better life other than fighting. However, I kept telling myself that those dogs on the stage fighting were too late to save, and that I needed to successfully accomplish this mission to prevent more dogs from experiencing the same fate. I had to do it for those dogs and for my Aunt Cindi who was the head of the undercover agency that I worked for. I needed to prove to her that I can really do this, that I was qualified for this job, and that I was more than just a case of nepotism to the other undercover agents. Determined, I walked down to the lowest tier of the arena, and then I waited as the place continued to be filled with other patrons. The crowd was indeed a fire hazard, and I already noted in my head where all the fire doors were just in case I needed to escape for more reasons than one. I have learned from my previous mistakes, and I would not screw up this time by not noting my environment and what to do when things have gone to shit. After the last few men entered the arena, the doors then closed, and the lights above brightened the stage below to an almost blinding intensity. A booming voice was heard that greeted the audience to tonight’s show, saying it was going to be “bloody good”. I took a deep breath and prayed to the Godmother that I would make it through this, coming out with the recording necessary to shut this place down and arrest everyone associated with this illegal dog fighting ring. The announcer riled the men around me who all seemed to be just as wild and untamed as the dogs that were going to be pitted against each other. The announcer then said that the first battle was going to be a warm-up for a dog that won multiple fights and had the many scars to prove it. I wondered what that warm-up entailed, and that was when a large dog walked onto the stage through the far entrance. It was barking viciously with saliva spewing from its mouth; it was like a lion in a Roman colosseum that was ready to attack and kill anybody within the same area. The dangerous beast was restrained by a chain attached to its leash that was being held by a muscular man, and I made sure the camera captured the dog that had so many scars on its body versus actual fur that was matted with dirt. Yelling was heard, and I looked at the other entrance to see a smaller dog, half the size as the other, being pulled onto the stage by a man who was holding its leash. It looked so terrified with all four of its paws firmly on the ground as it was pulled to the center of the stage. My heart ached for the poor creature who was obviously not a fighting dog, and it looked like it was about to piss itself as it shook with its tail between its legs. I knew these shows were cruel with dogs attacking each other for the entertainment of humans, but to send a scared, small dog onto the stage just to be killed merciless by another, larger dog was beyond inhuman…it was soulless. I bit my bottom lip as I watched the dog continue to shake with its big eyes as the man unleashed its collar before walking away. The other dog barked even louder as it tried to inch itself to the helpless dog; the only person holding it back was the strength of its supposed owner with both hands on the chain. Through the announcer riling the audience, the large dog barking and the sound of my own heart pounding through my chest, I could hear the scared whimper of the smaller dog who I swore looked at me as if I was its only hope for survival. I couldn’t move a muscle at first, the voices of the other agents taunting me, Cindi’s voice expressing her disappoint because I screwed up another mission and my own voice in my head telling me to stay where I was to the record what was certainly going to be bloody massacre. The voice kept telling me to not let my emotion get the better of me; I needed to think rationally if I was going to successfully take this place down with the recording of the show. The dog’s sacrifice was certainly going to give everyone involved with this show many years in prison. The voice was literally shouting at me to not intervene and to keep recording. But…I just couldn’t. As the chain of the larger dog was detached from its collar, and the unhinged animal sprinted towards the helpless dog, I quickly jumped over the wall in front of me and landed my feet onto the stage. Everything was in slow motion as I focused my eyes onto the scared dog, and I sprinted to its defense. I scooped the dog into my arms like it was small child, and I held it close to my chest as I ran back to the wall that jumped over like I was performing a high jump at the Olympics. The larger dog was barking ferociously as it tried unsuccessfully to jump over the wall, and I continued to hold the smaller dog that was whimpering and licking me on the chin. I was glad that I managed to rescue the dog from its deadly fate, but as I refocused my attention back to my surroundings, I knew I was beyond screwed. Other than the dog whose barking echoed through the arena, the place was void of any other sounds, and I looked at the men who all had mixed expressions on their face from shock to stoic, and some with severe expressions on their wrinkled faces that spoke more about their vehement disapproval than any words could do. With the poor dog still in my arms, I tried to move to one of the fire doors, but I was halted by the legions of men blocking every possible path I had planned out. They soon surrounded me, and all I could do was press myself against the wall where the other dog was trying desperately to jump over to rip both me and the smaller dog into pieces. I had no more options other than pray, pray to the Godmother and anyone else above that I got out of here alive. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” I quickly turned my head to see a bald man in an expensive-looking white suit with a turtleneck sweater walking down the stairs to my location. He looked like a villain of a superhero comic book from just the way he smiled maliciously at me, his hands glowing with different rings that could prove to be a deadly weapon that I hoped wouldn’t be used on me. Stopping on the last step, the man placed clasped his hands together, and with that same smile said, “Do you understand that you ruined a perfectly good opening to our show?” I remained silent; the dog still licking my chin and completely oblivious to what was occurring. The man then chuckled, and he opened his suit coat to pull out a handgun. He proceeded to aim the weapon at me, and I swore I was about to piss myself, never had my life been so directly threatened before, and I was frozen in place. Right then I was shaking, forced into a position that I shouldn’t be with a vicious creature ready to kill me on the spot. I closed my eyes, and the firing of a bullet was heard. I thought I was dead, but when I opened my eyes, I saw a large, red splotch on the man’s chest that quickly bloomed to the rest of his sweater. The man looked completely shocked with his lips quivering, dropping his gun before another shot of a gun was heard. I saw the man’s head whip backwards as he fell to the ground, shot in the head and most definitely dead. Suddenly, all the lights of the arena were deactivated, and the entire area was pitch black. My eyes couldn’t adjust at all to the darkness, and the audience were panicking as they pushed and shoved me, causing me to almost lose my balance. Through all the panic, someone grabbed me by the lapel of my suit and started pulling me effortless through the darkness. I stumbled a few times, and whoever was leading me through the arena did not stop once. I still held the dog close to me, probably just as confused as I was. Suddenly I saw the dim, blinking exit sign before the door opened, and I stepped outside into an alleyway where a familiar car was parked. The passenger’s door was opened, and I was quickly shoved inside before the person, a woman went around the front of the car and sat on the driver’s seat. The car then started, and we zoomed out of the alleyway and into the street. I looked at the woman who was wearing a pair of black, night-vision goggles that she roughly took off and dropped onto the dashboard. One look into her intense, blue eyes, and I knew I was screwed for an entirely different reason. “I’m sorry, Cindi!” “Don’t, Max. We’ll discuss this when we’re back at the agency. For now…just don’t.” Cindi sighed heavily as she drove her car through the dark streets of the downtown area of the city. I remained silent, and I looked down at the dog who was panting lightly with its long tail wagging. Having the dog in my lap was the only solace that I had; everything else was a complete failure, and it was all my fault…but what wasn’t? I knew I shouldn’t have sacrificed the entire mission just for one dog; I could’ve saved countless more dogs if I just did what I was ordered to do by my superior who also was my aunt, so that was more pressure for me to do what was deemed necessary. I screwed up majorly, and I don’t think I deserve to have another chance at this. I’m just too kind most of time, like not letting a scared dog to die viciously for example even though it would damage my chances of ever gaining any respect in the agency. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t have done anything different, just the way I deviated from the plan to save the dog could’ve been done more elegantly though. However, I doubted Cindi would take that into consideration again when it came the time to pack everything up and leave. *** “You’re too soft, Max!” Cindi said after she closed the door to her office. I winced as I sat down on the chair in front of Cindi’s desk. “I’m sorry, Cindi.” Walking to her desk and sitting down on the black, leather chair, Cindi clasped her hands on her lap and looked at me with what looked like pity. “Max…you had one objective. Just one. All you had to do was record what was happening at the arena, so that we had plenty of evidence to show the authorities that the place was indeed a place where there was illegal dog fighting… And now because you exposed your cover to save one dog, the people who are run the dog fighting ring are going to relocate, and we have to start all over from scratch to find their new location.” “I know, Cindi. I know. There’s no excuse for what I did. I just…I just saw that dog about to be killed for no reason and… I screwed up, okay. Just tell me that you’re going to let me go, so I can start packing all my stuff.” I petted the dog’s head with head down. Sighing, Cindi stood up from her desk chair and took the seat next to me. Sitting down, she scooted closer to me, and I could smell the gentle scent of her perfume of natural flowers. She placed a hand on my shoulder, and it calmed my nerves a little. “Max. You know that I love you, right?” I nodded, and I faced my aunt who was looking at me sympathetically. “I know…otherwise, why would you have given me a position in your agency?” “I gave you this position because I know you worked your ass off in the academy, Max, and I want someone like you to be part of this agency because of your hard-working attitude. You…You just need to understand that the end goal is what is most important, that tough decisions need to be made for the mission. The undercover missions I placed you and my other agents are based on the end results. You can’t just jeopardize the mission just because one person or dog is trouble, and that’s what you must understand, Max. Small sacrifices must be made for the greater good… I spent most of my childhood under my stepmother’s rule, sacrificing my happiness, freedom and dignity just so I wouldn’t have to live on the streets. And now here I am, running my own agency and married to my Prince Charming who gives all the happiness that I always wanted when I was younger.” I nodded. “I’m sorry for what my grandma did to you…and my mom.” “It’s okay, Max. I moved on since those times, and I’ll be here to help you regardless. Do you understand?” “I do.” “Good.” Standing up, Cindi returned to her desk, and began typing on the keyboard of her computer. “I wonder who shot that man back at the arena.” “It wasn’t you?” I asked. “Of course not. I don’t resort to violence unless there’s no other option. That is why I opted to turning off all the lights, so I could get you out of there without having to kill anybody. However, it seems that the man running the ring was killed by an unknown person. Hopefully, the footage you captured will provide me some hints to who perpetrated this assassination.” “Is there anything I can do?” “No, that’s okay, Max. Just go home…and maybe give that dog a bath if you’re deciding to keep it.” “Oh, yeah…sure. Bye, Cindi.” “Bye, Max. And think about what I just told you.” “I will.” I walked out of my aunt’s office with the dog whose odor was starting to become noticeable to me. He indeed needed a bath, and I’m sure I had some leftover salami or other meats in my refrigerator that I can feed to this dog before I could go the store and buy him proper dog food. Never have I considered having a pet due to my busy work schedule, but I couldn’t just give this dog to a shelter with the fear that he may not be adopted. No, he was going to be under my care, and I at least had something to look forward to once I go home after a long day of work. Just hoping he was house broken.
  10. Superpride

    Charming: The Slipper

    Maximillian "Max" is the child of the evil stepsister who now works for his aunt's undercover agency. Though he is struggling to be viewed as someone competent at his job, a new mission to capture a notorious gang leader named Franklin who is associated with the selling human body parts has been given to him. All Max has to do is seduce him, so he can "stitch together" any credibility he has left and prove to everyone that he is not just a case of nepotism. However, things never go according to plan, and Max needs to know whether Franklin can be trusted before things get worse. "A stitch in time" as they always say.
  11. Hello, everyone!  I just wanted to say that I updated the wiki of Hero Wanted with a few new pages, including two pages that explore the current issues of Canada and Mexico relating to the Colossus.  The link to the wiki is below 😀



  12. Superpride

    Chapter One

    Yeah, sometimes you need someone to bring you back to reality LOL
  13. Superpride

    Chapter Twelve

    Thanks! I'm happy that you really like the story! And I recommend reading my short story collection called Once Upon a Time that based in the same universe and the first chapter of Charming: The Spindle that is a spinoff story.
  14. Superpride

    Writers, How Do You Come Up With Chapter Titles?

    I read a young adult book with a gay main character a few years ago that used a significant dialogue quote from each chapter as the chapter titles. I thought that was very unique, and it really helped me to know what to anticipate before reading the chapter.
  15. Superpride

    Chapter Twelve

    Prince Charming and the Big Bad Wolf working together to kick butt? HECK YES!

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