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  1. Mattsd175

    Chapter 2

    I think Shaun needs someone to say "What sort of day you had" ? and then to actually listen to his answer then converse... Grandmother Ruth is feeding him and trying to temper his swearing....? Grandfather Eli just wants to get some of his pot !.... who will supply you with drugs is NO friend at all... Matt
  2. Mattsd175

    Chapter 1

    I am pulled in already...I have read stories on Gay Authors for a few months now and this reads very well.. jesse and Sam and the home situation..Jesse seems to have a lot of responsibility at home and Jesse seems to be the one with a Big Heart... Im guessing this Shaun lad has something to hide or are his fellow classmates not looking/involving him for reasons to be told..? Do we give time to folks who find it hard to strike up conversations and are struggling with there own self and situation at home .....? Hostile behaviour is a defence to keep secrets and uncomfortable truths from others.. keeping You out !... ...look listen and try to encourage the quiet ones .... they might need help ...an open and friendly smile is memorable and encouraging... I could be totally wrong here as I have only read the first chapter but I am in to this already so will now go straight to chapter two.... Matt

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