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  1. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for another great story!!!! I have to go out and buy a camera!!!!
  2. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    This story makes me feel so good!!!! I want to go kiss somebody!!!!
  3. BooRadley

    Is That My Heart in Your Hand, Charlie Boone?

    Charlie Boone and his friends have so much fun!!!! If you like cool magic and strange places this should be a story for you!!!! And theres love too!!!!
  4. BooRadley

    Is That A Rocket In Your Pocket, Charlie Boone?

    AWESOME story with aliens and all kinds of cool ideas. I liked that it has SF and fantasy in the same story. This whole series of Charlie Boone stories is so much fun!!!!!! Geron is my favorite author on GA!
  5. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    Awesome story. I always know Kippy and Charlie will have a great adventure!!!!! This story has a lot more SF stuff than the others and I really liked it. Can you have Mike and Pacha come back for another one? PLEASE? Boo
  6. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    This was soooo good! I read it on iomfats on valentines day. I LOVE Charlie Boone and Kippy!! I saw some one say it didn't look right on the screen it look OK on mine.
  7. BooRadley

    It's A Spooky Night Out There, Charlie Boone!

    Man, this story is awesome!! I love fantasy and Halloween is just the time for it. This story has all kinds of cool characters in it, and some of them are not exactly alive. It is a great love story too! I hope there's lots more where this one came from!
  8. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    I liked this one! I didn't know Russians were so cool! I want one of my own please!!!
  9. BooRadley

    The Charm of Being A Pig

    I just took two hours to read this! Awesome story! I love Jesse and Marty! It is funny and it has some great ideas in it. I have read all the stories in this series. Try it!
  10. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    Awesome!!!!!! And looonnnnggg! But I loved it like the other Charmed stories. I hope you write ten more!
  11. BooRadley

    Chapter 10

    This one and the dream road were awesome! Will you make more of these? please!!!!!
  12. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    I liked this story but it didn't get voted on much. I hope there will be more cuz u need to keep writing!
  13. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    This is the first one I read and it made me read your other stories. I hope you keep writing forever.
  14. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    I liked this story and the other one. They are both very different but fun.
  15. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    I liked this one a lot as it makes me think of my guy. Most of your stories make me think of people I know. Thanks.

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