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  1. BooRadley

    Chapter 5

    GREAT story so far. It kind of grabbed me by the throat. This one is scarier than your other stories. Wow!!!!
  2. BooRadley

    Chapter 4

  3. BooRadley

    Chapter 2

    Awesome dream. It would make me have a nightmare too!!!!
  4. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    Started out great!!!! I am going to chapter 2!!!!
  5. BooRadley

    The Second Time Around

    I really liked this one. I have read all Gerons stories and this one and Thrift Shop are really special. Take an afternoon and read both!!!!!
  6. BooRadley

    It's the Gayest Christmas Ever, Charlie Boone!

    Charlie and Kippy in their 2nd adventure. It's going to surprise you!!!!! I love these guys!!!!!
  7. BooRadley

    It's the Great Punkin', Charlie Boone!

    This is the first story with Charlie and his friends. You start here. If you read all these stories you will have so much fun!!!!!
  8. BooRadley

    Rules of the Road

    I read this story when it came out. It has a lot of cool car things in it, but its about people, too. If you like cars you will like this story. And I bet you like the people too.
  9. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    I want it all at once!!! I don't want to wait!!!
  10. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for another great story!!!! I have to go out and buy a camera!!!!
  11. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    This story makes me feel so good!!!! I want to go kiss somebody!!!!
  12. BooRadley

    Is That My Heart in Your Hand, Charlie Boone?

    Charlie Boone and his friends have so much fun!!!! If you like cool magic and strange places this should be a story for you!!!! And theres love too!!!!
  13. BooRadley

    Is That A Rocket In Your Pocket, Charlie Boone?

    AWESOME story with aliens and all kinds of cool ideas. I liked that it has SF and fantasy in the same story. This whole series of Charlie Boone stories is so much fun!!!!!! Geron is my favorite author on GA!
  14. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    Awesome story. I always know Kippy and Charlie will have a great adventure!!!!! This story has a lot more SF stuff than the others and I really liked it. Can you have Mike and Pacha come back for another one? PLEASE? Boo
  15. BooRadley

    Chapter 1

    This was soooo good! I read it on iomfats on valentines day. I LOVE Charlie Boone and Kippy!! I saw some one say it didn't look right on the screen it look OK on mine.

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