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  1. Georgetown: Over The Rainbow

    I love the CJ series of stories. They show us what a gay family is like, what relationships can be, and how to deal day to day in a world that is screwed up. Carlos has a wonderful way of tying all this into an enjoyable read. His stories reflect a lot of my views as a gay man who is fiscally conservative, and on social issues liberal. He writing shows us we need to be involved in the political process to protect our hard gained rights, and not to be afraid to stand up for them either. We see want love at different stages of life looks like, between the Dads, and the CJ with Ozzie. We see open and closed relationships, with how the work and don't work. We see how gay and straight family and friends relate in positive ways. CJ stories show us the good, and bad of life with a very positive outlook. Carlos thank again and again for such an excellent series of stories that lift us up and show us good can come from bad., plus we can overcome the bad, by staying positive and staying involved. In the day an age with our government so dysfunctional, young adults like Ritchie being killed while is school, more hate crimes against gays happening, you stories gives us hope with something to strive for.
  2. Over The Rainbow • Part II

    Great chapter, love seeing the brothers relationship as Ritchie gets older.
  3. July 2015 • Part I

    I feel like I am part of CJ'so family and world. Your writing paints a picture so clear, you feel you are there with them.
  4. June 2015

    Great to story, each chapter is great.
  5. I love the stories of CJ, hope you add more stories about him and his friends-family soon

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Hi Todd - What's the last CJ story you've read? Walls is book 6 in the series and is currently posting every Friday here on GA.


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