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  1. frigidjason

    Chapter Four

    Sebastian smells a rat me thinks. Great writing, keep it up
  2. frigidjason


    Took long enough, and went more smoothly than your business merger Kennedy. There are some bedrooms needing the kids which may cause some teething issues. Kieren arriving has made it home too. Life is good
  3. frigidjason


    Kieran is a gentleman Question is who is going to miss who more...... Time will tell.
  4. frigidjason

    Captain's Table

    Cruella de Vil is missing in action at the ball, expected Patrick would be there to claw out Keiren's eyes.
  5. frigidjason

    Sleepless in Singapore

    Kieran has probably just shown he is a real friend and is truthful bar the white lie re payment of services. Does that make him a fraudster ? .... Doubtful in my eyes
  6. frigidjason

    Chapter 1

    Awesome writing, so sad yet beautiful.
  7. frigidjason


    Hope there will be chapter 2 soon.
  8. frigidjason

    Aftermath. June 2010. Adam.

    Taken long enough, better than online meet that's for sure. Hope that was the prince Adam was looking for!
  9. frigidjason

    Chapter 12

    One very large step forward, they all just might have found true friends
  10. frigidjason


    Really nice chapter
  11. frigidjason

    Chapter 11 - Brady

    Love and jealousy😍. Sparks are flying🎆. Guess one painful step at a time, very entertaining, love your story.
  12. frigidjason

    Chapter 38

    Hopefully rifle jams or no bullets inside
  13. frigidjason

    Chapter 9 - Brady

    About bloody time, 😀
  14. frigidjason

    Chapter 31

    Thanks for the lovely story, very sad and very happy, very glad it ended positively. A sequel of the boys progress, trials and adaptions would really be a cherry on the icing. Gonna miss all the characters
  15. frigidjason

    Stormy Weather

    Hope everyone is standing behind the fan. Excellent story, Thank you

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