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  1. I hope all is well with you JP! Good Luck to you.

  2. BlindAmbition


    Thank heavens. Someone intelligent and with who you don’t want to poison their coffee. Stupid is never pretty.
  3. BlindAmbition

    Screening Queens

    You’ve already set this up fabulously Brian. Will this going to be a vacation of accidental love, or follies?
  4. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 2

    There’s no mistaking the meaning of “I’ll open you up”. No shame in sex shop shopping. Maybe Officer Goodbody can assist and liberate Josh. The shop could help him open the possibilities.
  5. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 1

    There is nothing worse than paralyzing anxiety. Officer Kevin seems interested. He just may be the confidence and center that Josh so desperately needs. Very relatable.
  6. BlindAmbition

    The Story

    Wonderful story. The loose ends and unanswered questions are oddly satisfying. The promise is constantly evolving with no end in sight.
  7. BlindAmbition

    It Feels All Right

    I love the originality of this story. The descriptions of this magical land. No doubt it’s special. Sam and his clan provide the humans gold. A symbiotic relationship. Nice to see Tequkwan want to keep on the salamander tradition.
  8. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 5

    Bartles & Jaymes... the high schoolers cheap buzz... *not that I’d know* There are some relationships that always seem wrought with missed opportunity. I hope they meet on the same page. I feel Chuck is leaving more unsaid.
  9. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 4

    What a lovely tribute to friendships and bonds. While it was In a dream, Chuck will be there to catch Lee. He even nudged an unaware Lee that it was safe to share his secret.
  10. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 3

    This was a wonderful chapter. You expertly capture the familiarity of their past and uncertainty in the present. I really enjoy the nostalgia and raw emotion.
  11. BlindAmbition

    The Story

    Sweet and positive. Sometimes the impossible might not be so impossible.
  12. BlindAmbition


    LOL! Oops, that wasn’t a hand I grabbed. 🤩
  13. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 15

    Never lose hope and dreams.
  14. BlindAmbition

    Thaw is published!

    Congrats Puppi! That’s fantastic news.
  15. BlindAmbition


    This was a fantastic ending. Captured the charm of Napa Valley and SF. The perfect locale to blend their loves of wine and architecture. Enough romance without being too sappy. Great installment papi.

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