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  1. There are people who see you. You aren't forgotten. There will be those who hold you like a precious gem.
  2. @W_L I hope you have a fantastic day buddy!
  3. Happy Birthday @craftingmom I hope you have a beautiful day!
  4. Hot passions ignite You've whipped me inside and out Craving so much more
  5. Great Start Wolfie! I look forward to another engrossing story from an extremely gifted storyteller.
  6. Understood! Loud and clear. Great Job!
  7. tim

    Beautiful Sir. While you've had ups and downs. You're lucky to have each other. I know you make Tim a happy boy!
  8. @Defiance19 in unison... YEEES!
  9. *fanning myself* Parker... I'll take what you're having! Somebody spiked your Wheaties... makes you HOT!
  10. It's going to be a long day when your body decides to wake at 3:30am.

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    2. mollyhousemouse


      Well, I'm up early to take Phil to the car pool, now getting ready for work


    3. Defiance19


      It must have been the witching hour.. I woke up at 3:45... But I was excited for the final 2 hours of the school year.. 

    4. mogwhy


      sorry you'll woke up early :( i must have disturbed the universe, because i fell asleep about 3:30am--3 hours early for me:gikkle:

  11. Have a good night Sir! Hope you wake feeling better! XOXO

    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, jp. Enjoy your phone convo and have a good night yourself.  

  12. I'm finally caught up on the new story. Ace, the strength, structure, depth increases with each story release.
  13. I'm caught up! Looking forward to the wedding. I hadn't read and commented past 5 chapters. Sorry for that @Bndmetl I was going through stuff and this story was a little sugary for the mood. I'm back and still a loyal supporter.
  14. Just stopped by to send you a :hug::)