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  1. When you're not around, you are missed. I hope all is well, my boy. 

  2. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 7

    The beginning shows any society has trouble balancing progress. There was a lot of teaching with pillars and tree. Prism was taught serenity, mindfulness, balancing energy with mind and body. He basically received a Tai chi lesson. Good teaching for anyone.
  3. It doesn’t matter how well you know computer electronics, you need a PhD to setup a new printer. Not even that means success.

    1. MacGreg


      Nope, can't help you there! 

    2. Daddydavek


      I have mine hard wired connected to my desktop.  Anything I want printed if it's not already on my desktop or available through Google Drive, I put it in drop box and retrieve it on my desktop and print from there.  Setting up wireless printing is different for every printer and routers can make it next to impossible. 

  4. BlindAmbition

    Tales of the Underground: Blinded

    Ace takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions in this one. Cy Walker is a gang member from the Southside, and adopted into a family of wealth and privilege. He is presented as a hood rat banger with a one way ticket to juvenile hall, or 6 feet under. While journey isn’t easy, we see his upbringing. More importantly, we see what love and encouragement provide the human soul. Well written and told. Everyone deserves a chance of redemption. A must read!!
  5. BlindAmbition

    Majime gao

    These were beautiful and intricate. I love the collaborations you do with Lyssa. A joy to read.
  6. BlindAmbition


    You couldn’t have ended it anymore perfectly. Riley has closure where he needed it. People to love and carry him. Love he sees is needed. It’s no longer something he sees as weakness. Riley will teach Spirit how to trust. Spirit will help him thrive with PTSD. My favorite moment was Riley talking with his grandfather. That brief time they had will mold the man Riley will become.
  7. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 42

    I don’t care the reason. What the Maxwell family did to Rick was cruel. Taine knows Rick’s past. Just add to his abandonment issues.
  8. BlindAmbition

    Ask an Author 2.0 - #8

    Great work as always papi. Thanks for getting answers.
  9. BlindAmbition

    Death: A Poet's Perception

    I read this hours ago and had to process. You hit so close to home with pain and meds. Even the best days sometimes aren’t that great. It can be a prison, the pills a reminder, the pain a reminder, and the memories of what we used to be always a reminder. If you’re writing this now, I know it’s hitting hard. Sending you hugs. Tomorrow is a promise of a happier day. Never stop believing. ❤️
  10. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 6

    Ghayle literally takes on the weight and pain of the world. This is showing every species is complicit in the demise. Who is the chosen? Will they rise to the challenge and repair a world facing Armageddon? Will they face the same fate as Ghayle?
  11. BlindAmbition

    Winter Festival. December 2009. Ali.

    I’m going to say Adam lost the flat mate lottery. Things don’t add up with Paul. Evasive, goes missing. The glaring red flag *skipping rent*. Shady and sounds like a strung out grifter.
  12. BlindAmbition

    A Charmless Man. November 2009. Adam.

    This is like a page stolen from my single days in NYC. OMG!
  13. BlindAmbition

    Writers, How Do You Come Up With Chapter Titles?

    I agree! I can handle how @Carlos Hazday does chapter name and number. There is nothing worse than seeing chapter 20, ok... Which dang story does that belong to?
  14. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 41

    I don’t know where we start! How did we get here? Did Rick have a break from reality? I’m not quite awake enough to decipher. Just wow!!
  15. It’s supposed to be 108 today, the dog has curled up on the cool tile floor. It’s safe to say we are all over the current heatwave in Vegas.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BlindAmbition


      LOL! Thanks for the suggestion Sir. I prefer the AC, unless I’m instructed.

    3. Reader1810


      It’s only 55F right now, and I had to close the windows to keep the cold air out... :( 


    4. BlindAmbition


      I’d gladly trade @Reader1810! ☺️


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