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  1. Deck the Balls

    I guess it’s called the North Pole because those horny lil Keebler elves poles are raised and pointing north.
  2. Three's A Charm

    Hope you live near a fire hydrant. In Sweden you have all that snow to combat fires.
  3. Deck the Balls

    Speechless! Are you Ginger Nuts with a full mouth?
  4. Three's A Charm

    Great chapter. I said Zoe and Theo to @glennish last week. Now Zoe doesn’t have to maul someone else’s BF!
  5. Christmas, This Year

    It will be a special day for you. I realized this year that it’s not decorations, food, or presents. It’s the love that embraces you. Sure the traditions are nice, but the love is what makes it golden. Merry Christmas tim. xoxo
  6. Number of Notification Announcement is Repeating

    This was discussed on another thread by Myr. If you liked the story, that will happen.
  7. Did you Read and Review the Fall 2017 Anthologies?

    It’s the simple things in life. ☺️
  8. Can emoticon list be altered slightly?

    Hello GA Staff, I have a question for your accessibility users. Specifically, ones using Apple products. Theres a usability issue I believe GA would have no control over. It’s either Envision, Apple, or Envision and Apple related. In order to get to some emoticons, categories list has to be expanded. An action which can be hit or miss. Also extremely aggravating. My question; Can most used emoticons be placed at top of list? If so, list most often wouldn’t need to be expanded for accessibility users. Thanks for your time. jp
  9. Twelve Gays of Christmas

    I would like a spin-off just centering on Trevor and Rudy. I love the majority of characters. These two have more to say.
  10. Winter Blues

    Thanks B. Holiday season not an easy time. Trying to make new memories this year.
  11. Did you Read and Review the Fall 2017 Anthologies?

    All read and reviewed.
  12. Driving Home For Christmas

    For all those upset with @lomax61 cliffhanger... hehe.
  13. Famous-Barr General Images

    I was reading a historical piece on Christmas traditions and stores. One link lead to some info on FB. Apparently one of their windows was dedicated to Lionel trains. This is the 5 level setup in 1952.

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