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  1. Brother to Brother

    This made me cry. At the end of the day it’s the ones you love that matter.
  2. Road Trip

    You hit on the saddest thing. If you’re basically begging partner to be honest with you, there’s nothing to build on. Spikey has it so right... there’s no growth in these unlikeable characters. Yet, I keep hoping.
  3. Road Trip

    Billy is the town idiot! He may be book smart, but isn’t street smart. Brett has been giving hints. He is his own worst enemy. I’m beginning to think that he can’t function without self sabotage.
  4. March Classic Author Excerpt: Paying the Piper by Libby Drew

    I’m reading now as well. Well written. I don’t know why, but reminds me of the 50/60 detective style shows. Worth a read.
  5. Chapter 8

    Poor Troy! I hope he wasn’t raped. Although his initial reactions don’t show that. He needs to open up to Adam. If those kids get away with anything because of the detective... Watch Out! Mr. C won’t tolerate that.
  6. The blind man has been tasked with buying new tv for waiting room. Hope I can count on reviews. *chuckles*

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    2. BlindAmbition


      Yes @mollyhousemouse! It’s scary, but I can do it. Sir is really busy. ❤️

    3. Reader1810


      Your Sir has faith in you, jp. I know you’ll make him happy and proud. 

      As for checking reviews? That’s usually my first step, too. 

    4. BlindAmbition


      Thanks @Reader1810. I’ve narrowed to 4 sets. 2 from Samsung and 2 LG.

  7. Chapter XIX

    Ok, a lot in this chapter. Thank you for not making a mockery of D/s. Each relationship is different in degree. You have hit on characteristics accurately. Greg is showing he needs to be in control. This needs to be a partnership. Even if he gets last word. His partner must be willing and wish for same. As a sub, I know Chris is willing. He told Greg’s father he liked aggressive and controlling partners. Not sure if he realized this to be a trait. A butler is a perfect job. By nature, subs are people pleasers. Chris may not know it, but Greg has already started training. At some point Chris will have to say it’s what he wants. Greg has already started checklists, taking control of household and Chris’s duties. Chris has even acknowledged he likes some of the freedom it gives him. Giving control is a natural sub trait.
  8. Christmas Day!

    Charge that snake with attempted murder! Poor Ryder. Ruining their first Christmas. Hey Blake, I’ll apply to be your babysitter. 😉
  9. Love, Simon- A Coming Out Movie

    Haven’t seen yet. Definitely will. The book Simon vs. the Homo sapiens agenda was a wonderful book.
  10. W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    I missed this announcement. Very sad you won’t be writing Jeff. Wishing you and family peace through this. Honesty and acceptance show integrity.
  11. Chapter XVII

    Hey A! Good chapter. I have continued. As you said, Chris and Greg are playing on more equal terms. Definitely a power play going on. Chris is uncomfortable without any control. Natural with his past.
  12. Dead-Composers Society

    Glad you enjoyed it Moggy.
  13. Dead-Composers Society

    Thats funny Sir. I totally agree on the talent. Just beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed for a 2nd time Sir.
  14. Dead-Composers Society

    While not classical, this The Good, bad and ugly is impressive by Danish symphony.
  15. I placed my keys in the freezer. I posted on wrong status... i see it’s going to be one of those days. Focus!

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    2. BlindAmbition


      Thanks @Caz Pedroso and @Kitt. I needed that smile Kitt. Breaks the moment so I can get back to tasks. 🤗

    3. Mikiesboy


      Hang in buddy!

    4. BlindAmbition


      Thanks @Mikiesboy. Sir closed door to office. Working with classical music. It’s helping tim. 🤗


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