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  1. Last Post Wins #44

    *Ahem* I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for having the fortitude to keep me and raise me into the man I am . I'd like to thank the opposition New England @Valkyrie's for her valiant effort. I like to thank the fans, especially @northie, @TalonRider, @Slytherin, @Sweetlion, @Parker Owens, @BlindAmbition, @Daddydavek and especially my own personal cheerleader @Drew Espinosa The fact that you all supported me to attain the Shinyhood speaks volumes of your dedication and drive to make me the winner that I am . **music starts to fade in** That was good. I can not lie. 💋
  2. Mastershakeme's newborn!

    Congratulations. Wishing your family the best. That’s an absolutely precious name.
  3. It Stays In Vegas

    Drew is rising in the ranks at a celebrated Vegas casino. His life quickly changes when meeting Bob, the friend of a high rollers son. Sparks quickly fly between these two. As a Vegas resident, I’m pleasantly surprised with the story. No doubt the author knew Vegas. Mixed with fictional and factual buildings. A well written and enjoyable story.
  4. Hope you’re enjoying the break. Sending you ❤️❤️xo

    1. Defiance19


      I am, thank you much..  one more day in the boro  before I escape. 

      Your day going well? 

      ❤️❤️ 😘 right back at you. 


    2. BlindAmbition


      Slow day in office, but a good day. YAY for tomorrow. 😉

  5. A Whole New World

    Great chapter. Looking forward to Vic’s time at college. I’m starting the petition now! Hunter needs his own story. YUMMY! Ride that cowboy!!
  6. Tech Tuesday - Fancy Links

    Another great tip. Very helpful for newbies. Also a good refresher for those around the site longer.
  7. Just Ryder

    So much was said in this chapter. Not all spoken. They fit like a puzzle. They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same for this family. Ryder doesn’t see yet that he is and always was and will be an Haner.
  8. Sigh! For the third time in 9 years I’ve been called for jury duty. Being blind, I’m not supposed to be summoned. What a pain to keep sending medical info.

    1. MacGreg


      Hmm. Sorry you have to go through that hassle. 

    2. BlindAmbition


      Thank you Sir @MacGreg. If I could, I would. They expect you to see exhibits and read handouts and take notes.

    3. mogwhy


      i don't know how it works where you live, but here, i contacted the the office that controls the jury duty people and asked for a permanent release from jury duty. my doctor had to fill out a form as to why and note that this was a permanent condition. good luck jp

  9. Chapter 9

    TJ has been stunted. Both emotionally and physically. No guidance means bad choices. Can Randy and family give him a solid foundation to help.
  10. Vampire Smuggling

    Great chapter. Ceiling sex and a pet bat. January has pet jewel names for them. Pax is Topaz. A color that has shades of all their colors.
  11. Living in Vegas, I’ll have to check these out. Vegas has its own unique flair.
  12. Romance stories set in your hometown or city.

    Thanks molly. It’s just disrespectful to the art of writing.
  13. Romance stories set in your hometown or city.

    I don’t understand this. If you’re going to be a lazy writer, Why bother?
  14. Chapter 7

    Very, very sexy. Ryan is one sexy dude who is all that and a bag of chips. Makes my toes curl.
  15. Oliver the Mad

    Thankfully Oli has his drums. Without them, he could have shot up school by now. Everyone disregards him. They talk at him and don’t listen. Of course the kid would rebel. I also feel Oli shows characteristics of ADHD. Ryder was able to let things roll off his back when he was young. Whereas Oli lets things fester. I am so happy to see signs of the old mother. Oli is the healing catalyst for the family. The mother will be the glue to keep them together.
  16. Supernova

    A beautiful poem of two bonding as one. Exquisite poem Sir.
  17. Weekly Wrap Up (Feb 11 - Feb 18)

    It’s the dedication that counts @wildone. You get the silver medal. 😉
  18. Olympic Kiss Seen Around the World

    The best part is showing LGBTQ people they are normal. Love like everyone else. It also sends a very public message to the ones trying to send us back 50 years.
  19. Trials of Parenting

    Great parenting. They allowed each child their emotions. It’s normal to be conflicted. Not everything was awful about their mother. Each child should write her a letter. Help their healing. I think trouble brewing with Mr. Nocock. I wonder if they can get some advice from the judge to handle that matter. The kids will be truly Blu and Kyle’s... That’s feckin something to celebrate. Blow up some neon balloons! 😆
  20. Babysitting Disaster

    Payback is a biatch Caleb. All the stuff he’s put people through. Poor Lincoln feels he’s going to be discarded. Its pretty bad when you understand Kasey language. 😂
  21. Introducing Sex Into Your Story

    Sex is a natural aspect of life and relationship. No matter if it’s a hookup, or founded on actual building relationship. Obviously if a hookup, one would expect more sex. Be true to characters and story. The one thing I hate. When an author treats sex as a character. It’s not. Anytime I see this, story loses focus and sex is repetitive.
  22. Chapter 6

    Absolutely heartbreaking for Eric. It’s not worth the pain, pining over family who doesn’t acknowledge you. Ryan is providing him a family. I hope Eric realizes soon that running is wrong. The more you run from your authentic self, the harder it gets to do.
  23. Chapter 93 The Worst Kept Secret

    It’s actually from story on here... Posing for the Alpha. I’m doing everything possible to clean my feckin mouth on here.
  24. Chapter 3

    We all have those. A 1974 pic of me at 2 with red and white checked pants and white tee. What was my mother thinking with those big checks. So not flattering.
  25. On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

    Great chapter. Howdy Hunter, I’m jp. 🤠

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