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  1. Vegas Knights in the Stanley finals!!! YES!!! 


    1. BHopper2


      Congrats, jp! Hopefully the Bolts will clinch tomorrow night, and we can start being rivals... Until the Bolts win the Cup! #GoBolts!

    2. BlindAmbition


      Good luck A! I look forward to it!! 🍾

  2. BlindAmbition

    Song of the moment

    Not sure how I feel about group. Voice not super strong. Guitar intro reminds me of Motley Crue... Looks That Kill!
  3. Go Knights!!! We are hours away from clinching a spot in the Stanley finals.

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    2. BlindAmbition


      @BHopper2 Thanks A! This city is insane today. 

    3. BHopper2


      The scuttlebutt today is that it's going to be a very hard Game 6 in D.C., and they are favored to win there. Then Game 7 will be Lightning's to win. I hope we clinch tomorrow night. #KnockOnWood #GoBolts #nocaps

    4. BlindAmbition


      Vegas leads 2-1 end of 2nd... Go Knights!

  4. BlindAmbition

    Darker Themes

    I agree! It’s a level of decency. I would not wish for a rape survivor to stumble upon a violent rape scene, or so many other scenarios. GA is meant to supply enjoyment, not to traumatize.
  5. BlindAmbition

    The In Between

    In this continuation of Not the Sun; Brandon and Jordan find themselves at the in between and entering Charion. Have they arrived in time to save Leia? Questions are answered, even more are raised. Cassie continues expanding this fantastic world. Growing the readers connection to characters. All while leaving breadcrumbs throughout this Sci-Fi/Romance guilty pleasure.
  6. BlindAmbition

    Not The Sun

    I’m a huge fan of Cassie. I love her fresh ideas and style of writing. This series has so much to offer... Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery and intrigue. Think Dune meets Labyrinth. Brandon and Jordan have a special connection. One that includes some special powers. Brandon is a creator, while Jordan is his enabler. They learn to harness their gifts while working through mysteries of Brandon’s best friends supposed suicide. What might they stumble upon? If that’s not enough... There’s a romance that won’t go ignored.
  7. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 29

    I think this is my favorite chapter so far. The most open and vulnerable we have seen with Taine. Not only with Rick, but with Sly as well. The father/son conversation held such realism.
  8. BlindAmbition

    How long should you stay?

    Well, I thought I’d update this. Starbucks has had some unflattering press when it comes to non-paying customers and right approach. They are now making official policy that all are welcome... even non-paying customers. A good choice. Most will come back to purchase. As a customer, it’s only fair to make accomodations for paying customers when shop is busy. Here’s a little on Starbucks stance. https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2018-05-19/new-starbucks-policy-no-purchase-needed-to-sit-in-its-cafes
  9. BlindAmbition

    Happy Birthday, Myr!

    Happy Birthday Myr! The bar is open and serving!! 🍾🎉🎊
  10. BlindAmbition

    Going Home

    This was a fantastic chapter tim. The natural camaraderie between Finn and Sam is sweet. I’m enjoying the unfolding of the story. Sam and his salamander diet is a lil Fear Factorish, but all boys need their protein.
  11. BlindAmbition

    Darker Themes

    This is a fantastic article. I love dark themes, but I must be in that frame of mind. I need to trust author to have balance. Some are difficult, but I try to pull through. I found that @Parker Owens and @craftingmom do this very well. The first few chapters of A to Z were brutal, but Parker balanced and produced a wonderful story.
  12. Happy Birthday all mighty one... Have a fantastic day!🧙🏻‍♂️

  13. BlindAmbition

    If, as expected, the Raiders move to Las Vegas…

    I’m originally from NJ. I’ve been in Vegas since 2004. I’m a hockey nut. We were excited to get the Knights. They are having a great season. The team gives a lot to the city and supporters. Vegas wants football, but not the Raiders. All about the money... with no loyalty. The family has already threatened, stopped traffic with site. They will no doubt screw Vegas... it’s just a matter of when.
  14. BlindAmbition

    ATGB V

    Thanks for the new chapter papi. I love the visit to Heroes Haven. What a wonderful program. Not enough done for our vets who’ve sacrificed everything. I fear for Brad! You said you were taking a break from deaths. That doesn’t mean Brad won’t come home unrecognizable. I hope he’s not completely altered and destroyed. Thank you for the social issues you highlight. While not all popular... important to consider. ❤️
  15. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 28

    Taine is becoming more confident. He’s sharing more with Rick. The fact that he talked to Sly is promising as well. Rick needs to resolve the car issue with Rex and Sly.
  16. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 8 - Ember

    Ok, the unconscious flirt is on. Brady is licking his lips... Ember is stroking down his chest. When these two get together... boy are sparks gonna fly. Ember delicately admonished Kate over her faux pas of outing Brady. To be fair, I think she thought Ember was aware. Ember has already won her over. Pix is adorable. I don’t care your manner... if you’re being true to yourself... nothing else matters. Feck anyone who tries to tell you any different. Pix can and should fly, glide, glitter until his heart is content. 🧚🏼‍♂️
  17. BlindAmbition

    Reaching For Something That's Not There

    A reality becoming all too common for many. I feel your struggle of fighting off the demons. The cycle which holds more than us sometimes.
  18. BlindAmbition

    Crossing the Moon

    A clever and unique spin on the we’re creature genre. Elias is an omega with a harem of mates. Watch them learn to adapt and understand their unusual family... as they protect their union from the god who might not approve. Each character is different and lovable in their own way.
  19. BlindAmbition

    A Solid Bond

    This was a wonderful story with adorable characters. I’d be up for another romp with these guys. I couldn’t agree more Nolan. Being bound makes me feel safe and secure as well. 😉
  20. BlindAmbition

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    You go sister!! 😉
  21. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 4

    Buddy’s outlook on life is so sad. He has been beaten down so bad and has lost all hope. I don’t know what Melissa is up to. Can’t be good though. She isn’t a good person. Too caught up in her school status. I beat her because she called me a bitch... That says it all! Sorry, but no man is worth fighting over. Certainly not Brad... He’s your problem, not Joy.
  22. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 15

    Not good! However, Troy doesn’t seem worried. Were precautions previously addressed? Carlos is also a witness. Hopefully he watched car they entered. Good chapter Cliffy!

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