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  1. Ullyssess

    Milton's Grandkid

    Great chapter! I like Milton. He reminds me of both my grandfathers.
  2. Ullyssess

    Close To You

    Great story! Thank you!
  3. Ullyssess


    Great story! I love every word of it!
  4. Ullyssess


    Great story!
  5. Ullyssess

    Karmai & Sylvan

    Racism has an ugly face, but very good make up. Great story!
  6. Ullyssess

    The Best Laid Plans.....

    I started with 'Rough justice' and read my way up to NumbaCruncha. All of them are wonderful stories with a very interesting philosophical background. So I look forward to reading your next stories. As you say, the loudest voices and the biggest guns lead the way. But we can try to make a difference (and as a teacher I try to teach my students to think independently and to stand up for their opinion).
  7. Ullyssess

    The Best Laid Plans.....

    Great story! I loved every word. The ideas about an Utopia you present in your stories are very worth, and, at the same time, very disturbing to many. But it is all up to us, change doesn't come by just hoping for it.
  8. This technical part is very interesting!
  9. The way the Mages think and live reminds me of the last years before the fall of the Roman Empire and the years before the October Revolution. The end is near, but nobody wants to know.
  10. That's well-spoken!
  11. A fantastic story! Although it makes me uncomfortable. Because I know so many people that I know as followers, air mongers, manipulators. As Sartre said, 'l'enfer, c'est les autres'. But how much 'evil' or 'gullibility' is there in every 'good' person? And am I one of the good ones? Will I stand up for what I believe is right? You have given me food for thought!
  12. Ullyssess

    On the Run

    your story shows how easy it is for governments/people to 'slip'. Very uncomfortable!
  13. Ullyssess

    A Perfect Day For It

    I loved every minute reading this great story.
  14. Ullyssess


    again a wonderful story!
  15. Ullyssess

    All's Well That Ends.........

    Great story! Loved it!

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