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  1. Dyaus

    Chapter 29

    Oh God!! At last! I thought the captain would be blind about the connection they shared until the very end, and we'd be suffering alongside Kohen!! Thanks for a great chapter!
  2. Dyaus


    No words. I feel like Mira trying to express everything I've felt without having to write it. I've laughed, hated, gotten nervous, cried (oh my god, how I hated that chapter!!!!). Thank you very, very much for this rollercoaster of emotions, and please, please, please, consider publishing. This ought to be out to the wider public. There is romance, adventure, and feelings... I've devoured the book. Now, on to the second installment!! By the way, some of the links to the maps aren't working! Hugs from Barcelona!
  3. Dyaus

    Chapter 23

    Falling in love with those two there... I love how it's written! keep with it!
  4. Dyaus

    Chapter 10

    Short but intense... Cliff-hangers, we hate you! Thanks for keeping the writing up!
  5. Dyaus

    VII. The gentle heir

    no words... I just love how quickly you've created a society and a lot of its intricacies... Keep going, man!!
  6. Dyaus

    Tears Of The Neko

    Good plot. Very well built characters. A good fantasy romance to be read nonstop from beginning to end. Perhaps the antagonist is too obvious for my taste, but if you really center on what's happening you'll enjoy it.
  7. Dyaus

    VI. The river's son

    Woah!! You may not completely like it, but I see it great! By the way, have you made up Aaru's language? Or is it an existing one?
  8. Dyaus

    V. The lord with the gilded name

    It good to have a background, and I agree with Smoothy.. the story and the plot are going rather smooth and well. Thanks for the writing!
  9. Dyaus

    Chapter 53

    a great end to a great story... wish we knew a bit more of their adventures in the wild!
  10. Dyaus

    IV. The companion

    Keep them coming!! I can't wait for the next installment to be released! The clash of Aaru's will against Tistan will be an interesting thing to behold.
  11. Dyaus

    Chapter 1

    Woah! Great writing! I hate repeating what the others have said, but the twist really works! Congrats!
  12. Dyaus

    Chapter 6

    good riddance of that sasha bitch! way to go!!!
  13. Dyaus

    Chapter 1

    Love the furry creature!!
  14. Dyaus

    III. The unwilling master

    Way to go Aaru!! He can't be so stubborn, but he can't admit being defeated and belonging to another person... Although our working is the 21st century slavery, I couldn't imagine being subjected to the kind of slavery you are describing... Congratulations on a good written chapter!!
  15. Dyaus

    I. The young nobleman

    Great start!!! I would've hoped for the savage to have had grey eyes... hehehe... Thanks for sharing the story with us...

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