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  1. Liars' Club

    That is a pity. I would have loved to find out what Jack had been doing in the background to support the boys. Now it seems he is just a scumbag...
  2. Liars' Club

    We'll have to wait for new chapters to get this resolved!
  3. Liars' Club

    Don't you think that that is just Billy finally growing up? Realising that your town is not the center of the world, daddy is not superman, etc? And the similarities between B and J. You'd be amazed at what people don't see if it isn't spelled out to them. Billy knows, so he'll see it...
  4. Liars' Club

    Yes, we do disagree. The kind of support Jack is talking about is not in the things that happen between Billy and Jack. It is about what happens between others and Jack in things regarding Billy. Think Billy's mom, the pastor, etc.
  5. Liars' Club

    You are right that this is not necessarily the truth. We don't know. However, I think he is telling an important truth here. I can see Jack supporting Billy and have no reason to think this is not true.
  6. Liars' Club

    Nah, those are opinions, not necessarily true
  7. Liars' Club

    While you are all focussing on Jack and Joey and their perceived wickedness, you miss the most important thing. The only truth that was spoken in this chapter, was spoken by Jack: “You want to talk about trust? Let’s talk about a woman who claims that she loves my son, but then rejects him and tosses him aside like garbage when she finds out that he’s gay! I’ve never rejected you, Billy. I’ve been your biggest supporter! Your mother broke my son’s heart and treated him like garbage.” Amen! (pun intended)
  8. Liars' Club

    Haha, you are right. Those were no attacks. I just wanted to play the drama queen for a bit
  9. Liars' Club

    I'm very tempted to look up my earlier comments about how I think Billy is a weak boy and Joey is not the asshole everyone thinks. But I can't find it. It must be buried under all the attacks I received for it
  10. How do you conquer your fear?

    While avoiding fearful situations certainly has its merits (when done in moderation), I don't think it is a way of conquering fears
  11. Forbidden

    Where does it say it is fantasy?
  12. Forbidden

    So sad Very brave of you to tackle this taboo subject.
  13. Bless, Me Father

    if you listen carefully, you can hear my heart breaking...
  14. How do you conquer your fear?

    I think conquering fear is about preparation and allowing yourself to fail. Preparation can be physical, but is mostly mental. Imagine yourself in the dreaded situation and think through different scenarios. Then try it out in the real world. If you fail, no problem, just start over and use your newly gained experience to prepare better for the next try.
  15. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    I came here after googling for new chapters of W.A.R. I was reading that story on another site and found that new chapters were posted here. That story triggered some deeply buried sentiments. Here I found other stories that also made quite an impact on me. Especially the biographies of some authors. The interaction with other readers and authors is what made me stay. And the stories of course

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