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  1. Freerider

    A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting

    Yes, the place is wrong
  2. Freerider

    A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting

    Memphis, 1978 ❓
  3. Freerider

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Aceinthehole

  4. Freerider


    An interesting short story. Well worth a read!
  5. Freerider

    Author Promo: Dodger

    I thoroughly enjoy Dodger's stories. "A night at the opera" had me fooled and made me chuckle when I realised what the author did. And I am always excited when there is a new chapter of "The Cockney Canuck". Robby and his friends/family really come to life. I think I never said anything bad about Nicola... I hope "A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting" is a whole different story. Interesting writing to say the least, though I am a bit worried that it will get too dark for my taste. On the other hand Dodger seems to know how to keep his readers reading
  6. Freerider

    April 29 through April 31

    April 31
  7. Hey Freerider, thanks for all the recent 'likes' on Dissonance.

    1. Freerider


      Welcome :)

      It is a good story. I love the adult characters and am curious how it will continue.

  8. Freerider

    Second Week

    April 8 caught my eye... love and absence, but mostly love
  9. Freerider

    The Dance

    Yay, Billy and Brett are back together! This was my first thought after waking up this morning. I read this chapter late last night, before falling asleep. Anyone think I may be invested a bit too deeply in this story?
  10. Freerider

    Growing Up

    I don't get it. A young boy that is planning out his sexual activities and nervous about it? I would think that 2 young people that like each other (sexually) would naturally start things. All from playfulness and curiosity. Show me yours..., a kiss, a grope, a giggle and from that it can progress. The thinking and planning comes after that, when they realise they are playing a powerful game. At least I have never heard about boys planning their first playtime. It just happened.
  11. Freerider

    Somebody I Used to Know

    Joey and Dustin impressed me. And I am so happy you didn’t make Brett take Billy back with one short talk. Billy’s mom keeps an asperger diagnosis from him? What the hell was she thinking? Even if she did not want to label him, she could at least have explained and coached him. Instead she did nothing... hmm I guess Billy does take after his mother.
  12. Freerider

    Everybody Hurts

    hmm, a common enemy unites...
  13. Freerider

    Everybody Hurts

    Yes, you did call it! I think Billy could still show Brett how serious he is about him. But it will take something else now.
  14. Freerider

    W.a.r. By Jeff Wilson (Jkwsquirrel)

    Strangely enough, this chapter gave me a lot of satisfaction. I really wanted to see Billy suffering for what he did. disclaimer: all within boundaries of course, because I love this story! And maybe also Billy a bit
  15. Freerider

    Everybody Hurts

    Yay Joey! So, the history quiz took care of the valedictorian thing. Now let's see if Billy is finally ready to fight!

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