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  1. chris191070


    Great reunion for Kaleo and Adam, feel a bit sorry for Zack. Kaleo and Adam have to decide what they want together.
  2. chris191070

    FAR Chapter 3

    Fantastic chapter
  3. chris191070

    Chapter 9.3

    Interesting chapter, so we get to learn more about Simon. I hope it doesn’t scare Fran away from him, they make a cute couple, even if they haven’t realised it yet.
  4. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    I love Drew and the twins.
  5. chris191070

    Chapter 2

    Having just read the first two chapter’s, I like Drew and the twins, especially as they seem to have a complex relationship with there family and each other. I’m not sure about Ben yet. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  6. chris191070

    Chapter 3

    A good story, even if very dark. I hate people who use Christianity to be bigots. Bobby needs a lot of help after everything his family has done to him, let’s hope Charlie can get him that help.
  7. chris191070

    Chapter 13 - Youngblood

    Great chapter
  8. chris191070

    Got A Secret…

    Awesome chapter. Mason definitely needs to grow up, before he ends up in trouble. I wonder what Trick has got Cody for his birthday present.
  9. chris191070

    ANC Chapter 14

  10. chris191070

    NB - A New Chapter

    This is the third book in the New Beginnings Series. It continues the adventures of Sebastian and his twin brother’s. Following the death of Huon we get to meet his son Xander. We get to meet all the regular cast of people on there adventures. It is highly recommend as a great read.
  11. chris191070

    ANC Chapter 14

    Awesome chapter. It was great to read more of the adventures of Sebastian, the twins brother’s and Huon’s son Xander.
  12. chris191070

    ANC Chapter 13

    Awesome chapter, great to see Xander and Kyle singling in churches like Huon and Kyle, a very special moment for the family.
  13. chris191070

    FAR Chapter 2

    Wow what a great chapter, bush fires are horrendous, take a toll on everything and everyone involved with fighting them.
  14. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Great start to the story
  15. chris191070

    Worth the Struggle

    That’s good to here would miss all of them and there adventures

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