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  1. chris191070

    A Silent Escape

    I’m totally loving Prince Terryn and Huck. I’m wondering who the Shade is now.
  2. chris191070

    Chapter 11

    Great chapter. Let’s hope that Drew protects the boys from the sicko who took the photos.
  3. chris191070

    Cerulean Dreams

    A fantastic short story in The Chosen Series. It shows how Killian and Ryan came to be a couple. Well worth reading if you’ve read Book 1 of The Chosen.
  4. chris191070

    Cerulean Dreams

    Killian and Ryan together. I loved how Killian got all jealous.
  5. chris191070

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter. Let’s see what happens when they try to trap the Zombie and blow him up. Plan’s never work as they are planned, something is bound to go wrong.
  6. chris191070

    Chapter 31

    Another fantastic chapter. I loved Adam’s Revenge on Troy. Adam is back firing on all cylinders. I loved how you mentioned @Geron Kees story Z is for a Zombie, it makes them out to be normal teenagers. They seem to be talking to Paul and Chris a lot, hope we see more of them soon.
  7. chris191070

    Chapter 9

    Great chapter. Rory and Milan are cute together. What’s Kiyo up to, I hope it’s nothing bad that’s harming Milan.
  8. chris191070

    The Chosen

    This is the fantastic story of 4 teenagers reincarnations of there past selves, The Chosen. We follow the adventures of Chad, Adam, Ryan and Killian as they learn about there past, whilst fighting evil demons with there magical powers. It’s very well written, plenty of humour, great battle scenes. An excellent read highly recommended. Looking forward to the sequel.
  9. chris191070

    Objects at Rest

    What a fantastic chapter. Chad won the battle and brought the Chosen back to life. Will look forward to the sequel.
  10. chris191070

    Chapter 2

    Wow Scott had a hard childhood. His father didn’t think things through enough, if he had he probably wouldn’t be in jail.
  11. chris191070

    Chapter 6

    Great chapter. Interesting development in Pahana’s development, with him healing Tocho.
  12. chris191070

    Chapter 7

    Wow what a chapter.
  13. chris191070

    Objects in Motion

    What a great battle. One Shadow down two to go. But you’ve killed Ryan, so only three Chosen. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  14. chris191070

    Chapter 9

    Great chapter. Who’s flying those planes. At least the fire defence system worked.
  15. chris191070

    Chapter 6

    Wow what a chapter. So we now know that Jacob was abused.

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