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  1. chris191070

    A Friendly Wager

    Great chapter, loving the story
  2. chris191070

    Enter the Sorcerer

    Great chapter. Loving the story and the various characters we are meeting. Esthor sounds cute. So Fendrel hates Rulf and wanted revenge on him, looking forward to finding out why.
  3. chris191070


    We just need one in Hong Kong to make sure @lomax61 does as we all want and one in Denmark to make sure that @Timothy M. edits it as soon as he receives it. Then we will all be happy 😃
  4. chris191070


    That’s not good let’s hope @lomax61 doesn’t get trigger happy 😃 and post it anyway
  5. chris191070


    A great short story covering a day in the life of Detective Michael Lingard. We see him dealing with various problems and an important decision that he has to make. Well worth a quick read.
  6. chris191070

    Chapter 1

    Great story, I think that Mike made the right decision in accepting the promotion and being in charge of the new unit. Especially as you’ve allowed him to choose his own staff, he is a very career driven person. The only concern is the stress the last case put him under, will he be able to handle the extra pressure that his new position will put him under.
  7. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 15

    Another fantastic chapter
  8. chris191070


    They had the last one of those in Bali unless Kennedy comes to his senses and goes after Kieran.
  9. chris191070


    I’m quite happy for @lomax61 to have them do a delicate dance for as many chapters as he want’s as long as they end up together.
  10. chris191070


    Kennedy need’s to realise that if wants Kieran he is going to have to go after him, because Kieran won’t beg, it’s up to Kennedy to decide how much he loves him. Kieran has gained himself a new circle of friends, a fantastic job with Len all because of Kennedy. Lets hope that Kennedy sees sense and doesn’t let Kieran disappear out of his life. So the next chapter better have them getting back together.
  11. chris191070

    Chapter 7

    Scott is an evil little prick and his Uncle Mr Olsteen is not much better. At least Bobby and Mark have there parents on there side as well as the simply adorable Aunt Janice.
  12. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 14

    Another fantastic chapter.
  13. chris191070

    Chapter 5

    What a beautiful ending to a fantastic story.
  14. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 13

    Another fantastic chapter
  15. chris191070

    Bali Highs & Lows

    What a chapter. So the Buisness end up merging. Kennedy going all cold on Kieran because he doesn’t what commitment. Kieran asking for a final three days of enjoyment in Bali and then saying he won’t contact Kennedy again as per contract. It can’t end like that they both need sense knocking into them, hopefully the girls can do that in three days. Kennedy and Kieran are perfect for each other, hopefully they will both see sense.
  16. chris191070

    Cruel Moon

    Wow interesting start to the story. Looking forward to more. Esthor sounds cute.
  17. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 12

    Another fantastic chapter
  18. chris191070

    Chapter 20

    Amazing chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  19. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 11

    Another fantastic chapter
  20. chris191070


    Wow great chapter. Hope Adam goes with Kaleo back to Poa to support him.
  21. chris191070

    Chapter 27

    Wow what a chapter. Adam’s recovery is coming along nicely. The school incident sounds bad, I hope no one get’s hurt and that Troy is safe. I wonder if the gunman has anything to do with Adam’s Ma or the Priest. I hate cliffhangers, is it Friday yet.
  22. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 10

    Another fantastic chapter
  23. chris191070

    Kennedy Gay

    What a fantastic chapter. Kieran and Joey talking, they both have found there perfect match. Patrick punching Richmond’s lights out was just perfect. His apology to Kieran was long overdue. The Girls looked after Kieran in Kennedy’s absence. Now about Kennedy’s Buisness in LA not going to plan, we need an answer to this cliffhanger now.
  24. chris191070

    Chapter 3

    Great story, it’s starting to get very interesting.
  25. chris191070

    Chapter 6

    Aunt Janice is such a lovely lady, I just adore Bobby’s parents, the talk off his Dad showed how much he cares about Bobby. Mark and Bobby are right not to rush into a relationship.

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