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  1. WSD Chapter 6

    Poor Rory, first love ripped apart like that. He got time with his Grandparents which was important. Looking forward to him going back to Australia and learning about and working in the Buisnesses that he owns.
  2. Trials of Parenting

    Could have Stanley and Hiscock as a couple of lovers 🤢🤮
  3. Trials of Parenting

    @droughtquake so true I’m sure Stanley and his minions will cause trouble for Kyle and Blu. He’ll probably try to cause trouble for Jared when he finds out he’s living with a man and has a son. I’m sure @Dahawk has plenty of drama lined up for us.
  4. Trials of Parenting

    Kyle and Blu certainly discovered the difficulties of parenthood in this chapter. I hope the kids are ok especially with them all showing different types of emotion towards there mums death. Hopefully Kyle and Blu get to adopt them with no problems (bound to be though) so that the kids have the love and stability they deserve in life.
  5. OBC Chapter 5

    Another fantastic chapter
  6. Babysitting Disaster

    Another fantastic chapter, just love the kids. Uncle Kaleb an Uncle Davis made great babysitters
  7. Chapter 8

    Not my favourite chapter.
  8. Chapter 3

    A wonderful chapter. Glad to see Adam safe, hope he gets over his nightmares. I just love the sleepover on a Saturday night, it shows that the relationship is about friendship and not based purely on sex
  9. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    If its taken 8 📖 to get to the proposal, I hope we haven’t got another 8 📖 before we get to the wedding 🎩
  10. Chapter 1

    A lovely sweet and innocent valentines tale.
  11. Second Chances

    A lovely Valentines story about 2 boys who both want a boyfriend. Well worth a read.
  12. WSD Chapter 4

    Great chapter, looking forward to the next chapter and the family’s new start together.
  13. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Amazing chapter. Finally, I always expected CJ to pop the question. A perfect day to release a perfect chapter, you just keep surprising us with this story. Do we get a chapter on Friday as well 😊 ps. I can’t stop crying tears of happiness for CJ and Ozzie
  14. The Friendship Ring

    A sweet Valentines story, well worth a read
  15. Chapter 1

    Such a sweet story.
  16. OBC Chapter 4

    Another great chapter.
  17. Boy Valentine

    A nice sweet story for Valentines, well worth a read.
  18. Boy Valentine

    Such a sweet Valentines story.
  19. Cruising for my Valentine

    Such a lovely romantic story for Valentines Day
  20. Chapter 7

    Another fantastic chapter
  21. I Could Tell

    Nice short story @Comicality I think most closeted gays recognise one another.
  22. Yeah 🐶 puppies looking forward to the adventures of them and there parents
  23. Don't Give Up On Me

    Such a fantastic chapter, so much love and warmth in the room. Jared and Mason at last.
  24. Home

    Fantastic chapter. Looking forward to more.
  25. Worth the Struggle

    I’m sure he will be back to cause trouble for Kyle, Blu and the kids. Trouble seems to follow them about, but they always win in the end.

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