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  1. Chaotic Week

    Chaotic Week: Blu quietly opened the front door poking his head in to see if anyone was around, seeing no-one he shuffled Arabella and Lincoln through before carefully closing it behind him. As they entered the living room they came face-to-face with Kyle. Kyle looked at the three, who had a guilty look, “Where have the three of you been?” “Nowhere,” the three said in unison looking sheepish. “Uh huh,” Kyle stared at the three, “Well, Levi and I made lunch it’s in the oven, to keep it warm. We made Buffalo Chicken Mac-n-Cheese.” “Awesome, come on kids,” Blu said excitedly. “Thanks, Blondie.” Blu kissed Kyle on his way past him to the kitchen hoping they had gotten away with their little outing. Kyle stood up watching the three retreat hastily to the kitchen, wondering what they had been doing all morning causing them to act so strangely. Casually Kyle strolled into the dining room where the three were eating setting his eyes on Lincoln. “So, did you have fun this morning buddy?” Kyle asked innocently. Lincoln nodded his head making no effort to say anything. “What did you do?” Kyle smirked at Blu who glared at him. “Nothin’,” Lincoln shoveled a large portion of food into his mouth freeing himself from speaking. Levi strolled into the dining room after he heard the talking. “Where were you guys? Dad and me played some Xbox,” Levi smiled as he recounted his morning activities. “We went for a walk,” Blu said as if it were something they would normally do, even if the temperatures outside were beyond cold. Levi stared at his brother sensing Lincoln being caught in a lie, “Wasn’t it a little cold bro?” “Uh… We wore warm clothes,” Lincoln muttered before hurriedly shoveling another bite of food in his mouth. “What’s the mark on your neck Dad?” Kyle rolled his eyes, “Your Pop thought he was being funny.” Levi looked at the mark on his Dad, “Hey, didn’t Tony have one of those on his neck?” Blu winced his fork stopped half-way to his mouth, “He better not have.” He sternly eyed his daughter. Kyle looked at Levi and Bella, “I um… WOW!” Kyle sat down in his chair his mind reeling, not even sure what to say. He sat wondering how long of a drive it would be to get to Tony’s house. “Shut-up Levi, he did not.” Arabella looked at Blu, “I swear Pop he doesn’t if he did Tony didn’t get it from me.” “Okay, I better not find one on him, young lady. There’ll be consequences if he has.” Blu pushed his lunch away from him. Levi shook his head, “I swear –” Kyle shook his head cutting off his son, “That’s enough,” he heard more than his mind was willing to process. “If you kids have finished eating get on to your homework or chores. Your Dad and I will clean up here,” Blu told them. The three left the table grumbling and nudging each other, Khan followed along behind Lincoln. Scarlett jumped out of an empty soda can box to follow his Mom, scaring the crap out of Blu. “Jesus,” Blu gasped, “I’m going to kill that brother of yours.” “Why?” Kyle stared off into a distant world still dumbfounded by Levi’s revelation. “That cat’s favorite past time is trying to give me a friggin’ heart attack.” “Oh ok,” Kyle answered not really paying attention. “Blondie focus, I want to talk to you about something,” Blu said as he stood and started clearing the lunch dishes from the table. “I was focusing, you wanted to kill Tony,” Kyle looked at his husband. “No Honey, that’s you. If he has a hickey on his neck tomorrow in class we can revisit that train of thought. After we ground Arabella until she’s old and grey,” Blu said unamused by that situation. “What did you wanna talk about Babe?” Kyle fully focused on Blu, well kind of. Blu shifted nervously before speaking, “I um… I was wondering if we could, you know, maybe, run a competition with the English classes. Have the kids write a short story, then a panel of three or so teachers could read them and…” Blu shuffled his feet again, looking away for a moment. “What’s the winner going to receive?” Kyle watched his husband dance nervously around the subject. Blu sighed, “Well I have enough in my savings to sponsor one kid to go to a two-week writers camp in the summer holidays. I would also like to send Arabella.” Kyle narrowed his eyes, “What if Tony wins?” “That won’t matter, it’s not a sleep away camp. They are running it at the local community college.” “Oh, okay, that’s fine then,” Kyle relaxed in his chair blowing out a deep breath. “So you wouldn’t mind if I spent some of our money paying for a kid to go?” Blu asked. “No, it’s a great idea. It’ll give a kid an opportunity they might never get again,” Kyle smiled at his husband who appeared to be worried about spending money from their savings, even though they had enough money to last them a lifetime. ***** The week started off slowly, nothing much happened on Monday. Tuesday school was a bit crazy with the guys trying to get the day over with before they had to take the kids home to Nan and get to the Attorney’s office for their appointment about the adoption. After school, Kyle and Blu rushed the boys to the car, Arabella was going to Tony’s house to work on an assignment. Kyle got in the driver’s seat watching the kids in the mirror while they fastened their seatbelts, “Now remember boys, don’t let Nan do anything crazy.” Levi snickered, “We can handle Nan, don’t worry about us Dad.” Lincoln giggled and nodded his head. “I’m not sure this is a good idea Blondie, between Nan and the hellions it’s scarier than when we left them with Kaleb.” Blu bit his bottom lip anxiously. Kyle smiled reaching out to squeeze Blu’s hand, “The kids will be fine, Babe.” Blu frowned at his husband, “If you say so. You’re cleaning up after that tornado.” Kyle laughed as they started their drive home, which didn’t take long before they were pulling into the driveway. Kyle shut off the motor before he got out of the car turning to the boys, “Remember don’t let Nan talk you into doing anything crazy while Pop and I are gone.” “Oh, we won’t,” Lincoln smiled innocently. Levi chuckled quietly to himself as he crawled out of the backseat. “How long are you guys gonna be gone?” Levi questioned his Dads. Kyle walked in front of the boys as Blu brought up the rear, “I’m guessing a few hours,” he shrugged his shoulders as he placed his key in the lock, “No sugary treats Lincoln, you can have a piece of fruit for a snack, we will give Nan money to order pizza for dinner.” “Sh… alright,” Lincoln mumbled as the door opened and they all went inside. Blu leaned down whispering into Lincoln’s ear, “That’ll be a dime for the half bad word Sunshine.” Lincoln grumbled under his breathe as he dug into his pocket handing Blu a dime. “I didn’t say it though,” Lincoln whined with puppy dog eyes. Blu stuck his bottom lip out at Lincoln. “Tuff,” he said taking the dime to put in their bad word jar that went to Kasey at the end of each month. Mostly sometimes it would be every few weeks depending on how often Kaleb and Blu found themselves in the same room. Kyle smiled as his men bantered back and forth, “It’s a losing battle Link, just don’t even think of saying that stuff and you won’t lose your money.” Lincoln crossed his arms over his chest pouting, “I didn’t mean too.” “But you almost did and Pop gets caught by Kasey all the time, even if he didn’t mean too,” Kyle roughed up Lincoln’s hair. “Get your homework done before Nan gets here, I don’t want her checking over your work.” The kids worked for about forty-five minutes on their homework before Nan arrived, proclaiming they were done. A knock at the front door gained Lincoln’s attention, “I got it!” He jumped out of his chair running to do his duties as a designated doorman. “Hi Nan,” Lincoln smiled at the old woman holding his hand out, “There is a ten cent entry tax today.” Nan pulled a fireball candy, “That’ll have to do Sweets, and if you behave there’s more where that came from.” She thrust the candy into Lincoln just about knocking him on his ass as she charged through the opening. Lincoln glanced around making sure his Dads weren’t watching as he shoved the candy into his pocket before heading in their direction. Kyle smiled at Nan when she entered the dining room, “Thanks for watching the kids Nan, their homework is done. We’ll probably be gone a few hours,” he handed her two twenty dollar bills, “Order pizza for dinner, the kids know what we normally get. If you don’t like what they order, find something for yourself there's a menu in the drawer.” “Thanks, Grandbaby, we’ll be fine, you boys go and do what you need to,” Nan said nonchalantly. Kyle made rounds to the kids giving hugs and kissed their foreheads, “Be good boys,” he said to the twins as Blu repeated the process. ***** After Blu and Kyle left the boys decided to test the waters with Nan, they grabbed the cling wrap out of the kitchen chuckling as they headed to the downstairs bathroom. A few minutes later the kids returned the roll to the kitchen giggling like a bunch of teenage girls. Lincoln walked into the living room flopping on the couch beside Nan, “How was your day Nan?” “Okay, I guess, I’m old, ain’t much to do but watch tv, read, drink, or nookie. How about yourself?” Lincoln shrugged his shoulders, “Nothin’ to exciting, we had school. Dad played a piece of music in band, on the piano.” Levi walked in the room choosing to sit in the chair where he had direct sight of Nan. “Don’t you have to wash your teeth and diapers Nan?” Levi asked the elderly woman. “Hmm, I don’t reuse diapers freckles, seems a little unhygienic to me. And unlike yourself I don’t wash my teeth I brush them.” Nan chuckled. “I thought all old people had fake teeth that needed to be washed,” Levi smirked at Nan. “Ya Nan those teeth are older than dirt if you still have them,” Lincoln chimed in with a devilish smirk. Nan glared at the boy, “Go have a shower and get your PJ’s on Sweets.” “It’s not even 4:30 pm Nan!” Lincoln huffed, “You’ve lost your mind too.” Nan growled, “Sorry, you’re right. I said that wrong. What I meant was – go play in traffic.” She picked up a magazine from the coffee table and tossed it at Lincoln. Lincoln elbowed his brother nodding towards Nan, “Can I have your car keys, Nan?” “Don’t have any, I can’t even drive.” “Eyes are too bad, Huh?” Levi laughed. Nan huffed and turned the television up to drown out the rug rats. Lincoln walked over and tapped his great-grandmother on the arm. “I’m hungry can I order our pizza’s now?” Lincoln batted his eyes innocently. Nan gave up and turned off the television, “What?” Levi spoke at the top of his lungs, “He said he’s hungry and wants to order our pizza but you’re too hard of hearing.” Nan so badly wanted to flip the kid off but thought better of it. Instead, she just yelled back. “Okay then, go ahead. I like anything but anchovies.” The twins walked out of the room smiling to one another. Once the boys got the pizza menu out of the drawer Levi leaned into his brother after looking over his shoulder, “Extra anchovies and hot peppers, I can stomach it for one night if you can.” “It’ll be hilarious,” Lincoln snickered as they called the order in all three pizzas made identical. After they hung up the phone the boys went back into living room each taking a seat on opposite sides of Nan. “Pizza will be here in forty-five minutes Nan,” Lincoln smiled as he leaned his head on Nan’s shoulder. “What are you up to Sweets?” Nan asked warily. “We,” Lincoln motioned to his brother, “wanted to show how much we love you.” “Mmhmm, let’s pretend I believe you for the moment. Why don’t you boys play your game box until the pizza comes?” Both boys shrugged their shoulders and kissed Nan on the cheek before they went to play their game. “Damn kids,” Nan grumbled, “think I’m stupid.” Levi grabbed the pizza menu that they ordered from folding it, slipping it into his pocket before they went to the game room. “We could make Nan some sweet tea with extra sugar,” Lincoln suggested to his brother. Levi’s eyes got big as saucers, “Dad would kill you if you touched the sugar container, I’m not goin’ to the dentist because of you.” Lincoln made a clucking sound, “You’re chicken!” “I’m not stupid,” Levi said exacerbated. “I can’t believe you’re a chicken,” Lincoln wouldn’t back down after he found a line his brother wouldn’t cross. Levi grabbed Lincoln in a headlock hurling them both to the ground with a loud thud. “I’m not tellin’ you again, take it back!” Levi demanded as he tightened his grip on his brother’s neck. Lincoln shook his head, continuing to aggravate his twin. “I’m gonna hurt you,” Levi grumbled cinching his grasp, even more, causing Lincoln’s face to turn a bright red. “Nan!” Lincoln choked out. Nan sighed getting up from the couch lazily making her way to the game room. “What’s happening here? What’s all the yelling?” Nan asked as she watched the boys wrestle not making any attempt to break it up. “Nothin’,” Levi growled as he continued his death grip, “Say it!” he demanded. Lincoln shook his head refusing his brother’s request. Nan shook her head as she edged closer to her hoodlum grandsons. She grabbed each by an ear twisting it until they let go of each other, then led them back out to the living room while they yelped she was hurting them. Levi sat in the chair glaring across the room at Lincoln who sat at the opposite end of the couch from Nan with his arms crossed over his chest. “You know you are–” Lincoln started but was immediately cut off by his brother. “If you say it again you will wish you were never born,” Levi said heatedly. Nan glared at the boys one at a time, sighed then turned the television on tuning it to the gospel channel and turned up the volume. She sat with them while they mouthed silently at each other across the room. It made no difference to her all she wanted was the peace and quiet, even if she had to endure scripture at the same time – “Judgy fuckers.” Nan thought. The doorbell rang causing Lincoln to spring from his seat he grabbed the cash Kyle left on the table in the foyer for pizza. Once he paid the delivery kid Lincoln placed the pizza on the dining room table. “Pizza’s here,” Lincoln called out with a smile as he went and grabbed plates. Levi smirked as he made his way to the dining room. Nan opened the lids of the three pizza’s, all the same. “Let me guess, beef extra anchovies?” “Nope, extra anchovies and extra hot peppers,” Lincoln shrugged his shoulders. “You said you love anchovies,” Levi smiled. “Yes, you’re right I did. Didn’t I?” Nan answered. There was no way in hell she was going to give the little darlings an inch. She took a plate from Lincoln then loaded three pieces onto her plate. Nan had every intention of showing them she could handle whatever they dished out – pun notwithstanding. Lincoln took a bite of the god-awful concoction and smiled innocently at Nan. “It tastes really good huh,” Lincoln asked after swallowing the bite unchewed, chasing it down with a gulp of lemonade Levi brought to the table for them. “Mmm, sure is,” Nan said. After three or four bites Nan’s mouth was on fire, her nose was running and she was almost positive her tear ducts were bleeding. “Thith, ith, tho yummy. I can’t believe me and Thteven haven’t tried thith before.” Nan’s words slurred from the fiery bite of the hot peppers. Nan swallowed the food as quickly as she could, picking up the jug of Lemonade and chugging it down. Levi smiled sweetly at Nan, “So Grammy do you need another piece you look really hungry?” Not only was Nan’s entire head one fireball, her stomach was now rebelling. “Must not kill the children,” she chanted in her head. It had become her new mantra since the boys had come into her life. Nan took her phone from her pocket holding it under the table. Nan: Exactly how attached are you to your boys? And where’s the sweet, nice girl. I like her. Kyle: Don’t hurt the twins, Arabella went to visit Tony. Nan: Who the F is Tony? Kyle: Her boy, friend. Nan: Oh! That’s sweet. Should I get her some condoms and magazines? Kyle: NO! Nan: Settle Petal. No need to yell, I’m an old lady, not deaf. Kyle: We are almost done here, should be home in an hour or so. Nan: No detours, Stud Muffin or I’m roping the kids to the clothesline and going home – 1 hour! Lincoln tried giving Khan some of his pizza, he sniffed it and headed to his food dish opting for dry dog food. After five pieces of pizza, Levi leaned back in his chair rubbing his stomach, “That was a delicious suggestion for the anchovies Nan.” “You’re welcome Freckles.” “That’s what you call Levi,” Levi huffed. “You’re Levi, that’s Lincoln,” Nan said pointing to the other boy. Lincoln shook his head, “Nope, I’m Levi.” Nan shook her head back at Lincoln, “Nooo, you’re Lincoln. I know this because you always answer the door. Plus you have been wearing the grey shirt and Levi is in black. You’ll have to try this another time when I haven’t already spent time with you.” Levi chuckled, “We had to try,” as he took another gulp of his drink hoping to get the fishy taste out of his mouth. Nan smiled, then her stomach loudly made a weird noise. “Uh-oh!” she sped from the table toward the downstairs bathroom. The twins grinned as they watched Nan held her hand to her stomach as she bid a hasty retreat into the bathroom. “This is gonna be so priceless,” Lincoln chuckled. “Aaaaaagh!!” Nan screamed, “You little turds!” Levi looked at Khan, “Do you need to go out boy?” Lincoln nodded his head grabbing Khan’s leash as the boys hurried Khan out the door into the backyard. After the boys thought they gave Nan enough time to calm down, plus it was freezing and thought maybe they’d get frostbite if they stayed outside any longer, so they snuck quietly in the back door, looking around as they tip-toed through the kitchen. Lincoln and Levi made it to the living room to find Nan sitting on the couch in Blu’s robe, her purse over her shoulder and a plastic bag on her lap. “Sit. And. Do. Not. Move.” Nan bit out in a no-nonsense tone. The boys snickered, both opting to sit in the chair across the room from Nan fearing she might pop her cork. The dining room had been cleared the downstairs now smelled like disinfectant and bleach. Nan was pissed, or had the shits doesn’t matter how you say it she was angry. Lincoln heard their Dads car pull in the drive, “Can I go open the door for them?” “No!” Nan stood up from her seat, pulled her bag tighter against her body marching out the door. She reached Kyle and Blu as they were walking up the stairs to the porch, pushing her way past them without saying a word. “Nan, where are you going?” Blu called out. Nan whipped back around to face Blu and Kyle pointing at them, she opened her mouth and nothing came out. Shaking her head she tried again, then gave up huffing, stomping off toward her own place down the street. “Nan, let me drive you,” Blu called out, “Why are you wearing my robe?” She turned around again and shook her head when she couldn’t speak then kept walking. “Blondie, go and find out what’s happened. I’ll drive the crazy lady in a bathrobe home before she gets picked up by the cops.” Kyle nodded his head, going inside fearing to defy his husband and more fearful of what the twins had done to cause Nan to leave in such a huff. Kyle walked into the living room where he found the twins still sitting in the chair where they had been since Nan told them not to move. “Do you want to explain why Nan left here in a bathrobe?” Kyle asked as he sat on the couch staring at the two who had a smirk on their faces. “The pizza didn’t agree with her stomach Dad,” Levi said. “Her old person diapers didn’t work,” Lincoln snickered. Kyle rubbed his temples, “What did you make Nan eat?” Lincoln shrugged his shoulders, “Nan said she loved anchovies, so we ordered extra anchovies and extra hot peppers.” Kyle’s stomach churned just hearing the combination, “Uh… Did Nan actually say that she loved anchovies?” The boys looked at each other before their heads dropped to the floor, both muttering, “No sir.” “That still doesn’t explain why does the house smell like a hospital,” Kyle stared at the boys awaiting an answer. “We might have covered the toilet in cling wrap,” Levi mumbled quietly hoping their Dad wouldn’t hear the answer. “You boys didn’t,” Kyle closed his eyes before shaking his head, “Pop ran Nan home, you know you’re both in trouble.” Both nodded their heads, not able to make eye contact with Kyle. Blu came in the house slamming the door, making his way to the living room at a swift pace. “I’m guessing neither of you is surprised that you are both grounded for a week.” Blu took a deep breath. “Go upstairs and bring down your cell phones and the game room is off limits, along with the music room unless it’s for your regular lesson with Dad.” Lincoln looked at Blu, “What about bowling?” “There won’t be any bowling this week either. I hope you boys are happy, you made Nan cry, she felt absolutely humiliated. I have never in my life seen that lady shed a tear, so thank you. Now go, then you can get ready for bed.” Both boys quietly went to retrieve the phones. “Did Nan really cry?” Kyle asked his husband worriedly. Blu flopped on the couch his hands scrubbing over his face, “Yep.” he sighed. “I was too hard on the boys, wasn’t I? I feel like an asshole. Nan cried, now I’ve been too hard on the boys. This day sucks.” Kyle reached out pulling Blu into a hug, “Babe, you weren’t too hard on the boys. They knew they were in trouble, I don’t think they realized how bad they hurt Nan’s feelings.” The boys slunk into the living room, handing Blu their phones. “Pop,” Lincoln started to back away from Blu, “I’m… we’re sorry, we were just havin’ fun.” “We didn’t mean to make Nan cry,” Levi said as he placed his arm around Lincoln’s shoulders. “But she did, we’ll talk more about this tomorrow. Come and say goodnight when you’re ready for bed.” Blu dismissed the boys he was too upset to talk to them without upsetting everybody any more than they were. The twins headed back upstairs to take their showers. “You realize that I just sent the boys to bed at six-thirty in the evening?” Blu gave Kyle a sad smile. Kyle sighed, “Parenting isn’t always gonna be easy Babe, we’re still new at this stuff too. We’re gonna make mistakes, just like the kids.” Sighing Blu pulled Kyle down on to the couch with him, “Come here and make me feel loved.” Kyle held Blu in his arms kissing him while rubbing his back. The boys walked back into the living room a little while later both in their bed shorts and t-shirt, with damp hair. Levi hugged both of his Dads, “Sorry, goodnight,” he turned heading back to his bedroom. “I love you,” Lincoln said with tears in his eyes, “Are you going to tuck us in still?” Kyle hugged Lincoln, “We love you too, Link, we’ll come up and tuck you boys in.” Lincoln turned heading back upstairs to his own bedroom which is never used anymore. Kyle watched Lincoln ascend the stairs, “It breaks my heart when we have to punish the boys.” Blu nodded then quietly sobbed into Kyle’s chest. He hated that they had to get upset with the boys, the three kids had already been through enough in their young lives but they had to learn to consider other peoples feelings over what they think might be funny. ***** Later that night Kyle and Blu were awakened by Arabella. “Pop, Dad, you have to wake up. Lincoln’s crying and packing a bag. Please Pop, you have to come now?” Arabella was panicking and shaking her Dads awake. “Please…” she cried. Kyle jumped out of bed, “Babe, get Bella calmed down then come to Link’s room. We don’t need everybody worked up, it’s just gonna upset him more.” Sitting up, Blu pulled Bella down next to him to explain exactly what had happened earlier. When she had arrived home from Tony’s everyone was tired and just turned in. “It’s going to be okay, we’ll make him see he can’t leave. You go back to bed Sweetheart we’ll make sure your brothers are okay.” Blu hugged Bella before sending her off to her room. Kyle was sitting in Lincoln’s room holding both boys in his arms when Blu walked in. “You boys can’t run at the first sign of trouble. Remember when you first came home with us, we all agreed we’re all going to make mistakes,” Kyle said kissing the boys heads. The bed dipped as Blu climbed up behind his boys, he pulled Lincoln from Kyle and laid down with his arms wrapped around the young boy. Lincoln melted into Blu with his head on his chest. “We love you kids so much, you can’t leave us we would be heartbroken. Plus you can’t go anywhere you’re grounded.” Blu chuckled lightly squeezing Lincoln tightly. “Here move over so the two fatsoes can get in here with us.” Lincoln sniffled as he slid over still attached to Blu making room in the bed. Levi shifted his way to his brother, leaving Kyle to lay on the outer edge of the cocoon they were forming. “Can you tell us why you wanted to leave? Is it because you were in trouble?” Blu murmured before kissing the top of Lincoln’s head. He shook his head sniffling, “We didn’t think you’d want us around after makin’ Nan cry. If we left, you could tell Nan that it was so we couldn’t hurt her no more.” Lincoln wiped his eyes, ashamed of his own actions. “You guys are kids, you made a mistake, you’ve learned your actions can hurt others however unintentional they were. Nan wouldn’t want you to leave, even if she’s mad at you,” Kyle said as he stretched his arms over the boys. “She’s really mad at us though Dad,” Levi said in a hushed tone. “So are we Bud, but we love you. If we didn’t care about you do you think we would get mad?” Blu asked. Lincoln laid there quietly not answering that question remembering what happened in the past with all of the boyfriends their mother had when they got in trouble. Levi looked at Link, “When we got in trouble before, they’d try to hit Lincoln. I won’t let him get hurt again,” he said with a quivering voice. Blu’s eyes welled up, “We would never, and I mean ever, lay a finger on you in anger. Please don’t ever think we would.” Blu said almost begging the kids to believe him. “You do understand the difference between those men and your Dad and me don’t you? We love you, but when you make mistakes, we might get mad but we would never physically hurt you or send you away. We still hugged you goodnight and tucked you in, told you we love you – because we do, no ifs, ands, or buts.” Blu’s voice was shaky, he would never want them to think they were like any of the men that tried to hurt them. His heart breaking as he spoke. “We’re really trying to believe everything you both tell us,” Levi said with tears in his eyes. Kyle’s eyes glimmered, “Just keep trying Son, we’re not giving up on you guys,” blinking back the tears, “nobody has a handbook about how to be a kid or a parent. We all make mistakes, we learn from them, and try to do better.” “Is it okay, if we move this pow wow to our bed it’s bigger and we can all be comfortable in there. Did you boys want to sleep with us tonight?” Blu asked. Both boys nodded their heads, Kyle stood up picking Levi up in his arm heading for their room. Lincoln jumped on Blu’s back and they padded their way back to the main bedroom for the evening. A comfortable sleep for the family reassuring the boys, even though they were in trouble they are still very much loved and wanted. Once the four had settled, Khan crawled onto the bed stretching across the foot of the bed, maintaining a watchful eye over the boys.
  2. Quick update tomorrow Joh and myself will be working on two new chapters for Family Struggles, I retore my rotator cuff so took few days for some the inflamation to go away, but ready to write again.



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  3. Bella's Birthday

    Drought I realize we are getting old, however, it wasn't Levi, it was Lincoln the usually quiet, sugar addict.
  4. For those noticing a change in our copyright, we are preparing to publish some of our writing on Kindle so we switched the copyright to match our work for them.
  5. Bella's Birthday

    Bella’s Birthday: February weather was being as unpredictable as ever, Kyle woke up to his phone ringing, he fumbled around in the darkness to answer it. He was surprised to hear from the Superintendent that school was being canceled due to inclement weather. Kyle shut off the alarm clock before crawling out of bed grabbing a quick shower, afterward he grabbed the envelope that Liv had given them from their dresser. Once the pot of coffee was brewed, Kyle poured a cup before sitting down at the table. He pulled out the papers reading each one carefully, finally, he came across the post it with different attorney’s that Liv had recommended for the guys to contact regarding adopting the kids. After reading each of the papers carefully Kyle was determined today was the day to make whatever phone calls they had to make, in order to start the adoption process after Blu and he had spoken to the kids. Kyle sat there filling out his part of the paperwork anxiously waiting for his husband to wake up, hoping that this week would go smoother than last week. ***** Blu woke up, his hand going to the nightstand to grab his phone, checking the time. Eight-thirty glowed at him. “Shit,” Blu panicked, he looked to the other side of the bed, reaching out it felt cold. He jumped out of bed, put some sweatpants on then flew downstairs to find Kyle. Blu entered the kitchen finding Kyle sitting at the kitchen table engrossed in the paperwork spread out over the table. “Blondie, do you have any idea what time it is?” Kyle glanced down at his phone, “Ya, eight-thirty five,” he shrugged his shoulders. “We are so late, what is going on?” Blu was almost hyperventilating. “Babe,” Kyle rolled his eyes like their sons would do, “School was canceled because of the weather.” “Oh,” Blu held his hand up to his chest, “Ya could have told me, I was having a freakin’ heart attack.” “Do you think I would have left you sleeping if we had school?” Kyle chuckled as he picked up his coffee taking a sip. “Maybe…” Kyle roared, “Babe if I’m up I wouldn’t forget to wake you.” “I guess we should let the kids sleep, huh? What do you want for breakfast?” Kyle put down the pen he was using, “Maybe cinnamon rolls, we have a few dozen in a container in the fridge.” Blu’s eye’s got big with excitement, “Are they Kaleb’s?” “Yeah, he felt bad for everything the kids are going through,” Kyle smirked. “He’s a softie for the kids.” “He’s a good guy,” Blu said. “Don’t tell him I said that,” Blu said quickly. “If he heard you say that, you’d never live that down,” Kyle laughed as he got up to get the rolls out of the fridge. “Right!” Blu laughed as he pre-heated the oven, then walked to the coffee machine. Kyle placed the cinnamon rolls on a cookie sheet placing them in the oven, “Since, I woke up so early I read over the paperwork Liv gave us and filled out my part. I figured we could speak with the kids this morning, then call the attorney.” It had been something Blu and Kyle had been talking about since they had been given the papers. They had been preparing a way to approach the kids so they didn’t think it had anything to do with their mother’s death. Kyle had told Blu to approach it with honesty and openness. They would have to deal with however the kids took it and be prepared for any questions they might ask. Lincoln came into the room stretching and yawning as he headed to Kyle squirming his way into his lap, “We slept in,” he looked at his Dads, “What are you doing?” Kyle slid the papers underneath the large envelope. “I am making cinnamon rolls for me and Khan,” Blu took a sip of his coffee with a grin. “Awe,” Lincoln looked at Khan who licked his chops, “That’s ok buddy, you can have the cinnamon rolls, I’ll have the icing.” “No you won’t,” Kyle and Blu said at the same time. “Com’on you guys are no fun,” Lincoln whined, “Khan looks sooo hungry.” “Go and wake your brother and sister up please, before Khan actually does get your share of the cinnamon rolls,” Blu said. Lincoln pouted as he slid off his Dad’s lap, “You’re mean, I love the icing,” he muttered as he headed up the stairs. “Babe, he has a serious sweet tooth,” Kyle shook his head watching their little one walk up the stairs. “We are going to have to watch that, Honey, I’m worried he’ll end up with diabetes and no teeth.” Lincoln rushed back down the stairs sliding across the floor in his socks to his chair, “I’m back can I have my cinnamon rolls now?” He asked as he sat down in his chair. Kyle laughed at his son who opened his napkin stuffing it in the collar of his shirt, before grabbing his fork looking expectantly. “Please.” Blu corrected his son. “Thank you,” Lincoln looked at him laughing. ***** After breakfast the family went into the living room, the kids went to turn on the television but Kyle stopped them. “Guys, Pop and I need to talk to you about something,” Kyle motioned for everybody to sit down. “I didn’t get in the icing container, honest,” Lincoln’s eyes got big, he pointed at Khan, “He did it.” Khan growled at his counterpart before he laid down. “Uh huh,” Kyle mumbled under his breath, “We’ll discuss that issue with the both of you at a later time.” Levi laughed as he looked at his brother and Khan, “He caught ya!” “Shut u –“ Kyle cut off his son, “That’s enough,” he sighed, “We wanted to ask each of you a question.” “Are we getting a new puppy?” Levi asked provoking a growl from his dog. “Um… No,” Kyle knelt down giving Khan a good scratch, “We could never replace our baby… Could we?” Khan accepted his affection before laying back down. Kyle looked at Blu, “So umm… You know Pop and I love you all a lot.” Levi looked at Kyle rolling his eyes, “Duh!” Lincoln smiled devilishly, “Enough that I can have the icing container?” “NO!” Kyle and Blu shouted. “Aww…” Lincoln whined as his shoulders slouched. “We were told something by Liv, that we,” Kyle reached out taking Blu’s hand, “hope you each would like.” Lincoln perked up, “She’s bringing us a triple chocolate cake?” Levi snickered as he watched their Dads eyes just about pop out of their heads staring at his brother. “Dear God Lincoln, No.More.Sugar. For Christ's sake,” Blu shook his head, “as soon as the snow clears up, I’m taking you for a diabetes test.” “No needles Pop,” Lincoln stared daggers at Blu. “We’ll talk about it later, but seriously Link, if you don’t curb your sugar intake…” Blu said seriously. Lincoln looked at Kyle with pleading eyes, “Dad it tastes so good.” “Oh no, I’m on Pop’s side it's not healthy to eat so much sugary stuff,” Kyle crossed his arms. “Fine,” Lincoln huffed. “Anyway, please let your Dad finish, this is serious kids.” “What we have to discuss could change everybody’s future,” Kyle glanced at their children. Kyle had the kids undivided attention as the room became filled with angst. “Liv gave us papers that will make it possible for us…” Kyle looked at Blu, “to adopt the three of you kids.” Levi looked at his siblings gauging their reaction before turning his head back toward his Dads, “What does that mean?” “It means,” Blu swallowed audibly, “it means that we are a family, but no one can take you away from us – ever. You’ll be stuck with us.” Blu sat nervously looking at all three kids, Scarlett jumped into his lap climbing up wrapping around his neck. He reached his hand up tickling her under the chin for his own comfort more than anything else. “I thought we were a family,” Levi looked at his Dads. Kyle looked at Levi, “We are a family, what Pop means is we will become your permanent Dads, forever.” Levi sat back on the couch quietly absorbing the new information. Lincoln looked at Blu, “Like you would never be able to send us away?” “We would never send you away, period. But the way things stand at the moment the government can take you from us.” Lincoln reached out scratching Khan’s ear, “Can’t you stop them from doing that?” “Yes, if we adopt you, nobody can take you guys away from us,” Kyle sat down between the boys, “Pop and I don’t want you to feel pressured by us wanting to adopt you.” “Bella, sweetheart, do you want to tell me what you think? There is no right or wrong and you won’t upset us, your feelings matter,” Blu said, “same goes for you boys too. What are you thinking, ask as many questions as you want, we will listen.” “Um… I don’t know,” Bella almost whispered. Levi looked at their Dads with a serious expression, “How long would it take to adopt us?” Kyle looked at the kids, “A few months from what I’ve read.” Bella stuttered, “U…um, would we, um… have to change our, um… name?” “You could change your names if you wanted,” Kyle answered as honestly as he could, “or you could decide to keep your name as it is.” Lincoln looked at Blu and Kyle smiling, “So I can change my last name to be the same as yours?” “Of course, you would be Lincoln Waters,” Blu grinned. Lincoln smiled a toothy smile leaning against Kyle. “Cool,” Levi chimed in, “I wouldn’t have to be a Dalton no more.” Khan came into the room after going to the kitchen for a drink with slobbery jowls, he went straight for Bella. “Gross,” she chuckled pushing him away, he circled around until his hind end was in front of Bella, backed up and sat in her lap with his front feet still on the floor. “Get off of me, butt head.” Bella laughed. Lincoln smirked at Khan’s antics, “Khan you’re such a good boy.” Khan twisted around giving Bella a slobbery kiss. “Ew!” Bella wiped her face, “So gross.” “Be nice to him,” Lincoln laughed, “He’s gonna be our brother.” “I was being nice, I didn’t say a quarta word did I,” she huffed. Levi rolled his eyes, “I can’t believe you Lincoln, you just said a dog is our brother.” Lincoln shrugged his shoulders, “I’m used to you, maybe if you used some soap Khan wouldn’t smell better than you.” Levi glared at his brother, “I use soap! You’re gonna pay for that Link,” he balled up his hand planting his fist firmly in the palm of his other hand. “Oooh… Big man, I’m so afraid,” Lincoln rolled his eyes pretending to shake in fear. “Come’on guys be serious for a little while longer,” Kyle admonished the twins. Levi sat up looking at his Dad, “He started it, he said I stink.” Kyle leaned into Levi inhaling deeply, “Nope, you just smell like the boy we love.” Levi smiled at Kyle, his eyes filled with unshed tears. “What do you guys think about us adopting you, nobody has really answered us,” Kyle looked at all of the kids. “I say yes, you care more about how we feel than our Mom ever did,” Levi answered with a quiver in his voice. Arabella said distractedly, “Yes… will you get off of me mutt?” Bella pushed Khan again, “my legs have are going to sleep.” “Aww…” Lincoln patted his lap, “come here, Khan. If I say yes can we have ice cream to celebrate?” He asked with a mischievous face. Khan strutted over to Lincoln using the same tactic he did with Bella while staring at her making sure she saw he was receiving the attention he wanted. “Oh my god, no more ice cream for a few days,” Kyle shook his head. Lincoln chuckled, “Okay, I had to try. Yes, I want you to adopt me.” Blu sighed, “Phew, thank god. I didn’t think we would ever get an answer.” He looked at his husband grinning, “Fire up the pens baby, we have paperwork to finish.” “You got it, after that, I can call the Attorney and get the wheels in motion,” Kyle smiled as his heart was bursting with joy knowing that the kids wanted them to be their Dads permanently. “But first, family hug, bring it in kids,” Blu stood with his arms out. The group gathered for a hug, Khan decided to get in on the hug standing on his hind legs placing his front paws on the back of Lincoln’s shoulders, causing the boy to smile widely. ***** After Kyle and Blu filled out the paperwork they called the attorney making an appointment to file a petition for adoption on Tuesday. Kyle called and asked Nan to babysit the kids for the few hours they would be gone which she accepted to do joyfully. Kyle smiled after telling Blu his plans for the afternoon, “Boys, grab your coats we need to run to the mall really quick.” Levi came out of the living room stretching, “Can we grab something to eat at a drive-thru?” “You just ate a little while ago,” Kyle chuckled. Levi shrugged his shoulders, “I’m hungry.” “I guess we can stop somewhere, why don’t you see if Pop and Bella want us to pick something up for them,” Kyle said to the quickly retreating boy, “Link, get a move on we have places to go, people to see and all of that mumbo jumbo.” Lincoln wandered lazily into the foyer grabbing his jacket, “What do we need at the mall?” Kyle looked around making sure Bella wasn’t around to overhear him, “We need to get your sister a birthday gift,” he said in a hushed tone. “Can we get something?” Lincoln said in his whiny tone. “No, but if you hurry up we’ll hit a drive-thru and grab a burger and fries,” Kyle said motioning him to get his coat buttoned up. Levi came back after speaking to Blu, “Pop said he wants a double cheeseburger with bacon and fries, Bella wants a fish sandwich,” he said as they headed out the door. ***** Kyle and the boys arrived at the mall, they literally dragged Kyle to the video game store first off. “Dad can’t we get a new game the ones you have are ok but they’re for old people,” Levi whined as he eyed up a new sports game. Kyle looked at the price of the game, “How much of your allowance do you have?” Levi pulled out his wallet opening it just enough so only he could see inside, “Um… twenty-two dollars,” he closed it quickly placing it in his pocket to keep anybody from reaching his life savings. “If you can find something for that much money you can get a game if I approve of your choice,” Kyle soon regretted saying that as the boys scoured through every game in the store. An hour and a half later Kyle was tired of standing around as the boys tested every game they thought they would like, “Guys, if you’re getting something lets go pay for it, we’re supposed to be here for your sisters birthday gift,” he said ushering the boys to the register. Levi and Lincoln huddled together standing at the checkout sorting through the pile of games that definitely cost more than their combined allowance money whispering to one another. Lincoln turned giving Kyle the sad puppy dog look, “Dad, can’t you help us get a few games?” “Uh,” Kyle looked at the games, “No shooting games,” he sat aside the game. Looking at the other three games which were family friendly type stuff he approved of the few remaining games. “I’ll make you a deal,” Kyle looked at the boys, “I’ll loan you guys the difference if you both agree to do some extra chores for the next two weeks.” Levi looked at Kyle, “Like what would we need to do?” “Hmm…” Kyle tapped his finger on his chin, “You can wash Khan, sweep the kitchen floor for Pop, and take out the kitchen trash for the next two weeks.” Lincoln chuckled, “Khan can shower with me.” Kyle rolled his eyes, handing the cashier the difference for the games to hurry the boys out of the store. Lincoln dragged Kyle to the pet store, “We could get Bella a hamster,” he suggested. “That’s probably not the best idea buddy, Scarlett would get a little mad,” Kyle pictured Scarlett dragging the little thing around after having her time with it. Kyle hurried the group on to the next store which Levi had ideas about. The boy browsed over gag type gifts such as whoopie cushions, remote fart machines, and other types of gifts a fourteen-year-old girl wouldn’t appreciate. Kyle got an idea, “Guys lets try the jewelry store maybe we can find a nice necklace for Bella.” “She’d like that,” Levi said as Lincoln nodded in agreement. Once they arrived at the jewelry shop the boys set out on a mission to find the best possible chain they could find for their sister. “Oooo… look,” Lincoln pointed to a chain in the display. “Bella would love that, she likes hearts,” Levi said looking at the heart-shaped pendant with a small pink colored diamond chip in the center on a gold chain. “I think that’s a perfect choice boys,” Kyle smiled at the boys. After paying for the gift, the crew loaded up heading for the local drive-thru. “Dad, can’t we get dessert too?” Lincoln asked. “We can have a fruit smoothie if you want,” Kyle said looking in the rearview mirror as they pulled into the drive-thru. “But that’s healthy,” Lincoln said with a scrunched up face. “That’s sort of the point son, it’s healthy and it tastes good,” Kyle chuckled. “If it tastes bad, do I have to finish it?” Lincoln looked at his Dad who was smiling at him in the mirror. “No, just try it,” Kyle urged the boy. “Ok,” Lincoln stared out the window at the huge display menu thing, “I’ll have the strawberry-banana thingy, a triple cheeseburger with extra pickles, mustard, and onion, oh, and a large order of onion rings,” he said causing Kyle’s stomach to churn thinking of the huge order. “I’ll have a double bacon cheeseburger, small fries, and one of the orange smoothie things, Dad,” Levi said with certainty. “Are you sure you chose enough,” Kyle chuckled as he placed their order. The boys nodded their heads. After getting their order the family headed for home. ***** Lincoln and Levi were drying Khan after his bath, mani-pedi, and flea dip when the doorbell rang. “Blondie,” Blu yelled out, “get the door, I’m up to my elbows in guac.” Lincoln ran through in only soaking wet boxers, “I got it!” Lincoln opened the door finding Chris, Steph, and the kids. “Hi, Uncle Chris and Aunt Steph,” Lincoln said nonchalantly, “Hi, Destiny,” he smiled sweetly at the girl in her flowery dress. Lincoln turned offering his finger to Harmony’s hand, “How are you?” he said in a child-like voice. Chris laughed at his nephew who wasn’t fazed by people seeing him in his boxers, as they came in the house. “Hi Lincoln,” Steph said, “Did you just get out of the shower to answer the door?” she chuckled at him looking around confused. “Uh,” Lincoln said looking at himself, “Nope… Levi and me were finishing giving Khan his bath.” “You give Khan his bath?” Destiny asked curiously. “Ya, Dad, loaned Levi and me money for a game so we’re doing extra chores,” Lincoln smiled, “I gotta go help finish washing Khan I’ll be back,” Lincoln said leaving the four standing in the foyer. “Hi there,” Arabella said smiling as she was descending the stairs to the room. Chris and his family hugged the birthday girl, “Happy Birthday Bella,” they all said together. “Thank you,” she smiled shyly, “I think Pop’s in the kitchen if you want to come inside.” “Hey guys,” Blu said as Arabella’s party guests walked into the kitchen, “Sweetheart, put this in the fridge for me. When you’ve done that, please go and lock the laundry door.” Chris and Steph both roared with laughter, knowing he was doing this to irritate Kaleb. “Still worried Kaleb’s going to break the new washer and dryer, huh?” Chris chuckled. “Ya think, I’m pretty sure he’d only do it now just to piss me off. Shithead!” Blu said after making sure Arabella couldn’t hear them. Kasey ran in from the foyer in his sloppy boots holding his hand out, “Quarta Unc Boo!” “Gah! Every damn time,” Blu said putting his hands on his hips, “Does your Poppy plan your entry with my mouth or what?” Kasey shrugged his little shoulders holding out both hands, “Notha bad wod quarta.” “Okay, fine.” Blu pulled his wallet from his back pocket, pulling out two fives, “This one is for now, the other is for when Unc Leb gets here.” Kasey stood there admiring his newly acquired money. “I see the tax collector got you already,” Jared chuckled as he walked into the kitchen holding Mason’s hand. “What do you teach him for crying out loud. He’s gonna be like a billionaire or something by the time he hits puberty.” Blu huffed out a laugh at his brother-in-law. Jared laughed pointing at Mason, “It’s his way of preplanning for Kasey’s college fund.” He paused kissing Mason’s cheek. “Aww,” Blu said tilting his head fluttering his eyelashes at Jared, “Get a freakin’ room already – not the laundry.” Kasey tugged at Blu’s pant leg. “What?” Blu held up his hands, “I didn’t say a bad word and I’m all paid up for the evening anyway.” “You men to,” Kasey laughed his giggling filling the room. “Hmm, can you hear Levi calling you?” Blu smirked, “I think he’s in his room getting ready.” ‘He better be,’ Blu thought. “Comen Evi,” Kasey flung his coat at Mason as he scampered off. Kyle came into the kitchen smiling, “Somebody was in a hurry.” He walked over to Blu kissing him, “Babe, the boys used your cologne on Khan.” He chuckled. “Well, I’m sure you’ll figure out the difference between us, one’s furry and runs hot, the other smooth and is only hot for you.” Blu laughed at his own corny joke. “Hmm… it might be difficult but I’m sure I’ll manage,” Kyle laughed. The front door slammed shut getting everyone’s attention, as they waited in the kitchen to see who had arrived. In waltzed Nan, with the Judge slowly following behind her. She kissed Blu on the cheek, then grabbed Jared on the ass, her eyes narrowing at him as he squeaked and jumped away. “Oops, wrong one.” Nan reached over and pinched Kyle on the ass cheek, “Meh! No difference.” She turned her focus back to Jared again, spying him holding hands with Mason. “Holy Crap! You too? Is there a straight man in your damn family? I’m pretty sure even Rudy was giving his bodyguard guy the eye in your dorm room that day.” Jared turned a bright shade of red, “Um… Ya, Mason and I are dating, Nan.” “Well, I can see that, I might be old but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid,” Nan said in a huff. Stephen laughed at his wife catching a glare from her, “Uh, she’s a spry little lady, I love her dearly.” “Yes, and we all thank you for taking her off our hands.” Blu laughed. Thwack! “Ow, Nan, that’s domestic violence you know.” Blu waved his hand around, “Tell her Judge.” “Are you out of your mind? I’m not sleeping on the sunporch again,” Steven said looking at Blu, “I’ve learned my lesson, this old dog knows which battles to pick.” The couples Grandson rolled his eyes, “Sounds about right.” Blu rubbed his head. “Mom leave the boy alone if you keep hitting him on the head like that he’ll be too stupid to teach today's youth – maybe – anyway just stop hitting him.” Doug admonished his mother as Lily and he closed the door, walking into the kitchen. Nan waved her hand dismissively, “Whatever, he used to eat paste, and wear jorts, I’m surprised he was allowed to catch the regular bus to school.” Kaleb and Davis walked into the kitchen hearing Nan’s rant. Kaleb looked at Blu smirking,”Did you ride the short-bus Blu?” “Leave Pop alone,” Arabella said defensively as she walked through the crowd, Tony obediently following. Blu wrapped his arm around his daughter hugging her, “Yeah, you tell them, sweetheart.” “Oh, Bella,” Lily said arms out, “Happy Birthday my baby girl.” Lily stole Bella from her Pop, hugging the stuffing out of her. Bella giggled. Kaleb looked at Tony narrowing his eyes on the teenager, “Are your intentions still good young man?” Kaleb chuckled as he interrogated the boy. Tony couldn’t nod his head “Yes!” quick enough as he answered. “Good, then we are still friends,” Kaleb smiled at Tony clapping his hand on the boys back. “Just remember young man, I’m a trained doctor and a coroner. ‘Dexter’ would be a welcome fantasy if you ever hurt her,” Davis said menacingly barely keeping the smile off of his face. Doug started laughing, “Boys leave the kid alone. They’re right Son, so watch your step,” he winked at Tony. Levi actually came to his rescue because he wasn’t sure if the older boy was about to poop his pants or cry. “Tony’s cool leave him alone, we got a new game if you wanna come try it,” Levi motioned with his hand giving the boy an out. The frightened kid couldn’t leave the kitchen area quick enough, “Thanks, man,” everyone heard as they left the kitchen. Bella turned to her Dads, “Look what Tony gave me for my birthday,” she said showing her Dads the silver snake bracelet with a charm that was shaped like a heart that said, “Always in my heart.” Kyle looked at the bracelet narrowing his eyes at it, “U… umm… it’s beautiful Sweetheart,” his eyes shifted to Blu. “That’s sweet Bella, why don’t you go and rescue your boy before Levi actually cling wraps him to the couch.” Blu nudged Arabella through to the living room, then turned to Kyle, “Where the hell are we going to bury that kid? The ground is frozen it will be too hard to dig the grave right now.” All eyes went to Davis. He held up his hands defensively, “Hey, no way.” Davis shook his head, “I was just kidding with Tony. You guys are on your own.” “What the fuck?” Kyle said looking in the direction of the living room, “She’s not allowed to date until she’s like fifty.” “Yeah, I agree with Kyle, she’s too young,” Blu said sadly. Kaleb looked at his brother and Blu, “I can take him to the rough part of town and drop him off, nobody would know a thing.” “Hmm, I don’t know he’s kind of my favorite student. The other’s follow his lead,” Blu said. “But we’ll see… we’ll see.” He tapped his finger on his chin. “He’s such a nice kid,” Kyle muttered. “How are we supposed to handle this?” “They are fourteen you let it play out, if you forbid it, that’s when things start going wrong. It’s not like they are running off to get married.” Doug gave the boys a knowing look. “I guess, but if he hurts her I’m going to hurt him,” Kyle grumbled thinking nobody could hear him. “Aw, I love you Blondie,” Blu leaned forward kissing Kyle. “Love you too Babe.” Kyle sighed, “This is supposed to be a party, let's get it started.” “You get the music going husband of mine, the rest of us will load up with food plates to bring with us. Help yourselves to a drink I’m too lazy to serve you,” Blu said with his arms full then picking up a bag of chips with his teeth. Kyle turned on music that all of the kids listen to nowadays, which the boys downloaded on their laptop. Kyle shook his head as the music started beating out its melody, “I don’t get what you kids like about this stuff.” Blu laughed, “I know right, we’re only twenty-five and this music makes me feel like I’m from an older generation.” Lincoln got a wicked smirk on his face, “You’re an old fart Pops, deal with it.” “Shithead,” Blu muttered to himself. “Cool,” Nan called out and started imitating the singer, “Lil Pump!” she said halfway through a line of lyrics, high fiving Tony and Levi. “Dad,” Kyle turned to Doug, “I think Nan needs professional help.” “That thought just occurred you?” Doug cracked up reaching for the corn chips. Kyle cringed as the song played. “Uh…” Kyle looked around the room his eyes settled on Blu, “Maybe Bella should open her gifts?” Blu nodded, then walked over and turned the hellish music down so it could be heard but not felt. “God I feel old!” he thought to himself. Kyle went to retrieve the gift that the boys help pick out for Bella, returning quickly. Kyle handed the gift to Bella, wrapping his arm around Blu’s waist, who then snuggled against his husband while they watched Bella. This is the first birthday among their kids and the two men were probably more excited than Bella. Bella placed Scarlett on Tony’s lap. Khan appeared next to Bella, his weight leaning into her as she unwrapped the gift. That was probably because he could sense her uneasiness with the situation. Who knows how long it has been since she got to enjoy her birthday let alone have this much fuss made about it. Kyle and Blu stood nearby nervous as hell, hoping Bella would like what they had given her. As Arabella ripped off the paper she wore a nervous smile, the wrapping revealed a felt jewelry box. Bella slowly opened it, she looked at the contents, then at her Dads, then back to the piece of jewelry. She carefully pulled out a gold chain that had a heart pendant with a heart-shaped pink colored diamond in the center of it. Bella held the necklace in one hand, her other covering her mouth. “Uncle Kaleb, could you put this on me please?” She asked shyly. Kaleb was standing next to his niece when she asked him to help her, while her Dads watched on arm-in-arm. “Sure Bella,” Kaleb said unclasping the chain as she stood in front of him holding her hair out of the way, he carefully placed the delicate chain around her neck securing the clasp, “there you go Sweetheart.” Bella held the pendant in her hand gently as she walked to her Dads, “Thank you, so much.” Hugging her Dads together she whispered to them, “I love you.” Kyle had a tear in his eyes as she released the hug, feeling his first true connection to his daughter. “We love you too Bella,” pulling her back into another hug. Blu wiped his eyes, he for once was speechless. Once they released Arabella from their embrace he pecked Kyle on the lips before snuggling back into him. He was beside himself with happiness. This was the first time any of the kids had told them they loved them, even though Kyle and Blu told them every day. They had been waiting for the kids to feel the same way. Lincoln looked at his Dads with a flabbergasted look, “Hey, we,” he flapped his hand between his brother and himself, “helped pick that out too.” Arabella giggled, then grabbed both Levi and Lincoln in a big hug. “Thank you, it's beautiful,” she said to them both. The twins smirked at their Dads after Bella released them from her hug. Levi turned his attention back to his sister, “You’re welcome you should have seen some of the god awful stuff Dad wanted to buy you.” Kyle tapped the back of Levi’s head as the twins snickered. “Hush or I’ll tell her what you wanted to get her originally,” Kyle chuckled as the twins eyes bulged, both becoming extremely quiet. Kaleb and Davis gave their niece a gift certificate to a nice hair salon, which Lily promised to join her making it a girls day out along with Steph and Liv. Chris and Steph got Bella a gift certificate for two, to the local movie theatre, which got them both the evil glare from Kyle. Kasey walked over to Bella handing her a gift certificate to the bookstore from his family, “Ella you ead to me now?” Bella crouched down giving Kasey a hug, “Anytime, Kase, I’m sure I can find something that you will like, maybe you can come with me and pick one out.” Kasey clapped his hands, “I go hoppin Daddy.” “Great,” Jared rolled his eyes. “He’s addicted to shopping,” he muttered. “Sorry Uncle Jared, I forgot,” Bella said contritely. Mason slapped Jared on the arm, “Ass!” he then turned to Bella, “That would be nice Bella, I’ll take you both after school one day this week, he has enough in his bad word jar to buy himself a book. But we would like to come with you.” Jared looked at his niece after rubbing his arm, “Sorry, Bella, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, that was a very nice offer.” “Thanks, Uncle Jared,” Bella said hugging both Jared and Mason. Jared nodded his head smiling at his niece. Nan jumped in, “Me next,” her husband cleared his throat behind her, “Oh, okay, we’re next,” she waved her hand dismissively at Stephen. She handed Bella wrapped presents, the young girl opened the first of the two gifts. Bella held up a nice picture frame for everyone to see, then turned it around so they could see the picture of Nan and Stephen on their honeymoon. They were both dancing the hula in grass skirts in Hawaii. Bella giggled as she put it down on the table. She then opened the second package, it was a first edition copy of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” Bella’s eyes were the size of saucers, her tears finally made an appearance, “H…how did you know that was my favorite book?” She moved in Nan’s direction. Lincoln pulled a twenty dollar bill out of his pocket smiling mischievously waving it around, “I’m good at picking gifts,” he giggled. “Zip it, Sweets,” Nan said in a stage whisper, reaching out to hug Bella along with Stephen. “Thank you so much,” Bella said turning around and running her hand delicately over the writing on the front of the book. Liv gave Bella a pretty cashmere sweater, which had Bella feeling the fabric for at least five minutes. “Here you go Sweetheart,” Lily handed Bella another wrapped gift. “Oh my god,” Bella said as she unwrapped an Ipad, with another stream of tears. “Now you can read stories online,” Lily smiled sweetly at her Grand-daughter. Blu was by Bella’s side in an instant as she became overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts. He gathered her up in his arms, Kyle reached out for the two holding them both tightly in his embrace. “You deserve the best Sweetheart, this is your day,” Kyle kissed Bella’s cheek as he embraced her along with his husband.
  6. I was thinking 'Time After Time' for the wedding or 'Another One Bites the Dust.'
  7. Hi everybody, just a quick update on Family Struggles. I'm back on my feet I would've been on a few days ago but mother nature decided to be a bitch and blow some windows out of my house literally, the next chapter which is pretty large went out to our beta-readers a few moments ago. As soon as we get it back from them, we will make any necessary changes and publish it. Thanks for all of your patience.



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  8. Trials of Parenting

    Trials of Parenting: A few weeks later, Jared was sitting on Kasey’s bed counting his ‘Bad Money’ that he had collected from the entire family while Mason put Kasey’s clean laundry away. When he finished the tally Jared was flabbergasted, “Wow buddy you’re rich you have $127 and 75 cents.” Kasey jumped up and down on his bed clapping his hands, “I ich, Mas go hoppin?” he said excitedly. “No little man, this money is going into the bank for college. You can spend the naughty people’s money on an education so you don’t say bad words like they do.” Mason said. Kasey pouted crossing his arms, “Go see Evi?” “Maybe tomorrow buddy, they are bowling tonight,” Jared hugged his pouting son. ***** Levi bowled his third strike in a row cockily turning back at his brother who had thrown more gutter balls instead of knocking pins over, “Yes,” he walked by bumping shoulders with his upset brother, “I rule and you drool.” “You can be such a jerk,” Lincoln mumbled as Levi flopped onto the plastic bench. Levi shrugged his shoulders, “I’m the best I can’t help it you suck.” Kyle looked at Levi, “That’s enough, not everybody can be good at sports. Lincoln, you’re really good at music,” Lincoln looked over at Kyle appreciatively giving him a sad smile. “Bella, sweetheart you’re up,” Blu told her. “Huh?” she looked up from her phone with a goofy smile on her face. “Oh, yeah.” She stood up fetching her bowling ball, standing at the arrow lining up her stance. Once she was confident she walked toward the lane releasing the ball, it bounced with a thud, rolling hard and fast right into the gutter. “Crap!” Arabella muttered hoping her Dads did not hear her. She walked back to the seating, Blu put his hand out yelling, “Quatta.” Levi laughed at his sister, “She’s in a hurry to talk to Tony,” he made kissy faces at her. “Shut up, Levi,” she growled. “What it’s true,” Levi snickered, “Tony and Bella sitting in a tree –” “Knock it off, all of you,” Blu admonished the kids, “this is supposed to be fun, something we can all do together. If this is how you're going to behave every week we aren’t coming anymore.” Arabella tried again with her second ball, nothing changed, straight into the gutter. She sulked all the way back to her seat. Kyle stood up taking his turn, he barely managed to get a spare. “Lincoln even Dad can do better than you,” Levi elbowed his brother. Lincoln glared at his brother before he stood up. Grabbing his ball from the return, Lincoln approached the line imitating his Dad the best he could. The first ball he rolled managed to knock down one pin. The second ball he rolled a spare amazing himself, he jumped around wooting, pumping his fist in the air, “I did it!” Lincoln shouted happily. “Good one Link,” Blu high fived the young boy as past him, “now you’re beating me.” Kyle smiled at his husband, “Babe it’s the sixth frame and you’ve got 34 pins,” he snickered. Blu leaned closer to Kyle so only he could hear him, “I don’t think you said that right.” Kyle straightened up in the seat, “Ya… um… you’re doing great.” The kids looked at their Dad as they all burst out laughing. “Who wants a drink?” Blu asked his brood. Lincoln held his hand up in the air waving it around, “Can we get rootbeer floats?” Blu silently asked his husband if it was okay with just a look. Kyle nodded his head, “A small one I guess, it’s getting sort of late for a bunch of sugar.” “Yes,” Lincoln shouted happily with a grin from ear to ear. The others nodded, Kyle asked for a beer. Blu then went to the bar to get the drinks returning with a beer for Kyle, three rootbeer floats, and a bottle of water for himself, since he was driving. Kyle kissed Blu’s cheek before taking a drink of the ice cold Budweiser, “Mmm, that hits the spot. I think we should pick up a pizza on the way home so we can have a quick dinner. What do you guys think?” Levi looked at his siblings, “Extra cheese and pepperoni?” The pair nodded their heads in agreement. The night of bowling ended up being a lot of fun for the entire family, even with Levi kicking everybody’s behinds finishing with a 160 average. Kyle crawled into the passenger seat looking back at the kids, “Did everybody enjoy themselves?” “I guess, I’m not very good at bowling though,” Lincoln smiled, “But I did beat Pop,” he snickered. “I beat everybody,” Levi grinned looking at his Dads. “I didn’t beat anybody.” Blu pouted. “Since Levi beat everyone, he should have to pay for the pizza.” Levi looked at Blu, “Pop I only have ten dollars left of my allowance,” he said whining. “Scott’s supposed to come over this weekend I need my money.” “Fine, you better beg your Dad to pay for the pizza then.” Blu said. Levi gave Kyle the begging puppy dog look, “Daddy you’ll pay for us to eat right?” Kyle laughed at the look his son gave him, “Hmmm… let me think,” he tapped his finger on his chin, “I’ll do it if I get a hug.” Levi rolled his eyes giggling, “Deal.” “Blackmailer,” Blu said under his breath. “You coulda had a hug too but Dad is the one payin’,” Levi chuckled to Blu. “I don’t pay for hugs, I want mine the old fashioned way – because you want to hug me.” “I’ll hug you Pop,” Lincoln chimed in with a smile on his face. ***** A couple of days later at school, Blu and Kyle were having their lunch together in the teacher’s break room when they were summoned to the office. Kyle looked at Blu as he gathered his lunch, “I hope Levi didn’t get in trouble he’s been doing really well since the kids started counseling.” “He has, hasn’t he,” Blu smiled proudly, Kyle nodded. The two men put their lunch back in the refrigerator and made their way to the office. They found Liv waiting for them outside the Admin Office. “Hey Girlie,” Blu said hugging his friend. “Hi Blu,” she replied. “Liv, how are you, sweetheart?” Kyle said hugging Liv, “The kids aren’t in trouble are they?” “What? No, why?” Liv asked incredulously. “I guess I’m just not used to you visiting us at school,” Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. “No, I was here because of other business I had with the school. I have some information for you guys too, so I thought, while I was here.” Kyle, had a bad feeling still lingering in his gut, “What kind of information?” “Is there somewhere more private we can talk?” Liv asked. Kyle motioned toward the empty conference room. Once the three of them were seated inside the room Kyle’s anxiety got the better of him, “What’s going on? You’re not taking the kids,” Kyle’s face filled with a combination of worry and anger. “Dear God, Kyle, calm the hell down. Do you really think I’d be here all calm to tell you the kids were being taken away?” “I’m not sure what to think. We love those kids more than anything in the world, I’m not letting them be hurt again,” Kyle sighed as he leaned back in his chair. “Kyle I assure you, if there was a problem that would warrant the kids being taken from you, you would know before it happens unless it was a dangerous situation for them. Now before Kyle has a stroke, what I have to say is good and bad news. I am going to start with the bad, is that okay with you Kyle?” Liv asked almost amused at her panicky friend. Kyle shrugged his shoulders staring at Liv. “Ms. Dalton passed away due to complications from substance abuse in jail over the weekend. Sorry, I didn’t tell you sooner, but I just found out myself.” Liv told the men. “So what does that mean, except that we have to tell the kids?” Blu asked. Liv looked at her two favorite guys, “It means…,” she put her bag on the table pulling out an envelope, handing it to Blu. “It means you are free to adopt the kids if you want to. In the envelope, you’ll find some information on how to handle the situation with the kids. The paperwork explaining the adoption process and what forms you will need to fill out, and I have put a post-it in there with a couple of the best family attorney’s in town. Don’t use the guy you did for the fostering. You will need someone with a bit more clout, I only say this because there is still a lot of prejudice against same-sex adoptions. Especially in the corridor of the old white men's club. They really are the minority now, but if you have shitty luck and draw one of them, you will need someone to keep everything focused on the law.” Kyle smiled at Blu before turning his attention to Liv, “We can really adopt the kids?” Liv grinned nodding her head, “Yup.” “Thanks, Liv,” Blu’s smile could have lit up a night-time baseball game. “Welcome, let me know if you need anything. I’ll be out of town next week, I’m flying back home for my folks anniversary,” Liv winked as she picked up her purse, “Luck boys.” Kyle stood up smiling as he hugged his husband before pulling Liv into the hug, “Thanks for everything Liv, I’m sorry for being so uptight earlier. Those kids deserve the best, I guess I’m a little defensive regarding them.” ***** After school Kyle and Blu were quiet as they drove home, it didn’t go unnoticed by the kids. Levi stared at their Dads, “Are we in trouble?” Kyle glanced in the rearview mirror, “No not at all, we need to talk to you kids once we get home.” Lincoln fidgeted around in the back seat, “You’re not mad at us right?” “Oh god no, you guys didn’t do anything wrong, I promise,” Kyle sighed as they turned onto their street. Kyle pulled the SUV into their driveway parking the car. The kids got out of the car walking quietly to the house. Blu opened the door and the family mascot ran into the yard to do his business. Kyle walked into the house sitting his briefcase on the end table in the foyer, “kids go change into some play clothes, then come back downstairs.” Levi walked up the stairs beside Lincoln whispering, “What do you think is going on?” “Do you think we have to leave?” Lincoln’s shoulders slouched as they reached the top of the staircase. Levi shrugged his shoulders, “I hope not,” they walked into their room closing the door. The boys quietly came back downstairs shuffling into the living room sitting beside their Dad, while Arabella sat quietly next to Blu. Scarlett jumped up on Lincoln running across the laps of the family to get to her Mom, curling up in her lap while Arabella unconsciously stroked the kitten. Kyle placed an arm around each of the boy's shoulders, “Arabella, boys, Liv stopped to see Pop and me at work today,” he took a moment to gather his thoughts, “She stopped to talk to us about your Mom.” Levi looked at Blu, “What did she do now?” “Your Mom hasn’t done anything bud, but unfortunately something has happened,” Blu said. Lincoln leaned into Kyle, “She’s not trying to take us away is she?” Kyle tightened his arms around the boys, “No, nobody is taking you guys away,” he kissed the top of their heads. “Your Mom got sick while she was in jail –” Levi cut Blu off from speaking, “She was using drugs huh?” “No, I don’t think so Levi, but due to past drug use, her body just couldn’t cope. Unfortunately, she passed away.” Blu took Arabella’s hand holding it while she sat quietly petting Scarlett with her free hand. “She died?” Levi asked as laid his head against Kyle’s chest. “I’m afraid so buddy,” Kyle rubbed the boy’s backs, “Pop and I love all you very much if you guys want to talk about your Mom we’d be glad to listen.” “Our Mom was more interested in drugs than us,” Lincoln mumbled quietly. Kyle let out a slow deep breath, “I’m sure your Mom loved you guys,” he looked at Blu hoping he said the right thing to comfort their kids since Arabella had not said a word. Khan walked over, laying on the boy's feet providing his form of comfort to the boys. “What happens to us now?” Arabella asked her eyes firmly planted in her lap. “You live here, nothing changes,” Blu stated. “You’re not sending us away?” Lincoln almost whispered into Kyle’s chest. “Why would we send you away, Link?” “I… well… our Mom wasn’t a good person,” Lincoln mumbled tears threatening to run over. “Your Mom wasn’t a bad person Lincoln, she just made some poor decisions that had very tragic consequences. Once drugs get a hold of a person, this eventually is the likely outcome. Sadly you three had to suffer those consequences. It’s not fair, but it is common in these situations…” Blu paused for a moment, observing the kids. He kept hold of Arabella’s hand but moved to sit on the coffee table so he could see his family all at once. “Kids, I want you to listen and hear us. We want you forever, not just for now, not until you do something wrong, you’re part of our family. You are here to stay forever, as long as they’ll let us have you. Even then if anyone tries to take you away they’ll have one hell of a fight on their hands.” Blu said. Kyle glanced at the kids, “Pop is right, you’ve suffered enough. We’re here to help you guys have the life you deserve, filled with lots of love, support, and the ability to just be a kid. You will never have to worry about where you’ll find your next meal, or who to turn to when times get rough. We promise to be here for you when you need us, and even when you think you don’t need us we’ll still be there. We want you to know you can always come to us, and we won’t judge you for anything.” “We might be a little angry depending on the situation, but we will never stop loving you, and we will always, always, help no matter the circumstances,” Blu told them. Levi tried wiping his eyes without attracting attention, “Even if I get in a fight?” he mumbled softly. “Even then, but just know, there are consequences to your actions, good or bad,” Blu answered lovingly. Levi sighed laying his head back down on Kyle. “Did you want to talk about what you're feeling or thinking right now?” Blu asked, even though he was talking to all three of his children he squeezed Arabella’s hand trying to get her to engage. The kids were silent for a long time while they sat with their Dads. Kyle and Blu waited patiently for them to process all the information. They knew right now there probably would not be much of a reaction but were preparing themselves for the fallout in the near future. Blu winked at Kyle, trying to let him know he was there for his comfort and support too. “Can I go to my room please?” Arabella asked standing up from the couch taking her hand back from her Pop as she continued cradling Scarlett. Kyle looked at Blu giving him a sad look, “Sweetheart you’re excused.” “I’ll come check on you in a bit,” Blu said. He was feeling a little defeated, Blu wanted to be there for Arabella, but mostly he had hoped she would lean on him for support. “I’m gonna go outside for a bit to think, okay?” Levi asked. Kyle kissed Levi’s head, “Go ahead buddy, just bundle up we don’t want you getting sick.” Levi sniffled as he walked out of the room. He stopped in the foyer pulling on his coat and boots. They heard the back door slam closed. Lincoln sat quietly with his Dads. “Are you okay Lincoln?” Kyle asked rubbing the boys back. Lincoln shrugged his shoulders, “Is it bad if I say we’re better off without her?” Kyle glanced at Blu before pulling Lincoln into his lap, “I can’t change the way you feel at the moment. Lincoln, you three have gone through things no kid should have ever had to experience,” he rocked Lincoln in his arms. A loud crash was heard from the backyard. Kyle scooted Lincoln back onto the couch, “I’ll be right back buddy,” he ran from the room stopping long enough to slip on shoes before rushing out the back door. Once Kyle stepped out the door he seen Levi kneeling over the top of one of Blu’s favorite flower pots which were smashed on the ground. “I hate her,” Levi sobbed, “she only thought about herself.” Kyle picked his son up carrying him into the house, “Shhh… you’re gonna be ok Levi,” he said sitting the distraught boy on a kitchen chair checking him for cuts as he took off the boys soaking wet shoes, socks, and jeans. “Babe, can you grab a towel for me,” Kyle called out to Blu who was sitting with Lincoln. Blu moved past Kyle and Levi to the laundry room. Lincoln followed into the kitchen sitting next to his brother. Blu came back with a couple of soft clean towels straight from the dryer. He had put them in this morning before they left for work. Kyle wiped the moisture from the boy's legs and feet, “I don’t see any cuts,” he said before he laid a dry towel over Levi’s legs then checked his hands and arms before hugging him. Kyle asked Lincoln to run up and grab his brother some sweatpants. Lincoln scampered up the stairs as quick as his feet would carry him, worried about his brother. “Pop I’m sorry,” Levi sniffled wiping his nose on his shirt sleeve. “What for?” “I broke your flower pot,” Levi fought back tears. “Don’t worry about that for now, buddy, we can deal with it later,” Blu gave him a lopsided warm smile. ‘Crap, which one! Don’t be selfish Blu,’ he thought berating himself. Lincoln skidded back into the room handing his brother a pair of sweatpants, “Here you go Levi. Are these ok?” Levi nodded his head slipping on the pants, “Thanks, Link.” Lincoln smiled as he sat beside his brother feeling his brother’s appreciation. Kyle looked at Blu feeling totally exhausted, “Babe, why don’t we order pizza, watch some movies spending time together as a family?” “I’m in, I’ll just check on Arabella if you want to order. Make sure you get mine meat, mushrooms, onion, and garlic. Bella likes that too, we can share a pizza.” Blu said before leaving to check on their daughter, “make sure the sauce is tomato, none of that evil BBQ crap.” Kyle laughed at his husband as he pulled out his phone to order the pizzas before taking the twins into the living room. Blu knocked on Arabella’s door but didn’t receive an answer, he slowly opened the door to a dark room. He could hear sobs coming from inside, Blu’s chest tightened as he made his way to the bed. He could see the silhouette of the young girl lying on her side curled up with her knees to her chest, Scarlett snuggled under her chin. Blu sat down on the side of the bed next to his daughter. “Bella,” he said reaching out to her, “come here, sweetheart,” Blu pulled her into his arms while she cried. Scarlett the poor kitten, scampered to the side startled. Keeping her in his embrace, Blu whispered how much he loved her, that Kyle loved her, everything would eventually be okay. He whispered the words over and over until she calmed down falling asleep in his arms. He laid her back down gently on the bed covering Arabella with a blanket. Blu kissed her forehead, gently brushing her hair out of her face before making a retreat back to the living room. As he pulled the door closed Kyle crashed into him. Kyle looked at Blu seeing the sadness in his eyes, “How’s she doing Babe?” “Not good, I’ve already left a message for the counselor for tomorrow so we can make the kids an appointment. At least tomorrow isn’t a school day,” Blu sighed, “I feel so rotten having to tell the kids that their Mother died.” “I know Babe,” Kyle wrapped his husband in a loving embrace kissing his forehead, “At least they know how much they are loved. The boys have been pretty quiet snuggling into my side since you came upstairs. The pizza is here if you’re hungry, the twins are waiting for us.” “Sure Blondie, who’s turn is it to pick a movie?” Blu asked sinking into the side of his husband as they walked back downstairs. “I figured we could let the kids choose,” Kyle said tightening his arm around Blu. “Awww… I don’t want to watch the Iron Man again.” Blu huffed. Kyle chuckled at him, “They’ve had a rough day, let them have their fun.” The boys did choose Iron Man, the four watched it snuggled together on the couch. After the movie ended the boys were sound asleep. Kyle looked at Blu, “I got Levi can you grab Lincoln, Babe? We can get them settled and cuddle up, then we can talk.” Blu automatically picked up Lincoln following Kyle to put the boys in the closest bed together. There is no point separating them they just end up in the same bed together anyway. After the news they had received, Blu had half a mind to put them to bed with Arabella. Once the boys were deposited in their bed, Khan climbed up laying between his two boys. Kyle came out of their bathroom after brushing his teeth, he crawled into bed snuggling up with Blu. Kyle kissed his husband then rested his head on Blu’s chest, “Babe, I know we both love the kids,” he sighed running his hand over Blu’s stomach, “What should we do about adopting them?” “Probably fill out the paperwork, contact a lawyer, then let Liv know,” Blu said with a smirk. “Be serious, I don’t want the kids to doubt our commitment to them, we should adopt them,” Kyle kissed Blu’s chest. Blu tightened his arm around the man he loved kissing the top of his head. “We will Blondie, first we should contact a lawyer, then speak to the kids about it. I’m excited about it actually, they’ll legally be ours,” Blu answered seriously this time. “I’ll feel better about everything once we adopt them,” Kyle said snuggling into Blu. “I know you didn’t like my idea about the addition to the house for the pool Babe,” Kyle paused running his hand over his husband’s abdomen, “But… I think it would give the kids something to be excited about.” Blu sighed, “I am really against having the pool Blondie, if you want it I guess you can go ahead. Do NOT tell the kids until the crew’s ready to break ground. Otherwise, we are in for three months of nagging. You better organize the swimming lessons and CPR classes, anyone who refuses doesn’t go in the pool. Got me?” “Got it,” Kyle tilted his head up kissing Blu, “Hot tub too?” Blu pushed Kyle down to his midsection, “We’ll see how you do,” Blu smirked. Kyle left a satisfied look on his husband’s face before the men drifted off to sleep, the morning was quickly dawning a new day. Kyle was up early not being able to sleep soundly from all of the thoughts in his head, he figured he would let everybody sleep after the stress from yesterday. He brewed a fresh pot of coffee before grabbing the newspaper off the front porch. Once the coffee was brewed he sat at the kitchen table sipping his coffee glancing over the newspaper. An article on the front page caught his eye, there was a large photograph of Mr. Hiscock and his church group protesting against gay rights. “Fuck me,” Kyle muttered laying the paper down hoping the miserable asshole would crawl back into the hole he came from. “What’s happened,” Blu yawned, entering the kitchen in his robe and slippers. Kyle slid the newspaper to Blu’s normal seat, “Take a look at this shit,” he stood up to grab Blu a cup of coffee. The newspaper crinkled and shook the further Blu read into the article, “You have to be kidding me, this guy is an asshole of epic proportions. You don’t think we’ll lose our jobs over this, do you? He’s mentioned the school’s name but not us personally. Although, I’m sure that’s only because they’d be liable if they had.” Blu slid the newspaper angrily across the table, it hit the chair and spun onto the floor. Khan wandered into the room emptying his water bowl, then he stood at the door waiting to be left out. Kyle let Khan outside to do his business, “Our jobs should be safe, Stanley is just doing this to be a pain in the ass,” he said as he picked up the paper from the floor throwing it in the garbage. Levi stumbled into the kitchen rubbing his eyes, “Morning,” he mumbled as he poured himself a glass of juice before he sat down. “Mornin’ bud,” Kyle smiled at his son, “Do you want a bowl of cereal?” “Nah,” Levi shook his head, “I’m not hungry.” Blu’s eyes softened as he listened to Levi, “You have to have something, bud, what about just a piece of toast or an English muffin?” Levi stretched out his arms yawning, “I guess I’ll have a muffin.” “Good boy,” Blu said standing to get the bag of muffins from the fridge to make him some breakfast. Lincoln wandered into the kitchen a little less chipper than he normally is, he wiggled his way onto Kyle’s lap snuggling in. Kyle hugged Lincoln, “Hi buddy. How’d you sleep?” Lincoln rubbed his eyes, “I guess ok, how’d I get in bed? I don’t remember walking.” “You didn’t; the sleep fairy carried you. Do you want a muffin?” Blu asked. Lincoln nodded his head giggling, “You’re goofy Pop.” Levi looked at his Dads, “Can Scott still come over today?” Blu nodded his head as he buttered Levi’s muffin, he took a bite out of one half putting it back on the plate, handing it to him, “Quality Assurance,” he shrugged at the indignant look on his son’s face. Levi snatched his muffin off the plate taking a bite, “You’re weird,” he grinned with puffed up cheeks from the large bite of muffin. Lincoln slid off his Dad’s lap sitting in his own chair when Blu handed him his muffin, “Thanks, Pop,” Lincoln went to the fridge grabbing the grape jelly and a butter knife before sitting back down. He slathered a thick coat of grape goo on his muffin, “Tastes yummy,” he took a bite leaving a dribble of jelly on his chin. “I’m going to take this up to Arabella, Blondie,” Blu held up the plate with a buttered muffin and a glass of orange juice. “Okay Babe, tell her we love her,” Kyle said smiling warmly at Blu in the next breath he berated Lincoln, taking the jelly away from him, “No more jelly, Link.” Lincoln whined, “It’s sooo good Dad, you should try it,” he licked the jelly from his fingers. “I’ll pass,” Kyle shook his head, “We’re gonna have to buy you a few more toothbrushes at this rate, you’re gonna be brushing those teeth a ton.” Lincoln rolled his eyes at Kyle. Blu returned to the kitchen eating Arabella’s muffin. Kyle sat with his eyes narrowed, glaring at Lincoln, “I think we should make an appointment with the dentist.” Lincoln’s eyes shot his Dad the ‘don’t go there look.’ “Oh, you’re definitely going to the dentist Son,” Kyle paused looking at Blu, “How’s Arabella?” “She has a headache, I gave her some Tylenol and had her lay back down.” Kyle sighed, “Babe, she didn’t eat dinner last night either.” “I know but she started to get upset. Bell will come down when she’s hungry. If she’s not down by dinner I’ll call Davis over and threaten her with one of his IV bags.” The boys cringed when they heard the word IV, they were determined Uncle Davis wouldn’t be putting a needle in their arm if they could prevent it. Scott came over at lunch time, the boys and Khan played for hours. The nerf basketball hoop on the back of Levi’s bedroom door was the game of choice which turned into full contact basketball, amounting in a bunch of wrestling and giggling along with Khan barking. The boys appeared to have forgotten about yesterday's news, leaving Kyle and Blu breathe a sigh of relief for the moment, regarding their two youngest children.
  9. Babysitting Disaster

    Babysitting Disaster: “I’m not sure about the pool, Blondie,” Blu said as he packed his and Kyle’s underwear in their suitcase. Blu and Kyle were leaving for the weekend for a teacher’s conference in New York. Kaleb and Davis had volunteered to watch the kids while they were away. Both men praying that the house would still be standing, and the kids still breathing when they returned. Blu grabbed the lube throwing it into the bag. Kyle sighed sitting the dress shirt he was holding on the bed, “I think – ” Blu held up a shirt, “This one?” “Ya that’s fine,” Kyle waved his hand dismissively, “the kids will love it, plus it will give us a way to keep the kids at home through the summer instead of getting a membership for a public pool.” Arabella knocked on the open bedroom door as she entered the room, “Dad, Pop, Uncle Kaleb is here,” she watched as her Dad’s continued packing. “Thanks, sweetie,” Blu answered smiling. “Pop, do you think it will be okay if Tony comes over while you’re away?” Arabella asked, Scarlett her kitten trying to climb up her leg. She bent over picking up the kitten, cradling Scarlett in her arms. Blu looked at Kyle, who shrugged his shoulders, “Sure, but if you go in your room the door stays open girlie, okay?” Arabella shrugged, “Okay. Thank you,” she said gratefully then left the room. “We could sign the contracts and as soon as the weather breaks they could start construction,” Kyle smiled as he placed the last of his clothes in the suitcase, “We could even get them to put in an outdoor kitchen then we could cook and the kids could have drinks outside without running inside for them – not to mention the bathroom.” Blu sighed, “How much is all of this going to cost Kyle, not only that none of the kids know how to swim. That includes Kasey, how are we going to trust they won’t go in the pool when we aren’t around,” Blu ranted heatedly at his husband who obviously hadn’t thought it all through. Kyle rubbed his chin deep in thought, “Babe, we could put an addition on the house to enclose the pool that would have a glass wall that could open to the outside when the weather is nice. We can teach the kids how to swim. We could keep the door locked when we aren’t around…” Kyle looked at Blu smiling innocently. “I know you aren’t completely on board with this Babe, maybe we could even put a hot-tub in for us,” Kyle’s eyebrow waggled. Narrowing his eyes at Kyle, Blu pointed, “Don’t try and sexy-time bully me into this Kyle Matthew Waters. My concerns are real and you keep throwing more money at them. Firstly we aren’t teaching the kids shit if we go ahead with the pool all four of them are getting professional swimming lessons. Secondly, Mason, Kaleb, the kids, and my folks are getting first aid certified, and thirdly you are not putting an extension on the damn house.” Kyle smirked, “Yes Dear, what about the hot-tub?” “Kiss my ass, you pest, no hot-tub either, the excavation will cost us a fortune, on top of that the pool, water,” Blu smacked his palm to his forehead, “who’s going to look after it and clean the damn thing. It’s not like either of us know anything about it. Oh, yeah, I thought of the fourth, a fence goes all the way around the pool.” “See Babe, we could just put the addition on the house it would be all enclosed,” Kyle walked over to his briefcase and pulled out blueprints bringing them to the bed rolling the diagrams out. “I’ve thought of most of your concerns which are valid. Look here,” Kyle pointed to the diagram that had the addition planned out. Blu looked at his husband exacerbated, “I can’t believe you went behind my back and had this done,” he slammed the suitcase shut ripping the zipper around, “I’m going to talk to the Shithead because right now you are pissing me off,” Blu said through gritted teeth leaving Kyle standing alone in their bedroom. Kyle sighed rolling the blueprints up placing them back in his briefcase. Kyle checked the zipper on the suitcase, he then picked it up carrying it downstairs. Levi looked at Kyle motioning him to the dining room, “Is Pop ok he looks mad?” “Pop is upset with me,” Kyle hugged Levi, “Don’t worry you kids aren’t in trouble.” ‘I’m probably sleeping on the couch for a few days,’ he thought to himself. Kyle kissed the top of Levi’s head, “Don’t let Uncle Kaleb get in too much trouble while we are gone if Uncle Davis isn’t paying attention to him.” Levi laughed at the thought of how much horsing around he planned with Kaleb, “Don’t worry he won’t forget this weekend.” Kyle chuckled loosening his hug as he led the way back to the living room, “I’m kind of afraid of that.” Kyle looked at Davis and his brother, “Thanks for watching the kids we appreciate it,” He said as he glanced at his pissed-off husband. “I think you need to make a stop at the laundry room before you go,” Kaleb flicked his head at Blu. “Where the hell is Jared, we need to get on the road, Kyle,” Blu said stiffly as he stood up. “I… um… I’ll call him Babe,” Kyle wandered out of the room pulling out his phone. Kaleb looked at Blu, “So nice weather huh?” “Blow me, Shithead, tell your brother I’m waiting in the car,” Blu said storming off. “Blu,” Kaleb shouted, “Are you goin’ to say goodbye to your kids?” “Fuck,” Blu mumbled under his breath walking back to the living room, “Sorry kids,” Blu said as he hugged Arabella, then a group hug with the twins. “Please behave for your Uncle’s, scratch that, make sure your Uncle’s behave while we are gone. Mason will be checking in on all five of you,” Blu smiled at the kids, “love you guys.” He added as he left the house again. Lincoln looked at Levi cringing, “Remind me to never make Pop mad.” “You’re not kidding,” Levi mumbled as he looked out the living room window watching Blu get in the SUV slamming the door. Kyle came back in the room, “Jared will be here in a minute. I got a lot of sweet talking to do the next few days,” Kyle glanced out the window sighing as he saw Blu in the car. Kaleb laughed at his brother’s predicament, “You definitely are screwed, Kyle.” “No kidding thanks for the words of encouragement,” Kyle turned and hugged each of the kids, “Try to not hurt Uncle Kaleb too bad even though Uncle Davis is a doctor.” The twins smirked at their Dad, “Alright I need to go face the music, love you guys,” Kyle picked up the suitcase heading out to the SUV. Jared met Kyle at the rear of the vehicle loading their belongings inside before they pulled out of the driveway for their weekend retreat. ***** Later that afternoon Levi was digging around in the freezer he pulled out the ice cream, placing it on the counter. He slid a chair over to the cupboard where the hot fudge topping was, climbing up to get it out. Once he had the fudge he popped the cap draining the container into the ice cream and grabbed a spoon before heading to the table to eat his snack. Kaleb walked in to see what his nephew was up to, “Levi what in the world are you doing?” Levi shrugged his shoulders, “Havin’ a snack, what’s it look like?” “A half gallon of ice cream is not a snack. Jesus, did you use the whole container of fudge?” Kaleb asked looking at the concoction Levi created. “Oh yeah we’re out of fudge,” Levi said with a mouthful of ice cream, “Might wanna pick some up.” Kaleb stared at his nephew, “Were you planning on sharing that?” “Are you crazy? Get your own,” Levi pulled the container closer to himself to discourage beggars. “You’re Dads would kill me if they saw this,” Kaleb mumbled shaking his head, “Davis look at this.” Davis wandered over, “Holy cow,” he wrestled the container from the young boy, “Gimme that.” He took the bowl over to the kitchen counter pulled out five bowls and divided it up amongst the household, “KIDS! ICE CREAM,” he set a bowl back in front of a scowling Levi. Arabella and Lincoln just about knocked each other over as they came screaming into the room. Arabella licked her lips as the bowl was sat in front of her, “Thanks, Uncle Davis.” “Ya thanks, Uncle Davis,” Lincoln grabbed his spoon as soon as the bowl was placed. Levi looked at his siblings, “You should be thanking me, you’re eating my ice cream,” He said as he shoveled the remaining ice cream in his mouth before his uncles could disperse anymore of it. “You’re grumpy,” Kaleb looked Levi who shot him a dirty look causing him to laugh. “Old people,” Levi grumbled. A short while later the kids set off to play hide and go seek with Kaleb. The game went on for over an hour until Kaleb complained he was getting worn out. The boys decided to explore the house which ended up becoming a rummage through anything and everything in the house. Kaleb, Davis, and Arabella started watching ‘The Princess Bride’ on one of the cable stations. Kaleb got bored so he decided the group needed munchies, he returned with a homemade batch of caramel corn, and lemonade. He handed a bowl to Arabella, “Here you go oh favorite niece of mine.” “Thank you,” Arabella curled up on the couch with Scarlett on one side Khan on the other, Davis had laid his head in Kaleb’s lap the second his fiancée sat down, tucking his feet under the dogs warm belly. Kaleb had one hand running through Davis’s hair while sipping on lemonade. The twins came barreling into the room “Uncle Davis, Uncle Kaleb, you gotta see the balloons we found they’re soooo cool,” Lincoln bounced around the room excitedly as he held out two blown up neon colored condoms. Kaleb sprayed the lemonade he had been drinking across the room, “Uh… where did you find those?” Levi looked at his uncles, “Dad and Pop were hiding them in a drawer in their room,” he rolled his eyes, “Don’t know why; we could have a water balloon fight. Wanna play?” Arabella glimpsed at her brother, nearly choking on her caramel corn, “Oh my God Levi, put that down, Uncle Kaleb!” “Uh, they are colorful aren’t they?” Kaleb turned fifty shades of red as he got up taking the ‘balloons’ off of the boys. “That’s not fair we found them,” Lincoln protested following Kaleb to the garbage. Kaleb returned to the living room looking at the twins, “Those weren’t balloons boys.” “Yes, they were,” Levi threw his hands up, “Weird shaped but they are definitely balloons.” Kaleb sighed as he motioned for the boys to sit down, “Arabella, I don’t want to embarrass you so if you don’t want to listen to what I’m going to explain to your brothers you can go grab a book or something for a little while.” “Uh… yeah thanks,” Arabella fleed the room, Khan and the kitten chasing after her. “Has anybody ever had the birds and the bees talk with you boys?” Kaleb asked with a flustered expression. “Duh,” Levi looked at Kaleb rolling his eyes, “We know what birds and bees are.” Lincoln nodded his head in agreement. Davis snickered watching a very uncomfortable Kaleb, planning to be no help what so ever. Kaleb ran his hand over his face sighing, “No not like that, I meant the ‘Birds and bees’ talk.” “You’re weird,” Lincoln said staring at his uncle. “Oh god,” Kaleb looked at Davis, “I never want kids of our own.” “Really?” Davis looked a little disappointed. “If we do have kids of our own, this conversation will be your problem for our own kids, Doctor,” Kaleb sighed, “Ok boys so…” he rubbed his hands together clasping them, “When birds and bees don’t wanna have babies they use those balloon things called condoms to prevent that from happening,” the twins faces had a puzzled look on them. “Birds and bees can’t have babies that’s weird,” Levi said with a serious look on his face. “Ya, birds would be stinging people,” Lincoln chimed in. Kaleb stared at Davis who sat there snickering at the situation, “Um… ahem… no bees and birds have babies by themselves.” “No they don’t Uncle Kaleb,” Levi grew unamused. Kaleb leaned back in the couch covering his eyes, “When a Mommy and Daddy are with each other they use condoms to keep from making babies.” Lincoln looked at Kaleb, “How do they use them?” Kaleb threw his hands up in the air, “I can’t do this, ask your Dad’s. This is humiliating,” the boys looked at their uncle more confused than before the conversation started, “Go play but stay out of the balloons.” The boys went up to Levi’s room talking about how weird Uncle Kaleb was being. Lincoln pulled out his phone to text his Dad. Lincoln: Dad? Kyle: What’s up buddy? Lincoln: Uncle Kaleb’s havin an annerism thingy Kyle: Is Uncle Davis there? Lincoln: Ya but he’s just laughing Kyle: What’s he laughing about? Lincoln: Birds and Bees using balloons Kyle: What? Lincoln: Idk he said to ask you Kyle: We’ll talk to you later. Dad needs to call Uncle Kaleb. Love you Lincoln: Love you too Kaleb’s phone started ringing, he picked it up off the coffee table looking at the Caller ID. ‘I’m so fucking dead,’ he thought to himself as he answered the phone. “Hello?” Kaleb said as he accepted the call. “You better explain yourself fast, you’re on speakerphone so Blu can hear this,” Kyle demanded answers. “Uh… well… see… um… the boys found condoms in your room,” Kaleb tried explaining. “What the hell were the kids doing in our room, Kaleb?” Blu asked. “We were playing hide and seek with them. I guess they decided to explore,” Kaleb said in an evasive tone. “Okay, but what’s the bit about bird and bees and balloons?” Kyle asked questioningly. “Well I tried telling the boys they weren’t playing with balloons,” Kaleb answered a bit flustered. “What did you say to them?” Kyle said in a raised voice. “I asked if anybody told them about the birds and bees,” Kaleb cringed as soon as he told them. “You better be kidding me,” Kyle screamed at his brother, “Davis let you do this?” “Um… well not exactly,” Kaleb looked at Davis hoping for some form of support. “I’m so pissed at you Kaleb. We leave the kids with you for one god damn day and you manage to warp our kid's minds,” Kyle yelled. “Settle down Kyle, geez, Kaleb?” Blu called out. “Yeah?” Kaleb answered like a scolded child. “Just don’t say anything else on the subject to the kids, we’ll sort it out when we get home,” Blu said, “if they keep asking questions have them ring Kyle or me and we’ll put them off until we can come up with a proper talk when we get back.” “Okay, sorry, I was trying to help,” Kaleb mumbled like a scolded child. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it, it’s not something you should have to deal with, we’ve got to go. Talk to you later,” Blu ended the call. Kaleb looked at Davis, “Think I can catch a plane to the west coast and you can be here for when Kyle gets home tomorrow?” “Aww,” Davis sat in Kaleb’s lap, “baby don’t worry about it, they’ll see the funny side later. It’s not like Blu was in the best of moods when he left here and Kyle has his hands full. I’m sure they aren’t really mad at you. Besides, you still have me and I’ll punish you later just for fun,” Davis reached his lips up to meet Kaleb’s. Kaleb smiled, “It’s been a long time since we used the laundry room,” he laughed, “Maybe after the kids go to sleep…” Both Kaleb and Davis’s phones pinged with a message. Blu: I locked the laundry room BTW. “That sneaky bastard,” Kaleb mumbled. ***** After dinner Tony showed up to visit with Arabella, they sat stiffly next to each other on the couch watching a movie together holding hands. Kaleb and Davis had shuffled the boys into the kitchen to play a board game to keep them away from Arabella and her date. “Ha, you owe me $1000 dollars – sucker,” Davis held out his hand to Lincoln. Lincoln counted his money, “It’s all I have left though,” he whined looking at it. Arabella came into the kitchen, “Uncle Kaleb, can we please have some popcorn?” “Sure you can,” Kaleb got up whipping a quick batch up for her and Tony, “Do you guys want butter on it?” “Pay up little fella,” Davis laughed, holding his hand out, “you’ll have to mortgage some stuff. “Yes, please,” Arabella wandered closer to where Kaleb had started making the popcorn. “Fine, here I’ll live on the streets,” Lincoln said dramatically handing over his remaining money. Kaleb looked at Davis shrugging his shoulders before walking over beside Lincoln placing a hand on his back, “You know it’s just a game, none of us would ever let any of you kids live on the streets.” “It sucks,” Lincoln sniffled trying to hide his face. Kaleb looked at the other two kids, Levi hopped out of his chair going to his brother’s side wrapping an arm around him. “Link we’re in this together remember, Dad and Pop aren’t sending us nowhere. Nora told us to always think of the good stuff everybody is doing to help us,” Levi said squeezing his way into his brother's chair. Davis slid out of his chair kneeling next to Lincoln, wrapping his arms around both boys, “Let’s play a different game, this one is getting boring anyway,” Davis suggested as he squeezed the two boys tight until they squealed. Levi whispered into Lincoln’s ear, “Are you okay now?” Lincoln nodded his head mumbling, “Sorry, I ruined the game.” Kaleb squeezed Lincoln’s shoulder, “You’re allowed to have a bad moment buddy, let’s just forget about it and play something else,” He released the boy's shoulder then finished Arabella and Tony’s popcorn handing her the container, winking. She took the popcorn with a blush rising as she left the room. “Let’s play cards, we’ll teach you Rummy, you boys can teach us how to lose,” Davis chuckled. Lincoln wiped his eyes with his sleeve, “You’re old you’ll lose so easy.” “Hey we’re younger than your Dads,” Kaleb said as he sat back down at the table. Levi chuckled as he glanced at his Uncles, “Ya but they’re old too.” “Isn’t it your bedtime?” Kaleb asked, “I think Uncle Davis even got your footy jammies out for you,” He smirked at his nephews. Levi snickered, “I don’t even know what those are, you are old!” “You’re a brat,” Kaleb chuckled. “Maybe, but I’m not old,” Levi laughed uncontrollably making Lincoln giggle. The card game turned into playing War which the twins ended up beating the adults by playing a bit underhandedly. “Okay I give,” Kaleb said raising his hands, “You guys need a bath you stink, before your Dads call.” “Do we have to?” Lincoln asked hoping to avoid it. “Yes you do goofball,” Kaleb laughed as the boys accepted their fate and went to get cleaned up. “God Leb, I feel so bad about Lincoln,” Davis said sadly. “It’s not your fault,” Kaleb got up walking over wrapping his arms around Davis, “They’ve all had a rough time, in such a short life.” Davis pulled Kaleb on to his lap, their lips touching, his hand cupping the side of Kaleb's head. When he pulled back Davis rested his forehead against Kaleb’s, “When are you going to marry me, baby?” “Hmm…” Kaleb tapped his finger on his chin, “Let’s see I’m busy tomorrow,” he chuckled kissing Davis, “I don’t want anything fancy, just us and our family,” Kaleb looked into Davis’s eyes with a serious expression on his face, “I’m ready if you are Davis, I’m done making excuses. We are both done with school and have good jobs.” Tucking a strand of hair behind Kaleb’s ear, Davis kissed him again, “I’m more than ready too. Do you think once we are married you’d consider doing this?” “Adopting?” Kaleb looked at the love of his life. Davis nodded, then snuggling into Kaleb’s neck, gently sucking, licking, kissing that sweet spot that he knew drove his man crazy. “Do you think I’d be a good Dad? I really messed up bad with the kids earlier, Kyle’s pissed at me,” Kaleb stared into Davis’s eyes. “Aw Leb, it will be okay. I wouldn’t base your parenting skills on one little mess up. You can’t tell me that Kyle hasn’t done a few oopsie’s along the way, they’ve just had more practice, that’s all.” “I guess you’re right,” Kaleb chewed on his lip thinking, “I think it’d be cool, but I refuse to do the birds and the bees talk, I’m horrible at it.” Davis roared out a laugh, “That’s what Unc Boo and Unc Kyle are for.” Kaleb laughed, “If Unc Kyle is talking to me by then, I mean he was really mad,” he shook his head never remembering hearing his brother so pissed in all of his life. “Not as mad as he was when you and Nan got arrested, remember, he was maaaaad that day,” Davis said as he recalled the scene with a grin on his face. Kaleb cringed remembering the moment, “I think that was the first time I was ever afraid of my brother.” “Baby,” Davis chuckled while kissing Kaleb passionately until they heard a throat clear behind them. “A-hem,” Kaleb sat up straightening himself out, “What’s up Mas, hi Kasey.” Kasey looked at Kaleb and Davis, “Wat doon?” “Uncle Davis was getting something out of my eye,” Kaleb tried explaining to Kasey who was dressed in his pajamas, Mason rolled his eyes. “What’s up Mas, what brings you by?” Davis asked holding Kaleb still in his lap to hide a little predicament that popped up. “We stopped over to check on everybody before Kasey goes to bed,” Mason smiled as Kasey yawned rubbing his eyes. “Wers Evi?” Kasey asked stretching. “He’ll be down in a few minutes the boys were getting showers before their Dads call,” Kaleb smiled at his youngest nephew. “M’kay,” Kasey yawned laying his head on Mason’s shoulder. The boys came running down the stairs joking, and horsing around. They spotted Mason and Kasey standing in the kitchen with their other Uncles. “Kasey,” Levi smiled. “Evi,” Kasey squirmed to get to his cousin. Mason handed Kasey to Levi, “No getting him wound up, it's getting late.” “Do you wanna sit with Lincoln and me?” Levi asked Kasey who was rubbing his eyes nodding. The boys sat down on the floor together since Tony and Arabella were still in the living room watching the end of their movie. “What did you do today Kase?” Levi asked rocking the little boy. “Payed wif Potty,” Kasey said resting his head on Levi’s shoulder. Lincoln giggled, “Did you take Spot outside?” “Mhm, wen dooed,” Kasey snuggled into Levi closing his eyes. Mason smiled watching Kasey, “I was wondering if it’s ok with you guys if I borrowed the kids for a few hours tomorrow?” “They’re all yours, what time do you want them?” Kaleb smiled when he looked at Kasey laying in Levi’s arms sleeping. “All three kids?” Davis asked, “I’m off tomorrow and Kaleb is working do you want some company?” “Sure,” Mason patted Davis’s shoulder, “You can help supervise the rowdy little buggers.” “Great, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Davis stood up, picking up the cups and glasses to put in the dishwasher, “Okay, Levi, Lincoln, time for bed. Twenty minutes to read or play on the computer then lights out.” Davis waved his hands toward the stairs, “Come on boys, say goodnight to everyone.” “Awe,” Lincoln pouted looking toward the living room, “What about Bella and Tony?” “Kaleb is taking Tony home in a half hour, you know Bella’s bedtime is later than yours. You’ve already stayed up an extra hour, let’s go, boys,” Davis said clapping his hands. “Ah… you’re no fun,” Lincoln grumbled following Levi upstairs. Once the boys said goodnight and went to their rooms, they called their Dads to say goodnight. Kaleb took Tony home after an awkward goodbye to Arabella, who then turned in for the night. Davis had a quick shower then went downstairs to watch Netflix on the family television. When Kaleb returned they snuggled up on the couch watching reruns of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ They could hear giggles coming from the stairs, Kaleb didn’t even move just raised his arm above the couch clicking his fingers. “Bed, boys,” he said firmly trying not to laugh. “But this is fun,” Levi mumbled sliding down the banister. Lincoln popped his head around the corner, “What are you watching? Can we watch it?” “Don’t make me get up,” Davis told them. Levi smirked at his Uncle’s ducking behind the couch, “We can outrun the old guys Lincoln don’t worry about them,” he laughed waving his hand. Kaleb jumped up grabbing Levi’s arm over the top of the couch, “Old guys huh?” Kaleb pulled Levi onto the couch tickling him. “Stop it, Uncle Kaleb, you’re gonna make me pee myself,” Levi laughed hysterically flailing his arms and legs to fight off the attack. Kaleb chuckled releasing the boy from his torturous attack, “Are you ready for bed or should we tickle you some more?” “I’m good,” Levi grumbled, “come on Lincoln they don’t play fair,” he grabbed his brothers arm heading back to their room. Davis chuckled, “If anything those kids are fun.” They could hear the boys door close from the living room. ***** The following day Davis had the kids up, fed, and dressed before Mason called for the group. “Uncle Davis, what does Uncle Mason want us for?” Levi asked inquisitively as they sat watching cartoons in the living room. “We didn’t get to celebrate your Dad’s or your other Uncles’ birthday over the holidays. Pop’s is next week so we are combining them to have a little celebration tonight. Just the two households together,” he answered. Also thankful it was not the entire extended family, a simple celebration without the usual chaos. “It was their birthday’s? Why didn’t that say anything?” Arabella said hanging her head, “We didn’t even get them a gift or anything.” Levi rolled his eyes at his sister, “They’re older they can’t remember stuff.” Davis chuckled, “Watch it, brat. Uncle Kaleb and I have already got presents for you kids to give them.” “Did we get them a cane?” Lincoln asked looking around the room for the presents. “No, ya goof – walkers,” Davis rolled his eyes, “Now let’s go Mason is waiting.” Davis had the kids put their coats on for the trek across the street, once they arrived Kasey pounced on Levi scaring the bejeezus out of him. The cheeky monkey was hiding behind the front door for the sole purpose of scaring his best buddy and favorite cousin. Levi jumped as Kasey jumped grabbing Levi the leg, “Geez Kase you scared me ya brat,” Levi said as he held a hand to his chest. Kasey giggled, “We akin ake Evi,” he said slipping his hand in Levi’s. “That sounds like fun,” Levi said smiling down at his buddy. “Mhm Potty in ard payin,” Kasey rambled like he was catching up on old times with his cousin as the group reached Mason in the kitchen. “Hey guys, you ready to help,” he smiled at the new arrivals. The crowd nodded their heads. “Put us to work,” Davis said. Mason wiped his hands on the dishtowel moving around the kitchen island. “Well, probably taking your coats off would be a good start,” he instructed them with a smirk, “I’ll take Levi and Kasey to help bake the cake. Davis if you, Arabella, and Lincoln want to get started on the decorations that would be a great help. Everything is in the bags on the couch.” “Great,” Davis said taking his coat off, “let’s get started, kids.” Mason took his two happy helpers into the kitchen, while Davis went with Arabella and Lincoln to start hanging the decorations. Davis opened the bags shaking his head. “Jesus Mason, was the party shop having a closing down sale,” he called out. “Uh… yeah, I know. I went a little overboard, just do whatever you think isn’t too overboard,” Mason called back. Davis and the kids got to work, Lincoln used the helium bottle and blew up the balloons. He did a pretty good job there were only a few Davis had to rescue from the ceiling without a string. Arabella helped Davis hang the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner. They also hung a few streamers around, high enough so Kasey and Spot couldn’t pull them down. Lincoln blew up a balloon with string but made a slip knot going to the kitchen to put it on Kasey’s wrist for him. He stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him. “Ink aste,” Kasey held out his hands which were covered in chocolate icing – hell he was pretty much covered from head to toe in icing. “Uh…” Lincoln said as he looked at the trashed kitchen which had the remnants of icing that wasn’t on Kasey flung around the room along with a blanket of flour, “Wow, uh, no thanks Kase,” he shook his head, “What did you guys do in here?” “We ade ake,” Kasey said looking around for his puppy, “Potty elped,” the Dalmatian came around the corner speckled in chocolate to match his black colored spots. Lincoln giggled looking at the dog, “Looks like he helped a lot.” Kasey nodded his head as he licked some of the chocolate from his hands. ***** A few hours later the group had left a note on the front door of Kyle and Blu’s house for them to come over to Jared’s place where the kids all watched for the first sign’s of their Dad’s arriving at home. Kasey saw the SUV pull in his Uncle’s driveway, starting to jump up and down excitedly, “Evi, Evi,” he tugged at his cousins arm, “Daddy’s ome.” Levi looked at his cousin, “Go hide behind the door like you did for me.” Kasey scampered into the corner, Levi held a finger to his lips signaling for Kasey to be quiet. The lights had been shut out so the house was dark. The sound of a key unlocking the from the door was heard. Jared, Kyle, and Blu walked in the darkened house squinting as their eyes attempted to adjust to the darkness. Kasey jumped out grabbing his Dad’s leg, “Urpise!” Jared gasped as his little one startled him. Lights flicked on as the rest of the group shouted ‘Happy Birthday,’ the decorations made the three men emotional as they looked at their family. Jared bent down picking Kasey up, “Did you do all of this?” He asked kissing his son. Kasey nodded, “Mhmm… an Evi, Ink, Bella, an Potty,” he counted using his fingers before he hugged his Daddy tightly. Kyle had a stunned expression on his face as he walked over hugging the twins, “You guys did a great job decorating.” He reached out bringing Arabella into the hug, “It’s beautiful Sweetheart,” he released the three from his hug so Blu could have a moment with the kids. “Hello,” Blu hugged his kids, “Missed you guys so much.” He released his hellions gazing around the room. “Wow, this is fantastic guys. I didn’t expect we’d come home to this,” Blu said. “What did you expect?” Mason chuckled. Blu rubbed his forehead with a grin on his face, “Uh… Probably Davis laying in the front yard in the fetal position screaming ‘Why’, Kaleb would most likely be in jail, the house burned down, the kids tied to the clothesline, and Khan laying at the kids feet howling.” Blu nodded his head, “Yeah, something like that.” “Pop, we aren’t that bad,” Levi rolled his eyes. Kaleb rushed in the door, “Woah, this is cool sorry I was running late,” he kissed Davis. Blu ruffled Levi’s hair, “I know you’re not, but your Uncle Kaleb is.” “Watch it Blu, I know where you sleep,” Kaleb huffed punching his brother-in-law in the shoulder. “Ow, ya big bully,” Blu whined rubbing his arm, “remember what happened last time you walked in on me and Blondie – your brother.” “Yuck,” Kaleb cringed remembering the moment, “forget that, there are kids here.” Kyle laughed at his brother, “So did you kids have fun with Uncle Kaleb and Uncle Davis?” Levi smirked at his Uncles, “You guys realize we had sex ed last year right so that birds and the bees speech wasn’t needed.” Kaleb stared at his nephews, “Oh my god, you little shitheads,” he said shaking his head before glancing at his snickering fiancée. Blu cuffed the back of Kaleb’s head, “Mouth Shithead, there are kids around.” Kasey hurried over to where his Uncles were standing holding out both hands, “Quarta you oth bad.” Kyle smirked at his brother, “Don’t forget Uncle Kaleb has to pay two dollars he is extra bad.”
  10. Don't Give Up On Me

    It is book 3 to the Worth The Struggle serieshttps://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/series/worth-the-struggle/ glad you have enjoyed book 3. We appreciate your kind words and review. Rob
  11. Don't Give Up On Me

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  12. Don't Give Up On Me

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  13. Don't Give Up On Me

    The kids are all starting to find their way as kids, its definitely a struggle at times. Glad you enjoyed the chapter!
  14. Don't Give Up On Me

    The volunteer work at the shelter I believe hit close to home for the family.

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