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  1. Home for the Holiday's or Not!

    we like the cute little fuzzy chipmunks, just not the tall slimy two-legged ones Financial support is definitely an issue @glennish Kyle is definitely starting to come into his own. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments and reviews, we both appreciate them!
  2. Home for the Holiday's or Not!

    Thanks @Benji for the wonderful remarks, I don't see either boy dropping their guard with Chippy...
  3. Home for the Holiday's or Not!

    Thanks @chris191070 for reading, Chipmunk definitely appears like he will be a pain in the backside. @Wesley8890 I take it by the yay you were happy with the way the boy's relationship is progressing, Nan definitely was well behaved. Thanks for the comments guys, we both appreciate it, Lots of love...
  4. Worth the Struggle Home for the Holiday’s or Not!: Kyle sat on the couch mashing buttons on the Xbox controller playing Call of Duty, while he replayed events of Christmas, and his birthday through his head. Flashback: Christmas for Kyle and Kaleb consisted of dressing in stuffy tuxedos, and mingling with the who’s who from their town. They ate food that cost more than the average person’s car which neither of them cares one bit for, and after they made their parents feel good about themselves they were dismissed. Back in Kyle’s room, Kaleb gave him his birthday present a gold chain with a pendant on it that resembled a shield with the letter K on it, on the back it had an engraving on the back “Kyle my friend, my brother.” The boys then exchanged Christmas gifts, which Kyle gave Kaleb a CD collection of Counting Crow’s which was a favorite of his. Kaleb gave Kyle “fashionable but normal clothes,” he smiled at Kyle, “Not the preppy shit you wear all the time,” Kaleb chuckled and playfully punched his brother’s shoulder. Kyle smiled at Kaleb, “thanks for the great gifts, but what is wrong with the way I dress?” He had an inquisitive look on his face while boring into Kaleb’s soul. Kaleb smirked, “Nothing if you plan on becoming a stuck up stick in the mud,” Kyle shook his head muttering something about being an asshole, as Kaleb began laughing. Present day: Kyle heard the door open but focused on the game he was failing at miserably muttering expletives at the television. “What’s up Blu?” Blu was standing with the door open and his mouth hanging open. He stared at Kyle, he checked the door for the number, then looked back at Kyle again. Kyle didn’t move his focus from the game he was playing. Blu took the opportunity to give his roommate the once over, instead of his normal stuffy clothes he was dressed in a pair of 501’s and Henley and a pair of bare feet. Blu wasn’t aware that Kyle had skin on his feet, they were always covered in socks, shoes or both. He heard an explosion from the tv and Kyle cussed loudly, throwing the remote next to him in anger. Kyle then turned his focus to Blu, who was staring at him with eyes as big as saucers and a weird expression on his face. “What’s wrong?” Kyle started running his hands over his clothes, “Do I have something on my clothes?” He continued studying himself for the cause of Blu’s reaction. “Um…ah…” Blu frowned, checking Kyle out in his new threads, “You…fuckmeyougothot!” he told Kyle. Blu let go of his bag and walked closer to Kyle, narrowing his eyes. He approached Kyle and poked him with his finger. “Nope, you’re real! What the hell happened to your pretentious, holier than thou, Rudolph outfits. Oh my God, you and Kaleb didn’t pull a Menendez Bros over the Christmas break did you?” Blu looked at Kyle worried. Kyle giggled shaking his head, “Nope they lived, Kaleb, got me a ton of new designer casual clothes muttering something about me looking normal,” as he had a strange look on his face with a scrunched up nose. “He said I was too preppy… unless I wanted to be a stick in the mud,” Kyle let out a sigh and shrugged his shoulders. Blu grinned, “Well if it’s any consolation, you were handsome before, now you're hot as hell,” Blu grinned and fell on the couch his head landing in Kyle’s lap. “Ow! Fuck!” Blu tucked his hand behind his back pulling out the controller and handing it back to Kyle. “I like your new look, when you can afford it we’re going to buy you more stuff like that. You can save the Mini-Rudolph outfits for when they are expected, or when the Gestapo come to town.” Blu reached his hand up and flicked Kyle’s hair. “Can we not discuss them, if I can avoid ever going back there,” Kyle had a perplexed look on his face, “It’d be too damn soon.” He honestly couldn’t wait until Kaleb was here at college, and avoid the unpleasantries that involved anything connected to his parents. Blu struggled to sit up, he stayed next to Kyle legs crossed, “What happened Blondie?” Kyle took a deep breath, exhaling slowly, “Christmas day we were ordered to dress in tuxedo’s for some highfalutin party,” shaking his head remembering the day, “They summoned us when we were to make our appearance, we were never even wished a Merry Christmas or anything, no presents, and they sure as hell forgot my birthday, they even dismissed us like we were hired help,” Kyle ranted while tapping the heel of his foot on the floor. “Kaleb gave me this chain and pendant for my birthday,” Kyle said as he delicately pulled the chain from under his shirt. “I gave Kaleb a gift card for tickets to any concert he chooses to attend, for his birthday,” Kyle left a small smile shine through his gloomy attitude. “I got you something for your birthday, um… two things actually,” Blu leaned forward whispering, “Present number 1,” then his lips touched Kyles. Blu leaned closer tenderly biting Kyle’s lower lip, then sensually started kissing him as he slipped his hand behind Kyle’s neck while his thumb gently stroked his jawline. Blu’s tongue caressed Kyle’s lips until they parted and commenced an awkward dance of tongues that neither had ever experienced, leaving them both very short of breath. As the boys parted, Kyle had a dazed look on his face, “Umm…” He started fanning himself, “Fuck me, WOW!” “You want me to get a condom and some lube?” Blu pointing to his nightstand and chuckling. Kyle sat there with his jaw hanging open, “Uh… Huh?” He reached up scratching the back of his head considering Blu’s proposal. “I was joking, Blondie,” Blu said self consciously, thinking Kyle was upset that he’d kissed him. Blu honestly thought Kyle felt the same. Maybe he didn’t. Blu started to retreat from the couch hoping he hadn’t made their friendship awkward. Kyle grabbed Blu’s pants yanking him back into his lap, wrapping his hand around Blu’s neck, smashing their lips together into one of the most carnal kisses that neither could control. After breaking the kiss and catching his breath Kyle looked into Blu’s eyes, “Where did you think you were going?” He said with a smile as he ran his fingers through Blu’s hair, “I seem to remember another present being owed?” “Oh yeah, make it four gifts then,” Blu squirmed over Kyle’s lap straddling his legs then cupped his face with both hands smiling, slowly leaning in and as their lips were about to touch…Blu sprung from Kyle’s lap and went to his bag. He opened the bag and was searching for Kyles gifts. Blu had one from his parents, two from Nan, and one from him. Kyle called over to Blu, “Tease!” he yelled grinning. Blu snickered as he pulled the gifts from his bag then sat back down next to Kyle laying the wrapped presents between them. Kyle picked up one of the gifts, taking the card off the first it read To Kyle From Mum & Dad W. Opening the card with a tear, Kyle read the card sniffling handing the card to Blu. Kyle picked the present up picking at the edge of the paper unwrapping the gift. Pulling out the tissue paper he found a bound book, with a hardcover. On the front, it had a gold script, “Music and Lyrics by Kyle Remmington.” The book was about an inch thick, the manuscript music pages were of good quality he opened it up to find a handwritten note from Blu’s parents. Let your music carry you through life, and the melody infinite. We’re so proud of you! Love Mum and Dad Waters. XXX Kyle sat stunned running his fingers over the cover of the book as a stray tear fell on it, he quickly wiped it away, “Wow, I… I… I really love this and appreciate it so much, after I’m done opening my gifts I’ll call your family,” Kyle said with a sob. Blu wiped away Kyle’s tears with the ends of his mouth turned up in a small smile. He was happy Kyle liked the gift and saying a silent thank you to his parents in his head for making Kyle part of the family. Kyle sat his book to the side, picking up the set of gifts that were attached with a ribbon, from Nan. He opened the card, and read it with a chuckle and rolled his eyes handing it to Blu. Picking up a small box wrapped with a metallic blue colored paper he gently pulled the wrapping off, opening the box he pulled a wadded bunch of condoms out of the box that she used to cushion its contents. Kyle snickered and shrugged his shoulders revealing five metallic blue guitar plectrums shaped like a penis with Kyle’s name embedded in a white fancy script. Kyle’s eyes shifted from the plectrums to Blu and shit eating grin swept across his face, “Wanna play with my penis?” He wagged an eyebrow, then burst out laughing as he placed them between Blu and himself. Blu picked one up and inspected the plectrum. “Your’s is bigger than this right?” Blu raised an eyebrow at him. Kyle placed his hand on his crotch groping himself and nodded. Picking up the next package, and tugging the paper off, this time the package was cushioned with neon colored boxer-briefs, he received blue, green, orange, and hot pink. Kyle sighed setting them aside and looked into the box to find a pair of slippers with penis’s on the front, a black pair of lacey manties, a sex dice game. When he’d emptied the gifts he found a gift card for Rainbow Depot online. Kyle hurriedly stuffed his boxers back in the box, “Um… that’s interesting, but can you… does she? Did Nan actually go and buy this shit by herself?” Kyle asked in a fluster while turning a bright shade of pink to match his new boxers. Blu laughed, shrugged his shoulder and started going through the box again. He picked up the dice and grinned at Kyle. Kyle ripped them out of Blu’s hand threw them in the box and put the lid on, moving the box to the floor out of reach. “Hey, I didn’t get to see what they landed on,” Blu waggled his eyebrows and stuck out his tongue suggestively at Kyle. Kyle rolled his eyes, “Perv.” Blu smiled nodding. Kyle picked up the lone remaining gift, removing the card and reading it he pulled Blu into a brief hug. Tearing away the wrapper, lifting the box lid, he removed a paper that stated IOU driving lessons and a trip to the DMV, underneath was a framed picture of him and Blu from their trip at Thanksgiving, a certificate for one birthday dinner with an expiry date of February 14. Kyle pulled Blu in kissed him passionately, “Thanks for everything Babe…” He said, the words caught in his throat while looking into Blu’s eyes. Blu cleared his throat nervously, “You’re welcome,” his voice gravelly from holding back his emotions. Blu felt his eye’s sting like he would cry so he pulled Kyle in for a hug. The two boys settled into the hug for a few minutes letting their emotions cool down, not wanting the other to see. The silence was comfortable between them and happy to stay holding each other. Kyle pulled out his cell and dialed Blu’s parent's house phone, “Hi, Mom, I wanted to thank you and Dad for the wonderful manuscript book. It means a lot to me that you both remembered my birthday.” “Oh you’re welcome sweetheart, I hope you can use it to make some beautiful songs. You can play them for us next time you come home.” Lily proclaimed. “I promise I’ll play something Mom, I can’t guarantee it will be an original piece. Is Nan around to thank her for the gifts she sent with Blu?” Kyle asked warmly. “Sure sweetheart I’ll just get her for you, give Blu a kiss for me,” Lily said just like any Mother would and put the phone down to get Nan. Kyle heard the phone crackle then, “STUD MUFFIN, how are they hanging?” “Uh…” Kyle snickered, “Haven’t received any complaints today,” He giggled like a small child. “Nan thanks for the gifts, the boxers will make it hard to get lost in the dark,” Kyle teased. “Good boy, I’m not sure our Blu would much let you out of his sight anyway, the way he pouted around the house during the holidays.” Nan clucked her tongue, “Now my little blonde friend, don’t you be throwing them dice out, they are fun. It will help you and Blu get past this dance you’ve got going on and git to the good stuff.” “Yes Nan, Blu wants to go do something I need to go Nan… Love you all, Bye.” Kyle said tentatively. “Bye Stud, see ya soon,” Nan snickered. Kyle ended the call and sat back shaking his head smiling at Blu, who giggled. “Oh before I forget, the folks and Nan have gifts for Kaleb, since we also missed his birthday. Mom asked if we could send them, they didn’t know your folk's address.” Blu stated and retrieved them from his bag, giving them to Kyle. Kyle nodded, placing them on his nightstand to remember to mail them to his brother. The weeks progressively kept them busy with classes and assignments and studying for mid-terms. Chapman had been harassing Kyle to go out with him since he returned from Thanksgiving break, and its only gotten worse. Kyle avoided bringing the subject up to Blu because he was worried about his reaction. He looked over at Blu, Kyle could hear him sighing and tutting while he studied. He got up from his desk and went to Blu, he put his hands on his shoulders, bent down kissing Blu’s neck softly, and breathing him in. “What’s up Babe?” Kyle asked. Blu tilted his head sideways so it rested against Kyles, “I have to do this stupid Math unit and I’m struggling, how good are you at Math?” Kyle smiled and looked at the papers, “I’m not great but not horrible either, let's see… Oh, here you transposed the decimal right there,” He said pointing with the eraser on his pencil. Blu sighed in frustration and kissed Kyle’s cheek, “Thanks, Blondie,” he mumbled and went back to his books. ***** The day before Valentine’s day Kyle made up an excuse of having to run out the store to pick up a few things. Kyle rushed to catch a bus downtown, stopping in quite a few shops until he found what he was looking for, the purchase was made and slipped into his pocket for the appropriate time. Kyle then stopped by a produce store to purchase chocolate covered strawberries and a non-alcoholic bubbly. Kyle made one last stop to the florist shop and bought a single red Rose, which they kindly wrapped a delicate red ribbon around. With all of his mission accomplished he returned home and hid his purchases. They spent the rest of the night laying around cuddling, listening to music, while Kyle explained the intricacies of the arrangements. Blu listened and smiled, while Kyle was so involved in his passion for music. Valentine’s Day morning Kyle woke up early, quietly sneaking around the room placing the rose on Blu’s pillow beside him. He then dressed and ran to the local Bakery grabbing some cream cheese Danish and fresh coffee. Returning home, Kyle slipped off his clothes down to his boxers and slid into bed alongside Blu nibbling on his ear. Blu mumbled and rolled onto his stomach, Kyle smiled and licked the edge of his ear whispering, “Happy Valentine’s Day babe.” Blu smiled mischievously, “Mom?” he said without opening his eyes. “Mom huh?” Kyle smirked and ground his hip into Blu’s, “I don’t think your Mom would stick her tongue in your ear, and she definitely wouldn’t have the urge make out with you.” He laid back and crossed his arms. Blu laughed, “No, I suppose she wouldn’t. Dad can’t do it anymore now that I don’t live at home.” Blu paused for a moment, then exaggerated a sigh, “I miss that,” Kyle smacked the back of Blu’s head, “You disgusting pervert,” He said with a sigh, “You ready for breakfast in bed? I bought Danish and coffee…” Blu sat up quickly in his bed, “Oooh, gimme,” holding his arms out with his hands doing a grabbing motion. Something caught his eye and his head turned toward it. On the pillow where his head had been laying was a single red rose. Blu’s heart melted as he picked it up, he smelt it, “Thanks, Blondie, no one has ever given me flowers before,” he said mesmerized with the rose. A little smile on his face as he twirled the stem spinning the flower around. He reached out to Kyle and pulled him on top of him as he laid back down, kissing the crap right out of his boyfriend. “Babe lets eat before your coffee is cold, then we have time to make out,” Kyle snickered, “We can’t be late for class or the professor’s will wanna dock us for attendance,” He said leaning in for one last quick kiss. Kyle got out of bed got a plate and placing two Danish on it and grabbing Blu’s coffee. “Here babe,” He said as he handed his offerings, licking off his fingers seductively. Blu took a sip of his coffee, then smacked his lips together, “Ah, nectar of the God’s… Fuck me that good coffee, where’d you get it?” “That new little Bakery down on the corner, there wasn’t even a line when I was there,” Kyle said as he took a bite of his food, and smiled. Blu took his Danish in his free hand and bit into it, “Mmm…bif if farpin’ blishes,” Blu sprayed pastry as he spoke and his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Kyle giggled, “Gross… the pastry is pretty delicious,” He said as he wiped some of the mess up. Blu shrugged his shoulder and took another huge bite of his pastry. “Bone beget we goin binner, bix cock,” Kyle roared with laughter, “Yeah I have a big cock,” He said jokingly smirking, “I didn’t forget dinner at six.” Blu rolled his eyes at Kyle then smiled. The boys ate their breakfast in silence while they eyed each other, silently egging the other, daring to say something first. Kyle and Blu threw on clothes rushing, well Kyle practically drug Blu by the hand to class so they weren’t late. While Blu whined, bitched and moaned about wanting to make a trip to the moon and back in bed. Halfway through the class a boy dressed as Cupid fluttered into the lecture room, he had a basket with single roses and a vase with a dozen roses. The professor, thankfully, had a sense of humor when Cupid put down the vase on his desk. He waggled his finger at the professor, after propping himself on the desk suggestively, “Uh-uh not for you,” Cupid then called out names and delivered the single roses and small soft toys. Once he was done he stuck his hand out the door and dragged in a huge stuffed Gorilla holding a banana, he was wearing a red sash that said “Banana’s for you,” then picked up the vase of flowers and called out, “Kyle Remmington?” while Blu wore a shit-eating grin. He knew it would embarrass Kyle, but he wanted to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day for him. Kyle stood and walked to Cupid giggling until he leaned in and kissed him, causing Kyle to turn beet red. He retrieved the Gorilla and flowers, then returned to his seat and shot Blu a look of thank you but you will pay. The rest of the school day flew by with only a few jokes made over the huge stuffed animal Kyle was tasked with dragging around with him. Once Kyle got back to the dorm following classes, he rushed to get showered. He was coming out of the bathroom with only a towel draped over his shoulder as Blu was entering their room. He waltzed through the door, smiling as usual. Blu flung his bag across the room, flicking his shoes toward his bed, “Hey Blondie, I’m going for a shower,” he kissed Kyle on his way past; he watched as Blu walk into the bathroom and smiled to himself. Kyle rummaged through his clothes picking out the neon orange underwear and snickered, pulling them on. He found a pair of black acid washed jeans and a baby blue button-down shirt and dressed before Blu came out. Kyle knocked on the bathroom door, “Can I do my hair while you’re in the shower?” “Yeah,” Blu called out, Kyle stepped into the bathroom, unfortunately, he couldn’t see through the shower curtain, it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. “Don’t be throwing that hair dryer in the shower with me, there isn’t any insurance money to be had, I’m worth nothing.” Blu garbled, it sounded to Kyle like he was washing his hair. “Babe, stop that,” Kyle admonished Blu, and stepped to the mirror styling his hair after applying just the required amount of hair gel, “Okay I’ll be ready and waiting in the room when you’re done.” Kyle returned to the room reaching under his dresser to retrieve what he had hidden the previous day and placed it in his pants pocket. Blu eventually came out of the bathroom and quickly changed into dark blue denim Levi’s and a grape-colored button down with a pair of chunky boots. His sandy blonde hair looked mousy brown while wet, he’d brushed it neatly and let it fall messily as the kids do. Blu grabbed his wallet and phone then ushered Kyle toward the door, quickly running back and grabbing a small gift from his nightstand, and followed Kyle. Kyle and Blu rode happily to Bon’ Appetite restaurant where they had reservations. The maitre d' took Kyle’s name and checked his list finding the table they were assigned, “This way gentlemen,” He said and Kyle took Blu by the hand following the older man. Kyle pulled out Blu’s chair for him, “Blu,” Kyle motioned for Blu. After Blu was seated Kyle sat directly across from him smiling goofily. The waiter brought water and menu’s to the table, “This is really nice,” Kyle glanced around the room taking in the crystal chandeliers, white linen tablecloths, and centerpieces on each table that had red roses and candles. Blu glanced around, “Yeah, I was hoping you’d like it,” Nervously smiling at Kyle. The waiter returned for to take their orders, Kyle ordered the house special of fresh cut t-bone steak, garlic mashed potatoes, with asparagus, and a house salad, then Blu ordered the same but medium rare steak. Kyle reached across the table taking Blu’s hand, “Have I told you…” There was a hesitation in his voice, “I… I love you…” Kyle said as his voice crackled. Blu blushed, squeezing Kyle’s hand, “Me too,” then he fidgeted in his seat. He’d never actually said that to anyone other than his parents or Nan. Blu was pretty sure the only person Kyle had ever said those three little powerful words to was his brother. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small package and gave it to Kyle, Blu was so nervous his hands were shaking. Kyle took the package opening it, “What’s this?” as he took the paper off of it. “It’s just a little something, I didn’t know what to get you,” Blu blushed again and fiddled with his silverware, “please just open it,” he said frowning. Kyle opened the box, revealing a watch he pulled it out of the box and smiled as he turned it over it had an inscription of Love Always… Blu. “It’s perfect,” Kyle said as he placed the watch around his wrist. Kyle fidget reaching into his pocket, pulling a small silver box out of it. Kyle knelt along Blu’s side, “I know I’m not ready for marriage, but I would like to give you my heart and this promise ring. When the time comes, would you marry me?” Kyle asked as he opened the box displaying a sparkling silver band with a bright blue inlay. Blu sat in his chair stunned, “Y…Um…N…” he looked around anxiously, he leaned forward and whispered to Kyle, “Are…are you sure?” Kyle’s face dropped as if Blu had said “No.” Blu sat up again, stared at his boyfriend, a tear fell from his eye, and he nodded. Kyle jumped up from his knee, “You mean it?” He said loud enough that everybody in the whole restaurant stopped and looked as if they were involved in the proposal. “Of course I do Blondie,” Blu smiled and put his arms out to hug Kyle. Kyle loosened the hug and kissed Blu passionately, and a round of applause was heard through the restaurant. Kyle sat down with the cheesiest grin on his face staring at Blu. Moments later a hand clasped Kyle’s shoulder, “Kyle, why haven’t you called me?” Chapman’s demeanor was abrasive, “I thought we were going to go out,” He said as he tightened his grasp on Kyle. Blu stood up, throwing his napkin on the table and stepped toward Chapman, “Take your hand off of him, before I remove it…” Kyle shook his head toward Blu. Kyle reached up grabbing Chapman by the tie, pulling him close to him until his ear was next to his mouth snarling, “Since you’re too stupid to grasp no for an answer, you can just fuck off, and quit interrupting my future husband’s special night,” Kyle motioned the maitre d' to their table and pointed to Chapman, “Can you please remove this vermin? He interrupted our meal and our romantic evening by placing his hands on me.” The staff looked at Chapman, motioning him toward the door. Chapman left without any fuss, leaving his date behind. Kyle wasn’t even aware he was in the restaurant. Blu sat back down in his chair. “What the hell was that all about Kyle?” Blu demanded. Kyle sat there with panic building inside himself, “Uh… I… umm… well, Chapman has been harassing me since after we got back from Thanksgiving break about going out,” His face dropped as he looked at his hands fidgeting, “I avoided him as much as I could, I never wanted to go out with him. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t wanna upset you…” Kyle had a look of defeat on his face, “I’m sorry.” The waiter brought their meals, Blu sat back for him to put the plate down. Blu picked up his fork, looked at Kyle and started picking at his plate. He attempted to say something a couple of times but stopped himself. He seemed to be getting angrier as he ate. Kyle kept looking at him worriedly across the table but didn’t want to speak before Blu said his piece. He’d already apologized and hadn’t led the guy on so what more could he say to Blu. Kyle kept eating his dinner quietly hoping Blu would calm down. Eventually, Blu reached out and took Kyle’s hand, he didn’t speak but he held his hand while he finished eating. After the meal, Blu asked for the check without having any dessert. Kyle was very quiet as Blu hadn’t spoken since the incident with the Chipper. Once they got in the car Kyle turned to Blu, but before he could say anything Blu blurted, “I hate that guy, he’s a slimy piece of shit. Can you find somewhere else to sit in class?” Blu looked at the steering wheel the whole time he spoke. “If I can’t I will transfer to a different class, they might have to change my schedule but I’ll do it,” Kyle said hoping to calm Blu’s emotions. He shook his head, “No I don’t want you doing that,” his shoulders slumped in defeat, “Sorry I’m just being a jealous ass, I know you can handle yourself. It’s just I don’t like that guy and I sure as hell don’t trust his slimy ass. And that goes for Charlotte too, I’d feel better if both of you stayed away from him. There’s something not right with that guy.” “Babe, you’re the only person I want, you have a ring on your finger, not him,” Kyle sighed, “I love you and you alone, yes you intimidate the shit out of me sometimes, but I don’t want anybody else,” He said from the heart while staring directly at Blu. “That’s not what this is about, yes I’m jealous, but I get a really bad feeling about him Kyle. I worry he’ll do something creepy or hurt you. Please just be careful around him and never be alone with him, ever. And I love you too.” Blu huffed a smile. Blu leaned across the console to kiss Kyle. Kyle pulled away from the kiss with a smile, “I promise if I have to be near Chipmunk, I’ll have somebody around,” He smirked to Blu. “Good,” Blu quickly pecked Kyle on the lips and turned the car over, he had one hand on the steering wheel the other on the gear stick. He turned to Kyle with a frown, “Why do you find me intimidating, that doesn’t sound good?” “You’re able to just say what you feel around anybody,” Kyle ran his hand through his hair, “I’m trying to be that way, but I don’t know if I will ever be that type of person, when we are alone I can be me. But around groups of people it’s like I’m that stupid goldfish in a bowl that people are always watching, waiting for me to flounder,” Kyle sighed in frustration, knowing the life he lived till now would always affect him in some way. “Aw Baby, it won’t always be that way. You’ve been suppressed and put down for the past nineteen years, it’s not going to change overnight. I promise, if it’s what you want, I’ll help you be more assertive and outgoing. Don’t go changing for me though, I love you the way you are. I’ll take you, however, I can get you, I don’t care as long as it’s still you.” Blu smiled warmly at his boyfriend and pointed the wheels toward home. ***** Back in the room, the boys were laying in Blu’s bed, Kyle held their hands together playing with the ring on Blu’s finger, “Pretty neat, huh?” Blu looked at his finger and smiled, “It’s perfect,” then he jumped off of the bed and stood up. “Up,” he motioned to Kyle. “Um… okay…” Kyle crawled out of the bed looking at Blu. “This is bullshit,” Blu said pushing the couch into the bathroom. He came back to Kyle, grabbing the empty crate from the bottom of his closet, he removed his computer from his desk and put it on his bed, then swept everything from his desk into the crate. “Grab the other end of my desk Blondie,” Blu pointed with his chin. Kyle picked up the other end of the desk and they kind of lift dragged it across the room and shoved it in the furthest corner. Blu went back and moved his nightstand to sit behind the couch sticking out of their bathroom. He then sat Kyle's next to it. They shifted Kyle's desk there also. Then he and Kyle moved his bed so it was pressing up against Blu’s. Blu stood back and smiled holding his hands out as if to say “ta-da.” Kyle was smiles from ear-to-ear as Blu became a designer if only for a minute, thinking how lucky he was to place the ring on his finger tonight. The boys spent the next ten minutes moving the nightstands, desks, and couch around until they were happy with the layout, which turned out great because now they had more space. It felt like a mini apartment just no kitchen. They used the desks as a divider to break the tiny room into the living room, bedroom, and office. Okay so it’s world's tiniest apartment but it gave off a home-ish feel. All they needed was a couple of rugs. Blu smiled and Kyle wandered around the room admiring the newly proffered space. Kyle shoved Blu, as he landed in the center of the new bed, the bed separated and both boy’s ended in a heap on the floor laughing, “I guess we need to go to the hardware store tomorrow so we don’t end up on the floor too often,” he winked at Blu.
  5. Fun Times

    @Benji Thanks for reading and the wonderful comments, Kyle definitely struggles when dealing in social circles. When the families meet up with definitely be a memorable moment!
  6. Hallow's Eve 2017

    @glennish We are glad you folks enjoyed it!
  7. Payback's A Bitch

    @chris191070 They are a cute couple, and Nate is now overly protective. @Onim Nate is definitely not afraid to back up his words. @Hunter of Porn This story is the first Cade has made an appearance and only by name nothing more. @jaysalmn I agree Nate gave Jesse the wake-up call he deserved, as far as jealousy goes I'm sure with Mitch and Brad dating, it will become even more prevalent. Thank you all for the wonderful remarks and questions, and thanks for continuing to read the story.
  8. Payback's A Bitch

    I agree it sounds delicious @droughtquake
  9. Payback's A Bitch

    @Wesley8890 you never know where life leads you, unfortunately at the moment that doesn't involve a relationship with Jesse. But who knows in the future.
  10. Payback's A Bitch

    Nate is a protective brother, Jesse definitely knows to not cross that line again. Jesse was a bit embarrassed a fourteen-year-old whooped his ass. Thanks for reading @glennish nobody will be dying Nate is keeping everybody in check.
  11. Payback's A Bitch

    Payback’s A Bitch: A few days later there was a knock at the front door Nate went to answer it. “I got the door, Brad,” As he opened the door, Jesse smirked at Nate. A pissed off look appeared out of nowhere on Nate’s face. “What do you want?” Nate said with a snarl. “Calm down Nate, have a sense of humor for god sakes,” Jesse said as he went to place a hand on Nate’s shoulder, and he jerked back. Nate balled his fist and gave him a look that should have killed, “You really upset Brad, that set up for that date with Michael was evil.” Jesse chuckled which angered Nate even more. Nate drew his arm back and punched Jesse in the face. Jesse’s head jerked back, and blood started spewing from his nose. Jesse reached for his nose with his hand as the blood ran from it, “What the fuck Nate, I’ve never seen you violent before.” Nate watched as blood ran down the front of Jesse’s polo shirt. “If you ever hurt Brad again, it will be much worse,” Nate growled with venom, staring at Jesse’s bloodied face. Brad heard the commotion from his bedroom and looked over the banister at Jesse’s bloodied face, “What the fuck Nate?” He looked expectantly at Nate. “Hey,” Nate was shaking from the anger he felt as he pointed at Jesse, “He started it by messing with you,” Nate said shifting on his feet nervously. “Jesse go up to my room and grab a clean shirt,” Brad said as he motioned Jesse up the stairs with a look of pity. “Nate man I can defend myself,” Brad walked down the stairs and smirked at Nate whispering in Nate’s ear, “Nice punch bud, but don’t do that again. You’re not the violent type bro.” Brad pulled Nate into a hug and kissed his forehead, “You’re one of a kind bro, I wouldn’t trade you for all the money in the world.” “Yuk quit kissing me,” Nate wiped his forehead from the sloppy kiss. “I don’t know where your mouth has been you might be contagious,” He chuckled with a smirk on his face. “You’re not gonna tell Mom what I did, right?” He said with a worried look on his face. Brad burst out laughing, “Nate I’m not telling Mom, and I’m pretty sure Jesse will be too embarrassed to admit a fourteen-year-old beat his ass, so no worries.” Brad ruffled Nate’s hair, while Nate chuckled. Nate ran and grabbed a wet towel and sopped up Jesse’s blood from the floor and ditched any evidence before their Mom returned from the store. Just then Jesse came out of Brad’s room and started down the stairs, “Nate you should take up boxing, you have a hell of a wicked punch.” Jesse joked with a half-hearted smile. Brad glanced at his brother and Jesse, “Are you guys both good?” Nate was the first to speak up, “I’m sorry Jesse, but remember what I said.” The statement hit its mark and Jesse nodded. Jesse locked eyes with Nate, placing a hand on Brad’s shoulder to steady himself as he had a little dizziness,“We’re good Brad, remind me never to piss the little shit off again,” Jesse said with conviction. Brad smirked at Jesse, “What was the smartass comment you made the other day? Oh ya… What are you gonna do sick Nate on me?” He said sarcastically. “Ya… Uh, can we forget about that and never bring it up again,” Jesse asked with pleading eyes. The trio went into the game room and started playing games on the Xbox, which produced a bunch of bantering. Nate got up from the floor after his turn was over and made a phone call. Once he returned, he said, “I’m goin’ to a friend’s I will be home by curfew Brad, can you let Mom know I’ll eat when I get home?” Brad nodded, and Nate headed out for the day. Once Brad was sure Nate was gone he turned to Jesse, “What the fuck was up that you did that to me with Michael?” Brad’s eyes bore into Jesse’s soul looking for answers. Jesse shifted around on the couch trying to avoid looking at his friend, “Well, I uh… I was jealous…” Jesse fidgeted with his hands. “After all these years of being friend’s, you tell everybody you’re gay… After I’m dating somebody, do you know how bad that hurts? I’ve had a crush on you for like the last seven or eight years, and now… It sucks man.” Jesse said with a pained expression on his face. Brad sighed and placed his arm around Jesse’s shoulders, “Dude, you could have told me.” Squeezing Jesse a little tighter, “Who knows, maybe if you admitted how you felt back then, I might have figured out who I was instead of taking seven years.” Brad smiled at Jesse, “Wanna go out for a drink?” “I can’t dude, I have a date with Cade,” Jesse winced as the words left his mouth. “We’re goin’ out to dinner and a movie.” He said with mixed emotions and a sigh escaped. “I actually need to get going, so I can get cleaned up from, well… you know…” Jesse stood up to leave heading toward the door, he paused and hugged Brad. “Talk to ya later dude.” Brad nodded and closed the door. ***** A few weeks had passed, Brad had his cast removed and was pretty well healed up. Jesse had backed off of the blind dates business after his and Nate’s come to Jesus moment. Nate reminds him each time they see each other of the now standing rule of not hurting Brad. On Saturday night Brad decided to get dressed and head down to the club and check out the prospects. Once at Hang Over, which was ironically the club’s name, Brad meandered to the bar and found a seat motioning for the barkeep. He ordered a draft, as he sipped his beer a beautiful blonde sat beside him. Brad was secretly checking him out from head to toe using his peripheral vision. The Blonde ordered and waited for his drink, turning towards Brad he smiled, “Hi, I’m Mitch, come here often?” Mitch cringed after he said such a cheesy cliche. Brad turned with a smile chuckling offering his hand, “Nah, last time I was here must’ve been a few weeks ago. I was on a blind date that was anything but enjoyable.” He smiled at the gorgeous blonde. “I’m Brad, it’s nice to meet you, Mitch.” Brad got a chance to actually look over Mitch, he had wavy shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and the most sensual and delicious looking lips he had ever seen. Brad to another sip of his beer and with a friendly smile he asked, “What about you, do you come here often?” He asked Mitch with a smirk, patting his shoulder. “Uh no, I usually avoid bars, my friends pushed me into going out…” Mitch said with a shy look on his face as he sipped on his ice cold beer. “They told me I needed to go meet somebody nice and get the hell out of the dorm room.” Mitch giggled and smiled at Brad, “I think they just wanted the room so they could sneak their girlfriends in, but hey at least I got to meet you.” Mitch took a sip of his beer and had foam mustache from it, causing Brad to laugh. “What did I say that was so funny? My friends basically telling me to get lost?” Mitch said with a hurt expression on his face. “I didn’t mean it like that,” Brad said apologetically, “My date from hell was set up by my best friend Jesse,” Brad chuckled and smiled briefly at Mitch, “Jesse was taught a lesson by my fourteen-year-old brother not to hurt me by setting up horrible blind dates, Nate bloodied his nose, and there’s some standing rule between them which I’m not sure of.” Brad to a sip of beer, “Mitch are you dating anybody?” Mitch set his beer down, “No, nobody important in my life,” He shook his head and a sigh slipped out, “I haven’t dated nobody since I graduated high school.” Mitch chuckled, “So, your brother bloodies the guy's nose?” “Uh, ya… I was upstairs and heard a bunch of commotion and come out to find Jesse’s nose leaking like a faucet,” Brad giggled sipping his beer, “Nate was so pissed off he was shaking,” Shrugging his shoulders, “I’ve never seen Nate get angry or hit anybody until that moment, he’s usually a jokester, it was a weird situation.” Mitch laughed so hard he was in tears, gasping to catch his breath. “Oh god that’s hilarious, so how big is your brother?” Mitch asked curiously. “He’s a little shorter than me and scrawny little shit,” Brad laughed, “Honestly to think about it if the wind blew too hard Nate would get blown away.” Brad motioned for a refill of both their drinks. “How old are you Mitch?” “Just turned twenty-four, I’m working on my master’s at the university,” Mitch paused looking into Brad’s eyes. “How about yourself?” He asked with a twinkle in his eyes. “I’m twenty-one, I graduate with an associates degree in Social Work next month,” Brad smiled at Mitch. “Hopefully I can find a job around here, helping kids…” Brad stopped talking as a thought of his father ran through his mind, causing him to shake. Mitch looked at him with concern, “Everything ok Brad?” He rubbed his hand on Brad’s back. Brad didn’t realize he was shaking until he felt Mitch rubbing his back, “Sorry, my father uh… beat me pretty bad the day I came out he broke one of my arms and other stuff. I had a hard time doing stuff, including breathing for quite a while.” Mitch gave him a sad look while Brad continued talking, “My Mom and Nate got me through the hard shit, without them I dunno what would’ve happened.” “Well if you ever need somebody else to talk to feel free to ask,” Mitch smiled caringly, “My parents were really good when I came out,” He said caringly while caressing Brad’s arm. “Mom’s comment was “Now I get to have a second son,” just like she always wanted another son.” Brad smiled toward Mitch, “Thanks, I really appreciate it.” Mitch nodded his head finishing the last of his drink, “Would it be ok to exchange phone numbers?” Brad smiled at him and traded cell phones placing each other's numbers in one another's phone. “Well I really need to head home, I have to get a research paper finished, the class is on Monday.” Mitch stood up placing his hand on Brad’s shoulder, “I’m glad I came here tonight, it was really nice to meet you. Give me a call the next time you’re free.” Brad looked into Mitch’s eyes with a feeling he couldn’t describe in words, “I… It… I’m glad I came tonight too, I’ll call you next weekend?” “Sounds like a plan,” Mitch walked off with a goofy smile. ***** Brad went up to his room peeling off clothes and laid on the bed with a cheesy grin, when Nate knocked on the door, “Come in Nate, I don’t have anybody hidden in my room. Geez, how many times have I told you just to come in my room?” He said with a sigh. Nate opened the door, staring at the expression on Brad’s face, “Okay, what’s up with the goofy ass grin on your face?” He asked as he flopped on the edge of Brad’s bed. Brad smiled stupidly at nothing in particular, “I… I met somebody…” Nate started laughing uncontrollably, and Brad rolled his eyes. “Oh my god, Brad has a boyfriend,” Nate said as he jumped off the bed giggling like a school girl. “Shut up Nate,” Brad said shaking his head, “I don’t have a boyfriend, he’s I guess a friend… I dunno but he’s really nice. We are to call one another next weekend.” Nate laughed, “You have it bad for him, what’s his name?” He questioned like an interrogator, “Where’s he from? What’s he look like? What’s he do for a living?” Brad shook his head, Would you like his social security number, and to have a background check done to Nate?” He sighed, “His name is Mitch, he goes to the university and is working on his master's degree. Mitch is about my height maybe a little taller, and blonde hair and…” Nate cut him off with a gagging sound, “God, quit… just quit… you’re gonna make me barf. You’re in love just admit!” His stare attempted boring holes into Brad’s soul. “When do I get to meet him?” Brad looked at Nate knowing he wasn’t joking, “Uh, you promise not to punch him in the face?” Nate looked at him with a stone face, “If he doesn’t hurt you, then I won’t punch him, otherwise no promises.” He said with a shrug of his shoulders. “So Mitch, huh… as in Mitch the bitch…” Nate said with a chuckle grinning at Brad. “Stop it you little nutball,” Brad said as he yanked Nate back onto the bed and started tickling him mercilessly. “Now… if I decide to let you up, and if I quit tickling you do you promise to lay off the comments. And… no more threatening to punch people I’m a big boy Nate I can protect myself.” He studied the look on Nate’s face. “I’m telling you, Brad, if you don’t let go I’m leaving a puddle on you’re bed,” Nate gasped while he laughed. “I wanna meet Mitch,” Nate stated firmly as Brad released him and scooted up on the bed resting his back against the wall. “What do you think Mom would say if I invited him over next weekend to meet the both of you?” Brad mumbled remembering the reaction the last time he had a revelation. “Brad get real, Mom would love to meet him,” Nate said with a confident smile, “Maybe you should call him and see if he wants to meet us?” He said suggestively with puppy dog eyes. Brad shoved Nate off the bed with a loud thud, “Quit giving me those eyes, I’ll text him and talk to Mom after. Love you but scram…” He laughed as Nate got off the floor rubbing his ass. “Okay, I can see when I’m not wanted,” Nate joked, “Kiss it and make it better… Oooo, no skip that, that’s so gross to think about, YUK!” Nate disappeared out of the room. Brad chuckled as Nate left the room still rubbing his ass, and pulled out his phone. Brad: Hey Mitch: What’s up? Brad: Uh, I sorta told Nate I met you Mitch: He wants to hit me already? Brad: lol not really, I don’t think Mitch: You sure? Brad: Ya, I wanted to ask you a question Mitch: K? Brad: On Saturday wanna come to dinner and meet my Mom and Nate? Mitch: Sure time and address? Brad texted the time and address, putting his phone away. He pulled on some shorts and roamed down the hall knocking on his Mom’s bedroom door. “Come in,” Marlene said with a smile lounging in her housecoat reading a book, “What’s up honey?” “Mom, I invited somebody I met over for dinner Saturday night is that okay?” Brad said hesitantly looking a the floor. “Honey come over here and sit down,” Marlene said patting the bed beside her, “I know the last time you came to your father and me, he reacted horribly but I want to meet this guy. He must be special for you to invite him home, what’s his name sweetheart?” She asked as she placed her hand on Brad’s shoulder. Brad sighed and visibly relaxed, “His name is Mitch, I think you will really like him, Mom.” Brad smiled once his nerves relaxed and looked at his Mom. “I think it’s great you finally met somebody that makes you happy honey,” Marlene gave Brad a hug, and he stood up. “I’ll cook something special for dinner that day,” Marlene said more to herself than anybody. “Thanks, Mom, I appreciate it,” Brad said genuinely to his Mom, as he left the room. The week passed by quickly, and soon Saturday was here. ***** Marlene bustled around the kitchen in a whirlwind threatening the boys to stay out of her kitchen while she cooked furiously, making homemade lasagna, with scratch bread, and baked a chocolate raspberry cake. Nate snuck in the kitchen as Marlene emptied the chocolate raspberry batter into the pan snagging the bowl, “Get out of my kitchen Nate, or I will have to hurt you, I want this to be special for Brad.” Nate rolled his eyes laughing, “Now get!” Promptly at six there was a knock at the door, Nate rushed to answer it, “Mitch the bitch?” Nate snickered and Mitch laughed. “You must be Nate?” Mitch said still laughing, “How’s the right hook?” He asked jokingly, as Brad came down the stairs finding them both laughing at one another bantering like old time friends. Mitch put his arm around Nate’s shoulders and Nate asked, “You like my brother right?” Mitch nodded at him, “Good I like you we might have to keep you around,” He said with a smirk. “What’s this we stuff?” Brad asked curiously at Nate and then smiled at Mitch, “He hasn’t threatened you or punched you right Mitch?” Nate shifted on his feet placing his arm around Mitch’s shoulder, “I like him, maybe you can go find yourself a new friend,” He told his brother and both Mitch and Brad laughed, “I didn’t threaten him either.” He said as Marlene curiously popped her head out of the kitchen after hearing something about a threat. “I didn’t do anything Mom, I swear,” Nate said nervously looking at his Mom, and both the other boys laughed at him. “You better not be swearing or threatening nobody Nathaniel,” Marlene said returning to the kitchen. Nate relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief as Mitch ushered them into the living room. Marlene called all of them to the dining room a short time later with the table set for a fine dining experience. Mitch sat beside Brad while Nat sat directly across from them making googly-eyed faces and joked with them. Marlene served side salads with homemade Italian dressing. Upon finishing their salad Marlene returned from the kitchen with large portions of Lasagna. “The salad was splendid Ma’am,” Mitch said with a smile beaming from ear-to-ear, “The lasagna is making my mouth water.” “I’m glad you think so dear, and please call me Mom or Marlene,” She said patting Mitch’s shoulder as she sat down his serving. “Thanks, Mom,” Mitch said as the other boys smiled as the Mom pulled a handkerchief from her pocket dabbing her eyes. “You’re welcome sweetheart, I’m so glad Brad met you, dear,” Marlene said as she rushed out of the room to hide her tears. “She’s been a bit…” Nate giggled, “Emotional since Brad got hurt.” He said rolling his eyes. “Oh stop it, Nate,” Brad admonished him, “I’d rather she be crying happy tears than remembering that day,” Brad shivered remembering that fateful day. Mitch smiled at Brad, “I think she is very sweet,” He patted Brad’s hand that was on the table. “Ugh,” Nate moaned, “Can you get a room already?” He said making gagging sounds. Brad kicked Nate’s shin swiftly, “Ouch! What did I do?” Nate asked innocently. Dinner progressed without any further wisecracks, and Mitch loved Marlene’s cake. “Thank you so much for dinner Mom, everything was wonderful,” He said with a smile flashing beautiful the most wonderful white teeth. Marlene so overjoyed she replied, “Honey it was my pleasure, I hope this is the first of many family dinners all of us get to spend together.” She got up from the table hustling and bustling cleaning the table. Mitch went to offer Marlene help clean after dinner but she chased him out of her kitchen. Admonishing him the same as she had with Nate earlier in the day. Returning to Brad’s side he took him by the hand, “You have a pretty special Mom and brother,” Mitch said while looking into Brad’s eyes. “I really should be going,” He stood pulling Brad up with him walking towards the door. They paused at the door Mitch turned looking at Brad, he tilted his head kissing Brad gently. Nate walked by at just that moment, “My god you guys are like dogs in heat, get a damn room.” He walked off giggling and shaking his head.
  12. Chapter 15 - Adam

    I thought everybody loved cliffhangers? lol
  13. Fun Times

    @glennish the boys are definitely progressing in the right direction, I think Blu is being patient with Kyle not wanting to push him which is probably smart considering how he basically shut down in the bar. The families meeting now that could require a lot of medical care. Circling the faint smell of blood...No... Noo... must resist... Unfortunately, Penelope and Rudolph will survive as @Bndmetl sponsors my recovery over violent acts, she would beat me for murdering even if it were Penelope and Rudolph. Thanks for your faithful reading and wonderful comments, we both appreciate them!
  14. Fun Times

    @droughtquake Thanks for reading, we appreciate the comments. I also agree with you Kyle was sorta clueless over Chapman, but being sheltered by his parents this is a new experience to figure out. Luckily Blu is having none of Chapman's bullshit, he's willing to fight for what he feels should be his.
  15. Fun Times

    @chris191070 Thanks for reading, I think Kyle might be working it out, but it's definitely a wait and see we all have to remember up until college he led a sheltered life. Kaleb has a new lifeline in addition to Kyle since Nan and he are in cahoots via text messaging.

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