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  1. Dahawk

    Independence Day

    I hope you will continue the story. These guys have so much more to tell as they have only just started their lives as adults. Great job as always!
  2. Looking into the Future: Sunday breakfast was in full swing, the kids talking excitedly over one another about the last few days of the school year and their upcoming pool party since construction had finally been completed. “Bella, how many friends are coming on Saturday sweetheart?” Blu asked. He was trying to keep track for Kaleb to cater for the party. He and Kyle wanted the kids to have fun and enjoy themselves but they didn’t want the numbers to get out of hand. “Uh, Tony of course,” she said with a smitten look, “his friend Keith, and two of the girls in my math class.” Blu smiled at Arabella, she was really starting to come out of her shell. She no longer had the weight of the world on her shoulders. “And what about you Kyle, are you bringing anyone?” Blu fluttered his eyelashes at his husband. Kyle smirked, “Well there’s this really cute guy from work,” he chuckled. “About your height and has your hair, and he’s married. Oh, the scandals we could make.” Kyle reached out goosing Blu’s ass. “Nice.” Blu giggled fanning himself like a school girl. “God you’re so gross,” Levi grumbled as he shoveled some of his breakfast into his mouth. “I invited fen people fom baseball.” Cody shook his head, “I think if he didn’t have his mouthful he meant ten people from baseball. Didn’t anybody teach you to not talk with your mouth full?” “Little brothers, Link do something with the twerp,” Levi said before stuffing more food into his mouth. Link smiled at Cody, “We could go put Icy Hot in his jock that would give him a different attitude.” Cody smirked as he glanced at Levi, who shot daggers at his twin. “What about you Link? How many people have you invited?” Blu asked interrupting before breakfast became all-out war. “Ah, nobody really I figured Cody and me could hang out together.” Lincoln patted Cody’s shoulder. His Dads looked at Lincoln fondly, the boy knew Cody didn’t really have anyone to invite and was letting his little brother know he had his back. ***** Monday morning the family rushed through their normal routine. Kyle wandered into the kitchen, finding Blu rummaging through the pantry. “What are you doing Babe?” Kyle asked as Blu shoved stuff from one side of the cupboard to the other. Blu stood up from the pantry startled, “Nothing,” he said sheepishly biting his bottom lip. Kyle smirked, “Babe, we’re out of Chocolate Chip cookies.” The horrified look on Blu’s face caused Kyle to laugh hysterically. “Nah-uh,” Blu whined, “I hid some in the back of the pantry.” “Yeah, nice hiding spot by the way. Cody needed a little pick me up the night before his last treatment.” Kyle said as he poured Blu and himself coffee. Blu gasped, then let go of his heartbreak. “It’s a good excuse I suppose,” he said resignedly. “Thank you, Blondie.” He took his coffee from Kyle. “I’m sort of excited about giving out the information about the privatization of the school. The kids deserve way better than they were receiving from the district,” Kyle sipped his coffee. “I know Blondie,” Blu smiled affectionately at his husband, “you guys are going to kill it today. Don’t forget that we have to take our baby to get his test results at four.” “We’ll have plenty of time to get to the doctors for Cody’s appointment,” Kyle smiled as the boys raced into the kitchen. “Hey, Dad. Hi, Pop. How’s it hanging?” Levi said as he grabbed a piece of fruit and froze after he realized what he said. “To the left, son, yourself?” Blu chuckled. “Can I go drown myself in the pool?” Levi mumbled. Lincoln smiled, “I can give you CPR.” “You’re embarrassing,” Levi shook his head, “I’m not sucking face with my twin brother yuck.” “Be nice, besides if he was giving you CPR, you wouldn’t be sucking face,” Kyle chuckled. Blu silently laughed at the banter between the boys and Kyle, “Blondie, did you want some cereal?” he looked at his watch. “Hmm, we don’t really have time. Can we hit the drive-thru and grab a muffin somewhere?” “Oh an Egg McMuffin sounds good,” Levi said as he took a bite of his apple. “I was thinking more blueberry or orange poppy-seed.” “Old people,” Lincoln waved his hand, “it probably makes them go to the bathroom regularly.” Rolling his eyes Blu scoffed, “Jesus, you’re turning into your Uncle Kaleb.” “It could be worse, I could take after Nan,” Link chuckled. “God forbid, we only need one of those.” Blu cringed at the thought of more than one Nan, although Grandma Elsey was turning out to be a loose cannon now that she wasn’t suppressed by her husband. Kyle chuckled as the boys grabbed their backpacks as they headed out the door, “If we hurry we can stop at the donut shop and you can get a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant.” “If you give that to the kids we are driving with the windows down. We need to invent aftermarket window openers for cars. It’ll have a sensor if it gets a whiff of gas it automatically opens the window and sucks the smell out.” Blu grimaced. “We can use Levi as our test subject.” Levi shrugged his shoulders, “Sounds good to me. What’s my cut of the profit? You just don’t appreciate the bodily digestive system.” ***** The school day was filled with mostly turning in books and chatting about plans for the summer until all of the students and faculty were summoned to the auditorium. Once the students were settled Kyle walked across the stage to the podium, he adjusted the microphone. Kaleb and Jared stood flanking their brother. “We wanted to update everybody about the move to the updated school next year, renovations will start as soon as school lets out today. You guys will have modernized classrooms along with a computer lab. The football field will hopefully be resurfaced in time for the upcoming season, while the baseball field and track should be completed by spring.” Kyle glanced over the crowd spotting Blu and Mason standing near the back of the auditorium both of them offering supportive smiles. “We want each of you kids to have the opportunity to succeed in life, the new school will provide each of you the best chance to become a successful adult.” Jared whispered in something into Kyle’s ear making him chuckle and nod his head. “Mr. Jared just reminded me, there is not going to be a set uniform. Just dress casually using common sense, I don’t want to be calling your parents the first day of school,” Kyle smiled at the students. A mild round of banter and cheering erupted throughout the students. “Okay so did everybody bring their gym clothes?” Kyle asked the students who moaned at the mention of physical activity. “Well, we thought since today is the last day for anybody to ever use this building, we are going to have a student versus faculty softball game.” Kyle smiled, “Everybody can make their way to the gymnasium and take turns getting changed and wait for the teachers before we head out to the field.” ***** Kyle and Blu were driving home with the kids who were continuously rubbing it in on how bad the faculty played. Kyle tapped his cellphone and said, “Call Kaleb.” “What’s up, bro?” Kaleb said cheerfully. The kids continued their verbal assault on their Dads. “Do you hear your nephews?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, what’s your point?” Kaleb asked nonchalantly. “How can you suck so bad at sports?” Kyle grumbled. “You struck out every time you were up to bat, and you couldn’t catch the ball.” “You only hit the ball once, Kyle.” Kaleb laughed. “I made it to second base,” Kyle huffed. “The only homerun you can make is with Pop,” Levi laughed out. “Enough, you kids won 23 – 2. Don’t you think we’ve suffered enough?” Kyle glared into the rearview mirror. “Pop, when you split your shorts running around the bases,” Link gasped to catch his breath, “that was hilarious.” Lincoln roared with laughter. “Bite me,” Blu mumbled as his face went bright red. “Nice heart boxers by the way Pop,” Levi chuckled as he smirked. Chuckling Blu answered, “I’m glad you like ‘em. Dad got them for me on valentines day.” ***** Cody sat on Kyle’s lap while holding Blu’s hand. The specialist walked into the room smiling as he looked over Cody’s chart. “How are you feeling young man?” the doctor asked. “Good, but what does that paper say?” Cody shifted nervously on Kyle’s lap. “Hmm,” the doctor glanced over the papers continuing to smile. “I don’t think we will be seeing each other often, your next visit will be in six months for routine blood work. Congratulations Cody, I’m glad to be able to tell you that you’re in remission.” Cody bounced excitedly in Kyle’s lap as he spun around hugging Kyle and then Blu. “Congratulations little man,” Blu’s voice just above a whisper, tears in his eyes. “Thanks, Pop,” Cody wiped his eyes as he snuggled back into Kyle. “I told you with all of our love you’d get better,” Kyle said as he kissed the top of Cody’s head. “We need to celebrate,” Blu grinned wiping away his tears. The doctor smiled, “I hope you guys have a good time, just stop by the reception desk and she’ll set up Cody’s next appointment. I need to go take care of a few other patients, have a great summer, Cody.” “Thank you, Doctor,” Cody shook the man’s hand before he left the room. ***** Saturday morning was soon kicking off the family’s summer break, the boys snuck into their Dad’s bedroom as they both continued to sleep. Levi motioned for everybody to get on the bed, so his brothers crawled onto the bed holding onto one another to balance themselves. Levi did a countdown with his fingers, when they reached one the three boys commenced jumping on the bed. “Wake up old men, it’s summertime, lets party.” Levi laughed as Kyle and Blu bounced around on the bed. Cody crawled onto Blu’s chest and pinched his Dad’s nose closed, “Wake up Pop.” “Five more minutes,” Blu whined sticking his head under the pillow as his body bounced around. Lincoln pointed at Blu’s feet and Cody nodded as the two proceeded to tickle his feet. Their Pop screamed and flung his legs trying to shake the boys off with no success. “Noooo, Blondie, quick sell the kids on Craig’s List… Hey!” Blu sat up quickly laughing, “Who bit me?” Kyle slid out from under the cover smiling innocently, “It had to have been Khan,” just as the dog wandered into the room yawning. “Damn, ok, maybe it was the cat.” “Hey get back here don’t leave me alone with these savages,” Blu cried out. “Savages?” Cody smirked then pointed at Blu, “Khan, doggy kisses!” Khan hopped on the bed pinning Blu back down on the bed, as he slathered Blu’s face with his tongue. “Gross,” Blu screamed as he struggled to get out from under the dog and the kids. Lincoln rolled on the bed laughing, “The savages beat ya Pop.” “Oh my god,” Blu laughed. “You kids always beat me.” Levi chuckled, “But Dad beat you to the last hot shower!” Kyle shuffled back into the room wearing boxers, “That was refreshing,” he said tossing his towel into the hamper. “Nice is there any hot water left,” Blu asked as he swung his legs over the side of the bed grabbing Lincoln in a headlock. “Would you settle for luke warm?” Kyle asked as he slid on a pair of shorts. “I guess I’ll have to.” Blu let go of Lincoln, “You guys have breakfast, when you’re done we have chores to do before your friends arrive.” He clapped his hands. “Chop, chop.” He walked to the bathroom. Once breakfast was over, Kyle started dishing out chores to everyone. Even poor Kasey who had chosen the wrong moment to make an appearance with Spotty. He was helping dust the photo frames while Lincoln pulled them from the walls and put them back once Kasey was done. Bella was vacuuming the upstairs. Blu and Levi were making sure the bathrooms were clean, while Kyle cleaned the kitchen and Cody helped to fold the laundry. At midday, Kaleb appeared with his catering entourage. He shooed everyone out of the kitchen to get ready for the pool party while he and his staff got the food ready. The family went upstairs to get ready, Scott and Brody were the first to arrive. They were wearing their board shorts, muscle shirts, and big wide excited grins. Levi greeted the boys with a dap of their fists, returning their grins. “You’re gonna love the pool, Pop is worse than a lifeguard so walk when you’re near it,” Levi whispered to his friends. “Hello boys,” Blu said as the kids walked through the kitchen and out the back door. “Hi, Mr. Waters,” Scott stated as he followed Levi. “No going in the pool unless there’s an adult present,” Blu called after them. Levi rolled his eyes, “See total Lifeguard.” Brody gave a faint smile, “At least your Dads care about you.” Blu was saddened when he overheard the comment and the tone in which it fell from Brody’s lips. Once the boys were out of sight and earshot Blu looked around for Brent. “What have you found out about his Dad?” Blu asked concerned for the young boy. “Well we are having a bit of a hard time getting information on him, it seems Carson’s father is a deceased. Senator from Boston his name was Alphonso Grecco. Carson is the Chief Financial Officer for Grec Corporation, which makes microchips for military drones. One issue we have run into on his background search is his birth certificate seems to have been altered. I spoke with the Judge and he’s going to have his contacts look into it.” Brent looked around the room before facing Blu, “I think somebody is trying to hide who his mother is.” “Hmm, intriguing. No history of violence though or anything?” Blu asked; he didn’t really give a crap about the rest of it. Brent shook his head, “Nothing on record, I dug into Brody’s school records. He has good grades, but his teachers stated he’s withdrawn from most adults, and his counselor has mentioned his lack of friends.” “Unc Blu!” Kasey shut the sliding door behind him, turning to face Blu with his hands on his hips. He was dressed in his little swimmers, with floaties already blown up and on his arms. “Com’on wanna sim, Evi says no simmin wifout you.” “Later,” Blu said to Brent lifting his chin as a thanks to the guy. “Come on then little man, what are you waiting for.” He slid off his stool and opened the sliding door indicating for Kasey to walk through. As he was about to the close the door behind himself, Lincoln and Cody stopped him and followed out the door. The four of them made their way to the pool area. “So what do you guys think of your Dad’s gift to the family?” Blu held out his hands indicating around the pool area. He’d managed to put up the photo of the family holding their certificates on the wall, along with the certificates. There were a few potted plants sporadically placed about, six or seven chaise’s around the pool area. In one corner of the pool sat the jacuzzi off to the side, a refrigerator with a huge gas grill had been added as part of the outdoor kitchen. Blu had made sure there were safety signs all around the entertainment area, much to the dismay of his family. “It’s awesome,” Lincoln shouted as he flung his shirt and raced into the pool. “Ya, it’s great Pop,” Cody shouted as he jumped into the pool forgetting about removing his shirt. “Oops, sorry,” he threw his shirt at Blu. Kasey waved at his cousins and got his feet moving as fast as they could before launching himself into the pool, “Cow-a-Bunga,” he shouted just before a wave of water splashed through the air. Jared laughed as Kasey swam to the top of the water spitting out water, “We finally got rid of the damn purple dinosaur show, he settled for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Blu threw back his head and laughed as his best friend approached. “The turtles are cool Dude, it could be worse, ‘The Wiggles’ come to mind.” “Oh god, no, the ‘I love you, you love me,’ makes me wish I could strangle the creator of Barney.” Jared cringed. Kyle chuckled as he walked up to Jared, shoving him in the pool. “Remember I love you, you love me,” Kyle laughed as his brother sputtered water. “Remember that at Christmas, you have another son. Cody, what do you want from Uncle Jared for Christmas?” Jared asked as he swam towards his youngest nephew. “A parrot!” Cody said as he treaded water. “Hell No!” Blu cried out, “I ain’t putting up with any animal that can talk.” Jared smirked at his twin, “That’s a wonderful idea, Cody.” “Yeah, he can visit it when he comes to your place.” Blu shook his head. “I’d rather get another Great Dane.” “Really? Cool!” Cody shouted as his arm pumped in the air. “A Great Dane puppy will be fine Uncle Jared.” Jared laughed, “Blu, you might need to add-on for the zoo if you guys get any more kids.” “You’re hilarious,” Blu rolled his eyes looking at Kyle, “Nope, don’t even think about it, husband of mine.” Kyle chuckled at Blu, “Maybe an indoor aquarium with a shark?” “Hey Jare, where’s Mas–” DING! DONG! “What the hell is that?” Blu jumped at the loud sound ringing through the outside of the house. Kyle doubled over laughing, “That’s our new programmable doorbell. I had it originally programmed to the horn of General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, but it echoed a little too much.” “Please tell me your kidding… hey did Tom Wopat come with the doorbell?” Blu asked excitedly. “Nope Willie Nelson’s version of Uncle Jesse did,” Kyle laughed out. “Hmpf, bummer. Oh well, at least I’ll be too high to care.” Blu laughed. Levi splashed water at Blu and Kyle, “Are you old farts getting in the pool?” “I’m not sure are you able to save us? You know in our condition we have to worry about such things,” Kyle laughed as he peeled off his shirt tossing it in Blu’s face. “The last one in does the cleanup,” Kyle shouted over his shoulder as he plunged into the pool. Chris and his family came out to hang with everyone. Jared winked at Blu and they slowly walked to greet the family. They hugged everyone, and as soon as Blu wrapped Chris in his arms, Jared grabbed his feet and they carried him to the pool as he threw out profanities at everyone around him. The two men even swung him back and forth counting before they let go on three. Chris spluttered as he came up for air. “I’ll get you assholes back,” Chris said waving his fist in the air. He can’t have been too concerned because when he turned around Link was behind him and Chris dunked his butt while laughing. Cody jumped on his back to try and pull him under the water, but the poor kid weighed about 60 pounds. “Hey, hey Mason!” Blu called out as he emerged from the house. “Where have you been sunshine?” Mason got closer and in a quiet voice, he answered, “I went and picked up the tickets for all of us. Man the malls are freakin’ packed with damn kids just hanging around.” Jared leaned in kissing Mason, “Kasey is gonna flip out, I think Levi is gonna love all the little kid rides that he will be forced to ride,” he chuckled. Blu laughed, “I honestly think Levi will be the one dragging Kasey on them.” Kyle hopped out of the pool and walked over to Blu, he flopped into Blu’s lap. “You looked too dry,” Kyle laughed before kissing his husband, “So Operation Mickey is in motion?” “Yup just picked up the packages from the travel agent. There are even keyrings for each package, they’re so cute.” Mason gushed. “Davis hooked us up with an eight-bedroom villa, so we can all stay together. We all have annual passes to the theme parks,” Mason said shrugging his shoulder. “It ended up being cheaper and we have more freedom to do what we want. This is going to be great. The kids are gonna be so excited.” Mason was practically bouncing around with excitement himself. “Oh and I managed to rent us a mini-bus for the two weeks. If any of us want to do something separate we can just catch a taxi or grab an Uber.” “Mason is that one of the little luxury tour buses with a driver?” Kyle asked. “Uh-huh!” he nodded his head grinning. “That was all Jared.” “Nice; Babe, did you speak to Tony’s parents? We can cover his costs.” Kyle looked at Blu waiting for an answer. Blu blew out an exasperated breath, “Yeah, I did. They weren’t happy about it because they couldn’t pay themselves and said no. But I’m thinking I might sick Kaleb on them, or even Dad maybe. Them two together and Tony’s parents are screwed.” He ended with a chuckle. “The voice of unreasonable excitement with the voice of reason will kill them.” “I don’t want to upset them, but it’s a chance Tony may never get again.” Kyle sighed, “Turn the two loose on them, just keep Tony out of it, that way if things don’t work out he won’t be disappointed.” “Good idea.” Blu looked around the place, it was crawling with kids now. Everyone they considered family or were family. He got a mischievous grin on his face and picked up his phone that was sitting on the table. He flicked through his contact list and dialed Tony's Dad. “Hey,” Blu said with some pep, “It’s Blu, I thought you guys were coming to our place today with Tony. Why aren’t you here?” Blu held his finger to his lips for them all to be quiet, while he listened. “Antonio, don’t be ridiculous, you and Vanessa get over here now. Bring your bathing suits with you, it’s a pool party dude.” Blu laughed into the phone. His grin got bigger as he heard Tony’s father sigh in resignation. “Ah, no just bring whatever you want to drink, we only have beer for the adults.” Blu chuckled. “Awesome see you soon.” Blu ended the call, “Now they are sitting ducks.” He high fived Mason and side hugged Kyle, he laid back on the chaise bringing Kyle with him. Kaleb opened the sliding glass door into the pool area, “What time did you guys plan on eating?” “Whenever you think Kaleb, you’re doing us a solid,” Blu answered. “Are you going to come and join us soon you’re not supposed to be stuck in the kitchen. We want you to enjoy yourself that’s why we paid for your business to cater.” “Those guys are the important ones,” Kaleb pointed at the kids, “I’ll be out in a little while,” he said as he retreated back into the kitchen. Nudging Kyle, Blu lifted his chin in the direction of Kaleb. “Go and get your brother will ya. Those damn kids would eat shit on a stick if we fed it to them. I’ll have a beer while you’re there love.” Blu chuckled after bossing his husband around. Kyle shook his head and went into the kitchen. Jared pointed to the kitchen door and watched as Kaleb stuffed a beer in Kyle’s one hand and a plate of food in his other before shoving him out the door. “Well I don’t think Kaleb wanted anybody interfering in the kitchen,” Jared laughed out as Kyle walked over to Blu. Kyle held out Blu’s beer, “Here, Kaleb said the next person to enter the kitchen without an invitation will need more than surgery to remove his foot from their ass.” “He’s a feisty little fucker isn’t he,” Blu mumbled pissed off, he threw his head back and closed his eyes then screamed out, “NAN!” Nan came to Blu, a beer in one hand and a chicken leg in the other. He raised his eyebrow at her. “What?” she said looking around at her grandkids. “It was a leftover in your fridge and I had the munchies.” “Jesus Christ, Nan,” Blu huffed. “Whatever we need a favor when you’ve finished choking down your snack.” Nan took a bite of the chicken leg, “What do you want?” “Christ Nan, say it don’t spray it.” He said wiping away a piece of chicken that had flown from her mouth. She just shrugged. “We paid for Kaleb’s company to cater, not him. He’s supposed to be out here enjoying the party. Kyle tried to get him to come out but he just handed him a beer, food, and threw him out.” Nan looked over to the sliding door, “Hmm, hold this.” She handed Kyle her beer. “And this,” she said giving Blu her chicken leg. Blu screwed up his face holding the bottom of it between his thumb and forefinger. The second Nan headed for the kitchen he threw it to Khan for him to snack on. “Gross,” Blu said wiping his hands down his board shorts. They all watched as Nan stood outside the sliding glass door watching inside. She adjusted her boobs, wretched up her granny panties while yanking on her sundress, then opened the door. Nan slipped inside slamming the door shut behind her. The boys all watched her as she yelled at Kaleb and grabbed him by the ear. The door opened as Kaleb was thrown out. He tried to get back in but was shit out of luck, Kaleb turned around and saw the adults all staring at. The door opened again, Kaleb quickly turned around, but instead of being let back inside a beer was shoved into one hand and a plate of food in the other. “NOW!” Nan’s voice echoed through the pool area, it was loud enough to stop everyone in their tracks. Lincoln’s eyes got big, “Ooh this is gonna be good, I’ve only heard her voice get like that a few times. Once when we fed her that pizza and the other when Dad bombed her and the Judge with the huge pizza order,” he said to Cody. “Nan, it’s my job,” Kaleb said in a loud whiny tone. Nan just pointed, flicked the lock on the door then crossed her arms staring at Kaleb. “Man, he is not going to win this one,” Mason said bewildered. “I’ve never seen her like that before.” “Ah, that’s mild.” Kyle chuckled remembering the times she’s been truly pissed off. Kaleb wandered over and kicked a chair before he sat down with his family. “I swear to god that dream with the talking vagina had Nan’s voice in it,” Kaleb said as he took a long draw of his beer. “Oh my god,” Blu laughed, “that’s a nightmare, not a dream Leb.” Davis arrived a few minutes later, he walked over to Kaleb kissing him hello. “Why so mopey, Leb?” he ran his hand through his husband's hair affectionately. Kaleb shivered, “The talking vagina… it was Nan.” He gagged and grabbed the beer from Kyle’s hand, chugging it. “We need something stronger.” “No, you don’t,” Blu said, “not with the kids around anyway. You get way too affectionate on that crap. But I’m happy to get you another beer.” Blu kissed Kyle’s cheek, “You want another Blondie?” he asked as he stood up. “Sure, he just finished Nan’s beer.” Kyle laughed as Kaleb gagged again. “Blu bring me two please, and maybe get Nan a girdle or something to make sure her vagina can’t get free or somehow start talking,” Kaleb looked at Davis, “I think I might be losing my mind.” A couple of boys ran past Blu. “No running!” Blu yelled out shaking his head staring at the guilty parties. “I wouldn’t go in there that woman is crazy. She threatened to stuff a drumstick up our behinds for interrupting her,” the one boy mumbled as he headed back to the pool. Blu knocked on the glass door and waited for Nan. When he got her attention he held up five fingers, then indicated he wanted drinks. Nan passed five beers through to Blu. He gave one to Kyle, Davis, Mason, and Kaleb. “So what had those boys running away so fast?” Kaleb asked after chugging half of his new bottle down. “Take it easy Kaleb, you're not at a bar.” Blu grimaced. “But Nan’s vagina talks, yuck.” Kaleb ran his hand over his face, “That’s not possible right?” “We need a change of subject,” Blu said his whole body shivered. “So Mason, how’s your dissertation going?” Mason chuckled. “It’s done, I’ve finished. Wahoo to me!” Kaleb looked at Mason, “Congrats, what’re you doing to celebrate your accomplishment?” “He’s goin’ to Disney,” Jared snuggled up to Mason as he kissed his cheek. Mason smiled, kissing Jared on the side of his head. “Actually, I got engaged, and we’re going to Disney to celebrate.” Mason’s cheeks blush. Kyle smiled over at his twin, “Nice job Jared, don’t let him slip away. I think I have the chain I use to keep Blu attached too.” Jared chuckled, “Thanks, but I don’t think Mase is into that kinky stuff.” “Hey Mom,” Blu called out, as he stood to congratulate his best friend and friend. “Mason and Jared got engaged.” Everyone gathered around Mason and Jared giving their congratulations. Antonio and Vanessa arrived during the chaos. They were both smiling while watching on. “Hey, Mom, Dad,” Tony said approaching his parents smiling. “Hi Son, what’s going on?” Antonio asked. “Mr. Jared and Mason got engaged.” Tony grinned. “Oh, that’s wonderful,” Vanessa said going over to Jared and Mason to congratulate them. “Antonio,” Doug approached and shook his hand. He then winked in Blu’s direction and pulled Antonio in another. “So…” That’s all Blu had heard of the conversation, but he watched as Kaleb pulled away from everyone and followed Doug. “Did you say something to Kaleb?” Blu whispered in Kyle’s ear. “Nope, but I’m happy to not hear about talking body parts,” Kyle smiled as he watched the kids playing in the pool. “Maybe Dad did after I spoke with him, I hope they can convince his parents to let him come.” “Dad will make him see that we don’t care about the money,” Kyle said as he squeezed Blu’s hand. “Hmm,” is all Blu said. Bella wandered over, “Hi Uncle Davis,” she said giving him a hug. “Hello beautiful,” Davis smiled fondly at his niece. “Are you excited about going to writing camp on Monday?” Bella nodded vigorously, “Yeah, I can’t believe my Dads are letting me go. I’m really excited, Tony and I get to do it together, so that’ll be fun.” “That’s great, make sure you have fun, okay?” Davis said squeezing her shoulder. “We will.” Bella turned to her dads, “Can we please put the volleyball net up, we want to have a game?” “Just tell the boys to pop the caps off on each side of the pool and the posts slide in there,” Kyle smiled at their daughter as he gave her a one-armed hug, “the net is in the storage box by the pump room door.” “Thanks, Daddy.” Bella ran off to find Tony. “Don’t run!” Blu called out after her, shaking his head. “I like how they all listen.” “Yes Mom,” Kyle snickered as he kissed Blu’s cheek. “Ow, don’t pinch me.” Antonio came over and sat with Vanessa, “You guys are a piece of work, that’s not fair sicking your Dad and the Jack Russell on me.” There was no heat in his exchange, and mitigated by the smile on his face. The man slung his arm over his wife’s shoulder, pulling her too him as he kissed the side of her head. “It seems we are basically kid-free for the next four weeks.” Antonio smiled at his wife. “Why where are you going?” said their stealthy teenage son. Gasps could be heard and eyes were darting every which way. “Well, your Mom and Dad asked if you could stay with us while they went to a Dance Festival,” Kyle smiled at the boy. Tony looked at his parents warily, “Okay.” They all let out a breath as Tony accepted the information and walked away. “Hey Bella, I’m coming to stay with you guys in a couple of weeks,” Tony said loud enough for her to hear, while he walked closer to her. “Jesus, the kids are like friggin’ ninja’s there’s always one hiding nearby ready to pounce.” Blu clicked his tongue.
  3. Hi everybody. Joh will be posting our next chapter of Family Struggles, unfortunately you will only get one chapter. I will be away from writing until next week due to a death of a close family friend. I hope each of has a safe and happy weekend.



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    Quick update on Family Struggles, Joh is back to her normal work schedule so tomorrow we will be working on the next chapter of the story. Thanks for being patient, you might get a double dose this week for being so calm.



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    Beginning and the End

    Beginning and the End: Blu couldn’t get through the period quick enough, the excitement was building for him to watch Levi’s reaction when he realized he was going for a ride in the Viper. There was a little bit of anxiousness for him to be able to drive it too. The chances he’d ever own one were minuscule, Kyle and he had better ways to spend their money. ‘Levi Dalton please report to the office,’ bellowed over the school intercom. He smiled when he heard the announcement, “Okay guys, that’s our cue for the class.” He had to speak louder as the kids started packing their backpacks. “Make sure you read chapters five through ten tonight, John Steinbeck is on the cards for tomorrow. AND I will be asking questions.” There were a bunch of moans made by his students. Blu waited for the last kid to leave, who seemed to be taking his time. He wanted to toss the kid out and his bag to follow. “Come on, Mr. Richards, time waits for no man. Move it,” Blu called out his leg bouncing with excitement. Keith rolled his eyes at Blu, “I have study hall next, why hurry?” “We aren’t all on your schedule young man, I have to see a man about a reptile.” Blu smiled. “Old people like weird stuff,” Keith mumbled as he slung his backpack over his shoulder heading for the door of the classroom. Blu laughed, “Good man, enjoy the rest of your day.” He couldn’t move fast enough to get to the office, he found Levi waiting on the chair outside the office looking worried. As soon as he saw his Pop he jumped up and ran to him. “I didn’t do anything, honest, I was in gym class,” Levi pleaded his buzzed hair still damp, even though it was barely visible since the boys had cut their hair in support of Cody. “Grab your stuff and follow me,” Blu said deadpan giving nothing away. Levi grabbed his backpack following Blu, “Is Dad gonna yell?” “I wouldn’t think so,” Blu gently guided Levi by the shoulder. He walked them both out to the Escalade, he unlocked the doors. “Jump in.” “Pop, Dad is gonna freak out if we both skip out of school. Can he give you detention too?” Levi asked as he climbed into his seat and secured his seatbelt. “Just get comfortable, your Dad knows where we are. So you can relax and don’t tell your brothers or your sister. Our secret.” Blu winked at Levi. Levi looked skeptically at Blu and turned his head staring out the window. The drive was short to where Blu had been instructed to go from Bryson by text earlier in the day. Levi still seemed worried, Blu turned the radio on. “Your choice bud, pump up whatever you want to listen to.” Levi smirked at Blu and flipped to the most obnoxious rap music he could find. Levi sat in his seat grunting and mumbling the words out as he stared at Blu. Thankfully, for his Pop, the drive wasn’t very long. Levi’s interest increased as they pulled into what looked like a private speedway. “P… Pop, this is a racetrack,” Levi bounced in his seat with excitement. Laughing at his son whose entire attitude had changed, he parked the SUV and hopped out. Levi sprung from the car with his backpack still attached to him. “You might want to leave that in the car, Bud,” Blu said pointing to the bag. Levi glanced over his shoulder, “Oh yeah,” he said smiling stupidly as he opened the door and threw it inside slamming the door afterward. “So what are we doing here?” Levi asked as he ran to Blu’s side like an excited puppy. “Patience, young grasshopper,” Blu said putting his arm around his son’s shoulder as they walked to the meeting point in the reception area as per his instructions. Once they were inside the building Blu spoke with the man at reception. He was older and didn’t look like he had any business greeting people with his serious demeanor. Levi rolled his eyes at the old man, “Thanks for shopping at Walmart,” he mumbled loud enough for his Pop to hear. Blu squeezed his shoulder hard for being rude and gave Levi a look of warning. “What he looks like he swallowed a grapefruit, sourpuss and all?” Levi said quietly. “Ah, hi, I’m Blu Waters, this is my son Levi. We are meant to meet Ben Shepard,” Blu said to the grumpy older guy. “Yep, right.” The man picked up a clipboard with a pen attached and tossed it on the counter. “Sign this waiver for you and your son and I’ll take you back to the instruction area.” Blu read over the waiver quickly, hesitated for a moment, but couldn’t resist when he looked at Levi with his hopeful puppy dog eyes. Levi didn’t exactly know what was happening but he had an inkling and hoping he was right. He signed the form for him and Levi, placing the clipboard back onto the counter. “Follow me,” the man said as he snatched the clipboard and started moving quickly. Levi and Blu looked at each other, then decided to move quickly and catch up to the man. They were taken through what could only be described as some sort of tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel brought them to a set of stairs, when they reached the top Bryson was standing with his father. Bryson’s face lit up, Blu thought that was nice, until he remembered Brent was a few feet behind him. He forgot the man was around these days, he was so unobtrusive in Blu’s life, he would forget the man was even there. “Hi Blu,” Bryson tossed the keys in the air as he walked past the pair, “Hello, Brent, so nice to see you again.” Brent smiled and pointed towards Blu and Levi. “Fine,” Bryson pouted returning to his customer. Levi snatched the keys from the air, “Pop, what am I driving?” Bryson smiled at the boy, “Blu, I like the little guy's spirit.” Blu laughed hardily, “He’s a wild Mustang this one, definitely not boring. Bryson this is one of my sons Levi, he’s a car enthusiast.” Bryson dapped Levi’s fist, “Far out little man.” “I really wanted Dad and Pop to buy the Viper, but nooo they wanted something with more room,” Levi said as he played with the keys in his hand. “Hey, we can always go back to the squishy Explorer with no tv, cooler, or separate music functions if you’d like,” Blu smirked. Levi shook his head, “No, no, no… We like the Escalade.” “I thought so, hey when your fourteen get a job and save by the time you get your license me and Dad will match whatever you have saved toward a car.” Levi turned toward Bryson, “How much is the Viper?” Bryson laughed and Brent joined in, causing both of them to get glared at by the boy. “Why don’t we get this test drive underway, it’s costing me money,” Ben Shepard said as he looked at the group. “Sorry sir,” Blu said sheepishly, “thank you for doing this for us.” Blu held his hand out to shake with Mr. Shepard. “Not a problem,” Ben leaned in whispering to Blu, “Gotta remind the youngsters who’s the boss.” Grinning at Mr. Shepard, and judging him at the same time, they were interrupted by a man in a driver’s racing suit. “Hi, I’m Mitchell, if you’d like to come with me we’ll quickly run through the safety procedures.” Mitchell led Blu and Levi into a changing room. “Okay gentlemen, there are safety suits for you to wear during the drive. They are in all sizes find one that fits, while you change we’ll run through the procedures and rules of the track.” Mitchell moves about as Blu and Levi changed, the young boy hanging on to every word the man said, taking it in. Levi was always a stickler for the rules when it came to serious safety and had no problem calling people out when they were doing something that could be considered dangerous. He was always the protector. Once the man had finished, and the pair was dressed in their safety gear, he took them both back out to the track where a shiny blue Viper sat. Levi’s eyes were as big as saucers. “Oh god, can I drive it?” the boy asked excitedly. Mitch laughed, “Sure, when you turn twenty-five or buy one of your own.” “Shoot, Pop, are you sure you don’t want to buy it?” Levi asked as he glanced at the car. Blu scoffed, “The second it comes in eight-seater we’ll consider it. But for now, I prefer to have you kids. Sorry, bud.” “But maybe for a graduation present from college.” Blu thought. “I should talk to Kyle about that and start saving. Meh, we’ve got at least ten years to worry about it.” Mitchell had the two get into the car, he explained about how the car handled and what to do as it was a circle track. “Take it easy for the first few laps, get a feel for the car then you can go faster. We have put a speed limiter in this car as the track is fast and people who drive it aren’t experienced enough to drive that fast. It still hits some pretty decent mph, a lot faster than the street. Do NOT go any faster than you are comfortable driving, there is no competition, this is a test drive. Understood?” Mitchell’s tone was serious, and his words were said with authority. “Now you will get the white flag when you have one lap to go, the next time around you will be expected to pull into the pits. There are serious consequences if you don’t. Am I making myself clear?” “Yes sir,” Blu said. “Pop, you can’t drive like Nan would,” Levi said seriously. Blu grinned at his son and tapped him on the helmet. “You ready Bud?” “Put the pedal to the metal, the thingy to the floor,” Levi re-enacted a moment from ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ which the family had recently watched. “Okay, and we’re off.” Blu put the car in first gear, Mitch yelled, “Go get em,” and tapped the roof as the car moved away. Indeed Blu was wary for the first few laps, gauging Levi’s silent response. The kid was grinning from ear-to-ear, on the third lap Blu pushed it a little harder, each lap he did the same until he hit a speed he wasn’t very comfortable with and dropped back five mph at a comfortable 160 mph. “Are you having fun?” Blu yelled across to Levi. Levi gave Blu a thumbs up, “Link’s gonna be so jealous,” and he continued smiling. Blu continued to concentrate on his driving, the next time around the white flag came out. He put a little more on the gas for Levi on the straight, then backed off as they came around turn four and rolled into the pit area. The car stopped where their entourage of car dealers and security were waiting for them. “That was incredible,” Blu let out a hasty breath of excitement. “Pop, we need one of these,” Levi rambled as he took off his helmet. Blu and Levi stepped out of the car, everything seemed like it was moving too fast around Blu, similar to when you step off a treadmill. “That was the most thrilling experience I’ve ever had,” Blu said to Brent grinning after taking his helmet off. Bryson smirked, “I can think of something more thrilling,” the young man stated louder than he meant too. Brent’s eyes grew in size as he looked at the smaller man. “Oh, I meant how was the ride Larry?” Bryson looked at Levi. “I’m not named Larry, it’s Levi. L-E-V-I.” Bryson waved his hand dismissively, “That’s nice,” as he ogled Brent. Blu narrowed his eyes at Bryson, then turned to Mr. Shepard. “Thanks so much for this, we had the time of our life.” Blu smiled. “You’re welcome Mr. Waters, I hope you and your husband continue doing business with us in the future.” Ben Shepard stated as he patted Levi’s shoulder, “And you young man come see me when you’re ready to buy yourself one of these babies.” “Oh, I will. Do you lay them away?” Levi asked as he took the opportunity to stare at the prized machine. Ben laughed, “I’m afraid not son.” “Darn it, okay.” Levi said, “let’s go so I can brag about this to Link.” “Come on, Bud, we have to get back to school.” ***** “Do you have your meeting tonight with your brothers?” Blu asked Kyle as they drove home. While Levi sat in the back regaling his experience from earlier in the day. So much for him making Lincoln jealous, if he was there didn’t appear to be anything but happiness for his brother showing from Link. Blu was keeping an ear in their direction, they would do something equally as exciting for Lincoln when the opportunity presented itself. Lincoln didn’t much care for cars, so he just seemed thrilled for Levi, smiling while his brother gabbed on. Kyle glanced in the mirror at the kids, “Yeah, we are meeting at the high school with contractors about renovations to consolidate the middle school into the high school next year.” “Cool, can you get a ride with Jare. I might take the kids over to see Mom and Dad, since Mom has her first chemo treatment tomorrow. Are you still taking Cody tomorrow?” “Jared and I are taking the Explorer so Mason has the good car to do some shopping with Kasey,” Kyle chuckled. “I sort of feel sorry for Mason, he doesn’t know how to say no to the shop-a-holic.” “True, he’ll have to knock that on the head pretty quickly.” Blu smiled. ***** Blu drove the Escalade and parked in the visitors parking at Kaleb and Davis’ building. The kids all jumped out of the car and quickly made their way to the entrance before Blu had even cut the engine. He hopped out, locked the SUV and made his way where the kids had actually bailed up Kaleb to give him a hug before he left. “Your Grandpa is a miserable grumpy old man, nothing like the rest of the family,” Kaleb said as he passed by Blu, punching him in the arm. “Ha, tell me about it.” Blu scoffed, then stopped. “Grandpa?” he said to himself. Blu turned to ask Kaleb what he was talking about but he was already in his car. “Oh shit!” The kids had already gone past the Javier the doorman and up the elevator. Blu waved at Javier going straight to the elevator. He pushed the button rapidly in succession willing it to go faster. He hadn’t seen his grandpa in over twelve years, the day he came out to the homophobic prick. The man was retired military, with an opinion about everything, and he had no problem voicing that opinion loud and proud. If he makes his kids uncomfortable or says any snide comments to them Blu was going to lose it. “What the hell is that man doing here?” Blu said out loud as he entered the elevator. His stomach was in knots and grew tighter the closer he got to Kaleb’s floor. At least if anything went down in the apartment, Kaleb and Davis’ place took up the entire floor. The elevator dinged, the doors opened as Blu took a deep breath before exiting into the condo. Blu made his way to the living room where the voices were coming from. When he entered the room both his Mom and Dad gave him a look of concern. He didn’t want to upset his Mom, so he would play the situation by ear, but he wouldn’t be bullied or intimidated by his Grandpa. “Hi Mom,” Blu said stepping over to where she sat kissing her cheek. “Dad,” he said to his Dad as the man stood and hugged Blu. “Sorry, son,” Doug whispered in Blu’s ear. “They arrived unannounced.” Blu broke the embrace and turned to his Mom’s parents, “Grandma, Grandpa, have you been introduced to my kids?” “You mean these heathens?” Franklin asked with a motion of his hand. “Huh, I see you’re as judgemental as ever,” Blu said. He stepped forward toward his Grandfather, his voice low so the kids couldn’t hear him. “Say what you want about me, but one more derogatory word about my kids, I will flatten you old man.” Franklin stared at Blu, “You’ve grown a set of balls, I’m amazed.” “Yeah, well, you don’t intimidate me anymore I’m not thirteen. So watch your mouth around my kids.” Blu stepped back then found a place to sit, a recliner near his Mom. Cody climbed up and sat on his lap. “Are you okay Pop?” Cody asked quietly. “Yeah, sweet boy, I’m fine.” Blu cuddled Cody to him, the boy really could pass on what strength he had to another. “Levi, did you tell Grammy and Pappy what you did today?” Levi smiled at his grandparents, “Dad got Pop and me a chance to drive a Viper. I wanted them to buy it, but they said there wasn’t enough room for all of us. It was really fast, and we wore these safety suits and helmets. Oh, and I tried to lay it away but the dealer guy said they didn’t do such things.” “Wow, that must have been exciting, Levi. How did that come about?” Lily asked. “When we bought the Escalade, Kyle made it part of our package to buy the SUV.” Blu chuckled. “He knows how to get a good deal.” “He’s another pansy, what’s this world coming too?” Franklin said snarkily. Doug opened his mouth to say something but Lincoln beat him to it. “Dad’s a great person, and so is Pop so quit talking about both of them.” Lincoln glared at the old man. “Link sweetie, come sit with Grammy.” Lily patted the couch while Doug moved over to make room for Lincoln. “Come sit with us Bud, Grammy needs a hug.” Doug smiled warmly at his grandson. Lincoln backed himself up until he sat between Doug and Lily. “Just as disrespectful as his father, a good tanning of their backsides would fix that problem,” Franklin said sternly. “You raise one hand and it will be your last,” Levi said heatedly. “Boys, enough.” Blu chastised the two boys sternly. Elsey, Blu’s Grandma huffed. “That’s enough out of you too Franklin, what do you expect when you were attacking his parents.” She turned her focus to Blu. “Your children are lovely Blu, I just wish we could have been here when you were growing up. I’m very sorry.” “Too little, too late,” Blu thought to himself. “Thanks, Grandma, we like them. They are pretty good kids.” Blu plastered a smile on his face. “So what brings you to Boston?” “Your Mom, she told me about her diagnosis and the treatment. I’ve come to make sure she’s okay and that Doug is supported too.” Elsey smiled affectionately at her daughter. “That’s nice,” Blu said, it was hard to keep the condescending tone to a minimum. “Your Mom tells us you are married now,” Elsey said sadly. “Yeah, for five years. We’ve had these guys for about six months, Cody here,” Blu wiggled his finger, tickling Cody, “he’s been ours for about six weeks. He’s Lincoln’s pride and joy. Aren’t ya buddy?” He chortled kissing Cody on the head. “Link and Levi are good big brothers,” Cody said as he smiled at the pair. “And what about you, young lady? I am sorry I’ve forgotten your name.” Elsey sheepishly put her drink aside and focused on Arabella. Bella smiled, “It’s Arabella, but everyone calls me Bella,” she said politely, not the least put out by her Great Grandma not remembering her name. “Bella, very pretty. How do you find living among all these handsome boys?” “I’m used to it,” Bella answered shyly, “I like them most of the time.” “Just like living with girls I’m sure,” Franklin mumbled with his arms crossed. “One more remark like that Franklin and you’ll be out on your ass. You are a guest here unless you have something positive to say keep your mouth shut. I won’t have you mouthing off in front of my Grandkids, that includes my son,” Doug said angrily. Franklin puffed out his chest and stared at his son-in-law. “How could you be okay with all of this?” Franklin asked, “It’s just not natural.” “I’ve always been okay with Blu, you… you… horses ass. I, unfortunately, let you speak for me. Just like I said before we came here, if you ruin this for me I will divorce you. Get over yourself. The choice is yours. You’ve kept me from my babies too long. I will no longer put up with your shenanigans and opinions. I have more birthdays in the past than are coming, I’m going to live the way I want, and that is in contact with my family.” Elsey crossed her arms and pursed her lips in after her feral tirade to show she meant business. Blu and his parents were wide-eyed and sat back in their chairs. It was very out of character for his Grandmother to go against her husband, apparently, Blu wasn’t the only one that found a set of balls. “Way to go, Grandma,” Blu whispered in Cody’s ear. Franklin stood up from his seat, “Mother it’s time to leave, you’re not thinking straight. Blu has always been an issue, when Rain died he started acting feminine.” Doug pushed himself off the couch and got into Franklin’s face. “You are leaving, and right now. You are no longer welcome at any of my families homes.” Doug pointed toward the front door. He then turned to Elsey, “You Mom, of course, are welcome to stay as long as you like.” “I can’t believe this world supports peter puffing homos, this is the type of situation Hitler himself should still be around to remedy. Blu, your mother should have miscarried you, the world would be a much better place without you, your sickness spreads so rapidly I can only imagine these children will be like you.” Franklin said irritably. Franklin looked up at Doug from the floor, holding his face after Doug landed a punch Sugar Ray Leonard would have been proud of. “Get the fuck out of this house, and don’t come back,” Doug growled picking him up off the floor. “Well, I’ve never been so disrespected by anybody,” Franklin said as he struggled to his feet wobbly. “Bye, bye, Franklin dear.” Elsey turned her back to face the rest of the family. “I’m so sorry.” Franklin straightened his shirt and tie before leaving in a huff. Lily had tears running down her face, pained as she observed Blu. He’d tried to make sure to hide his hurt from the comment but it didn’t really work. His Mom put her hand out for him to take. “I love you Blu, don’t think about what that man said for one minute.” Her voice quivering as she spoke. “Are you children okay?” Elsey asked concerned and embarrassed for what they just witnessed. Levi watched as the elevator doors closed with Franklin inside. “We’re fine Grandma, people have done worse to us,” Levi walked over placing his arm around the older woman’s waist. “Are you okay?” Grandma let out a sob, “You really are a good boy like your Poppy said.” She gathered Levi in her arms for a hug. A sneaking suspicion he was her favorite going forth. Blu tried to change the conversation and tension in the room. “So are you ready for tomorrow Mom, Kyle and Cody will pick you guys up at about seven?” Blu asked. Lily still held Blu’s hand with no intention of letting go, while Lincoln snuggled up on her other side. “I’m just going to check on Pappy, make sure his hands okay.” Bella left the room. “Nervous, I suppose mostly. I don’t know what to expect,” Lily smiled sadly. Cody took his baseball cap off, “It’s not that bad Grammy, you’ll lose your hair like I did. The treatments make me not hungry,” the boy smiled. “I get sick to my stomach but Dad and Pop have helped clean me up after. Link and Levi share their bed even though I make a mess in it sometimes. You have all of us to help you when you don’t feel good.” Lily transferred her hand to hold Cody’s, “I’m sorry you have to go through this Cody, I bet you’re glad tomorrow will hopefully be the last time you have to do treatment.” Lily gave the boy a loving smile. Squeezing Lily’s hand tightly Cody looked her in the eyes, “Grammy my treatments gave me all of you guys, I hate being sick but it’s worth it to have a family.” “Oh you sweet boy, Blu give him a hug for me.” A few more tears fell from her eyes. Blu followed orders squeezing Cody tight, then tilted him back trying to tickle him and smother his face in kisses. “POP! There are people here, I thought you agreed not to do that. Gross,” Cody giggled and wiped his face. “They were from Grammy, don’t wipe them away.” Blu laughed as Cody quit wiping his face. Bella came back into the room followed by Doug with an ice pack on his knuckles. “Uh… Pop, I think Pappy might have broken something we should probably take him to the emergency room,” Bella said as she grimaced. “I’m fine sweetheart. I promise I’ll have it looked at while we are at the hospital tomorrow. Okay?” Doug said trying to placate Bella. ***** In the middle of the night, Kyle woke up and went downstairs to get a drink. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he noticed flickering lights coming from the living room. Once he rounded the corner, he found Cody laying on the couch watching television. Kyle walked over sitting on the edge of the couch beside Cody, “Why are you up buddy?” Cody wiped his eyes, “What if I get sick again Dad?” Kyle picked his son up and hugged him, “Then we will all face that together Cody. You’re part of our family, whether you’re sick or not, we’ll be right there with you. Link would kick our butts if we weren’t.” Kyle kissed Cody’s head as he held the boy. “But what if it comes back Dad? It could be bad,” Cody wiped his face on Kyle’s t-shirt. “Stop thinking that way buddy, we love you. Our love is making you better,” Kyle hugged his son tightly giving him all the strength he could. “How about we grab a quick drink and a snack, then you can come up and sleep with Pops and me?” Cody nodded his head as Kyle stood up carrying the boy to the kitchen. After sitting him on one of the stools he poured each of them a cup of milk and grabbed a few cookies. “Here you go bud, don’t tell Pop we finished the chocolate chip cookies. It can be our secret,” Kyle said smiling at the scared boy. “Thanks, Dad,” Cody said as he gobbled his cookie down, chasing it with his milk. “You’re welcome let's lose the milk mustache,” Kyle giggled wiping Cody’s face. After their snack, Kyle picked Cody up and carried him back upstairs to the master bedroom placing him in the center of the bed before crawling in making a Cody sandwich. ***** At five in the morning, not long after Cody and Kyle had come back to bed Blu extricated himself from Kyle and Cody. He put on some sweats, kissed his men, then made his way to the living room. Levi was on his way to the bathroom. “Where are you going?” Levi asked. “For a run,” Blu said patting his belly, “too much good living with you kids. I’m getting fat.” “Can I come?” Levi yawned. “I just have to piss.” “You mean pee.” Blu corrected him. “Yeah, that.” Levi waived his hand groggily. “If you want you can come, I’ll grab us some water bottles meet downstairs in five.” Blu left Levi to get ready. Levi pulled on a pair of school logo sweatpants and sweatshirt before coming back downstairs. “Ready old man?” Levi asked a little more cheerfully. “Let’s do it,” Blu sang. The pair headed for the front door, only to be greeted with Teddy on the other side. “Your two security guys are ready, Bill and Tyrone will go with you gentlemen. Have a good run.” Teddy smiled. “Remember Levi, you need to do ten-second sprints, every two minutes. It’s baseball.” He called out as the four men jogged out of sight. Levi looked over his shoulder at Blu, “Pop, do you need oxygen? Bill and Tyrone can call an ambulance for you,” he chuckled. “Zip it, mouth. I’m out of shape. If we do this for two weeks you’ll be the one trying to keep up.” Blu panted as he tried to keep up with Levi. “Tomorrow we can bring Khan and tie his leash to your wrist, some stray will motivate him.” Levi laughed without showing any signs of fatigue. “Actually that’s not a bad idea. If you go jogging without me, make sure you always take Khan with you. Even with the security guys, it would make me feel better if he was with you to keep you safe.” Blu said seriously. “Maybe Brody can join us, we’ll be able to run circles around the other players,” Levi called over his shoulder before breaking into a sprint. Blu picked up the pace to sprint with Levi, not quite as fast but he held his own, kind of. When he caught up with Levi, he answered. “You should, if you're going to play sports, take it seriously it can take you places if you work hard enough. But even more, it will keep you fit, plus it could get you scholarships into good colleges.” “Yeah,” Levi turned around jogging backward to face Blu, “Now playing shortstop making his debut for the Yankees, Levi Waters.” He mimicked a big league announcer. “Hey congratulations, Bud, don’t forget your old Dads when you make it famous.” Blu laughed. “I’ll remember the little people,” Levi chuckled as he spun around and broke into a sprint. “You ready to turn around, that’s about two miles?” Blu asked. “Tired huh? Need a piggyback ride?” Levi smiled as they turned around. “Something like that, but we aren’t training for a marathon, and you’re young. We probably shouldn’t do any more than five miles at the time. It’s not healthy.” Blu was starting to slow down, his legs were burning. Levi looked over his shoulder noticing Blu had slowed down. “Are you okay Pop? I didn’t mean to push you so hard,” Levi fell into pace by Blu’s side. “Yeah, I just have to get used to this again. I ran all the time in college, my job was labor intensive so I had to stay fit.” Blu shared with Levi. “I’m glad we got to do this, it’s fun.” Levi smiled and waved his hand in front of his nose, “No offense but you stink Pop.” Blu moved closer to Levi putting him in a headlock as they jogged, the poor kid's nose stuck under his Pop’s armpit. “How’d you like that, get a gooooood whiff,” Blu said messing around and laughing. “Bill, Tyrone, shoot him this is abuse,” Levi gagged. Both of the bodyguards chuckled and had barely broken a sweat. “Some help you are,” Levi squeaked, “Teddy will fire you.” “You’ll be alright, ya big baby,” Blu said releasing the kid. “Why do old people sweat soooo much?” Levi chuckled as they reached the porch. Kyle opened the door and smiled at his men, “I saw these two great men coming so I figured I’d let them in the house. Come on in Bill and Tyrone.” He chuckled, “How was the run?” Kyle asked as he hugged Levi and Blu. “God you both stink.” “Hey, it’s Pops fault he put me in a headlock so I didn’t show him up,” Levi smirked, “I’m gonna take a shower, Dad, Pop needs better deodorant.” He raced up the stairs laughing. “How’s Cody?” Blu asked Kyle, quickly giving him a peck on the lips. “Nervous and worried what will happen if he gets sick again.” Kyle smiled sadly, “I told him we’d be right by his side if he did get sick again.” “He’ll be okay,” Blu said giving Kyle’s shoulder a squeeze. “Save water?” “Yeah,” Kyle said as he wrapped his arm around Blu’s waist. “I’ll get Cody ready after, he didn’t sleep much last night so I left him in our bed.” After showers, breakfast, and good luck hugs were given to Cody, Blu dragged the kids out to the Explorer to go to school. Much to Lincoln’s discontentment of course. Kyle waved at his family from the Escalade as Blu pulled out of the driveway first. Kyle and Cody made the short drive to pick up Lily, Doug, and Elsey at Kaleb and Davis’ condo, once they arrived Kyle texted to let the group know they were parked at the front door. A few moments later Lily, Doug, Elsey, followed by Kaleb came out to the Escalade. The doors opened and the adults got in the back with Cody and Kaleb jumped in the passenger seat next to Kyle. “Kaleb is coming with us. He told me to tell you so you wouldn’t get mad.” Lily giggled nervously. “Is everything okay?” Kyle glanced over at Lily and then to his brother. “Yeah, I was a little upset this morning. Kaleb insisted he had a light day and he wanted to come with us, mostly to keep you company and in support of Cody and me.” Lily hiccupped, something she did when she was anxious. “Well we are all in for an exciting day,” Kyle smiled as he glanced in the rearview mirror looking at Cody. “Everybody buckled up back there bud?” Cody nodded his head as he placed his headset on turning on his music. “Thanks for coming Kaleb,” Kyle said as he pulled into the roadway. “No problem Kyle,” Kaleb smiled at his brother, “You deserve our support for taking care of Cody and Mom. Oh, you didn’t get to meet Grandma Elsey. She’s a keeper, not as handsy as Nan but she’s a good woman, just don’t make her mad.” He chuckled as he looked back at the woman. Kyle looked in the mirror at the newest member of the family, “Grandma Elsey, I’m Kyle, Blu’s husband, it’s nice to meet you.” “You too Kyle, my Grandson has told me a lot about you. Your children talked about you a lot too. You have a lovely family, Kyle.” Elsey said with sincerity. “I’m sorry about how your husband acted,” Kyle said apologetically. “That’s okay dear.” Elsey sighed. “I should have left him years ago.” The older lady watched out the window, ending the conversation. No need to air dirty laundry. Kyle found a parking spot, “We’re here folks.” He said as he shut off the vehicle, before stepping out of the car. “Come on bud,” Kyle said as he stood at the passenger door waiting to scoop Cody in his arms. “This is the last time for you to do this Cody, I love you.” Cody sighed as he laid his head on Kyle’s shoulder, “Love you too,” he mumbled. ***** Doug had his hand checked while Cody and Lily had received their treatments. He had some bruising and a hairline fracture but was otherwise declared in good health. He was also given a sweet kiss on the cheek from the nurse for his actions. Cody made an attempt at joking about his Pappy looking like a boxer with his hand wrapped in a bandage to keep dirt out of the few cuts he had gotten. ***** Saturday morning Kaleb and Davis made their way to the surrogacy clinic, where their surrogate was being introduced to the fertilized eggs. Kaleb was all smiles, holding Davis’ hand from the time they left the condo. “This is it, Baby, we’re really gonna be daddies. I hope we made the right choice on Terri being the surrogate,” Kaleb kissed Davis’ hand that he had been squeezing so hard it was turning white. “They wouldn’t have recommended her if she wasn’t right, Leb. Everything is going to be perfect. I’m sure of it,” Davis said with as much positivity as he could, even though on the inside he was a nervous wreck. The surrogate walked into the conference room before having the procedure done and introduced herself to the pair of men in person, although they had spoken numerous times on the telephone. “I don’t mind you guys coming into the room while they perform the procedure, or coming to any of the check-ups,” Terri said thoughtfully so the men felt as included as any father should be. Kaleb thought it was a cool idea to be present during the procedure, although he passed out part way through it. Davis nursed Kaleb during the procedure, keeping an eye on the doctor. He asked questions as they went so he could be sure the surrogate was safe. Once the procedure was over the doctor, insisted that he check out Kaleb just to make sure it was just a normal response, not something else underlying. After smelling salts were flipped under his nose for the second time Kaleb woke up a little confused. “I’m not fucking pregnant Davis,” Kaleb mumbled with a glazed look in his eyes. The female doctor chuckled, “That could make me rich, but no you’re not pregnant Mr. Hansen.” “I thought we were here to be pregnant,” Kaleb looked around the room before grabbing Davis by the crotch. “Sorry,” Davis said to the doctor sheepishly, while removing Kaleb’s hand from his crotch. The doctor snickered, “While you might not be pregnant yourself, hopefully, your surrogate will be.” Kaleb smiled, “I didn’t have to fuck a vagina right?” “Oh my god, Leb. Jesus, watch your mouth in front of the doctor. Seriously.” Davis was beyond embarrassed. The doctor stood up snickering, “I think he’s fine, I’ll let you deal with your husband. The receptionist can give you the date of the next check-up.” The doctor walked out of the room repeating some of Kaleb’s comments to herself laughing as she done so. Davis helped Kaleb up. “Jesus Leb, you need to tone it down a little before they lock you up for mental illness, and me for thinking you’re okay.” “God Baby, every time I think about having to fuck a woman it sends horrifying images in my mind. It’s like a movie where the woman’s thing talks to me and yuck,” Kaleb cringed as he continued to recall all of the weird thoughts he had. “Maybe they should lock us up,” Davis mumbled as they walked out of the room. The receptionist chuckled when she saw Kaleb and handed Davis a card for the next check-up. ***** Two weeks later the family attended classes at the American Redcross building for CPR and first aid, as Kyle and Blu had both agreed to as part of the house renovation. Lincoln proudly held up his cards as the instructor gave them each their certification, “I can save lives now!” “God, you’re a moron.” Levi shook his head, “We’re all certified to do the same thing.” Kyle looked at the twins, “Do you really need to call your brother a moron?” “No, but he is.” Levi shrugged his shoulders. “How would you like it if Link called you that name you hate all the time?” Kyle asked Levi. “It would suck, and I’d hate it,” Levi mumbled. “Then what do you think you should say to Link?” Kyle prodded their son. “I… I’m sorry Link,” Levi said as he stared at the floor. “You’re pretty smart, I just hate how you show off.” Lincoln nudged Levi’s shoulder, “I’m not the one that plays baseball like it’s easy, heck I can’t hit the ball out of the infield.” “Maybe Cody and me can show you how to hit?” Levi smiled and nudged Cody. “Yeah, with some work the three of us could kick peoples butts together,” Cody smirked. Blu and Bella stood beside Kyle smiling as they witnessed the three boys bonds growing stronger. Pulling out his phone, Blu got the attention of the instructor. “Would you please take a photo of my family please?” Blu asked excitedly. “Absolutely.” the lady smiled. “I wish more families would do this together. You never know when you’re going to need it.” Blu and Kyle got the family standing tightly together holding up their certificates, while the lady took the photo. “Oh, that’s brilliant. Lovely,” she said handing Blu’s phone back to him. He showed Kyle the photo proudly. “I'm going to frame this and put it on the wall in the pool house, as well as all our certificates. Make it a feature,” Blu said smiling proudly looking at the photo. “I’m glad the construction will be done it ten days,” Kyle said while smiling at the photo.
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    Rob’s First Thursday in Tampa

    Great chapter, my heart breaks for the stuff Rob has endured and what his Grandfather is putting him through. I'm glad Rob found some positives in this chapter, the hockey game, his Dad proving how much he wants to involve him in his life, and the neighbor kid. Keep up the great work Hopper, looking forward to much more.
  8. Dahawk

    The Last Screw

    Wow, Billy's mom really stood up for the boys. Brett's mom absolutely is a piece of shit. Then that video, I'm at a loss of words for it, as mad as Billy is I can't picture him letting Dustin be devestated again. Nice job Jeff! Looking forward to the next chapter.
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    Quick update on Family Struggles, the newest chapter is out to our Beta-Readers. As soon as we get it back and make any additions or corrections, we will get it published.



  10. Quick update. Weather went from sunny and 80 degrees fahrenheit to snowing like heck so I ended up sick again. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and then Joh and I can get the next chapter of Family Struggles written.



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      Happy spring!!

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      Get well soon and hurry up with the next chapter

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      Get well soon. :hug: 

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    When It Rains It Pours

    Kaleb is definitely wound up over the baby, every time he opens his mouth he seems to become an even bigger babbling lunatic.
  12. Dahawk

    When It Rains It Pours

    Here is a link to the Dodge Viper I can't get it to let me link the image directly http://auto2017.com/2017-dodge-viper/. Kaleb is an excitedly nervous mess! I'm pretty sure Davis will never leave Kaleb live his craziness down after the baby arrives.
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    When It Rains It Pours

    Kasey is a two and a two and a half-year-old, so his language will be developing over time.
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    When It Rains It Pours

    Picture them swimming in their little capes!
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    When It Rains It Pours

    Carsen definitely has a bug up his butt. Hey, who wouldn't like a little window shopping while your client's shop?

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