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  1. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    HOW...Did...You know...???????
  2. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    Hahahaah I just had a thought...???? that may not be snow falling.... outside....??????
  3. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    If it's that big... there May not be enough "BOUNTY" to soak it up...?
  4. Chapter 12 Hit The Road

    Well, not as well as your Cloud... ahhhhhh I playing tag with..... Ohhhh YOU. trying to find you in this dark cold world...
  5. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    Okay... that explains the cloud that looked like a cum stain...
  6. Chapter 12 Hit The Road

    Wait,.... !!!!! you mean I'm in a story...? really...?" what 101 ways to bounce a blind man off the walls...?" I did not know that...?
  7. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    Ohhhh of course...*** Sigh*** you just had to RUB it in didn't you...? (or Rub it out...? watch those walls...!!)
  8. Chapter 12 Hit The Road

    By the way... Ummmmmm Dennis, can Max come out and play...???
  9. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    Raaaather Nicely... I'd say...
  10. Chapter 12 Hit The Road

    well, I like the special suit Idea... And if by chance... there is another one...??? The teen revealed again, and all the Mutants... a lot of action in this one... I'm glad you decided to protect Max... ( Even if it's only for a moment...?) just know you are fixing to put him through some stuff...Pooor...Max great chapter...!!!!!!!! the boys will love it...
  11. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    Just a little pre-reading before I spring it on the gang... some very " interesting things going on here...!!!"
  12. Chapter 11 Sabotage

    you just like the control of the characters... come on... admit it... you do don't you...
  13. Here`s a song for you and the boys. Stay warm and safe. :) 



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  14. A HAPPY ENDING TO A TRAGEDY: { HOLIDAY GREETINGS} by DMRman 12-7-2017       (Page -1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Randy is 17 and reacts like a 14-15-year-old   boy would respond. A little more extroverted, then when He first had come to "INTERACT" yes that's where I work.my job, to counsel and encourage to report to the court their progress, and growth. Randy scared and secluded... A cutter trying to release his torment and frustration, a bitter life at home and continued abuse from his father. Randys best friend Joe-jo, amigos till the end. Joe-Jo's death a tragedy and loss to Randy just prior to his own continued tormenting life. Unable to completely grieve the loss of his chum, pal, Joe-Jo before he was forced to deal with more of the life issues he has faced relentlessly for over 4 years. Randy thinking they were all over, was surprised to find the root of his continual abuse came from the very house the courts had placed him in for refuge. it was around November 15th. it began, Randy vague yet stating how he would like to be able to stay with me at my house. the Days approaching Thanksgiving, his remarks a little more frequent! finally the Day before their Thanksgiving meal, I have catered in for three years. Randy, beating around the bush expressed again a similar remark. I was now getting concerned...! I pulled Randy away from the other boys. I asked him "Randy whats going on...?" "why all the remarks about staying with me these last few days...?" his reply( not convincing) " well I was just wondering what it would be like, Mr. bob you have always been so good to us and I just thought ...?" trailing off and becoming quiet.nothing further said. he left me feeling, something serious was happening...? but what...? the following day (Tuesday before  Thanksgiving) tension was in the air, the caterers arrived and started setting up, but I sensed another tension one from Randy. as their caregivers arrived, Randy became tenser.  And then His grandparents showed up, he was now hovering around me trying to make lite of things. Through the whole Festivities, the tension remained between the three, not in words so much, even though the words had played their part. At the end of the day as things began to wind down and all had left but me and my intern, I spoke..."Devon"did you notice anything Odd between Randy, and his Grandparents...? Devon's reply "well I know Randy didn't sit next to them during the meal which seemed Odd to Me...?" The next day Wednesday brought no more clues, other than the ongoing feelings of the day before, Randy was not being the Randy I knew. We had a 4-day weekend, and when I left I was bound to finding out ASAP  what was going on. Wed. night I stayed up all night sharing with A friend on GA sharing my concerns. all the way into early morning Thanksgiving day.  Friday no word, Saturday Nothing. finally Sunday around noon I received a Call from Randy... quiet, and timid... I didn't know WHO I was talking with...? this was not Randy, I' m thinking all the work accomplished being unraveled...?I asked who was there...? "Grandma" where is Grandpa? " his tone changing..".He's having coffee with his friends." Randy is there a particular reason your calling me...? No just wanted to talk, hear your voice....? that's all." Okay there is something wrong Randy, tomorrow you and I are going out for lunch, and we are gonna talk ok...? he acknowledged then said he had to get off the phone...? I said is it because you're expecting Grandpa home...? No answer, I" just have to go...!" well Ok then remember tomorrow you and me lunch! I hung up so concerned I couldn't stand it I called my friend again, and shared what had happened, his input pretty much the same as mine, SOMETHINGS WRONG...!!
    (Page-2)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "A HAPPY ENDING  TO A TRAGEDY" {HOLIDAY GREETINGS} by DMRman                                                                                                            By Monday morning the stage was set to take Randy out for a talk. the previous day I had contacted my Intern to come in early and be with the others, while we left. I had chosen to take him first to a public Park for his safety, and mine. I didn't want Grandpa to have any outs or excuses, or try and switch the blame. As we talked Randy was becoming more and more Emotional and finally to tears. He had explained that Grandpa  had been making "Uncomfortable advances for a few days, (Aha I thought...!!) Sunday after Grandma left for church, He proceeded with his Nasty dirty deed or Raping Randy with the inclusion," Your Daddy like it when I did this too...!!!" Anger building to overflowing I was Pissed and had all I could do to contain Myself. we opted to go to a restaurant for lunch (again a Public setting) a place I frequented quite often, they knew me and could confirm anything if the case was such. As we grew closer to the middle of our meal I had encouraged Randy to share this with a court Officer I had contacted earlier, who also was at the same place. I called the court officer over, and asked Randy to share with him what he had said to me. Finally, at a point, the court Officer said: "Bob, I'm gonna take Randy to the hospital so they can run a rape kit on him." After confirming to Randy I wouldn't be far behind, I left and went back to get what I needed and make sure the other boys were covered. Just before leaving I went into the employee break room. I needed to calm down and collect myself, Before going to the hospital! when I arrived and was walking down the hall towards the ER desk, I heard Jackie, Randy's CPS caseworker speak as she approached. "Hi Bob, how are you...?" well not so good, hows Randy?  "ah he's fine, I just finished talking with him. Ah, Bob, I want you to know he asked if he could come stay with you...? I told him we had a good foster home set up already for him... an... "Wait Jackie no I said, not good! the poor kid doesn't need to go into another Strange environment. He needs a place he can feel safe and secure Not another "MAYBE"!! "Well Bob these people are good people and have taken in many others, and seem to be really good..." nope I'm not buying that one!" I said 'His Grandparents were to be a safe haven for him and look what happened there...! "OKay" she said I will see what We can do, I had him set up for Tomorrow, to go when he gets released... I have to go and see about a conference with the judge...I'll call you later with the results... " fading as she head towards the door. I spoke with Randy and Calmed him down, assuring him it would all work out, and to get some rest, as I left the room. Walking out of the Hospital and making it home, entering the house and finding my way to the couch, dealing with the same thought I had when I had left the Hospital..<.How can I assure him of something I don't even know? I paused, and thought again... " I don't know, But I am going to find a way!> Jackie had contacted me that night as promised and said the earliest opening the judge had was At 3:30, and Randy was to be released around 4-4:30. The following day, still exasperated and angry, trying to think of contacts available to me to make this happen for Randy.  The morning progressed and Finally, Jackie called said the Judge would have an open slot due to a stay order and would be available Around 1:30 -2 awaiting Jackies return call, I was uneasy with the thought Randy would have to stay anytime with another group of strangers and endure being uncomfortable around more people who might want to challenge his sexual preference... Cr*****P I had forgotten to ask Jackie if they even knew Randy was Gay...? As I'm thinking of the horror stories, my Phone rings, YES!!! mission accomplished. She encouraged me to meet at the hospital, where I would pick Randy up and bring him home...( I said it...Bring Him Home Wow!!! )Temporarily Randy would be in my Charge until the Permanent guardianship hearing on Friday...!   


    Stay tuned... the next couple of days...HEHEE..... it will be right here...! The last of "Monday Morning" and A"  HAPPY ENDING TO OUR DAY AT COURT"



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      You're a good man, Charlie Brown. What you did was wonderful, Bob. I'm proud to know you, and I hope Randy gets to stay. :hug: 

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  15. Chapter 10 The Masterplan

    Ahhhhhhhhhh....... CRA********P you know I can see that stuff, of course, I should have been able to smell it but you'll just say just say I had a head cold or something... look, man... you think I'm one of your characters don't you, Huh? you do...!!!! I'm NOT!!!!

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