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  1. Chapter 11

    Wow... I am so mixed with emotions here right now, Sounds very similar to one of the boys I counsel... I have seen many situations like this( Or very close to it) Kind of already figured out Cindy and well There variables as to why...! Devon will need time, and a Lot of love, therapy Just to begin some Normalcy again. He will be dealing PTDS For some time and having flashbacks...His Life will be in turmoil for a while after the last 2 chapters are completed... I am excited to see where you Take this After ... You have many options here ... Ask yourself from this point on... where would Comsie go with it, add your flair to it and you're on your way...!!! Thanks waiting to see the next turn of events...
  2. Pride in Teens

    Hahaha... My thoughts exactly...I was Soooooooooo Proud of them it brought tears to my eyes...! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Caz, I was so Overwhelmed I even Tweeted the post... Again Hugs and thanks...!
  3. Pride in Teens

    As I watched teens and future Adults ... Relay to us their Concerns and firm convictions Today, I was truly blessed to see their actions and Integrity, operating in coordinated Flow of their rights it was a Fresh breath of air to see them handle their protest with High Marks of Strength, dignity, and Love for those lost in Florida shootings... keeping the flow locally, with respect to those lives lost Country Wide Thru Sensles and Unjustified out burst of killing, and bonding in unity to see that their voices are heard not by Violence but with Consistent Compassion and Love, keeping within the very boundries of Respect for those lives lost...! (not a political movement as some tried to convey)... But out of sincerity and Value to Life period ... not Singling out any particular age, category or race, or even Gender just Sticking to the facts of murdering. I watched and saw many tears of pain and admonition for those lives, not neighbors, not relatives, not Geological, just the insanity, simple agenda of Violence and Murder..." No"...! their protest I would Equate with the peaceful Mark that Martin Luther King Layed before Us .. their passion, not the Hate... but the resolution to the Hate focused On the cure, not the band-aid...!!! Not showing Violence for Violence but resolution and options A pure undefiled Protest to Get our Attention to the realities of the issue, Taking charge of what Adults should have addressed but have shuffled back and forth on a table offering No solidarity in its end, I applaud their Valor and compassion and means of Orchestration and delivery peacefully!!! The common sense format and their delivery prove we have a new generation of teens, that if they stay true to that Format can and will Change not just the Country but Become Viral and Affect the whole World of all the insanity and deranged thinking. Their right's...? One of being handed what we are leaving them and changing what we did not, or could not change I am proud of each and every one of them, I did not hear of One, yes I say, One violent Action occurring from the protest...!!! Thank's Teens I salute you and your Ability To act Far better than most Adults would. And thanks for stepping up to the plate to Bring forward Awareness and Importance of this movement To the Value and Validity of human lives and making your stand for Change...!!!! DMRman... 3/14/ 2018
  4. Children Not always Seen,

    Well, I will be more Careful in choosing fonts from now on, a lesson learned. I wrote on a 17 " screen and it looked fine, But I have reviewed on a smaller screen, and catch what you're saying... And Again Reader thank you for your follow and input, this was one I wasn't quite sure how it would be received...? and now that I know I do have some other Attachments to Add with it in the same area of Passion and relevance... Again I do owe you for your encouragement and feedback...Thankyou...!!!
  5. I walked into a Dream...!

    Well, I understand a little of your concerns, not that I disagree in any way that's not what I mean, what I know is there are geographical areas where it's less than healthy to even consider showing any affection without rebuttal and possible harm... A friend of mine is in that situation, just shows we have come a long way but need to transform and transition more Into society My heart goes out to you, and I hope you do get Plenty of Practice publicly real Soon...
  6. I walked into a Dream...!

    Thanks, Mystic... I am learning here also Kitt challenged me and I had to step back and Realized for 40 plus years society has tried to drill into my head it was a choice and I could do something about it if I wanted too! However after 4 FAILED heterosexual marriages almost a 5th I had to come out fighting I was gay, No more trying to convince me otherwise, the hetero relationships didn't work and I didn't fit into that scenario, none of them even lasted longer than a year and some shorter still, and number 5 I left the night before we were to get married, after I told her I knew I was gay since I was 10 and was tired of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole...!!! What I was privy too with the young boys was a dream to me, because I had been coerced, to live a lie for the majority of my life .!! these young boys busted some shackles off my life and opened up a vision of hope to me...!!! and Maybe to others...? So I without even realizing had changed my mindset Choosing to be gay... or as Kitt so kindly reminded me... I AM GAY... not a refrigerator...??? Thanks again, I am still removing all the blocking that has taken place in my life...!!! and I love all the feedback thanks!!!!!!
  7. Children Not always Seen,

    Nice Move... I agree !!!
  8. Children Not always Seen,

    You are... right and Most kids are ready for making certain decisions... and should be, Yes Parents were children once, But times have changed, more expected from our Kids and they need to be better prepared today than when I was in my teens... the Overall concept is Kids are more exposed and more in tune with many things we never had to be... Hearing the comments I am privy to teens are Far more progressed than we ever were. and should be encouraged to make choices, that are important to becoming Adults, the majority are spot on others need monitoring.. I am so Glad for you input and Interest, it just helps to comfirm what i am saying ...Thanks...!!!
  9. Children Not always Seen,

    Thanks Mystic... I was often wondering that myself not a lot of control over fonts, well an I am still getting used to writing my blogs and stories after regaining eye sight in one eye... before I was strapped with a Voice system...Sucked...!!! Vaulued remarks thanks again
  10. Children Not always Seen,

    thanks, tim, I think we all play a very special part in this next transition taking place... not to Choke but to keep the ball rolling for future love... the youth is getting the message and doing what was so important for the here and now...! we are still their encouragement and backbone as the new transition moves on...!!! kudo's and thanks for your input...!!!
  11. Children Not always Seen,

    How much do we know about our Youth...? do we tend to underestimate their abilities, their abilities to acquire information or to find out those things we want to hide you know the secrets we tend to try and keep away from their youthful ears. I was thinking about my childhood and remember how we could find out any information my parents would hide or thought they were hiding from us. I remember being taught by my parents without their even knowing. As a child, it was relatively easy to forgive but as we grew it became a harder task to achieve..., The era is one where the Adults had all these peculiar sayings like: "CHILDREN ARE TO BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD" or "RESPECT YOUR ELDERS" All the old traditional and redundant sayings more or less teaching us to keep our opinions to ourselves they didn't matter! Adult conversations becoming a sign, and the Words "you kids go find something to do!!" "Go outside and play..." blah, blah, blah, Blah...! we knew what it meant ... The Adults were planning to Mumble and Gossip, and Talebearing about other relatives... share their stories about this one and that we knew and were curious as to why it was so important for them to do? Talking about each different one Until they hit their mark with talking about Grandma Helen and Her Lady "Friend" while we have never seen the harm they were consistently focused on... we knew by the tone of their voice they were not happy about it, and only found out when I reached a certain age that they were lovers...! never understood why and how it mattered and well who was it Bothering I mean really...? I never saw them kiss in front of us and at that time I believed they waited to share their love and passion when no one else was around... so what's the Big problem here ...??? All the embellished and spiteful remarks made towards two loving, caring and wonderful people made me upset, and know even at that age what they were doing talking about My Grandma and her friend ...was Totally wrong... !!! Steadily Accusing them of living in sin, and they weren't even around to defend themselves...! but being a child always reminded when I asked: "I would never understand, but it was just wrong!" I never was happy with the answers given, and I always felt they were too evasive like they were deliberately not giving me all the information, and It just made me trust them less! they were more concerned about how we found out instead of answering our questions! through their ignorance, it became important for us to make a pact between each other as siblings not to share anything including our secrets with them, we were so afraid of being under their Microscope and being analyzed by their uncertain abilities to make a beneficial analogy, we as children withdrew our trust from the Adult world! situations never shared, withheld and closeted even from siblings as they matured into Adults, the inability to freely be who I am and not who I was formed to be, feelings never told and saddened failed relationships by me because I wasn't free to love who I loved... I know I am not alone in my grief and I still wonder at times how far we have really evolved, or are we still stagnant in our beliefs...? In today's world while I see more forgiveness and acceptance of gay love...yet in some ways from a lot of people, it still seems forced!!! unnatural, every now and then I see real acts to accept people for their love, not gender. still hearing the Bitterness of hate but is more done the tone of voice or inactions, few remarks like we a Lepers or something? and well some who are cringing at us and are not taking care of their own business... getting drunk and beating kids, not paying their bills, judging while not self-evaluating their own shortcomings...! I love dealing with my boys they are carefree and content with being Gay and in love, It may be Me...? but it just drives me nuts and hurts to still hear people make remarks to or about them... I have experienced so much hate in my life I have had enough for my life and theirs...Am I overreacting...? maybe...? I am holding feelings from the past and applying them to today... I want to see them have the respect love and compassion never given to my generation, to be able to kiss and hold hands and all the things others in love are given without consideration of gender but the mere fact of love... I this week had been given a lesson which I value A mindset set of having Drilled into my head that I was accepting My gay life as a "choice" and not by" birth"... almost a brainwashing situation to try and water down my own love for men and force me to accept that I was choosing to be gay, when in Fact I realize Just How Passionately deep in the very core of my being I am gay and proud of it... which there was a period in my life that very statement would or could have cost me my very Life or a brutal beating...while I have presently seen some situations that offer hope I have also noticed some of the strongholds still create complex situtations , could this be... because children are still not seen, or are we as adults just not seeing them...??? Are we replacing the core position of where we came and allowing ourselves to replace the ones that we had at one-time despised and resented ... is it just a vicious circle to run it's course over and over or... or have we somehow, someway, been able to slow down the circle, create a weakness, a breach that one day will burst wide open showing the fruits of our labor... a generation of youth that can now be seen, and seen loving FREELY without reserve, and Mockery...? DMRman 3/10/2018
  12.     "Life... begins at the end of your... Comfort Zone...!!! "                                   "NEALE DONALD WALSH"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             " LIFE'S MOST PERSISTENT... AND URGENT QUESTION...                  is ...       'WHAT ARE WE DOING FOR OTHERS...?"                                       "MARTIN LUTHER KING JR"                                                

  13. " THE ONLY DISABILITY IN LIFE...IS A BAD ATTITUDE...!!!"            "SCOTT HAMILTON"     How's your attitude...? :huh::rolleyes: :hug::heart:

    1. VampireMystic


       some people think it's bad. I just think it's misunderstood

    2. Dmrman


      Yeah, I get the same... Who determines it anyway...??:rolleyes::blink:


    "Too often we underestimate the power of A touch, a Smile, A kind word, A listening ear, an honest compliment, or the Smallest act or Caring, All of which have the potential to turn a life around...!!!!! "  *** Leo Buscaglia***                                         what steps have you taken to turn a Life around lately...?? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    1. Daddydavek
    2. mogwhy


      i love  Leo Buscaglia! i actually got to attend one of his lectures. he was amazing.


    3. Dmrman


      Moggy you're not Alone there...:unsure2: :rolleyes: he is fantastic...!!!!:hug::heart:

  15. Sighs in the Night

    Nicely done Moggy got to me reminiscing in my own mind of wondering... the moments

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