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  1. So... the boys first week of combined college and work the boys made it through ... not without problems but it shows them it can be done... Tired Yeeees.. they slept most of the day before work today...:gikkle: they have found out the fun they had on their Honeymoon may be it until Thanksgiving break !! I finally had my second follow up on my eye ... Finally, the Vitreous detached from the Retina so I was released from that, they took a tissue sample to have it sent out for Cancer cells I am being anxious till I get the report back.. hoping it is not cancerous...? And I can't leave for Hungary till I find out what is happening..!!! And Well...I just want to go...!!! I have been planning for this since right after I regained sight... in my right eye... anyhow just wanted to share what is going on in our life...!!!<_<

  2. Dmrman

    Chapter 2

    bro... you got style, Finesse ... and well one hell of an Editor ... And The Marine...Keep him I think he stirring your Talents within you...???
  3. Dmrman

    Chapter 4.5

    I see... that many should be reading this it has its probabilities but ... after reading your other material ... you have a clever way to deliver your stories...I think you have a special ability to capture... I know it leaves me wanting more... but for now I will just have to be Patient... don't want to rush a good thing...!!! Kudo's Mystic... and keep them coming...!!!
  4. The Honeymooners... are having a Fantastic time, seeing the sights together and have had many occasions to share their joy with others...:D Such opportunities to ensure others that who they are is who they are... no one has Frowned on them according to our discussion... which makes me Happy especially after the scene at the wedding ... they need to see not everyone is despiteful of them... we're trying to tell me of all the places they had and will be seeing... I told them to save it for when they get home, or they will miss what time they have left gabbing...LOL :lol: Randy starts his college classes on Monday, Kyle on Tuesday... and so Life begins with work and school... I know they won't get the time together they have had the last 14 day and maybe not till around Christmas Break...!!! I know I won't be seeing very much of them, and I am thinking they may end up looking for an Apt. closer to work and school...??:rolleyes::wizard: Hope they stored up Enough of the Magic Moments for the Downtimes...!!

    1. Thirdly


      Glad that they're doing great and a belated congrats to them!


    2. Higster


      Hope they're doing really well!

  5. Dmrman


    Wow... What a gift...!!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WESLEY....!!!!!!!!!!!"
  6. 1614705377_images(8).jpg.9b0fa01191c9855f881c7a1fed25d37f.jpgThe Wedding was Beautiful, with just the right touches of the boy's Characters to keep it elegant, charming, and a Beam of love displaying their love for each other... we had 200 guests and then some of the neighbors joined After the music began... and were welcomed by the boys to join in... Wow, it's hard to believe all that Planning and preparation over in Minutes... And now I have to Boys in my life... I am truly blessed...!!! The boys are now In Traverse City enjoying 4 days before heading to Mackinaw Island for 10 on there Honeymoon...!!! However, we still need as people to Grow and Mature, just before they were ready to leave I had noticed a couple of cars that went around the block, I wasn't sure if they were intrigued by the Music and were wondering what was going on, and we're trying to find out...Until they came around again and began Heckling with Rude and unnecessary Remarks... screaming out the windows of the Car..."F***KN FAGS, and Faggots, sick MF's... immediately I phone the Liason Officer for out Neighborhood, and he called Dispatch to send cars immediately as they rounded once again and continued their vulgar language one of the Police Cars pulled behind them and pulled them over...!! Kyle very Upset was ready to Pound some tail, and I had to spend time calming him down... and convinced them to leave while the Police had them pulled over...So they wouldn't be followed... As it turns out they all got charged with Stalking as well as a few other charges...they boys made it away safely and the Party dispersed shortly after...! Just sad that People can have Nothing better to do with their time than Hate, must lead really miserable lives...? A different attitude would have got them an invite to the party, instead of a day or more in court... !!! other than a little rain and that though it was Absolutely Beautiful....!!!  230850717_images(3).jpg.3dd6c69af81214b259e061d5e78b64ca.jpg495753726_images(5).jpg.3a9ddfd67efacb93fb63587068ca8a30.jpg

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    2. Higster


      Congratulations! Also fuck those arseholes who couldn't just let things go well, honestly being homophobic is sad but going out and messing with someone's great day whilst being homophobic is extremely sad. Hope they're both doing okay and I also hope that they enjoy their Honeymoon!

    3. spikey582


      Glad to hear that everything went so well.  Very peeved to hear people couldn’t just leave them alone on their special day.  That’s the kind of stuff my boyfriend gets particularly concerned about whenever we have moments of PDA.  It’s even worse when it’s not even in public and you’re just having a private celebration at your home.  Anyway, much congratulations to the boys.  A very exciting time for them!

    4. dughlas


      Congrats to the grooms now husbands and to you also. In the grand scheme of things those fools were nothing just sad and pathetically ignorant.

  7. 823630776_images(12).jpg.ceb382083b27dde6c27a11201218a79e.jpgHey, All...543771226_BackyardGazebo.png.0c48e5357cc760f66428f77b3c6cbd0b.png:heart:1563221245_images(12).jpg.b879901d4a3f77c7869ca67584dae5db.jpg Miracles do happen, A couple of friends of mine came this week and with my stupervision.. we got the pergola finished... As well as the gate... which was a concern but none the less... I am Glad to say it's done not all the landscaping but who Cares...? not me...!!! a look at it all in brief A shat at Dusk Just to share the Ambience of it...

    1. BHopper2


      All three photos are gorgeous. Fantastic work.

    2. Daddydavek


      Looks great!

    3. Reader1810


      Yay!! The pergola and gate are beautiful. Kudos to you and your awesome friends! :D 

  8. Well All, This was my latest and Greatest feet yesterday... seems I need some Bubble wrap Also... Look like I may need some shorts for my Tux for the Wedding... Not panicky Just got to go with the flow... and this is not My Idea of a good Time... and the Stitches... Not even funny... Guess I can add this to my Bucket list, I mean up to now never had any and don't suggest them to anyone...<<<< Crap no Dancing...!!!>>>:whistle::lol::heart: Gary I learn really well...!:X1927557159_July92018R.Holtz.jpg.28f9f91637079def6bd140cc91a9d48b.jpg128554539-612x612.jpg.599d821249454c1404e10b6a4d3c4305.jpg

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    2. dughlas


      I'm guessing since there is still hair around the wound it wasn't a shaving accident.

    3. Dmrman


      Nope... that's another story...:unsure2: they wanted to... I told them about the Wedding and that they should spare me a little dignity...:lol: .. I would have to wear shorts... they cleaned the area really well and sterilized it good and saved me Some in the process:gikkle::heart::whistle:

    4. Headstall


      Hey! Don't blame me, Bobber. :huh:   If you want to copy me, that's your problem. :P  :hug: 

  9. Well, just 9 more Days and The boys will be married and I think I may be just as nervous if not more than them. Now I know why mom would say "Honey get me a tranquilizer" not that she was addicted but for those extra hard times...!!! They have done a wonderful job of preparing for things and I am soooo proud of them they have Handled this like solid Adults ...:lol:

  10. " HAPPY, HAPPY...JOY, JOY" Wow Renee so glad for you both... ( Best Wishes and hugz)...
  11. Dmrman

    Time approaches

    Thanks, Reader... I really finally got the Picture all is not lost because the love outshines the incomplete areas making it just as Beautiful and Glorious without the completion of minor issues the Ace in the hole being love itself...I am positive it will be As wonderful as the love present there... not by the sticks and stones ( they were not black roses were they...?)
  12. Dmrman

    Time approaches

    It's been a while since an update, things have been very trying and exhausting yet time doesn't stand still it continues to progress even when we are not ready, it moves. Situations unexpected, to try and spoil, dreams and Happiness. What can be done to deflect or slow down approaching disaster...??? apparently just adapting and taking the good and filter out the bad ..! It's only 11 days until My Boys wedding, they have managed to juggle and maneuver and manage their plans yet still work and prepare for college classes. I have tried my best to accomplish and finish projects for the Wedding since the news they wanted at home in our yard... while some are finished others remain to be completed. complications with My good eye after surgery slowly demanding my time, instead of allowing assistance in the completion of projects. yes, it is Frustrating and could cause one to dwell on its completion. I wanted nothing but the Best for their wedding... while dealing with the possibilities it wouldn't be finished, I had come to a major revelation...nothing new, nothing that hasn't evolved before and certainly not the tragedy my mind was generating within my head. the wedding will still happen, and just the joy of the glorious day itself will not cease because the "PERGOLA" never got finished, the garden was never completed and your eye needs more surgery. not relevant... what is relevant is that the wedding is all about Love, and new beginnings, and happiness, joy, and health for the two young one's joining together to bond in and through that love... I had to realize this is not about me... how selfish tragedy want's to steal and pillage all our happiness ... So My task is done for the moment, my focus on the Magnificent Wonder of Two people Hopelessly in Love and that is something money can't buy...!!! Hugz and love to you all, life is but for a moment...!!
  13. :heart::heart: hugz :heart: :unsure2:Hello... All my wonderful Peeps... said I would update and here I am...:blink: these are the stats... the laser surgery went well... (Yay) well okay almost...yay...!!! he said that is stitched perfectly... and was still healing... and had gone from 20/50 to 20/30 which is good...:yes: now for the other... and well I got some more today (News ) that I received today: seems That the Vitreo gel in the eye.... is supposed to separate from the retina when we get older... and Mine is fighting to release from the retina which can cause more tearing...:angry: which means more Laser and well there is Nothing like having someone welding you eye with a laser... yeah it was that bad... I actually spent an hour and 35 minutes in the surgery praying for it to end... even more when the shot's and drops started wearing off...!!!!:puke::puke: anyhow that was the news but he also said he spotted something else and would check it out... and have an answer before my next appointment... well as it turned out he called today... and said  he was setting up an appointment with the Cancer center ... he said the other thing he was seeing resembled a tumor and wants me to get test and checked out there....<_< so I still have to be good and sneak on when I can... I mean I miss you all and Angel's back I am so happy about that...:heart::heart: and last he can't guarantee how long I will retain sight in that eye... he couldn't even give me a time frame... the Pergola 2/3 rds done and a wedding in 16 days... and well I am still on restriction... so My heart is with you all ... think about ya'll the time... and am going NUTS...!!!! any Questions...????:lol: :lmao::kiss::kiss:hugz and Love to ALL

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    2. BlindAmbition


      Sending good vibes your way.

    3. Higster


      Sending love your way.

    4. Dmrman


      Wow...!!! Just with all these responses... I have to say I am truly a blessed man... Kind of choked up right now... Thank's Def, Jp, and Hig... :heart::heart:

  14. Heeeeeeeeeey,  Angel...!!!!!!!!!!!0:)0:) was so glad to see you are back:blink: ... praying all is fine I have been missing you a long time...:hug::hug::hug::kiss::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    1. LitLover


      Thanks, Hon :hug:I’ve missed you too. All is well, but busy.  I hope I’ll be around more now though. :) 

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, Lit! :hug:  :kiss: Missed you SOOO much! Welcome back! :D

  15. Dmrman


    Sweet Car ... that ought to be a lot of fun...

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