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  1. not trying to stay on long...Doc would be upset ....!!! won't be on much for a few days if at all Had surgery on my right eye again and am not to read or strain eye...Know I love you all and am thinking of you...So until I return Lots and lots of Hugz to you all...:hug::heart:

  2. Dmrman

    Happy 20th Anniversary Comicality!

    "THANKS COMSIE... YOU'RE THE GREATEST...!!! you have given sooooo much of yourself for others... and I just hope you enjoy many, many more years of continued success...!!!!🎆🎆
  3. Dmrman

    The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

    I agree with you Tim... so much, that I could never push myself to finish it... "The Last Battle" and my own opinion could have been left out, but The writer Intended it for some reason...????
  4. Hey, Vamp.... haven't forgotten you I have been busy preparing for a wedding, Just so you know I am saving Predators to my Library to read when I get caught up and will let you know... because I have too... I'm Hooked.... and you're out of Cookies too...!!!:lol::lmao:

    1. VampireMystic


      One of you already told me about the wedding when I PM'd you. (How could I not investigate when my most vocal reader was silent?)


      Take your time getting settled, the chapters will be waiting. 


      Think of it this way, the longer you wait the more you can binge-read!


      (I can't reccomend waiting until early next year just so you can binge to the end)


      About the cookies... money is a little tight, so no more cookies. You've eaten so many...




      I got a popcorn machine!

    2. Dmrman


      :glomp:Now how did you know popcorn is my fav...:rolleyes::heart: oh... you'll never be rid of me now...:blink: yup better than cookies and cake..!!!

  5. Hey, Angel... thinking of you and Family... Miss you... hope All is Well...???:kiss::hug::heart:

  6. Kalamazoo usually does theirs around the first weekend in June... which I like so I can travel to some of the others... as Far as splitting pride and Parade Norfolk Virginia used to do that, which you right really mess things up, I usually would make one or the other because I always would go To DC for theirs, and Maybe go to Rehoba Beach on the return Trip...!!!
  7. Dmrman

    It's starting again

    Well, this is really sad, because if he should end up Being involved with the Court Sytems that will Be their first requirements and it's documented so you "can" but not wise to cheat the system However it is 100 times worse than if you will seek the professional help on your own... once in the system they own you, and it's either that or depending on offense and what happens it can change to 2 to 6 years in prison ( not sure about all states they do vary) However the program I suggested is the best way for him to go before something happens, they don't focus so much on the drinking as the issues that lead to it, and while nothing is a sure fired cure for everyone they do have a very high success rate without involving AA or NA... But you are correct if he won't you need to check it out otherwise it becomes a form of enablement from you to them... Sad but it is about tough LOVE and it's either pursue it, and the options available or my experience over 70% end up killing or hurting someone and end up facing a lot more charges then the easy cures now... not trying to be a bearer of bad news but these are the FACTS I have been dealing with this sort of thing for over 27 years. and if it gets too far...?????? he's NOT going to Like it and won't have any say about it short of the very last resort and well let's not even go there...!! the programs I talk about are not Court ordered... But AA and NA plus A heavy schedule of Classes and Counseling Are and if you miss ANY of their programs He will find himself doing a LOT of Jail time and if he should get Kicked out of the Program... prison is his destiny... hope this helps??? but check on state and local laws, I'm am reasonably sure you will see I am not far off from what I have stated... Hugz my friend and Best of Luck, my thoughts are with you...
  8. Yeah... Weather and the fact that it opens the doors for road trips to other events, Mostly The warmer areas will have them at different times of the year then our norm... Sure wouldn't want someone freezing their Tushi off here in Michigan...!!!
  9. Dmrman

    18 Weeks of Twoey

    A truly Brilliant story... One of unlimited Nerve ending, Nail biting excitement... My words Can not do this story Justice, so if you're looking for an excellent read and work... you better plan on calling in I literally could not put this story down.... fortunately it was the weekend for me and I was able to finish it in a Marathon read... and only the normal necessary breaks... it was astounding, to say the least.
  10. we just Celebrated ours June 8th and 9th... so now I am freed up to travel to other areas...!!
  11. Dmrman

    It's starting again

    As well as local Addiction help centers... they are popping up all over and work very well with AA/NA programs Each city calls them something different, but The great thing is you have Counseling Groups as well as One-on-ones with Counselors and they assist you in overcoming other obstacles that may be triggering the Urge... check within local City they should be able to assist I was involved with this within my own local Area...!!!
  12. Dmrman

    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to the Family... GA has many, clubs and Forums to increase your writing abilities and to help ease your writing woes... and chat forums to ease your stress and be there for you... ( you will find out we can be quite chatty at times... ) hope you Enjoy the Family...
  13. Dmrman


    I almost missed the party, do hope it was a good one. A very late but heartfelt Happy Birthday wish to you. From all the comments you made, it was a smashing success. Positive thoughts going your way.


    Take care


    1. Dmrman


      It was a great one and even better when you showed up thanks ...always a pleasure when you are there...!!!:hug::heart: 

  14. Thanks To all who have shared in my special day, I couldn't have asked for better people to share another year with and though we are separated by the Web... you are all Hold a very special place in my Heart, and I realize I am a very Blessed person with a treasure money can't buy....YOU...!!!!:heart::heart::heart:images.jpg.1ca301120e4979b04a42ff824616c807.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Dmrman


      Thanks Hig... how are you...??:hug::unsure2:

    3. Higster


      I'm doing alright, just been quite busy hence my lack of site usage

    4. Dmrman


      good, I haven't been on much myself lately...  working on finishing my pergola before the wedding... finished the new Gazebo...979325937_images(5).png.1b71bf325bcba96831c401df9556bef5.png

  15. Happy Birthday, Bobber! :hug:  You're catching up. :P 

    1. Dmrman


      :gikkle::glomp::unsure2:Theoretically...:blink: I never will Catch up... :rofl: nice try though...


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