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  1. Dmrman

    xTony's Album

    These are Awesome... You both Accent each other and I can really feel your love for each other... you're cuddlers Like my boys... it make me Remember the one I lost... In a great way thanks for sharing...
  2. Is it just Me... or is anyone else experiencing Lag... on The site... I haven't been on much because it has been a nightmare to Post or even read stories... Takes forever to post and when it does takes and kicks me out...:huh: :angry::pissed:

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    2. spikey582
    3. ancientrichard


      I sometimes find things rather slow, but I'm using a rather old laptop for browsing, and have been using Seamonkey as a browser - just to be different :-)

    4. A.J.


      @Dmrman let me know if you're still seeing this lag issue.

  3. Dmrman


    I think the Truth bears witness, and We are all just Servants here to encourage and help.. yet there are times you find Humble people who Far exceed what many others lay their claim to yet we are all... Just Ordinary Caring people doing what we can, and if we do what we can... not for any gain we have done well... Kudo's you are Branded with your Fathers love... And I am sure will do many Great things as an ordinary Man yourself...!!!
  4. Dmrman

    Chapter 7

    Again totally loving you and Kitts Magic work here it was really good in the rough draft, and Magnificent through the Edits... Makes me wish I was there...!!! and Never want to come back... "Trouble" ( THUNDER... ) Is an awesome add-on part to the already...Mind boggling Crew... And Nixie, Thorga, Ellora all fascinating in themselves... and Now we Have Thunder... My kind of Horse...Love it, and You guys (Kitt too) thanks for the Great Ride...
  5. Dmrman


    Craig, thank you so much for sharing... I had just recently become acquainted with your Dad and Knew right off he was special... He touched my heart with his passion and spoke in purity and truth... his love for the youth and the passion as well understood... as I have been in a similar field with Teens in my life, I am proud to hear you say he turned his life around it confirms the fact that we all can help each other and encourage one another... I can sense your love and Admiration and as I always say you can tell a great KING by how his Subjects and Family view him...!!! you have given us a Magnificent picture of how he loves and sacrificed for others and if I am correct without concern about himself but more so those he is in charge of... It's always such a Great blessing to meet such a rare person and appreciate ALL they do, even not knowing him that well I know Kindness and concern... love and Passion when I run into it... and I am blessed to have known him even for a Short time... He obviously left you a Great Legacy maybe not one with Cash... but one of Integrity, love, and perseverance... he left something for you to share and pass on to all you meet, and doing a Great job already to keep his memory alive in you and sharing it with others. This is a far Greater Legacy then any amount of money could buy, and a legacy is meant to be shared and passed to all even when they don't listen...! I sense your pride in him and in my Book he has earned it, not Demanded...Thank you, Craig, for you Testimony of a Great and Wonderful person He's not gone he lives on in You for sure and I suspect Many, Many others. I am honored to have known him, and you... for you are his Vision in action...!!!
  6. Hi Dmrman - I have no idea how to PM you but I would like to and ask you a few questions about content as well. Look forward to hearing instructions and further contact.

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    2. Cody Hastings

      Cody Hastings

      Thank You!!!


    3. Cody Hastings

      Cody Hastings

      Also would like to know how to submit story in process by chapter.  Thanks again.



    4. drpaladin


      The Help/FAQ section should provide all the answers to any questions you have about GA. For that answer, scroll down to Authors, read that section's info, and then read the Stories System section.



  7. Dmrman

    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Hey Cody... Glad to meet you... you can send me a copy in my PM I would be glad to read and give some input... Always willing to help young inspired Authors...
  8. Dmrman

    Happy Birthday, Wildone

    "HAPPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE" I would say at 50... you're just getting Broke in...!!! Have A wonderful Day....
  9. Dmrman

    Children Not always Seen,

    Thanks for your response... these are all issues that need to be addressed all the way around... I have experienced kids that were much wiser than adults and some that were not close to being ready for adulthood... But as I really think even a lot of ones that we say are not ready... is it really their fault...??? have we mentored and prepared them...? or do we just try and control them...??? let's face it many adults like POWER and are very poor at handling that power... and many kids get fed up with Hipocritic adults who say one thing and do another so they chose to rebel over that authority, which really will end up stunting their growth down the road. I think if we communicate we stimulate each other to get the right information and receive the same... yet we refuse to offer that and move positionally with the kids instead of getting their permission status... and in the end, stunt each others ability to grow...!!!! thanks again, a very good subject to pursue...!!!!
  10. Dmrman

    Remembering Dennis 191

    I agree, and if it makes you feel any better through our months of interaction, and even when he first met you he did ask what I thought about you.... My only response was..."Bro you're already asking me I think you know... so now it's up to you to handle what to do next...!" I am saying this to enlighten if he didn't think there was any kind of connection he just wouldn't ask but move on... and a few times he did inquire as to how you were and of course Sandrewn... I was just sad he had managed to get himself kicked off the site... but I will say he did sneak back under aliases... a couple times and left as quickly as he had come. I think he may have been feeling remorse ...? but I know for a fact I am the only one he apologized too and that came straight from his cousin... I just wish he had afforded me a little more time but that's the past. He never made it easy for people to get close to him he was always afraid to lose them like his Grandparents. I was very persistent and wouldn't let him off that easy, and well, by the time he realized it I already knew more than anyone else alive did. his cousin went through his files and couldn't believe how many hours we spent chatting and working on issues he would bring up, he even remarked he was his favorite cousin and yet I knew more about him than even he did... I feel everyone is special and needs an honest chance to move to zero and start over again some just can't handle it. and He was still after 3 years grieving the loss of Joh the love of his life...I am certain Dennis would be happy and be content to know all of your concerns... just remember in the future we all need to persistent no matter what it looks like or what it takes. I will be the very first to say I don't like the outcome but I loved the relationship we built... thanks Max... and thanks to all who have responded to this blog (Dugh, Caz, Pagey, Angel, Boybig, dodger, Gary, Cognac, Bucket, Defiance, Parker, Northie, AncientRichard, Puppilul, Jaydon, Carlos Hazday My man... and Palantir) you all have graciously paid respects to not Just Dennis but to Me ... he was Family and like the little brother I never had. He was a lot like me when I was younger and even through all my Trauma, trials and torments and dark hours of life... I know now it was nothing compared too what Dennis had endured... while I don't condone suicide I do completely understand and I would do the very same, the very best for anyone of you...!!!! Love and Hugz to All I am Humbled by your responses Thank you... Bob (DMRman)
  11. Ummm... caught up finally with the predator... so any Ideas on next installment...???:lol::whistle:

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    2. Comicality


      Procrastination is an art. Hehehe! You had MONTHS to get stuff together, dude! LOL! But I can't judge. I do it too. I'm getting better at it though. just need to stay focused. :P

    3. VampireMystic


      Procrastination is an art. The thing is, that chapter should have been all pretty because it was edited months ago. Before I put it here. So, I can't blame procrastination for that one. 




      Because maturity is overrated. 


      I had plans but now it looks like I'll spend my weekend helping someone write a last-minute resume

    4. VampireMystic


      Seriously, write the word *tantrum* with the asterisks. Let your mind fill with the image of having one. 


      I don't know if you'll feel better, but I did

  12. For those who Remember Dennis 191 from GA please check out my Blog site...-_-:(

  13. Dmrman

    Remembering Dennis 191

    As I had stated to Page and a couple others on Cott... we need to be aware and pay attention to our teens and how badgering and "Just kidding" remarks bring issues and tragedies... how we just don't know how much weight and burden it can produce...!!! Sadly... Dennis 191 is that example... we knew him as the crazy Hun that would go into fits at Cott Say and do CRAZY things...Not knowing the deeper issues and horrors he had and lived... Dennis191 had a mindset, but there were reasons for those mindsets... I knew Dennis had deeper rooted problems, dealing with teens for 27 years you tend to pick up on things, especially the boys, they will blow things off to their peers but in their alone time and internally it eventually peaks... Dennis peaked on GA before he left, became spiteful and rebellious to moderators and others as well... he was crying out the best way he knew how, and the only way he knew... Dennis and I remained in contact after he left we became very close as he had begun to allow me into his world... A very cruel and difficult world I might add... being a loaner not for fear... but of the penalty of letting anyone too close in his space. But I was very persistent every day to connect and encourage edify, and even hug from 5000 miles away. Christmas last year he was all alone and I could tell as it approached it bothered him even though he would never say it... because Dennis through a series of events always had to suck things up and cope with life as it was dealt to him... this all began at a very early time in his young life, his parents blamed him for being born, continually calling him a worthless piece of crap... only to send him away After his Grandparents died ( his one and only outlet, he Loved his Grandparents) Dennis was sent to a boys Military school at the age of thirteen so his dad wouldn't have to look at him, the military School was located at the site of an old Anthrax testing ground. it was said to be safe, but it was just a story. Dennis had contracted Anthrax while there its effects were somehow not life-threatening to him as with others 2 youth died... he was at the firing range when the staff person monitoring them became aggressive with Dennis and Dennis shot and killed him they ended up out of fear of being found out to kick Dennis out of the School and send him back home to "Dad". Dennis went back to School at the Public Schools where he met His soul mate Jon who was the only thing keeping him going and giving him the love he lacked for the next two years. Then Jon because of his home and school Situations of bullies and an abusive stepfather... ended up Killing himself, leaving Dennis alone and angry again until last November when he was asked by his cousin who lived in Serbia to come and spend the Holidays with them and if he liked it he could stay which was good for him to be around people who did care, and know what he had gone through. But we remained in contact and drew closer and I could even tell when he was getting ready to have one of his fits and divert it into something more positive... he did get better and even found work for a while... I had sent him funds on many occasions to help out as they don't make much there... we had talked about my Eye surgery and well he was the very First person I was able to see with my eye after surgery and he was proud of that, but there were many things still Haunting Dennis he had 3-4 times talked about committing suicide when he would return from the store or back from venturing out... he was Teased and ridiculed for being Hungarian and had gotten to the point he would fight back when he went out. We began talking about me going to Serbia and then we would tour his Native Hungarian land and he was excited as I was... I began to make all the arrangements and set stuff in order, then my eye needed surgery again and he thought our Visit would not happen, had quit his job there and was going to go to London to work...He said he could make more money there... I asked about my trip and he said we were still on when my eye situation was finished. Then he became irritated again but wouldn't share, And I did finally find out he was having complications with getting his ID? passport renewed, but I knew it was more... had started to revert back not sleeping and Nightmares all the time, I knew I needed to get there ASAP. I remember his birthday on may 5th he turned 19... although I could not be there I was bound to make it memorable for him, I had bought my New computer and decided I would have my Old lap top refurbished( he was using an old hp D760 we called it the Dino) I had upgraded everything on it and sent it with Cables and Speakers and Even a new LG4 phone, his screen was so cracked I just imagined him with Bandaids on his fingersThe box weighed about 21 lbs full of converters and every thing needed for him .... it was very expensive to ship and even cost a lot to have it delivered there, but to me it was worth it to give him a grand 19th birthday, I played his Native birthday music and sent him some songs we had enjoyed for hours together... when He said it was just another day I knew no one had spent time to show him his value and worth with "No strings attached" Dennis was a good kid and would give his very last to a stranger... he often thought of others and said he was not important... So untrue I got to know the real Dennis not the one he would try and show... Yes he was a little off but anyone of us would have been Dead already if we were in his shoes....So When a kid is acting up or out maybe we need to step closer, ask those questions we are afraid to ask help edify and encourage before it's to late....!!! my Heart is truly broken and heavy The pain will linger at His Death, yes he couldn't take it any longer the screams the agony and terror the teasing and the disrespect for his culture... he laid down boldly in front of a train leaving the station to end his alredy numb and disembodied life... I lost a Brother, Friend a child still in the heart but a very very confused one... I am just in tears I could not get to him in time... but then was there ever any time, or was he just biding time... That We will never know... So those who knew Dennis 191 please take a moment in remembering him and now you know more than ever before, I am so glad to have taken the time and spent what was a bonding moment, I am glad to have spent the hundreds of hours on the net and even video chatted with him, the eyes don't lie and well they told his life story, and his connection with me ... the challenges we both faced... take a moment to remember him and then think is there someone in my own life I should be more aware, spend more time with, and just love them for who they are... not who we want them to be...!!! Here's to you... you Dennis are not or ever was a mistake you are Loved an always will be loved and now maybe you can truly Rest in Peace...???
  14. Dmrman

    Chapter 5

    I reread after the Edit...still phenomenal... story...it really can only get more mind boggling and addicting from here on...!!!🙄😚don't care ... (Kitt) if you finished college or not...you have a naturall editing ability...I have read both rough and finished drafts...well your just amazing at Editing...😗😄 Fantastic job both of you...
  15. Dmrman

    Chapter 3

    Wow...!!! ....??? Hmmm...well I have time...🙄😉reading Hazard too... Raspberries...!!!!😝😝...😊

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