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  1. A newness of life, an experience of passion and desire... As the time approaches... to review and evaluate the upcoming surgery on my eye... excitement and anticipation are like living a fairy tale...one where the book is laid down and the story is just that... a story.:read: my mind trying to wrap around the possibilities once lost... in the depths of my mind... vague memories of visual sights that have stimulated my emotional senses...!! Is this even real...? am I dreaming...?? can I even readjust...!  from what I have already adjusted too... questions and no answers except one... the mere fact that the very boys who have been consistently in my life for literally 2 plus years... never able to relate their faces to their character... my heart endeared by this concept alone has caused tears and joy beyond my comprehension...:unsure2::blink: as I learn to express the gratitude for this gracious opportunity I am for lack of  better words... Overwhelmed and thankful-_-:glomp:


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